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In this chapter, we wrap up Jaune's first mission. And we begin the start of the friendship between Weiss and Jaune.

After Jaune was done puking his guts up. He was finally able to get back to the mission. Everyone else was already waiting by some stones that were scattered next to their entry point. Weiss stared down at him with this impatient glare, while Sun was chatting to Blake with the latter not listening to him.

Pushing himself off the ground, Jaune glanced up to find the ruins they were looking for.

The ruins were... massive to put it lightly. The main entrance was nearly one-hundred feet tall. An enormous arch covered the stone doors. All over the ruin, there were reliefs and sculptures of every conceivable animal. Massive wolf heads to mighty dragons. Everything about this place screamed insanity. All carved out of a single rock face.

Jaune's jaw dropped. "How has nobody already looted this place?" He walked up to the stone doors. "This must have been here for thousands of years!"

"The draugr tend to discourage unwanted visitors," Blake reminded him.

"Not to mention the traps, giant spiders, or giant snakes."

Wait... giant snakes! They only live in the southern parts of Vale. I can do spiders but-snakes!

"The doors seem intact, we need to find a way in." Weiss traced her hand over some glyphs. Muttering something under her breath. "Most ruins won't have access through the front doors. There should be an alternate route."

"Maybe a cave," Sun chimed in. "A cave would be used as an exit if the builders carved a tunnel leading to it. I've seen places like this in Vacuo, and they use any natural rock formations to do the work for them."

Or they sealed everyone in before they finished...

It was a morbid thought, but he wouldn't share it with anybody else. If they couldn't find an entrance, their entire initiation would have been at risk. Maybe Weiss could blow the doors off if need be?

"Let's spread out and check the surrounding hills. Any other entrances would have been close to the main structure."

The group split up. Sun went down by the river, Blake went around the north side of the ruins, Jaune followed Weiss over to some woods. The woods were closest to the ruins, and Weiss said a road must have run through it at some point. Jaune shamelessly followed Weiss since he didn't have anywhere else to go, and he wanted to get her alone so he could talk to her some more.

Cresting over a small hill, Jaune spied a small clearing atop a flat piece of ground. There were a few scattered boulders here and there, but it was clear of any vegetation aside from grass. If he got on top of the stones, Jaune could use the added height to survey the surrounding area better.

Maybe I can con Weiss into climbing up here? Go sight-seeing for a little bit. Have a friendly chat.

Pulling himself to the summit of the block, Jaune spun around to get the lay of the land. Most of it was densely packed forests with the occasional rock jutting out from the ground. There was not a single village in this area from what could be seen. However, someone had to have found this place, so civilisation was within reach.

Spinning around once again, Jaune could not see Weiss anywhere in the area. The Mage had been walking around towards the edge of the woods a few moments ago. Now how was Jaune going to talk to her if he couldn't find her?

"What are you doing," a voice rang out from behind him. Jaune froze solid as he stood upon the peak. He knew that voice, and it scared the absolute shit out of him.

"U-Um, I-I'm looking for-," Jaune stuttered trying to come up with something. Anything at this rate would be better than that. It didn't help that Weiss was peering into Jaune's soul. He could feel her eyeballs on the back of his head.

"I'm not sure..." Jaune confessed. "Thought I could see more of the area. But I don't see any hole in the ground that screams, 'This is the cave you're looking for.'" He turned around and looked down upon the Mage below him.

Weiss was glaring at him with her arms crossed. She wasn't displeased as far as he could tell. It was her normal look, or what counted as normal in the two days he had known Weiss. Her eyes weren't narrowed so... that might have been a good sign?

"You have a point," Weiss agreed. "I thought you were messing around."

"Hey, I only mess around off the clock," Jaune jested, jumping off the stone block.

Landing firmly on his feet, Jaune stood up straight, towering over his shorter counterpart. Neither managed to get another word out as what sounded like cracking erupted from beneath their feet. Jaune only managed to look down, seeing the mossy floor give way before the hole that opened up swallowed both adventurers.

Jaune was the first to go in immediately followed by Weiss. The former stared up at the sky as Weiss fell a few feet above him. Everything slowed down, taking what was only a few seconds into several minutes of falling into this breach.

The Knight hit a pool of water inside the bottom of the hole. His back slammed into the subterranean lake, taking the wind from his lungs. Jaune couldn't get another breath in as the liquid parted by his body rushed back into the empty space. All he could see was the Mage falling quickly towards him and the water coming back over his eyes.

"Ohhhhh shit," Jaune cried out as Weiss landed on top of him.

Pain radiated throughout his body as the Mage slammed into his body. His Aura took a hit from the impact. Yet, he disregarded both and grabbed onto the nearest object, pulling his head out of the water. Jaune coughed any remaining liquid from his lungs, forcing a breath through his mouth.

The fall might have killed him if he hadn't landed in the shallow pool of water. Jaune just had to lay there and let his Aura recover enough to repair any damage. Luckily his Aura levels were high, being able to sustain damage for prolonged durations of time. Constitution allowing for that one saving grace.

"Ow, my head," Weiss groaned as she looked up and into Jaune's gaze.

She had landed on Jaune pretty hard, and he took the brunt of the impact, cushioning the Mage's fall. Jaune looked up at her with an expression of pain mixed with fear for his new partner, trying to make sure she was all right. Two pairs of blue eyes entered into an impromptu staring contest, neither of them willing to budge for the moment. Weiss' brain, however, quickly caught up realising the position she was in and pushed herself off of him.

Jaune stood up and made his best effort to brush himself off. He was completely soaked from head to toe. Weiss managed to avoid most of the water since she had a knight to break her fall. However, her front side was not as fortunate, getting a nice bath.

"Aye!" Sun looked down into the pit that had just opened up. "Is anybody alive down there!" His booming voice carried throughout the cavern.

"Yeah," Jaune shouted up towards the cave entrance.

Jaune looked around the cave as Blake and Sun figured out a way down. His luck paid off again in the most painful way possible. Several doors were leading into what looked like deeper parts of the ruins. The stonework was the same if not preserved better.

"We found our entrance, you can jump down!"

Sun lept into the pit, slamming down in a manner less than subtle. The assassin followed with two almost silent graceful clicks of her heels. Blake at least had the courtesy to try staying quiet since they didn't exactly know if there were any draugr around. Sun just dove in the hole with little regard.

The four heroes stood before the several passages contemplating on where they should go. The ruins were well illuminated by dozens of torches hanging on the walls. Which was surprising since this place was supposed to be abandoned for hundreds if not thousands of years.

"I'm gonna say splitting up is not an option from now on," Sun joked looking up at the hole in the ceiling. "Don't want our princess and her knight getting lost on us, now do we?" Sun padded Jaune's shoulder and stepped out from the pond.

Jaune blushed and tried to hide his cheeks, but Weiss caught a glimpse of his flushing face. Her cheeks were slightly reddened as well, not as dark as Jaune's but Sun got a reaction out of her.

Sun and Jaune stacked upon each other in a one-column phalanx, the Rogue using his staff as a sort of spear with the rune on one end. Weiss and Blake were just behind them, Blake had an arrow nocked in her bow, and Weiss had her sword drawn and ready to cast spells.

The passage they were currently in was empty. The only thing remotely living had been a few tiny spiders in their webs. There had been a few sarcophagi sitting along the wall, but they had been opened for quite some time. The draugr must have risen at some point, or the coffins had never been used.

Another door on the far side of the room was the most accessible. This one was covered in a mass of webs. Jaune found the overall amount of cobwebs to be unsettling since he didn't particularly like spiders. But he was going to find courage and power through it. With a flick of his wrist, Sun burned the webbing and cleared a path large enough to crawl through.

The other end of the hallway opened up to reveal a larger antechamber. And a lot more webs. Jaune was pretty sure he had never seen anything like this before. Maybe when he had to clean out a barn, but this was terrifying, to say the least.

This must have been a nest for those giant spiders Blake was talking about. Why did she have to say anything about them? She probably jinxed them just by the mere mention of the giant spiders. There would definitely be some giant snakes too.

"What's the play here, Jaune?" Sun gripped his staff with both hands. He walked around casually, yet, remained tense as he should have. The faunus and Weiss could easily be injured by any fangs from a large spider. Some mega arachnids could pierce through steel.

"We get out-" Jaune froze at the sound of chittering and clicking of feet. The others also stiffened up and grew closer. Jaune had a pretty good idea of what giant spiders sounded like, and he was sure this was one.

Something the size of a large dog quickly scurried in front of the group. Blake shot an arrow at it but missed due to the darkness. The phalanx formation was all but abandoned at this point in favour of getting the fuck out.

It seemed as though the spiders were stalking them. Which is terrifying because these spiders usually don't do that. They were commonly ambush predators or set traps with their webs.

Somebody's breath was shuddering with fear. Jaune didn't bother to look because he was scared shitless himself. All he wanted to do was get to the other side of the room and then shit himself because he couldn't do it when the spider ran in front of them.

The team managed to get across the chamber and threw a door open. Nothing was on the other side, so everyone basically ran through. Sun tipped over a massive bookshelf effectively sealing their only known exit. Better than having the spiders follow them.

Jaune let out all of the air in his lungs with a deep gasp. "Let's not ever do that again!" He placed his hands on his knees to catch his breath.

"Agreed," Blake groaned as she leaned against a pillar. She looked over at Sun, and they both started laughing. Jaune couldn't help but join in as well.

Once everyone calmed down, Jaune began investigating the room they were in. It looked as though this room was a gathering area for meals. The long twenty-person table filled with ancient bowls and cups looked prepared to host a feast. The partakers of the feast were long gone, but their tableware still managed to remain.

What drew Jaune's attention the most was the large urns lining the sides of the room. The egg-shaped vessels were cracking and losing colour, once having beautiful art painted on the clay now sat decaying. Jaune whipped around as one of the urns was smashed open. Sun was using his staff to crack open the pots.

"What are you doing," Weiss yelled at Sun as he broke the rest of the urns.

"Looting the ruins. We need to grab everything we can while we have the chance." Sun began sifting through the pottery shards. Blake joined him and pulled out several gold coins and some gems; quickly putting everything into large bags. "If we don't loot this place, someone else will. The artefacts from here should be taken by us."

Jaune stepped to Weiss' side. "You did say we'd get a cut of whatever we found." Weiss huffed and walked to the other side of the room.

Egghhh, I think I pissed her off?

Jaune didn't think looting ancient ruins was sacrilegious. What Sun said was true. If they didn't loot everything first, then some idiot with higher than average ambition would do the same thing. If there were powerful magical artefacts here, then they were safer in the hands of Beacon or at least a trained mage like Weiss. It was a matter of the safety of the Kingdom of Vale that powerful objects be accounted for.

Blake and Sun-filled a sack full of gold, gems, and other trinkets. They even found a few potions that were still intact enough to use. The magicka potions were handed off to Weiss while the others were divvied up between the melee combatants. Jaune hoped they were not going to have to use them.

"So where do we go now?" Jaune looked to Weiss for whatever wisdom the lady mage had to offer. He didn't know the first thing about diving into ruins like this, so it was best to let her lead from behind while he protected her.

"We should go chamber to chamber. The path should be obvious to take, but we should investigate every room. It would be best to clear the draugr, so we cannot be surrounded."

The dining hall had three entrances-two now that one had been adequately sealed. One was blocked by iron bars, and the other sat behind a closed metal door. The route became more noticeable now because they couldn't ever hope to lift the bars and there was no lever mechanism to open the gate.

"Alright if we see any draugr or anything. Sun and Blake will attack first, and I'll hang back to guard Weiss." Jaune retreated to third in the line just in front of Weiss. Sun snapped his staff in half, transforming it into nunchucks. Blake took her sword in hand.


There had been more draugr than anybody in the raiding party had expected. The first couple rooms had only handfuls of draugr resting in sarcophagi or wandering the halls. Those were the easy brawls, taken care of in seconds by Blake's spells or her stealth attacks.

Sun made sure to loot the rooms of all of the gold and any valuables that had not degraded past all worth. Sun had only gathered enough to fill a quarter of his sack. If they managed to fill this one, then Jaune would take on the weight. If it got bad enough, Jaune considered coming back here a second time to completely clear the treasures.

Now the group had made it into a massive hall. It must have been a room where people gathered for religious ceremonies back when this place was used. A throne sat on the far end of the room. The head priest most likely sat there attending to the parishioners who came to pray for their dead.

Before they could set to loot this room. A single draugr stepped out from an adjacent chamber. With a growl, the undead soldier summoned what could have been a small army.

Draugr were coming out from adjacent chambers clamouring for the chance to kill the intruders. Dozens had rushed out all at once in a surprise ambush. The group was caught off-guard and had been cut off from a retreat.

Sun charged in first as the vanguard. The draugr agroed to him, buying time for Jaune and Blake to clear out the stragglers. Sun felled five of the draugr in front of him before turning on the others. The next group of his victims were caught on the backswing.

"Blake!" Jaune tapped on his shield, getting her attention. "Need a lift?"

Blake nodded, knowing what Jaune had in mind. With several strides, she ran at Jaune, and the Knight threw her into the air using his shield as support. She landed on a ledge just above the battle-safe from any melee attacks.

Jaune whipped around and began hacking and slashing the undead around him. He didn't bother using his shield, preferring to dodge and parry attacks that came his way. The larger draugr, wielding war-hammers or greatswords forced Jaune to roll out of the way.

The draugr had gaps in their armour that Jaune made use of. The effect of time on the undead cause shrinkage in their overall muscle mass leaving places such as their midsection and neck open to attack. The bodies of draugr also had desiccated and were more fragile to lighter blows.

Several draugr broke off the primary fight to focus on Jaune. The Knight had already cleared a space for Weiss to do her work. Jaune just needed to maintain what he had previously claimed.

Simple enough... right?

The first draugr swung its greatsword towards Jaune. The knight quickly backed off and waited for the overswing. In two strides Jaune made up the distance and entered the Schlussel stance, stabbing the zombie in the throat.

Jaune rushed the next two draugr. They were only wielding light broadswords and would not be an issue. Jaune side-stepped to dodge a swing and decapitated both of them.

A massive blow threw Jaune to the floor. He landed on his back and quickly rolled out of the way, evading the battle-axe meant for his head. Jaune thrust his sword into the thigh of the draugr, only staggering the zombie for a moment. He threw himself off the floor and took the ox guard stance. Before he could swing the blade, an ice spike impaled the draugr.

Jaune found himself to be more than surprised as the draugr fell to its knees. A second spell finished the job and killed the zombie. He whipped around to see Weiss wielding her magic.

Weiss looked absolutely astounding as she cast her ice magic. Every movement trained to be an absolute ideal. Every time she used her rapier and struck down, an opponent was marvellous. Jaune didn't know what perfection looked like or if it could be achieved by him, but Weiss was something to envy.

Jaune fell back into position. He held a line in front of Weiss as she controlled the battlefield. Blocking attacks and thrusting back into his opponents. Every time an arrow flew at him or Weiss, Jaune caught the projectile with his shield. Arclight did the best it could to create space between him and the horde in front of the duo. It stunned the draugr for a moment or caused them to flee from the light. Jaune had effectively shut down the enemies' ability to get close to him.

He grabbed a draugr by the face and cast Arclight. The zombie's face ignited into flames and howled in pain. Jaune threw the draugr away and struck another with the pommel of his sword. Before he had a chance to catch his breath, several others lined up to attack Jaune and Weiss. The Knight twirled his blade and charged the line.

Jaune stabbed a draugr through the face. "Gah! Why are there so many?!" He tried to pull the sword out, but it became lodged within the undead's steel helm. Jaune had strayed too far from Weiss in the process going on the offensive, and he needed his silver sword to fight.

What Jaune saw nearly made his heart drop. A single draugr knocking an arrow on its bow. Its target... Weiss. The shaft unleashed at its destination.

Jaune broke into a sprint and retreated to his position. He forcefully pushed Weiss out of the way and held his shield up. Two objects hit him at full force.

Jaune felt a pain shoot through his gut. An arrow had lodged itself in his shield, but another found itself piercing the gambeson beneath his breastplate. He winced at the pain and tried to ignore it. Snapping the arrow in half, Jaune moved to keep on fighting.


The fight felt as though it had lasted hours. Only ending after Sun used an ability to clear the last of the draugr out. Blake had even gotten her hands dirty after she had run out of arrows and jumped down slicing draugr in half with her sword. Weiss and Jaune remained off to the side guarding their only potential escape.

"Well that was fun," Sun cheered, kicking a helmet across the room. "I thought there would be more."

Jaune laughed and felt another wave of pain shoot through his abs. He fell to his knees holding the shaft sticking out of him.

Aww, fuck... That hurts!

Weiss saw how Jaune was in pain and ran to his side. "Arc, what happened?" She tried to pull his hand away to examine the source of his misery. Her voice held minor concern, but only for a moment.

"It's good," Jaune grimaced, pulling his hand off his stomach. "It didn't go that deep." The smiles on his companion's faces were snuffed out like a candle.

Of course, my luck decides to go out of the window when I need it the most!

"Bullshit Jaune! What were you thinking," Sun shouted as he dropped his pack. Sorting through the bag, he found a bottle of spirits and bandages.

Jaune chuckled. "I thought that we needed to finish the fight and you guys didn't worry about me."

"Do we have anything for the pain? Because that thing needs to come out. It's most likely barbed too so pulling it out is not an option unless we cauterise the wound," Blake chimed in as she began rummaging through her own gear. Jaune didn't question the Assassin's knowledge of arrow wounds.

"Well, we have vodka-" Weiss slapped the side of Jaune's head before he could even entertain the idea.

"You dolt! Those spirits are meant to clean wounds-not to drink!"

[Several Hours Later]

Jaune stirred from his sleep. "Ugggh-where am I," he groaned, trying to sit up. Jaune used one of his hands to push himself from the ground. He was missing his armour and all of his clothes besides his trousers.

Jaune's lower abdomen was covered in a thick padding of bandages. He had a strange tingling sensation running through his core. Before Jaune could entirely sit up, five small smooth fingers pressed against Jaune's chest.

"Don't sit up. You need to lay down," the voice gently guided his head back to the floor. He looked over to see Weiss sitting next to him. A small fire illuminated half of her face. Her beautiful pale skin glowed in the dim light.

Jaune felt his pants tighten as Weiss' hand rested on top of the hardened muscles. He wasn't sure Weiss was enjoying this as much as he was as she pressed her hand harder into his chest. Luckily he had his lower half covered by a thick wool blanket. The thought of her feeling him up furthered the constriction in his pants.

Oh, boner, not now!

Weiss' long white robes were neatly folded and set under Jaune's head. She wore a set of formfitting grey and white garments with the sleeves rolled up, exposing her blood-covered hands.

"You lost some blood, but we were able to stitch the wound after we removed the arrow," Weiss explained as she washed her hands in a small basin. "However, you passed out when your friend opened the wound to expose the barbs on the arrow." She smiled when she mentioned the last part.

Wait... she actually smiled for once? Or was she entertained by me passing out?

Great... that must have been really embarrassing.

Jaune managed to make an ass out of himself once again in front of the Mage. The worst part about it was Jaune remembered the entire thing up until he blacked out. So his day or whatever time it was, had been going perfectly.

"Well I did my job," Jaune nervously chuckled trying to sit up again. Weiss' smile turned into a frown, and she flicked him on the bridge of his nose. Jaune was surprised by the force behind her index finger as it slammed into his beak.

"Oww," Jaune croaked. "What was that for?!" He started massaging his nose, reeling from the sharp pain.

Weiss crossed her arms, and her eyes narrowed. "You really are an idiot!" She shouted at him with more anger than Jaune had previously experienced with her (Given they had almost a total of five previous conversations, and three of them were bungled by Jaune.) This left Jaune even more confused and frustrated than when he had first met her.

"You foolishly risked your life, and you act like it's a joke," Weiss continued to reprimand Jaune. "I didn't need you to dive in front of me and get yourself wounded!"

Most people would have been grateful for somebody getting injured like that for them. It was Jaune's job to guard Weiss, but he would have taken an arrow like that for anyone. She had a point about Jaune treating it like a joke after the fact.

Hey," Jaune shouted. "If I didn't take that hit for you, Weiss! I wouldn't be the one with a hole in their stomach!" He rolled over to the side and pushed himself off the ground. Jaune took two steps and a sharp pain cut through his abdomen.

"Nnnngggh," Jaune grunted falling to the floor. A small pool of blood-soaked through the bandage and seeped out on the stonework.

If felt like Jaune had been kicked in the gut. Not as bad as when he was shot with the arrow, but it hurt like hell. This was the worst injury Jaune had received since his run-in with a vampire. Even that was a few minor cuts that required no stitches to close.

Weiss rushed over to him and helped Jaune over to the fire. "I told you not to get up! Why do you insist on being such an idiot," she scolded Jaune again as she pulled the bandage off his stomach. Her expression grew serious as she inspected the now reopened hole in Jaune's abs. Blood pumped out with every heartbeat and spilt out onto the floor.

"You opened it up again," Weiss grumbled as she pulled more bandages out from a bag. She whispered something, and a green glow appeared around her hands. Weiss pressed her hands against the wound. "This might tingle for a little while, but it should help with any discomfort." She pressed her hands into the muscle surrounding the injury, and a cooling sensation rushed through Jaune's abs.

Jaune grunted loudly and balled his fists. Pressing her hands into Jaune's stomach didn't do him any favours. The spell worked to dull the pain, but it felt like he was getting stung by bees every time he took a breath. Potions wouldn't have been able to help Jaune in this situation either. Elixirs could only be used after a fight had been ended and they could take hours to repair wounds.

Weiss quickly stitched the cut closed. Her hands expertly moved in tandem to weave the thread through the tissue. Jaune was impressed by her suturing skills. He didn't expect a mage to have talents like that. It was another thing to add to the list of things Jaune liked about her (she just needed to work on her attitude).

Weiss pressed a bandage onto the wound and urged Jaune to sit up. She wrapped a cloth around Jaune's waist and tied it off. It was tight, but the compression felt good and helped keep the soreness off Jaune's abs. Only if he had some ale to dull the pain a bit more.

The Mage pressed her hand against Jaune's forehead. "You don't have a fever, but we need to make sure your wound doesn't become infected."

Jaune felt his face flush at the touch of her hand. Her voice was comforting... it was almost like she was a different person from the one who was yelling at him earlier. Jaune liked this side of Weiss. It was much more pleasant.

"And if you try getting up again," Weiss hissed and poked him in the chest. "I will cast a spell to fix you to the floor!" Jaune's face contorted into one of fear. Nevermind... she is back, and Jaune would head her threat. It's best not to piss off a mage.

"P-please don't," he stuttered, holding his hands up in a gesture of compliance. Jaune's only defence was Arclight because he had no idea where the fuck his swords went. Weiss could probably unleash whatever spell she had cooked up before Jaune had the chance to grab Ira Rubrum.

"Good," Weiss sat up and grabbed a cup. She turned into the slightly more friendly version of the Mage Jaune barely knew instead of the "Snow Demon." "I think we have an understanding." She took a sip from the goblet with a smirk showing from behind the cup. Weiss was totally enjoying this, and Jaune found it to be really attractive.

"And Arc," Weiss continued setting the cup aside. "Thank you... for protecting me. However, it was unnecessary." She shifted and crossed her right leg over her left.

"W-what do you mean," Jaune grimaced as a sharp tingle shot through his stomach.

"Even if you didn't foolishly dive in front of me. One of my spells would have absorbed the impact and negated the damage from the arrow. See," Weiss explained as she cast another spell. The magic covered her skin a purple-ish hue. Once the spell had been cast, a miasma would occasionally radiate out from the aura surrounding her body. "This is a spell known as Dragonscale. It would have protected me from any damage for a short time."

Jaune fell back onto Weiss' robes/pillow in utter defeat.

Son of a BITCH!


"Ah Jaune, glad to see you've awoken from your nap," Sun quipped as he dropped a sack of loot on the ground. Blake had her own bag filled halfway with gold pieces and gems.

Sun and Blake sat down next to each other across the fire from Jaune and Weiss. The Mage cooked a meal consisting of beef, vegetables and broth. Which was made feasible by the pot Jaune packed away. Even though the stew was watery, it was totally worth it after nearly six hours of hard fighting through a zombie-infested dungeon.

"I didn't see you saving any damsels in distress," Jaune retorted with his mouth half-full. Weiss' lips curled up into a snarl at Jaune's terrible manners and being called a 'damsel in distress'. Jaune, however, was oblivious to Weiss' displeasure and kept eating like a half-starved wolf. "What have you guys been up to anyways?"

"We scouted out the rest of the crypt," Blake started. She at least swallowed her food before she began speaking. "The chamber Weiss mentioned is locked behind some sort of door. It has a complex multi-stage series of traps that neither of us could solve or get past."

A puzzle! Damn it!

"Could you describe the puzzle for me," Weiss chimed in. She pulled out a piece of parchment and a piece of charcoal. "It might help if you let me work on this."

Sun stroked his two-day beard. "The first puzzle is a series of floor plates with glyphs on each plate. If you get it wrong, a fireball flies out from a small Dust Crystal at the end of the hallway." He lifted his arm up showing the blackened mark from the magic. "We didn't get close enough to see the rest of the puzzle... if you couldn't tell."

The metal on Sun's arm had been burnt and partially melted, but he didn't show any signs of pain. Jaune could probably reforge the vambrace if he had the right materials even if Sun's armour wasn't exactly steel plate. From what Jaune could remember, draugr used a similar if not superior alloy for their armour. So Jaune would make sure to grab enough to make himself a set and have enough metal to spare if Sun wanted repairs done.

"We did, however, find an armoury and forge," Blake smiled and unrolled a blanket containing several old swords. "Stocked with several perfectly balanced longswords and daggers." The Assassin grabbed a dagger made from a deep blue metallic substance and spun it in her fingers.

Jaune grabbed a fifty-inch longsword from the roll. The double-edged sword was made from enchanted steel like draugr armour. There were also hints of gold and silver inlay in the guard and a black gem on the handle. The magical sword rendered Crocea Mors obsolete in comparison when it came to looks and strength. Jaune was most definitely going to keep this blade for himself.

The most intriguing part of the blade was the materials used to make it. Enchanted steel is difficult to come by most days, and only a few people have access to it. You would need to hire a mage with experience in transmutation magic to enchant a pile of whatever metal you chose. The enchanting process allowed for any tool or weapon made from the material to be much more durable and would keep an edge no matter the abuse thrust upon it. You would really have to hit something hard or have a poorly made blade to shatter any sword made from enchanted steel.

"We could get a really good price on these if we find the right buyer," Jaune divulged as he ran his hands along the fuller of another sword. The swords themselves were worth at the least, two-thousand Lien a piece. Jaune could probably talk up the price even farther since not many people are willing to go dungeon crawling for valuable swords.

"Where in Vale could we find someone to buy these," Blake inquired, grabbing a third bowl from the pot. She quickly scarfed it down along with another loaf of bread. Blake had already eaten more than everybody in the group, and she wasn't slowing down. "There are only a few people who have the coin to afford magical swords."

Jaune looked up at Blake as she ate yet another bowl of stew. Somehow that girl was able to keep her figure even with her impressive appetite. It was beyond Jaune's concern, however.

"We could try wealthy merchants around Vale. They would easily have the money for weapons like these. Or we could try the nobles," Jaune continued to explain as he finished his portion of the stew. "Anybody living in the upper districts of Vale would have the Lien or something worth trading for the swords."

"Yeah, I'll let you handle that," Sun yawned and leaned back. "You seem to know what you're doing. So, I'll leave it to you." He quickly nodded off and began snoring.


"So this is the puzzle," Jaune scratched the back of his head as he stared at the tunnel. Which was more like a death trap in his opinion. A two-hundred-foot-long passage containing: deadfalls, spikes, poison darts, fire traps, and swinging blades. Pretty much every painful way to die inside of an abandoned temple/sepulchre. The whole shebang! "I think you two left out a few slightly pertinent details!"

"Oh come on Jaune," Sun drawled. "Where's your sense of adventure!?" Jaune knew Sun was baiting him and would not let it get to him. His best bet was to remain silent and not feed his friend's goading.

Jaune's silence only encouraged the Rogue to continue his teasing. Sun made the 'chicken' gesture. Flapping his arms and clucking like the fowl. Blake started snickering and cupped her mouth. Weiss tried her best to hold in a laugh despite her sombre nature.

Fuck! "

Ok, but I'm not going first," Jaune gave in to Sun's taunt. He preferred not to be killed by a trap set by some guy hundreds of years ago. Jaune actually didn't even want to be here. A nice warm bed was beginning to look even better every minute he spent in this crypt. There better be a lot more gold behind the door at the end of the tunnel for this to worth Jaune's time. But Jaune's dignity and reputation were on the line, so regardless of whatever was on the other side of the door. He was going to give it his all.

"If we can get back to business," Weiss urged as she bent down in front of the glyphs. If Jaune remembered correctly, these were in Old Valean. A language Jaune could only recognise but incapable of reading. "These glyphs are laid out in a pattern. Ten different glyphs all organised in a ten by ten grid. One glyph should lead to safety."

"You got all that just from this," Jaune quizzically asked as he crouched down next to her. He traced his hand over the carving. The representation was a pictogram of a dragon breathing fire. Another relief featured a snarling wolf. The rest of the glyphs were of various animals or nature motifs.

"Yes! The College of Magic on Atlas had an entire section on the ruins of Ancient Vale! Every city or temple adopts a patron deity as a protector or figurehead for worship. Although the library was not as extensive as I would have liked," Weiss continued rambling on about the symbolic lore of the Ancient Valeans.

She mentioned a few events where human sacrifices would be used to please whatever god or gods Valeans worshipped, and how the ancient peoples were pagans that worshipped nature before the beginning of the modern era. Jaune was impressed by the amount of information she had on hand. He was the same way when it came to monsters so he couldn't judge.

Blake coughed loud enough to break Weiss' train of thought. "I am really enjoying the history lesson, but we are on a schedule." Blake was actually being serious about enjoying the lesson. She wasn't trying to mock Weiss in any way.

Sun chimed into the conversation. "Weiss you did mention that cities had patron deities. Would these glyphs be what we're looking at?"

Weiss' eyes suddenly widened. "Yes," she crowed, standing up and pacing around the entrance to the chamber. "The Wolf has to be it!" She rushed over one of the walls. The relief showed a large man wearing a wolf pelt being worshipped by several cultists. "Romul the Wolf-God!" Weiss was... getting really excited about this. She seemed to actually be having fun.

Weiss then blew past Jaune and pressed her foot down onto the plate showing the wolf. A small click was heard, and no trap or world-ending event was triggered. An ear to ear smile stretched across the Mage's face as she pressed forward to the next puzzle.

"She's really enjoying this," Sun chuckled as he pushed Jaune forward. "You seem to have found yourself a fellow intellectual." Jaune knew what he meant. Sun was implying that Weiss could be a 'study buddy'. Jaune shamelessly agreed with Sun because he would not turn down any chance to hang out with Weiss beyond the Initiation.

Jaune blushed and tried to shrug it off as nothing. Blake giggled, and it only caused Jaune to blush harder. "Sun, I'm two steps away from beating your ass," Jaune gritted his teeth, threatening his friend. Sun started laughing harder along with Blake. It was bad enough that Jaune totally agreed with his friend and even worse because they knew even without words that Jaune did not refute the implication.

"Will you three hurry up," Weiss shouted and stomped her foot. Yep, Weiss' almost as cute as Ruby when she's angry. Weiss pouted and huffed, "We don't have all week!" Jaune hoped Weiss didn't hear any of that.

The next series of traps seemed to be pressure plates. Small triangular stones lined the floor, most likely they were triggers for any traps. The walls were covered in thick vines and vegetation that grew into the crypt. Condensation saturated the soil on the floor, leaving half of the room a muddy swamp.

Jaune took a step forward over the plates but was dragged back by Blake who nearly threw him on his ass with how hard Blake pulled.

"It's another trap you idiot," Weiss hissed at Jaune while inspecting the pressure plates.

Weiss pushed a plate down, and a dart flew across the room. She jumped and fell back from the surprise.

"Weiss, are you okay," Jaune asked as he gave her a hand up.

"Yes," Weiss sighed. "But we need a way to get across the dart trap."

"Could you use Dragonscale to shield all of us?" Jaune pulled the small dart out of the wall. It was coated in a slimy mucus.

Poison of some kind?

"No, I only have enough magicka to shield myself. The rest of you need a way to protect yourselves." Weiss stepped forward to inspect the plates again.

Blake stepped up to the line. "If we run fast enough, we can make it through," she explained. "Jaune has armour. Sun and I can outrun the darts.

"Have I mentioned that I really don't like this," Sun grumbled, sliding his staff onto a small leather clasp on his back.

Jaune rushed forward, first sheltering his head with his shield and arms. The small darts bounced off the metal or embedded themselves into the leather pads on his legs.

[One Hour Later]

"Holy shit," Jaune gasped for air. He had his hands on his knees, trying to catch his breath. They finally made it all the way through that hell-hole of a trap. It took nothing short of Weiss' genius and a lot of sprinting to make it past the half dozen puzzles and traps in their way. "That was intense!"

Weiss used one of her hands to hold herself up against a column. "I don't think I've ever run that fast," Weiss panted holding her right hand over her chest. Weiss looked as though she got the worse of it. Mages were never known for their Constitution stat, leaving them open to becoming exhausted or worse, being a glass cannon.

By now, Jaune had forgotten entirely about the wound on his stomach. The potion had done its magic, and Jaune was only feeling a little sore on the lower part of his abdomen. Weiss helped him remove the bandages earlier this morning with just a little blushing on her part. When the gauze was removed, a small white line remained to show where the arrow dug into the soft tissue below Jaune's coat.

Jaune's quick recovery was assisted by a combination of potions and levels that he had gained. Jaune felt his level climb to around thirteen. Three levels from a single dungeon was a lot at one time. Jaune certainly felt more powerful as his body took to the new level. This was all done in a matter of hours and a few dozen draugr butchered by his own hands. The draugr must have been very powerful for the gain to be so high.

"Just one more door guys," Sun grinned as he tried pushing the large metal door open. The door wouldn't budge, and he bashed his shoulder into the hatch to no avail. "And it's locked... great!"

"You brute," Weiss stepped in before all hell could break loose. "There are other ways of getting a locked door open without busting it down!"

"I have to agree with Weiss," Blake reluctantly sided with the heiress. "This door should have a trigger or a way to bypass the lock mechanism." Blake began examining the door. Sun rubbed his sore shoulder vigorously to get the pain out.

Jaune looked around for... anything that looked like a lever. He honestly didn't know what would be used to hide a switch for a door. Maybe the answer was right in front of him like the entrance to that cave. Jaune was going to be especially careful, so he didn't set off another trap or fall into a giant pit again.

He walked over to a relief of a hunting scene. Hunters on horseback were chasing what seemed to be a large herbivore. Another relief showed wolves hunting a man in a field. Something was off about the sculptures.

The Hunters have been flipped upside down. Maybe if I turn them right side up? Something clicked behind the door.

"Hey, some of the locks came off the door," Blake called out as she kept poking at the door. "Jaune, keep up whatever you are doing."

Ok... there has to be something else I'm missing. What about the other sculpture?

The next panel featured a pack of wolves chasing a man wearing horns. Everything seemed to be in place. Jaune guided his hands over the carvings. The granite had aged well over the years and showed no signs of degradation. Jaune felt the chiselled figures of the wolves. He pressed his hand into the carving. It sank into the wall, and another click came from behind the door.

Blake pushed to door open and unsheathed her sword. "Ok, be ready for anything." She pulled her hood and face mask up. Blake went in first and moulded into the darkness. It was unnerving how well she was able to disappear like that.

Jaune followed with a torch in hand. He held Ira Rubrum in his right hand in the plough guard stance. The air in the chamber tasted stale. It must have been sealed for some time with little to no airflow. If any room remained untouched, this must have been the one.

Weiss cast a spell to illuminate the room. The bright ball of light floated up towards the ceiling and gave the chamber life. Every surface of the room was covered in ornate carvings. A small brazier decorated with wolf heads sat in the centre of the room. This might have been a place where people made offerings to the dead or the patron deities.

Sacrifice by fire?

"Ok, take a look around for loot and the glyphs," Jaune ordered the team as he made his way to the centre of the room. "Keep your guard up. We don't know if there are any draugr or undead hiding in the shadows." There was also a cat that could turn invisible at will. But she was playing on their team, so Jaune didn't have to worry about her.

Jaune tossed his torch into the brazier, and the flames spilt out onto the floor. The central brazier triggered a cascade effect and lit the rest of the room. The oil pans on the side of the hall gave greater detail to the reliefs and carvings on the walls. Jaune had a few ideas about what he could do with the ruins after he and his friends completed their task. Scholars would kill for the chance to explore these ruins without the draugr on their backs.

Weiss pulled out a large roll of parchment and chunks of charcoal. She laid everything out in front of a large panel covered in strange runes. Jaune knelt down next to her and traced his fingers through the hieroglyphics.

"Do you know what these mean," Jaune whispered to Weiss. The Mage lifted the paper up to the wall while Jaune held it. "I don't recognise the symbols."

"I wish I knew what these were," Weiss replied, rubbing the chalk over the panel. "The College didn't have any information about these. I think it might be a dialect of Old Valean? But it has elements of the Vacuoun Empire's language back when it was still around. I can read both sets of hieroglyphs, but these are a new language."

"Vacuo was an empire," Jaune asked as he more closely examined the runes.

"Yes," Weiss answered his question. "Vacuo was once powerful enough to influence Vale and even rivalled the empire on Mistral for hundreds of years. There are many theories on why it collapsed, but most of them are just rumour and conjecture."

From what Jaune heard, the Mistrali Empire has been around since... well forever. The exact founding of the empire was lost to time, but records stretching back over a thousand years. They managed to extend their lands to cover and dominate the entire continent of Anima. Rumours told Jaune, the nobility had planned to expand to Sanus or the surrounding subcontinents.

"The Old Valeans might have had a Vacuoun artist with them," Jaune began as Weiss finished up the panel. "It would explain the influence of the language."

Weiss seemed generally surprised by Jaune's comprehension on the matter. Sun was correct when he mentioned that Weiss was a fellow intellectual. Even though their fields of study differed; they were really enjoying digging through ancient ruins and discussing history.

Weiss took a second to think. "Hmmm... that would be an accurate assumption," she said, backing up his idea. "They could also be from a group of Vacuoun settlers who integrated into the general population of Old Vale."

"These could be religious texts or possibly a series of enchantments as well," Jaune proposed the idea out of curiosity wondering what Weiss would say. So far, the first real conversation that didn't end up with her yelling at him was going quite well. Jaune was going to milk this for all that it was worth.

"What do you know about runesmithing," Weiss replied, pulling out another parchment. She plastered it onto the panel they just rubbed and began tracing the charcoal over it.

"My father taught me a little about how to do it," Jaune began explaining. "But I never got into it because of how expensive runes were to find. And nobody would bother selling enchantments like that to a kid."

He also never had any samples of a rune he could infuse into a sword. Some enchantments could run upwards to several thousand Lien based on their effect. Making them was much cheaper, but you needed a glyph to carve onto a stone that was infused with naturally occurring magic. Most people were never willing to sell drawings of their glyphs or the stones themselves. It allowed some to curb the market on enchanting practices and for local monopolies to spring up. Rumours had some enchanters growing to around three hundred or so levels by the end of their lives; usually through constant experimentation with different glyphs and combinations of runes. Mages could also reach the same level easily if they extended their lifespan using magic.

If Jaune could find a reliable source of runestones and glyphs; he could enchant his own armour and weapons. He would also be able to set up a stable business catering to whoever needed enchantments. Lords would pay a blood price just to have someone enchant their army's weapons. Any kingdom with a resident group of mages and other magic-wielding persons would be able to develop a solid foothold in their lands. Magic in any form rendered numbers obsolete. A small band of a half-dozen mages could wipe out an entire battalion of soldiers. Imagine two dozen mages guarded by a group of infantrymen laying siege to a moderately sized city.

Weiss was going to speak but was cut off by Sun.

"Yo, Jaune! We found the treasure room! You might want to come check this out!" Whatever it was had to be extremely important for Jaune to be disturbed. Jaune was debating between ignoring Sun and continue talking to Weiss or to go check out whatever he found.

"You think you'll be alright without me," Jaune said, nervously chuckling. He didn't want to end the conversation there. Hopefully, she would still be cordial with him in the future. But the treasure room sounded more urgent than working on a rubbing.

"Fine," Weiss grunted and gave him what he considered a 'death stare.' "I can finish up by myself." Jaune felt more disappointed than she did ending their conversation there.

Jaune jogged down an antechamber to where Sun was yelling from. Blake was hanging out in a small parlour just outside of the treasure room. The Assassin was cleaning her new daggers and mending her arrows. Blake was surprisingly intimidating just sitting there minding her own business. No wonder why Weiss reacted the way she did when Blake mentioned she was an assassin.

The treasure room was not as impressive as he had hoped. Jaune expected piles of gold and jewels laying all over the floor. There were some precious metals, but not the millions of gold pieces Jaune imagined. There might have been several hundred Lien worths of gold laying on the floor. Double that with the gems. They found more gold on the draugr outside of the main temple than in the treasure room itself.

"So what did you call me down here for," Jaune started, examining a ruby the size of a mandarin.

He pocketed the gem and would send it back to his family along with a large portion of the gold he picked up. Jaune would make sure to put the rest of what he would send his family into a bank. It would be best not to send all of the gold at one time lest risk the chance of it being lost during transit.

"I noticed you lack a set of heavy armour," Sun pulled out a large set of heavy plate. It was far too large for Jaune to wear, but he could melt it down and reuse the metal. Ruby would probably be ecstatic if Jaune brought her in on his new project. "I spotted this set and thought you could use it."

Jaune picked up the breastplate and examined the metal. It was enchanted steel like the sword he found, but there was something else mixed in.

"Thanks," Jaune said, looking down at the pile of loot along with the armour and weapons the team had salvaged from the ruins. "But... I think we need to hire a horse and wagon." Sun looked down at the mound of loot and grimaced. There were a few hundred pounds of gold in this room alone and the hundred pounds of loot they brought with them only added onto the weight.

"Aww shit," Sun cursed realising the amount of work they set themselves up for. At least the gold was going to have a respectable amount of work put in for it.


Jaune threw the last bag of loot through the portal. Sun and Blake had to run and grab another three sacks to store the ridiculous amount of coins they found. Jaune scavenged a few sets of armour off the draugr and brought them with. That metal would not be wasted sitting inside a dark and damp dungeon.

Weiss collapsed onto the floor from pure exhaustion. Sun and Jaune couldn't carry all of the loot and needed help from the Mage and Blake. The Assassin was perfectly fine, but Jaune was pretty sure Weiss was not built for manual labour. No wonder why she brought Jaune along for the Task.

"Sorry Weiss," Jaune chuckled as he pulled a coin-filled bag off her. He felt bad for the mage, but he did all of the heavy lifting for her during the trip. Even though Weiss was a princess, she needed to work for her gold too. It might help her strength stat as well.

Ozpin, who had been sitting off to the side for... who knows how long walked over with his cane, wearing a grin. He probably found Weiss' predicament to be just as funny as Jaune did. Goodwitch was also watching the group with a stoic face writing down something in a ledger.

"I'm glad to see the four of you have returned," Ozpin began in a cryptic, but pleasant tone. He gestured to the bags and several staff members helped handle the loot. "Mr Arc, and Lady Schnee, your group was the first to return and... with a substantial amount of gold as well. Congratulations." And he knew Jaune's name... not creepy at all.

Sun nearly decked one of the servants when he put his hands on a bag. "Where are you guys taking my gold," he growled as he lifted the servant off the floor. Jaune was afraid Sun might tear the guy in half.

"Beacon Academy has a bank where you can store your earnings," Ozpin began, walking over to Sun. The boy dropped the servant as the older man approached. "My men will make sure it gets there unharmed, and they will begin exchanging the coin to Lien."

A bank... Well, that takes care of one of my short-term goals.

He would send small amounts to his parents at a time. Jaune would also try to spoil his sisters every once in a while too. They didn't need the extra money, but it could help expand his parent's shop and even send his sisters to a proper school.

"Professor Goodwitch will also take the rubbings from the crypt assuming you completed the objective," Ozpin held his hand out to Weiss. The Mage handed over one of the two rubbings she had made, keeping the copy for herself.

Ozpin examined the scroll with Goodwitch. A hushed conversation followed as they read the copy. Goodwitch rolled the scroll up and left Ozpin with the students.

What are they up to?

"The four of you have fulfilled the requirements to attend Beacon Academy," Ozpin proclaimed with a smile, turning to face Jaune. "At the end of the week, we shall welcome you and your fellow peers to my academy. For now, you may rest in the communal dorms and go about your business in Vale!"

[Several Days Later]

The students who succeeded in completing their Tasks all gathered in the great hall. Jaune estimated about five-hundred had been there at the beginning of Initiation, and now it was whittled down to about half of that number. Some students apparently went through the portals and immediately quit the Initiation on the first day. Others were not so lucky and came back defeated having failed to fulfil their objectives or were killed in the line of duty.

What mattered was Jaune got into Beacon Academy and made it through Initiation. Despite his lack of combat experience and not having a genuine instructor to teach him how to fight. Jaune faced the odds and became more powerful and a lot richer in the process. Things were looking up for him now he had established himself in Vale. He wouldn't tell his parents he was going to Beacon. Merely telling them, he was in Vale would have been enough to give them peace.

Over the past week, the residential bank at Beacon counted all of the money Jaune's band had gathered. They found at least twenty thousand Lien in coin along with precious stones and artefacts. The jewellery and enchanted items were saved by the group members for their own use as they would be more valuable in their hands versus some noble. Jaune decided the gold should be split evenly given the fact everyone worked for it. Weiss declined her share of the enchanted items while Blake took her cut of the swords and daggers... a beautiful bow as well. Jaune what was left with a few longswords that he planned to sell eventually.

He also needed to find someone who could discern the enchantment on the necklaces he found. Another incidence of Jaune's skill in magic being lacklustre. Maybe Weiss could help out? If Jaune could find her since he hasn't seen her in days despite actively looking for her. Sun and Blake were nowhere to be found either, so Jaune was left alone to his own devices for the week. He never realised how boring it was by himself for an extended period. Usually, he had some sort of farm work to do, or one of his sisters would pester him to help with their chores.

"JAUNE," a small voice cheered from behind him. Jaune felt two arms wrap around his neck from behind, and the little girl's chest rubbed against his back.

"Hey Ruby," Jaune wheezed as Ruby's arms were choking him. The girl had a strong grip even for how small she was. "I'm guessing you guys completed your Task?" Jaune's face started to turn red as Ruby clung to him.

Pyrrha and Yang were also with the Reaper. They didn't look too hot. Not in appearance (that could never be doubted) just in condition. Pyrrha's hair was all frizzy and dirty while Yang looked like a mess.

Yang pulled Ruby off of Jaune and walked around to the front of him. "Yeah, it was boring though," Yang drawled, sounding completely unenthused by how her week was going. "We got sent to a swamp to gather mushrooms! No monsters, no magic-no nothing! Just leg deep mud and bugs!" Jaune looked down to see all three of the girl's legs caked in a thick layer of dirt.

Damn, that must have been rough! The only problem I think we had would have been the cave. And the fucking spiders!

"What did your group do," Yang asked, taking a step closer to Jaune. "We know you partnered up with Weiss." Yang seemed to be hinting at something going on between him and Weiss. Not that there was anything beyond a basic platonic acquaintance.

"We delved into a crypt filled with zombies and giant spiders... the usual," Jaune explained, doing his best to sound completely nonchalant about the entire thing. "I only got shot in the stomach with an arrow. Nothing too terrible." Compared to a little bit of mud, an arrow hardly seemed to be a fair comparison.

The colour seemed to disappear from Yang's face for a moment. "Are your abs ok," Yang feigned concern about his health. Ruby blushed when Yang pulled up Jaune's shirt to show the new scar. Pyrrha turned away as her face turned a similar colour as her hair.

"I'm fine Yang," Jaune deflected, face flushing again and took his shirt back. "And yes, I did team up with Weiss. We actually bonded during our mission."

Now I just need to find her so we can continue our conversation.

"Thank Ruby for that," Yang whispered to Jaune. "She chewed Weiss out for being a bitch."

Well, whatever she did obviously worked. I need to find a way to thank her.

The hall grew silent as Ozpin rose to the pedestal. "If you are listening to this speech today. You have been officially admitted to Beacon Academy." Several students cheered and were quickly silenced by a glare from Goodwitch. "Each and every one of you was given a Task to complete, and you rose to the challenge. From now on, all of you will dedicate your lives to protecting the people of Remnant. There will be many more trials you will face, and I expect nothing less than your absolute attention. What you will learn at Beacon Academy will allow you to overcome any and all obstacles you may face. What you do with your time here will determine your path in life. Some of you may find yourselves protecting his Majesty of Vale. Others may return to their homes and work to build a life for your families. A few of you might become a force of nature. One that can lay waste to entire armies with a single spell." Ozpin paused to let that sink in. "Among you, there may be one person with the potential to change the world. Regardless of who you become. I am proud of all of you!" Ozpin stepped down to let Goodwitch have the stand.

"Upon your admittance to Beacon Academy, each of you will swear allegiance to Vale. Any prior loyalties to the regional lords of Remnant have been declared null. In the event the Kingdom comes under attack, each of you will be called to serve various roles in defence of Vale and its holdings. However, you are not to participate in any belligerency or squabbles between the Kingdoms. Matters of self-defence are to be left up to your discretion." Goodwitch stepped down to let Ozpin speak again.

Luckily Jaune didn't have any loyalties to any lord. Bar was more of an open theatre for people to go about as they wished. The Count would hear the people's misgivings about a law that had been passed, and he would seek to compromise where possible. All while governing the most prosperous town on the frontier.

"Thank you, Professor Goodwitch." Ozpin nodded to the sorceress. "Now, you will have the weekend to rest and recover as a reward for your efforts. Professor Goodwitch and Dr Oobleck will direct you to the communal dorms. There are two separate dorms that you will be assigned to based on your gender. If any of the staff find you in a place not designated to your specific gender. You will be handed over to Professor Goodwitch, and she will decide what to do with you." Jaune grimaced at the thought. The woman was scary enough, just having her stare at you. "Next week, we will discuss everything you need to know about attending Beacon Academy during orientation."

With my take on the RPG RWBY fics. I didn't drone on about how each and every one of the abilities worked in battle or in conversation. I would end up doubling the length of what I already have written if I did that(I would shoot myself in the foot). So just assume everything is working in the background. You will see over time how Jaune improves with fighting and his overall skills. That's how I want to present the statistics for this fic.

Level Thirteen

Strength 26 (+6)

Agility 13 (+1)

Defence 20 (+2)

Perception 24 (+2)

Constitution 29 (+4)

Intelligence 33 (+3)

Charisma 17 (+1)

Willpower 12 (+2)

As you can see I have adjusted the stats to fit Jaune's new level. He gained twenty-one attribute points that were placed in his specialities. Every ten levels the point gain will grow higher and higher (No explanation for why. I just wanted it like that.) Soon we may be able to see what Jaune's next ability is when he reaches level fifteen (I totally have it somewhere in the back of my head.)