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Chapter: 5

The morning was cold, too cold. Winry tried to reach out for some warmth but found none. She suddenly awoke to find the spot next to her was vacant apart from a large but warm dent in the bed. Ed must have gone out early to talk to Al before he goes. Winry sat up and rubbed her eyes awake before getting out of her bed and heading to the kitchen to go talk with Mei.

"Do you know where the boys went off to?" Winry asked groggily as she pokes her head into the kitchen.

"I think they went to their old home on the hill one more time, I think." Mei replied, turning away from making breakfast.

"I might check up on them lat-"

"No, don't! They'll be fine!" Mei cut in a bit too quickly. Winry noticed the slight grin on the other girl's face but decided to just ignore it instead.


At their old home, the one they burnt down so long ago, was Edward and Alphonse. Edward lay under the large oak tree, staring into the rising sun. Alphonse sat nearby and watched the changing expressions of his brother's thinking face. They sat like that for a while before Al broke the silence.

"Hey brother..." he asked cautiously.

"What is it Al?"

"When are you actually gonna propose to Winry?"

"I don't know, once I get paid enough to actually buy a ring I guess."

"Oh come on!" Al whined. "At least do it after Mustang has."

"But he already did."

Alphonse's eyes lit up. "Well, what are you waiting for?!"

"I already said! Because I was in Xing, I couldn't make enough money to Buy. A. Ring." Edward started to get annoyed at his pestering brother. "Just give me some time!"

"But you've had plenty of time brother! She is going to fall for someone else if you're not fast enough!"

"NO SHE WON'T!" Edward stood up and stormed off towards the village to go and spend some alone time inside of the random shops.


Late that day, once the streets started to crowd, Edward made his way out into the dirt path. The track was lonely except for a young man walking a bit further Infront of him. The character was tall, slim and had curly black hair, plus he also had an automail arm that was similar in design to what Edward used to wear before the promised day. Interesting... he thought. Maybe Winry made it for him. He is heading in their direction anyways so he must be getting a checkup.

Edward was still a fair distance away from the man still but decided to hang back a bit further once he reached the Rockbell residence. The curly haired man knocked on the door and waited patiently for an answer. Winry came and opened the door slightly before opening it wide in greeting.

"William!" She exclaimed happily and smiled at the man.

William suddenly embraced Winry into a tight hug.

Ed's face started to boil up at the scene until it turned to a grin. His eyes watched Winry move her free hand down to the side of her jumpsuit to produce her trusty wrench. In one clean motion she hit the man over the head really hard causing him to back away,

"What the hell Winry!" He exclaimed all the while holding his head. "Is that how you treat your boyfriend?"

"Since when?" Winry glared at him.

"Since 4 months ago!"

"I never agreed to that, idiot!" Edward took this phrase as a cue to cause some of his own trouble with William. He casually strolled up to Winry and embraced her infront of the man. Winry realised exactly what he was doing and played along with it. She wrapped her own arms around Edward and held him tight.

"Oh Ed!" she said dramatically. "You were gone for so long I started to get worried!" Edward laughed and released her before looking William up and down.

"Say, who is this fellow?"

Now it was Williams turn to get angry. "I am William. I'm going to guess that you are Winry's friend named Edward?" Edward just pulled a fake smile and stared at him calmly. Unable to fight back his anger anymore, William shoved past Ed and walked through the front

door. "Now let's get this stupid arm checked out sooner rather than later."


About halfway through the operation, Edward snuck down to the door of Winry's workshop and placed his ear against the cold hard surface. His eyes widened when he heard the commotion going on on the other side.

"Come on Winry, you deserve a better man than him."

"If by a 'better man' you mean yourself, then definately not!"

"But he hasn't even given you a ring yet so how can you be so sure? You're old enough to make your own decis-"

"Exactly! I made my choice to trust his word and not yours."

Edward quietly opened the door to reveal William seated on the bench with Winry towering over him. Luckily, no one noticed Ed's presence in the room so he just leant up against the door frame and watched on in silence.

"How could you betray me like this?"

Winry stood up and pointed at the door where Ed was standing. "William, you were so kind and understanding of me and Edward's relationship. You spoke to me about it and helped me through all my struggles. If anyone is being betrayed it's me! Now pick your arm up and get the hell out of my house!" Even through Winry's intimidating face a tear managed to escape.

Not needing another invitation to leave, William picked up his arm before he trudged passed Ed and out the front door. Winry stood still at her bench, her body not moving.

"I'm sorry," was all she could whisper. Edward came up to her and held her close. Before he could say anything Alphonse joined them and comforted both his brother and childhood friend. In this moment Ed realised how much these two people meant to him. With them he could do anything, they're the only people he holds close to him without letting go.

They were his Heart and his Soul.

~ End


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