Universal Awakening

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Authors Note: Hi Everyone and welcome to Universal Awakening my crossover between Gundam Unicorn and Gundam Seed. The premise of the story is simple what if a faction from an alternate universe of Gundam Seed got their hands on technology from the Universal Century.

Now that that is out of the way I present to you the rewritten.

Universal Awakening

ARN Bifrost

Albion Royal Navy Survey Vessel

Surveying the Debris Belt

Debris Belt, Earth Sphere

January 4th CE60

'What a way to spend the new year' Captain Carter thought as she sat on the bridge of the Bifrost. The vessel itself was an old Marseilles III Class Transport modified for use as survey vessel by the Albion Royal Navy. As part of Taskforce Merlin the vessel was assigned to survey old wrecks within the Debris for any left over ordinance from the Ten Year War.

They had set off on November 15th CE59 and for the last two months had been surveying Area 04 and its adjacent sectors for any remaining ordinance. More specifically Nuclear Weapons. Oh she understood why this type of mission was so critical they didn't want a repeat of Helheim Four after all. 'But why did it have to be my ship. Couldn't they have asked somebody else to do it' she thought. She had every right to moan about the situation. The Bifrost had only returned from a similar mission two weeks before being dispatched again and they hadn't been able to get much rest at all.

Deciding to distract herself she directed her attention to the conversation being had by the ships Pilot and Communications Officer, evidently talking about last nights football game judging by the furious look on the Comm Officers face. "Your team lost and you know it so why are fussing over it" the pilot Ensign Connor said before letting out a sigh. It was obvious that he was getting tired of the conversation and in reality in had been over twenty minutes ago but Ensign Mathews the ships comm officer simply refused to quit.

"But they cheated and you know that move should have been a Yellow Card at least" the comm officer replied. Evidently getting tried of the conversation Ensign Connors started being sarcastic. "Well its the Referees decision and your input doesn't count a damn bit. So stop whining about it".

"I am not Whining about it".

"You are whining about your favourite team losing get over sheesh".

"I AM NOT WHINING" Ensign Mathews shouted. Deciding the Ensign Mathews had stepped out of line she decided to do something about it. Turning her chair in his direction she said in an authoritative voice. "That is enough. Ensign you are part of the Albion Royal Navy. No matter what you are doing you are expected to behave with some dignity. For Christ's sake its a Football match get over it. Or you are going to be spending the next two days scrubbing the toilets until they sparkle is that clear".

"Yes Ma'am" he replied in a low submissive tone almost mumbling.

"What was that Ensign" she replied this time in a harsher tone of voice.

"Yes Ma'am" he said higher this time.

"Good otherwise if you want to be scrubbing the toilets feel free to continue. I know its been hard and we all want to get back to our families. However we have a job to do so lets do it understood". The crew nodded their heads "Good" she sat before turning to the Sensor Officer Lieutenant Jackson. "How is it out there".

"All in all fairly normal although I am picking up some unusual readings" she said in a confused tone.

"What kind of readings" Captain Carter asked the scientist in her intrigued.

"Well they don't make much sense. The readings a fluctuating and the computer is unable to identify the source. Or type of readings it is picking up. Although it could always be a glitch in the system again. We did have to repair one of the secondary sensor circuits after all when we docked at Aran three months ago" he replied.

Getting out of her chair she floated over to his station and examined the readings in question. Initially she thought he was right as the readings the sensor system was displaying simply didn't make sense. Until she realised that a malfunction system would be displaying data consistently like this. If anything the readings on have been even wilder and not as she noticed steadily rising.

"Alright keep an eye on it and report to me of anything changes" she said before returning to her chair. "Yes Ma'am" the lieutenant replied before returning to his task.

Twenty minutes later she was preparing for the hand over to the next shift and to get some much needed sleep. However just as her XO Lieutenant Maxwell entered the bridge Lieutenant Jackson station began displaying warning labels triggering an alarm to sound throughout the ship

"Unknown readings have spiked. We have confirmed traces of radiation consistent with that caused by nuclear reactions!" he said.

This caused both Captain Carter and Lieutenant Maxwell to make their way over to his station. Before they could do anything however a massive green light shone in the distance almost blinding the bridge crew.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT" Captain Carter shouted.

"Unknown Ma'am. Unknown readings are off the charts" he said in a slightly panicking tone before another warning came up on his screen. "SHOCK-WAVE INCOMING NO TIME TO EVADE!" he shouted.

Quickly moving to the chairs Captain Carter had just enough time to order the crew to grab something before the shock-wave slammed into the Bifrost. Consoles blew and sparks from cables knocked loose flew everywhere. People throughout the vessel held onto anything they could. In the engine room one of the turbines exploded violently impaling one of the engineers and injuring multiple others.

Outside the ship armour plating warped as the immense heat of the shock-wave stretched it to breaking point. The communications dish on top of the vessel burned red hot before starting to melt. The dish then shattered as piece of debris hit it sending red-hot fragments into the armour below piercing it and causing multiple leaks. Suddenly an engine section torn from its wreck smashed into the ship punching a hole across two of the decks.

People throughout the ship where clinging on for dear life. One poor crewmen had his head torn off by a piece of what used to be the communications dish. Four more where sucked out into space when the hull was punctured before bulkhead doors automatically sealed closing off the damaged area. However as quickly as it hit the shock-wave passed allowing the crew to take a breath.

On the Bridge Captain Carter immediately started giving out orders "I want a damage report and a report on any injuries now". The Damage Control Officer took a few moments to comply as new information was relayed to her station before replying "Hull Breach on decks Three and Four Bulkheads are sealed. Multiple small holes in the hull from when the Communications Dish was destroyed. Engine Room reports one of the turbines has exploded and Chief Engineer O'Connor is dead. Multiple casualties reported and at least six fatalities from decompression and molten debris. Multiple other injuries are being reported some are serious so that number may rise".

Taking a moment to breathe he continued "Multiple Consoles have short circuited and I am reading fires on decks six and eight. Both Medical and Damage Control Teams are responding as fast as they can. The armour stable although it has suffered extreme thermal stress and is likely to crack as it cools down".

"Damn it" she said slamming her hand down on the armrest. The Bifrost had taken a major beating but the news of that the armour had almost reached its critical temperature. With the communications dish destroyed they couldn't contact anybody however that was the least of the problems she was facing. The fact the armour had almost reached its maximum temperature limit meant that as the armour cooled down micro-fractures would form and spread throughout the armour plate.

This normally with a lot of work would have manageable for long enough to get back to base. However when a wrecked engine section smashed into the hull it created a massive weak point. This meant that the micro-fractures when they reached the exposed part of the hull would have direct access to the structural supports. Once that happened the Bifrost would start to disintegrate and with no safe harbour insight this would take lives of all three hundred of her crew. As disintegrating hull exposed the interior of the ship to space.

'Damn it isn't there anything I can do' she thought clenching both her hands. Her raw fury at the situation displaying clearly on her face. The crew knew it too. The atmosphere on the throughout the ship was one of despair was they slowly came to the realisation that they where going to die out here. Across the ship some started to cry others opted to yell out in frustration vowing to try and fix the ship despite it being a hopeless endeavour.

At her station Lieutenant Jackson choose to focus on finding a safe harbour instead of falling into despair like the rest of the crew. Searching the various wrecks around her she was like the rest of the crew was quickly on the verge on giving up none of the wrecks around them could be brought back online with the amount of time they had left. Just as she had given up however a green glow steadily illuminated the space around them. This had an unintended side effect that would save the crew as thanks to this she was able to the silhouette of a vessel in the distance.

Quickly confirming that what she was seeing was accurate she decided to inform the captain. "Ma'am I am detecting a silhouette of vessel directly in-front of us" she said her tone full of relief. Upon hearing Lieutenant Jackson speak the crying began to stop as the crews minds slowly grasped what she was telling them.

Getting out her chair captain carter made her way over to the lieutenant's station. As soon as she reached the station her mind began to study the information displayed. 'We're not going to die after all' she thought the relief showing on her face as a small smile appeared on her face. Turning to the lieutenant she start speaking "How far away is that vessel" she asked the relief clear in her tone of voice.

"Based on visual estimates I would guess an hour to an hour and a half to reach it. Depending on the state of the engines of course" Lieutenant Jackson replied.

"Alright then. Get me the Engine Room" she said.

"Yes ma'am" Ensign Mathews replied in a cheerful tone evidence that he had been crying clear on his face.

A few seconds later a visual feed of the engine room was displayed on the monitor. The image was disturbing and caused the some of the crew to put there hands over their mouths as there eyes widened in horror. As pinned to the wall with a large piece of a section of the turbine assembly sticking straight through his chest was Chief Engineer O'Connor. They had heard he was dead in the initial report but to see personally was shocking to say the least nobody deserved to die like that.

Just then one of the surviving engineers moved into view of the camera and started to speak. He was very angry judging by his tone of voice understandable with the current situation. "What is it we are busy here".

"What is the state of the engines" Captain Carter asked.

"Most of the turbines have been destroyed. The rest are damaged but with a bit of work they are fixable why" he replied.

"How soon could you get them back online".

"Well depending on the amount of men we had about about an hour why"

"Because we found another ship. With our communications destroyed we have no way of contacting command. Combined with the fact that the armour nearly reached criticality and the damaged we took from that engine block that hit us. This ship will disintegrate before long. That ship is our best chance of rescue however it is pointless if we cant get there" she replied.

Putting his hand on to his chin he appeared to think it over. "Give me twenty minutes I think I can get the online but the stress of operation will destroy them completely. Not that that matters in our situation I suppose" he said before saluting and closing the line.

"Get me ship-wide" she asked Ensign Mathews.

"Channel open ma'am" he replied.

"Attention all crew this is Captain Carter speaking. I know the situation seems hopeless however moments ago we detected a vessel directly ahead of us. With no other options I have ordered the remaining engineers to get the engines back online. Once they are we will make for the ship at best possible speed and attempt to make contact with them. Don't fall into despair work together and we will survive this. For we are members of the Albion Royal Navy a situation like this isn't enough to put us down is it" she questioned.

Across the ship people everywhere shouted "Not at all!".

"What's that I can't hear you" she said again.

"NOT AT ALL!" the whole crew joined in this time.

"Good anybody with any kind of engineering skill go to the engine room. The rest of you help take any injured personnel to the Medical Bay. Alright people lets do this" she said.

Across the ship people who had been on the verge of giving up suddenly got a new lease on life. The damage control teams started tackling the fires with renewed vigour. Crewmen started to move any injured personnel towards the Medical Bay.

In the Engine Room more crewman arrived before the engineers started directing them telling the what they needed to do. Twenty minutes later outside of the ship the engines started to flicker before coming online.

Steadily the Bifrost started to pickup speed. The view changed to the front as the ship accelerated. The view of the bridge changing to sweep along the side showing the massive gap torn out off it. Before arriving at the back showing exhaust trails before leaving the ship as it accelerated toward the distance. Becoming smaller before it disappear from sight the leaving the green glow as the only thing visible.

ARN Bifrost

Albion Royal Navy Survey Vessel

Approaching the Unknown Vessel

Debris Belt, Earth Sphere

January 4th CE60

An Hour Later and the Bifrost was finally approaching its destination. The number of fatalities had rose to Ten in total but that was likely to be the only ones for the time being. The rest where in critical condition but stable. For Captain Carter the day couldn't get much worse still at least they had a glimmer of hope. For the past hour the crew had been focusing on doing as much repairs as they could hoping to by themselves more time.

As the silhouette of the ship became bigger and bigger they quickly realised the vessel was like no ship they had every encountered before. For one thing it was far larger than any ship ever built before. Over six hundred metres from what they could determine based on visual inspection. Further observation revealed there to be at least six catapults obviously some-kind of launchpads given that they where connected to hanger bays. Meaning the ship must have been some-kind of carrier.

However as they got closer fear began to creep into the crews minds the reason was simple as the unknown carried multiple gun turrets. Far more than all classes of battleship in service and certainly more than anything designed during the ten year war. If the ship was hostile they would be destroyed very quickly.

A number of questions presented themselves the most prominent among them being who the hell built it. The second being why hadn't the ship tried to contact them yet. Even with their comm system damaged they where still able to receive short range radio broadcasts. The vessel should have detected them long before they came into visual range so why hadn't it tried to get into contact.

Getting closer the Bifrost fired its deceleration thrusters slowly bringing the ship to relative halt. On the Bridge Captain Carter got her first real up close look at the ship. Having studying Science and Engineering before joining the military she knew the challenges involved in constructing a vessel this size. She had wrote a paper on it as part of her dissertation after all. There was also the North American Unions attempt during the ten year war which was stopped by the ARN when they took the Aran Resource Cluster.

Turning to Ensign Mathews she said "Please link the docking light controls to your station. We can use them to transmit in morse code".

"Ok ma'am" he replied starting to type on the keyboard a number of screens began to come up. Continuing to type he was rewarded a few seconds later when the screen glowed green showing he was successful. "Systems linked ma'am ready to begin transmission ma'am" he said. The system was quite user friendly after all it had been in use for the past seventy years in case of emergences. Of which their situation certainly qualified.

"Transmit the following message. This is the Albion Royal Navy Survey Vessel Bifrost we have suffered major damage and are requesting urgent assistance I repeat this is the ARN survey vessel Bifrost requesting urgent assistance" she said in an authoritative but pleading tone.

For the next ten minutes the crew received no response from the ship. Deciding that they couldn't wait any longer Captain Carter turned to Lieutenant Jackson. "Can you identify the closest access points to the bridge, engine room and hanger bay" she asked.

"According earlier scans the closest access points are here, here and here" she said indicating the relevant sections.

"Good work Lieutenant. It looks like the ship is abandoned and even if its not we can't wait any longer. Alex could you please assemble Alpha, Beta and Charlie teams and make preparations to board that ship" she asked turning to Alex with a smile on her face.

"Sure thing Maria" he said with a small grin on his face before he shook his head from side to side in amusement. Before turning to Ensign Mathews and saying "Please inform Alpha, Beta and Charlie teams to suit up, gather there equipment and meet me in the hanger bay" he said still with a grin on his face.

"Yes sir" Ensign Matthews replied. With that done he turned back to the Captain and seeing her nod he proceed out of the door and toward the hanger bay.

Boarding Team Alpha

Transport Shuttle One

Boarding the Unknown Vessel

Debris Belt, Earth Sphere

January 4th CE60

'Here we go' Lieutenant Alexander Maxwell thought as the shuttle neared the unknown vessel. After explaining the situation to alpha, beta and charlie teams in the hanger bay they then boarded the Bifrost's three boarding shuttles. Given that they where going to have to transfer to the ship using EVA packs the back of the shuttle was quite cramped. In the shuttle with him was the ten members of alpha team. The shuttle was heading towards the access point closest to the bridge.

It was their job to secure the bridge while beta team would be entering via a separate door closer to the engines and hopefully the engine room. Charlie team would be entering a door closure to the hanger bay. If they could secure them then it would make the evacuation of the Bifrost much easier.

"One minute to destination, I repeat one minute to destination" the pilot said over the radio. 'Here we go' he thought turning to the rest of the marines. Together with the two other shuttles they had Thirty Marines not enough to fully search the massive vessel they simply didn't know how much time the Bifrost's hull would hold for after all. But it would be more than enough to secure the ships vital areas if it was abandoned like they thought and the evidence suggested. He then started speaking over their suits internal comms. "Alright you all know your assignments. Lets do this quickly and carefully we don't know what its like over there after all".

Seeing the rest of the squad nod in confirmation they waited until they felt the shuttle come to a halt.

"We have reached our destination. Beginning Atmospheric Decompression".

The air proceeded to be sucked back into the onboard storage tanks until a green light shone indicating that decompression was complete. The door slowly opened and they got their first close up look at the massive ship. 'Alright here we go' Lieutenant Maxwell thought as he pushed off the shuttle floor and using his EVA pack carefully moved towards the ship.

Reaching the airlock door he pulled a decoder from a small bag on his hip. Placing it against the screen he pressed the button and watched as the small device started to crack the access code. Seeing the small screen finally display a six digit code he removed it and proceeded to type the code into the keypad. Entering the code the screen light up green and the door slid open.

Turning around slightly he nodded to the other team members proceeded into the airlock. With the team inside he took the chance to look at the Bifrost before proceeding into the airlock and pressing the keypad inside the outer door closed. A light suddenly illuminated the dark cramped room in a harsh orange light. The display showing the words 'Beginning Atmospheric Pressurization' before air started to be pumped out of nozzles in the ceiling.

Watching the small screen the indicated pressure levels steadily rise it eventually reached equilibrium with the inside. The harsh orange light changed into a gentle green and the inside door opened.

The door opened revealing an empty corridor bathed in a pulsating red light. Moving out of the airlock they made sure to check their surroundings. Floating down the corridor they saw multiple uniforms similar to those used in the North American Union. They also saw small clouds of black ash floating in the same direction as the uniforms. "No toxins or other substances detected, air is safe to breathe" he said. Before pressing a button on the side of his helmet which automatically lifted his visor.

The sound of a low tone was the first thing he heard as the helmet collapsed into storage. It was obviously part of the general alert. Taking a deep breath he turned and nodded to the other marines who also collapsed their helmets. Placing his hand to his ear he spoke into his earpiece. "Beta and Charlie Teams report your status".

"This is beta team we are inside. Although there is a lot of uniforms floating around for some reason and some-kind of black powder" he heard the CO of beta team reply.

"This is charlie team same with us sir. A lot of floating uniforms and black powder here".

"Very well pull up face masks and proceed to your objectives" he said receiving confirmation.

"Doesn't anybody find this creepy" he heard one of the alpha squads marines said as they pulled up their face masks. Turning around he addressed to marine "Of course we do marine. However we don't have the time at the moment to wonder about it. Remember we don't know how much longer the Bifrost's hull will hold out" he replied. In truth he could understand why the marine asked that question. He had been thinking the same thing but they had a job to do and anytime they wasted was less time the crew had to evacuate.

"Lets move" he said shaking his head in an effort to clear his thoughts before heading hopefully in the direction of the bridge.

For the next ten minutes the team attempted to make their way toward the bridge. Along the way they encountered more empty uniforms just floating along the corridors. Needless to say they where really creeped out. But they had a job to do and with a few wrong turns they eventually where able to find some stairs leading upwards and finally arrived at a set of doors. Attempting to open the door they found it was locked so they had to again use the decoder to get in. Upon gaining access they found that the Bridge like the rest of the ship it was empty. But this time the uniforms where strapped into harnesses and more of the same black powder like substance found in the rest of the ship.

Seeing this it quickly became clear with haunting realisation to Lieutenant Maxwell and the members of alpha team what the substance was.

The remains of the ships crew.

"Jesus Christ" Maxwell said his eyes widening before he shook his head. "Damn it" now he felt like a grave robber. But all the bad feelings in the world wouldn't help whoever these people were. For now they had to focus of the task at hand otherwise they would soon be joining them.

"I'm going to be sick" he heard the same marine from before mutter.

"You can be sick later we have job to do" he said calmly but with a hint of anger. The marine had been getting on his nerves all the way to the bridge.

"But sir! Look around you we are practically grave robbing there is no wa..." the marine stopped speaking as Lieutenant Maxwell pushed off from his position. Slamming into him and pinning him up against the wall with a look of pure fury on his face.

"I Don't like this any more than you do!" he shouted "But if we don't then we will soon be joining them. There is nothing we can do for them and you have my word we will perform a funeral service later for them. But as I said before we have a job to do. So put up or shut-up is that clear" he said his voice steadily lowering in volume as he calmed down.

"Yes sir" the marine replied in a reluctant tone of voice.

"Good now lets get to work" he said.

Moving towards what looked like the communications system noticed it was quite familiar but at the same different from what was currently in use. Still it was a rather simple matter of linking his earpiece to the ships comm system. Once that was done he started to speak.

"This is Lieutenant Maxwell to the Bifrost are you receiving me over. I repeat this is Lieutenant Maxwell to the Bifrost are you receiving me over" he said.

A few moments later the reply came "This is Captain Carter on the Bifrost good to hear your voice Alex what's the situation over there".

"Alpha team has secured the bridge. Beta and charlie teams are still moving to their assigned targets. The ship wasn't abandoned like we thought however it appears they where hit far worse than we where by the shock-wave. On the way we encountered a number of empty uniforms similar to those used by the North American Union along with some-kind of black powder which we believe is their remains" he said.

There was silence over the comm as Captain Carter digested the information. "Alright then we will hold a funeral for them later. Have you identified who they are" she asked.

"Nothing as of yet ma'am" he replied.

"Very well proceed with securing the ship. Once that is done we will begin to transfer over. Captain Carter out" she said the green light on the station died down.

Just then heard a message over the comm "This is beta team we have managed to secure the engine room. Although the reactor is unlike anything we have seen before. We can confirm it is nuclear but that's it" he heard the co of beta team say.

"Alright don't do anything yet we will run tests on it later. After all we don't know if it has suffered any damage" he replied.

"Yes sir beta team out" he heard as the line went silent.

'A nuclear reactor' he thought a frown appearing on his face. Although it made sense this ship would have a reactor like that in order to simply power the vast array of weapons it had let alone the numerous other systems onboard.

He then heard static over the comm before he recognized the voice of the leader of charlie team. "This is charlie team we have reached the hanger bay. However the doors a jammed so we need to use breaching explosives. Do we have permission to proceed" he asked.

"You have permission but be careful we don't know if the ship as any structural damage, that we cant see" he replied

"Very well sir placing charges now" he heard as the comm went silent before he heard the sergeant begin a countdown.

"Five, Four, Three, Two, One" the sergeant counted down before the sound of an explosion could be heard throughout the ship. A few moments later the sergeant got back on the comm.

"Successful detonation the door is open" he said.

"Very well. Search and secure the hanger I want.." he paused as the sergeant interrupted saying the words "Jesus Christ". This caused Lieutenant Maxwell's face to change to a concerned expression. Hearing nothing over the comm he decided to speak.

"Are you alright sergeant" he said with concern clear in his voice.

"Sir you really need to see this" the sergeant replied in a shaky voice.

With this Alex became even more concerned before saying "Very well I am on my way don't do anything until I get there is that clear" he said in a reassuring but firm tone.

"Yes sir charlie team out" the sergeant replied his voice still shaky before the comm line dissolved into static and the fading into nothing.

"Alright. Five of you stay here and keep the bridge secure. The rest of you with me" he said before looking at a schematic being displayed on the far wall. Moving over he began to study the schematic on display and a number of things caught his attention. The most prominent of which was displayed at the top of the screen.

'Earth Federation Space Force Vessel Amuro Ray. What the hell' he thought a frown appearing again on his face. Now he was really confused there was no such thing as the Earth Federation. Shaking his head and deciding to settle it later he noticed the console below the screen. Instructing it to display the quickest way to the hanger bay he pulled a tablet from his bag and took a picture. He pointed towards five marines and said "You five follow me" they nodded and proceeded to follow him out of the bridge doors and toward the hanger bay. On the bridge the remaining marines started to investigate the other consoles sitting down in some of the empty chairs and beginning to type on the keyboards.

Boarding Team Alpha

EFSF Amuro Ray

Moving Toward the Hanger Bay

Debris Belt, Earth Sphere

January 4th CE60

Moving toward the Hanger Bay Lieutenant Maxwell couldn't help but think about what he had seen. The amount of things that didn't add up of this ship where adding up second by second. The latest piece of information only adding to his confusion. As they neared charlie teams location they started to pickup signs of the teams presence. Deciding to follow them they eventually found the door charlie team had blown open. Standing outside the door was the sergeant of charlie team who judging by the look of relief on his face, had recovered from his previous episode.

"It's good your here sir" he said the relief clear in his voice.

"Alright now show me what required my presence here" he said.

"Very well follow me" he replied before turning around and heading in through the destroyed door. The rest of Team Alpha followed him through seeing the sergeant stop at the railing in-front and proceeded to do the same.

"Alright we are here now tell me what this is about" he asked.

"Look up sir" the sergeant replied.

Turning in the direction the sergeant was looking he began to catch the sight of something in his eye. His eyes steadily widened in shock as he began to comprehend what he was seeing and in a shaky voice he said "That's Impossible". For what he was looking at was to them something out of the history books. During the Ten Year War the various warring powers tried to develop them but numerous issues lead to such projects being abandoned. The remains of these projects had been kept as a reminder of what happens when you think to big.

After taking several deep breaths he began to inform Captain Carter of the situation and begin the transfer of personnel over to the ship. In the hanger other team members where still looking at the object. Not that anybody could blame them. For standing at the far end of the hanger was a White Machine. Humanoid in appearance the head shaped like an armoured human head with two slots for eyes and a horn sticking out serving as the head crest. Stared at them from across the Hanger.

For this was a Mobile Suit machines meant to be pure fantasy a product of scientists and engineers going to far. Something that had been a symbol of excess in the minds of mankind for the past sixty years was staring at them.

(Play Gundam Unicorn OST- Merry Go Round)

Outside the ship personnel began transferring over. The scene cuts to bridge showing Captain Carter commanding the evacuation. Before showing the injured personnel in the Med bay. Then the view changes to reveal the trashed engine room personnel working to shutdown the engines.

On Earth people walking in Trafalgar Square begin to look up as faint green glow illuminates the night sky.

On the Bridge of the Amuro Ray the crew watch as the Bifrost's Hull starts to crack. Before peeling off as the supports fail. The crew salutes as the ship finally disintegrates. Back on the Bridge Captain Carter slams her fist into the wall the anger clearly showing on her face.

Outside the camera pans up to reveal the Earth and Moon. Before the title steadily fades into view.

Mobile Suit Gundam

Universal Awakening

Ending Notes: Hi Guys and welcome to the rewritten Universal Awakening a crossover between Gundam Unicorn and a Reimagined Gundam Seed. Thank You for your support updates will come out as and when they come out. I am not setting a schedule as I don't do well with such things.

Hope you all enjoy the rewritten version.

Mobile Suit Gundam Universal Awakening

By tf330129.