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-Place the pack's house time 3:05am-

-No One's pov-

Most of the pack adults are on mission or are sleeping or doing something away from home, so Sai and his twin partner's in crime are sneaking around the large walled in gardens of their house.

The young Uzumaki takes a few seconds to look over his partner's, a pair of six year old twin girls.

Kuro is the older twin with glowing blue eyes and long wavy white hair, black cheetah markings due to their father's Uzu bloodline.

Shiro is the younger twin with glowing gold eyes and long curly black hair, black swirl markings like their mother's own

All three children are wearing white-gray-black camo running pants with a matching long sleeve shirt and black boots.

These are the clothes the young children of the village use for training due to their school starting at age three and ending at age nine before hopefully becoming their schooling.

The one's who don't make the cut the first time, are sent back for the higher level class's so they can re-try at age ten to become genin, there is no paper test for the genin test.

Instead due to Yukigakure's very large number of Anbu members a number that climbs higher each month, so this means that one Anbu is the leader for a team of three school children or nonin as the older gen nin calls them until they become genin.

Every three member nonin team is looked after by an Anbu member instead of a jounin school teacher for the whole two month long test of pure skill and well to live, to make sure they can even handle the stress of nin life day to day.

It helps to make sure the nonin's know what becoming a real nin means in real life, hell the team even lives with their Anbu leader for the test so they can be better trained for life.

Sometimes the Anbu become fond of their wards and become their long term caretaker, this includes being both parent and leader to their new genin team who continue to live with them.

Doesn't really matter if the brats have real parents or no parents at all, once an Anbu member decides on their team that Anbu all but legally adopts them thus having a close knit bond even after their genin aren't really genin anymore, hell the whole village pretty damm close due to this truly insane system was created by Nico and Reno the heads of Anbu HQ and training.

While Naruto is the head of Anbu mission and planning, the three Uzu males rule the entire workings of Anbu as one deadly trio.

Sakura lords over the hospital with an iron hold on the bone she uses on the people who piss her off just like a godmother to a group of highly trained killers, and she makes sure no one fucks up, or she shows them some how to mind her rules or face her wrath instead.

So that any issues someone has with anyone else stays outside of her hospital or rather her lovely den of demon medic all of whom warship the snow their boss walks on like the yakuza like medic's they are.

Haku is head of Senbon a group that protects the YukiKage, due to most of the Anbu ether taking on nonin teams, training their own genin, going highly deadly missions barely anyone who isn't Anbu level or higher can return in most pieces from, plus the fact they guard the gates instead of jounin while also protecting the rest of the village.

So with the Anbu being use full for more then one thing, Haku and her group are free to protect her father and their leader, thankful that the man only listens to the pack, or to the other nin instead of some kind of fancy council, so they don't have to hear the man bitch about old people who are better off dead

And on her less busy days Haku teaches the school's little nonin's about senbon and poison making, the different types and how being poisoned by a pro poisoner or by food poisoning.

It isn't a shock to find Ibiki and Anko both lording over torture and interrogation like always, hell some of their old team followed them home like stray's so they decided to put them to good use for the betterment of Yukigakure's torture and interrogation force.

If Tsunade or Jiraiya ever visit the village and find Orochimaru is the YukiKage's right hand man, plus the fact the snake owns, runs and lives inside an orphanage that welcomes children ranging from infant to genin age, his old team-mates may have heart attacks due to shock at seeing him in mother hen battle mode or the fact he isn't the village's YukiKage instead of Zabuza

Shoku-Kage leads the village hunter nin's making sure things go mostly according to plan and hopefully saving their hunters if things go side ways.

While Izanami-Azumi are the spy masters that Jiraiya wish's he was, with connections even greater then his own, hell their so good at their job that the man still hasn't been able to track down where Yukigakure is or even come close to finding the demon trio or the other missing members of team have lived in Suna for the last few years.

Genma opened up a book store/home style cooking restaurant, he also looks after the jounin and chunin, due to the fact that anyone under Anbu level some how ends up being the owner of shops, restaurants, bath houses, inn's, fishers, hunters, farmers, craft makers and traders.

Yukigakure is a place for nin of any rank, but it is a place for only nin and retired nin, no one here has never not been a nin, sometimes from another village or just a travel tired missing nin looking for a home, this village isn't a place for civilian's sure they can visit but they cant stay more then three days.

line break

Sai snaps out of his thoughts as the sound of familiar cursing is heard from not so far ahead of the nonin trio, he sees Kage playing shogi with Shoku who is using a shadow clone as a body so they don't have to keep switching back and forth or share their body just to play a game.

They are almost out of the harms way on their way to go night training outside, but soon enough shadows eat the three of them whole before the nonin trio find themselves between Kage and Shoku while they continue playing shogi.

Sai glares at the twin's big brothers Shoku stares at him with unblinking eye sockets while Kage smirks evilly at him "did ya honestly think we are so sick that we wouldn't notice or stop you three from leaving?".

The nonin trio flinch slightly knowing the pair of retired hunter nin are in the right to stop them from leaving when it is for their safety, mostly when their parents aren't around to do the same.

Kage stands on slightly shaky legs smirking a little kinder then before "come on brats lets go" the trio look at one another and then at Shoku who doesn't say anything before disappearing into a cloud of shadows, leaving Kage with trio who are forced to follow after the older nin.

He stops walking when they reach a snowy training ground, turning to look at the brats behind him Kage gives the nonin trio a death glare "we can do any thing that needs chakra, so we can beat shit out of you and you learn from that pain, ...or we play nin tag".

Shiro knows something is up but Kuro says nothing and nether of them tell Sai about this info as the three of them say together "nin tag! you count Kage!" then they disappear before he has the chance to beat the shit out of them.

Smirking at the fact they fell hook, line and sinker for his bait, Kage stares eyeless into the frosted over tree forest waiting.

He doesn't need to wait more then three minutes before screams of fear ring though the air, if he had eyes he would have rolled them at the fact Shoku shocks at nin tag when it is meant for the young one's learn how to hide from danger, it isn't meant to better Shoku's tracking skills.

The sound of three young growls brings Kage away from his thoughts as he notices Shoku holding the nonin in the air by the backs of their shirts, as they try to break his hold on them while growling at him.

Shoku drops the angered children in front of Kage much like a cat who has brought a kill to it's owner, "idiot that wasn't for you, it was for the brats to better their hiding skills" tilting his head to the side Shoku stares at his partner "...then they should hide better then i can find them" Kage gains an annoyed look on his face as he snarls in a low tone.

"Why are you here Shika" it wasn't a question and the nonin trio are confused when Shoku smiles a truly unkind smile "you always were a pain, always able to tell who you were talking to weather it be me or Shoku, but tell me Kage can you find just where i have taken Sakura to before it is to late?".

Shoku... no that isn't Shoku the children somehow knew that when he grabbed them earlier, Shoku wouldn't have been so gentle when handling them knowing that they could handle his hellish training manners, but this man wasn't like that he was gentle instead of snapping their arms or legs bones, he grabbed them by the shirts and returned to Kage.

But Shoku would have left them in the snow bleeding with broken bones because he found them, training them to the point of abuse is how Shoku makes sure they live to be adults later, so they know that this man isn't their Shoku, they do the smart thing the thing their trained to do the first week of school.

Shiro disappears heading to t and i to tell Ibiki, Sai heads to Anbu and then to find Zabuza, Kuro goes to check the hospital before going to gather the jounin and chunin with Genma along with other retired nin, the school nonin's are trained in their first week what to do if they ever see Shika in or near the village because the man has gone truly insane and is a able to kill them all without mourning their deaths he is dangerous.

The children leave and Kage watches as Shika does the same before melting into the shadows to get a better feel for where Sakura is being held.

-place unknown time unknown-

-Warning darkness ahead-

Shika returns to the sound of rattling chains, enraged growls and the smell of blood but no tears no never tears he knows she would never cry over something like this happening to her.

Very few things have ever made Sakura cry and it would appear he isn't one of those things, she hasn't cry's once not even when he told her his plans for her not a single tear.

He starts coughing slightly as he walks along the hallway towards his backyard where Sakura is chained up in her animal form.

The blazing fire in her green eyes makes him smile fondly, even though he isn't going to get anywhere near her unless he forces himself on her, Kage would kill if he knew that was what he had in mind, if his Kage knew he was planning to rape their mate Kage wouldn't mind dying so long as he killed Shika.

But Shika wants to leave something to prove to the world he was here so a child seemed like a good choice he wouldn't be able help raise said child due to his being dead soon, so he knows if he doesn't work fast then Sakura's Kage-Shika well find him before he can finish his work.

So he takes step after step towards the growling enraged woman as she bares her fangs at him in a warning one he ignores "release me Shika, i do not belong to you!" he smiles thinly at her words knowing she may be half right but he knows she well always belong to him, he chained her down and soon he is going to claim her, she also knows this fact to be true she knows that she wont ever forget what he has done to her.

Won't forget being chained and she wont forget what he is going to do to her not ever, so she fights back clawing, biting, burning trying to break the chain, but it only makes her even more tired then before, she knows Kage may not find her in time so she uses her bone armor to keep her safe caging her body with pure bone to try to stop Shika from raping her to farther his insane plan for being remembered after his death by having a child.

Like she thought he would soon enough Shika starts to use shadows to try to cut away at her armor, he almost wins out in the end she is to tired to remake her armor for a sixth time, she almost cry's when he enters her with a single thrust but she stays strong not shedding a single tear.

Two white-black blurs push-tear Shika's animal form away from Sakura thus sending him flying into a nearby tree, Sakura see's the animal forms of her mate's, of her Shoku of her Kage, she still doesn't cry instead checking to make sure that Shika didn't get the chance to finish and to her great relief she finds he did not finish so she wont be having his child.

-Warning is over-

So with the last of her strength she try's to fight against the chains but fails once again to break them, Shoku uses his shadow to break the chains while Kage stands between Shika and Sakura ready to die for her.

"So you finally showed up Kage, ...Shoku, but why haven't you returned Sakura to your time out of my reach hmm...?" a grin full of fangs appears on Kage's muzzle 'how forgetful of me thanks for reminding me" Kage appears in front of Sakura in his animal-human form.

Gently taking her muzzle-face into his clawed hands as he looks into her eyes with his eyeless sockets "we are sorry, truly we are..." he leans down to her ears and says softly so Shika can not hear "we are sorry because this is goodbye..., Sakura promise to us that you well claw out your new path and one day find another mate... a better mate then we were..." he brushes away the tear Sakura allows to fall, as she nods silently promising to them what they wish for her to do.

"We love you Sakura... so for that, this and more we are sorry... goodbye beloved" he push's Sakura's shell shocked form into the shadows forcing her to go when-where he and Shoku planned on before arriving to save her.

Upon sensing the fact something has changed in a mayor way in regards to Sakura, Shika snarls dangerously "where did you send her Kage when is she now" Kage laughs happily mockingly as he states calmly "you can never touch Sakura with your vile hands again, after all you cant touch what you cant find".

Shoku and Kage stand side by side their shoulders touching slightly before Shoku moves first trying to trap Shika in shadows, only for him to break the hold that shadows have on him, as he uses his claws to try to cut open Shoku's throat only to get cut air when Shoku disappears in a cloud of shadows.

By the time his brain catches up with him Shika finds himself hand cuffed to a tree, as he watches Kage kill him with a single cut to his throat by a shadowy knife, he try's speak to ask how the two of them have two bodies but Shoku can only chock on his own blood.

"We have used a shadow clone for a second body for some time now, i am shocked you never thought to use clones in that way before... but it is far to late now, see ya soon Shika i hope your Kage gives you hell for what ya have done" Shika cant hold on any longer so he simply lets death have him as he finally stops breathing.

Kage only has enough life left to return to his time as Shoku shares control of their body with him as they leave.

line break

Upon returning to their time Naruto is in their face in a second as he bitch slaps them across the face hard enough to make them bleed "you fucking bastard why!" he grabs them by the shirt in anger intent on hitting them again.

But anger soon gives way to sorrow as Naruto starts crying into their shirt "why did you send Sakura away!, she would have been safe here with that sick bastard finally dead, so why dammit!" Haku takes her sobbing husband into her arms as she gives them a ice cold death glare.

"Another Shika would have shown up at some point if she had stayed, so we sent her to a time and place where no version of us has ever heard of, they can not find what they don't know no other version of us well ever touch her again, she well marry another male and grow old with another pack other then this one, because if she had stayed Sakura would have been to stay with someone who would only harm her, we can no longer protect our beloved we can never hold our child when it is born... we wont even be breathing long enough to see the sun rise".

A sad smile appears on their lips as they states sorrowfully yet lovingly "besides even if we wanted to find sakura to hold, to keep, to love our beloved, we couldn't do such an act due to the fact we have intentionally forgotten what time and place we sent her too as a means to keep her safe from our shadow, so that it wont chase her after our death".

Before any of the people who they just told their reasoning to can stop them, they disappear into the shadows leaving their pack and village with the fact they would have been a father had they been selfish enough to endanger Sakura any farther then they already have.

Kage wonders if Sakura well be pissed off at them when she finds out she is with their first and their only child, but he hopes she well find a another mate before it is time for their child to be born or it could be dangerous to Sakura's life due to her bloodline from Nanaki.

Leaving the shadows they on one side of the shogi board, a clone appears on the other side Shoku takes over the clone due to it being simple for him due to the lack of emotion's, Kage plays the next move starting from where they left off this morning.

Shoku reply's in kind with a move of his own, and soon enough only the sound of falling snow and tapping of shogi pieces gently hitting their spot on the board is heard as they sit across from one another in utter silence.

And like always nether of them win the game instead it ends in a stand still, the both of them can never seem to play shogi together with one of them being the winner and the other being the loser, they blame the fact they could never survive at least not very long without the other walking by their side.

But at the very least they got to finish their game while hoping for a new result due to their shared insanity, the clone disappears and not long after words Kage stops breathing.

Naruto finds them sitting still at the snow covered shogi board, he knows that his brother's are dead yet he still slightly shakes their snow covered shoulder in false hope.

The only result is a shogi piece falling from their hand, Naruto cant help shed a few more tears at the site of the shogi piece in his shaking hand "the king hmm?, you two... even in death your still lazy and over protective, but fine i guess that i well hang around for awhile longer to protect the king...".

Naruto looks at the slowly rising sun, the sun rays make the falling snow glow brightly, a small grin appears on his lips "yes above all protect the king, i shall protect what's left of our pack, so guess i well see ya later Shoku... Kage..., so watch over Sakura when and where ever she is now, after all she is so troublesome always getting into trouble due to her being well Sakura...".

Naruto trails off for a second looking at the king in his hand "yes far too troublesome..." he pockets the piece before going to inform the others that he found Kage-Shoku, he doesn't look forward to telling their mother's Izanami-Azumi and Anko about their son's passing, nope not at all.

The silent snow keeps falling on the village even as the shadow of Shoku-Kage finally fades away with the rising of the sun, due to still somehow being able to chase it's mate though time and space, it just might take a bit longer for the shade to find her after all it is harder to find what you've forgotten even harder still without a body.

-Bonus time-

-Place Konoha time unknown-

-No One's pov-

Gemma, Anko Ibiki, Haku, the rest of pack along with Kakashi, Ino, Sasuke and the Suna nin all watch from a safe distance as Kyuubi and Shukaku along with Gaara and Naruto completely and utterly destroy Konohagakure, right down to the last blade of grass before the demons and their hosts start dancing on the ash's like it the four of them hadn't just wiped an enter village off the face of the earth.

And those who are watching this whole event cant help but wonder if the four of them over did things, but then they remember what Sakura or Shoku-Kage would have done had they still been here, and everyone who knew the three of them can not help but send a small prayer to kami-sama and send thanks to the Shinigami for small gifts, they know that Konoha got off lightly with the four demons currently dancing on it's ash's.

if the other three had gotten their way, Konoha wouldn't even be a memory right now let alone it's current state as a pile of ash's, yes the two shadows and their healer were truly unholy beings straight from the darkest pits of hell if even the tailed beast's themselves feared them for their powers.

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