Hey guys! So this chapter took a bit, but it was requested that I do Rosie and Teddy's births. Here is Rosie's birth, and after some consideration and lots of revising, I decided that I was okay with it being super cheesy and chaotic considering the Bella's lives had mostly been chaos leading up to, and after Rosie's birth. The Bella's lives are chaotic and unpredictable and far from boring, even when they're just trying to entertain on a rainy day. Rosie's eccentric birth definitely matches her energy and personality so I'm okay with it being crazy, and maybe a little unrealistic? So please enjoy! I'll be do the final part of the Bella's USO tour and (possibly Teddy's birth) next!

Rosie's Birth

Rosie's birth, simply put, was one for the books. It came a close second to the craziest thing in Beca's life, or maybe as the scariest to be kidnapped while pregnant with Teddy. While she had swore Teddy was the last and if she hadn't had an epidural Beca would have for sure made Jesse get a vasectomy because she didn't know if she could bear an unmedicated birth.

That was at least, until she got pregnant and went into labor with Rosie. She both learned she (and women in general) were stronger than she believed she could be, and that maybe the second (and hopefully last kid) wasn't so bad.

Beca had gotten up that morning after tossing and turning all night, trying to get comfortable in her last few weeks of pregnancy, though sleep was non-existent at that point. She had decided to call it quits when she woke up after finally falling asleep to a sharp contraction coursing its way through her body. She had felt crampy all evening the night before and had even left early from movie night at Aubrey's, promising the girls she would let them know if anything changed.

Beca threw off the covers of her bed, groaning and grunting as she tried to roll to the edge of the bed and lift herself. Getting out of bed was the most exhausting part of getting up in the morning, though she hadn't been a morning person to begin with, so she just hated getting up in general. She went to the kitchen and poured a glass of water from the container in the fridge. Her recent craving had been ice water though strangely enough she found somehow her water could never be cold enough.

Her doctor had informed her that drinking water kept her hydrated and in turn, would help practice contractions (Braxton Hicks) subside. But that morning she felt uncomfortable, not in the normal way, but in a way where she felt her stomach was upset and contractions felt more consistent. She glanced at the clock and began timing, setting her water glass down to focus and avoid spilling.

Teddy was asleep in his crib after fighting sleep the past few nights. He was entering eighteen month sleep regression and it was hell for them all. Beca feared she would never sleep again, and when he finally did fall asleep, Beca and Jesse did everything in their power not to wake him.

Beca didn't want to worry Jesse and have to wake Teddy until she absolutely had to. It was crazy what a difficult toddler Teddy had been, because someday he would grow up to be Beca's best behaved, looking out for his two younger sisters in any way possible.

Beca looked at the clock and saw it was only 5:42. She groaned as she leaned over the counter, slowly getting back up after riding out a wave that seemed to come roughly ten minutes apart at that point. She knew she probably had a ways to go and decided to make herself a cup of coffee, even though she knew that it didn't really work anymore. She had to stay within the pregnancy recommendations and at that point her body had built a tolerance against her suggested 250mg a day.

"Ouch." She whimpered involuntarily, dropping her glass mug and watching in horror as it shattered on the floor.

She wasn't sure if her attention was more captivated on getting through her contraction or to see if Teddy had been startled from his sleep. But as she rode it out she felt a firm set of hands squeezing her hips and knew immediately that Jesse had come to her side.

"Are you okay? Have you been cut?" Jesse worries as he notes the mess shattered around Beca's feet.

"I didn't mean to wake you." She finally pants apologetically, turning to rest in his embrace.

"I was awake when I heard your circus act grande finale as you were trying to get out of bed. Very impressive new record." He jokes and she slaps his shoulder.

"Jesse, this is serious, no time for beached whale jokes." She laughs in between the sobs that had started.

Beca's tearful face showed fear and angst, as she came to the realization that this was it. It was bittersweet, though she hated being pregnant, was thankful to be able to do it again, and hopefully for the last time (though she realized what a blessing it had been when God chose her to be Evie's mom, even in the midst of disaster).

"Is this it?" His eyes gleamed, though it pained him to see her in so much pain.

"I think so. But I don't wanna call Aubrey to come watch Teddy or tell Chloe until we know for sure."

"I think we knew for sure when the pain caused you to drop and break your mug." He implies and she nods.

"March 16, this is it, this is his or her birthday!" He jumps, grabbing a marker and circling the calendar.

"Ruthie or Ruby or Rosie for the girls? Or Judd or Nellie, like Jud Nelson! Guess we'll know soon and then we can finally pick a name once we meet this little one!"

"Teddy's middle name is literally Bender! I thought we agreed to no breakfast club names anymore!" She reminded him.

"I thought just the boys got Breakfast Club names? Don't I get the boys?" Jesse pouted playfully.

"How about Jude instead of Judd?" He pressed on.

Beca rolls her eyes at his enthusiasm, something she loved about him but sometimes was annoying. But were they really a couple if one didn't do something to annoy the other. Jesse was obsessed with and very proud of his babies.

He wanted everyone he met to know that Teddy was his pride and joy, and even more so to know what a tough woman Beca was from growing this thing from scratch. He was amazed at what a strong woman she had been and how she had endured so much pain to bring something so beautiful into this world, and how she would do it all again for them (though she wasn't sure she necessarily purposely wanted to).

"I think we're gonna have a little girl!" He predicted conversationally.

He had been right. How could he always be right? He was right about them being inevitable too, even after their messy break up once that lasted two days.

"Wouldn't that be great! Maybe she'll be into musicals just like her brother!" Jesse yelped excitedly.

It was true, everytime 'High School Musical' came on, Teddy would love to get up and dance along. It was his favorite movie and Beca laughed, watching the look of content on Teddy's face and joy on Jesse's.

Jesse would pretend to pass a mic to Teddy and sing along and Teddy was so into it all. Beca feared that if this child didn't like music (though she would never force her kid into her interests like her mother had tried) that Jesse would be disappointed. But just like other parents, where they hoped they shared interests, they wanted their kids to be themselves and at the end of the day, find what made them happy. Jesse and Beca were into music, but if Teddy and this little one like sports or makeup or whatever, they would support them.

"I'm hoping for another little boy; I don't know if I could handle another little me. I'm already afraid Teddy's gonna get my sass. And I don't really know girly things but I'm sure the Bella's would eat that up."

"Maybe with an older brother she'll be more tom-boyish and you won't have to worry. Our little girl can get dirty and like sports too just like her brother."

Jesse reminded her of what she always used to say when Sheila asked why Teddy had so many dolls and pink nail polish. She had been so adamant about Beca removing the polish at their house but Beca refused.

He was a little boy, he didn't know any different and would not fall into the roles society pushed on people. Letting little boys play with dolls, Beca believed would teach them affection and good husband skills. It taught respect and responsibility and gentleness and while Teddy still loved his trucks and cars, he loved his baby doll just as much.

She remembers just the month before when they had gone to Sheila and her dad's house, and Beca and Sheila had gotten into an argument over Teddy wearing nail polish. They had since made up, but pregnancy hormones had definitely gotten the best of her when it could normally be a subtle disagreement, turned extreme.

"But aren't you worried Theodore is gonna grow up to be, I don't know…" Sheila began to protest, coming at Teddy with an acetone soaked cotton ball.

"What? A kind-hearted, fierce, loving, independent and open minded human being that treats other children, men, and women with respect? Even those with a difference of opinion?" Beca snapped and Sheila turned bright red.

"I"m not knocking your parenting Beca, It just seems you want him to have the same beliefs you do, when in fact little boys should be playing in the mud, not watching musicals or painting their nails. He's going to grow up, I don't know, I guess, confused."

Sheila tries to defend herself but it only enrages Beca. They often had differences of opinion and agreed to disagree most of the time, but when it came to how she chose to parent her kid, she would not stand for this type of adult bullying.

"I'm letting him be a one year old and do what makes him happy, which happens to be dolls and musicals. The only thing that will confuse him when he's old enough to understand is why people like you can't let others be happy as they are. I'm not forcing anything on him, I'm teaching him basic human decency and rights. Hate is something that is taught, and you're no better."

"But Beca, little boys should be introduced to trucks and legos, not politics."

"You're the only one making this political. Equality for all should not be political, it's simply basic human rights."

She begins to gather her things and packs Teddy's diaper bag, slinging it over her right shoulder and shuffling to get her seven and a half month pregnant self off the floor from beside Teddy.

"Men who grow up with dolls and things deemed as "girl toys" statistically tend to be more sensitive and know how to treat people, especially women, better than men who are told it's not brave to cry or right to paint their nails. But for now, let my kid be a kid!"

Beca was boiling, and it didn't help that she had pregnancy hormones and was hangry from not eating all afternoon. She didn't care if dinner wasn't done, she was leaving this household that encouraged hate and toxic masculinity.

"My job as his parent is teaching him to be respectful to others regardless of who they are or what they wear! That it's okay to agree to disagree with someone's lifestyle as long as he still treats them with respect. He doesn't know that society expects him to fall into a mold, he just wants to be a kid and play with and however he'd like! He's a kid, Sheila, let it be that way!"

Beca angrily gathers Teddy from the floor, kicking his toy cars that were scattered on the floor out of her way and stormed into the kitchen, finding Jesse with her dad. Jesse immediately sensed that something was up, and his wife threw him their keys, signifying it was time to leave, no questions asked. He knew there was a new riff between Beca and Sheila and though eventually it would be solved, they were better off leaving before it got worse.


Beca turned around before slamming the door, shuffling Teddy up her waist and on her extended stomach to keep him from sliding down. She huffed, out of breath, but not so much she couldn't have the last word.

"Just so you're aware, we're going to love our son and this baby no matter what they choose in life."

"I would never have raised Theodore like that if he was mine. I'd be embarrassed." Sheila shames them.

"Well thank the Lord Teddy's not yours then!" Beca retorts, slamming the door and waddling out to their car.

"She's exactly what's wrong with the world." Beca muttered to Jesse as he started the car.

"I think we can agree to disagree." Jesse agreed to appease his wife, though she knew he entirely agreed with her and was just trying to put out the fire.

"Jess, I think I'm gonna puke." Beca's thoughts were interrupted by the sudden fear in her voice.

A wave of nausea washes over her through a contraction and she tightens her lips, praying she could hold back until Jesse could get her a bowl or bag. Her intense morning sickness had mocked her her entire pregnancy, and though it was worth it in the end, she couldn't fathom doing it again if this was what every pregnancy promised her.

The countless trips to the hospital in the beginning, being told that it could subside later, come back, or maybe it would be the entire time, but she had been given pills to at least help ease it a little.

It was now 6:57 and over an hour had passed. Though she wasn't exactly sure when labor had officially started, she felt that this was her fastest labor yet. Barely over an hour later she had her contractions coming five minutes apart, and she knew it was pretty much time to get going. They could stop and all be for nothing, or maybe they were coming quicker but she wasn't progressing, but she prayed for the best.

"Maybe call Aubrey?" She asks, leaning over the garbage can, ready to vomit.

Aubrey had been deemed and arranged to take care of Teddy since out of all the Bella's, she ran a tight ship and was least likely to cause trouble while they were gone. Teddy was in good and definitively safe hands, and they didn't have to worry about bringing the baby home to a mess or an out of control toddler. There was always a good chance that Teddy's near approaching 'terrible twos' would be bad enough to leave even Aubrey in tears.

"On it!" He runs upstairs to grab his phone.

"Don't wake the baby!" She barks after him, realizing the glass shattering had woke her fussy Teddy and was relieved, hoping to keep it that way.

Beca's mind paced even though her body was focused solely on vomiting and the earth shattering contractions she was having. They felt fast and furious even though it had been only a few hours, and it actually felt like the baby's head was engaged and ready to fall out.

Nothing was packed, they hadn't expected the baby to come three weeks early. So she broke her own promise not to worry anyone until it was the real thing and grabbed her phone, pressing the buttons furiously before another contraction would come on.

"Heeey Chlo,"

Beca nervously answered as the line clicked on Chloe's end, hoping she wasn't annoyed to be woken at such an early hour, but she knew Chloe never truly minded because she would be there for any of them at any time, and would be excited to know the baby was (potentially) coming.

"I've been having contractions all night, but they've been consistently getting closer over the course of a few hours so… I think this is it." She cautiously informs her.

"Oh my gosh!" She hears a squeal from the other line, "If I run all the stop signs I can be over in five minutes."

"You still have to obey the law, Chlo. That doesn't change because there's a baby coming." Beca replied sarcastically,

She knew Chloe was overly excited and feeling nervously pressed for time, as if the baby was going to be there in the next few minutes, but the adrenaline was pumping in everyone that day.

She appreciated her adorable enthusiasm and love for her family and this baby she hadn't even met yet. Chloe would do anything for her or the Bella's, even if the end result included needing to be bailed out of jail. The thought of Chloe in jail made Beca crack up through a contraction, making in harder to focus on breathing.

"Aubrey and Mike will be over in a few to stay with Teddy, and I've got a suitcase packed." Jesse hurries down the stairs to his wife's side.

Mike was Aubrey's boyfriend, and they were in the annoying, honeymoon phase of their relationship even months after meeting and dating. All that would change very soon, and not only Beca's life would be changed and impacted, but the Bella's as well. None of them knew what would hit them in the next year to come, not Evie's conception, not Aubrey's messy break-up and not Chloe's failure to get into vet school her first attempt. It was life's perfect storm.

"Chloe will be here in Godspeed and then we can go." She informs him.

"This is it Beca; We're gonna be parents." He wraps his arms around her ribs.

"We're already parents; To that monster upstairs?" She laughs, knowing what he meant.

He was just as excited, if not more, that they were having the little family that they dreamed of. Beca was terrified of labor, (specifically another back labor) but having Jesse by her side made the pain and the joy of bringing another little Treble or Bella into the world all the more special. If only she had known the sorrow and heartbreak that would overcome them just a short year or so later.

She had thought this to be her last. The thought of being outnumbered by children scared her because Teddy had already made them feel outnumbered. He was a sweet and gentle little boy who had been consumed by the demon of eighteen month sleep regression and teething on top. But then again, what was one more kid, conceived a short almost ten months later?

By the time Chloe came into the house, she found Beca kneeling with her head on the couch cushions, deep breathing through another contraction. Teddy was on Jesse's lap, sucking his thumb and rubbing his blanket under his chin with his other hand to soothe himself. He had just woken up after being asleep only a few short hours, and Beca and Jesse both knew that if he didn't go back down, Aubrey would be in for a treat.

Chloe walked over, kneeling beside Beca and resting her head on her shoulders while rubbing her back with her other hand. Beca shrugged her off and groaned, not wanting to be touched. Her contractions were so intense she only wanted to focus on not puking and instead, deep breathing. Touching only seemed to make those feelings intensify for the worse. Chloe respected her need for space and backed away, whispering gentle words of encouragement, and waiting to see if there was anything she could do for her.

"We're here, I'm sorry." Aubrey panted as she had just run the Olympics.

"We'll see you guys soon," Jesse informed Aubrey.

"Good-bye buddy, we love you." Jesse knelt down to give his son a kiss after handing him off to Aubrey and Mike.

"Don't cause Aunt 'Brey too much Treble."

He laughed, mentally high fiving himself and Beca rolled her eyes heavenward. Aubrey bent down so Beca could also kiss her son on the head goodbye and she reached up to run her fingers through his short, dark curls that she loved so much.

"Yeah, because we all haven't heard that one before." Aubrey sneers, but Beca lets it slide because those jokes made Jesse happy. It was what he lived for.

"Shut up 'Brey; Look how happy he looks." Beca snapped quietly, smiling as her husband admired their son (and his joke of course).

Jesse lived for mostly his own dad jokes (and the ones he found on the internet). The dad jokes did not and would not cease just because it was a serious time, in fact, now with two kids, they would double and also be twice as bad. He especially loved the Treble jokes because they paid homage to his old group, something he hoped his son would be a part of someday, or at least could hear stories of. And as for Beca, she heard him eagerly tell them all.

He had an immense love for his son and wanting to include him in everything, but still respecting that he could grow up to want to do whatever made him happy was a fiercely attractive trait of his to Beca. He had even made a piece of his own jacket for his son, and the Bella's scarf would later be handed down to Rosie and Evie, sewn into a baby blanket for them. These children were their pride and joy.

Neither Beca nor Jesse knew what intense, indescribable, unconditional love felt like until their children were born. (Beca had always had walls up and the Bella's and Jesse broke those down for her, she loved her group and always would, but this was a different kind of wall demolition.).

Chloe and Jesse helped Beca off the floor, Jesse with the suitcase he had thrown together in tow behind him as he made his way out the door and Chloe with her arm around Beca, assisting her outside, blanket around both their shoulders to protect from the chilly March weather.

"Did anyone tell you that you look sexy when you waddle?" He teases and Beca shoots him a look.

"Jesse," She warns,

"I want this baby out!" Beca moaned angrily through gritted teeth.

"Next time we come home, we'll officially be a family of four." He excitedly continues.

"I texted the group chat to let them know! I hope that's okay!"

Chloe excitedly chattered from the back seat and Beca groaned, turning her phone to silent so that her phone didn't blow up with a thousand messages asking about the baby. She wanted to focus on having the baby first and have the first few hours after birth be quiet and peaceful with just them before letting all the others and the chaos in.

After the baby was born Aubrey would bring Teddy to the hospital to meet his sibling before the others did. And no one was to give Fat Amy the room number before then so they couldn't just barge in whenever. They knew better than that after the first time when Teddy was born.

Jesse smiled to himself, and leaned over the seat to kiss his wife on the side of the head before resting one hand on the steering wheel and the other over her hand.

"Next time we wanna go on a date night, we'll have to find a different sitter. Ten bucks bets Aubrey is gonna be crying when we finally get home." Beca smirks facetiously.


"I'm sorry Mrs. Swanson, but we won't admit you unless your water is broken or you're progressing, and it looks like there is no change, despite your contractions intensifying. It could simply just be that you're dehydrated."

Beca sobbed the entire way to her car, simultaneously gasping for air whenever a contraction would hit her. She was shaking from the pain, the anxiety, and the anger of being told she wasn't in true labor and was being sent home, totally engulfed by guilt of feeling failure for her body to do its thing.

"Beca, it's not your fault. You're body is doing an amazing thing by keeping the baby alive, and it doesn't matter when or how they get here. Everybody's journey is a little different, but the end result is still a baby. So whether you have them with or without an induction or pushing or c-section, you still did the most amazing, selfless thing you could. There are no words out there for me to thank you for that."

Jesse kissed his wife on the side of the head, painstaking eyes watching her in immense pain just to bring their child into this world. All the pain and tears would soon be a distant memory but not forgotten, and saying it didn't matter once the baby was here would be dismissive because he had empathy for the unbearable emotions she was going through, and to her it was traumatic in the moment.

"I can feel the baby; He or she feels like they're ready to come out. I know the feeling Jess, and I can tell you they're wrong."

Beca sobbed, angry and feeling the insanity of being turned away heavy on her shoulders because she felt like no one should know her body better than her. Who were they to tell her to go home and rest and come back when she had already waited?

Chloe helped her into the back seat and watched her stretch across the row, lying her head on Chloe's lap when she climbed in. Her shoulders shook and Chloe jeans were stained from the tears, and it broke her heart to see Beca in so much physical and emotional pain, the same Beca who had said she'd never break her walls for anyone. She was bent at the will of this tiny human, both of her tiny humans, because she had a love so great she'd do anything for them.

"You are amazing, and strong, physically and mentally. I've never seen something so selfless." Chloe admired gently.

It was a forty-five minute drive home, and it felt like an eternity. It was mostly highway driving until they got to downtown Barden, where she swore they hit every flippin' red light on the way home, every intersection busy.

"Jess, I've really gotta use the restroom." Beca finally spoke after a complete silence most of the way.

Beca felt an immense pressure, but it wasn't on her bladder. She knew immediately she could not hold it until they got home in ten minutes and Jesse knew his wife would be furious if he didn't pull over soon. He was used to her many bathroom trips but this one sounded frighteningly urgent. He sensed panic in her wavered voice, and turned around to look at her, stuffing a t- shirt she had found on the floor between her legs.

"Should we turn around?" He noted her unusually blank and unbothered face that did not match her tone.

"Just get me home; I might've just peed and I wanna clean up."

They pulled in the driveway and they helped Beca out of the car, careful that she would not tumble on the thin ice sheet coating their driveway. They left the suitcase in case anything would change, but Beca just wanted to get inside and lie down. She waddled like a penguin with the t-shirt in between her legs, careful not to drip anymore all over the floor because she was too tired to deal with it.

"I'm gonna lie down." She informs them, Chloe taking her arm to help her up their stairs.

"Do you mind if I stay with you? I'd hate for you to be alone." Chloe asks as she begins to pull a blanket over Beca.

"No, please just go stay downstairs and make sure Teddy has his blanky. I don't want him to see me in pain, it might scare him."

Beca rolls on her side and begins crying, her arms wrapped around her stomach. She was still in immense pain and couldn't rest, but she knew the hospital wasn't gonna admit her unless she was progressing. But she knew herself better than anybody and felt deep in her gut that something was wrong.

"Mama?" She heard a little voice and saw two little hands trying to crawl on the bed.

"Hi baby." She coos as she helps him up and wraps him in her embrace, snuggling him.

So much for them watching him downstairs. What were they doing anyways? Little did she know that Chloe had started doing theirs and the baby's laundry so the house would be prepared and immaculate for when the littlest Swanson would come home. Aubrey and Michael however, were probably too in love with each other to focus on her toddler anyways.

It was a bittersweet moment, Teddy growing up quickly and there were far less snuggles than he used to give, but now she was bringing his sibling into the world and there would be cuddles and chasing a toddler. It was overwhelming but special to be watching her kids and family grow, alongside Jesse and the Bellas. Pretty soon his 'mama' would turn to 'mommy', which would just become simply, "mom", and it pained her to hear him grow up. Eventually one day when he was a teen, he'd dismissively respond with "Chill out bro,", which would anger Beca. Her little boys evolution of speech was definitely not something the parenting books prepared her for.

"Why don't we snuggle in mommy and daddy's bed for awhile and watch some 'toons?" She suggests gently, snapping on the tv on their wall and praying that he'd just fall back asleep in her embrace.

After a while, she couldn't get the nagging thoughts to leave the back of her mind. Her motherly instincts told her that something was off with the baby. So she rolled off the bed, Teddy sound asleep after the twenty minutes of cuddling and she waddled to their closet and pulled out the hand-Doppler from her drawer. She then went to the bathroom and lathered herself with petroleum jelly from the cabinet before listening for a heartbeat. It was there but it didn't sound so strong and was rather inconsistent and that's when she began to panic.

"Jesse," She whimpered, careful not to startle Teddy, who had been sucking his thumb in her embrace, now rolled to the edge of the bed without waking.

Reaching her hand down, she felt something that made her feel pain that made her legs feel like they were going to collapse and her knees buckle, and she panicked. With her hands still between her legs, she waddled to her bed stand and grabbed her phone, counting her breathing in and out, 1,2, in, 1...2… out, to help steady her thoughts and remain calm.

"Chloe?!" She tried this time, moving the fastest she had in her whole pregnancy.

She could hear the TV up real loud, cartoons playing in the background over the chatter of the adults downstairs and she wondered if they had even noticed that Teddy had gone up the stairs to find his mom. She didn't want him to sense her panic and wake, so she quietly took her phone to their bathroom, running the tub and slowly lowering herself into it.

Beca knew all along. She knew the second that they left the hospital that it wasn't all over, that hunch and motherly instinct inside of her telling her the entire ride home, "Tell Jesse to turn around". In a tiny, echoed, mocking kind of voice. And now she was about to do what women had done for many years. She was going to give birth unmedicated to her baby right there at home.

"911, what's your emergency?" The rehearsed voice answered and she swallowed thickly .

"Hey um,"

She stopped to breathe through another contraction, hearing a long pause on the other end of the line. She knew what she had to do, what her instincts told her to do. She needed help to have this baby.

"Ma'am?" The voice remained calm but firm.

"I'm about to give birth unexpectedly and unassisted at home." She eventually finished and heard typing.

"Are you alone? Is your husband there?" She pressed on.

"We just got back from the hospital; Please, I think my baby is dying. Please send someone."

"We're sending someone on their way, can you stay on the line?"

She tried to call for her husband again, not wanting to be alone in the few minutes until their baby arrived, even though she set her phone down and the dispatcher would talk her through and hear it all. She wondered why her terrified scream and the absence of their son downstairs hadn't struck an alarm in that thick skull of his. When would they notice Teddy was gone anyways?

JESSE?!" She screamed as she simultaneously felt the presence of the baby's head, praying to God that the baby would slide out and be safe and cry.

"The tub is perfect!" she thought to convince herself. Babies were born underwater all the time and it was a peaceful environment for them and smooth sailing since they basically lived in water for nine months. And it was definitively more sanitary than the bed or the floor, or even over the toilet. She was gonna let this baby do its thing.

She heard footsteps scurry up the steps and instead saw the redhead's curls bounced off her shoulders with every panicked step she took and watched Chloe's jaw drop at the sight of blood but still she did not miss a beat.

"Beca, oh my gosh." She could only huff out before she hurried to Beca's side at the tub.

"Scissors, towel, fast." Beca snapped, super focused, and that was when she felt her baby's body begin to follow, slowly and fiercely painful.

She was sure glad that even though this was their second child, Jesse had convinced her to take a birthing class because there was always more to learn. She was especially thankful that she had been convinced to drop her birthing plan and let the baby take his or her course, whether without meds or by c-section. She was thankful for the emergency plan they had created in case the baby was born elsewhere and she reminded herself to thank him later.

Beca screamed again as she lowered herself further into the filling tub, this time in an earth shattering tone, startling Teddy and hearing him begin to whimper from the other room where he had been lying half asleep. Aubrey and Michael were in the other room, watching from the doorway as they picked up and coddled a terrorized Teddy, and Beca mentally noted in the back of her mind that her husband was not there.

"Get him out." She surprised herself at the ability to find and still speak words despite the pain taking over her like a demon.

Jesse had gone to get gas just down the road and pick up a few snacks since it seemed that the baby was going to be taking his or her sweet time, but the baby had other plans (and it seemed Rosie was determined and headstrong from the start).

Sirens wailed in the distance and Jesse hadn't expected to see his driveway occupied by an ambulance, sirens blaring and lights flashing vigorously. He busted through the front door, forgetting their groceries and his keys on the driveway as he ran to find a scene upstairs and his wife holding their baby.

Nobody said anything but Beca was sobbing, demanding to know if the baby was breathing and three EMT's sat on the floor, shaking their baby gently with a towel to get them to cry.

Rosie had been born with the cord loosely around her neck and was an unsettling palish-blue. They all subconsciously held their breath until the sound of a small cry of victory broke the silence throughout the room, leading everyone to let out a collective sigh of relief.

Rosie had a slight heart rate dip since she was already descending out of Beca and her cord was wound loosely around her neck. The situation in itself was terrifying, a mother's worst nightmare, and they had been blessed that it hadn't tightened on her way out. Rosie was okay but still needed to be examined as well as Beca, but not before they cut the cord and announced the gender, watching Jesse beam and lightheartedly pump his fist in the air. How had Jesse always been right about every prediction he made?

"It's a girl; We have a daughter, Jesse." She stared blankly at him, subconsciously but eagerly grabbing for Rosie as they handed her to her.

Jesse kissed her on the head and smiled down at his newborn daughter, wondering how something so miraculous could come out of such a scary situation. She truly was the Rose after a thorn in the side of a difficult pregnancy. She was unexpected but so so wonderful. Jesse had a name in the back of his mind from that moment on that he would share with Beca when the ambiance of the room had calmed.

"We have a mom and baby that were born at home, unassisted. We'll be bringing them up shortly." They hear the EMT report back to dispatch.

They wrapped Rosie and Beca in a foil warming blanket after helping them both out of the tub. Beca had been brave and calm and collected (that's what the staff at the hospital had told her after apologizing that she had been turned away by the mid shift staff.) She had known exactly what to do for her and baby, and was thankful in the end and considered herself no hero. She was just simply a mother doing what her body was supposed to know how to do.

Everyone in the hospital made her out to be smart and quick, but after being there for a few hours and being examined and taking in the reality of everything that had happened, when she finally held her baby again, she felt relieved, but she couldn't recall that same feeling that she had with Teddy when they laid him on her chest. She felt like she was robbed, missing out on something. She felt like a horrible mother for not speaking up sooner because everything could have been avoided if she had spoken up sooner. She created this disaster and if she couldn't have saved Rosie how would she live with herself.

How could she raise this human being if she couldn't even protect her in the womb? What if something happened to her or to Teddy and how could she have selfishly taken on a responsibility she wasn't ready for and could have been avoided if they were more careful?

Were they really gonna send her home the next day with a newborn? One she felt like she worried couldn't look at or love the same as Teddy? She suddenly was plagued with dread and fear and began to shut down. She had what would later be diagnosed as Postpartum Depression. She of course loved Rosie and later learned that it was normal and okay for moms not to feel that instant attachment or love for their child.

"Do you wanna hold her, Becs? Aubrey and Michael will be on their way soon with Teddy, so I didn't know if you wanted just to bond, the three of us."

Jesse bounced her in his arms in the corner of the room after Beca had refused. Their little girl would go three days without an exact full name before they finally decided on Rosie Elise, after her Aunt, Chloe Elise. And they could not wait to see the look on Chloe's face when they told her.

Breakfast Club names held a lot of meaning in them, they both knew it though Beca would never admit because she was too embarrassed, but they decided the baby should also have a name after someone important in their lives. Without Chloe, joining the Bellas would never have been a second thought for Beca, and she would never have met this group of wonderful women, or Jesse.

The rest of the Bella's (besides Chloe and Aubrey) however, did not meet Rosie right away, Beca had turned away visitors for a month before anyone got to meet her, other than through facetime and pictures. Having Rosie was a dark time for Beca and very different from when they had Teddy, eager for visitors and a huge milestone for the Bella's in the next season of their lives.

But after all these thorns, the horrible sickness, the postpartum depression, the traumatic birth of her first daughter, nothing prepared her for the death of her husband and the birth of Evie. Different events, different ways of healing and coping, no two times were comparable and you couldn't say that just because she had a hard time she should be prepared, because every experience and event she would face was different.

But she was stronger than she had believed and had marched through some of the toughest times, and she would get through every difficult season of life she would endure. She was never alone, she had an army of people behind her that believed in her.

Rosalyn Elise was the rose from her thorns. She was her hard-headed, talkative, protective but exponentially sassy and spirited little girl. She was her mini-me and Beca knew it. She also dreaded the teenage years to come. But after everything she had faced, her little girl would never not be worth it.

She would do it time and time again for her children. Although Beca had hoped that there would be no way possible to even have a fourth child and vowed to only remarry if the man loved the kids as his own, and was fixed. The girls found a vasectomy an odd requirement, but Beca knew deep down she never craved to be in another relationship, she didn't see it necessary, she had everything she already needed and never felt like she could love someone like she had Jesse.