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Summary: It didn't help that even as he awoke with no memory that he felt chilled to the bone. He promptly rises to the rank of captain, and he jumped at the chance to return to Hueco Mundo, even if he was confined to the duration of the night. Maybe it was to see the moon again, or to meet with his newly acquired companions; he wasn't certain. Anything goes, he supposed.

Character(s): [OC, Tia Halibel] Tres Bestias, Aizen Sōsuke, Urahara Kisuke.

Genre(s): Friendship, Adventure

Ratings: M

Warning(s): inappropriate language, gore/vore (they're Hollows, they're cannibalistic), suggestive content, mild-strong sexual content. Strong religious dogma (multiple parties).

Language(s): English : English ; Japanese (written in English), Spanish.

Crossover(s): Bleach: Good!Aizen AU, Temporal Displacement AU, Time-Travel AU, Arrancar Members of the Gotei 13 AU, Limitless (another Fanfiction idea) AU, Worlds of the Living (Soft Multi-X-Overs) AU.

Beta(s): N/A.

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Season #1: "Half the Pendulum." Act #2: "Experiment"


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Chapter #3: "Artificial"

Location: 12th Division, Floor 3, Office 2

Date: Tuesday, 21 September, 1937

Time: 4:53 AM

POV: Third, unlimited, 12th Division Captain Aizen Sōsuke, 334 years of age, appearance 45

Aizen Sōsuke sighed and removed his glasses, placing them down on his desk, and rested his face in his hands, rubbing away his fatigue with an apathetic determination. It had been an extremely long night, and he had - for some God forsaken reason - decided to be nice and allowed his fellow captain, Kisuke, to take the night off while he worked overtime. They argued for a few minutes, but the fact that Urahara had already done this for the past few nights was irrefutable, and Kisuke's argument derailed from thereon. Sōsuke took little of the win and then dismissed him, allowing him to take whatever remained of his pride and left.

Urahara had already defeated him in poker enough to warrant multiple victories and gaining all of the offices that ended with the number 1, including the labs. It was a little annoying having to jump from place to place through long corridors and tall flights of stairs, but he would deal with it. After all, despite having a slight superiority complex, he had honor. Even if Kyōka Suigetsu was a little miffed that he had rescinded that kindness concerning her ability. The blade followed his line of thoughts, and spoke her own in tandem.

'I swear, if that Hinamori asks for another display of water, I'm going to throttle her!'

"Calm down, Kyōka," he thought quietly, inwardly.

'She couldn't have thought anything better than a damned fountain, though?' she asked exasperatedly. She then turned her annoyance on him, 'Can't you entertain the girl? I've been doing all the work.'

"You're the one with the illusive personality," he deflected.

'I'm a part of you, Sōsuke,' she countered, and he fell silent. 'If you forgot, anyway, your constant restraint in your hormones forces me to suffer, considering the sun is always sweltering in here when it arrives...just hitch with her,' she finished smugly. Then - he could feel the shift - she turned a little serious. 'Shihōin-san is here with the unknown.'

"So early?" he wondered annoyed. There was no response from his Zanpakutō, as she had disappeared from the waters in his mind, leaving an inky, dark night in her wake. He shook his head and extricated himself from his mental image of his internal world, looking up just as the door opened to reveal Yoruichi and the curious man behind her.

"Shihōin-san?" he started, and she turned on the light, forcing his eyes shut to protect his pupils. With that, he reached for his glasses, but without his sight and his hand-eye coordination shot from that, he accidentally knocked them over the side of the desk.

"Oup!" a voice popped, catching Sōsuke off guard enough that even as he rubbed his eyes out, he stilled. "Don't want to drop these," the man teased. He heard the damn she-devil giggling.

Sōsuke wasn't a fool and knew how to sense well enough to see even without his eyes, but his focus now zeroing in on the unknown allowed him to 'see' him, for lack of a better term. With that in mind, he reached out with his hand, using his mind's eye as a guide, and accepted the offered bifocals from him. "Thank you," he said politely, finally opening his eyes as he placed them on his nose again. He rose respectfully, bowing slightly. The man, surprisingly, returned the gesture. Sōsuke extended a hand to him. "Aizen Sōsuke, Co-Captain of the Twelfth Division."

"Unnamed, apparent 20th Seat with the so-called Honorary Division," the man replied, a small smile on his lips. Aizen raised a brow as he took his hand back. "Mild mannered, even with a bit of a loose tongue." He inwardly shrugged. "I'll bite for now, Shihōin," he thought.

"Honorary, are you?" he wondered, stepping out from his chair and shoving it back underneath the desk uncouthly with his foot. The man nodded in response. "Do you have any strange feelings ever since awakening?"

"I still have these damn cuffs on and they tingle," he responded simply and raised the offending items weighing his wrists down in gesture.

Aizen nodded. "That is what it meant to do," he dryly replied after a moment, and the unnamed man smiled. "Since you have no name, shall we assign one to you?" he asked, and before the man could reply, he raised his glasses again, and moved over to his desk to move around a few bits of paperwork. "I have something in here!" He raised out a piece of paper from the now small pile and set it off to the clean side of his desk, placing it down. He looked up at him in expectation.

The unnamed tensed slightly, but not of caution and instead of nervousness, having been suddenly put on the spot. "So quickly?" he mumbled, annoyed.

"Write 'sleepy-bo'."

"No," the unnamed whirled on Yoruichi, who began laughing.

She suddenly pounced on him, holding him away from Aizen, who had been slightly startled to find him lunging for him - or more accurately the paper. "Now, Ai-bo!"

After a good amount of time screwing around - and subsequently dirtying the room with papers and books and other miscellaneous items all over the floor - they finally decided on a good name.

"Tarsus Adam," Aizen said, "welcome to the Thirteen Court Guardian Squadrons - or, more accurately, the Fifteen Courts, if you want to be snippy."

"I don't think I should be snippy."

"Be Snippy-bo~"

The newly christened Adam glared at her, but she was not disheartened. No, never. Aizen knew this, and it irritated him to no end how he was unable to successfully tame the woman - without Urahara's leash, of course. That said, he continued as unabated as possible. "So, Tarsus-san," he began, first testing the name on his tongue, as he felt it would be in high frequency in the coming years, "I will be your instructor in speech, reading and writing. You already seem adept in reading and your writing is average," he looked over the health papers where Adam had written his new name. "I suppose I should reinforce your speech and your writing, and should you ever have a problem with words, do not hesitate to ask," he smiled. "It's my job, after all."

Adam nodded. "Thank you, Aizen-sensei." He then bowed to his second instructor. "As late as it is, I apologize for the intrusion. Yoruichi-sama insisted that I meet you now."

Aizen was already waving him off. "No, matter. No, matter," he said quickly, "I was awake anyway and I needed the interruption from all of the paperwork." He began putting many pages away and Yoruichi yawned. "Unfortunately, I have yet to put together the course I wanted ready for you, so you'll have to be patient until then. Luckily for you, you have your base knowledge to aid you for now."

Adam nodded as Aizen motioned him to follow, leading them out of the room. "Where are we headed?" he asked.

Aizen shrugged. "There's nothing I have for you and I dread to return to my remaining paperwork," he cringed, and Yoruichi did not laugh, instead wincing in sympathy. He's slightly certain that she forces her bodyguard to do it. "I've decided to take you down to the main lab, so you get used to 12th Division grounds."

"Ah," Yoruichi started, catching up from behind the two men, "this is the first time I've seen it." Briefly seeing Aizen holding down his bristling attitude, she amended, "Her."

"Who?" Adam asked, curious of the subject of their conversation.

Aizen straightened in posture the two of them noticed, as if he were becoming proud. "Urahara and I have been experimenting for the past several decades in the creation of a sort of...artificial soul," he answered. "We've recently come in with a breakthrough, and am currently holding the growing individual within a vitatank."

"Vitatank?" he parroted.

"A chamber filled with a vitamin liquid that the soul will soak up in order to serve her more independent biological functions that requires the consumption of certain chemicals to not only survive, but to grow," he answered lengthily, and Adam was having trouble processing this, but feigned understanding to prevent another technobabble session. Unfortunately for them, Aizen continued to bluster to them.

"Raven is currently in her child stages - according to Earthern humans - and should begin to show signs of teenage to maturation stages soon, considering her recent increments in her growth curves."

"Curves?" Adam wondered if the man was some sort of closet pervert.

"On graphical data," Aizen answered quickly, mind out of the gutter unlike his only other male compatriot at the moment - or any male compatriot, to be honest - and continued, "To be entirely honest with you, Urahara and I have our own personal ideas on how to enhance or aid the growth of Raven, but we constantly argue on which is better and then do it anyway. She may resent us in the future, and I can say that I will, at the very least, feel deserving of any ire thrown my way. I'm not so sure when it comes to Urahara."

"He wouldn't feel remorse," Yoruichi shrugged. "He'd just feel her another good experiment done. He's not evil," she quickly turned to Adam with a slightly accusatory tone, and he raised his hands in surrender, "he just has a colder mentality than most," she waved a hand in light defense of him. "How much farther?"

"Just a few more doors," answered Aizen as he began carrying on his explanations. "Raven herself will be the first artificial Soul Reaper - we hope to create more in the future. In fact, we have another member of our division who is attempting to create modular souls that can be sent out to fight in our stead, to reduce workload, and help the less than fortunate citizens in the districts surrounding it."

Adam hummed approvingly. "That sounds good," he agreed. "But how do you handle that now?"

"Not very well," Yoruichi spoke up. "My group normally polices the districts secretly due to the sheer size of the Omnitsukidō." She then waved her hand, "That's not to say that quantity overwhelms quality."

"Didn't accuse," Adam spoke quickly. She waved him off.

"It's fine - it's just that there still isn't enough and the people prefer a police force they can see and converse with."

Aizen hummed. "Kageroza-kun has been working on his project for a good ten years, and when Raven has fully matured and demonstrates that she is capable of Soul Reaper tasks, Urahara and I will be capable of aiding him in his task."

"Ooo!" Yoruichi popped, catching their attention, "I just remembered." She pointed a blasé finger at Aizen. "Central 46 doesn't like what Kageroza is doing, so you might want to put together a dissertation or something that will allow you to do this."

"What?!" Aizen turned on her, suddenly blazing killing intent. Neither Yoruichi or Adam were entirely fazed by it, but the sudden turn of countenance certainly did. "Those damned political bas-"

"Aizen," Yoruichi Flash Stepped forward and put a firm hand on his shoulder, slightly tempering his mood. "Calm down, there's no need to be angry. Only deceptive."

"Only devious."

"Only enduring," she finished.

Adam had watched the situation with growing interest, noting with curiosity how Yoruichi had calmed the raging individual. The three phrases: Only deceptive, only devious, only enduring. Something told him it was a sort of mantra that came from a type of psychological therapy or a sort of discipline that Yoruichi had taught him. Adam decided to remember these lines, as they may come in handy in the future. Not only is it calming, but reassuring that anything is possible.

He had a feeling that Aizen would do something drastic.

Immediately after Yoruichi had finished the line, Aizen's murderous Spiritual Energy had finally calmed down and she released his arm. After he breathed in deeply twice, he turned towards Adam sorrowfully. "I apologize to you for my unseeming attitude in our first meeting, Tarsus-san." Adam immediately stopped him there with a hand.

"Don't worry about it," Adam smiled. "I may not have memories in my head, but I do have muscle memories. I empathize with you."

Aizen smiled ruefully. "Thank you for the sentiment," he said. "Anyways," he popped, realizing just how much time he had taken with this. "I believe it is time for you to witness the experiment." Adam and Yoruichi nodded, and they headed down the hallway for a few more moments before he opened a door, leading into the room. "This entire room is meant for her - every station, every computer, every storage chest: all hers, and for her grow-WHAT?!"

Adam and Yoruichi looked at the supposed figure, floating in the turquoise colored vitatank, a woman. She was average height, naked, and had flowing black hair floating behind her. At Aizen's shout, she reacted, briefly spasming in response, as if she had heard him. There were other minute movements, like her chest expanding when she inhaled, and the air bubbles that floated to the top of the tank when discharged from her. But, the problem was, this toddler was a fully grown woman.

Computers blared responses as if they were the artificial soul's nerves themselves, blinking and beeping, shining and calling attention to the group. The room was dark except for the minute light originating from the tank and from the lit buttons on the keyboards and screens glowing, and Aizen quickly ran to a monitor to assess what had occured.

"Dammit," he cursed, "whoever tampered with her growth rate deleted the changes in the database," he typed quickly. "Yoruichi," he looked up at her and she snapped her attention to him immediately, "Get Urahara - you know where he sleeps."

The dual meaning was not lost on the woman, and she hardened her eyes and nodded, disappearing into a Flash Step. She not only knew where he was due to their relationship, but also because of her position as the commander of the Omnitsukidō, meaning she had to know where everyone sleeps, just in case some sort of investigation involved it.

Adam watched the tank with growing curiosity. She was supposed to be in her teenage stages, as Aizen had said. He was the scientist, was he not? What could have happened that caused her growth to accelerate so swiftly into an adult's age? Adam did not know, and he feared he would never understand.

He watched her eyes flick open. Red, beady crimson eyes.

End of Chapter 3

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Raven, Raven-chan: RWBY, by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth, extensively.

Chapter Preview

Chapter 4: Hollowfication

Urahara looked upon the girl with cold, gray eyes, staring down at the woman laying on the desert grounds, who was minutely shaking from having been exposed out of a fully liquid environment into the cold air. She couldn't entirely focus, chest rising rapidly to fill her lungs with the foreign density of oxygen content; eyes blurred against a sunless light. The chain extruding from her chest was short, and the dagger implanted above that leaking spiritual energy was beginning to fade. Around the blade was a sickly, dark black color that branched out like snakes around it - different sizes and shapes; different lengths and direction.

Aizen finally stepped on to the false desert turf, from the dark building extending slightly from the false sky wall. After arriving by natural walking instead of utilizing Hōho, he glared at his fellow scientist with burning hatred who ignored his killing intent, instead using his own to cover Raven to prevent her from falling victim to it.

"Is it almost done?" Urahara asked, finally looking up and into the eyes of his angry associate.

Taking a moment to calm down, Aizen sighed. He then gave his current assessment of the situation. "My Bankai is at peak efficiency, and is 67.37% complete with the fabricated reality." He looked upon her with a rueful look. "Kyōka Suigetsu says that once the false life is complete, it will be executed in approximately twenty four hours' time." He then became only slightly sheepish, stepping forward awkwardly, and briefly extending a hand before retreating. He then worked up the courage to say, "I still don't think this is a good idea."

"To suddenly flood her mind of things she was supposed to lean in the vitatank would be foolish," Urahara countered, looking back upon her naked form once again. "This is the only way - to give her a false life; of experiences; of morality; and of learning - to prevent her mind from breaking under the strain of a Soul Reaper's life so suddenly." He turned back to Aizen.

"Did we really have to use my Bankai?" Aizen was uncertain. "You know it's a bistable mechanism - one side is too good to be true and-"

"The other is nightmarish, yes, I know," Urahara annoyingly cut him off in answer and scoffed at him. "You are too attached to it."

"Her," he helplessly corrected. "This isn't right. It's-"

"Not humane?" Urahara asked him, and he silenced. Kisuke then huffed before he could stop some laughter from escaping, a smile forming on his face. "Come on, man," he looked at him, "she's an experiment, not a being of free will."

Aizen didn't like the sound of that. Not. One. Bit.

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