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New Game




"Even if you glare at the paperwork, they won't go away Dame-Tsuna."

Tsuna huffed as he looked into the eyes of Reborn, who was currently sitting on his office desk while sipping a mug of coffee. It was odd seeing the self-proclaimed (but had the credibility to back it) World's Greatest Hitman — also known as the Sadistic Tutor from Hell — so relaxed and satisfied.

Tsuna brought his eyes back to the stack of papers and folders in front of him. Maybe he could burn it?


"I swear Reborn, it feels like you're the one with the Hyper Intuition, not me."

"You're just easy to read, Dame-Tsuna. Anyway," Rebron sipped his coffee, "have you picked out a proper candidate? Nono is expecting the answer soon."

The reluctant Decimo looked at Reborn, frowning. Despite all of his complaints and efforts, in the end, he did become Vongola Decimo because he knew he was already too deep in. He became an official Mafia Boss at the age of fifteen. Well, technically he wasn't still the capital 'B' Boss, as while he was trained in combat, he wasn't trained yet in Mafia politics and such. And so he underwent another Training From Hell — aka paperwork.

He was a fifteen year old for goodness' sake. Yet instead of having fun, he was stuck here doing paperwork. He wasn't excited for the next school term seeing as he was also probably stuck with paperwork even during the term.

What was wrong with his life?

Then again, looking around at the people around him... Yuni was pretty young and Enma was still fourteen, both of them being younger than Tsuna. His Guardians were also the same age as him, with Onii-san, Mukuro and Hibari being older. It made Tsuna sad, seeing young people such as themselves stuck into this world of chaotic insanity.

"Oi Dame-Tsuna, what are you spacing out for?"


"Ouch, Reborn!" Tsuna cradled his poor head that was smacked by a Leon hammer. "And candidate?"

"Candidate. You know the latest news in the underworld, right?"


And yes, Tsuna did know. He had heard of the whispers of the latest new target: a monster that the government couldn't hunt down. It was apparently the culprit for the destroyed moon — which honestly shocked Tsuna because he thought that Vongola would destroy that first — and was basically unkillable. Multiple hitmen and assassins went to confront the target (the only name it was known for) but all failed. It was too elusive — too skilled.

Yet new rumours sprouted, where they say that the target had settled in some school in Japan. Most hadn't confirmed the exact place, but Vongola had, with the help of CEDEF's informants. They had even confirmed the news that the Japanese government was willing to offer 10 billion yen for the assassination of the monster.

Ten. Billion. Yen.

Tsuna knew that being Vongola Decimo made him instantly rich with bank accounts even larger than that prize, but being formerly from the upper middle-class, he still viewed 10 billion yen as an impossibly huge amount.

The only problem now was that they had to assassinate the target to get the money. Tsuna wasn't willing to kill but he had heard rumours that the target would destroy Earth soon and he knew that he shouldn't hesitate to eliminate it. But he couldn't.

He couldn't kill, even if he's now in the Mafia (albeit reluctantly).

Tsuna looked at the baby (man) who could possibly kill that so-called monster. "Hey Reborn," Reborn gave him a glance. "Why don't you be the candidate? I mean you're the World's Greatest Hit — ouch!"

Reborn twirled the Leon hammer in his hand. "Dame-Tsuna, I am the greatest and therefore if I want to take a hit, then I'll take a hit. If I don't, then no."

Tsuna looked at his tutor from hell suspiciously but he knew that Reborn could be pretty stubborn and that once he wants something done, he will have that something done.

He sighed. "Fine. What do I need for candidates then?"

"The candidate must be ages 14-15, able to blend in, and skilled enough to assassinate the target."

"Eh?" Tsuna's eyes widened. "W-Wait, those requirements!"

"You're not as slow as I thought."

"Reborn, are you serious?! He —"


The sudden ringtone made him pause in his complaints. His eyes stared at the phone before him, as if it was like the ticking bomb his Storm Guardian had shown to him once. From the corner of his eye, he saw Reborn raising an eyebrow and quickly picked it up before the evil tutor had any ideas.


"Ah, Tsuna?"

It was a familiar voice.


Tsuna smiled. Enma was one of his closest friends. After the fiasco with Daemon Spade and the Arcobaleno Wars, the two bonded over their similar problems of being a young Don, and the respective craziness of their Famiglias.

The two also supported each other in taking over their roles as Decimo of their Famiglias. Both had difficulties and obstacles to overcome regarding that. For Tsuna, it was the fact that he was taking over the strongest Famiglia in the world. He was told by his dad, Reborn and Nono that he would not be supported by the other Famiglias if he does not prove himself. On the other hand, there was Enma, who was the head of a small Famiglia that recently revealed themselves. The Shimon Decimo was having a hard time stabilising their base due to lack of funds and the influx of mafioso wanting to join their Famiglia after their impressive display against Vongola.

"So why did you call?"

"Well, um..." Enma sounded hesistant. "You know that new high profile target that everybody's been going on about?"

"If by everybody you mean the entire Underworld, then yeah."

"Well... ImayhavegottenmyselfincludedandnowI'msupposedtoassassinateit." The words were said in one quick rush of breath.


There was a pause before Enma started to talk, "When we heard about the reward, Adel thought it would be nice because we need funds. But then only I seemed to blend in and had the age... I got forced."


"T-Tsuna? Are you there?"

"Uh yeah! It was just... I was just processing it. So... you're going to assassinate...?"

"Yeah, I'm going to Japan tomorrow. Adel already booked the flight. I-I just thought of telling you becsuse Adel would, um, substitute for me during meetings so you won't be surprised."

Tsuna rubbed the back of his neck, chuckling. "Yeah, I'll take note of that."

"Okay. A-Anyway, I got to go. Wish me luck."

The call ended and Tsuna slumped back down his chair. Enma was going to go and assassinate the target — who Tsuna was planning to send someone to. Tsuna sighed. Oh well, might as well forget about that ten billion. After all, Enma needed the money more than him. He might as well give —


"Ow, Reborn!" Tsuna glared at the baby hitman. "Why did you do that?!"

"Dame-Tsuna, a Boss does not give up. The Shimon may be Vongola's allies but that does not mean you will be lenient towards them. You will send a candidate who will assassinate the target, no buts."

"E-Eh?! But Enma —"



"I said no buts. Now go call your Rain Guardian."

"But I haven't even cho —"


"No buts. Vongola will get that ten billion."

In his heart, Tsuna deeply apologized to Takeshi for getting him involved in this mess.

Kozato Enma sighed as he ended the call. He still asked himswlf what did he get himself into, agreeing into going undercover to assassinate a yellow octopus. Thinking about it, it sounded completely ridiculous but what does that say about his life when it's real?

He remembered when the moon was destroyed. It was so out of nowhere that the world went into chaos. Conspiracy theories were everywhere and the most popular one was that the government had a hand into it. However, there was a different popular conspiracy in the underworld: the Vongola were responsible.

When he first heard that, he agreed. The Vongola were crazy enough to destroy the moon. So he just prayed for Tsuna to be able to find a way out of it. However, when Tsuna denied the fact that Vongola was responsible, Enma's curiosity peaked. Vongola had denied all relations to the moon's destruction.

Then the rumours started popping out.

Rumours about a monster... an alien... Then the Japanese government had released a bounty and the underworld went into a frenzy. Ten billion yen for an assassination. What made it even better was that even some famous hitmen and assassins had tried but failed. Everybody was itching to be the one to kill the target.

As that went on, Enma had hesitations. His Famiglia needed the money but he didn't know if they could get it. They didn't expect that their actions in the Inheritances Ceremony would garner them so much attention to the point that the influx of recruits was too much. He did have the inheritance of Shimon but that wasn't enough seeing as the Shimon was in hiding for years and therefore didn't had much time to establish businesses and sources of income.

So when they heard about the ten billion, Enma knew that they had to get it. But how? And so Adel pushed him into going as he was the most normal and trustworthy (he was the Boss after all). After all, they couldn't send someone like Shitt-P.

Enma merely sighed. It was for the Famiglia. He could do this.

Yamamoto Takeshi smiled as he faced his friend Tsuna, who looked unnerved as he tried to spit something out. He had been called by his friend to go to the office. Apparently he was needed for something.

Takeshi was just happy to help.

"S-So yeah. Um yeah. You, you just have to go to school, be a normal student and a-a-assassinate this one. It doesn't have a name as far as we know so most just call him target or the yellow octopus."

Takeshi looked at the open file on the table. It showed a yellow octopus wearing odd robes, as if it was some graduate. Hm, maybe he was one of those UMAs Gokudera kept yelling about? He had to ask his fellow Guardian about it. The octopus looked smart, maybe he was a graduate of some alien school?

"You must assassinate the target before the Shimon Decimo," Reborn said as he put down his coffee mug.

Takeshi kept his grin as he replied, "Before Enma? Oh, so it's like a new game?"

"Eh?" Tsuna looked hilarious with his gaping face. "No! Um, really Takeshi you don't have to do this."

"You do."

"Shut up Reborn!" Reborn pointed his gun at Tsuna and the latter immediately blanched.

On the other hand, Takeshi just watched the happenings with amusement. He knew it wasn't a game. He and his friends had gotten involved intovsomething they shouldn't had gotten into. But Tsuna was his friend — he was the only one to tried to stop him when he was filled with despair. He cared for Tsuna, and after those battles together, he cared for his fellow Guardians even if they didn't show their care much for one another.

He didn't want to abandon them. So he left the bat and took the sword.

"Ne, Tsuna. You need the money from this right?"

"Ah, well yeah." Tsuna rubbed the back of his neck before shaking his head frantically. "N-No! Um, well I planned to give it to Hibari-san for his Foundation but then Enma needed the money s-so yeah —!"

"Don't listen to him." Reborn jumped on Takeshi's shoulder. "Dame-Tsuna doesn't realise how this can benefit us."

"So this is important?"



And Tsuna went back to arguing with Reborn. Takeshi looked at them while weighing in the pros and cons in his head. One, he could get back to Japan. Maybe even visit his dad. But then it was also a long-term thing and he didn't want to be far away from Tsuna and the others. But Reborn said it was useful for the Vongola...

"I'll do it."

Tsuna and Reborn looked at him, the former shocked and the latter smirking.

He wanted to help his friends — his Famiglia.

Even if it meant playing this dangerous new game.

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