This is my new story now, and in this I shall crossover Kamen Rider Den-O with Skylanders. Now you may ask 'why are you crossing these two over?' Well whoever you are asking such a question, I wanted to cross these two because the Imagin are all about imagination, and what was the latest Skylanders game about…IMAGINATION! So it just makes sense!

I'm also going to try something different, instead of writing a male OC I'm having my Den-O be female.

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"Go on get the final hit on him Sammy!" I playfully yell to little brother, just as the boss we're fighting was at the lowest health possible.

"I got him sis, go Spyro!" Sammy defeated the boss, and we Yay in triumph. Our celebrating was interrupted when my dad knocked, and opened my bedroom door. "Sammy, your mom's here to pick you up."

"But I want to stay with Amy." He protests.

"I know you do kiddo, but she's visiting you next week, you can continue playing with her then. Come on then, time to go."

Sammy looked at me before going. "Sibling hug?"

"Sibling hug." I smile at him, before giving him a big sister hug. He leaves and I them begin the clean-up of all the toys scattered all over my room.

Oh I should introduce myself. I'm Amy, Amy Robinson. I'm a fourteen year girl with brown hair and green eyes. I wear a black hoodie jacket over a green shirt, and black trousers, with blue shoes.

The boy who just left is my little brother Sammy, who's eight. The reason he just left is because our parents are divorced, with me living with my dad while Sammy lives with my mom.

The game we were playing was one of my personal favourites, Skylanders Imaginators. A game which uses small plastic toys and a base called The Portal of Power to make the toys appear in the game. Though the games were originally meant as a birthday present for me, Sammy just loves playing it with me.

I cleaned up the rest of the Skylanders on the floor, when I look at a specific one I have on the shelf. It's not really a Skylander, it's from this Japanese game called Summon Ride, my aunt mistook it but I still kept it. It's this armoured guy doing like a kick pose. I looked it up on the internet, and I think this guy was called a Kamen Rider.

"Well the two games are basically the same." I walk over to the shelf that has the figure on. "Wonder what would happen if I put you on the portal." I take the little armoured man and place him on the Portal. Nothing happened.

"Oh, that sucks. I didn't really expect anything though." I went to continue the clean-up, when the sound of sparks made me look back at the portal. Static was covering the figure, while the Portal flashed red, blue, yellow, purple, and white.

I un-plugged the cord of the Portal's cable from the Xbox, but it was still flashing. Now I'm beginning to panic.

I went to grab the figure and take it off the Portal, but it just shocked me the second my fingers touched it. My head began to get dizzy, and I kept hearing the same words repeat themselves in my head.

"Momo Ura Kin Ryuu Sieg. Momo Ura Kin Ryuu Sieg."

I soon blacked out, but not before hearing one last word. "Den-O."

In an unknown place.

Four small figures were standing around an unconscious Amy, looking a little worried.

"Ya guys think she'll be okay?"

"I don't know Senpai, but she is breathing. Dimension travel isn't good for the body."

"Hm, what do you think bear?"


The first voice growled and smacked the sleeping one up the head.


"I said, do you think she'll be okay?!"

"I dunno."

"Of course you don't, you stupid bear."

"Oh! How about we poke her with a stick?"

"What?! No! Throw that thing away you brat!"

"Ugh fine, Baka Momotaros."

Momotaros was red from head to toe with red armour that had black markings on it. On his waist is belt with a silver peach on it. His shoulder pads have spikes on them, and his face looks like that of an Oni, with silver teeth, black eyes and long red horns.

"Shut it you snot nosed brat!" He growled.

"Say turtle, where are we anyway?"

The turtle, or Urataros as his real name was, was donned mostly in blue armour that looked like carapace in some parts. On each of his shoulder was a single grey hexagon plate. His face was closely resembling to that of a turtle. His eyes were bright orange.

"I don't know Kin-Chan, looks like some sort of meadow or something." Urataros answers.

Kintaros has a muscled body, and was wearing a jacket with fuzzy lining. His head was halfway covered with a type of mask that had a horn and a visor. His legs and arms were muscular, and he has boots on. He's mostly gold, and has axe blades on his shoulder.


"Hey, let's not forget the fucking floating islands!" Momotaros pointed to the multiple floating islands in the distance.

"Yes that is odd indeed-AH RYUU-CHAN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! DON'T POKE HER WITH THAT STICK! IT'S DANGEROUS!" Urataros screams to the last figure.

Finally there was Ryuutaros. He looked to wear a large purple trench coat which had a black designs on it. He was wearing white gloves, purple trouser, and purple boots. He has fins on his shoulders and the top of his head. His head was dragon like, with whiskers and horns. He has long purple hair, and a pair of headphones on.

"Eh? But it's taking too long!" Ryuu complained as he continues to poke Amy. "Poke, poke."

"Didn't I say to throw that thing away?!" Momo yelled to him.

"Baka Momotaros! Make me!" Momotaros slaps him across the head. "Fine." Ryuutaros throws the stick away.


"Everyone, she's starting to wake up!" Kintaros called.

What the hell happened to me? I remember trying to take that weird toy off the Portal, and then I blacked out.

"Oi, Amy. Wake up." Whose voice is that?

I slowly push myself up, rubbing my head to ease the pain. When I open my eyes, and see four weird looking monster things. The first is red and looks like a demon, the second's blue and looks like a walking turtle shell, the third's gold or yellow and looks like he's wearing one of those costumes you'd see a WWE wrestler wear, and the last is purple and looks like a dancer from the 80s.

"Yo." The red one says.

"How are you Amy?" The blue one asks.

"Greetings Amy-Dono!" The yellow bows.

"Hi!" The Purple one waves.

'What are these things? Why are they so small? Where am I?'

I look around my surrounding area, which looks really familiar. There's just a bunch of floating island, and an abundance of sheep everywhere.

"Oi! Answer us will ya!" I look back to the red chibi, and boot him in the face before scooting to the edge of the small island we're on "Stay away you small demon!"

"EH?! Demon! I'll tell you now, my design is a mix of a peach AND of a demon!" I move back another inch or so, and my hand slips off the edge, with the rest of my body following.

I fell maybe a few inches, before I felt four pairs of small hands grab my legs. I soon get pulled up, and see that those weird chibi things saved me. "You guys…..saved me?" I ask them as they fully pull me up.

"Of course we did." The red one answered. "We can't just let our new partner die."

I stand up and look at the four. "New partner?"

"Yeah. You are the new partner of the Taros Bros!" The purple one cheered.

"Taros Bros?"

"You never heard of us? Okay, time for introductions guys. I'm Momotaros." He says pointing to himself.

"You can call me Urataros." He says resting his arm on his other, looking like a thinking position.

"I am Kintaros, and together out new partnership will make others cry!" He cracks his neck with his fist.

"And I'm Ryuutaros! The cute one." He holds up a peace sign.

"Wait a moment, Momo Ura Kin Ryuu. I heard those name right before I was transported here."

"You did?" Ura asked.

"Yeah, but there was another name as well. Someone called Sieg."

"Oh the chicken winged bastard. That's a problem, cause we haven't seen him since we got here." Momo said, although not sounding very concerned.

"I mean, shouldn't we look for him? Isn't he your friend?" I ask them. The four look at each other before making a sort off 'meh' noise. "I mean, he kinda is and kinda isn't." Ura answered. "But what I'm wondering is where we are."

"Yeah. Why are there so many floating islands here?!" Momo exclaimed. "And how did we get here?!"

"It's Skylands." The Taros look at me confused. "Skylands?" They all ask.

"Skylands is the main setting of the Skylanders series. Lying at the very centre of the universe, it is a magical world in another dimension that contains an endless expanse of clouds with large and small floating islands; each with its own world. Skylands is also home to its greatest protectors, the Skylanders."

"You'd be right young Rider." An echoed voice says, startling us all. We look to the side and saw a giant spirit head of an old man with a long white beard and horned helmet. "Master Eon?" What does he mean Rider?

"Greetings, young Rider, I have been waiting for you. I am Eon, your guide in this world."

"Guide?" Ryuu asks him. "To this Skylands place?"

"Yes, as young Amy just described, this is Skylands a world of magic and fantasy. And yet in a world like this, evil still exist."

"Kaos?" I guess.

"Yes. As well as a new evil. Creature who wish to ruin the past using the imagination of all."

"The Imagin." Momo growls.

"That is why you five have been summoned. To fight this new evil, a new hero must be born." The was a light that momentarily blinded us, and when it cleared, we saw a silver belt with a circler middle that had a pattern of a side way V, making it look like train tracks. On the side are ten buttons, only four of them coloured. One red, one blue, one yellow, and one purple.

"The Den-O Belt?!" The Taros gasped. "How did you get this?!" Eon didn't answer, but only continued his explanation. "Use this, as well as the Taros to become the hero we need. Become Kamen Rider Den-O. You will need to make your way to the Skylander Academy, there you will find new allies. Good luck young Rider." And with that, he disappeared. "Oi! Get back here you old man! ANSWER US! WHY ARE WE SMALL?!" Momo screams at nothing.

Den-O? That's the name I heard after the Taros' names. But what does it mean?

"What do we do now Amy?" Ryuu asks, tugging on my trousers. "Where do we go?"

"I guess we start walking." I pick up the Den-O belt, and the Taros follow me through the meadow. "So….why not tell me a little bit about yourselves?"

"Wait, you know nothing about us?" Momo asks, I'm guessing with a raised eyebrow. I can't really tell. "No. Not a clue."

"So how are you our new partner if you nothing of Kamen Rider Den-O?" Kin asks, holding Ryuu's hand like a child.

"Well I did have this figure from a game called Summon Ride. My aunt mistook it for a Skylander as a birthday present. I never had a way to play with it, so I just kept it."

"I see." Ura puts a hand to his chin in thought. "Well in that case, I'm mostly known as the lady's man of the four. A really charmer."

"More like a perverted turtle." Momo joked


"I am the main strength of the four of us." Kin says. "And I make any opponents cry!" He cracks his neck again.

"I'm the cutest and everyone's favourite of the four. I like animals, and drawing, and playing with my bubble gun. Speaking of which, where'd I put that?" He looks in the pockets in his trench coat. "Aw, I can't find it."

"We'll buy you a new one if we find a place that sells them." Momo sighs.


Momo then looks to me. "I'm basically the leader of the group, I was the first Imagin to partner up with Ryotaro, the original Den-O, and we were quite the team back then." He almost sounded sad about it. "That was till these three came along heh-heh."

"What was this Ryotaro guy like?"

"Super unlucky." Ura answered. "Every bad thing that happened to him was because of some sort of bad luck."

"He was also super kind." Kin added. "He would try to help anyone even if they didn't ask for it."

"He would also forgive anyone who he thought would deserve a second chance." Ryuu also said. "Take me for example. I tried to kill him."

"Okay." I giggled, finding these guys funnier every second.

"Is that a town?" I squinted my eyes, and yes, there was a town. But then I noticed smoke rising from some of the buildings. "Oh no, there's a fire!" I took off running towards the town, the Taros running as fast as they can with their stubby legs.

When I make it to the town, I see it is total chaos. Houses and other buildings are ablaze with the townsfolk running away. The townsfolk are these sorta animal people called Mabu, they're mostly peaceful, unless you count that one adventure pack where you go into a mirror dimension where they're bad.

But the things attacking them are these green skinned elves wearing ninja like garments only showing their eyes. In their hands is a pointy spear. I think these guys are Drow Spearmen, I forget because they haven't appeared since the first game.

"What the hell is going on here?!" Momo asks, running to my side as well as the other three Taros.

"These Mabu are being attacked by Drow, can you guys fight?" They looked at me for a second before pulling out chibi sized weapons. Momo had a sword, Ura had a staff, Kin had an axe, and a Ryuu had a type of gun. The four then charge at the Drow. "You could have just said yes." I mutter.

"Help!" I looked to the source of the yelling, and see a child Mabu pinned under some rubble. "Don't worry, I'm coming!" I run up to the child, and start to lift the rubble. "I don't know how long I can hold this! Move when you can!" The child crawled out and ran to what I'm guessing was his parents.

I drop the rubble and massage my hands. "Ow." I see how the Taros were doing. "Oh no." They're not doing so well.

It's like the Drow are toying with them, laughing and everything. 'They're two small to do anything! There's gotta be something I can do.' I look to the belt I have in my hand, and remember Eon's words.

"Use this, as well as the Taros to become the hero we need. Become Kamen Rider Den-O. Well, here goes something!" I swing the belt around my, having it attach to support it on my wait. It made an activation noise, and I felt some extra weight in my hoodie pocket. Pulling it out, I see that it looks like a train pass. "Now how does this thing work?"

I slowly move the pass across the circler middle, making it glow for a moment. The next thing that happened was really confusing.

Armour was suddenly building itself from little pixels. The body suit was black with some silver on the legs and arms. The chest has some sliver armour on the upper area. And the helmet was black with a silver train track going down.

"What…what is this?" All the Drow and the Taros look at me in shock. Then one of the Drow pointed their spear at me. "That's the one Lord Kaos warned us about! Capture the Den-O!" The Drow charge at me with their spears ready.

Being the type of person I am, I ran. What do you want from me, I don't know how to fight? The Spearmen surround me. One of them goes to slash me with his spear. I duck covering my head, and he accidently hit one of the other Spearmen. "Watch where you're swinging that thing!" Seeing that they're distracted, I seek away unnoticed. "She's getting away!" I got noticed.

I face the spears pointed at my face, and grab a stick from a fallen tree to defend myself. "Come at me!" With about nine quick slashes, my stick turn to a twig. "He-he, can I rephrase that?" Their attacks impacted, sending sparks off the suit.

One last attack sent me into a burning building, and some debris fall on me. "Oi Amy! What are you doing?! Fight back!" Momo yells at me. "I don't know how to fight! I've never done anything like this before!"

"Wait, you haven't? I push the debris off and Momo come running up to me. "Push the red button!"


"Push the red button dammit!" I get startled a bit by his yelling, and look over the belt for the red button. "Oh! There!" I press the button, and electric keyboard music starts to play. "Now what?"

"Just relax and let me do the work!" He turns transparent and enters me! I lost all control of my body, as if I was possessed.

'What's going on?' I feel like I can't even talk.

"Like I said, just relax and let me do the work. Henshin!" He takes the pass and swipes it again.

(Insert: Double Action Sword Form)


Six pieces of armour appeared from nowhere, and attach to the suit I'm already wearing. The colour of the extra armour is red and a mask slides down the helmet. The mask splits to look like a sliced peach, but also kinda looks like devil eyes.

"Ore….Sanjou!" Momo says, striking a pose. 'Orange and juice?' "What? No! Ore Sanjou. Don't you know any Japanese kid?" 'No, I'm British.' "Oh yeah, I forgot."

Momo then turned to the Drow, who were looking a little scared. "Listen here! From start to finish, I'm at a climax!" He takes two pieces from the belt and attaching them together. He throws the piece into the air before taking the other two pieces and attaching them just as the combined piece comes down, making a sword. "Now then. Let's go! Go! Go!" Momo charged to the Spearmen with excitement. "Ha-ha-ha!"

One of the Drow try to slash at him, but Momo parried with his blade before punching him in the face. He then slashes the Drow across chest, making him disappear. "Holy crap! I didn't want to kill him!"

'You didn't. They wouldn't just kill the bad guys in a kid's game. You only defeated him.'

"Okay? Then what are these colourful balls?"

'EXP, you use them to level up.'

"Levelling up is a different Rider entirely. But I guess it won't hurt to try." He reached over to the ball, and it got sucked into my body. "Ugh, tingly." He laughed.

"Baka Momo! Take care of these elf people!" Ryuu yells from the side line. Wait, how'd he get popcorn?

"Yeah I know brat!" More Drow attack Momo, who counter attacks each one, collecting EXP on the way.

"Senpai! You're on fire!" Ura calls out.

"I know I am. I'm doing great!" 'NO! He means you're LITERALLY on fire!' Momo looks at the hand holding his sword.













"AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Momo starts panicking. He ran around the town screaming, waving his arm to try to put out the fire. 'Stop drop and roll!'

Momo drops his sword and starts to roll around the floor. "Why won't it go out?! Why doesn't it hurt?" He stopped screaming. 'It doesn't hurt?' "No, it feels almost natural."

'It could be your element.' "Element?" 'In the game, every Skylander is placed into one of ten elements. Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Life, Undead, Magic, Tech, Light, and Dark. So I guess yours is Fire.'

"Oh. Now let's see what I can really do." Momo grabbed his sword, as the fire moved to the blade. He did a horizontal slash and sent an arch of fire to incoming Drow, instantly defeating them. "Cool. No, hot."

More Drow attempted to slash at Momo, who in turn either dodged or countered with his own blade. He even made use of his fire attack. "It's time for the finisher!" 'Finisher?'


Momo swiped the pass again, making red sparks cover the sword, and having the blade detach. "Hissatsu .Ore no Hissatsu waza….." Momo swung the handle of the sword sideways, having the blade follow, hitting the Drow. He then rose the hand. "Extreme Slash, Part 1!" He slammed the handle downwards, and the blade on the remaining Drow, causing an explosion.

(End song)

Out of the explosion, one or two Spearmen ran away "Lord Kaos will know about this!" With that they were gone.

"Yeah, and don't come back!" Momo cheered.

"Why did you get to fight and not me?" Ryuu complained, trying to reach for the purple button.

"Don't even try brat. I'm tall now! Ha-ha!" 'Momo, stop bullying him.' Momo groans, and takes off the belt. He leaves my body and returns to chibi form. "Wow, what a rush."

We heard cheering, and saw the Mabu were clapping and congratulating us. "What are these things?" Momo asks.

"They're Mabu. They populate most of Skylands." One of the Mabu, I'm guessing the Mayor or something like that, walked up to us. "We thank you for saving us brave warrior. Please, if there is anything you need, just ask us and we will give it to you."

I heard my, and the Taros' stomach growl. "Well we could do with something to eat. Maybe that and a place to stay."

"Consider it done! Tonight we shall have a feast for our new hero!" The townsfolk and the Taros cheered, and made their way to a big hall in the centre of town. I stayed behind and looked at them belt and pass in my hands. "Hero huh?"

"Oi Amy!" I look up from my thoughts to see the Taros walking up to me. "Aren't you coming? We get a feast!"

"Yeah, I'm coming." The Taros run off and I follow them to the hall.

In the shadows of one of the buildings, someone was watching Amy and the Taros. She was hidden by shadows, so her features were unseen. All that was seen was her white eyes. "This isn't good. I better tell Ray." She disappeared in a puff of grassy green smoke.

"YOU WHAT?!" A short man in a black cloak yelled at the two surviving Spearmen.

"We're sorry Lord Kaos, we were outmatched. The Den-O and her Imagin were too strong." One of the Spearmen pleaded. "If we were given more troops we could…."

"More troops!" Kaos yelled. "You two have failed me, not meet your doom!" Kaos shot dark magic at the two Spearmen, defeating them. "Fools."

"Worry not Lord Kaos." Kaos looked to the shadows, just as two figures walked out. One had leather armour, with a hood covering his face, only showing two red eyes. The other looked like Momotaros, but was human sized. He was mostly black with red marking going over his body.

"Ah Negataros, Gaoh. How goes the operation?"

"Splendid my Lord." Negataros answered, whilst Gaoh said nothing. "Our Imagin have reached all over Skylands. And are finding contracts as we speak."

"Excellent! And Gaoh, are we close to finding the ultimate weapon?" Gaoh only nodded. Not saying anything. "Good." Kaos grinned evilly, and began to laugh evilly.

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