I jumped down, bringing my great sword above my head. I still felt the pull in my stomach, but it was no longer painful.

The air swirled past me, the startled squawks filling the air. I managed to catch two with my blade as the other scrambled. On cue, one hit my trip line, sending a modified pitfall net over the rest. Six in total should be good.

I made quick work of the others, setting aside a few giant eggs they'd dropped. I traded them for the Gargwa corpses in the net and hauled my stash up high, hopefully not to be found by other hungry monsters. I began to break down the carcasses.

They were heavy, and the path back was always a steep incline. I panted and sweated, my body still not as resilient as before my injury. This was good conditioning if nothing else.

It had been a painful few weeks of non-movement. As I rested I had been fed the gore's scraps. He had been hunting every day, so I was far from going hungry. I'd had every type of game in the forest: Gargwa, Aptonoth, Jaggi – you name it. I'd had every variation of each type of meat also: well-done, medium-rare and well salted. None of it did anything to hide the stink of the wild meat. I'd gotten used to it, and now that I could move, I foraged for mushrooms, fish, insects and berries.

I could see the entrance to our cave up ahead, but my legs shook beneath me. I took off my pack, sighing at the respite and rubbing my shoulders. A cool breeze touched the sheen of sweat and I shivered. The sky was stained a bloody red, signalling the death of the day.

At first terrifying, my days with Scar had been perturbingly mundane. We seemed to begin to understand each other, but I was starting to have suspicions it was more than that. The reason I was doing what I was.

Entering the cave, Scar's dark form was huddled on the ground.

'Hunger. Impatience.'

The notions flashed through me. I felt a pull towards him, but took the time to take off my armour first.

I dumped the meat in front of him, having saved a few bones for him to chew on while I hunted more.


I moseyed around his side, looking to his wings. I touched my hand to it. The fur came away in patches. I quickly took my hand away as he growled in warning.

Something was wrong with him, but I wasn't sure of what. All I knew was that he was unable to hunt. That was when I started feeling the compulsions stronger than ever. The compulsion to hunt.

Before, Scar made sure I was well fed and watered, I felt that I could at least do the same for him now that he needed me. It was a way for me to get back into hunting shape. Besides, what else was there to do anymore? It's not like I could return to the nearby towns. No doubt word had spread and I was now on the wanted list.

I watched him as I used a whetstone on my great sword, and I began to wonder what it would be like if Scar died. He was the only sort of companionship I had now - if you could call it that. Maybe I would go to a far away town and start new. What did I have to lose after all? It was an odd companionship. But it worked for now.

I huffed up the slope, with yet another haul of meat. This time I had lucked out and found an Arzuros. It had been my biggest monster in a while, but hunting was like riding a horse - you never really forgot how. I slipped back into the fight, my great sword singing as I remembered it, and my body reacting faithfully.

I dropped into the cave, shedding my armour and laying it in its usual place. I looked over to Scar's form. He hadn't even reacted when I came in.

With a shrug I ate first, resting and drinking water from the makeshift skin I'd created. After catching my breath I grabbed the sack of meat, dumping it in the usual place.

I waited, feeling snubbed as my effort wasn't met with the usual happy chomping.

"Hey!" I tested. Was he really still sleeping? I didn't see him breathing.

Taking a step closer I put my hand against his skin. It felt cold.

"... Scar?" I pushed harder and the skin sank in, mushy and moist. A rich and musky rot exploded like a spore cloud, and I gagged. I yanked my hand away quickly, scraping off the moisture on my fingers using the wall. I backed away from the putrid smelling carcass, more horrified than I'd ever been by a dead creature. I needed fresh air or I would vomit.

Holding my breath I hurried out to the plateau - a circular crop of flat rock nestled into a sheer cliff with a large boulder right in the centre.

Taking a handful of cleansing breaths, my nausea subsided and my thoughts turned towards the wyvern's carcass. I hadn't been expecting him to suddenly die like that. I felt a twinge if loneliness. It was just me now. I wouldn't have to hunt for as much meat... and I could be on the move. But where would I go? Would I... stay here?


The sky crackled loudly and I was jarred from my thoughts. I looked into the swirling clouds, now dark and threatening.

A cloud darker than pitch was oozing from the mountain. Its dark strands lashed out violently, a den of hungry serpents. I took a step back, the dry, wind-burnt grass crunching beneath my feet. My hands instinctively checked for my blade. I thanked the hunting gods I had not taken it off.

Golden wings unfurled, dissipating the thick frenzy cloud. Blazing orange eyes bored into mine like the calm before the storm.

A fool. That's what I was for believing that husk was his true body.

I watched as his increased mass slinked around me. His dark horns seemed to pierce the clouds as sun speckles made his scales flash and glitter like gold. His tail slithered about him, the tip squirming in excitement.

I crouched, at the ready. Ideally I'd be able to get back to my armour. Realistically... well, it was a good thing I had a lot of gore kills under my belt.

His claws scraped against the rock and with a mighty bound Scar took off into the air, easily climbing high in the sky and unfurling his wings.

'Awe. Amazement.'

For once his imposed thoughts resonated with my own. His wings were pulled taught into the form of a shining star, his chest puffed and proud. He looked every part a cocky son of a bitch.

His wings folded in an instant and he dropped towards me.


As orange eyes locked onto mine I found a weight pressing down on me - a sheer force of will like a thousand pound brick on my shoulder. My legs suddenly felt weak. My stomach clenched. He was coming, but it felt as if fear's cold, hard claws gripped me in place. I couldn't move.


The soft whispers sounded like a death knell.

His mouth opened up, my eyes fixed on his purple tongue and his sharp white teeth. My body sagged. Maybe this was for the best. Where did I have to go after all? What was my purpose if not to serve Scar? Why keep going on...?

I sliced my hand on my blade. Pain jolted my senses and my blood was warm and wet in my hand. I jumped to the side, narrowly missing the claws that would have torn me apart like nothing more than a rag doll.

I felt the pressure leave me as his eyes left mine. I put the huge rock between us taking a second to wrap my hand with extra cloth from my shirt. I felt anger bubble in me.

The dick. The asshole! He used me, and then just as easily would have disposed of me. Cinching the cloth between my teeth and hand, I burned the anger into my being. This was what I truly felt, and whatever witchcraft our relationship was, I wouldn't let him take advantage of it anymore. If it was going to be him or me, I chose me.

I glanced out from behind the rock. Scar was strategically between me and my armour inside the cave.

So be it.

I jumped out from behind the rock and begun to sprint at him, head on. The frenzy swirled around him. I kept my eyes on a shoulder or a horn, not wanting to risk feeling the full brunt of his will once more. His head reared, and a purple glow emanated from his mouth. Shooting three balls of frenzy energy, I easily dodged the one aimed at me. It had been far too easy.

I risked a glance at his face. His orange eyes were tracking something, curving towards me. I whipped my head to the side, seeing the two other balls of energy shooting towards me.

I dove forwards, missing them narrowly, and managing to leave half the skin of my forearms and knees on the ground behind me. I struggled up in time to see Scar in front of me. He had gotten faster. Much faster.

He was reared up in the air, his height eclipsing the sun. Even still, I could see the markings of the star-shaped scar on his chest.

I jumped back as he slammed himself down. Rocks and debris filled the air, but I took my opportunity. I unsheathed my great sword holding it steady to gain some more power while I could.

Swinging overhead, I slammed it down, catching him on the side. He hissed, his narrowed eyes scouring for me, but I had already sheathed my sword and had danced away.

I stopped once I was close to the rock again, but not behind it.

"Did you really think that would get me like this? Some cheap tricks and half-assed attacks?" I shouted, a cold breeze nipping at the two of us. My voice sounded odd to me after so many weeks of non-use.

He stayed still. This time I met his eyes, imposing my own will.

'Weak. Fear. Hopelessness!'

I felt the power of his will and faced it head on. It still shook me, but I gripped onto my anger.

"Fuck you!" I flipped him off, more for my own satisfaction. "You really are a stupid beast if you thought I would be that easy! What's one more Magala on my list? You're as good as dead." I didn't know if he could understand, but I wish he did as I jerked my thumb across my neck.

His claws crushed the rocks at his feet, and the smugness disappeared from his eyes. The sun became completely blotted out by dark clouds. He let out an ear-shattering roar and charged. I kept my distance, not wanting to over commit until I was positive I could land a hit. If I misjudged even one of his attacks without my armour, I was as good as done for.

I ducked beneath his claws and away from his tail, pulling out my great sword. I held it, waiting until he turned before swinging it right at his face. He snapped angrily, a purple glow in his mouth as he reared back.

I quickly sheathed and dove between his legs.

The explosions behind me were deafening, but I didn't have time to look back. I scrambled on hands and knees, coming out on the other side as he recovered from the mighty attack. I got a quick slash in, before spotting a rock jutting from the ground.


He looked back at my position, swiping with his arm and tail. I rolled away and doubled back, taking a running start.

I kicked off the rock, launching myself at him. I swung my great sword over my head, my heart pounding as I prayed he didn't have the time to hit me from the air.

I saw the anger burning in his eyes as he realized my plan but could do nothing to stop it.

I climbed on his back, wrapping my thighs around his muscled torso. I held tight, pulling my small dagger out and savagely slashing his back. It was a back and forth struggle before I finally got him to tumble on his side.

I unleashed a series of slashes at his head as he stared at me furiously, his claws scrabbling at the ground, as he struggled to stand again.


His orange eyes glowed, utter rage.


"That's what you are bastard!" I yelled between breaths as I swung over and over.

His voice was powerful and compelling. He pulled himself upright, crouching a murderous aura surrounding him.


The strength left my arms. For a moment they felt like a pair of wet noodles. Gritting my teeth, I stuck my great sword in the ground, using it for support. He hadn't stood up yet, so I lifted my foot up and slammed it over his eyes. I shook my head, feeling his influence disappear for a moment. I focused then on my anger.

"No fucking way you're getting out of this one, ungrateful bastard!"

I slammed my foot down on his head again and with a final overhead swing I sheathed and danced away. For the next half hour we played a careful game of cat and mouse - the former and the latter in a constant state of 'to be determined'.

Scar was now visibly weakened. The scales around his legs were ragged and bloodied. I imagined I didn't look much better. I had taken quite a bit of beating just by blunt force of his tail and legs when he turned or stepped. A few bruises weren't going to stop me though.

I darted out again, my legs burning beneath me with every step, and my arms trembling as I reached for my great sword.

He stood after my hit, his gleaming wings spreading taut as he took to the skies. For a moment, everything flashed purple, and a deafening roar chilled me to my core. I flinched, my hands coming I my ears.

As I regained my bearings, a purple glow spread beneath my feet. I could feel my feet getting hot. I jumped away, avoiding the purple eruption that blasted up beside me.

As I rolled on the ground, Scar was already gliding for me. I crawled away, scrabbling at the rocks with my fingernails. Explosions burst around me like bomb barrels. Above me, in the violet tinged sky, flew the deadly star of a Shagaru. He looked down, swiping with claws and maw and tail. I pulled myself behind the large rock on all fours and breathing hard.

I pushed the wet strands of hair from my face. I was drenched in sweat and my lungs were on fire. My arms shook, barely able to support my own weight, let alone the weight of a great sword. My legs had started to cramp as well. I wouldn't be able to take this for much longer. I took a moment to swallow a mouthful of water, relishing the clear flavour. My breath had calmed, and the wind against my wet skin cooled my body. I forced myself up. The end was in sight.

This was it. It had to be.

The wind died, leaving us in silence. My face and chest seemed to burn without the breeze to quell the heat. I peeked out, stretching my neck to see any scale or claw of Scar.

I heard a sickening crack behind me. My feet were swept from under me. I could see my world turning sideways, then upside down. Everything seemed to float slowly, my great sword drifting from my grasp as rock fragments tumbled and somersaulted through the air.

My blade fell before I did, a scraping, metallic clang against the rocky ground. I was next. I made a less sophisticated noise as the air was pushed out courtesy of the rock in my diaphragm.

I gasped but no air would come in. There was a lurching moment when it felt like I might never be able to draw another breath. Despite that I crawled for my life.

I could see the golden glint from his scales, slowly slinking towards me. The ache in my stomach made me feel sick and I curled into myself involuntarily.

I managed a choked breath and crawled faster. I reached my hand for my weapon. In a swift movement my great sword was flicked to the side. I could see my carefully honed edge chip against stone before my sight was eclipsed with gold.

I spun, putting my feet against his chest and pushing away with all my might. I knew I was no match for an elder dragon, but I still had one more trick up my sleeve. I could feel his hot breath on me. See his shining teeth.

I couldn't hesitate now. I yanked my dagger out and sunk it deep into his scale-less, puckered scar.

A loud hiss of air tore at my eardrums like a steam pipe. I tried to wiggle free, but his claws pressed down on my arm, their points digging in painfully. I yelped as he picked me up and tossed me to the ground. As pain radiated though me, I didn't even have time to be thankful I was still alive. The world was reeling around me, pain up and down my spine. I reached out at his chest, groping as he was still reeling and yanked my dagger out. Blood oozed out of the wound and over my hand.

I met his orange eyes with my own. Summoning my strength, I struck like a viper.


My hand froze. My already weakened limbs couldn't seem to push that little bit more. I only had enough in me to keep the blade in my hand, panting and sweating and struggling against his influence in me, coiled in the pit of my stomach.

"I'll kill you before you kill me. I'll promise you that, bastard. I'll kill you!" I raved like a mad woman, determined not to forget, determined not to give up. We were at a stalemate.

A deep, rolling, growl sounded from his throat.

'Not useless.'

I grit my teeth.

An explosion of frenzy dust surrounded us. Through it I only saw glowing eyes. I didn't dare move to escape the virus, instead I gulped it down. It felt hot. I could feel it slither down into my belly and further still. I noticed the wind was gone, and my face burned once more. But this time it was different. My breath pulled heavier as my heart pounded in my chest. I was dizzy. My legs had had enough, and I sunk to the ground. I noticed the frenzy virus had begun to circle my stomach, imitating the marks he had put on me. It flowed down.

I kept my dagger raised, though it felt feeble. It was my last and only defence. I glared at him, fighting with every ounce of my willpower, but the visceral, base instinct of all beasts was more powerful than anything I could take.

My thighs tingled. On top of my sweat I could feel myself begin to drip. My body was aching in a new way.

"What're you doing?" I shifted, enough that the seam of my shorts pressed up between my legs. I faltered, the simple movement feeling much better than it should have.


Carefully, slowly, he pushed my hand with his claw. My arm sunk to the ground, still grasping the dagger, the one thing I had to clutch onto. Holding my arm down, his maw opened.

I watched as the white cotton became twisted in his teeth. He pulled and it tore easily. I felt stupid for thinking the air felt refreshing. It hit my exhausted skin, cooling my sweat. Gentle pricks of sweet shivers rose in its wake.

I sucked in a breath as his maw pushed against my chest, forcing me back. I fell unceremoniously to the ground, looking up at the looming dragon before me. I trembled. Slowly and deliberately his maw found the material of my shorts. His warm breath puffed against my stomach. I gasped as my shorts were pulled apart, the seam pushing up into me again.

Besides my boots and my dagger there wasn't a single other item on me. The frenzy cloaked me, wisping and gliding around me, smooth like silk sheets. They caressed me every way imaginable leaving no room for bashfulness.

Deep in me, my own scars were throbbing from the inside out. The virus pooled at my stomach, circling around my legs.

Scar's chest puffed. I could see his new weapon now. Somehow it was more imposing than his teeth, his claws and his horns. Sprouting from between his legs he was a dark, golden brown that lightened the further up it went. The delicate skin at the top was a pale purple. Already a small stream of purple had overflown and slowly dripped down his length, moving and outlining the distinct ridges and veins.

My voice shrivelled in my throat. I gripped my dagger tight. So tight it shook.

I knew the more nervous I was, the more painful it would be. But I couldn't calm myself. I didn't know how he'd be able to fit, how that would be able to fit.

He blinked and in that split second I realized my hips had been raised off the ground, legs wide open. I shut my eyes and shook my head, but the fog on my mind felt thick, and I couldn't hold onto the violence of my emotions from before. Now I wanted something else.

I felt it, warm and wet against me. Alarmed, I opened my eyes to his gaze. Only under his watchful, orange eyes did I begin to loosen. Like opening a lock, the tumbler started from my tip and worked inwards, the muscles slowly letting go of their tension. I felt a rush of wetness inside myself welling up and dripping slowly.

Thick arms surrounded me on both sides, and his winds created a dome over the two of us. My left hand struck out, grabbing his arm. The warm scales relieved me. I took a deep breath.

He began to push himself inside. I gripped him, scales and flesh squeezed between my fingers. I knew it should hurt, I knew I should have felt some sort of ache or pain, but all I felt was his girth pulling my clit in and against him. I bit my lip, feeling myself pushed open to accept him. My head curled back and I didn't have the willpower to keep in a low moan.

A rolling growl barrelled through his chest, shaking himself and me. I gasped as he shook me to my core, the gentle vibration massaging my insides.


If he didn't stop, I wouldn't be able to help myself. An aura of warmth coiled itself deep in me.

Breathless I begged, "Wait..!"

Orange eyes looked at me, innocent as his slick organ slid snugly into mine.

"N-no.. I - I..!" I gasped, my hips bucking against him. My body moved on its own, convulsing against him, my lips open and wordless. He was fully inside me now, filling up my entire being. My body shivered in pleasure, my legs opening wider to accommodate his large waist. I felt my muscles clamp around him over and over, pulling him further and further inside. And I knew that all I wanted was to finish what we'd started.

I took in a few shuddering breaths, trying not to whimper already. I felt the golden scales, smooth against my thighs. He started to draw back his hips.


Slowly, he slid back in. It felt smoother, now that his precum and my arousal were mixing together and coating the both of us. My body jumped, twitching from the stimulation. It was too much after having orgasmed. My voice leaked out, a weak, pleading, helpless noise. I tried to move back, but there was nowhere to escape to. He was too long, too thick, and buried deep within me.

With each new thrust my body continued to burn. My throat felt raw as I gasped over and over. My insides twitched and writhed around his length, feeling his large head forcefully making space for himself as he pressed against my inside walls. His scales teased the sensitive skin of my inner thighs. Above us the clouds swirled and the wind howled, carrying my moans far away into the distance.

My legs tightened around him, feeling the spikes of his spine with my toes. He continued to pound inside me, becoming more and more forceful with each motion. My hips begun to meet him with just as much force. My head spun with emotions as my body gave in completely to the pleasure. As I rubbed myself against the hard ridges at the base of his cock I grabbed harder onto my dagger. His breathing had become ragged, and his claws had tightened on the ground beside me. I could feel his length bulging inside of me. My moans were high, new sounds escaping me with every desperate thrust. I was close to cumming again. The low rumble told me he was close too.

I gyrated my hips against his, faster, faster, faster. The warm tendrils of pleasure began to branch out in me. I could feel it. It was my pleasure but it was also his. It was in my stomach and it was between my legs. I couldn't understand it, but it took me.

"Ah!" I curled into him as I orgasmed. I grabbed a hold of his cock with my womanhood. I could feel both of us shooting our load into each other. I could feel our convulsions deep inside our body. My body arched back. His cum squirted inside me, hot and overflowing. Our shared minds mingled in the after-haze.

When he pulled out his length I collapsed where he left me. I still clutched my dagger.

My body was a mixed uniform of sweat smeared with Scar's blood. I could still feel his seed dripping from between my legs. Scar licked at his wound, momentarily satisfied. I was tired, my body still buzzing. A small voice far away was telling me to move.

I flopped over onto my stomach and began to crawl away. The dagger scraped against stones as my insides still twitched. I looked back to see a trail of purple-white left behind me.

It was then that Scar noticed me. I stopped crawling as he slunk lazily towards me. If a dragon could smirk, that would have been his expression.

Frenzy leaked from Scar, slithering across the ground as if it were alive.

"Not again. I can't..."

I stuck the dagger in the ground using it as my arm's strength.


The notion echoed through my body. My chest flattened to the ground, my breasts pressed to dirt, debris and gravel. My hips rose up high, my legs opened wide, my opening was put on display for him, waiting. I wanted him. I wanted to feel him fill me up. I wanted him to make me cum again.

My body shook in anticipation as he positioned his dick at my quivering hole. I grasped onto the dagger, waiting for him to penetrate me. My legs shook, the desperation grabbing my body when he did not. I chewed my lip, unsure of how to tempt him further. I rubbed myself against him, trying to goad him on. He didn't budge.

I glanced over my shoulder to him. His eyes were trained on me, waiting.

"Fuck me." My voice came out before I had a chance to double think the wanton statement.

With a rolling growl he happily obliged me. He plunged into me in one swift motion and I moaned into the ground, feeling relief. I rolled my hips up to meet his powerful thrusts.

'Ngh!' His cock pushed deep into my stomach. White-hot pleasure released inside me with every poke, tickling something building inside me.

'W-wait..!' But my plea fell on deaf ears. He continued to pound that spot mercilessly. I reeled in the pleasure.

"It's weird... it's not..!" I had never felt it like this before. I felt full. I felt hot. I was desperate for the feeling but afraid of it at the same time. My curiosity was winning, my hips bucking even faster in pursuit.

"Ah, Scar! Ah!" Ecstasy seized my limbs and body. It felt like something was going to burst out of me. I wanted to feel it slowly, but his thrusts only came faster.

'Scar..! Scar!' My ears were full of the Shagaru's growls and my moans. A wet squelching sound echoed in the sanctuary as our bodies came together.

'It's feels like something's going to...!' I gasped.

'Ah..ah... nnngh!'

I cried into the ground as my body shook. En explosion of pleasure shattered in me as I could feel something wet spray on my legs.

My vision went white, my ears rang and I collapsed. I could still feel myself quivering. Even the wind against my wet back felt like a lovers caress.

I felt myself being lifted, carefully wrapped in Scar's claws. I was limp, I couldn't control myself anymore. I was dripping everywhere, dripping everything. My hands were empty. I could see the dagger in the ground below me, too far to reach now.

I was facing Scar. His orange eyes were captivating. I loved them. I loved him. I loved the way he made me feel.

I licked my lips as he lowered me. I opened my body for him again, swallowing up his length, the perfect sheath to his sword. My head rolled back as he found that special spot inside of me again. Now that I knew, it was an irresistible feeling.

I moaned loudly as he pumped himself inside me. Nothing seemed to matter anymore. I wanted to keep feeling this way forever.

I humped him like an animal in heat. I don't know how many times I came, or how many times he filled me up. It was well into the night when he plunged deep for the last time. The base of his cock pushed out my well-used opening, plugging me up as his cum gushed out and flooded my insides. I shivered as I could feel his liquids force their way deep into my womb. The scars on my stomach throbbed happily.

We were both back in the cave and the moon was high in the sky when I began to drift off. I heard the loud breath of Scar as he, too, fell into deep sleep.