Maui, Hawaii, May.

Bailey was coming home from her theater performance of, "West Side Story" where she played, "Anita". Her family was with her, "How they say in Puerto Rico," Rory said, "Magnifico Performance."

"Thank you my mua pōkiʻi" Bailey replied.

By the front of her house was a "For Sale" Sign with a "Sold" label underneath it.

Inside, she saw a familiar face inside the living room, "Grandpa!" shouted Bailey as she hugged him.

"We thought it would be fun if Grandpa Oggy came here as a surprise visit" Mr. Lahela explained, "Plus he has some surprising news for us, don't you."

"That's right" Oggy answered, "I'm transferring your father to the local coffee shop in Rosewood."

The Lahela's were shocked by this, "I'm Transfering to The Brew in Rosewood?" Mr. Lahela asked. "I've read that they serve the best muffins."

"Surprise" replied Oggy.

"Daddy," Mrs. Lahela said, "You shouldn't have."

"I know Rhonda," he said, "But I thought it would be a good way to please my grandkids"

"Where is Mom going to work?" Mr. Lahela asked.

"Well Tai Lo," Oggy answered, "There is a job opening at Rosewood Movie Theater as a concession stand person."

"Wow" Mrs. Lahela smiled, "You remember that my first job was a concession stand girl at a local theater."

"Rosewood isn't just any town." Bailey exclaimed, "It's the town of the one and only, "Donalie Solo"

"You've been studying up on Donna Solo since her debut on Let's All Dance Until We're Sick." Oggy said, "Her interviews, her Splashface, and Viewtube page and some newspaper articles about her CRAZY stunts"

"I know, Grandpa" Bailey smiled, "And I finally get to meet her IN PERSON!"

Barbara Ann came in jumping around her, "Looks like Barbara Ann is excited about moving too."

"Boring!" Rory shouted, "I can't believe I get to move to a small town with snow in the winter."

"Come on now Rory," Oggy said, "There will be a summer theater program there."

Rory looked up and said, "Count me in!"

2 weeks later, they packed up their things, headed off to the airport and took off, "Rosewood" Bailey said, "Here we come."

Note: Bailey and Rory's parents are named after, "Don Ho" the singer, and the titular character from the Beach Boys song, "Help Me, Rhonda"