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Chapter 2: Tears of Joy

She's alive... she's alive... she lives! Kaori lives! Kousei was about to break down when he entered the hospital. He was living his worst fears, his greatest nightmare, he was expecting the worst. The tears that represented his sorrow suddenly became tears of joy.

"Thank God!" Watari was celebrating next to him. He stood up from his chair and put his hands on Kousei's shoulders while looking straight into his eyes. "She's gonna be allright, Kousei!".

Suddenly the entrance's door opened once again. Kousei wouldn't have expected to see Takeshi and Emi here, but apparently they were too worried about their fellow pianist so they asked Tsubaki to take them to Arima.

Mr. and Ms. Miyazono were surprised to see so many kids there since they knew that Kaori didn't have many friends.

She always talks about Arima... Kaori's father was thinking. Ever since she saw his performance almost 10 years ago. And here he is, crying his soul out. God, this kid is a mess... He just now noticed how Kousei looked, his hair was a mess, his suit was almost ruined and his glasses had a small crack in the left lense. Guess Kaori made quite an impression to you, huh, boy?

"Kousei" Yoshiyuki adressed him "I thought you were playing for that competition. Kaori would be disappointed if she knew you missed it for her."

"Uh? No, I... uh" Kousei was barely able to speak, still shivering from all that's been happening.

"The show is over, sir" Takeshi said. "Arima mopped the floor with us, he ran out as soon as he finished his performance" he said with a smile.

"Y-Yoshiyuki-san... is she, I mean, was the surgery a success?" Kousei asked him.

Just because she survived that doesn't mean she's rid of her disease. And even if it was a success it may have only given her more time before... No. Don't think like that, she'll be fine. There's no way she would be alive if the operation failed... she would hate me if she heard my thoughts right now. Kousei gave a shot chuckle.

Before Yoshiyuki could say anything a doctor came to see Mr. and Ms. Miyazono.

"Good day" He seemed proud and happy. I guess the operation truly was dangerous. "Young Kaori is sleeping and uh... she'll wake up in a few hours. In the meantime I'll ask you to come with me, I have to uh... give you the details about her condition" He truly seemed exhausted.

"Kousei, we'll talk to you as soon as we can. Thank you for coming all the way here, I'm sure Kaori appreciates your concern.

"Thank you" he replied. Kousei turned back and saw that even Hiroko came. "Ya' heard that? She's ok!" Said Watari. "Let's go celebrate! A pizza for everyone, my treat!"

"I... I'll wait here, if... if that's ok" Kousei told them. Still shaken by the last hour's events.

They knew how much it affected him. Especially Watari, which is why he wanted to give him some space at the moment.

Tsubaki looked like she wanted to stay, but Watari whispered something in her ear and she left with the rest of them. To Kousei's surprise, Takeshi was still there. "So..." said Takeshi. "I guess now we know why you poured all of your soul into that performance."

"Emi felt it, you know?" he continued "I noticed the melody felt more... sorrowful, than it should be. But Emi knew why. She always understood us through music, she's way better than us when it comes to that"

"Yeah" Kousei replied "Although I didn't intend to play it like that. It just... came out that way".

Takeshi nodded. "So... her name is Kaori, eh?" He said with a smirk on his face, making Kousei blush a little. "I guess we all need a muse for our art"

"Listen, Arima. No. I guess I can call you Kousei if you call me Takeshi. I appreciate everything you've done for my sister. Nagi won't stop talking about what a good teacher you are and so on. I guess I never saw you as anything more than a rival but... if you ever need help with something, know that I'll be there for you. Emi too, she's not that good at talking about it but I know she feels the same way. You can always count on us." Takeshi finished with a smile.

I guess lately we've come to know each other much better. Me, Aiz- no, Takeshi and Emi.

"Thanks. You two can count on me too. Now go, I doubt I'll get news soon. And I doubt they'll leave you any pizza if you're late." Kousei replied, also with a smile.

Before Takeshi turned to leave he offered Kousei a hand shake. Kousei stood up from his chair and returned the gesture. "I'll beat you one day, Arima Kousei, either that or Emi will beat both of us." And then Takeshi left.

You said you don't need to come up with cool parting lines, you liar. Kousei thought with a smile.

"I'll be honest with you. When your daughter asked for this surgery I didn't want to do it. This kind of operation is extremly risky, so dangerous in fact that if the operation is not successful the patient loses his life." Doctor Miura told Mr. and Ms. Miyazono.

"So, since she survived, does that mean..." Mr. Miyazono said.

"The point of this surgery is to slow down the disease, to give the patient a few more years of life" he replied.

Ms. Miyazono started crying. "But she'll live a few more years, no? I guess she'll be happy to-" she couldn't finish the sentence. "My little girl" She started whispering to herself.

"I'm sorry ma'am, I should've finished what I had to say" he continued. " As I was saying, the purpose of this operation was to slow down the disease. I remember telling you years ago that we're making advances, that in a few years we might be able to remove the disease entirely" A spark lightened in the couple's eyes.

"The last two years there have been 542 patients with identical conditions. 107 of them here in Japan, the rest all over the world. The reports I've read told me that of the 107 people who chose this surgery here in Japan 67 lost their lives, and 35 of them gained a few more years of life. The other 5 however... had the disease removed entirely" He said proudly.

"Are you saying that... that Kaori..." Mr. Miyazono was unable stop his tears.

"With your daughter's operation being successful... that makes 6" Doctor Miura himself was tearing up.

Mr. Miyazono couldn't contain his happines, he and the doctor gave eachother a hug.

"Ryouko!" He was crying next to his wife before he embraced her. Both of them crying tears of joy. "Our little girl is going to live a full life!"

"Thank you, Miura-san! Thank you!"

"You also need to thank your daughter. Her determination is what made this operation a success. I'll tell you the truth, we almost lost her at one point."

The couple were listening to every word the doctor was saying.

"For three entire minutes she was gone, she had no pulse. Nothing we tried worked, there was no heartbeat. I was prepared to declare her dead... but suddenly she came back. I heard of such situations from other doctors but this is the first time I've seen it myself. Young Kaori has a remarkable will to live"

"When can we see her, Miura-san?" asked Ryouko.

"I would normally tell you to wait until she wakes up, but by now the danger has passed, you can go see her. But I suggest you to try not to wake her up, the poor girl is probably exhausted"

"Thank you again, Miura, thank you... thank you" Mr. Miyazono was still holding Ryouko in his arms. "This nightmare is over, Ryouko. Our little girl will live, she'll live an entire life... she'll live" He could barely speak with all the tears on his cheeks.

"Kousei-kun!" Ms. Miyazono was calling when she saw Kousei still sitting on the same chair where they last saw him.

"Ms. Miyazono!" Kousei was excited "Did the doctor tell you wha-" suddenly Ryouko hugged him.

"She'll live! Her disease is completely gone! She'll live!" She told him.

Kousei couldn't hold his tears anymore.

You mean a lot to him... don't you, Kao... Mr. Miyazono was thinking.

"Miura-san, the doctor, told us that we can see her" Ryouko told Kousei. "Do you want to come with us?"

"Of cou-" No... she wouldn't want to see me first, her parents obviously mean a lot more to her than Friend A does.

"I'll... I'll wait until she wakes up" he replied.

Mr. Miyazono seemed surprised. But he doesn't know how much he means to you, does he, Kao? "I'll come get you as soon as she wakes up, Kousei" Yoshiyuki said and hugged him. "Thank you for everything you did for my daughter, Arima Kousei".

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