After finally watching this fantastic anime, and hearing that even the author wished he could've changed the ending, I decided to try my hand at writing one.

Chapter 1: A Second Chance

"This place... how did I end up here?" She thinks to herself as she's lying down in an endless sea, feeling like she could sink at any moment. She hears a heartbeat.


"This voice..." She hears another heartbeat.

"Don't go..."

Is that... Kousei? " She sees tears touching the water around her.

"Pester me for canelés again!"

"Why are you... crying?" She looks around her, but there's nothing except an endless sea and an infinite blue sky.

"Call me to kill time again!"

Am I...

"I don't care if I'm just Friend A!"

Did I...

"Don't go... Don't go... Please don't go!"

I don't want to, but...

"Please don't leave me behind!"

"I wish I didn't have to... I wish I had more time, there's so much I wanted to say to you, so much I wanted to learn about you..." She says as tears start running down her cheeks. Suddenly she hears a sound.

"Is this... your piano?" The beautiful sounds that surround her start giving the sea different colors. The girl sinks into the water and starts to drown.

I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I'm sorry. I only brought you more pain. I knew it would end like this... but I wanted to meet you. And now I have to leave you alone, the same way your mother did..."

"Goodbye..." She hears him saying

"Forgive me, Kousei"

"Hey, where are you going? Are you ok?" Aiza Takeshi shouted as he saw Kousei run away from the hallway.

"Let's go after hi- , uh?" He said, before Igawa Emi grabbed his sleeve with one hand while looking the other way.

"L-let him go... he's..." She said. "He needs to be somewhere else..."

"Emi... are you crying?" He noticed a few tears on her right cheek. She was trying to hide it. She's right, back on the stage, Arima... he was crying. His performance wasn't about this contest anymore. He wasn't playing for the audience, he was saying farewell to something...

Down the hallway Watari and Tsubaki were coming to see Kousei. Not knowing that he was gone as soon as he left the stage. "Hey, do you know where Kousei is?" Watari asked Takeshi.

"He just left, you missed him"

"Don't tell me..." Watari whispered to himself before starting to run for the exit.

"W-wait! Watari, where are you going?" said Tsubaki. But Watari was already outside by the time she spoke.

"H-hey, is Arima really ok? You're his neighbor, right? Any idea why he ran away like that?" Takeshi asked her.

He wants to see her...

Dammit, Kousei! I can't leave y

ou alone in this state, not if Kaori...

Watari ran as fast as he could trying to catch Kousei before he reached the hospital. He remembered what Kaori told him the last time they met. She told him that she wanted to have another performance with Kousei one day, that he made her want to play the violin again.

Please let her be ok. I can't imagine what Kousei would do if she...

He knew that Miyazono Kaori was having the surgery today. She hoped that it would let her walk again, that it would let her live again, even just a little longer so she could fulfill her and Kousei's promise. But above all... she knew the chances of success were low... very low. The surgery was more likely to take her life than give it back to her.

Don't leave me... don't leave me... don't leave me... don't leave me! You promised we would perform together again, that you would struggle and succeed. You can't leave me, not like my mother, not again. Please, please, please, please...

Arima Kousei was running faster than he ever ran before in his life. He had to go to the hospital, nothing else mattered, not the competition, not his friends, not even his own life. He was almost ran over by a car as he ran across the street. He even lost a button from his blue suit. He could barely see anything in this weather, the snow was hitting his face and his tears were almost freezing on his cheeks. She brought color back into his life, but now everything he saw was black and white.

As soon as he was outside the hospital he ran through the front door as fast as he could without caring what people would think about him.

"Miyazono Kaori, she's having a surgery right now, please tell me where she is!" he asked the first nurse he found.

"It's Arima" Someone said down the hallway. He looked and saw Kaori's parents, Ryouko and Yoshiyuki Miyazono. He didn't wait to hear if the nurse knew where she was, instead he went to ask her parents.

Before he could move someone else entered the hospital.

"Kousei!" Watari almost shouted when he saw him. "Are you all right? Is Kaori ok?"

He didn't wait to talk to Watari, he went to Kaori's parents in less than 5 seconds.

"Mr. Miyazono, is Kaori ok? Is she... is she.." Kousei couldn't breathe anymore, he was a complete mess. The running, the tears, the snow in his hair, his torn suit... he could barely stand.

"Kousei!" Yoshiyuki, Kaori's father, caught him as he almost fell on his knees and helped him to a nearby chair. "What happened to you?"

"It doesn't matter! Is Kaori ok? Please tell me she's ok, please..." That was all he could manage to say before his tears came back and he put his head in his hands once again.

Watari sat in the chair next to him and placed his hand on Kousei's shoulder, he was almost as worried about Kousei as he was about Kaori. He wanted to tell his best friend that everything will be all right, but he didn't know what to say.

Kaori's mother, Ryouko, embraced Kousei with a warm smile. Watari noticed that she's been crying too, and she still was.

"She survived" She told them. "Kaori lives, my daughter lives"

The hospital has never looked as colorful as it did in this moment.

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