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New Game

Being in a new school without his Guardians was uncomfortable.

Enma shuffled in his seat — he sat at the seat at the left side of the room (right side from teacher's perspective) — as he looked around his new classmates. It made him uncomfortable, being in a new environment. What was wrose was that unike before, when he transferred into Namimori, he didn't have his guardians with him. He lowered his head but kept his eyes on his new classmates for the rest of the semester. They hadn't seem to notice him yet, which made Enma a little relieved but also curious, seeing as he knew he was eye-catching with red hair in Japan.

But then, maybe his hair color wasn't odd. He thought of that as he watched the green-haired girl tie up the blue-haired boy's (?) hair. Were those hair colors natural? At least Enma knew his hair color came from his Italian blood. But blue and green hair... were they dyed? Was that allowed in this school? According to his information, Kunigigaoka had an excellent yet strict curriculum.

And strict it was indeed, he thought as he remembered climbing the mountain and seeing the shack they called a classroom. He failed his transfer exams, as expected, and got placed into Class 3-E, also known as the E-as-in-End Class, according to the whispers he heard.

Enma called back to the files he briefed himself before entering Kunugigaoka. His target was some yellow octopus alien, no name given. It was said to have supernatural abilities such as moving at Mach 20. It made him nervous. How was he going to go against someone who can move 20 times the speed of sound?! If he could use his Earth Flames, perhaps, but he had to take care because of omertà, the Mafia's code of silence. He didn't want the Vindice on his tail after all.

The target was also reported to have struck a deal with government leaders to teach Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High. Why this specific class, Enma wasn't sure, but he would like to find out.

"Oh, Enma!"

Enma immediately looked at the speaker who called him by his name despite never introducing himself to anybody. At the sight of the brightly smiling Rain Guardian of his friend Tsuna, Enma's eyes widened.

"Y-Yamamoto-san..!" Enma looked around and nobody seemed to be listening to them. "W-What are you doing here?"

Yamamoto plopped himself down at the seat at his right. "Tsuna sent me." His grin never faltered.


"Well, actually Reborn did. Something about octopus and beating it before you?" He leaned back at his seat before giving a thumbs up to Enma, who was just confused. "It's like a game! Me versus you."

The words finally processed in Enma's mind, which was previously filled with shock and confusion. "Wait... Vo — the clams want the money?" Despite them being in the corner, Enma couldn't risk eavesdroppers. Teenagers were curious, after all.

"Yup! For expansion, they said."

At those words, Enma slumped. He had competition for the prize money. And it was the 10th Generation Vongola Rain Guardian, who was praised (sort of) by Reborn himself (Rebon! Reborn of all people!) for having hitman instincts. So first, he had to find a way around Mach 20 and now he had to compete against a natural-born hitman who can throw baseballs that can smash concrete walls.

Enma took a deep breath before looking at Yamamoto in the eye, who seemed to sense the former's seriousness as his grin became a small smile. "I will not give up."

"That's the spirit!"

Natural-born hitman or not, Enma was still the Shimon Decimo and for his Famiglia, there was no such thing as giving up.

"If you're done, you may leave for the day."

Yamamoto Takeshi took a glance at his seatmate. Enma looked serious, albeit confused. He reminded Takeshi of Tsuna when the latter was faced with homework from school (not homework from Reborn — that drains every energy out of Tsuna's body). Takeshi himself twirled the pen in his hand. A poem ending in "tentacles"?

Takeshi took another glance at the strange octopus thing. He was curious as to what exactly was it (him? Her?). Was it some UMA that Gokudera loved talking about? Hmm... maybe it was related to Shitt P? Or maybe it was someone in a costume — like a school mascot!

Despite the weirdness, Takeshi also saw that their new teacher was skilled. According to the files (and its own self-introduction), it was responsible for the wrecked had also proven to have Mach 20 speed, as demonstrated in homeroom earlier, in which they tried to barrage him with bullets but it didn't work.

This game was harder than he thought. It made him wish that he could've brought Shigure Kintoki.

But the more challenging, the merrier after all!

The rain comes, washing away sorrows

Leaving new ground for hope to sprout like tentacles.

"...ahaha, it looks like I really can't do poetry."

"I have a question."

Takeshi looked up to see that green-haired girl — Kayano-san, if he remembered correctly — raising her hand.

"Hm? What is it, Kayano?" Oh, it was Kayano, he was right. Score to Takeshi!

"I know the school year has already started but... what's your name? We really can't call our teacher "strange octopus thing he had to kill". "

"That's a bit long, yes... You know... I don't have a name! Why don't you think one for me? But after you finish your poem."

Kayano smiled and answered, "Okay!"

"Ehh, so he doesn't have a name? Isn't that weird, right Enma?"

The redhead twitched at Takeshi suddenly talking to him. "U-uh yeah. I-I guess that's why..." he trailed off.

Takeshi was going to ask him what he was going to say but a movement caught his attention. With sharp eyes, yet a grin never leaving his face, Takeshi saw the blue-haired boy — Nagisa — walk towards their teacher with a neutral expression. Behind his paper was an anti-sensei knife.

Nagisa was completely normal, except that his way of holding the paper was a clue that he could be hiding something behind it. The expressions of his classmates also gave away the plan. The octopus would probably be able to dsee through this and defend immediately.

Points for his poker face though.

And as expected, Nagisa attempted to stab the octopus and his arm was held by a tentacle, halting it from going further. However, Takeshi felt that something was off. He immediately looked around and saw the person two seats away from his right wearing a malicious grin as he held some sort of remote in his hands.

It was dangerous.

But before Takeshi could stand up, the person — he couldn't remember the name... Terasaka? — pressed the button and a loud bang came from the teacher's table.



It was an explosion.

"Yeah!" Terasaka stood up, jumping for joy along with two other classmates. "We did it!"

"Sucks to be you!"

"I bet he wasn't expecting that!"

"Maa, maa, we weren't expecting it either."

The three turned around and looked at Takeshi, whose eyes narrowed as he glared at them, but the grin on his face never wavering. The three seemed to sense danger from him but were still high about their victory.

"You know, if you're not an expert, playing with firecrackers like that is dangerous."

Terasaka scoffed. "You dumb or something? That was a toy grenade with gunpowder and some of those special BB's."

Takeshi walked closer, until he was facing Terasaka. The tension in the room seemed to had doubled. And everybody was wary. "That was still dangerous. You could've killed Nagisa-san there."

"Pfft! It was just a small explosion." Terasaka backed away nervously and went down to Nagisa's body lying on the ground. "I'll cover his medical bills with the ten billion."

It was then that Takeshi felt something.

Was that...?

He looked up and felt shivers down his spine. It was as if Reborn was here in the flesh.

"Actually, I shed my skin once a month or so. I covered the bomb with it to absorb the explosion." Its tone held a dangerous warning. "I don't like having to do that."

"Ahh... The octo-wait, Koro-sensei is terrifying isn't he?"

As they went down the mountain, Enma nodded as he remembered the earlier events. He still felt like trembling in fear at the memory of the pitch black octopus. It was right at that moment that Enma recognized that the comdeic octopus teacher they had was indeed dangerous and had to be killed.

He gulped at the idea.

"I-It really was scary. I can't believe he would threaten us like that..."

"Ahaha, Tsuna and the others would be hard to take down if tried though!"

Enma sweat-dropped. Right. Koro-sensei, in some sense, technically threantened to attack Vongola and Shimon... If that ever happened, Enma would retreat with Tsuna (his fellow Sane Man) as it was sure to be a clusterfuck.

Trying to ignore the idea of Vongola's chaotic and destructive Guardians, his own chaotic Guardians and their octopus target slash teacher clashing, Enma changed the subject. "B-but the explosion was scarier. I-I was worried for Shiota-san..."

Yamamoto hummed as he put his hands at the back of his neck. "Yeah. Well, luckily Koro-sensei saved him! No injuries — not even a scratch! But you know, I think Nagisa was really impressive earlier. Even the octopus didn't deny it."

Enma remembered. Shiota was so calm and natural when he approached the octo — Koro-sensei. He suspected that the blue-haired boy may be some sort of natural hitman like a certain Rain Guardian.

"Oh? Yamamoto?"

Enma and Yamamoto looked back and saw two of their fellow classmates. It was Shiota and Tomohito. Enma remembered the latter getting along (aka being instant friends) with Yamamoto once they found out that the two of them played baseball. They hadn't played a game yet but Enma expected one sooner or later.

The two stopped in front of them, and it was then that they noticed Enma.

"Oh?" Tomohito looked at him. The attention unnerved the redhead. "You're the other transfer right? Ko... zato?"

Enma nodded. "Y-yes. Tomohito-san, right?"

"Yup! You can call me Sugino though. Oh, and this here's Shiota Nagisa."

The blue-haired boy bowed as he was mentioned. "Please call me Nagisa."

"A-Ah sure..? Um, Kozato Enma... But please, call me Enma." Enma, with a little reluctance, decided to add, "You were impressive earlier."

Shio — Nagisa flushed at the compliment. "It was nothing." And as if to change the subject, he added, "So, why did you decide to transfer to Kunigaoka?"

"Well... my guardian said I needed to learn and so she transferred me here." Enma then gave a rueful chuckle. "But I still failed the transfer exam."

"Aw man, I pity you." Tomo — Sugino said with a pat on Enma's shoulder.

Yamamoto grinned. "But hey, I also failed the test!"

"...that's not exactly something to be proud of."

It was the start of a friendship.

A/N: I was stuck as to what part of the beginning should I include. I was going to start with a Nagisa PoV, but I didn't want a verbatim recount of events in the first chapter. So I jist shifted between Yamamoto and Enma.

The first scene was set during the exact first day, when Nagisa met Kayano, before Karasuma introduced Koro-sensei. Then the next scene w/ Yamamoto was the first chapter in the manga (this is manga-based). I was actually goijg to have him stop it before Terasaka pushed the button, but the first chapter was a Character Establishing Moment for Terasaka, Nagisa, and Koro-sensei. I didn't go to the Koro-sensei threatens them because it would be exact verbatim w/ just Yamamoto.

Also, for now, Enma is sticking with Yamamoto abecause he knows the latter and making friends with people Yamamoto's kind of friends with. Once he interacts more with other 3E students, he will have his own social circle separate from Yamamoto.

As for Enma and Yamamoto's seats, look us Class 3-E seating arrangement. Enma sits to Ritsu's right and at his right side is Yamamoto (who has Karma right beside him).