I know what you're thinking "Luigi4life this is your 4th fanfiction so soon take a break" well I did because I haven't update in a while ok. Also this story takes place outside of my fan season but Conner and his band will make an appearance.

(It starts at the Newmans garage)

Carrie: Girls look at this security guards need for Freddy's fazbear pizzeria! We get 20 bucks a day and we work 5 days a week that means each of us gets 100 bucks a week.

Larry: That does sound easy, and it's a pizzeria so why would a bugler break in!

Carrie: I know, this is going to be so easy!

(Easy transition)

(The Newmans are talking to the owner of the pizzeria)

Manager: Okay your four got the job, you work 12-6 am.

Carrie/Larry/Kim/Konnie: Okay!

Carrie: This is going to be so easy.

(Cuts to the Newmans in the security office in uniform)

Carrie: Well there is no problem.

(The phone rang)

Phone guy: Hello, hello, hello hi I'm phone guy, It's a pleasure to meet you guys, I used to work there actually, and I decided to let you know Freddy and his friends can be a bit active but don't worry they just wanna say hi.

(The call ended)

Carrie: Active, yeah on stage! This guy's a nut!

(Cuts to Freddy and the gang)

Chica: Bonnie, Freddy time to get ready!

Freddy: Its midnight already?

Bonnie: Time to play!

Freddy: Hey, I heard they hired 4 new guys!

Bonnie: And it's there first day!

(Cuts to the Newmans)

Carrie: Let's check the cameras to see what they do!

Larry: Let's check the animatronics, wait did one of them just move?

Kim: Larry don't be dumb that's insane, look there all standing all the same.

Konnie: Except Bonnie is looking at the camera!

(The camera goes out)

Chica: Bonnie!

Bonnie: Opps, sorry.

(Bonnie fixes the camera and Bonnie face is zoomed in)

Carrie/Larry/Kim/Konnie: Ahh!

(Cuts to Freddy and the gang)

Bonnie: What was that?

Chica: It seems to be screaming.

Freddy: This is kind of strange?

Bonnie: Let's say hi to them, and see what all the commotion is all about.

(Cuts to the Newmans)

Carrie: How do these cameras changes?!

(The screen changes to the animatronics walking to the office)

Larry: They're heading here to kill or eat us!

Kim: Or maybe they'll all stuff us inside a Fazbear suit! Konnie quick seal the door and hit the light!

(Konnie hit the door and lights button)

Freddy: Hey, new 4 are you all right?

Konnie: Stay away, leave us be!

Freddy: Don't be scared! It's only me!

Chica: Maybe we should leave them a note.

(They slide a note under the door, the Newmans opens the note and it shows Freddy holding a balloon saying "It's me")

Carrie/Larry/Kim/Konnie: Ahh!

Chica: Oh no, he sounds like they're in trouble!

(Chica walks to a stage)

Chica: Foxy, are you there? The new four are trapped inside!

Carrie: They're trying to breaking down the door!

Chica: They sound so terrified!

Freddy: Hold on! Foxy's come to get you!

Larry: Is that something in the vent?

Kim: Why does it smell like blood and mucus?

Bonnie: That's our natural scent!

Konnie: I need a disguise to hide in! A mask or something!

Carrie: How about we make some!

(Carrie pulls out some paper, scissors, and tape)

Freddy: Hey Chica, check the kitchen, I think that camera's dead!

(The Newmans are wearing fox masks)

Larry: Just stay calm and don't move!

(Foxy pops out of the vent and makes lovey-dovey faces)

Chica (on camera): You were right Freddy the kitchen camera is dead, now.

(Larry shoves Foxy back into the vent and seals it)

Freddy: What are they doing?

Bonnie: Sealing the air vents! New 4, don't! You guys need fresh air!

Kim: Wow, we're feeling kinda loopy.

Konnie: At least I don't feel- SCARED!

(A monster comes from the lack of oxygen)

(The computer screen says "Music box ending")

Bonnie: Oh no!

Chica: New 4 forgot to wind the music box!

Carrie: Huh? What the heck do we need a music box for?

(The Puppet pops out)

Freddy: To keep the puppet sleeping!

Carrie/Larry/Kim/Konnie: Ahh!

Chica: New four are using too much power!

Bonnie: New Four, open the door! You guys are gonna blow a fuse!

(The Newmans try to defend them for the Puppet)

Larry: Keep this thing away from me!

(The power goes out)

Carrie/Larry/Kim/Konnie: Ahh!

Freddy: Oh, they must be afraid of the dark.

Chica: Maybe they'll feel better if you sing them your special song.

Kim: We wanna go home!

(A flash shows Freddy)

Freddy (Singing): Hi there! I'm Freddy! Wanna come and play? I think you're special, in your own way! I'd love to sing a song with you! It's my favorite thing to do, 'cause I love you through and through!

Konnie: Your singing sucks!

Bonnie: Wow tough crowd.

Freddy: It's not working everybody sing along!

Freddy: Come play with-

Freddy/Bonnie: Freddy! Play the-

Freddy/Bonnie/Chica: Night away! All Freddy's friends have come here to say. We'd love to sing a song with you! It's our favorite thing to do, 'cause we love you through and through!

(Four people puts their hands on the Newmans)

(They look up to see 4 people wearing hoodies)

Carrie: Hooded 4!

(The four was Conner, Lana, Kimo, and Konrad)

Conner: Conner I'm Conner, this is Lana, Kimo, and Konrad.

Larry: Are you guys here to kill us?!

Lana: No we're here for the day ship.

Kim: Day shift?

(They look at the computer and sees its 6am)

Konnie: It's 6am we lived, we lived!

(They hugged Conner, Lana, Kimo, and Konrad)

Kimo: Yeah, you guys did?

Konrad: By the way how are you guys getting so many shifts, you 4 are schedule for 4 more nights.

Carrie/Larry/Kim/Konnie: What!

To be continue…

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