Once again I have to apologize for stringing you all along for this long. I will admit that I lost motivation in writing. Not because I don't love Your Lie In April anymore, but rather because I don't think I have anything more to say. I decided that I can at least have one last chapter for all of us who made it this far. In retrospect, the last chapters were a bit of a mess because of my inability to tidy up the mess of my ideas and put them on... digital paper I guess.

Anyway, no more rambling. Thank all of you who waited for so long. If any of you were here from the beginning, thank you. If you happened to stumble upon this fanfic last month, thank you as well.

Chapter 25: Epilogue

Days went by like a dream. The young man who was almost falling asleep on the couch thought so. One could easily say he was blessed, and he would certainly agree. Thinking back to his teenage years, he couldn't believe how much has happened, nor how much has changed in his life. If he had to put all of his feelings into a word, it would probably be "peace".

The smell of coffee was enough to bring him back to reality, and the sight of golden hair brought a smile to his face.

No words were spoken. He simply stood up from his couch, walked towards the kitchen table where a cup of coffee was waiting for him, and sat down. He smelled the coffee once more and took a sip. Warm enough to wake him up, yet not hot enough to burn his tongue (like he usually did).

The young woman washing the dishes nearby was humming a certain tune he hasn't heard before, yet her sounds only made him feel even more blessed.

"Want a sip?" He asked her.

"No. Thank. You." She replied, in sync with the song she was humming, grinning once she realized how it sounded.

Arima Kousei couldn't help but smile again. He wished he could describe her into a single word. Cute? Endearing? Adorable? Indeed, it was a fool's errand. Even the most skilled poets and musicians in the world would not be able to describe the way he felt for his wife in a single word. He doubted his own piano had enough keys to describe his feelings either.

"Oh!" She remembered suddenly. "Watari and Tsubaki are visiting today!"

"Eh?!" Kousei jumped from his seat. All that peacefulness crumbling in less than an instant. "What do you mean "today"? I promised Takeshi he can bring Yukiko-chan over for some piano lessons today!"

"Wait a minute, Kousei..." She had a doubtful expression on her face. "Did you forget when I told you last week that they would visit us on Sunday?"

'Eh? Did I? No, there's no way. I wouldn't forget something so important.'

Arima Kousei did indeed forget.

"You did, didn't you?"

"No. No I did not." He took the cup of coffee from the table and started drinking it, probably to hide his embarrassment.

"Did you hear?" She asked him with a coy look on her face.

"Hear what?" He asked in return, before starting to drink again.

"Tsubaki is pregnant too!"


Between Kousei choking on his coffee and almost dropping the cup to the floor, one could say he was very surprised.

"When did she tell you?" Kousei asked, regaining his composure.

"A few hours ago." Kaori replied. "Aren't you glad? Saki will have a friend to play with!" She added, clapping her hands and smiling.

"Why are you so certain about "Saki"? What if it's a boy?" Kousei asked.

"Then we're naming him after my father. Yoshiyuki is a good name for a boy, don't you think?"

"I can barely imagine how happy Yoshiyuki-san would be to hear his grandson has his name. But why not go with "Yuki" instead?".

"So it's settled then? "Saki" if it's a girl, and "Yuki" if it's a boy?" Kaori asked, holding her hands over her belly.

"W-well, I guess so. Those sound like good names".

"They are great names!"

"But why not think about others?"

"Your mother's name and my father's name are good enough for your child, don't you think?"

"Sure, but maybe something else would be better?"

"Indeed, there are so many names to pick from..."

"See? Let's wait and think more before we make our decision!"

This wasn't the first time these two have had this conversation. Nor would it be the last. The usual pattern is one of them settling on a certain name for the child, only for them to talk about it for the next hour or so, never coming to any conclusion.

Kousei sighed. The thought of being a father still terrified him despite having heard the news months ago. He wondered if he could be as good of a father as Aiza Takeshi was. Back in his last year of college, Takeshi found the one he called "the love of his life". A year later, they were married and a child was on the way. Not long after, a little girl named "Yukiko" was born. Ever since, Takeshi became an ideal father, to everyone's surprise.

'So, Tsubaki and Watari are having a baby as well, huh?'

The two didn't move as fast as the aforementioned "perfect dad", but over the years their relationship grew stronger, despite being apart for a long time.

Kousei sat back down at the table, Kaori next to him. They talked started talking about nothing for the next few hours, like they usually did. The two enjoyed any topic, as if the sound of each other's voice was more than enough to make them happy. Hours passed in mere moments, all while the colorful house warmed up.

Arima Kousei's life took a lot of turns, and he sometimes felt like he didn't deserve so much happiness. Yet despite all this, he loved every moment he got to live alongside the girl who saved him. Each day, was a new adventure, a new discovery. Now, the biggest adventure of all was about to begin for him.

'Mozart is telling us to go on a journey, eh?'

Suddenly, as the doorbell ringed. He remembered something someone once told him.

He stood up and held his hand out for Kaori.

'The day I met you, my life was filled with color'.

"Let's go on a journey." He said as he took her hand. The two of them now chuckling as they went to open the door.