We're back for some more Den-O action, now that the Taros are back from their trip to Remnant and are after the next stone.

But now a NEW CHALLENGER APPEARS in the form of the next new Taros. So let's just get it started.



"Hm, so the Imagin were definitely here." Momo said as it was pretty obvious, well that being the fact that there were several piles of sand scattered around the small jungle we were in.

Reason we're here is cause Dr Krankcase had told us this is was where the Earth Stone would be, it had the whole Aztec look and vines wrapping all over. Looked like a movie set.

But for why we're just standing out here, well there seems to be a giant monster shaped whole in the temple's walls, meaning something got out and destroyed any Imagin that were here. Oh and the Stone's gone, so that kinda sucks.

"Something big came through here, something mad." Ray said, looking around at the destroyed vegetation. "Damn thing broke everything."

"The real question is what came out?" Kin inquired. "These temples have been here for thousands of years apparently, so what could survive down there for that long?"

"You're right." I crossed my arms and thought. "Our best bet so far is to follow the path of destruction this thing left. Maybe we can find it."

"That would be our best course of action." Ura agreed. "We need to find it before it gets to an inhabited area."

"Well why are we still talking here?" Ryuu sarcastically said before running off in the direction of the destructive path, the rest of us running after him.

Meanwhile back at Skylander Academy's laboratory, Dr Krankcase looked at the two Stones already gathered curiously.

"I don't get it, I already linked the frequencies they gave off to locate the Earth Stone but it's like they automatically changed the frequencies." He took his hat off and ruffled his hair before putting it back on. "Who knew science could be so confusing?" He grumbled.

Suddenly a sharp pain entered Krankcase as he leaned onto the table as he panted a bit heavily. Small amounts of sand seeped from his jacket and as he removed his hat, the rest of the sand poured out.

"Tell me your wish. I can grant anything you desire." The Imagin said. "Be it hopefully logical."

"My own wish huh?" Krankcase wondered. 'This is one of those Imagin things that Amy's little guys warned us about.'

"Do hurry up, wasting my time is…illogical." The Imagin said impatiently.

"Um, okay-okay-okay I got! I wish to have any and all information about these Elemental Stones, just anything to help me understand them." Krankcase said before feeling really tried and clacked over to a sofa and fell asleep.

"Your logical wish is my command." The Imagin said before his body was formed. It was mechanical like the Lobster Imagin with a golden/orange metallic body. His head looked like a Japanese rhinoceros beetle with two yellow eyes and a horn, the metal of his body also looked beetle like with it being shaped like a shell. His last feature were the two big gears on the back of his shoulders that linked together.

The gears on his back turned slowly as it seemed he was powering up.

"Calculations complete. Best course of action charted. All logical moves planned." Electrical energy channelled from his horn to his legs as he became a blur and ran out of the Academy. As he left, he passed by two Skylanders, kicking up some wind.

"Did you feel something Pop Fizz?" Jet Vac asked, coming out of his book.

"What?!" The small gremlin asked, who just stared into space.

"Never mind."

So after following that destructive trail for half an hour, it lead us to this old patch of ruins that I think resembled a church.

"Well this was a complete waste of time." Sieg huffed. "It only lead us to this crumbly old place."

"I didn't even know that Skylands had any more churches." Ray said as he looked over the ruins. "These ruins seem maybe a few generations old."

"What kinda religion does this crazy world have anyway?" Momo asked as he looked at some carvings on a wall. The carvings showed some kind of sacrifice. "Creepy…"

"That's Umbra, goddess of death, or at least was." Ray spoke up as he looked at the same carvings as Momo, drawing us all to them. "Master Eon told me that every element had a God or Goddess associated with them. Legend told that Umbra demanded sacrifices to empower her."

"Strength from death, how…..disturbing." Kin shivered.

"Jeez, her followers must've been total creeps." I said. "To think they'd murder another person just to pray to her."

"Do y'all hear sumn?" Ryuu asked, as….well yeah what is that sound? It sounds like some sorta zoom sound.


The lot of us hid behind some walls and rubble as I got a good look at what came running in. It was an Imagin.

It was mechanical like the Lobster Imagin with a golden/orange metallic body. His head looked like a Japanese rhinoceros beetle with two yellow eyes and a horn, the metal of his body also looked beetle like with it being shaped like a shell. His last feature were the two big gears on the back of his shoulders that linked together.

"Scanning. Scanning." The Imagin's eyes scanned over all the carvings. He brought up his arm and pressed a few buttons as a small compartment opened up and began to take pictures of the walls. "Logical information gathered. Heading to next site."

"Whoa! A robot!" Ryuu said before Serpen slapped a hand over his mouth.

"Hiding yourselves is most illogical." The Imagin said as he turned off his camera. It was as if he knew we were already here. The eight of us stepped out with Ray preparing his staff and me putting on my belt. "Scanned, six Imagin and two Humans, a logical ratio."

"He's a smart one." Ura commented.

"Whaddya doing here Imagin? Didn't think you lot would be religious." I questioned as I took the Rider Pass out of my pocket.

"I am only doing what is necessary to complete my contract with that green skinned scientist with the four wooden legs."

"Dammit Krankcase…" I heard Ray mumble.

"Now I'd best recommend you not get in my way. That would be most…..illogical." The ports on his wrists opened up as a small gun came out of each. He aimed at all of us and started to blast away.

We all yelped and took cover once again as the Imagin's blasts started to chip away the old rock.

"Amy, let's do this!" Momo said to me and I nodded before pressing the red button. The electronic keyboard played as Momo jumped into my body. "Henshin!"

(Insert: Double Action Sword Form)


Plat Form formed onto my body with the red Sword Form armour attaching. The visor slid down and split to form eyes.

"Ora….Sanjou!" Momo posed. "Listen here nuts and bolts!" He yelled over the gunfire. "From start to finish, I'm at a climax!"

Momo jumped out and dodged some of the gunfire before constructing the DenGasher into Sword Mode and deflected a lot of the blasts.

The Beetle Imagin began to walk forward as Momo ran forward and deflected more blasts. When they got close enough, Beetle stopped shooting and threw two punches across our chest. Momo tried to slash but Beetle batted our arm away and punched our chest. Another attempted slash was batted away and with us receiving another punch, this time to the helmet.

Electricity then flowed down to his right leg as he assaulted us with high speed powered kicks, casting sparks off us.

Momo stumbled back a bit and readied a flame slash that he sent towards but it only grazed over Beetle's metal body.

"Using fire based attacks against me is….illogical." Beetle said and began to skulk towards us like a bloody Terminator.

'DUN-DUN-DUN-DUH-DUH! DUN-DUN-DUN-DUH-DUH!' "No! Stop that!" He shouted as I mentally laughed.

Electricity flowed down to Beetle's legs and he turned to a blur and zoomed over to us, striking us at high speeds multiple times.

"Damn…this guy's fast." Momo panted as the battle seemed to be taking its toll.

"Surrendering now would be the logical approach." Beetle aimed one of his cannons directly at our helmet, but the rustles of grass caught his attention as he looked to the left and saw some kinda doe creature. "Huh, fascinating…"

"Now's your chance Mom no Ji! He's distracted!" Kin shouted at us. Momo sprawled to his feet and spear tackled Beetle to the ground, scanning the Pass in the process.


"Hissatsu….Ore no-!" The ground began to shake violently which made Momo fall backwards off the Imagin. "What the hell?!"

(End Song)

"Look!" Ray pointed at some random boulder that began to rumble and…..move?

Multiple other rocks flew over to it and attached to it and grew, grew, grew very large. All the rocks and boulders were connected by some magical bond and formed together into a giant Golem!

(A/N: It looks like a Stone Talus from Breath of the Wild)

The Golem stood tall and let out a bellow that shook the earth.

"I've never seen a Golem that big before!" Ray said flabbergasted.

"That's~~~~~ pretty big." Serpen stepped back, as did the other Taros as they were pretty intimidated.

"Oh it's not that bad, I can take it!" Momo said confidently. He charged at the Golem and fired a flame slash, and as it came closer the fires only dismissed. "Uh….."

'Momo, you did read about which Elements are stronger or weaker against each other right?'

"Well in all honesty I was never really the reading kinda guy, I prefer to learn while doing."

The Golem swung its massive arm and thumped us into one of the ruin's walls as we slouched down.

"Elemental Stone detected, commencing retrieval." Beetle aimed his blasters at the Golem and fired multiple lasers. They bounced off the Golem as it raised an arm to protect itself.

It picked up a clump of dirt and threw it at the Imagin, who super sped his way out of the way with the dirt now coming to us. Ray aimed his staff and blasted a jet of water that turned it to mud which splattered all over Sieg, making the Swan Imagin freak out.

The Beetle Imagin ran up the Golem's arm and changed the electricity from his legs to arms to allow him to assault with high speed punches. The Golem twisted and turned and was able to throw Beetle off its back.

Beetle landed crouched and assessed the situation. "Probability of success; 67.32%. Logical course of action is retreat." He said before speeding away.

"OI! Get back here coward!" Momo shouted and was gonna go after him, but the Golem got our attention again.

The Golem smashed its hand into the ground and charged at us. Momo rolled out of the way as the Golem's fist crushed a ruin wall.

Vines spurted out of the ground and wrapped around the Golem's body. I looked over to Ray to see he was struggling to keep his staff on the ground.

"This damn thing is too much for us, so I say we run!" He grunted.

'Gotta say I agree.' I said to all my Imagin who nodded in agreement as we decided to have a strategical retreat, Momo jumping out my body and Ray covering our escape with a fog.

We got a safe distance away from the Golem and stopped to catch our breath. "Whew, that thing really packed a punch." Ray panted and rubbed his head.

"Here's~~~~~ a ques~~~~tion….what was~~~~~ that thing!?" Serpen shouted.

"A Golem." I answered. "Creatures that take form from solid matter; metal, wood, ice, and especially rocks."

"So a creature that can access many different elements. And ones that require true strength." Kin said.

"So how do we beat it?" Ura asked. "There's gotta be a way to weaken the links each body part has with the main body."

"Gimme a sec," Ray reached into one of his pockets and pulled out one of those communicator stones. "Hey Hugo, can you get me any info on Golems? Not like Gear-Golems just like regular Golems."

"Hmm, well if it's not a Gear-Golem then it doesn't have a spirit to form it." Hugo said from his side of the line. "That must mean the Golem you fought has a core stabilising it. The only way to defeat a Golem like that is to disrupt the core from its' main body, after that the rest of the body would crumble."

"Well that was easy." Ryuu shrugged.

"No….no it's not." Ray sighed.

"It's not because of whatever kind of core the Golem might have, it could have an explosive one for all we know!" Hugo exclaimed.

"Um…here's a thought." Sieg spoke up, gaining our attention. "That temple we visited, the one that had the Stone, what if the Golem came from there? And as a side note, what if this core thing you're talking about is the Stone we're looking for?"

"That…is actually a very good theory." Ray admitted. "I mean the Stones have enough Elemental Energy to do something like that."

"Great, and we practically have nothing to fight against it." Momo huffed.

"Well we got Kin, each Element is neutral to each other to he's kind of our only chance." The Bear Imagin nodded at my logic.

"And let's not forget that metal Imagin running around after the Stones as well, but why was he at that ruined church?" Ray wondered.


"We'll tell ya later Hugo, thanks for the help." Ray hung up. "Now the next problem, how do we find that Golem again?"

"Wait, we're practically walking tracking devices for those Stones. Why don't we just have Bear track it down since he's Earth or some shit?"

"Oh yeah, we had Ura find the Water Stone just by looking at a map." I turned to Kin and knelt down a bit. "Kin I need you to really focus now and find that Golem. Please."

Kin crossed his arms and hummed. He clapped his hands and got into a sumo pose as he began to concentrate…I think so at least.

The yellow Imagin hummed and grunted before his right hand began to glow brown.

"This way!" Kin shouted and took one or two steps right before falling straight asleep. "Zzzz…."

"Oh great. Well at least the glow is still going." I picked up the sleeping Imagin and pointed him in a random direction. "It started glowing brighter this way, come on let's go."

I started to lead our group in the direction the glow was brightening at. But I had to wonder, why did that Imagin stop the fight to look at that doe?

Beetle stopped running with a skid. He had gotten a good distance away and was now going through the calculations of what to do next.

"The Golem's body is tough, further data required." His arm started to spark as the servos were damaged. "But the logical thing now is to commence repairs."

A port opened on his leg as he reached in and pulled out a repair tool to then begin fixing his arm.

'Why did I cease the battle? Just when I was to defeat the Den-O I got distracted by that creature, a highly illogical move.' Beetle thought to himself.

A rustle caught his attention as he spun around and aimed one of his cannons at the thing making the sound, only to see it was the same doe from before.

"Oh, it's you again." The Imagin lowered his arm as the doe approached. "I would not have expected to see you again, logically you would not have been able to catch up to my speed."

The doe began to sniff at the Imagin, confusing him. "What a curious creature you are." Beetle raised his hand cautiously and began to then pet the doe's head, making it give off a pleased sound. "Heh, heh, cute."

Suddenly more woodland creatures like birds, squirrels and other mammals came up to inspect the Imagin.

"Logically I'd make some joke or reference to one of those Disney Princesses, but now is not the time." One of the birds flew up to his horn and landed upon it. "Well, maybe I have a bit of time…"

After fixing his arm and spending some time with the animals, which he thought in turn was highly illogical.

"Calibrations complete, tracking online." Beetle touched the side of his head which made his eyes light up. "Searching…..searching…searching…..located."

Beetle was about to leave but turned around to the doe one last time and petted it. "To think I would make a true friend in this world, and that friend being a creature like you. It defies most logic but I'm okay with that."

Electricity charged to his legs as he then sped away, not noticing the Mantis Imagin was behind a tree, giggling to herself.

"Warmer, warmer, warmer, warmer, warmer, warmer, warmer, warmer, WARMER….…colder." I sighed. The glow from Kin's led us to what I can only call a seaside village called Bubble Ville, and lemme tell you this place is soft. This place had a beach, shops, boats, and even a fish and chips shop…damn I wanna get me some fish chips, haven't had any since I came here.

"You'd think it be easy to find a giant stone monster." Momo growled with a pout.

"You're just salty because you never got finish off that Beetle Imagin." Ray snickered which made Momo growl more.

"SAY THAT AGAIN AND I'LL LIGHT YOUR ASS ON FIRE!" He shouted at the Portal Master who only laughed.

"Calm down Momo No Ji, it's getting brighter over here!" Kin led us over to the beach, pointing at a VERY suspicious boulder among the sand.

"Well that was easy." Ryuu shrugged.

"Oh no. Look who's here to crash the party." Ray pointed to the other side of the beach, and we all saw Beetle walking up to the rock, occasionally stopping to interact with some crabs and birds for some reason.

"Why's he playing with those animals?" I wondered.

"Who cares~~~~~? Let's~~~~ get him!" Serpen said as all the Taros ran down the steps towards the sand.

"No wait! Agh you little arseholes!" I yelled but to no avail. I started to run after them, which was not easy with my shoes.

I then tripped on something and commenced to roll down the stairs like a bloody tennis ball. Surprisingly this stuff was soft, kinds felt like….bubbles I guess.

I landed on the sand and massaged my back to ease the slight pain. The Taros ran past me and headed straight for the Imagin.

"Oh you guys sure took your time!" I snarked and pushed myself up.

"Need some help Rolly Polly?" Ray joked as he leisurely walked off the stairs. I merely groaned and wacked him in the stomach. "Tou jeez! Learn to take a joke!"

I focused back on the fight, only to see the Taros were climbing all over Beetle's arms, legs and shoulder. The best way to describe it would be a bunch of toddlers trying to fight Dwayne Johnson.

Beetle bucked back and forth as he tried to throw off the Taros. He then tripped backwards into the boulder, which began to rumble as other rocks joined with it to form the Golem once again. It swung its rocky fist that hit both Beetle and the Taros, sending them a good distance away. The Golem turned to us and leered.

"So…..you wanna have a crack at it?" Ray offered albeit nervously.

"No you go first oh so powerful Portal Master." I pushed him forward. Ray stumbled forward and looked up to the giant rock monster.

"Um….hey. Wait what am I doing, I don't have to fight you." He pulled out his staff and held it up before slamming in on the sand. "Crusher!"

A brown circle formed behind him before forming into a giant humanoid shape. The light cleared, showing a giant stone Golem, this time humanoid with green gems imbedded in him. Around his shoulder was a metal sash that had green gem spikes, with his head having a metal helmet with blue eyes. In his hands was a giant hammer.

"It's Crush Hour!" Crusher and the Golem stared each other down before Crusher raised his hammer and swung at the Golem. The hammer bashed against the Golem's body as it retaliated by rearing its fist and punching Crusher in the chest.

"Yeah go on, get him big guy!" Ray cheered as the two titans clashed.

"Amy!" I heard Ura's voice say as he ran up to me.

"Ura what are you doing? Where's Kin?"

"Busy holding the Beetle Imagin, he's keeping him pinned. Listen we're next to an ocean, so I basically have unlimited ammunition." He is making some good sense.

"Alright, let's do this." I slung in the belt and pressed the blue button. Ura rubbed his hands and jumped into my body.


(Insert: Double Action Rod Form)


Plat Form formed onto us as Rod Form's armour attached. Ura rolled his neck and turned to the Golem.

"Omae...Boku Ni Tsuraretemiru?" Ura made the DenGasher into Rod Form and went to charge at the Golem.


If not for a gunshot to land in front of us. We turned to see Beetle marching towards us as he threw off a groaning Serpen.

"For the last time, I advise you to get out of my way!" He started to run at us and when he got close he swung a punch that Ura blocked with the DenGasher.

The two traded blows with one another, Ura managing to get some range thanks to his rod. On the other hand Beetle was combining his punches with his mini cannons. Electricity channelled to Beetle's hands before he delivered high speeded punches to our chest. The last punch sent us skidding towards the ocean as Ura stabbed the DenGasher into the sand to stop.

Ura growled and spun the DenGasher which collected water from the sea and launched a stream at Beetle. The water sunk into his mechanisms and made the metal Imagin spaz out with sparks spewing out.

'Ura now's out chance, get the Golem!' The Turtle Imagin nodded and made a break to the fight between giants. Crusher held the Golem's arms behind its back and seemed to struggle as doing so.


Ura stopped running and hefted the DenGasher with both hands. The spear flew towards but just as it was to impact, the Golem busted out from Crusher's grasp and back handed the DenGasher away before shoulder bashing Crusher back.

The rod continued to spin to the side of the beach where there was a…family of ducks? Where did those ducks come from?!

"N-N-N-NO!" Beetle managed to move and speed his way in front of the ducks so the DenGasher stabbed into him, enlarging the hexagon on him.

'He put himself in front of the attack for those ducks?' I wondered. 'This guy may not be as bad as we thought.'

The Golem then thwacked Beetle so the Hexagon exploded and sent him tumbling to those ducks. He picked up the whole family and sped off.

(End Song)

"He's certainly a strange one." Ura said as he dodged from a slam from the Golem. "I think now is the best time to switch with Kin-chan."


"Huh?" Both the yellow and blue questioned.

'Hear me out here, Kin I need you and others to help Ray and Crusher distract the Golem. Ura, you and I are going after that Imagin.' The two hummed sceptically. 'Please guys, trust me.' The two looked at each other, before sighing and mentally agreeing.

"Alright Amy, let's go after him." Ura turned to Ray. "Ray, you need to distract it! Amy and I are going to get that Imagin!"

"Okay but make it quick, I dunno how long Crusher can handle this thing!" He yelled back before blasting a light laser from his staff.

'Come on Ura, let's go.' Ura disassembled the DenGasher and ran in the direction of Bubble Ville, more specifically the cliff on the edge of town. After a five minute run, we made it to the top of the cliff where we could see Beetle standing there, seeing off the family of ducks.

"I see you have followed me up here." Beetle said, not even looking at us. Ura jumped out of my body with the Rod Form armour going away. "I cannot debate whether that was logical or not."

"Why'd you do that, get in the way of that attack?" I asked as Beetle turned around. "I wouldn't have thought evil Imagin would care for some animals."

"My contract was to learn about these Stones, but in doing so I learned about the value of living things. For some reason, be it illogical, I somehow found that I….cared."

"You grew a heart." I summarised.

"What you're saying is, you defied logic?" Ura asked.

"I thought if I could complete my contract, I could forget all this strange emotion. Reboot myself in a sense…"

"Well maybe it's not a bad thing. Emotions are what makes you who you are, without them you're just…a machine." The Imagin looked at me sceptically.

"For a fourteen year-old girl, you speak logically. I want to keep my emotions, I want to keep all those creatures safe." He pledged which I smiled at. A glow came from the Den-O Belt as one of the blank buttons changed to an orange colour.

"Well, I think we know what that means." I turned to Ura. "Mind giving him a shot?"

"Of course not, let's see what you can do, new Taros." Beetle stepped forward and turned translucent and entered my body.

"So, what happens now?" He looked at my armoured hands. "It feels…illogical."

'Just press the orange button and swipe the pass.' I instructed. He pressed the orange button, which let out techno music that sounded a little like Daft Punk. 'Now go for it, Kabutaros.'

"Henshin!" Kabu swiped the pass and jumped off the cliff, heading towards the beach.


As we fell, orange pieces of armour appeared and attached to our body. Kabu crashed directly in between of the other Taros and the Golem. As the sand cloud disappeared, it showed the newest addition to the Den-O arsenal.

(Insert: Full Force)

The armour was more advance than the others and had the design of nuts and blots screwed in. The shoulders had halves of gears on the that spiked out. The mask slid down, which was a gear, and spun around before splitting vertically with a pair of eyes lighting up in each side.

"Whoa, is that….?" Ryuu was about to ask but was interrupted as Ura came floating down on a bubble.

"Yup, introducing the newest associate; Kabutaros. Our Tech Taros." Ura proclaimed.

Kabu stood up straight and looked at the Golem. "Probability of success; 99.99%."

Kabu grabbed two pieces of the DenGasher from the side of the Belt and threw them into the air. He raised our left arm as both pieces fell and connected to our wrist. He grabbed the other two pieces and threw them up for them to connect to our right wrist. The four pieces now resembled arm cannons.

Kabu began to run around the Golem as he fired orange laser blasts that impacted against the rocky body. The Golem swung one of its arm to try crush us, and as it came closer electricity energised to our legs as he sped-jumped above the arm and rang up it. He jumped off the head of the Golem and fired burst blasts on the top.

The Golem picked up a nearby boulder and hurled it at us. The electricity travelled from our legs to out arms, and as the boulder came Kabu reared back our fists and delivered high speeded punches that chipped away at the boulder until it left it in pebbles. Kabu lowered our arms and scanned as the Golem came charging at us.

"Scanned; weaknesses in joints connecting limbs to main torso. Targets acquired." He cocked the two cannons and ran to the Golem as it got closer to us. The Golem went to smash us with its hand, but Kabutaros slid on our knees in between the Golem's legs and blasted at its knees, causing it to stumble.

The Golem tried to throw another swing at us, but Kabu focused power on the cannons and blasted a charged shot that broke through the Golem's shoulder, which fell to pieces.

'How'd you know that'd work?'

"It was a logical assessment."

'Are you gonna have 'logical' be in every single sentence?'

"I mean it's logical."

'UGH!' I mentally groaned. 'Can we get back to beating this thing.'

Kabu focused back on the Golem as it bellowed loudly and seemed to throw a tantrum. Kabu fired more and more barrages at the Golem and seemed to chip away more of the stone. The Golem was now starting to crumble as it fell to one knee.

"Probability has increased to 100%." Kabu pulled out the Pass and swiped it across the Belt.


Orange energy flowed from the Belt to both cannons. Kabu threw both our arms backwards and slammed out hands together into a fist. He aimed both cannons as they seemed ready to burst.

"Incineration Blast!" Kabu fired a giant orange laser that demolished a good section of the Golem's torso. And in the hole, I could see a glowing brown stone directly in the middle.

Kabu sped over and up the Golem's body before ripping the Stone out of its body. The Golem stood for a few more seconds before crumbling into nothing.

(End song)

Kabu admired the Stone in our hands as Ray and the other Taros approached.

"Well, gotta say…that was dope." Ray groaned as he supported himself with his staff.

Kabu unclipped the Den-O Belt as he exited my body. He looked at his own body, satisfied it was no longer damaged.

"So how'd it feel?" I asked the beetle Imagin as he looked back at me.

"It felt odd, yet good to do the right thing. Thank you." He extended one of his hands for a shake. I was about to shake it but was stopped as Kabu glowed orange and his body began to shrink. When the light cleared he was small just like the others. "This seems…illogical."

"Geez, now there's seven of us." Momo scratched the back of his head. "Man…Climax is gonna be crowded…."


"Don't worry about it." Momo, Ura, Kin and Ryuu said at the same time.

"So now that that's over," Ray took the Stone from my hands. "We can start looking for the next one." Am I the only that thinks this is starting to sound repetitive?

"That would be highly illogical." Everyone looked at Kabu, who was typing into a console in his arm.

"Why? We're on a three for three win streak, why stop?" I asked.

"There is no need to search for what is already found." He answered cryptically. Kabu pressed one last button as holographic pictures of the carvings on the ruins appeared. "These markings show more than just ancient history, they are a map. A map to the Stone linked to Undead. And by my calculations this trail leads to-"

"The Mountains of Malefor." Ray said with absolute fear in his eyes. "If that's really where it is...then we are screwed."

A/N: And there we go, our newest Taros. I decided to make his animal themed after a rhinoceros beetle because I couldn't think of any other animal to work with Tech. I also based Kabutaros' personality off of Shockwave's from Transformers Prime. Be it thinking only logically.

Also I have a Poll for what story I'll do in December, I didn't do one for November because I decided to Agito because it's a story I've been wanting to do for a while.

But anyway I'll see you lot next time.