[I messed with something I shouldn't have, congratulations and farewell]

That message was two days ago, in the middle of the night. Shizuo had saw it in the morning and it had ticked off his nerves. Of course that flea wouldn't be telling the truth, always manipulating it. Always dipping to the waist in things he shouldn't even touch.

So Shizuo ignored it and call it good sense, too. Until now, two days later and the flea hasn't shown up once in his city.

He didn't worry. He didn't pay it much attention at all. And he certainly wasn't thinking about it every night and that it drifts him off to sleep and stayed in his dreams.

In the end he decided he would at least see the corpse, just to confirm he is dead and all. And that is what brought Shizuo here, standing in front of the door after knocking several times, his phone cracked at the edges with the screen showing 13 unaccepted calls.

Despite his efforts, his temper flared, and he broke the expensive apartment door screaming, "Come out flea I came all the way here not to be ignored!"

Inside seemed empty, and Shizuo's heart fell to his feet for some reason.

Then his eyes followed and there was Izaya's clothing including his coat, lying in a heap on the floor. Shizuo walked over to pick it up, his instincts compelling him. There was no smell of blood, no signs of violence, nothing seemed out of the ordinary except those garments.

As Shizuo tucked at the coat picking it up, something moved and a force tucked it back.

Shizuo started a little, then the mass of black fluffy hair Shizuo thought was part of the furs lifted to show big red eyes, then the child Izaya started wailing.

It took Shizuo excruciating fifteen minutes to figure out the child was hungry from two day's abandon and it took all his willpower not to touch the small figure for fear of hurting him, and to find something for him to eat.

After that it was no work at all to calm his temper, because without the annoying wails, signs of two days imprisonment in a place with no people or food he could reach was plain to Shizuo. A body that he suspected was already too frail from the start, eyes red-rimmed with extended crying, the chewing marks on some of the clothing. Guilt welled up in him like a flooding river. The beast of Ikebukuro felt compelled to make up for the lateness.

"Hey... tiny flea, do you want anything... like a toy or something? ...A robot figure?"

Shizuo wasn't very familiar with children in the first place, but he guess the age to be no more than three. Would the flea even be able to speak?

Izaya answered that for him by whispering in a disjointed manner, "Ku- ru- ri-"

His voice was hoarse from crying, but he continued, "Ma- i -ru-"

The tiny, undernourished, annoyingly not annoying form tried to stand up, succeeding but tripping on the first step as he tried to shake off the oversized cloths that were still clinging to his shoulders.

There was a flop, and some food Shizuo had brought spilled onto the floor. Shizuo had thought Izaya ate all of those. He must have hidden some when Shizuo went to find water from the kitchen.

It was messy, but it was impossible for Shizuo to get angry. Somehow the child reminded him of Kasuka...

Shizuo realized he had found himself in a particularly severe predicament. He couldn't leave the child Izaya, but he couldn't bring himself to kill a tiny creature like this either. Could he, Heiwajima Shizuo, take care of a child? Would he break him? Or could he take him to an orphanage or something and be done with this twisted situation the flea had found himself in?

He looked back at Izaya, trying to think of what to do. As soon as he met those large eyes, the thought of an orphanages vanished.

Those eyes were scared, and those tiny hands were shaking, trying without succeeding to gather the food back into its container. As soon as Shizuo looked, those scared eyes fixed on him and it's owner flinched backward, yet not letting go of the food he was gathering.

"Food... sisters..." He squeaked, obviously trying not to cry.

Shizuo didn't know what to do or say, so he slowly approach the trembling figure, trying to comfort him. Izaya's eyes widened and he scrambled back tripping on all the cloth again and hitting hard.

He didn't cry this time, there was a glint in the red eyes that Shizuo almost recognize. But it was different. There was no mirth in it, only fight. Only the strong will the known informant hid, because he knew it was a powerful information, an information that could destroy him and those whose will is based off of in the first place.

"Ore... imouto... mamoru!" The trembling figure announced in that childish voice, staring intently at Shizuo with those eyes glistening from unshed tears.

Shizuo took so many moments to find what to say.

"...Yes, you will protect them, Izaya, for a long time to come. For now they're safe, they have things to eat, okay? Let's get you cleaned up and find some cloth that fits. I'll take care of the spills later."

"Kururi... Mairu... where...?"

"I will take you to them, but for now, come here."

"Don't trust" The raven stated vehemently, backing away even more, and he wouldn't stop until his back went up against the working desk.

Shizuo sighed.

"Now Izaya-kun, don't test my patience..."

A fic just to satisfy my need for fluffiness, the title was taken from a youkai in Natsume Yuujinchou. The whole reason this happened would be explained later (maybe), but for now, thanks for reading :))