After school, auditions for The Enchanted Kingdom were going on. Many students were coming to audition, including Skye. Bailey was extremely surprised to see that she's here, "I'm just here to meet people and to avoid my family" Skye explained, "You can't imagine what their like"

"What are they like" Bailey asked, as everyone else looked in horror.

"Don't ask" Skye replied.

"Alright everyone," shouted an Indian boy with glasses came up, "My name is Ajay Bhandari, i'm the student director for this year's production of The Enchanted Kingdom. Mr. Olson is our faculty advisor and he's caught up in a staff meeting, so I will be covering for him.

"Try doing a production of Pleasantville!" shouted a brunette girl next to Simon.

"Save the heckles for later Danielle" Ajay groaned, "And to give you guys a warm up before you say your lines, I like to present cheerleader and Emoji choreographer, "Donalie Solo"."

"YAY DONNA!" Bailey shouted.

"Shut up Lahela" Danielle groaned, "Man she's annoying."

"Before we begin the warm up, we like to make an announcement," "There recently has been a medical emergency at the Rosewood Community Hospital, the proceeds from the show will be going to help a family pay for a large treatment. Behave maturely and this is for the good of our town."

"OKAY" shouted the auditioners.

Donna showed them the process of the warmup, based on the warm up Miss. Darbus did in the play adaptation of High School Musical.

Be the bear,

Be the ostrich

Be the monkey

Little did they know, is that The Robot Monkey, Animal and Rocket were all looking for some tiny aliens for snook out of the hospital. "I'm a monkey" Otto smiled as he started to act like one.

"MONKEY MONKEY" Animal shouted as he joined in.

"Take it easy, fellas" shouted Sparx.

"He said "Take it easy" you crootaken Mucus Ape." Rocket shouted as he shot towards them.

A spotlight fell down, as they were about to hit Ajay, Bailey pushed him out of the way. Donna looked up and saw Rocket with a laser. She waved her hand and telepathically said, "You will go home and clean the house."

And just like that, Rocket took off to do his chores. The robot Monkeys placed their thumbs up, knowing that she was teaching her raccoon caretaker a lesson.

Mr. Olson came in and was amazed that Bailey saved Ajay's life. To repay her for saving the director from a fallen spotlight, he made her the lead role. Everyone was excited about this, except for Danielle.