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Summary: It didn't help that even as he awoke with no memory that he felt chilled to the bone. He promptly rises to the rank of captain, and he jumped at the chance to return to Hueco Mundo, even if he was confined to the duration of the night. Maybe it was to see the moon again, or to meet with his newly acquired companions; he wasn't certain. Anything goes, he supposed.

Character(s): [OC, Tia Halibel] Tres Bestias, Aizen Sōsuke, Urahara Kisuke.

Genre(s): Friendship, Adventure

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Crossover(s): Bleach: Good!Aizen AU, Temporal Displacement AU, Time-Travel AU, Arrancar Members of the Gotei 13 AU, Limitless (another Fanfiction idea) AU, Worlds of the Living (Soft Multi-X-Overs) AU.

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Season #1: "Half the Pendulum" Act #1: "Unnamed"


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Chapter #1: "Wary"

Location: 2nd Division Interrogation Room C7

Date: unknown

Time: 6:23 PM

POV: Third, limited, unknown

The first thing that came to him was feeling. Numb, sore, and cold. So unbearably cold that he released a breath, letting him hear just how shaky it was. His eyes were open, he knew that much. He couldn't see his breath, but he could see some of the rest of the room. He sat at a wooden desk with a covered lamp. It wasn't so bright that it hurt his eyes, but it only defined the area of the desk and some of the floor, painting the remaining room in inky darkness.

Still, he could feel a presence. So barely as if it were unconsciously hiding - he had half a mind to believe that if it did not want to be sensed, it would be practically invisible to him - however, his sensing capabilities (that he somehow knew) coupled with the smell of cocoa, is what truly gave them away. He groaned irritably against what felt like chains around his wrists and feet, holding back whatever power of his he had. He did not fight against it.

In response to his groan, the figure shifted, and their feet clicked against the floor, emphasizing their approach and raising his apprehension to the maximum. He moved his head so that he was staring straight at the figure, and now that his eyes had adjusted to the light, he could see the blurred silhouette.

"Where am I?" he asked. He figured he may as well get the conversation going. His head also appeared to be having trouble staying up straight, what with the way it kept swaying and his vision continued to swim. He scrunched his eyes and blinked them several times and shook his head to wipe away the buzz in the back of his head.

The silhouette, he noticed with what little clarity of them he had, moved in a way to consider the question, before caving and letting out a small purr of a feminine voice. "An interrogation room," she said teasingly.

He sighed. He had some idea before, but with no memories he had no way of connecting the dots so quickly. He resigned himself to some questioning. "Ask away."

Her head tilted. He could feel the smirk as she replied. "You're rather welcoming of this." It felt like she was specifically fishing not only for information, but also emotional turmoil. Probably something about acquiring answers easier out of her target. He wanted to diffuse that, but subtly.

"Got nothing else to do..."

She seemed to accept this if that nod meant anything. It was so difficult to see. He shivered.

It was also very cold.


That question threw him off a little and his irritation began to flare. "This doesn't feel like an interrogation," he said dryly. She quietly giggled by what he thought was a fist to hide her mouth.

"A normal interrogation would usually involve torture, but we don't think that will work on you," she answered.

"Why is that?" he wondered. He couldn't fathom why he would be given any special treatment.

"All the needles and blades broke when we tried to cut you."

The slyness, the purring, the teasing. He'd all noticed it at this point now that it had been taken away so bluntly, broadly, and coldly. His eyes scrunched briefly, narrowed in both confusion and disbelief. He opened his mouth, and like a fish, continued to repeatedly do so. He found no words other than a slightly breathy "How?"

She tilted her head the other way. Now she was confused? She, at the very least, had memory to serve on. "You are emitting so much Spiritual Energy that it forms a sort of coat around you, like a suit of armor." She sounded like a teacher. Why did having an instructor sound so annoying yet rewarding? "It protects your skin so well it may as well be a wooden block to the skin of a babe."

He lightly pulled on the chains on his wrists and ankles, but only strongly enough that the resounding chink fulfilled two goals. One, emphasize his sentence. "Don't these things stop that?" And the second thing, which he believed to have been instinctual, was to map out the room using echolocation. It worked.

The room was a long, rectangular room. There was one metal door at the end of the room. The floor was clay, or ceramic. He wasn't looking for an escape route, the action was instinctual, and made him a little less apprehensive, allowing him to relax a small amount.

"It's still not enough," she confessed, approaching the desk and placing a mocha colored hand down onto the table. He stared at it, not for wont or want, but as the only living thing that he could perceive in the light, he was drawn to it. "What do you want?"

He looked up to her now, more confused than ever. They had something he wanted? Perhaps he had done something before this, and now that he thought of that, there were no other reason than to be in an interrogation room. He figured it was time to rid of a few misunderstandings. "Let's get something straight," he said softly, "I have no memory right now. I have no idea what's going on, who you are, where I am - outside of this room -" he added, fully aware of her elusive attitude, "and why it is so damn cold!"

After a moment of reprieve he sighed and found that she was genuinely surprised, mouth agape. Now that she was closer, he could study her features much more clearly than when she was shrouded in the darkness of the room. While cocoa colored, she wasn't particularly hard on the eyes - perfectly symmetrical facial features set in a confused countenance. Her eyes appeared to have glowed in the dark, and if he had seen her before she was in a dark area, he would have believed that they could, piercing the darkness and staring in to the deepest soul of whomever she had the thought of looking at.

After a moment, she finally answered. "Well, then," she began, "even if your lack of memory simplifies things, it doesn't exactly fix your predicament," she finished slowly.

"What did I do?" he asked bluntly and resignedly. If he had done something, he'll probably take the punishment for it, but he wants to live in the end.

"Well, it wasn't bad per se," she rolled her head in emphasis, "more so that you just surprised us," she waved her hand, "Can't hide your spiritual energy now - we felt it from several hundred kilometers away. I'm pretty sure anyone with even a minute amount of spiritual awareness that was near you at the time is dead now."

That caught him by surprise. He had such a powerful presence that people dropped dead around him if they could perceive it?

"Also," she continued, unabated by thoughts she couldn't hear, "it makes us a little wary that someone as high a captain-class as you has no record," she finished.

He took a moment to consider everything, even querying as to his status compared to them. When answered that he was not considered a hostile and only a simple unknown, he added that into his thought process. He could have whatever he wanted, within reason of course, but if he is seen as powerful as these captains are, then he would have no compunction with getting something - but something told him to pay back that debt. He figured it might be a bit lonely to get something trivial and leave, and this feels so ecstatic! To talk with someone, that is.

Maybe he had been a loner and his mind locked away the memories when he encountered people? He'd figure that out later.

He sighed, gathering her attention by looking directly into her eyes. She seemed to have taken the hint and awaited what he would say.

"Are you a military organization?" he asked, and she nodded. "Allow me to join you, then," he said.

She became confused. "You sure about that?"

"Well," he began, rolling his head to the side, "I feel ecstatic no matter how simple this conversation is," he confessed, and she tilted her head in contemplation and without judgement. "I feel as if I have had no one to talk to, at least without hostility. It feels like it in my heart - I may have no memory in my brain, but my heart tells the truth." He looked at her with that.

Figuring him to be telling the truth, what with how many people she must have interrogated before, she took it with a grain of salt. "Just let me talk with my co-workers and see what they think. I'll escort you back to your cell for now." He nodded and she snapped her fingers twice. Lights turned on in the room suddenly, bringing everything into the visible spectrum.

He couldn't define it now. The sudden lighting change blinded him for some time, and it wasn't until he was in his cell that his eyes started adjusting to the bright lights. He sat down on the bench she led him towards, stepped out, locked the gate, and asked him, "What's your name?"

"I don't remember."

She nodded, bid him farewell, and left.

Location: First Division's Meeting Room

Date: unknown

Time: 6:34 PM

POV: Third, unlimited, 2nd Division Captain Shihōin Yoruichi, aged 236 years, appearance 25

When the captains were assembled together, with a little bit of shuffling from the other side of the room from two individuals she rolled her eyes at, the sixteen of them were situated as they would be in this situation. There was a little argument, but considering Yoruichi herself was rather used to it, she ignored the instigators. With that, Captain Commander Yamamoto banged his staff against the floor, beginning the captain's meeting.

"Shihōin-taichō," he intoned, turning his head towards her. He never really opened his eyes, "what is the situation with the unknown?"

She stepped forward. "He has no memories whatsoever, has no recollection of a name or even a title, and doesn't know who we are," she answered. "With a bit of prodding, I've come to the conclusion that he has experienced little to no friendly communication with others. He's a bit jumpy, and is instinctually defensive, but he's also incredibly trusting."

Yamamoto nodded, but when Yoruichi didn't step back, he said, "Anything to add?"

"When I prodded his possible greed," she continued, this time looking at him to emphasize, "he only asked to join the Gotei 13, despite having no idea about our goals, laws, or structure."

At this, her friend, the blond Urahara Kisuke, stepped forward and looked at her. "Did he appear to have any ulterior motive?"

"His spiritual pressure didn't fluctuate, his heart rate remained steady, and he was very determined to have friends, apparently," she leaned into a hip and crossed her arms. "He's trustworthy, but powerful. I wouldn't recommend crossing him. I think the only ones that could properly take him on would be," and she raised her hand to emphasize by counting via fingers, "Shunsui, Jūshirō, Unohana-san-"

It was a given that Yoruichi was also afraid of her. Even someone as jovial as she was would bow if pressured by that damned smile.

"-and Yamamoto-sōtaichō," she finished and he nodded. She stepped back at the same time Urahara did, only to switch with another haori-wearing member in the room, sporting the same number. Urahara now stood behind this person.

"What is it, Co-Captain Aizen?"

The bespectacled man smiled and turned towards the Captain Commander, beginning his inquiry. "I am only slightly against allowing this unknown entity entry into the 13 Courts, sir," he took a moment to decide on the structure of the question itself. "Is it possible to give him an honorary position and to have him be promoted within the structure of the 13 Gotei, yet outside of any division?"

"Is this another one of your experiments?" Muguruma Kensei, captain of the ninth division, asked gruffly. He crossed his arms in distaste.

"Mostly," Aizen answered, briefly turning towards him in respect. "This serves several purposes." He pushed up his glasses with his middle finger, aimed directly at Muguruma, who failed to catch the gesture's inappropriate meaning, and then used that same hand to count off. "The first is to monitor his growth rate, since it appears he has not acquired any formal training." He raised his second finger. "The second one ties in with the first: in addition to his lack of formal training is his lack of social skills. It would be foolhardy to give tactical control of a captain's calibre to someone who does not understand etiquette, who cannot comprehend basic mathematical and scientific logistics, and is most certainly illiterate." He gave a pointed glare at Yamamoto for that one - most would do without the paperwork if they could help it.

The Head Captain immaturely looked away.

He then raised his third finger. "The final one is to grant him that which he desires: entry into the 13 Gotei, though controlled and heavily guarded. Monitoring him in this manner gives us an edge of ease we could not afford otherwise."

Urahara stepped forward with him. "For once," he began, lightly tapping Sōsuke's side with his elbow, "I concur with my fellow Captain." He looked slightly up at him - and had let it be known before that the couple of centimetres that Sōsuke had him beat with also singed his pride - and the two shared a silent conversation before looking towards their Commander. "We're great teachers," Urahara said finally. Aizen facepalmed.

The Captains' Commander opened an eye and stared down Kisuke, who seemed to disappear behind Sōsuke a little bit. "That does not fill me with confidence, Co-Captain Urahara."

"Hold up, hold up," spoke up Hirako-taichō, who stepped forward with both hands raised in emphasis. Everyone turned towards him for his input. "Why can't we just make this simple and make 'em your lieutenant - you teach 'em, he's strong, good specimen - whatever," he poorly convinced, hand towards them in gesture, but Urahara shook his head.

"We've talked about this a few meetings ago, Shinji-san," he said, pointedly looking at him.

"Ah, yeah," he remembered, nodding with his finger under his chin. "Your pet project is set to be the lieutenant, right?"

"She's not a pet, Hirako-taichō," Sōsuke corrected politely, but there was an edge thinly veiled in his voice via his spiritual energy, which turned slightly murderous at the accusation. "In fact," he turned towards the Captain-Commander and the killing intent dissipated, "as an update, her growth rate is moving along steadily, and her personal Spiritual Energy is slowly increasing," he informed him.

At the subject change, Urahara began to perk up. "Yes, Raven-chan's Spiritual Energy has its own unique signature now," he raised a finger up, "though it still has trace amounts of Sōsuke and I's spiritual makeup!"

"Oh, yes," Aizen said, garnering his attention. "Just as a heads up, if you see some of Akon-san's makeup in there, do not be alarmed."

Kisuke's eyes narrowed and his finger lowered. "Why?"

"We had to stabilize her Spiritual Energy with a weaker one or her body would implode in the vita-liquid tank," he replied smoothly, blinking only once before returning his body to the natural 13 Gotei etiquette position. "Akon suggested his own. We did this while you were at the meeting before the unknown arrived."

Urahara sighed in relief before he suddenly crossed his arms, head tilting in such a way that his hair fell over his eyes slightly and he turned serious when he turned back to Yamamoto. "She is also almost at 15th Seat strength, even with the body of a toddler. I'm sure she's capable of speech."

At this, Aizen turned towards Urahara who looked up at him - grudgingly, too. "Whether or not she is capable of speech, her auditory functions are working splendidly." Urahara tilted his head and Aizen elaborated. "On the monitor for her brain functions, her auditory area lit up, indicating that her hearing is not only improving towards average, but also advancing past that at an extraordinary rate, if the fact that she is picking up on conversations within the same room is any indication. Speech is not developed enough for her vocal chords, but they will be within a week, at most."

"Least," Urahara argued, narrowing his eyes at his compatriot. "It should not be that quick."

"I beg to differ." Their spiritual pressure began to build.

Yoruichi groaned loud enough to cut them off and gather the attention of her fellow captains, causing the spiritual pressure to lower. "Enough already," she said annoyed, rolling her eyes, "anymore talk and you'll stink up the place with those burning batteries in your damn heads."

Otoribashi, captain of the 3rd, spoke up. "What appalls me is the fact that you two are so misinformed to not only argue about the same project, but that you are just now hearing about certain things on said project. I fear for your division." The two of them sputtered indignantly, but everyone ignored them.

The Head Captain motioned for them to stop. "When will this project be completed?"

"Give or take, three months, tops," Aizen answered, only to be swatted in the arm by Kisuke.

"Four - we'll need a month to teach her Soul Reaper duties."

"I included that in my assessment, Urahara."

"She won't be ready."

"I beg to differ." The two's spiritual energy began to thicken once more.

"Enough," the Commander intoned, the two obeyed, lowering their Spirit Energy to a tolerable level. "If the project is a success, then you are to repeat the process in any way you see fit. If I must add a supervisor..." he warned.

"Won't be necessary!" Urahara and Aizen promised, though unconvincingly.

"Going back on our original topic," Aikawa forced quickly by stepping forward, "I do concur with Co-Captain Aizen's method, but reject the possibility of the entity being under the tutelage of the 12th Division."

"Objection!" Urahara and Aizen simultaneously shouted.

"Sustained," Yamamoto replied.

Unohana bristled, but no one knew why. No one could hear her mutter, "Just kiss already," under her breath.

At this, Ukitake spoke up. "I will bring him under my care," he offered. "My division is a friendly one, and he would excel in a socially-centered division."

"There are a couple of things wrong with that," Captain Shiba stepped forward. "No offense, Jūshirō-san, but you don't even look after your own division as much as my nephew does. We don't need to send that kind of message to 'em."

Then, Zaraki Kenpachi stepped forward, feral grin on his face. "And he's really strong! We wouldn't want him to be surrounded by a bunch o' weaklings, would we?!"

The 13th Division captain narrowed his eyes in offense, but said nothing.

"Why not have him with our division?"

Everyone turned towards Captain Unohana. And while most could cave into Unohana's demands, there are some situations where she can be overruled, thus the First Division Captain's uncertainty.

"What would you offer to him?"

"Medical training," Unohana said instantly. "He has most likely done nothing but fight for survival if what Shihōin-taichō said is true." Unohana Retsu was a bona fide captain of the Healing portion of Kidō and practiced all fields of healing, even psychological. Identifying survival instincts of that level as something being a necessity in a harsh wildlands was easy for her. "With the other side of the spectrum, I can temper him and make him an all-around type. After all, as the Humans say, Jack of all Trades, master of none, but better than the Master of One," she finished.

It took a moment for someone to lightly object to that. "On the contrary, Captain Unohana," spoke Kuchiki Byakuya boldly. Even he had a slight sweatdrop at the side of his head when she fixated on him with that glance.

"Your elaboration."

That wasn't a question and he did not defy.

"Teaching him in the field of healing with his understanding of survival will not guarantee steady hands that could mean the difference of life and death," he said smoothly. "He has most likely trained so much under harsh conditions that the wellbeing of others may not factor well enough in his mind to make him a suitable candidate for healing."

"What is your offer, then?" she wondered. That damn smile was also beginning to throw him off.

"I am not rejecting yours," he replied quickly, "only temporarily deflecting it. My offer," he began, regaining some dignity as shown by his posture, "would pave the way for him. To teach him poise and etiquette fit for a noble."

"Feh," Kenpachi scoffed, cutting him off. That earned him the Kuchiki's chief hereditary glare, but the Eleventh's captain was not deterred. "The last thing we need is another idiot with a stick up his a-"

"Hey!" Shiba shouted.

Muguruma sighed. "If that's how it is, I'll take him in," he collected the attention of several others. "I'll drill 'im into shape. May not be the most social," he admitted, "but he will understand that we are, at the very least, a disciplined military."

"Your teaching methods are borderline torture," Hirako stepped forward with a look of slight disgust. "I'd sooner subject myself to an angry Unohana."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing!" he squeaked. None pointed out the feminine shout.

"Speaking of scary things," Aikawa stepped forward, pointedly ignoring Unohana's glare as best as he could - some commended him for it quietly - "I've come with an update on my squad's findings on the Living World Sanctuary," he began. "Several Vasto Lordes have come together and decided to aid in the destruction of said world."

Yamamoto perked up at this, and the other captains stilled. "How many specifically?"

"Three," he answered. "They were spotted at a cave a week ago overlooking a deserted town. They have not moved since then, the report said."

The sōtaichō looked at the 12th Captains and Aizen stepped forward in response. "We were tracking them recently. Where was the cave located specifically?"

"A kilometer from a small town once known as Tristram."

"The happenings there have clouded our detection instruments before," Urahara stated. "Might be the same interference. We'll look into it with personal escorts," he promised.

"Fifth through third seats only, choose your amount," Yamamoto said before stopping the conversation. "We will discuss of this later." Vasto Lordes were rare enough, but to hear of several of them banding together? Almost unheard of.

"While we're on the topic of the Living Worlds," Shiba stepped forward, "there's been talk of a dragon Adjuchas that has been terrorizing Living World Earth's Japan recently due to the unrest from the war, but when my team went to investigate, it went off-grid."

"Recall every seat eleventh and lower and send tenth through third seats only, Shiba-taichō," Yamamoto ordered and he nodded. He turned to Aizen and Urahara.

Urahara stepped forward. "We've been getting readings on the Adjuchas as well, sir," he answered. "It's mid-level at the moment, but with the way it has been slowly gaining power - we suspect something other than Soul Consumption - the growth curve may very well have it be on the way of turning into a Vasto Lorde in the near future, give or take forty years." Yamamoto nodded for him to continue when he paused, awaiting input. "We detected a Garganta open around the time the report described. It's likely it returned to Hueco Mundo." Yamamoto nodded.

"Then there's my designated Living World," Hirako said boredly.

"The nine-tailed?" the Head Captain asked.

"Dealt with," he answered. "After all the stuff that happens there, you'd think it'd last forever."

"My Lieutenant recently returned from his round trip in Dead Realm Azeroth," Ukitake began. "Apparently a Hell Gate opened up and spit out an army. Shiba-fukutaichō could not stay for long as the entire planet was spiritually aware."

Yamamoto hit his gavel against the floor. "Captains Kyōraku and Ukitake will enter the Dead Realm Azeroth and intervene if necessary. Deal with our normal contractors and informants in the area. Azeroth will have priority in this to the 12th Division. If something escalates, you have permission to call on another captain for aid."

"Speaking of other worlds," spoke up Otoribashi, "where do you think the unknown hails from?"

"No memory or tells," Shihōin provided. "Looks a bit Nirn-ish with his brutish look, but he also looks like a Rumination."

"Remnant?" asked Ukitake and she nodded. "I can have my Lieutenant return to that Living World to acquire information on anyone that looks like him while I'm on Azeroth," he offered. The Head Captain agreed.

Hirako got curious. "Isn't that that one place where Akuba S-"

The Head Captain, wanting to diffuse the situation before it escalated any further, hit his staff against the floor twice, quieting the room and sending them back to their positions. Aizen stepped behind Urahara this time. "The entity will not yet be taught by the First, Fourth, Eighth-"


"-Tenth, Eleventh," he glared at the Eleventh Kenpachi, "Twelfth, or Thirteenth Divisions. So the Second, Third, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Ninth may now collaborate on his current tutelage. There will be no transferals without the entity's request."

Only Yoruichi of the Second, Kuchiki of the Sixth, and Muguruma of the Ninth stepped forward. Otoribashi, Hirako, and Aikawa all seemed to be disinterested.

"All in favor of Muguruma-taichō becoming the teacher to the entity?"

Otoribashi, Hirako, and Aikawa voted in his favor before stepping back.

"All in favor of Kuchiki-taichō becoming the teacher to the entity?"

Unohana and Aizen both voted in his favor before stepping back.

"All in favor of Shihōin-taicho becoming the teacher to the entity?"

Kyōraku, Shiba, Urahara (Hirako: "Not fair!"), and Ukitake all voted in her favor. Hirako's outburst was sustained by Yamamoto-sōtaichō.

"Then it is settled," the Captains' Commander stated, and both Kuchiki Byakuya and Muguruma Kensei stepped back into position, and Shihōin Yoruichi blinked in surprise, "Shihōin-taichō of the Second Division is to teach the entity. The promotions will follow that of a standard squad and not that of the Onmitsukidō."

"Hai, sōtaichō," she nodded, stepping back into the lines.

"If there is nothing more to add," the captain commander implied, looking about the assortment of 13 captains before him before banging his staff on the floor. "Then Shihōin Yoruichi is to release the entity immediately following the conclusion of this meeting into her own custody, beginning at the lowest seat, 20, and taught in the arts of Zanjutsu, Hohō, and Hakuda. He is to be promoted according to his most current instructor's decision and demoted according to the law of the Gotei 13 if punishment must be administered."

He turned towards the jittery 12th Division captains briefly before sighing. "He will have monthly checkups at the 12th Division and the 4th Division for evaluation and not on the same day, starting today." He turned towards Kuchiki-taichō, "He will go to you for weekly lessons in etiquette." He turned towards Co-Captain Aizen, "He will go to you for weekly lessons in literacy." Behind him was where the Kidō Commander, Tsukabishi Tessai, stood. He turned to him. "He will go to you for weekly lessons in Kidō mastery."

On another topic, he returned his gaze where it belonged. "Captains Kyōarku and Ukitake will depart to the Dead Realm Azeroth until the situation subsides or requires more attention. Shiba-taichō will be dealing with the dragon Adjuchas should it return within the restrictions from tenth to third seats. Captain Aikawa will depart to the Living World Sanctuary to dispose of the three Vasto Lordes along with any one or two captains that have no other duty. Captain Hirako will recall all seats 15th and above from his assigned world. Co-Captains Urahara and Aizen will continue to monitor all situations and act accordingly; and continue with the artificial Soul Reaper experiment. Captain Muguruma will print the truth concerning the unknown entity, but will omit details concerning Vasto-Lorde class Hollows and the Hell Gate opening." He gave him a look at that. "He, along with Shihōin-taichō, Ōtoribashi-taichō, Zaraki Kenpachi, Kuchiki-taichō, Unohana-taichō, Commander Tsukabishi, and Co-Captains Urahara and Aizen are free for aid should Aikawa-taichō need them." He then banged his cane against the floor one last time. "You are all dismissed!"

He disappeared in a swish of Flash Step and the remaining 14 captains, co-captains, and commander departed.

Thus ended the final Captains' Meeting of the Living World Earth's Timeline:

Monday, 20 September, 1937

End of Chapter 1

And that's that, everyone!


I could not find any Japanese suffixes for "co-captain," so, annoyingly, Aizen and Urahara will always be referred to as "Co-Captain Aizen/Urahara" when addressed professionally.

Sōtaichō: Captain-Commander, Head Captain.

Taichō: Captain, First Seat.

Fukutaichō: Vice-Captain, Lieutenant, Second Seat.

Akuba: Witch.

-sama, -san, -chan, -kun, -dono: Lord, respectful of higher authority/age or unfamiliar, familiar less respectful (mostly feminine), familiar less respectful (mostly masculine), milord lord master.

Omnitsukidō: Stealth Force, Stealth Corps, Punishment Squad, etc.


Remnant, Rumination: RWBY, by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth, extensively.

Azeroth: World of Warcraft franchise, by Activision-Blizzard Entertainment.

Nine-Tails: Naruto, by Masashi Kishimoto.

"Objection!": Phoenix Wright, by Shu Takumi.

Sanctuary, Tristram: Diablo franchise, by Activision-Blizzard Entertainment.

Current 13 Court Guardian Squadrons Current Makeup:

1st Division (Commander Division): Yamamoto Genryūsai Shigekuni, Sasakibe Chōjirō, 3rd-20th. (wip hierarchy)

2nd Division (Stealth Division): Shihōin Yoruichi, Ōmaeda Takeo, 3rd-5th, Amagai Shūsuke, 7th-20th. (wip hierarchy)

Shihōin Guard: Fon Shaolin "Soi," Vice Guards (2-4), 5th-20th. (wip hierarchy)

3rd Division: Ōtoribashi Rōjurō, Iba Tetsuzaemon, 3rd-20th.

4th Division (Hospital Division): Unohana Retsu "Yachiru", Kotetsu Isane, Sarizawa Katio, Kira Izuru, 5th-6th, Hanatarō Yamada, 8th-18th, Shiba Ganju, 20th.

5th Division: Hirako Shinji, Lieutenant-7th, Hinamori Kasumi, 9th-20th.

6th Division: Kuchiki Byakuya, Lieutenant-20th.

7th Division: Aikawa Rabu "Love", Komamura Sajin, 3rd-20th.

8th Division (Archive Division): Kyōraku Shunsui, Yadōmaru Lisa, 3rd-19th. Ise Nanao.

9th Division (Communication Division): Muguruma Kensei, Mashiro Kuna, 3rd-13th, Hisagi Shūhei, 15th-20th.

10th Division: Shiba Isshin, Matsumoto Rangiku, Hitsugaya Toshiro, Kusaka Sōjirō, Ichimaru Gin, 6th-20th.

11th Division: Zaraki Kenpachi, Kusajishi Yachiru, 3rd-7th, Madarame Ikkaku, 9th, Ayasegawa Yumichika, 11th, Sarugaki Hiyori, 13th, Athena Jericho, 15th-17th, Shiba Kūkaku, 19th-20th.

12th Division (Research and Development Institute): Urahara Kisuke and Aizen Sōsuke, not seated yet, 3rd-4th, Akon, 6th, Kurotsuchi Mayuri, 8th-9th, Kagerōza Inaba, 11th, Yoshino Sōma, 13th-20th.

13th Division: Ukitake Jūshirō, Shiba Kaien, 3rd-5th, Kotsubaki Sentarō, 6th, Shiba Miyako, 8th-17th, Kotetsu Kiyone, 19th-20th.

Kidō Corps: Tsukabishi Tessai, Hachigen Ushōda, 3rd-20th. (wip hierarchy)

Honorary Division: "Sleepy-bo!", Lieutenant, 3rd-14th, Kariya Jin, 16th-20th. (wip hierarchy)

I am accepting Original Characters for the other seats!

Please be concise, but descriptive!

Please remain on topic (do not go off tangent!)!

They are allowed to be of different story origin!

Limitations!: If you want them to be a specific rank, I may have to demote or promote them in the future for characters who already own the positions with names above. Some of the positions do not have names yet because that character isn't in the story yet or because I want it to be a surprise. Most of the surprises are already being shown anyway. A list may be provided for every chapter.

For example: 11th's 15th-17th seats are taken! 12th's 2nd-3rd seats are taken! Etc. etc!

And now, for the love of God, let the next Fanfiction begin!