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The scene opens up with a news report of police cars chasing after a speeding armored vehicle.

"Well looks like we're off already on an interesting start." Glynda commented.

Yang just smiled with excitement. "It's the best way to start."

"Yeah it is!" Nora said in agreement of her fellow brawler. "Can't wait to see which alien Jaune uses to beat those guys."

"We're live on the scene of a high-speed police pursuit of an armored car stolen earlier today from the federal reserve in Denver." A news reporter informs, just as the armored car drives past a familiar RV. "It is believed the thieves also have a hostage."

Suddenly, a large crystal grew out from the pavement in front of the armored car, piercing through the undercarriage, which caused the car to swerve out of control until suddenly stopping.

"Looks like it's Diamondhead for this one." Ghira said.

"It seems to be the more powerful of the ten." James said.

Yang gave a light scoff. "I don't know about that. I mean, Four Arms is pretty strong."

"Strength alone can't be enough to win." Pyrrha advised her friend. "There's more to it than that. Like what Tetrax said."

"OK, fair enough." Yang said. "I see what you mean. But Four Arms is still pretty good."

Police cars began to surround the car as one of the robbers steps out of the car, grabbing a hold of a hostage. His partner steps out and fires an electrical weapon at the police, a few officers running as their car explodes.

The criminal smirked, not noticing that standing behind him was Diamondhead.

"Wouldn't be so smug if I were you, buddy." Sun said with a smirk.

"You're about to go through a rude awakening." Nora said with a wide and mischievous grin.

"Wait, what's this?" The newscaster said as the criminal finally caught on as he turned around to attempt to fire, only fire Diamondhead to swipe at him, breaking his gun apart into pieces as he attempted to flee. Diamondhead narrows his eyes as he uses his crystals to trap the criminal. "Yes. It looks like we have another alien sighting." The newscaster said as the criminal was hanging off the crystal as it was raised up in the air.

"Looks like Jaune's been practicing with Diamondhead with the way he uses those crystals." Pyrrha smiled at Jaune's use of the alien.

"Maybe he took Tetrax's advice about Diamondhead's potential." Penny suggested.

"Jaune really has grown with his time with the Omnitrix." Ruby said.

"For the most part." Glynda said. "But I do believe that in time, perhaps Mr Arc will continue to grow in more ways than one."

The other criminal sneaked behind Diamondhead as he turned around, raising his hand up in front of the criminal as he transformed it into a blade. The criminal gulps as he lets go of the hostage and raises his hands up in surrender.

"Smart move." Tai smirked.

"Heck yeah!" Nora cheered for her leader. "No one can stop Jaune 10!"

"Jaune 10?" Velvet repeated.

"Hmm, doesn't have a certain ring to it." Coco mused.

"We don't know where these strange creatures come from, but they seem to be here to help." The newscaster said as the screen shifted to the inside of Vilgax's ship, who was watching the news from inside a metal pod.

The cheerful mood died down as soon as they saw Vilgax's ship.

"Except maybe him?" Velvet muttered meekly.

"He's still trapped in that tank, recovering." Yang pointed out. "The best he can do is send his drones., and even they can't manage against Jaune and his family."

"The Omnitrix...wasted on pointless heroics!" Vilgax snarled in disgust.

Ruby frowned at Vilgax and his dismissiveness of Jaune's heroics. "Better used for heroics then used in the hands of a monster like him."

"I doubt he cares." Ilia said, feeling a little worried at the sight of the alien warlord.

"Shall I dispatch more drones to retrieve it?" One of his Bioids asked.

"No." Vilgax said as his pod began to open up and steam began pouring out, one of the repair drones was stepped on by a large, metallic foot. "I will see to this task myself." Vilgax declares menacingly.

The mood within the room became a lot more filled with dread as they looked upon the upgraded form of Vilgax with fear and worry.

"He looks a lot bigger than before." Nora muttered, looking at the alien warlord with a slight feeling of dread.

"Cybernetic enhancements." Ironwood realized as he looked down at his own arm. "He's making himself stronger."

"Jaune can take him on." Ruby said with full confidence for her first friend. "Jaune has the Omnitrix, he can take on Vilgax."

"I have a feeling, Miss Rose, that it might not be as easy as you may think." Ozpin said with a serious tone.

The screen then changed to Jaune, in the RV, suddenly bolting up in shock as the lights turned on.

"Another nightmare, Jaune?" Sterling asks.

"It was that weird alien from my vision!" Jaune exclaims, putting a hand on his head. "Only bigger, uglier and scarier."

"Vision?" Blake repeated with a look of confusion.

"A while ago, Jaune had an encounter with a bank robber who was infused with one of Vilgax's drones." View explains. "During the encounter, Jaune managed to defeat her, but also got a glimpse of Vilgax during the encounter."

"Sounds creepy." Velvet said.

"Sure you weren't just looking in a mirror?" Cyana remarks from the bed below him.

"It was just a bad dream, son." Sterling assures. "We can talk about it in the morning." Sterling said as he walked away.

"It seemed so real. He looked right at me and said "I'm coming for you now." Jaune recalled.

This caused Sterling to stop in his tracks as a shocked expression was on his face. "Change of plan, we're hitting the road right now." Sterling said, surprising both Jaune and Cyana.

"He looks really worried." Kali observed.

"Maybe he knows something they don't." Winter said with a raised brow.

"Well if he does, shouldn't he tell them?" Yang asked. "He clearly knows more than he's letting on from what we've seen. And if he knows something, he should tell them."

Tai looked down, having memories of this exact conversation, regarding a different matter.

"Grandpa, it's three in the morning." Cyana pointed out.

"Best way to beat the traffic." Sterling says as he starts the RV and begins to drive from their spot.

The screen fades to daytime, where the Rust Bucket was quickly driving past a herd of Buffalo.

Jaune was confused by his grandfather's sudden behavior. "Uh, Grandpa, what's with the lead foot?" Jaune asked.

"I wanna make Mount Rushmore by nightfall." Sterling answers.

"Rushmore?" Weiss said with a confused look.

"A national monument dedicated to the nation's presidents." View explained.

"Man, there's a lot of stuff I don't know about other universes." Nora said.

"It would be nice to know more." Ren agreed.

"I'm so bored." Jaune groans. He turns to his cousin, who was on her computer. "Let me play a game."

"I would, But I think this'll be a good lesson for you to learn how to entertain yourself." Cyana said while not looking up from her laptop.

Jaune then gave a mischievous look on his face.

"I do not like the look on his face." Saphron said with a sigh, remembering it from her sisters, mainly the twins.

Nora just grinned. "I do!"

Meanwhile in the planet's atmosphere, Vilgax's ship was roaming over the planet, with Vilgax sitting in his chair.

"The Omnitrix has been activated. Pinpoint its location." Vilgax ordered.

"Oh, damn it!" Ironwood cursed.

"Of all the times..." Glynda groaned.

Weiss closed her eyes. "Please let it be him using it for something good and not something stupid."

The drones were currently working as they watched the symbol of the watch on their screen.

Vilgax narrows his eyes. "I have you now..."

Back on the Rust Bucket, Cyana was currently working on her laptop when it suddenly started to fault her. "Hey! What gives!" Cyana said as she tried to get it back on.

Suddenly, the screen went pitch black and a green ring appeared. "Sorry, you are a loser and always will be!" The voice of Jaune mocked through an electronic filter as he stuck his blob-like face out of the laptop.

"Another new alien?" Ruby said with interest.

"A race known as Galvanic Mechamorphs," View explains. "A race capable of merging, and even upgrading technology."

"Fascinating." Ironwood said with interest, thinking of the possibility seen with this alien.

"That sounds awesome..." Ruby whispered with awe, immediately wanting to see more of this alien and what it can do.

"Quite. I just wished it wasn't used during pointless pranks." Glynda said with a stern look. "Especially now."

Cyana screamed as Jaune's alien form, Upgrade leaned nearer. "Jaune! get out of my computer!" Cyana demanded as he retreated back in.

"What? I'm just entertaining myself." Upgrade innocently said.

"This is my private property!" Cyana said as she tried shaking him out of it. "And you're getting your cooties all over it."

Upgrade then got himself out of Cyana's hand, modifying the laptop so that it stood on spider-like legs.

"Oh, what's this? A diary." Upgrade gasps. Cyana tried to catch him, only for him to dodge away. 'Dear diary, my cousin Jaune is such a-"

"Doofus! Knock it off!" Cyana angrily said.

"It's so childish." Weiss rolled her eyes. "Reading someone's diary like that."

"Eh, I read Pyrrha's all the time." Nora said casually, causing Pyrrha's eyes to widen in panic as she snapped to her teammate. "Especially the part where she and Jaune-"

"NORA!" Pyrrha exclaimed, quickly putting her hand over the pink bomber's mouth before she could finish her sentence, blushing madly. "How many times have I told you!"

Coco snickered at the display while her partner glared at the redhead. "Guess Nikos isn't as pure as I thought."

"Jaune!" Sterling's stern voice caught the two's attention. "Now is not the time to go alien! Do you understand?"

"I was just fooling around." Upgrade says as he gets himself out of the laptop.

"We can't afford to attract attention right now." Sterling said in a serious tone.

"Man, he really is serious about this." Sun said.

"I guess what Jaune said last night really spooked him." Saphron said with a look of concern towards her grandfather.

"What kind of attention could I attract in here?" Upgrade asks as The Omnitrix times out and changes him back to Jaune.

"Nevermind." Sterling brushes off as Jaune and Cyana look at each other, confused.

"Man, he really is worried about what Jaune told him." Coco said.

"Well if he's worried, shouldn't he explain it to them instead of being secretive?" Yang questions.

"There must be a reason behind it." Ruby said.

"There is no good reason for keeping secrets if it means potential danger to them." Winter said.

"Guess that's the kinda thing secrets do." Yang mutters.

Ozpin and his group were all silent at this, knowing that their words meant more to them than anything else, and also felt the same way as Sterling did, but was also curious of his history with Vilgax.

Back on Vilgax's ship, the drones watching the monitors noticed the Omnitrix symbol suddenly vanishing.

"We have lost the Omnitrix signal." One of them informs.

"No matter. I've narrowed down its location." Vilgax says as he looks upon various screens showing images of Jaune' heroics as his aliens. "I know just how to draw this earthling out." Vilgax snarls as he smashes one of the screens.

"What...does he plan on doing?" Ruby asked with a look of worry.

"I imagine...something to draw out Mr. Arc." Ozpin said in a grave tone.

Back on the surface, the animals were munching on the grassy fields until a large shadow loomed over them, looking up to see Vilgax's ship slowly descend over the field. The hanger of the underside of the ship opens and a swarm of Mechadroids proceeds to fly out of it. With them was a red large mace which fell to the ground with the Mechadroids following it. A nearby sign is destroyed as the drones fly into a nearby city with the ball rolling along with them.

"Oh my god." Kali gasped in horror.

"That's how he's doing it." Ren realized with a glaring expression. "He plans on attacking the people in order to bring Jaune out, knowing he would come and help them."

"So many innocent people..." Pyrrha said in horror, bringing her hand close to her mouth.

Back in the RV, Jaune and Cyana were currently relaxing until suddenly noticing the fire and smoke coming from the city. "What's going on over there?" Jaune asked his Grandpa.

"Nothing good, kid." Qrow grimly said, shaking his head.

Sterling turns to see what was happening, his eyes widening before turning back to the road. "I'm sure the local authorities have the situation well in hand."

"Wait, so he's not gonna help them?" Saphron said, surprised by her grandfather actions.

"Yeah," Sun said in agreement. "Usually he would tell Jaune he would need to help."

"I guess he's really scared." Velvet said.

"But what about the people?" Ruby asked. "They're in danger and they need help. He can't just leave them."

"But it could very well be a trap." Ozpin said.

"A trap?" Yang repeated with a confused look.

"Vilgax knows that Jaune is willing to save lives." Ozpin pointed out. "This attack could very well be a ploy to bring out Jaune so he may get the Omnitrix."

"But he can't just let those people get hurt because of him!" Ruby exclaimed.

"It really is a no-win situation." Pyrrha said gravelly.

In the city, people were running away in terror as the droids were blasting the area, destroying cars as the large mace destroys buildings while rolling right through them. Two droids even blasting a gas station, causing a massive explosion.

Jaune, seeing the explosion from the RV, decided to do something about this. "Looks like IT'S HERO TIME!" Jaune eagerly says.

"Jaune, I don't think that's the best idea-" Sterling tries to say.

"Time to turn up the Heatblast on these guys." Jaune said as he dialed in that particular alien and slammed onto the core, molten rock crawling up his hand to his face as molten lava cracked through his body as Heatblast stood where Jaune once was in a heroic pose.

"I'm not sure if this is a wise strategy." Penny said with a worried look.

"Well there's no talking my brother out of something he sets his mind to." Saphron said, but was still worried about what might happen to him.

The Rust Bucket stops as Heatblast comes out of it, blasting at the ground as he begins to propel himself through the air and towards the city, all the while Sterling and Cyana could do nothing to watch.

In the city, people were running in fear as miniature drones were firing all around them. But quickly the drones were suddenly shot down by fire blasts as Heatblast came flying in, taking down more of the drones as he landed in the streets.

"Hey! Why don't you pick on someone with real firepower!" Heatblast challenged.

"Hmm, I should really make that into one of my one liners." Yang hummed to herself.

"Please don't." Weiss muttered pleadingly.

Heatblast looked around to see himself surrounded by more drones as they hovered there in place. "Oh man, I didn't mean all at once!"

"Why do I get the feeling you were expecting me?" Heatblast asks before letting loose a powerful beam of fire onto the drones, circling around him before using boomerang like projectiles against the drones. He continued to let loose against the drones, blowing them apart with his powers until they were all destroyed.

"They're not fighting back." Pyrrha observed, noticing that they were just standing in place.

"Yeah, they're just floating there," Weiss said. "Letting themselves be blown up."

"Because they are." Ozpin said with a serious tone. "They're only they're for the distraction."

Heatblast smirked with pride until he heard a sudden sound nearby, causing him to turn to see an electrical bola suddenly latch onto him and slam him against the side of a building.

"Whoa!" Suns exclaimed in shock, as did most of the audience. "Who got him?"

"I think we already know who." Weiss said in a grave tone.

Heatblast shakes his head as he looks up to see a large, spiky, ball heading right towards him. It finally stopped as it began to expand itself and a cloud of smoke emanated from it. Heatblast narrowed his eyes in confusion as the front of the capsule opened, a large shadowy figure from inside with glowing, red eyes could be seen from within.

The audience watched with suspense and fear as they saw the eyes of Vilgax in that pod.

"Vilgax..." Ironwood breathed out in both shock and worry.

"He's here." Glynda said in a grave tone.

"And he does not look happy." Coco added.

He stepped out of the pod and stood before Heatblast, revealing himself to be the rejuvenated form of Vilgax. Now much taller, stronger and far more menacing than before.

"You! You're the alien from my visions!" Heatblast realized.

"At last we meet." Vilgax says before narrowing his eyes. "The being that has caused me so much trouble!"

"Who are you?" Heatblast asks in awe.

"I...am Vilgax! And I have come for the Omnitrix!" Vilgax declares.

"And uh, I'm guessing you're not with the good guys?" Heatblast remarks.

"That would be an understatement." Yang remarks nervously, worried about what the warlord might do to Jaune.

Heatblast lets out a powerful grunt as he uses all of his power to try and burn through the trap holding him, eventually managing to melt the metal around him, causing the electrical beams to dissipate and freeing him. He launched himself up in the air before landing onto Vilgax with a powerful slam. He then proceeded to punch Vilgax's leg repeatedly.

"He's not even making a dent." Blake, both stunned and horrified to see that not even Jaune could make even the slightest hint of damage.

"He must be fire resistant!" Ruby suggested, panic filling her voice. "Heatblast must not be the right alien for this."

"Either way, he should make a tactical retreat." Ironwood advised.

"I think we all know the kid is gonna to be too stubborn for that." Qrow said.

But he stopped as all his attempts did nothing against the warlord as he stood over Jaune menacingly. He then picked Heatblast up over the shoulder and proceeded to toss him away, sending the Pyronite flying and crashing into a nearby building, smashing through several walls as he continued to smash through several more buildings until finally crashing.

"Holy shit!" Sun exclaimed in shock.

"He's that strong?!" Velvet said in disbelief.

"I guess those cybernetics really did the kick, huh?" Yang said, though she was very worried about Jaune's chances against Vilgax. Having doubts that he may take him down.

Heatblast blasted off a piece of debris on top of him as he groans in pain as he steadily stands up. "Ok, this guy's really tough!"

Vilgax then launched himself up into the air, high enough to land just a few feet away from Heatblast, creating a crater in the process as he walked towards Heatblast.

"I gotta slow him down!" Heatblast says as he begins charging his powers and then proceeds to fire onto the ground, melting the surface into a tar like substance as it sweeps towards Vilgax. The resulting fire and tar caused Vilgax to drop to his knees, with him struggling to get back up.

"Smart move." Tai complimented. "Melt the ground so that it can slow him down."

"Hopefully, it will be enough to slow him down at least while Jaune makes for an escape." Pyrrha said.

"Escape?" Yang said. "But Jaune has him right where he wants him. He can take him out now."

"We saw how strong he was before, Yang," Weiss reminded. "Even if Jaune were to let loose, I doubt it would be enough."

"Quite right." Winter said in agreement of her sister. "The smart move now is to reconvene with Sterling and Cyana."

Feeling proud of bringing him down, Heatblast confidently walked over to Vilgax and took him down. But as he walked, the Rust Bucket came driving to the side of a building Jaune's left as it drove towards him. As he was driving, Sterling could see who Jaune was fighting against and his eyes widened in horror. "No...It can't be." Sterling said in disbelief as Vilgax stood up.

"So you do know each other." Ozpin whispered to himself, curious to learn what history these two have, and how far does it go.

Heatblast places his hands on his hips. "Not so tough when you can't move, are you?" Heatblast mockingly taunted just as the Rust Bucket suddenly swerved in front of him and Cyana opened the door.

"Jaune, Grandpa says to get in, now!" Cyana urged.

"What are you talking about?" Heatblast asked. "I'm just about to kick alien butt!" He says until he hears the Omnitrix's timer and a red flash occurs, transforming him back into Jaune.

"I guess he's not." Sun commented.

"Jaune, get in!" Sterling sternly says, prompting Jaune to hop inside the RV as it proceeds to make its way from Vilgax as he looks up at the fleeing vehicle.

"Believe me when I say, you do not want to pick a fight with Vilgax!" Sterling said in a serious tone.

"Uh, how do you know his name is Vilgax?" Jaune asks.

"Grandpa, what aren't you telling us?" Cyana asked with a suspicious look.

"Well whatever it is, he should just tell them!" Yang exclaimed.

"Maybe he has a good reason." Ruby said.

"If he knew something about this guy, Ruby, then he should've just told them instead of keeping it a secret." Yang said with a frown, while above, the adults, mainly Ozpin's group, all looked at each other with knowing looks as they looked slightly concerned.

Sterling's expression softens as he looks down. But he regained his focus once the drones began firing upon them, the blasts causing Jaune and Cyana to stumble on the floor. Jaune opened the curtains behind him to see the drones.

"Oh great, company." Coco remarked.

"Two robot goons closing in fast!" Cyana warns.

"Hold on!" Sterling says as he began swerving the Rust Bucket left and right as drones missed most of their shots but still persisted.

Cyana ran up next to Sterling. "We can't keep this up forever!"

"Things are gonna get a whole lot worse if we don't get to Mount Rushmore." Sterling said while avoiding another blast.

"Why? What's at Mount Rushmore?" Cyana asked as a blast nearby hit the RV.

"Cyana, this is not the time to explain!" Sterling said as he continued to drive. "You're just gonna have to trust me."

Just then, the sound of the Omnitrix reactivating could be heard. "Well I'm not going down without a fight!" Jaune declares as he slams onto the Omnitrix, transforming him into Stinkfly.

"Man, that took quicker than usual." Nora commented.

"Yeah, it usually takes a while." Sun said in agreement.

"Well no matter, at least he can defend them now." Kali said.

"Yes!" Stinkfly pumped his fist before heading for the door.

"Jaune! Wait." Sterling tried to warn.

"I'd listen to him." Pyrrha advised. "If Heatblast couldn't take him, I hardly think Stinkfly can."

"You know, Jaune," Saphron said with worry." Too stubborn for his own good."

"Yes, but in this case, it might get him killed." Ren said with concern for his leader.

But Stinkfly didn't listen as he flew out of the Rust Bucket and flew towards the drones. He dodged their blaster fire as he landed on top of one of them.

The other drone fires at Stinkfly as he ducks under the blaster fire before vomiting a slime projectile at the drone's blaster, causing it to fire back at it as it swerves out of control to the ground and right behind the Rust Bucket.

Stinkfly crawled to the back of the drone and used his stinger onto a red light on the back of the drone, which exploded and caused it to be sent crashing to the ground below.

Stinkfly hovered in place as he placed his hand on his hips. "Float like a butterfly, but sting like a Stinkfly!" Stinkfly said with pride as a figure on a building nearby jumped off a building from behind and tackled himself onto Stinkfly.

"Oh crap!" Yang shouted.

"He's found him again!" Ghira exclaimed.

"Damn it!" Ironwood growled, slamming his fist onto the armrest. "He should've listened to Sterling."

Stinkfly tried to fly up, but Vilgax had a hold of his stinger tail. "Give me the Omnitrix." Vilgax threateningly demands.

Stinkfly instead just vomited a smile projectile onto Vilgax, causing him to lose his grip as he fell down.

"Ha! Eat slime ball, squidy!" Nora taunted.

Weiss winces slightly at this. "Disgusting, but effective."

"But it won't be enough to stop him, only delay him for a short period." Winter said. "And I can't see Mr Arc. holding him off for long."

Vilgax quickly freed himself from the slime trap as he leaped up in the air once more to grab Stinkfly, but he managed to dodge this time, missing him.

"That was a close one." Ruby sighed in relief.

"Jaune should get out of there while he can." Blake said with a worried tone. "He's not gonna last long like this."

"He should retreat while he still can." Ironwood said.

"He's an Arc, stubbornness is hardwired within him." Saphron commented, but still didn't ease her worries.

"Who is this guy?" Stinkfly asks in disbelief.

But Vilgax had landed right in front of the Rust Bucket, causing it to stop in its place. He stood up just as the RV drove away from the warlord.

"Where are we going!? We have to help Jaune!" Cyana said.

"We will." Sterling said. "But first we'll need to get some special help."

"Let me guess, at Mount Rushmore?" Cyana rhetorically asks, but Sterling doesn't answer. "Grandpa? You're really freaking me out."

"You're not the only one." Yang said in agreement.

"Hopefully, things will be explained soon enough." Pyrrha said.

"If it's not too late for Jaune." Ren said with a serious expression.

Meanwhile, Stinkfly continued to fly away from Vilgax as he continued to jump after him, leaping across buildings. He performed a massive jump as he was just close enough to Stinkfly that he grabbed a hold of Stinkfly as they both crashed down into a nearby building, causing a massive explosion.

"Oh no! He got him!" Velvet cried out.

"Is he...even alive after that?" Kali asked with a look of concern.

"He has to be." Ruby said, feeling hopeful yet worried for Jaune's chances.

Unharmed, Vilgax stood up from the rubble of the destroyed building with Stinkfly struggling in his grip. "I grow tired of this!" Vilgax snarls as Stinkfly continues to struggle. His finger glowed red as he tapped onto the Omnitrix symbol on his forehead, causing a flash of red light and had somehow managed to transform Jaune back to his human self.

"Hey! How'd you do that!?" Jaune demands.

"He...He turned him back to normal?" Ruby said in shock and disbelief.

"How did he even do that?" Yang questions.

"Maybe he's the one who made it." Nora suggested.

"Could've been stolen." Coco added.

"Whatever the reason, he's got Jaune in his grasp." Ozpin said in a serious tone.

"A child?" Vilgax says in a tone of surprise. "The Omnitrix is in the hands of a mere child!?" Vilgax growled frustration and anger.

"Man, I bet that must take a real blow to his ego knowing that a kid was outsmarting him." Yang says with a smug smirk.

"I doubt it means he's gonna go easy on Jaune." Weiss said as she watched the screen, worried for the younger Jaune.

Jaune struggled to escape his grip as Vilgax's hand reached for the Omnitrix. But the Omnitrix suddenly started to emanate a form of electricity from it that managed to send Vilgax flying away and crashing into the side of a building.

"Whoa! What the hell!?" Sun exclaimed in shock.

"What just happened?" Coco asks.

"I...I think the Omnitrix...protected him." Velvet guessed.

"It appears the Omnitrix has already merged with your own DNA." Vilgax theorized as he stood up and walked towards Jaune.

"It is just like Tetrax said. The Omnitrix is bound to his DNA." Penny said. "It must have used a defensive measure against Vilgax."

Looking fearful, Jaune quickly got up and ran away from Vilgax as fast as he could. But Vilgax grabbed onto him before he could escape. "I uh, don't suppose that means you're going to let me go? Does it?" Jaune weakly asks.

"Hardly." Vilgax scoffs as the transportation ball rolled in front of him, opening up for him to enter.

Vilgax tossed Jaune inside as he yelped as Vilgax entered inside the ball as it closed up and began rolling away from the area, smashing through a building in the process.

"Is he gonna...kill him?" Saphron asked, fearfully.

"Unlikely." Ozpin said. "He'll likely need Mr. Arc alive in order to get the Omnitrix off him."

Meanwhile at Mount Rushmore, The Rust Bucket was driving up towards a rocky path.

"I-I don't think tourists are allowed on this road." Cyana shakily says.

"We're not tourists. We're tenants." Sterling said.

The Rust Bucket stops once it reaches in front of a road closed sign. Sterling then pressed a button under the dashboard, surprising Cyana as the ground beneath them began to descend down from what appeared to be an advanced elevator shaft. They eventually reached down to what appeared to be a massive underground facility.

"Whoa..." Ruby and Nora said in awe.

"Looks like he's got connections in that place." Coco commented in interest.

"I can't imagine Beacon having anything like that." Weiss said.

"You'd be surprised." View quietly muttered, the only ones who had heard him were the adults, particularly Ozpin and his Inner Circle as they looked at their host with either looks of surprise or worry.

Sterling and Cyana make their way through the corridors of the facility, covered with hundreds of compartments. Sterling proceeds to go through several of them with each containing a different device that looked alien, but none of which was what he was looking for.

"What do you think he's looking for?" Ruby asked.

"Probably something to use against Vilgax." Blake guessed.

"Considering how strong he is, it's gonna have to be big and powerful." Ilia said.

Cyana then stopped following as she stood where she was and placed her hands on her hips. "That's it! I am not taking another step until you tell me what's going on!" Cyana demanded, losing her patience. "Why aren't we helping Jaune? What is this place? And how do you know about that alien guy who's after Jaune?"

"I think she's reached her breaking point." Sun commented.

"Can't say I blame her." Weiss said.

Sterling then places a pair of equipment on him. "Well, it's kinda complicated. But let's just say..." Sterling says as he pulls the goggles down and pulls out a deadly-looking weapon strapped to his chest. "I wasn't exactly a normal Plumber before I retired." Sterling said as the weapon powered up and Cyana stood there, stunned.

The audience were shocked and amazed by the massive and powerful weapon Sterling was holding.

"Holy..." Coco said in awe, lowering her shades.

"That is a huge gun!" Yang exclaimed.

"I know, right!?" Ruby said as she had a look of excitement on her face.

"The heck kinda Plumber was he?!" Sun exclaimed.

"I'm starting to think it wasn't the kind that fixes toilets." Ren said.

Meanwhile, hovering over a field of cows was Vilgax's ship where inside, Vilgax was venting his frustrations.

"A child. I should have suspected as much." Vilgax says while looking over data analysis on Jaune and the watch. "The Omnitrix being used as a play-toy!"

Meanwhile, Jaune was currently bound by energy beams in a large ring while his left arm was trapped in a capsule. "Hey! I've saved a lot of people by going hero!"

"Yeah!" Nora said in encouragement of her leader. "You tell that squid, Jaune!"

"People like him barely care, kid." Qrow said. "The world is full of people like those.

"Believe me, I know." Blake said, thinking back to Adam and to his counterparts here.

Vilgax walks towards Jaune. "You hold the key to a power struggle so ancient, so vast, it is beyond your feeble comprehension." Vilgax blatantly insulted.

"I think we got a good grasp of it so far." Weiss said.

"Picture an entire army," Vilgax began as the screen showed an imagined scenario where an army of Omnitrix aliens were attacking a fortress, with Vilgax leading them. "Each in command of an Omnitrix and all at my command."

"My god..." Glynda breathed out, holding up a hand to her face in horror at the sight of so many of Jaune's aliens being used for conquest and warfare.

"There's so many of them." Velvet said, watching the screen with worry and fear.

"I honestly don't know if Atlas couldn't stand against something so powerful like them." Ironwood said.

Ozpin was in silent agreement with his old friend. He also wondered if Salem had her hands on a device like that, picturing Grimm versions of those aliens.

A Four Arms alien throwing a boulder before transforming into Heatblast and burning the area. "I will be invincible. I will rule the Universe!" Vilgax declares with a fire burning in his eyes.

"And able to be in control of the transformations, even a single one of them could potentially topple a kingdom." Winter said in a grave tone.

"And the only thing standing between me and my destiny... is you!" Vilgax says as an array of tools rises up from the floor around Jaune.

Pyrrha frowned at Vilgax for his twisted view of destiny, but more so of how Jaune was going to get hurt because of him.

Back at Mount Rushmore, the RV emerges from the elevator.

"This weapon is keyed into Vilgax's bio-signature." Sterling explains. "Hopefully, it'll take him down for good this time." Sterling said as he began to drive.

"This time?" Cyana asked in a worried tone.

"Well hopefully it'll work now." Yang said.

"If not, they're gonna need a bigger gun." Coco said.

"And I doubt there's gonna be another one that big." Velvet added.

"There's a small red button under that cabinet. Press it." Sterling instructed.

Cyana did as he said and pressed the button, causing a holographic display to show up. Cyana reeled back in shock. "Hey!"

"GPS-assisted tracking system. It's locked on the watch's signal. You navigate." Sterling said.

Back on Vilgax's ship, Jaune was struggling to break free from his prison.

"Prepare for take-off." Vilgax orders one of his drones, "Once we're in orbit, I will finally have the pleasure of destroying this miserable planet, once and for all!" Vilgax said in a threatening tone as he approached Jaune, who looked anxiously at Vilgax.

"Does he really have the firepower for that?" Ironwood questions.

"I wouldn't doubt it." Ozpin said. "Probably didn't want to resort to that option to avoid potentially destroying the Omnitrix."

The screen cuts to the Rust Bucket driving towards Vilgax's ship, which was hovering in a field, ready to take off.

"There's the spaceship." Cyana pointed out.

"We have to get aboard." Sterling says in a serious tone.

Cyana turns to Sterling with a questioning look. "Get aboard? How?" Cyana asked.

Sterling smiles as he looks down at the console as it flipped over to a different panel. He presses the button, which causes the RV's bumper to extend and it spreads out. The RV then proceeded to accelerate at a faster rate as it drove off the cliff as it headed for the ship, all the while Cyana screamed in terror.

On the ship, Vilgax was holding up a rather large energy blade. He walks towards Jaune, who continues to try and get out of his holding, but to no avail.

"Please, please get there, Grandpa." Saphron pleaded quietly, not wishing to see her baby brother to be sliced up by some alien warlord.

He is ready to slice off Jaune's arm when suddenly the sounds of an RV's horn stopped him, causing him to turn to see the Rust Bucket smashing through the wall, running into two drones while also smashing into Vilgax, pinning him against a wall and causing him to drop his blade.

"Yeah! Nora cheered.

"Take that you overgrown squid!" Ruby chanted.

"Man, that was way too close." Yang said with a huge sigh of relief.

"And Vilgax is down." Sun said.

"For now at least." Blake reminded.

The RV backs up as Vilgax slowly gets back up from the crash.

"WARNING! HULL BREACH! POWER SURGE!" The ship's A.I warned just as Sterling got out of the Rust Bucket with the massive turret mounted on his chest.

The weapon powered up as Sterling pointed it at the warlord. "Claws off my grandson, Vilgax!" Sterling threatened.

"Grandpa!?" Jaune said in shock seeing his Grandfather heavily armed.

Vilgax looked up to see the man pointing the weapon at him and glared as he immediately recognized him. "Arc!" Vilgax snarled.

Sterling pressed the button, firing right at Vilgax as the beam that hit him caused him to crash into a room behind him.

"Holy shit..." Qrow mutters, impressed.

"Dude, Jaune's Grandpa is badass!" Yang exclaims with a wide smile.

"Damn right he is!" Nora said with equal amount of excitement.

Dropping the weapon to the ground, Sterling ran over to Jaune.

"Grandpa, you know this guy?" Jaune asked in a stunned tone at what he just saw.

"It's a long story." Sterling said, turning back to Jaune as a worried expression hit his face once he saw the case around Jaune's arm started to spark with electricity.

"One I hope to hear soon." Ozpin said with interest.

"Mm, maybe next time." View mutters to himself.

Jaune noticed this until he began trembling in pain, groaning before suddenly transforming into XLR8. "Hey...!" XLR8 said before his body began shifting again.

He then transformed into Diamondhead. "What's going..." He asks before morphing into Wildmutt, who roars.

"What's happening to him!?" Saphron asked with worry in her voice over her brother's sudden transformation.

"Power surge must've affected the watch." Sterling theorized.

"Vilgax's machine must've caused the Omnitrix to sift through some sort of randomizer function." Penny realized.

"What, like some sort of Master Control or something?" Ruby asked.

"He'd have to be in control for that to happen." Weiss said.

"At least he can break free now and fight back." Yang said. "That's a little bit better."

"So long he doesn't transform into Gray Matter or something." Velvet said.

"Ah!" Nora yelled in panic. "Don't jinx it!"

Wildmutt's body then morphed once again, this time transforming him into Four Arms. Using his strength, Four Arms let out a yell as he busted his arm out of the chamber, freeing him of his constraints.

"At least he's free now." Terra said.

"Yeah, but the watch is still on the fritz." Ilia stated.

The Ship continued its way into the skies, just as Cyana got out of the RV to see Four Arms throwing the ring that held him away. "Look out!" Cyana warned as she ran from beams coming from Vilgax's drones, which came flying in the room.

Four Arms blocked the blasts with his arm held up before throwing a punch right at one of the drones. But it never landed as Four Arms then transformed into Ghostfreak, phasing right through the drones as they flew past him.

"Oh come on!" Yang exclaimed.

"That's gonna be annoying for a while." Coco muttered.

"Aw man!" Ghostfreak complained as he looked at his body before transforming again as one of the drones flew past him.

This time, Jaune had transformed into Grey Matter, and he proceeded to climb down into the drone's inner workings. "A little alien know-know and the toaster is toast." Grey Matter said as the drone began to twitch and move out of control before crashing to the ground as Grey Matter leaped onto another drone passing by, transforming yet again into Upgrade this time as he took over the drone.

Cyana looked up from her cover to see a pair of Vilgax drones looming over her, gasping in shock before looking above the drones to see a slightly familiar sight.

"Try picking on someone your own size!" Upgrade challenged as he floated behind the drones, appearing much larger than they were as they spun around and smashed the two drones with the blades he added onto himself, the debris landing on Cyana as she gave an unimpressed look.

"Extraordinary!" Penny said with wide eyes.

"So, he can upgrade other things!?" Ruby asked with wide and sparkling eyes as a wide smile was on her face.

"That is amazing!" Velvet said in awe.

"He's the best one!" Ruby quickly said. "No contest!"

"Well I mean XLR8 can run at-" Weiss tried to say, but was cut off by Ruby.

"No. Contest!"

Upgrade sliced through a trio of drones as they crashed to the ground as the outside of the ship was sustaining damage while falling to the surface.

Sterling used one of the drills to help take down one of the larger drones. "I got to get this ship under control!" Sterling says as he heads for the controls.

Upgrade turned to Cyana. "He can fly a spaceship!?" Upgrade exclaims in shock as a drone crashes into him.

"At this point, nothing surprises me." Cyana said.

Sterling proceeded to go through the controls, not noticing the looming presence of Vilgax standing nearing him, clutching onto the side of the wall as Sterling looks up as Vilgax grabs a hold of his chest, throwing him towards the hole in the wall.

"Oh no!" Ruby cried out.

"Grandpa!" Saphron shrieked in fear.

Sterling gets up to notice the drill he uses nearby, but Vilgax went to slam his foot onto Sterling, just barely grabbing it before fully pressing against him.

Upgrade fought against a drone until he and Cyana noticed their Grandpa being attacked. "Grandpa!" They both cried out.

Sterling grunted as he struggled to get Vilgax off him.

"Your weapon won't help, Arc." Vilgax mocked. "As you can see, I'm much stronger than in our last encounter!"

Worried of what he might do to Sterling, Upgrade plunged his hand into the drone, disabling it as he threw it aside. "NOOOOO!" Upgrade yelled out as he ran straight towards Vilgax, turning to him just as Upgrade slammed right into him as they both fell out of the ship.

"JAUNE!" Cyana and Sterling yelled out as they watched the two fall down to the surface.

"What is he doing!?" Winter exclaimed.

"Something reckless." Qrow remarked, though with a serious tone.

As the two fell, Vilgax looked down at Upgrade and glared, just as he let go and expanded his mass to allow him to glide through the air, allowing Vilgax to fall down to the surface.

"Oh thank god!" Ruby breathed out in relief.

"Have a nice fall, squid face!" Yang taunted with a wave.

As Vilgax crashed, Upgrade glided down to one of the heads of Mount Rushmore. But suddenly, he began transforming again just before he could reach it. He transformed into Ripjaws as he suddenly dropped down, just barely catching onto the nose of the stone head as he dangled from it.

"Oh come one!" Nora exclaimed in anger and annoyance.

Ripjaws lost his grip slightly on the nose. "Oh! Sometimes I hate this watch!" Ripjaws groans.

"Right with you there, buddy." Sun said in agreement with his fellow blonde and leader.

Meanwhile, back on Vilgax's ship, Sterling continued to try and gain control of it as it continued its descent down.

But he was unable to gain control of the ship. "We got to get out of here!" Sterling said as he looked around for an exit, his eyes finally set on the Rust Bucket. Sterling grinned while Cyana paled.

Back with Ripjaws, he was slowly climbing up along the statue's head while gasping. "Can't...breath...need...water." Ripjaws gasped before dropping down and flipping himself over.

"Of all the aliens that watch had to transform Jaune into, why did it have to be the one who can't be on dry land!?" Weiss exclaimed.

"I'm starting to think the watch is alive and is just messing with Jaune." Yang muttered.

"Would explain a lot." Sun said in agreement.

Suddenly, a speeding projectile shot out from the woods below as Ripjaws watched helplessly to see the form of Vilgax coming down right towards him.

"Oh come on!" Nora exclaimed.

"And here I was hoping the fall would've taken him out." Coco said.

"We aren't that lucky." Weiss bitterly said

"And by the looks of it, neither is Jaune." Pyrrha said with a look of concern.

The warlord landed just a few feet behind him, turning around and began to approach the alien fish. "You are a slippery little fish, child." Vilgax said as he loomed over the dehydrated Ripjaws. "But no longer." Vilgax says as he reaches for the Omnitrix.

"Oh no, oh no, oh no..." Saphron stressed as Terra tried her best to support her wife.

He went to grab it, only for Ripjaws to suddenly vanish in a flash of smoke. Vilgax turned to his side to see that Jaune had managed to transform into XLR8 and was standing a few feet away from him.

"I can still give you a run for your money!" XLR8 quipped before bolting it.

"Alright!" Ruby cheered.

"I guess the watch is finally helping him." Sun said.

"Now is the time to retreat." Winter said.

"But with XLR8, his attacks can reach Vilgax before he can land a hit on him." Ruby said.

"I have a feeling it isn't going to be quite as simple as that, Miss Rose." Ozpin said in a serious manner. "He should fall back while he can."

"You can't hide from me forever, boy!" Vilgax yells.

A trailing a smoke trailed from behind Vilgax on the other heads behind him. "Wasn't planning on it!" XLR8 said while running towards the warlord. "Peekaboo!" XLR8 said as Vilgax turned to see the Kineceleran before ramming right into him, creating a massive cloud of smoke as a metal clang could be heard.

"He got him!" Yang cheered.

"That should knock him down a peg!" Nora grinned.

But once the smoke dissipates, XLR8 could be seen barely standing as he groans in pain while Vilgax was still standing, unharmed.

Only for their excitement to die down the moment they saw Vilgax still standing while Jaune was in pain.

"It didn't even phase him." Blake muttered with wide eyes.

"How's he gonna beat this guy!?" Coco exclaimed.

"I don't know if he even can." Glynda said with a tone of worry for her student.

"I'm gonna feel that tomorrow!" XLR8 groaned as he fell to his knees.

"For you, there is no tomorrow!" Vilgax threateningly says as XLR8 looks up to see him standing over him. The steroid boost cylinders boosted into his arms, causing them to grow and expand as he raised them up in the air before slamming them down, XLR8 just managing to run away in time. But the power behind the attack managed to completely destroy the stone head they were standing on, causing it to fall apart.

"Holy crap..." Qrow mutters.

"This guy...I don't think there's nearly anyone as strong as him." Tai said with fear lapsing his voice.

XLR8 began dodging all of Vilgax's blows. "You can't escape me!" Vilgax yells as he gives in another attempt, giving XLR8 and opening for him to strike as he attempts to aim for his head...only for Vilgax to snatch his arm. He spun XLR8 around before throwing him to a wall and smoke surrounded him.

Suddenly, familiar aquamarine crystals began shooting out from the smoke as Diamondhead came charging at Vilgax. "Special Delivery!" Diamondhead announces.

"Diamondhead should work, right?" Ruby asked. "I mean his shards are practically indestructible."

"Possibly." Pyrrha said. "He has had the most practice with him, perhaps he can penetrate his armor and cybernetics."

Vilgax uses his arms to shield himself from the crystals, which immediately shattered upon impact as Diamondhead got close enough to Vilgax, just narrowly ducking a strike as he used his blade arms to slash against his leg armor.

Dimaondhead stopped and looked down at his hands, which had been completely shattered during the attempt. "Oh man!" Diamondhead groaned. "Guess I should have seen that coming." Diamondhead said as he attempted to grow them back, only for Vilgax to grab him by the head, lift him up in the air and slam him against the ground harshly.

Diamondhead's face was left in a cracked state before his body suddenly began to morph again. Vilgax went in for a colossal punch right towards his chest.

"Oh no!" Ruby cried out.

"Jaune!" Saphron yelled out for her little brother.

But the punch literally went through him as Jaune managed to transform into Ghostfreak in time as he peaked past his hands that blocked his eye.

"Oh thank goodness." Pyrrha sighed in relief as she placed a hand on her chest.

"That was a close one."

Yang sighed in relief as well at this fortunate turn. "That alien may creep me out, but I'm all the happier for it saving Jaune's bacon."

"Yes! Sometimes I love this watch!" Ghostfreak said before waving to Vilgax as he phased through the ground.

Vilgax pulled back, allowing steam to ventilate through his tubes, reducing his muscle mass. He then turned around to notice his ship coming towards him, until it flew over him as it began to crash down into the forests below.

Inside of the crashing ship, the Rust Bucket drove through the hallways in an attempt to escape.

"You better hang onto something." Sterling advises. "This may get a little bumpy."

Cyana's expression turned one of panic as she shielded herself and ducked her head down as the Rust Bucket began smashing through walls of the ship, eventually managing to smash its way out of the ship as it fell down as Cyana screamed in panic.

Meanwhile, Ghostfreak had managed to reach the bottom of the mountain as he phased through the wall. "Don't switch on me now!" Ghostfreak pleaded before his eyes widened at the sight of the crashed ship. "Oh no!" Ghostfreak gasped before heading over to the ship.

"Are they okay!" Saphron asked, raising her voice in panic.

"They should be fine." Ironwood said. "That RV managed to penetrate through Vilgax's ship, I'm sure it can withstand a landing like that."

"Hopefully they'll be okay." Ren said.

The Rust Bucket had landed just far from Vilgax's ship as Sterling looked up from his seat and turned to his granddaughter. "You alright, Cyana?"

Cyana groans as she raises herself up from her seat. "At times like this, going back to school doesn't seem so bad."

"Not unless it's ours." Weiss comments.

They suddenly heard a rumbling behind them, causing them to turn their heads. "Jaune!?" They both called out for him, not noticing a large figure from the smoke approaching them, revealing it to be Vilgax.

"Oh no..." Ruby muttered in dread at the approaching alien.

"He better not do anything to hurt them." Nora growled.

Ghostfreak approached the Rust Bucket, until the sounds of metal tearing caused him to stop, then quickly hovering over to the Rust Bucket, phasing through to find it empty.

"Grandpa!? Cyana!?" Ghostfreak called out as he hovered through the RV for any sign of them. He phased through the back of it, and what he saw caused his eye to widen in shock and horror. "No!"

Cyana and Sterling were currently in the hands of Vilgax.

Ghostfreak then transforms into Wildmutt, who begins to angrily roar at Vilgax.

"It's your choice. You or them!" Vilgax growls.

"Damn coward!" Ironwood curses in anger for threatening the lives of Sterling and Cyana.

Wildmutt growls before lowering his head in submission. Vilgax then walked over to Wildmutt, dropping Cyana and Sterling to the ground. He tapped on the Omnitrix symbol, transforming Jaune back to his human self.

"How noble." Vilgax sneered before grabbing Jaune and taking him back with him to the ship.

"More than you could ever realize, monster." Pyrrha scowled in anger at Vilgax.

Sterling and Cyana woke up to see what was happening. "Vilgax, no!" Sterling warned. "Don't go back in there!"

But Vilgax didn't listen as he hopped into the hole in his ship as it quickly began taking off into the air. Vilgax scoffed at the warning. "Foolish earthling." Vilgax mocked. "Why would I-"

Suddenly, the ship's alarms began blaring off, cutting him off as his eyes widened. "The auto destruct launch sequence has been initiated!" Vilgax says as he drops Jaune and runs to the console to try and turn it off.

"Smart." Qrow said with an impressed smirk. "Setting his own ship to self-destruct."

"Must have done it while Jaune was fighting Vilgax." Glynda realized.

"Alright!" Yang said with a grin.

But his efforts were in vain as the console sparked with electricity. "Arc!" Vilgax roars. "You are the thorn in my side!" Vilgax growls until he is suddenly struck in the back by a powerful laser blast, knocking him to the ground.

Jaune was revealed to be the one carrying the heavy weapon. "Guess it runs in the family!" Jaune remarks as he runs towards the hole in the wall.

"Good shot, Jaune!" Ruby cheered for her fellow leader.

"Now is the time to retreat." Ren said.

Vilgax tried to push a part of the ship off of him until he heard the ship's intercom. "Commencing self-destruct mode."

Vilgax reaches his hand out in defiance. "NOOOOOOO!"

As Jaune ran to the hole, he looked down at the Omnitrix, with a familiar, fiery silhouette and slammed his hand down onto the core as his body was covered in molten rock.

The ship continued to levitate in the air as an explosion occurred from within the ship as it proceeded to be blown apart. And out from that massive explosion was a trail of fire exiting from it, revealing it to be Heatblast, riding on a fireball down to the surface.

"Oh that is awesome!" Yang exclaimed.

"Riding on a fireball." Qrow said with an impressed smirk. "Now that is a way to travel."

"Alright!" Nora cheered on for her fearless leader. "Ride that fire!"

He managed to land in a massive crater, just as Sterling and Cyana ran over to check up on Jaune. They look to see the young blonde casually sitting on a rock as he turns to them with a smile.

"Not bad for a doofus." Cyana said with folded arms and an impressed smirk.

"Grandpa? We need to talk." Jaune said with a smirk.

Sterling just smiles at his grandson as he looks up to the skies above, as did Jaune and Cyana as they watched the debris from Vilgax's ship descending down and the screen fades to black.

"Man, that was a roller coaster." Yang sighed as the light came back into the room. "Fun, but mostly terrifying."

"Do you guys think Vilgax might still be alive?" Ruby asked with a slight look of worry on her face.

"A part of me really wants to say no, sis." Yang said. "But the rest of me feels like he's probably still alive somewhere."

"Hopefully when he does come back, Jaune and the others will be ready." Pyrrha said.

"Yeah." Yang said in agreement. "And maybe then we can find out what exactly Sterling's history with Vilgax is."

"I would like to know as well." Ozpin said in agreement with his student.

"So overall, you enjoyed the last viewing of this world?" View asks.

"Heck yeah!" Ruby said with excitement.

"I thought it was a good way to end it." Blake said in agreement. "For now at least. I still would like to know more about this world and its aliens."

"That's good. I'll keep note of that for next time." View said. "Because the next world we'll go into is the world of Spider-Man, one more time."

The students paused at this, realizing his words.

"You mean..." Pyrrha says.

View nodded. "That's right. It'll be the endgame between Jaune, Adam, Jacques and Ozpin."

The grew silent at this. This would be the final viewing for the Jaune of that world. And he would have to face off against quite possibly, his most dangerous foes yet and save the city from the Devil's Breath virus.

"Well then..." Weiss sighs briefly. "I think we should get to it then."

Ren nodded in agreement. "Right. It's important to see the results of what happens."

"And hopefully, Mr. Arc of that world and his friends will be able to stop my counterpart and cure the city of Devil's Breath." Ozpin said.

"I know he will." Pyrrha said with a look of confidence for her partner.

"Heck yeah!" Nora cheered in agreement. "Let's get to this sucker already!" Nora said as she took her seat and eagerly waited.

"Indeed." Ironwood said in agreement as he and the rest of the adults took their seats and waited for View to throw in the orb.

"Well then," View says as he holds up the orb. "Time to finish the Worlds of Arc." View says as he throws the orb into the viewing screen, starting up for the last time as the screen begins to light up for the audience.

Thanks for reading this chapter of Worlds of Arc.

And thus ends the reactions of the first season of Ben 10. Y'know, when writing and watching this episode of Ben 10, it made me realize how much of a threat Vilgax used to be. It seemed like nothing could stop him. But after Classic, he kinda became less intimidating or threatening. He had a few moments here and there, but nothing that could be on par with his original appearance.

And for the next chapter...will not only be the final part of the Spider-Mn storyline, but the epilogue of Worlds of Arc. Where Jaune will face off against Adam and Ozpin in a final confrontation where it'll end with him making an impossible choice. Thanks and see you around!