Banjo and Kazooie were on the set with Space Ghost, with the bear and bird duo regaling tales involving their many adventures as Space Ghost nodded. Which in turn brought something interesting from the talk show hosting super hero.

"A gorilla who chucked oranges at you, huh?" Space Ghost started as he nodded his head. "Yes, I recall dealing with him and a big box..."

"Daddy Boombox?" Banjo interjected while casually stringing his banjo.

Kazooie rolled her eyes as she was looking for her kazoo. "I feel a unnecessary flashback coming on..."

Space Ghost watched as Conga the ape was chucking oranges everywhere, with him sitting at his desk tapping his blue card as Zorak and Moltar weren't exactly fond of this. Nor were they happy with the bouncing boxes with googly eyes that were going boom.

"There better be a good reason these annoying things are here." Zorak growled as he pulled out his yellow colored zapper gun and fired at the boom boxes, blasting them as they broke into smaller versions of themselves.

"Yeah, why are these boxes here?" Moltar muttered as he bobbed his metallic head up and down, pushing his lever downward. "And why is there a gorilla here?"

"You guys don't understand what the author wants... I mean, what the people reading this wants." Space Ghost coughed as he took a glance around, dodging an incoming orange lunged at him by Conga.

"Conga no like being on this dumb smelly set. Conga want to go back to work!" Conga snapped as he then pounded his chest.

"How much do they pay you at your job, may I ask?" Space Ghost suggested, with him having to hide behind his desk as Conga chucked more oranges at him.

Moltar and Zorak couldn't enjoy the time to laugh at this as they were contending with the boom boxes that were showing up more due to Zorak continuing to blast them, which in turn created more of them.