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Unknown Place11:59pm-

-No One's pov-

Almost everyone in the Nara Compound, is either asleep or on a mission outside of the village. Tonight finds a four year old Shikamaru trying to stealthily leave his room, to go play some late night Shogi by himself. However tonight isn't a normal night. Mostly due to the fact that the young boy trips a few feet away from his goal, the lonely shogi board ahead of him. Instead of hitting the hard wood of the porch he falls through the shadows of the night.

When he opens his eyes again, its then that Shikamaru notices a 30 year old woman sitting beside the formally very lonely shogi board. The woman has emerald eyes with cat like slited pupils, waist length pink loosely braided hair, two crimson dots on her forehead, crimson markings under-around her eyes, fangs, claws, a pair of pink wolf ears on the top of her head, the very pink long lion-like tail with white flames flickering every few seconds.

She has a black bra-like top made of wrappings around her E-size breasts, white hakama, a backless, sleeveless white shirt with black flame thread work on the high white collar of the shirt, silver braces on her wrists. A pair of unremovable thin rings on both ankles, the white bone bangle around her right ankle with a single silver bell that makes unforgettable sound when it rings.

The bangle is around her left ankle is also made of white bone. An oddly soundless pink bell is on her right ankle and tan leather open toed knee high boots on her clawed feet. A black long flowing hitai-ate tied around her neck. The tails end at the small of her back with a symbol which takes the form of three dots in a row with a fourth dot under them, a white trench coat with gray fur lining it. A crimson crescent moon on the mid-back and pink cherry blossoms covering the back of the coat. A black scarf lies around it.

She smiles at him even with a bone senbon between her lips. Gentle emerald eyes gaze at the young Nara as she says softly "Would you like to play a game of Shogi with me?".

Even though he is only four, Shikamaru can tell something's off about the woman in front of him, and its not just her animal like appearance and strangely marked hitai-ate. He somehow felt that if she wanted to kill him, she would have done so already instead of asking him to play a game of shogi. No-one has ever asked him to play before, because of what he is. So with these thoughts in mind, he accepts her request.

Half way through their game, he catches site of something odd about her shadow. Something familiar, along with a aura very similar to his own. He keeps his brown eyes trained on her shadow, as he speaks curiously. "Miss?, Why does the person hiding in your shadow feel so much like me but different? Also, you seem different. Almost like one of the clone's, i've seen some of the shinobi use around our village at night. Plus your wearing a hitai-ate, are you a kunoichi?".

She only smiles knowingly at his questions. "My my, even at this age you know what questions to ask. You shall gain your answers after meeting my husband alright?" He slowly nods his head, wondering who her husband is.

Shikamaru doesn't have to wait long, as the woman's shadow shifts. A 30 year old man reveals himself leaning lazily against the woman's back. The man has white hair in a spiky fanned out high pony tail, his bangs are slightly wild-messy, a black sash tied around his eyes hiding them from view, fangs, claws, a pair of white wolf ears on the top of his head, the very white long lion like tail with black flames unmoving. A crimson tomoe earring in his right ear. He is wearing black Anbu style pants with gray wrappings at the leg bottoms acting like open toe shoe's on his clawed feet and a gray Anbu sleeveless shirt.

Black swirl markings covered his bare arms as well as the backs of his clawed hands. There are also black swirl markings under his covered eyes. The same symbol on the white hitai-ate tied around his neck almost hidden by the long flowing white scarf. A black trench coat with chains as a loose undone-hanging belt. A white eyeless mask with black swirl designs is resting on top of the coat beside him. Shikamaru notices something off about the black swirl markings on each of his clawed fingers.

Shikamaru stands on slightly shaky legs, and does something very abnormal for his generally shy personality. He crawls into the others lap tracing the markings under his eyes with his left hand, while guiding the mans left hand with his right to the thick Band-Aids that hide his secret along with white bandages wrapped around his arms. "You have the same markings as I do. Are you my grandpa?"

A gentle claw runs over the band-aid under his right eye as the man chuckles fondly. He speaks with an amused voice. "No Shikamaru, I am not your grandpa. We are even closer then that. Tell me, do you know when you are?" The young Nara tilts his head to the side, thinking on everything he has seen since he opened his eyes after falling though the shadows.

Then brown eyes widen as the answer becomes clear. "You said we are even closer then blood, so does that mean your my future self? Because I somehow ended up in the future?" He is rewarded by a grin and a calm soothing voice. "Yes. I am you from the future. Call me Shika, to avoid confusion. I am sure you've noticed by now, that both Sakura and I are only clone's. The originals are no longer among the living. We were made only to make sure you get home safely, taking with you something very important." Shikamaru files this away along with the pretty woman's name for a little later, though due to his child-like curiousity, he also starts to wonder what future Kage is like.

Feeling a little more curious he goes to pull down the sash around his future self's eyes, only for a gentle yet firm clawed hand to stop him. "It's not a pretty site, are you sure you want to see?" The only answer gained was another slight pull. This time the sash is hanging loosely around Shika's neck. As he slowly opens his eyes to reveal empty eye sockets, Shikamaru stiffens in fear, worry, and other emotions, those that Kage is letting him borrow while the other sleeps.

"W-will it hurt?" Shika closes his eyeless eyes again, before returning the sash to it's original place. He grimly nods his head. "Yes it will hurt, if it happens to you, but unlike me, you have met your future self. I never did. Kage and i ended up spending two weeks stuck in the future, before figuring out on how to get home. I-if you ever meet the real me... n-never mind for now go finish your game against Sakura" Shikamaru does as he's told, and returns to playing shogi against Sakura.

He wins the game, they both knew Sakura let him have the win. He's never played before against anyone but Kage, so how could he have even won this game?, Neither say anything about his lack of experience. Sakura winks happily. "You win, so I believe that means you, win a prize!" She hands him a tan silk coin bag. When he looks inside he see's ten marble's. One black, one pink, one green, one purple, one yellow, one gray, one orange, one clear and two arctic blue, one with an R, one with an N. Shikamaru looks up at the older pair who had knowing smiles on their faces. Sakura's gaze slowly turns to a serious frown.

"Unfortunately Shikamaru, those are not real marbles. They are very important. When you return home, you need to find my younger self. Even though it's night-time, she should be located in the library. Give her the pink one, then I need you to eat the black one. Don't worry it wont hurt either of you. After you both eat your marble, you will know who the remaining eight marbles are meant to go to".

"Go straight there and don't let anyone from the Nara clan see you. We both know why that's not a good idea. Keep in mind you'll need to earn her trust before either of you can eat the marbles. Until then keep them hidden. No matter what you need to do, make sure no one from the Nara clan see's them".

Shikamaru nodded slowly before he quickly tilted his head. "But how do I get back to my time?, I don't even know how I got to this one." Shika lets out an amused laugh, as Sakura stands up heading towards Shikamaru.

Once she is in front of him, Sakura uses her right clawed hand to push the four year old backwards into the darkness. She gazes at him fondly "Simple. All you need to do is fall, Shikamaru." And fall he does, right though the shadows from whence he came.

The two clones press their foreheads together, enjoying what little time they have left before they dispel. Not even five minutes later, they burst into clouds of shadows and flames.

Shikamaru opens his eyes again to find Shika and Sakura gone and the coin bag laying beside him. The shogi board sat untouched. He is confused but Sakura's request rings though his mind. He grabs the bag before stealthily heading towards the library. Knowing what will happen to him if any of the Nara see him, or even worse, Shikaku finds out he picked the lock on his cage. There will be hell to pay. So with that in mind he goes faster, not wanting to get what's more then likely coming to him, should the head of the Nara clan find out.

Just as Sakura said, he finds a four year old girl with short pink hair and emerald eyes, wearing a white sun dress with emerald and pink cherry blossoms with no sheos. She's sitting on the floor, leaning against one of the many bookshelves, reading a scroll of some kind. he starts to wonder over a couple things. 'What happened to her ears, tail and red face markings? But most importantly will she tell us to leave her alone, because of what we are?'

The man behind the library desk is about 25 years old. He has brown shoulder length hair held in place by the blue-black bandana style hitai-ate baring a spiral leaf. He is wearing the standard jonin uniform with a senbon loosely between his lips ready to strike Shikamaru dead if need be.

The shinobi's sharp brown eyes never leave him as Shikamaru gulps nervously. Dread pools wildly in his stomach. He knows that the older male wont hesitate to kill him. But once again Sakura's request rings though his mind, forcing the four year old forward. When he is about two arms length away from the girl, Shikamaru makes very sure his body language gives the shinobi watching no reason to kill him. He gulps nervously.

"H-Hello i'm S-Shikamaru, and i'm s-sorry to bother you, but i w-wanted to tell you, that i-i think your hair color is really p-pretty." Surprised emerald eyes look away from the scroll towards Shikamaru, who cant keep the blush off his face. The girl all but teleports in front of him one hand on his right shoulder stopping him from moving.

Two pairs of brown eyes widen in shock, when the hand that isn't holding Shikamaru still, is used to trace the black swirl markings under his right eye. Warning alarms are going off in the young Nara's mind, realizing that his future self pulled the bandage covering it off earlier. The only thing that keeps him from breaking her hold then curling up in ball out of habit are her curious, awe filled emerald eyes. She speaks in a soft tone.

"Hi Shika i'm Sakura. Thank you!, Everyone makes fun of me, because of my forehead and hair color. Sometimes they throw rocks at me. I think your markings are pretty. Is there a matching one on the left side? And more markings under the bandages on your arms?" He nods his very slowly unsure of how she will react to seeing all of his markings. After the pleading look he gains, Shikamaru removes the bandage and the wrappings.

Tense, eyes closed tightly, and waiting for her to yell, cry, scream, hit, kick, call him a monster or anything of the like. Only for a human like purr to leave him. Unlike his future self, he is human for now. As Sakura traces markings under his left eye then the ones throughout his arms, a happy giggle leaves Sakura. "I can purr too!" He opens his eyes when a cat like purr leaves Sakura as she holds his hand in her own leading him to her reading spot sitting side by side with the scroll between them.

But after about ten or so minutes Sakura notices her new friend has a confused look on his face, so she taps his right shoulder softly gaining his attention. She has a worried look on her face. "Shika?, What's wrong?, Are you having trouble reading the medical jutsu scroll?" Shikamaru shakes his head slowly as he says grimly. "It's not that i am having trouble reading, it's that i am unable to read or even write at all. I am not allowed to learn anything, most certainty not clan skills or other skills." The shinobi who is still watching him looks closely at Shikamaru with an intense gaze.

Brown eyes soften before turning into sharp chips of glass. Though young and not entirely understanding, Sakura says shakily "B-but why aren't you allowed to learn?" Shikamaru looks at the markings covering his arms as he says tonelessly. "Have you ever heard of the Nara clan's greatest atrocity?" Sakura shakes her head. Shikamaru coughs a few times into his left hand, making sure to hide the small amount of black blood from both the shinobi as well as Sakura.

"The Nara clan was founded over four hundreds of years ago. If a child is born to the clan during a solar eclipse. While very rare it does happen if only a hundred years or so kind of rare. I am proof of this fact. Instead of seeing these children as gifts to the clan, they are seen as the Nara clan's greatest atrocity. After the second time such a child was born to the clan, they named these children Endless Eclipse, due to the fact their blood is black instead of red, their black markings, and hair as white as moon light."

"Most importantly their bloodline ability, which makes the shadows just another part of themselves, among other things, at such a level of mastery that the Endless Eclipse before me, my three predecessor's were killed before adult hood, before the three of them could pass on their bloodline. We are a bloodline hidden within in a bloodline. I won't even live long enough to enter the academy. I'll be killed long before then, because i am the fourth Eclipse. however if i do live long enough to enter the academy, then Shikaku plans to make use of us in some way, before he kills u-"

Shikamaru doesn't get to finish his words, as he coughs even more black blood into his left hand. This time it runs though his fingers and hits the wooden floor of the library. Sakura looks horrified for her new friend. She yells with a terrified voice.

"Gemma!, Please help Shika!" The shinobi now known as Gemma, rushes over. His left hand glowing green with healing chakra, while his right holds Shikamaru carefully as the older man heals him as best as he can, even if the boy try's and fails to get away from him. Sakura holds Shikamaru's right hand in her hands. After fourteen minutes of healing Shikamaru stops coughing up blood.

Gemma looks at the younger male sternly as takes on a serious tone. "Two of your rib bones were badly broken and stabbing your right lung. Your lucky that i know some medical jutsu, or you would be drowning in your blood by tomorrow morning, maybe even dead. An adult was the one who did that to you right?".

Shikamaru nods numbly while Sakura looks between the two brown eyed males. "Gemma is there a way for you to help Shika? I don't want him go home i-i may never see him again if he goes back!" Gemma shakes his head slowly and gives her a grave look. "I'm sorry Sakura, the council is already pissy with me about the fact that i'm adopting you in about a week's time. If i try'd to adopt a clan child they would probably take you away from me. Add in the fact that Shikamaru is the Nara clan's current Endless Eclipse, and the council would put me to death. He can stay the night, but so long as he carrys the Nara name, Shikamaru is beyond anyone outside of the clan saving him. Come on kiddo's let's go.".

Genma grabs both four year old's before using the hiraishin seal behind his left ear, hidden from site, to quickly get to his home. He sends Sakura to bed after telling the stubborn girl that her friend shall be alright, without her for a few hours while she goes to get some sleep.

After leaving Shikamaru on the back porch, Gemma soon returns with some water and a bowl of chicken-vegetable stir-fry. He tried to not wolf down his meal, but he still ends up doing so anyways. Tears go down his cheeks, having never had anything but just rice from the Nara. Gemma has to pat his back when he starts choking from eating to fast. He's told to drink some water. After his soon to be daughter's new friend almost kills himself eating, Gemma looks at the night sky.

"Had i known the Nara, were worse then the Hyuuga in regards to how they treat certain members of their clan's, i would have helped you sooner. Hell even Naruto has seen the light of day, but you Shikamaru, i could from the instant you walked into the library. From the way your eyes reacted to the lights and the pale unnatural color of your skin, that you've never seen day light have you? I could also tell you truly thought i was going to kill you, when you entered the building. I have absolutely no reason to kill nor attack you kiddo, your just a child. Hell, when i am able to, i even help out Naruto, but i get the feeling you don't know who that is do you?"

Shikamaru shakes his head as a negative. "No i've never heard of a Naruto. The only person my age outside of the Nara clan, i've had any thing to do with is Sakura, and we just met tonight. As for the day light you are correct. I have never seen nor set foot outside during the day time and the room where my cage is doesn't have any windows. It's under ground, Sakura is important to me She is the second person outside of the clan to not treat me like a demon. Your the third so that makes you important to me too."

German raises an eyebrow while he smiles curiously. "Who's the first?" A small fond smile appears on the young Endless Eclipse's face. "I met him when i was three i think. It was on one of the rare visits were Shikaku forgot his key to lock my cage and he thought my legs were too broken to escape so he left the door of my room unlocked. It was my fourth time outside and my first in the village. Someone was going to attack a man while he was sleeping on top of a wall, so i used my shadows to hold the person still while i went to wake him up.

He wasn't happy to be woken up but when he saw the person who wanted to attack being held still in my shadows, he gained a strange looking grin on his scared face as he told me i had saved him the trouble of finding an escaped prisoner. The prisoner is back where he belongs. For giving him less paperwork to fill out, i was rewarded with dried meat called beef jerky. It was good. Then before he left, i asked him if he knew how to pick a lock. He threw a pair of hand cuffs to me telling me to practice. Gemma? Do you know a man by the name of Ibiki? He is the kind man who i told you about i- i want to see him again before Shikaku kills me. I've looked, but i can never seem to find him" Gemma almost swallows his senbon.

Making sure to take the senbon out of his mouth before he does end up swallowing it, he speaks. "Ibiki is the head of Torture and Interrogation so he is more then likely at the T&I building when ever you've looked for him. How about this kiddo, I'll take you to see him tomorrow if you let me give you much needed bath, because i am pretty damm sure the Nara have never given you one.".

Shikamaru tilts his head to the side wondering what a bath is. He frowns worriedly. "Will it hurt?" The senbon in Gemma's left hand snaps in half as he says coldly. "If i ever see Shikaku Nara any where alone, i am going to shatter the bones in his hands." Shikamaru looks hopeful at the older males promise. Gemma carries him inside the house for his first bath.

Gemma looks at the sleeping face of Shikamaru. Now cleaned, fed, watered and wearing clean cloths instead of dirty rags. He thinks over all the scars, burn marks, and other injuries, new or old that the four year old has littering his body. Those are only the things he can see on the surface. There is no telling what horror lays inside his body. He makes his mind up. The kid isn't going back to the Nara.

Even if he has to do something crazy. He gets the feeling that once Ibiki see's the kiddo in the light of his own office, that he wont have to worry about the council. Because what they don't know wont connect him to any of this, by the time Ibiki is done doing things his way that is. He replaces the senbon he broke earlier wondering how badly his friend will react to the kiddo's story.

His thoughts are broken by the site of his soon to be daughter Sakura in her wolf-lioness form. Pink fur, ears, and very pink long loin like tail with white flames swaying softly behind her as she walks over to her guardian, looking at him with tired, fearful emerald eyes. Laying between the two brown eyed males, an amused chuckle leaves Gemma while he smiles fondly. "Ok, ok i get it. Shikamaru isn't going back. I take you had a dream about Jin Haruno again? You only transform when you dream about that night." Sakura nods her head numbly.

"You found me in the library alone as always, at the age of two. You brought me back to my old house like as usual. You were about leave only for me to scream. Then you had to break down the front door. This revealed a dark green-haired, blue-eyed man holding a bloody knife standing over the body of an adult wolf-lioness with red fur, wolf ears, and a very red long lion-like tail with emerald flames unmoving. Blood pooled around her still body. Dulling emerald eyes plead with you. Ma knew you were a good man. Mostly due to the fact that you always brought me home after finding me at the library".

"Pa, he hated you. He told Ma she was slut. That she was sleeping around with you behind his back. She transformed for the first time in front of Pa, who didn't know what she really was or what he was married to. When Pa pulled out a knife to kill me, he said I wasn't his child. Ma took the fatal blow in my place. I screamed and you broke down the door to see what was happening and killed Pa with your senbon. After that, you found me in my wolf-lioness form curled up in a ball crying. You didn't ask any questions, you just took me to your house after making it look like my parents killed each other. Why didn't you ever ask me anything?"

A slightly scarred hand reaches over to Sakura, petting her head. Genma spoke calmly. "For the same reason i still don't ask you any questions about the fact that your basically a talking animal with two other forms. The second being a human form and a third form which is a mix of the animal and human forms. I don't ask because i don't care what you are. Sakura your still brat i intend to adopt. Sorry it's taken two years for those old bastards of a council to finally agree. That's with you being only an orphan civilian".

"If they knew what you really were, i would never be allowed to adopt you. So if you plan to do something stupid, or foolish, do it after i adopt you. So that they cant take you away from me alright?" Sakura nods her head, falling asleep quickly. Gemma smirks at the cub wrapping an arm around both her and Shikamaru protectively, before falling into a light sleep, so that he can wake up easily at any sign of danger.

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