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The screen opened up where it last left off in this world, with Jaune Arc swinging through the city, inspired by Pyrrha and headed off to find the cure, stop Adam and Ozpin and hopefully rid the city of the Devil's Breath.

"I have to get that antiserum and start putting things right." Jaune declares. "There must be some way to reach Taurus and Ozpin. Convince them to give up this crusade for revenge." Jaune hoped as he remembered the good they've done before all of this. "They've both done so much good for the world; they can't throw their legacies away just to spite Jacques."

Ozpin couldn't help but give a small smile over Jaune's optimum. Something he wishes that he had kept over the years. But unfortunately, as he kept going against his battle, he found his optimism ever dwindling. And after seeing his counterpart's actions, it was hard to believe he would make a sudden turn.

"I had hoped the same for Adam for years," Ghira said with a sigh in his voice. "But overtime, his rage grew more unstable. More cruel. I doubt he would just stop after all this."

Blake looked down. After learning what had happened to her former partner in this world, she understood, and on some level, even sympathized with him on why he was doing this. Jacques had caused the death of his parents and the reason for his powers. She hoped that Jaune could get through to him, but she knew that he would never let go of his rage. She knew that he would stop no matter what to make sure that whoever wronged him would be made to pay. A part of her hoped otherwise, the realistic part of her knew it wasn't the case. She only hoped that Jaune can stop him before he caused more harm.

"Okay, Jacques's on his way to get the antiserum. Better update Blake." Jaune said as he started putting in the call to her.

"I hope this is good news..." Blake said as her tone was filled with worry.

"It is." Spider-Man says. "Schneecorp just created an antiserum."

"There's a cure?" Blake said with some hope resorted to her tone before letting out a sigh of relief. "Oh thank god…how quickly can we get it to people?"

"I'm on my way to find out. The lab is at Tenth and Cathedral." Spider-Man informs.

"Wait," Blake says. "I just got a report of a helicopter going down in that area."

Spider-Man's eyes widened in worry. "Oh no, that could be Jacques's helicopter."

"I'd send an officer by your way, but I don't have any." Blake regretfully informed.

"They're probably busy getting control back of the city." Ironwood guessed.

"Do you think it was Adam who shot down the helicopter?" Ruby asked.

"Has to be." Weiss said in a serious tone. "He probably wants to take the cure out of his hands."

"Or perhaps to finally finish what he had started." Blake said.

"Or rather what Jacques started." Ilia remarks quietly.

"Don't worry, I'm on it." Spider-Man assured as he quickened his speed. "This'll all be over soon. I promise." Jaune said as the call went off and Spider-Man quickly headed for the facility.

The screen then shifted to Tenth and Cathedral, where a downed helicopter could be seen and the Demons already arrived. Adam, already in his Mr. Negative persona, approached one of his men. The Demon shook his head, causing Mr. Negative to drain him of all of his energy for his failure. Negative glances up to one of his men. "Open it." Mr Negative orders as the Demon used a card to open the doors. But upon opening, they were immediately met with blaster fire from the Sable Agents inside.

"At least there are some Agents on site." Tai said.

"Fat lot of good that's gonna do." Qrow remarks.

Mr. Negative simply walks up to the door and fires a pure blast of concentrated negative energy at the agents inside, blowing them away and destroying the room inside. With the agents taken care of, Mr. Negative entered the building as Demons behind him were dragging Jacques inside with them.

"It looks like he's still alive." Kali said.

"For now." Ironwood said. "I imagine it'll be a matter of time before Adam enacts his revenge."

"Hopefully, Jaune can arrive in time and stop that." Pyrrha said.

Spider-Man finally landed on the scene as he surveyed the area perched on a building nearby. "Have to take care of these Demons before I can follow Taurus into the lab…" Spidey muttered as he looked around at the various snipers positioned around the place.

"Time to KO those snipers." Spider-Man declares as he quietly jumps off his perch point. Landing a building nearby, Spider-Man webs an unsuspecting sniper to a pole as he drops down to the ground. He quickly webs one Demon to the ground, without alerting a sniper surveying the ground while doing so. He then quickly took out the sniper by webbing the back of his head and throwing him to the ground and webbing him there.

"Need to get through these Demons quick, before Taurus gets a hold of the antiserum…" Spider-Man said in a serious tone as he moved off the rooftop he was on and to the other side of the area where more snipers were posted. Spider-Man quickly went through the Demons that were positioned there, taking out the sniper up in a broken window as well as the rest of the Demons on the ground below him.

With the Snipers taken care of, Spider-Man proceeded to take care of the Demons patrolling the ground. He picked off the Demons who were on their own, webbing them to poles or to the sides of walls.

Things were going well for Spider-Man, until he suddenly got a call from someone he really didn't want to speak to. "Spider-Man: leave now" the voice of Winter Sable demanded. "My men will handle this."

Winter scowled in anger at the arrogant tone of her counterpart. "They can't couldn't handle anything. So far, Mr. Arc and his team have been the only ones capable of handling this mess."

"Huh, fun sight to see you rip on yourself." Qrow remarks with amusement.

"Sable?" Spidey quietly said in surprise before regaining his focus. "Taurus wiped out the agents stationed here, they're not handling anything."

"You have been warned, Super Hero." Winter said in a dangerous tone as the call went off.

"I do not like the sound of that." Yang said with a slight worry in her tone.

"Ah!" Nora waved off. "Spider-Jaune can handle her. He took on the rest of the Sinister Six by himself!"

"Yes, but Winter has shown that she can take on Jaune as well." Weiss pointed out.

But Nora waved her off again. "Ah! She caught him off guard! He can take her down!" Nora said with full confidence in her fearless leader.

Spider-Man knew he had to take care of the Demons before Winter and more of her men would arrive and make the situation even more complicated. So he quickly dealt with the remaining Demons in the area, using trip webs, impact webs and so on until the area was cleared of all Demons.

But unfortunately, as soon as he was finished, Spider-Man heard the sounds of active jetpacks activating as he looked up to see Sable Agents in the air, coming towards him. "Winter made good on her threat." Spidey sighs. "Bet these guys aren't looking to team up."

Coco groaned. "We don't have time for this!"

"Quite." Glynda said in agreement. "Hopefully, Mr. Arc will be able to take them down before being held up even further."

"Tired of you harassing our agents, Spider-Man." The Agent in front accusingly said as he pointed his weapon at him. "This ends tonight."

"You guys think I took out your men?" Spider-Man questions as he dodges their attack and launches himself towards the lead agent and beats him around. "You've gotta be kidding me." Spidey said as he took out the agent.

"Not without good reason, even if he did." Blake said.

The battle continued as Spider-Man fought off against the rest of Winter's forces as they attempted to bring him down. Spider-Man bounced all around the area as ground troops came onto the scene. "Really wish Winter would cut me some slack…we should be on the same team." Spider-Man groans while tossing a web bomb at a couple of agents, incapacitating them as they are pushed to the wall or ground by a concussive blast.

As Spider-Man fought back against the Agents, their numbers began to dwindle as Spider-Man moved too fast for them and was more agile than they could handle. The Jet agents were either taken down by trip webs or impact webs and the ground troops were taken out by Spidey's strength until there was no more left. Spider-Man let out a sigh of relief once all of the Agents had been taken care of. "Demons and Sable are down; time to follow Taurus inside." Spider-Man said as he ran towards the doors.

He approached the doors and began pulling them apart to get his way inside. "Why are you…so…heavy." Spider-Man groans as he struggles to pull them apart. He almost managed to get them fully open when suddenly a blaster shot near his head, causing him to flinch.

"Aw crap!" Sun exclaimed.

"I guess she finally decided to do her own work." Yang said.

The shots came from Winter as she came running towards Spider-Man, while still shooting at him. Spider-Man dodged over the blasts as Winter got close enough to kick him back to the doors, pointing her pistols directly at his head.

"You harass my men," Winter says in an infuriated tone. "Destroy my equipment, and cost my client millions!"

"The deaths that have been caused are worth far more than any of that." Winter spat.

"Give me one good reason I should not kill you right now." Winter growls.

"Listen," Spider-Man says calmly, hoping she'll listen. "I don't like you, you don't like me. But Taurus has your client inside this building right now, and he's gonna kill him if we don't do something. We can fight each other, or we can fight Taurus. But not both." Spider-Man reasoned.

"That is very sound reasoning." Penny said.

"Hopefully, she'll listen." Weiss hoped.

Having listened to his explanation, Winter slowly backed off and lowered his blasters down before holstering them. She then used her card to access the doors.

"This mean we're good?" Spider-Man asked.

"You will help me secure Jacques." Winter instructed. "After that: I make no promises." Winter says sternly as enters the building.

"Eh. good enough I guess." Ruby mutters. "At least they're not fighting anymore."

"It's the best Jaune's gonna get." Blake said. "The two of them should be enough to stop Ozpin and Adam.

"Hopefully, it's not too late." Ren said.

"Works for me." Spidey mutters as he follows her in the building, where they notice the damage that Adam had caused in the room. "Taurus's out of control…" Spidey says as he looks around the room.

Winter stopped in her step once she saw she nearly stepped in something traced with negative energy. Suddenly, they were shot from behind by more of Adam's men.

"How crap!" Coco cursed. "More of Adam's forces!"

"They don't have time for this." Ren said. "They need to get to Taurus."

"You secure Schnee," Winter says as she pulls out her blasters. "I will talk to them." Winter says as she charges straight towards the Demons, blasting a few of them down before kicking one of them to the ground as the doors close.

Weiss smiled with pride at her sister's counterpart, glad to see that she acted like her own sister. "It looks like she's already helping."

"I suppose so, sister." Winter admitted, while she was still unimpressed with most of her counterpart's choices, she was at least glad to see her willing to stand alongside Mr. Arc and help him.

"Hopefully she can delay them long enough for Jaune to find and stop Adam." Ghira said.

"And hopefully, he hasn't destroyed the cure." Ironwood added.

"You don't think he'd actually do that?" Terra asked.

"At this point, I'm not certain." Ghira admitted. "He's willing to do whatever it takes to bring down Jacques."

"Nice to have friends…" Spider-Man comments as he turns back to the room he was in. "OK Taurus. No more running." Spidey declares as he begins making his way through the room. "This ends tonight."

Spider-Man swung himself through an open elevator shaft, where Mr. Negative's carnage had leaked through. "This is insanity." Spidey says as he starts making his way through the elevator shaft. "I have to find a way to reach the Adam Taurus I know. The man who built F.E.A.S.T.''

"At this point, I doubt that man ever existed." Ironwood said.

"He did." Blake stated strongly. "Despite what's happened...he did care."

"That may be," Qrow interjected. "But that ain't changed what's happened."

"I know that." Blake acknowledged with a serious expression. "I'm just saying that he wasn't always bad. He did do some good."

"But will it be enough to bring him out?" Weiss asks with a look of concern, causing Blake to be silent, not able to answer her question.

Spider-Man eventually got out of the elevator shaft and into another room, where there was a giant hole in the floor. "No way to go but down…" Spidey muses as he leaps down into it.

Spider-Man landed down at what appeared to be a dark room. He looked around until he was suddenly hit across the face by Mr Negative.

"Shit!" Yang cursed in surprise as she and the audience reacted with shock and surprise by his sudden appearance.

"Adam!" Blake gasped in shock.

Taurus grabbed Spider-Man by the throat as he and his sword glowed with power. "Turn back, Spider-Man. This is between me and Schnee." Adam says as his power brightened and the screen turned white.

"Ah, not again!" Sun exclaims, shielding his eyes from the brightness.

Spider-Man found himself back into the shadowy realm, like when Adam tried to corrupt him during the armored truck chase. "I know about the accident." Spider-Man says as Adam appeared on a walkway in front of him. "I know what happened to your parents."

"The accident?" Adam repeated with venom in his voice. "You sound as clinical as Schnee."

"Wrong choice of words." Ruby said with a wince.

"I just hope that Jaune can reach Adam." Velvet said with a hopeful tone. "Or at least stop him."

Spider-Man proceeded to follow after Adam, who kept teleporting away from Spider-Man whenever he got too close. He eventually reached a memory of Adam's, of when his parents died.

"My parents died because of me." Adam angrily says as he stood by the recreation. "Because of what Schnee did to me." Adam says as the explosion slowly occurs.

"I can understand why Adam is so angry." Blake said, thinking about the Adam back home, the strife he went through, the pain and torment. "It's the same in my world. both cases, he's causing more harm and damage."

"You are indeed right, Miss Belladonna." Ozpin said. "Vengeance is the path that leads to more pain and misery, both to the receiver and the received."

"And what about Schnee?" Ilia interjected. "Hasn't he caused harm as well?"

"He has, Ilia." Ghira said. "There's no denying that he should be made to pay for his crimes, but we have to remember that it was meant to be a cure."

"Maybe." Ironwood said. "But that doesn't mean he still hasn't done questionable things, especially to Adam.

A bright flash occurred as Spidey shielded his eyes, once the flash went, so did the memory. "You're more than your past. Don't let it control you." Spider-Man called out.

Spider-Man continued to follow after Adam until finding his way to another memory, this one being his time working at F.E.A.S.T. "I tried so hard to make my parents proud, to honor their legacy…"

Blake realized another difference between the two Adams, this one made an attempt to try to walk a peaceful path and help others. Something she wished her Adam could have done. It could've helped him.

"It's such a shame." Kali said with a sad expression.

"It truly is." Glynda said in agreement.

Spider-Man followed further into the memory, where he saw a giant banner with Jacques Schnee on it. "But to truly honor them, Schnee must see justice." Adam says as the banner fades and he is standing in a hole in the wall.

"I won't let you do this, Adam." Spider-Man declares as he followed Adam through the hole as he vanished.

Spider-Man walked through his office and towards the cabinet, which vanished to show his hidden room, where there were various items floating in the air, one of them being a Demon mask. Spider-Man looks around the objects hovering in the air. "Taurus's pain, his anger…" Spidey says as a Demon Mask hovered near him. "It's fueling his power…" Spider-Man said as he spotted a picture of his parents.

And when Spider-Man went to touch it, the picture began rapidly spinning and drawing in everything around it, including Spider-Man as he was pulled in and was suddenly back in the real world. He stood himself back up, just as he could hear the pained screams coming from somewhere in the building.

"It was a distraction." Pyrrha realized with a concerned look in her eyes. "Adam was keeping him busy while he dealt with Jacques."

"Oh no." Ruby said with wide eyes.


Dr. Michaels was currently typing on a keyboard as a panel opened beside him. Inside of it was the antiserum for the Devil's Breath. Dr. Michaels carefully grabbed the cure as Mr. Negative stood before him.

"Do you think he'd really destroy it?" Ruby asked with a worried tone.

"I'm...not sure." Blake admitted with her own look of worry. Though it would make sense, the ultimate revenge against Jacques, destroying the only cure for the plague, thus ruining his reputation.

"This is the only sample." Dr. Michaels tried to reason as Adam walked closer to him. But Adam simply takes the vial of Dr. Michaels hands.

Adam gritted his teeth as he looked over the vial before he backhanded Dr. Michaels to the ground.

"Oh god!" Kali gasped at what happened to the poor man.

"NO!" Jacques cried out as he tried to help Dr. Michaels as he was being grabbed by Demons. "No, Adam! Look, I told you, I'm sorry!" Jacques pleaded as Adam grabbed a nearby blade.

"It was an accident! I was trying to help you!" Jacques claimed as Adam powered his sword and a Demon from behind pulled Jacques's head back.

"You don't help people." Adam said as he brought the blade near Jacques's neck. "You use them." Adam darkly says as he pressed the blade against Jacques's, causing a burning pain that caused Jacques to scream out in agony.

Weiss winced seeing this. She held no love for the man, but seeing him scream out in pain, it made her feel wrong.

Winter closed her eyes and looked away from the sight. Her father was a corrupt man and deserved justice. But this wasn't justice.

Ilia would've given everything to see this, to see the man that helped extort and made her people suffer, suffer the same as they had. But while a small part of her enjoyed it, another part of felt...wrong. She shook her head at this, this man had it coming from the start and deserved whatever came to him, at least that's what she told herself.

Adam pulled his sword back, ready to strike down Jacques once and for all...until a web line hooked onto the blade.

"Adam!" Spider-Man yelled out, appearing on the other side of the room as he pulled the web back towards him. But Adam yanked the web back, causing Spider-Man to be pulled from the wall but land perfectly on the ground. "This won't bring your parents back."

Mr. Negative glares angrily at Spider-Man. "Why do you insist on trying to save this piece of scum!"

"I'm trying to save you, Adam." Spider-Man insists. "Don't let revenge win. Fight it."

Adam glances his head over to the side, briefly considering his words, only to let loose a powerful wave of energy towards Spider-Man, blasting away into large room as Adam followed him in, yelling with rage and he slammed his word onto the ground that blew away the surrounding objects as Spider-Man took a defensive stance as he readied himself for one hell of a fight.

"Looks like this is it." Tai said.

"Come on, Jaune." Ruby encouraged her fellow leader, hopeful that he would pull through and win this fight against Adam.

"Hopefully, he can pull through this." Blake said, hopeful that Jaune would stop Adam, and maybe, hopefully, convince Adam to stop his rampage. Despite how doubtful it may seem.

Mr. Negative immediately fired a wave of negative energy from his sword at Spider-Man, who managed to dodge out of the way in time.

"Schnee must be punished, his cancer has infected this city for too long." Mr. Negative said.

"Schnee deserves true justice; he won't see it unless you stop now!" Spider-Man tried to reason as he dodged another attack.

"I'll never stop!" Adam yells as he manages to blast Spider-Man to the ground.

Spider-Man groaned as he quickly got himself back up. He looked around and saw that there were still some items and objects he could use against Adam. So, he started throwing a few objects at Mr. Negative, throwing him off as he staggered back. This left him open for Spider-Man to leap in and attack Mr. Negative, punching him back and forth as he faded in and out of his negative persona.

"Good. He's managed to push him back." Pyrrha said, glad that her partner was pressing the advantage.

"It appears that Adam Taurus reverts back to his normal self whenever he is in a state of weakness." Penny observed.

"Let's just hope Jaune can keep it up." Weiss said. "And hopefully he can take him down before he grows stronger."

"Enough!" Adam yelled as he let loose a burst of energy around him. He suddenly sped towards the center of the room as he sent another wave of negative energy at Spider-Man.

Spider-Man dodges as he gets close to Adam again as he attempts to stab and skewer him with his sword, dodging and missing at each attempt as Adam grows more and more frustrated. As he attempted to slash him down, Spider-Man managed to toss in another object at him, leaving him open again as Spider-Man laid down the beatdown.

It stopped when suddenly Adam pointed his hand right at Spider-Man's head, intent on blasting him away as Spider-Man struggled.

"This…isn't…you!" Spider-Man tried to get through.

"This is exactly who I am!" Adam exclaimed as he reverted back to his Mr. Negative persona.

"Not if you let it." Ozpin mused.

Mr. Negative kept unleashing blast after blast of negative powered energy at Spider-Man as he swung around the room, trying to dodge them.

"Schnee's crimes will be on your head!" Mr. Negative exclaimed as he kept blasting.

"And what of your own crimes." Ghira sighed. "The people you killed during your rampage."

But after he kept going, he suddenly felt worn out, having used too much energy as he reverted back to his regular body. This gave Spider-Man an opportunity as he charged in and started punching Adam back and forth. The final punch sent Adam back away from Spider-Man as he gritted his teeth as he pulled himself up. He grabbed his head as he kneeled down in pain.

"Fight it, Adam!" Spider-Man encouraged. "You can walk away!"

"No." Adam says as he looks back up. "Schnee must suffer!" Adam roars as the world around them begins flashing back and forth as he jumps up in the air, creating a powerful, massive demon entity that he himself was controlling.

"Holy crap..." Yang muttered, feeling a sense of fear at seeing the large and powerful demon.

Saphron eyes widen at seeing this creature in fear, being sure to hide her son away from the monster.

"Looks like big boy is back again." Nora remarks, both intimidated slightly by the creature, and hopeful, beveling that her leader would be able to bring down this thing.

Spider-Man's eyes widen in shock at this stunning creation that Adam just made. "Whoa…" Spidey gasped as the creature attempted to crush him as Spider-Man got away in time. Spider-Man looked up to see the large Demon pull his claws back, creating some demon ghouls from the ground as Mr. Negative landed back on the ground, brandishing his sword to end this fight.

"I know you can beat the Demon, Adam!" Spider-Man yells as he fights against the ghouls who charged at him.

"Beat the Demon? I am the Demon!" Adam exclaims as he lets loose a wave of energy at Spider-Man, causing him to jump up in the air as the ghouls were wiped out from the blast.

"You're not kidding!" Sun remarked.

Spider-Man kept himself off from the ground as Mr. Negative continued to blast at him with his powers. He then summoned the large Demon to assist him.

"That…is a big Demon." Spider-Man said in awe as he swung around the creature. "Big Demon." Spidey says as he swipes away at the ground.

"Well you know what they say about the bigger they are!" Nora said with a confident grin on her face.

"Yeah!" Ruby joined in with an excited tone. "Take that thing down!"

Once the large Demon disappeared, Adam fell onto one knee, exhausted by the power he just used. Spider-Man went in for another attack as he beat Adam around back and forth.

"It looks like bringing out that thing made him vulnerable." Weiss said with wide eyes.

"And now it's left him open." Pyrrha added, on edge as she watched her partner with a look of excitement.

Adam let loose a pulse, ceasing from Jaune from continuing. "You and Schnee will share a grave!" Mr. Negative roars as he plants his word into the ground, throwing a wave right at Spider-Man who was knocked to the ground.

He quickly got himself back up, quickly taking on the Ghouls who reappeared as Mr Negative kept sending waves and blasts after him. Spider-Man kept dodging and swinging away against all of Adam's attempts as he tried to mercilessly kill Spider-Man.

"This will all be over soon." Adam announces as he summons the large Demon once more as it slams its fists against the ground, creating more ghouls.

"I sure hope so." Spidey mutters.

"You're not the only ones." Qrow added. "Now come and end it, kid."

Spider-Man began tossing more and more objects at Adam, causing him to stagger back in pain. Growling in anger, Adam once again summons the Large Demon to try and kill Spider-Man, smashing and even swiping away at its own creations in an attempt to kill him. But Spider-Man was far too quick and agile for him to get as Adam doubled down in exhaustion, having overused his powers once again.

Seeing that he was nearly down for the count, Spider-Man launched himself towards Adam and laid down a powerful punch across his face, causing Adam to be thrown back against the floor and his blade dropped away from him.

"It's nearly over, he's nearly got it." Yang said, sitting on the edge of her seat.

"Come on...come on..." Weiss muttered. "Win this, Jaune."

Adam pulled himself back up, turning back into his negative persona as he reached his hand out, mustering all of his energy to summon the large Demon once again. But undeterred, Spider-Man charged towards the large creature, jumping over its attempt at grabbing him as Spider-Man fired two web lines through the Demon and launched himself right through the Demon and right into Adam, landing a powerful kick to the face.

Adam tumbled over on the ground as Spider-Man looked behind him to see the large Demon yelling out in outrage before finally disappearing from view and the world faded back to normal.

"He's done it!" Sun exclaimed in excitement, jumping up from his seat. "He's won! Ha ha! Nice one, buddy!"

The audience either cheered or let out sighs of relief that Jaune managed to pull through in the end and managed to beat Adam.

Blake sighed. "It's over." Blake said, feeling both relieved, yet sad that this version of Adam still held onto his rage, like he did so in previous viewings. Like in her world. it made her wonder if it were possible he could turn away from revenge at all.

"Not quite yet," Winter recalled. "There's still the serum to collect, as well as stopping Octavius."

Jacques watched this display from where he was as the two Demons guarding him dropped to the floor.

Spider-Man stood before Adam, who had reverted back to his normal form, beaten and laid on the ground.

Adam groans in pain. "Schnee needs to pay." Adam says while pulling the antiserum out from his jacket.

"I know." Spider-Man says in understanding as he webs the vial off Adam's hand and into his. "But this is the wrong way, Adam."

"Then...what is the right one?" Ilia muttered.

"At least now, he can cure the city." Glynda said.

"And hopefully save your counterpart." Ironwood added.

Just then, loud metallic banging could be heard, drawing the attention of both Adam and Spider-Man as they looked up at the ceiling. Even Jacques heard what was happening as he leaned in closer to see what was happening.

The audience grew silent at this, their cheers and excitement immediately quieting down as a feeling of dread and fear took its place.

"Oh no..." Ruby muttered, knowing who it was behind the sounds happening.

Ozpin looked up at the screen with an intense look. "He's here."

Suddenly, the ceiling was torn apart by none other than Ozpin Octavius, Doctor Octopus, as he came descending down into the room.

Adam pulled himself back up as he stood before Ozpin, who looked at him with a look of both disappointment and disgust.

"Useless." Ozpin insulted as he backhanded Adam away with one of his metallic arms.

"Whoa!" Nora exclaimed. "Why'd he do that?"

"Because he wasn't useful to him anymore." Ironwood said. "He failed to eliminate Jaune or Jacques, and was thus no longer an asset."

"But, I thought he promised to help him?" Saphron asked.

"And I doubt he was going to fulfill his, or any of the other's requests." Ozpin added. "In the end, he was just another pawn to him." Ozpin muses, a feeling of guilt swelling within him. "A feeling I know all too well." He thought to himself.

Spider-Man watched on in shock and before he could react, one of Ozpin's tentacle arms grabbed onto his chest, causing him to drop the antiserum as he was pushed to the ground.

"Jaune!" Pyrrha gasped in shock.

"Oh no! The serum!" Penny also gasped, both worried for Jaune, as well as the vial breaking.

Spider-Man struggled against his grasp as Ock hovered over him, gritting his teeth as he tried to get Spider-Man to submit. Spider-Man turns his head to where the antiserum was just close enough near him. Looking back up at Ozpin, he pushed his claw off him as he went after the vial. Growling with anger, Ozpin used his arms to block his path as Spidey avoided them, even jumping over one as he ran after the vial.

Ozpin snarls as he sends his arms after Spider-Man, blocking his path which causes him to jump backwards away, right just near the vial as Spider-Man landed right in front of it and grabbed it.

"Great! he's got it!" Yang cheered.

"He still has Ozpin to deal with." Weiss pointed out, on the edge of her seat.

"Come on, Jaune." Ruby urged.

Spider-Man fired a single web at Doc Ock before attempting to swing away, only for Ozpin's arm to grab onto him and push him to a wall before slamming him onto the other side of the room and onto a pipeline. One arm then grabbed him by the head and slammed him right onto the hard ground.

The audience winced at the brutal display on screen.

"Damn.." Qrow cursed in frustration.

"This is bad." Yang said with a tone filled with dread and worry.

"it is..." Pyrrha said, bringing a hand to her mouth in fear.

Ock gently brings Spider-Man's beaten and broken body towards him, with Spider-Man still holding onto the vial as he was face to face with Ozpin.

"Jaune..." Ruby said with a look of concern and fear, worried that Ozpin might just kill him then and there.

"Please, don't let it end like this." Glynda pleaded quietly. "Not after all this."

Ozpin gave an unimpressed look before noticing the vial in Spider-Man's hand, which began to slip out of his grasp as one of Ozpin's arms catches it in time. Ozpin brought the vial closer towards him, grabbing it from the metallic arm as he smirks.

"What do you think he's gonna do with that?" Velvet asked with a worried look.

"Probably use it as a bargaining chip." Coco guessed. "Either way, it's not good."

"No, it's not." Blake said. In a single moment, Jaune's victory against Adam was swept away just like that. And now things were looking dire again.

"Ozpin?" The voice of Jacques caught his attention as he turned to see his former friend in the control room as he looked at Ozpin in shock. Ozpin drops Spider-Man to the ground as he climbs his way up to Jacques, who was still in shock at Ozpin.

"Oh boy..." Tai muttered.

"Probably would've been best if he stayed quiet." Qrow said. "Now it looks like Ock is gonna get what he wants."

But Ozpin just chuckled and gave a smile. "That look on your face..." Ozpin says as one of the arms slithers behind Jacques. "You can't imagine how satisfying it is." Ozpin said as the arm wrapped around Jacques's body and lifted him from the ground as he grunted in pain. "Ready for your final act?" Ozpin asks as Jacques shakes his head in fear and terror.

Ozpin then began climbing back up though the hole he made, all the Jacques struggled and screamed in terror as the two left the room.

"Where's he taking him?" Ruby asked.

"I have no idea, sis." Yang said.

"But why didn't he kill him?" Nora asked.

"He needs him alive." Ren realized. "If he wanted him dead, he would've done so on the spot."

"He wants to do more than just kill him." Ghira said. "He wants to ruin his legacy."

"But what about Jaune?" Saphron asked. "Is he okay!?"

Spider-Man was still on the floor, broken and beaten after what Ock did to him. Until the doors of the room open where Winter came out from them as she spotted Spider-Man and ran to check up on him.

Weiss's eyes widened once she saw her sister on screen. "Winter!"

"Would be a bad time if she took this as an opportunity to arrest him." Qrow commented.

"Qrow!" Glynda quietly chastised.

"It's not a stretch." Qrow said.

"Hey. Hey…" Winter softly says as kneels down in front of him.

"Where's... Ozpin...?" Spider-Man said in a strained and pain filled voice.

"Gone. I would not worry about him right now..." Winter says as Dr. Michaels kneels down next to her.

"He needs a hospital." Dr. Michaels said in a grave tone.

"No..." Spider-Man immediately denied. "No hospital." Spidey says as the two help him off from the ground. "F.E.A.S.T..." Spidey groans as the two lead him out of the facility.

"Why FEAST?" Terra asked

"Probably cause all of the other hospitals are busy." Tai guessed. "And FEAST is more than equipped to help him, plus with Pyrrha and Oscar there."

"They'd probably remove his mask, then his secret identity would be exposed." Nora added.

"Is that really important at this time?" Winter questions.

"It's not ideal." Qrow said.

The screen changed to F.E.A.S.T., where Oscar was tending to the medical supplies when suddenly the doors busted open to reveal a beaten Spider-Man being carried by Winter and Dr. Michaels. Oscar gasped as he cleared the table to make some space for Spider-Man as workers took Spider-Man off Winter and Michaels hands.

Dr. Michaels approached Oscar. "I need to speak with your head doctor." He said urgently.

"Uh, there's no doctors here." Oscar says.

"Who's running this place? Dr. Michaels asked in disbelief.

"Me, mostly." Oscar answers.

"It's a lot of a child to handle." Kali said.

"He can manage." Qrow said. "I mean, if the kid can manage to maneuver a large guy in a rhino suit and knock out a criminal, he can handle this."

"I just hope it'll be enough to help Jaune." Pyrrha said, nervously biting her nails.

Dr. Michaels let out a small nervous sigh as he prepared himself. "Okay. Well, it's been a while, but I'll do my best." He says as Spider-Man was laid down with Winter by his side. "I'll need masks, gloves, whatever you have that's sterile... " Dr. Michaels listed out as Oscar went to get them.

Spider-Man glances over at Winter. "Thank... you..." Spider-Man groans.

"You can thank me by not dying." Winter said.

"It's nice to see that despite everything, she's still willing to help him." Sun said with a small smirk. "Guess she's not entirely bad."

"Hmm, I guess not." Winter hummed, glad to see her counterpart had some level of honor to her.

Oscar grabbed the masks and headed back to where Spider-Man was. As they all tended to him, Pyrrha arrived and watched from the doorway. "Oh my god..." Pyrrha said in horror at the sight of Jaune in that state as Oscar looked at her with sympathy, while Winter glanced at her for a few moments before continuing to assist in Spider-Man's recovery.

"You don't think she'll arrest Pyrrha after this is over?" Ruby asked, worried for her friend.

"I'd like to see her try!" Nora said in a challenging tone.

"I find it doubtful." Winter said. "After all that's happened, I have a feeling my counterpart might have a change of heart."

"I hope so." Weiss said quietly.

Hours later, Pyrrha still stood by the door as she watched Dr. Michaels finishing tending Spider-Man as he walked towards Pyrrha.

"He'll live." Dr. Michaels assured. "But he needs rest." He said as he left to help the other people at F.E.A.S.T.

Spider-Man groans as he begins stirring himself awake. He attempted to get up from his bed as Pyrrha quickly came to his aid.

"So much for rest." Qrow remarks.

"He should not be up so quickly." Penny said.

"I doubt Jaune would let himself rest knowing that Ock is still out there." Sun said.

"Hey, take it easy!" Pyrrha says as she helps Jaune as he nearly collapses to the ground.

Jaune turns to Pyrrha. "Where's Glynda?" Jaune asked as Pyrrha gained a look of worry on her face as she helped Jaune up from the ground and began to take him to her.

Glynda was seen laying on a medical breath, out of breath and looked like she was struggling to stay awake.

The audience looked with worry and concern at the state of Glynda's counterpart.

The students watched with worry for their teacher. She could be stern and tough on them, but they didn't want her to die from this plague.

Ozpin hung his head down in shame, seeing his colleague and friend in such a state filled with guilt and disappointment in himself.

Ironwood could only stare at the screen with a dread filled expression, his grip on the armrest tightening with every second he saw Glynda on screen. "Oh god..." Ironwood muttered, barely audible to hear.

All the while Glynda herself looked at the screen with a stunned expression. Seeing herself on screen in such a state, it was unreal. She of course felt fine, but seeing her counterpart like that, it filled her with unease.

"They say she could go at any moment." Pyrrha says sadly as Jaune watches her from afar.

Jaune turns away from the room as he attempts to leave, much to Pyrrha's confusion. "Where are you going?" Pyrrha asked.

"I need to find Ozpin... he has the antiserum." Jaune groans before collapsing to the ground. Jaune looked to Pyrrha, feeling like his body was going to fail him. "I don't know if I can beat him..."

"I hate to say, but I gotta agree." Coco said reluctantly. "I mean the Doc seems to be able to counter Jaune and his tech."

"But that doesn't mean he should give up." Ruby said. "He can fight Ock, he just...needs to find a new way to."

"Maybe you can't." Pyrrha said. "Maybe Spider-Man needs a little help from his friend Jaune." Pyrrha said.

Jaune looked at her in confusion. "What...?"

"Yeah, I'm with Jaune." Yang said, also confused by the redhead's words.

Ren and Nora merely smiled, understanding what she meant.

"Jaune helped build those arms, remember?" Pyrrha reminded. "If anyone can find a weakness, it's him."

"Quite." Ozpin said with a small smile. "It always matters who it is under the mask, and after everything we've seen from him in all these viewings, is that Jaune Arc is adaptable, determined and strategic."

The audience smiled at the headmaster's words, feeling a sense of optimism from him and his words.

"Yeah." Ruby nodded in agreement. "He can do this."

Feeling a sense of encouragement, Spider-Man picked himself up from the ground with a renowned sense of determination within him.

Pyrrha smiled at Jaune. "Go get 'em, Tiger."

Jaune glanced back at Pyrrha and nodded in response as he went on his way to finally stop Ozpin.

Pyrrha continued to watch as the spider from the lab crawled down her arm and onto the railing. The Spider began crawling its way down from the railing and descended on a web line to the bottom with a web line, right onto some boxes.

Weiss's eyes widen at the sight of the arachnid. "The Spider..." Weiss gasped.

The audience were surprised to see the spider again, and that it was moving away from Pyrrha.

"Looks like it moved away from Pyrrha." Coco said.

"Did it bite her?" Velvet asked.

"Unlikely." Penny stated. "We did not see a reaction from Pyrrha Nikos, and the arachnid would probably not be alive if doing so."

Oscar then arrived where the boxes were as he started to go through them. "Alright... No" Oscar said as he put a box to the side. "No that's not it." Oscar said as he looked to another box. "Maybe it's this one..." Oscar said as he picked it up.

But as soon as he did so, he immediately felt a sharp pain on his wrist as he hisses in pain as he drops the box and swats whatever was on his hand. He looked at his palm to find an already dead spider there as he watched on in confusion.

"Whoa..." Sun said, stunned at what this possibly meant for Oscar.

"You guys don't think..." Yang asks, having a feeling that her suspicions might be right.

"I mean, it's how Jaune got his powers." Ruby recalled.

"And Pyrrha did say that Schneecorp was responsible for creating Jaune's powers. So maybe..." Blake suggested.

"Heh," Qrow chuckles. "Looks like there's gonna be another spider in town."

"Aw," Nora pouted, crossing her arms.

"What's up?" Yang asked, confused by her disappointment.

"I mean, I'm happy to see Oscar have spider powers. But I was really hoping to see Pyrrha get powers as well." Nora said with a tone of disappointment.

Pyrrha chuckled as he placed a hand on her shoulder. "I think my counterpart can manage, Nora. But thanks."

The screen changes to Spider-Man swinging through the city, on his way to stop Ozpin once and for all. "Pyr's right." Spider-Man mused as he swung back to the lab. "I built the neural interface... that means I can destroy it. There must be something at the lab I can use..."

As Spider-Man swung through the calm, yet deserted streets of his city, he suddenly got a call from someone he really didn't expect to get.

"Spider-Man. Hello." The voice of Winter greeted him.

"Winter?" Weiss said with a surprised look.

Winter was also surprised to hear herself on screen again.

"Man, I gotta change this number..." Spidey mutters.

"I must leave New York. Recent events... give me pause." Winter admits. "Your rescue of Schnee, despite his hatred... it affected me." Winter said. "I must return home, reflect on this life I choose."

"Hmm, sounds like the smartest thing she's done." Qrow remarks.

"Quiet, you." Winter said, snapping to the drunk with a frown as she turned back to the screen.

"Dang..." Spidey said, amazed by her sudden change. "I think I'm gonna miss you and your death troopers. "

"Unfortunately, my agents will stay." Winter said. "Though I question our work, they do not, and Schnee continues to pay. I am sorry."

"Of course." Blake sighs.

"So close to being good news." Spidey sighs.

"Typical Arc luck." Saphron mutters.

"Indeed. I will miss you and your bizarre witticisms, Spider-Man. Until we meet again." Winter says as the call went off.

"What a strange, violent lady." Spider-Man commented as he continued to push forward to the lab, seeing it in his sights as he landed on top of the building and made his way inside.

"Huh, well look at that!" Nora said with a grin, turning to Weiss. "It looks like your sister likes him!"

Weiss sighed. "Nora, please."

"She's not wrong, Weiss." Winter interjected. "I certainly find him much more suitable then those boys' fathers tried to set you up with." Winter commented.

This caught Weiss by surprise. "Y-You do?" Weiss said with surprise.

Winter nodded. "I do. If you ever do pursue a relationship, well, just know you have my support. Though I will have to assess him for myself to see if the qualities we've seen from here match to the one in the real world.

"See Weiss? Even your sis ships you and Jaune." Coco snickered.

Weiss blushed in embarrassment as she turned her head away from the fashionista, all while Pyrrha, Yang and Velvet were sending suspicious glares at the Schnee Heiresses.

The screen faded to Ozpin's Lab, where Jaune was without his mask on as he limped his way inside of his personal lab. He looked over a whiteboard with the design specs of the robotic arms and the neural interface.

"We did the impossible, Doc." Jaune said, as if Ozpin were here with him. "But now I have to destroy it..." Jaune said in a serious tone as he turned away from the board. "With a little creation of my own." Jaune says as he went to work.

The audience watched with great interest as Jaune proceeded to make the thing that will hopefully stop Doctor Octopus once and for all.

Ruby was bouncing in her seat in excitement and eagerness at this. "Come on. Show me what you have, Jaune."

Times passed as the sounds of tinkering and crafting could be heard, all the while the screen showed images of design specs of a very different Spider-Suit. All of Jaune's best efforts went into this as he continued to work on the invention he was gonna use to stop Ozpin.

Jaune looked over his work and was satisfied at what he had accomplished. He turned as he was shown wearing his creation. A brand-new spider suit, with a sleek and flexible black metal similar to Ock's arms and bright yellow lights coming from the eyes, spider and strips of light on his arms and legs.

"Woah!" Ruby said in awe over Jaune's new suit. "That looks cool!"

"Damn right it does." Yang grins in agreement.

"Absolutely sensational!" Penny said with wide eyes and an excited smile. "It looks to be made from the same material as the alternate Headmaster Ozpin's arms!" Penny said with wide and excited eyes.

"Now he's the uh," Nora says, trying to think of a good name until it hits her. "The Iron Spider!"

"Eh, close, but no." View said, making Nora deflate slightly.

"Oh, one day, I'll get these names right!" Nora declares.

"Do you guys think this suit will be enough to stop Ozpin?" Blake asked.

"I hope so, Blake." Weiss said. "But we have to trust in Jaune."

"He's got this." Pyrrha said with a confident tone. "I know it."

Jaune stood proudly in his lab as his new "Anti-Ock" Suit was finished and ready for combat. The sounds of his phone buzzing drew his attention as went over to check out what it was. He saw video footage of a hostage situation at Schneecorp Tower. Knowing that there wasn't much time, Spider-Man quickly ran out of the lab to put a stop to all of this once and for all.

"He's bringing him to his tower?" Ruby said.

"I guess that's where he wants to bring an end to him and his legacy." Weiss guessed with a worried glance.

The screen shifted to Schneecorp Tower, where Ozpin's mechanical robot arms were climbing up the tower itself, all the while Jacques was still being held by the arms as he could do nothing but struggle.

News Helicopters hovering around the area as they shined a light on the two while reporting this to the world.

"And once again, we have live footage of Mayor Schnee being held captive on the roof of Schneecorp Tower." The woman reported as Ozpin managed to make his way up at the top of the tower, while hanging Jacques off it.

"You want me to beg?" Jacques yells out while glaring at his captor. "Not going to happen."

"I doubt Jacques would be as fearless in our world." Ironwood commented, surprised that he wasn't begging for his life at this point.

"I suppose he's a lot more ruthless in this world." Tai said, anxious about what might happen.

Ozpin merely laughs at this. "The world will know the truth, before they mop you off the pavement." He says threateningly before tightening his grip on Jacques, crushing his chest as he grunts in pain. As he struggled, Ozpin pulled out a phone and handed it to one of the arms that reached out next to Jacques's head.

"He wants him to confess to his crime?" Sun said.

"I think it's more of him wanting to admit to him wronging my counterpart." Ozpin said.

"Tell them what you did!" Ozpin demands.

"I..." Jacques struggles before giving his weak answer. "Never..."

Ozpin then reaches Jacques out even further away from him, threatening to drop him. "Everything you have is built on lies. LIES!" Ozpin yells in fury and anger as he lets go of Jacques Schnee as he begins falling and screaming in terror.

"Oh god..." Yang said, putting a hand to her chest. "I don't know how much more of this I can take.

"Imagine how he feels." Coco commented.

Ozpin quickly uses one of his arms to reach and grab onto Jacques's legs before he could fall further as his wallet falls down to the bottom. Ozpin slowly dragged Jacques back up towards him as he bared a stone face expression.

As much as Weiss couldn't stand everything the man had done, both in her universe and in this one, she still couldn't stand to see him die. Not because she was his daughter, but because he needed to answer for what he had done. But this wasn't the way.

"You stole my company, my ideas…now." Ozpin said in a grave tone as he brought Jacques face to face with him as he held up a phone to him. "The truth." Ozpin demanded.

Jacques breathed calmly as he collected himself and stared at Ozpin. "The truth…okay." Jacques said as he formed a hardened look on his face as he glared at Ozpin. "The truth is, you were only ever worth a damn when you worked for me."

"What the hell is he doing!?" Tai exclaims, both shocked, confused and irritated by Jacques's foolish move.

Ironwood groaned as he looked up at the screen with a look of frustration and disappointment. "Showcasing his massive ego."

"I doubt he'd be as brave as he is now." Glynda said.

"Brave isn't the word I'd use." Winter said with a scowl. "And now it's going to get him killed." Winter said as she shook her head. "Even in the end, he can't help but act superior towards others." Winter thought as she continued watching with bated breath.

Ozpin glared at Jacques with rage as he continued on. "The truth is you could never accept that I'm better than you." Jacques yelled out as Ozpin started to seethe with rage. "You're a failure, Ozpin. And you always will be!" Jacques yelled out.

Ozpin yells in anger as he lets Jacques go, causing him to fall down as he screams out in terror.

"Oh god!" Kali gasped in shock, as did most of the audience as they watched the man fall to his demise.

"He's gonna die!" Sun exclaimed.

"No!" Jacques yelled out as he continued his descent, all the while Ozpin looked down at Schnee with disdain before turning away.

Jacques kept falling down as would've hit the hard pavement to his death. But it didn't come, as he was suddenly launched back up and landed on a nearby rooftop.

Ruby let out a sigh of relief. "He saved him."

"For better or for worse." Qrow commented.

"It wouldn't have been justice, Qrow." Tai said. "It was the right thing Jaune saved him."

The man behind his rescue was, of course, Spider-Man, as he began running up along the side of the tower to stop Doctor Octopus once and for all as he slinged himself with his webs to get up there faster.

Jacques got up and headed for the nearest exit, but not before giving one last look at the Spider-Man, smirking as he fled the scene.

"And the coward makes it away." Ilia bitterly muttered to herself, bitterly wishing that Jaune let the bastard drop.

Back on the top of the tower, Ozpin was prepared to leave the area until Spider-Man swung himself around to land on the top of the tower behind him.

"Give me the antiserum." Spider-man demanded as Ock turned around to face him. "Ozpin, you worked your whole life to help people. Please…" Spider-Man pleaded as Ozpin hid the antiserum.

Ruby pleaded internally for Ozpin to listen, to realize what he was doing was wrong. She had put so much faith and trust in the man that had guided her. She didn't want to see him in this way.

His mechanical arms dug themselves firmly into the ground as Ozpin raised himself up before Spider-Man. "You're fighting the wrong man." Ozpin states as he stood before Spider-Man. "But have it your way." He said in a dangerous tone as Jaune prepared himself for the fight of his life, as well as everyone in the city.

The audience watched with great interest and concern, for both Jaune Arc and Ozpin. They all knew that this was it, that this fight would determine the fate of everyone in the city. And they hoped that Jaune would be the one on top, they just needed to have faith.

"This is it." Qrow said with a serious tone.

"Time for the end." Ironwood said, narrowing his eyes at the screen.

"End this, Mr. Arc." Ozpin said to himself. "For both our sake."

Ock lunged one of tentacle arms right at Spider-Man, only for him to narrowly dodge it before it could hit him. "We don't have much time, please!" Spider-Man pleaded before dodging another arm sent at him. He webbed onto a nearby light projector and hurled it at Ozpin as he staggered back from the blunt object.

Ozpin growls as he leapt in the air and slams right down where Spider-Man was. "I'll turn over the antiserum when Schnee pays for his crimes!" Ozpin yells as he uses his arms to electrify the floor, shocking Spider-Man before he got knocked away by one of Ozpin's arms.

"Unlikely at this point." Glynda mutters, watching with worry for her student, hoping that his new tech will be able to pull through for him.

The Wall-Crawler shook his head before getting back into the fight, he dodged the arms that were headed towards him as he began shooting his webs at Ozpin the hopes of slowing him down. And thanks to his new suit, he could quickly resupply his webbing and tech in a matter of seconds, making the fight to be closer in his favor.

"Amazing." Penny said with awe. "He can instantly resupply himself and his tech!"

"Hell of an OP move if I've seen one." Yang said with a grin.

"It definitely gives him an advantage." Weiss said in agreement.

"Just give me the antiserum! You've already done enough to ruin Schnee!" Spider-Man yells out while continuing to fire webs at him.

"No!" Ozpin yelled as he used his arms to block some of the webbing. "He always bounces back. He has to lose everything!" Ozpin roars.

"The only one losing everything is you." Ozpin quietly chastises his other self.

Spidey then used his electric webs to try and short circuit the arms. He fired off two electric web shots and managed to cause electricity to run through the arms, much to Ozpin's anger.

Now that he was stunned, Spider-Man lunged towards his former mentor and proceeded to beat him down, knocking him back and forth, striking him hard with his punches and kicks. He then finished it off by firing a web line onto Ozpin's chest, launching himself towards him before firing two more lines behind Ozpin and slamming him down onto the ground.

"I know your weaknesses." Spider-Man said as he leapt off Ozpin.

"I have no weaknesses." Ozpin snarls as he begins hurling objects at Spider-Man while he is swinging in the air. He eventually managed to get Spider-Man with one of them as he fell to the ground.

"To think like that, already proves that you have." Winter said. "And perhaps, that can be used to Mr. Arc's advantage."

"Jaune's doing good so far." Pyrrha said, her eyes never leaving the screen as she watched the fight. "He's managed to push back against Ozpin."

"Indeed." Ren nodded. "Hopefully, he can keep pressing against him."

Ock then used two of his upper arms to try and smash Spider-Man while he was down. Spidey quickly got himself out of there by webbing himself towards the tower before Ock could get him. He bounced himself off the tower while web shooting Ock once more.

"You're wasting my time!" Ock snarls in frustration as he begins lunging his arms at Spider-Man once more, going as fast as he could as Spidey barely managed to avoid the arms. Eventually, one of the arms grabbed onto him by the waist and Ozpin used another arm to go for Spidey's head before he grabbed it before it could reach it.

Spider-Man grunted as he struggled against the strong grasp of the mechanical arm. But he dug deep within himself and used his enhanced strength to direct the arm onto the other arm that was holding him, causing him to break free from Ock's grasp.

Ock attempted to lunge at Spider-Man again, but he used one of his impact webs to push him back. "Schnee's the criminal, not me!" Ozpin yells as he smashes and destroys a nearby power box while attempting to smash Spider-Man.

"He ain't the one who poisoned an entire city, Doc." Coco remarked with a scowl for her teacher's counterpart.

Spider-Man hurled a piece of debris at Ozpin, distracting him long enough for Spider-Man to swing up behind Ozpin, launching himself towards Ock and punching him as he leapt up in the air and then bright himself back down using his webs to slam down onto him. Dazed and confused, Ozpin couldn't defend himself as Spider-Man once again leapt towards Ozpin and started beating him up again. He kept going and going before he did the same trick as before and landed on Ozpin's chest hard.

"I'm trying to help you!" Spider-Man pleaded as he quickly leapt off him.

But Ozpin didn't care for his words as he kept trying to kill Spider-Man with what he had, throwing debris at him, or using his robot arms to try and smash or just crush him. But Spider-Man dodged all of this as he got up close to Ozpin and used his webs to slam his own arms onto him.

"Give me the antiserum and I promise Schnee will face charges." Spider-Man said.

"Liar!" Ozpin yells. "Just like Schnee, nothing but LIES!" Ozpin yells in mad fury.

"He's losing it." Qrow said. "And in this case, that's good, rage can make someone sloppy most of the time."

Yang would have objected to that, but remembering her fight with Neo, she found that he was somewhat right. She drew her focus back onto the screen and hoped that Jaune would be able to use Ozpin's rage against him.

Spider-Man dodged an incoming arm as he continued to try and reach through his mentor and friend. "What happened to the man who wanted to help people!?"

Ozpin scoffed. "The weakling? The loser? He's gone!" Ozpin declares as he tears through the webbing on his arms. "Enough playing!" Ozpin yelled as he leaped up from his spot. He landed on the radio tower and plunged his arms into the core of the tower's power supply, causing it to combust into flames that were reaching down to where Spider-Man was.

"Holy crap!" Nora exclaimed. "I was not expecting that!"

"Gotta move." Jaune said as his eyes widened at the fire reaching him. He quickly jumped up in the air and started web swinging before the fire could reach him.

"Too close." Ruby quickly sighed with relief, still on edge.

As he swung around the tower, Ozpin began throwing multiple parts from the tower at Spider-Man. He dodged and avoided them as he began throwing them back at Ozpin. Once he was stunned enough, Spider-Man launched himself towards Ozpin and punched him across the face before firing a web line onto his chest and dragging him back down to the ground floor where the heat had died down.

There they continued on with their fight, though it looked like Ozpin's arms were starting to falter a little. Jaune knew he just needed to wear him down enough to stop him.

"People are dying!" Spider-Man cried out as he dodged an arm coming towards him. "They need the antiserum, now!"

"I will cure the city after I bring down Schnee!" Ozpin yells as he tossed another object at Spider-Man, knocking him back to the ground.

"It is highly doubtful at this point that he actually would." Ghira shook his head. "Most likely, he would demand that the city submit to his control before he does so."

"Hopefully, it won't come to that." Ironwood said.

Spidey quickly got himself back up from the ground as he fired an array of webs at his former mentor. "Let me save the city, then we can do whatever you want!" Spider-Man insisted.

"I already know what I want." Ozpin shouted. "Now get out of my way before I really hurt you." He threatened while blocking himself from the webs.

Using his resupply function, Spider-Man fired web after web at Ozpin as his guard was starting to go down, leaving him open for Spider-Man to leapt at him and attack him.

"How much is Schnee paying you to protect him!?" Ozpin accused while still taking the hits from the arachnid hero.

"I'm not protecting him!" Spider-Man says. "I'm trying to save the city!"

Ozpin snarls at his claim. "Enough of this!" Ozpin yells as he leapt back up at the radio tower, once again plunging his arms into the core to cause the ground to catch fire.

"Oh not again." Yang groaned in frustration.

"Thankfully, Jaune can avoid this like before." Pyrrha said. "It's clear that Jaune has him on the defensive, resorting to old tactics in order to gain a hit."

Spider-Man jumped up in the air before the flames could reach him. But he was once again having to avoid the debris being tossed at him by Ozpin. Using his instincts, Spidey dodged the objects as he hurled a few of them back at Ozpin, leaving him stunned and open for another attack.

He leapt towards his former mentor, landing on his chest before quickly moving himself to Ozpin's back where the neural interface was.

"What are you!?" Ozpin questions in a strained voice as Spidey begins pulling the interface from the back of his neck. "NO!" Ozpin yelled out in defiance as Spidey managed to rip apart from it that left it exposed. But then a robot arm grabbed Spider-Man by the wrist, preventing him from going any further.

"Damn!" Weiss cursed. "He almost had it! Just a few more seconds!"

Another one of Ozpin's arms grabbed onto Spidey's other wrist, holding him in place as they began crushing his wrists, causing Spider-Man to yell out in pain as the claws crushed not only his wrists, but his Web-Shooters as well as webs shot out of them, rendering them completely destroyed.

Doc Ock then slammed Spider-Man against the side of the tower with force. He positioned himself as Ock attempted to adjust the interface and tried to fire a web at him, only for his Web Shooters to fire nothing in response, much to his shock.

"Crap!" Sun cursed.

"His Web Shooters are fried!" Ruby said with worry.

"This isn't good." Saphron said, worried for Jaune's chances.

He looked back up to see Ozpin launching an arm at him as he quickly got out of the way of the attack that crushed where he would've been. As Spider-Man moved around the tower, the support of it began to tear off.

Spider-Man began crawling up to the top of the tower, only for Ock's arm to lunge itself right at Spider-Man's face, causing him to reel back as parts of his armor were exposed and his right lens was gone, as well as exposing the lower mouth of his helmet.

"Oh no..." Velvet said with worry. "His mask is exposed!"

"But maybe if Ozpin knew, if he knew who he was fighting, then he'll realize he's wrong. He can stop." Ruby said in a hopeful tone. "If he knows he's fighting against his own student, then, maybe...he'll stop."

Everyone seemed to understand and can see where Ruby was coming from, it could be possible. All except for Ozpin, who still looked guilty, as he was already aware of something that everyone didn't know. But he had a feeling they would.

"It's a stretch." Weiss began. "But...maybe he'll-"

"Such a disappointment." Ozpin says as Spider-Man tried to keep his face hidden from him. "Arc." Ozpin finished, causing Jaune to pause in shock and his eyes widened at his real name being said.

Upon hearing those words, the audience, all except for Ozpin, who looked down at the ground in shame, looked up at the screen, all with varying expressions. Shock, confusion, disbelief, sadness and betrayal.

"Wait...what?" Ruby softly said with a look of hurt and disbelief.

"Did...did he just say?" Yang asked with wide eyes.

"I...I think he did." Blake said with a heavy heart.

Jaune turned to Ozpin with a look of shock upon his face. "You...knew?" Jaune asks in disbelief.

Ozpin panted "I tried to warn you, Jaune. But you didn't listen!" Ozpin growls in frustration.

"He...he knew?" Pyrrha said in a soft tone as she looked at the screen with a heartbroken expression. "He knew that...Jaune was Spider-Man."

"H-How long could he have known?" Nora asks.

View hung his head down and let out a remorseful sigh. "Since...he first saw his outfit in his lab."

Ironwood was trembling with rage at this. His thoughts immediately went to Glynda. "He knew this entire time...and still risked everyone's lives!?" Ironwood roared with fury, momentarily forgetting that he was talking about his oldest friend, viewing him as someone completely different.

"Apparently so..." Ozpin said quietly, remaining eerily calm at this moment. Though one could hear the slightest change, one that sounded on edge.

Tai looked at Ozpin with a look of concern. "Did...did you know, Oz?"

"I...had a suspicion. But I had hoped that my counterpart was unaware of such." Ozpin said. "But faith was misplaced. As was Mr. Arc's unfortunately."

Jaune looked down at this, until he fully realized what this meant. All this time, everything he's done, he knew who Jaune was and the entire time, and he still went through all of this, the death that was caused, and destruction, his aunt...

He looked back up at Ozpin with an enraged look on his face. "You knew!"

Ozpin had a look of unyielding resolve and some slight remorse at the way his former friend was looking at him. "I won't let you win." Ozpin says as he attempts to swipe Jaune, only for him to reach the top of the tower.

"This means too much to me!" Ozpin yells.

Jaune gritted his teeth in anger as he began panting heavily, unable to contain his anger and frustration. "Not more than it means…TO ME!" Jaune yells as he jumps off the tower and right onto Ozpin.

"At this point he finally realizes...that the man he once knew, his friend and mentor, is truly gone." View muses.

"Then I guess he doesn't need to hold back anymore." Yang said with an edge to her voice, feeling a sense of anger dwelling within her as her eyes flashed red.

"Nor should he." Ozpin said in agreement, hoping that his counterpart would be stopped once and for all.

Ozpin used his upper arms to support himself from falling off, but Jaune kicked down hard onto one of the lower arms, snapping it off as the support for the tower finally began to give away as the tower, as well as Jaune and Ozpin began their fall down from Schneecorp Tower.

"Oh god!" Pyrrha exclaimed.

Jaune managed to stick himself onto the side of the tower, as did Ozpin, who used his arms while the radio tower fell down to the streets below as helicopters circled around the area.

Ozpin slowly got himself up as he looked at his former student with a growl. Jaune did the same as he stood himself up and glared at his former mentor and friend while explosions occurred from behind him.

The audience watched with intensity, now fully hoping that Jaune would finally stop his former mentor. Upon learning that he knew his identity and how far he had fallen, they knew that the Ozpin of that world was beyond help. And that he needed to be stopped.

"Can't you see all the people you're hurting!?" Jaune yelled in anger as he narrowly avoided getting attacked by one of the arms.

"You'll never understand." Ozpin says. "You haven't suffered like I have…" Ozpin said as he tried to hit Jaune.

"You're the one who caused all this suffering." Ruby said with an angry tone, frustrated and angry that it came to this, that this version of her headmaster let this happen. "He's suffering more than you can imagine. And yet you don't care..."

Ozpin closed in on Jaune and attempted to smack him down with one of his arms once more, only for Jaune to dodge it and began beating Ozpin down, forcing him to descend a little further from the tower.

"You should be on my side!" Ozpin yells as he takes the brunt of the hits.

"I was!" Jaune yelled back as he dodged a few more attempts by Ozpin. He continued to beat down his former friend and mentor, using the best of his remaining strength against him. He then grabbed onto one of his arms and kicked Ozpin across the face.

"He's so hurt." Pyrrha said, saddened to see her partner in such an angry and heartbroken state. She shouldn't stand to see him so angry, so betrayed, so in pain.

"I..haven't seen this mad before." Nora said with a worried look.

"The revelation of Ozpin's betrayal...was too much for me." Ren said with a somber look. "And upon learning he knew all this's enough to make anyone mad. He held onto the hope that Ozpin would still be in there. And to find that it was in vain..."

He kept punching until Ozpin moved away from Jaune, far enough for him to launch one of his metallic arms at Jaune, grabbing him by the waist and bringing Jaune close to him.

"Please…think of the man you were…" Jaune pleaded for him to listen.

"That man is gone." Ozpin said with disdain. "You can't save me, Jaune."

"I think that's the only thing he said that is truly correct." Glynda said, saddened that this version of Ozpin had fallen so far. And that she had hoped that Jaune would stop him once and for all.

Knowing he was unable to reach him, Jaune grabbed onto the claws holding him. "Then I guess you'll have to save yourself." Jaune declares as he frees himself from Ozpin's grasp and puts some distance between them.

Ozpin kept lunging his arms at Jaune in the hopes of either grabbing or attacking him. All the while, Jaune continued to rely on his senses to dodge the attacks.

"You were my hero!" Jaune yelled out in anger and in sadness. He began beating him down once more, pouring out his anger and frustration against him. "You meant so much to me!" Jaune yelled as he kicked Ozpin across the face.

"A feeling I know too well." Blake muttered, knowing well how it feels to watch someone you admired and respected fall down a path they weren't turning away from. Or maybe it was just them showing their true self all along.

"I hate that you're making me do this!" Jaune yelled as he pressed on against Ozpin, going all out as Ozpin barely had time to defend himself. "We were going to change the world!" Jaune yelled as he gave a roundhouse kick against Ozpin.

Ozpin reeled back as the kick sent his goggles flying off his face. He looked back at Jaune with a cruel smirk. "You look tired, Arc." Ozpin remarks.

"Not tired." Jaune says as he dodges another arm attack, leaping off onto the arm. "Just hurt!" Jaune said as he jumped back in front of Ozpin and proceeded to latch onto his back again.

He tried to go for the interface when one of the arms grabbed onto him and slammed him against the building. Jaune struggled to get out of the mechanical arm's grip when another arm launched towards him, causing Jaune to grab it just before it could reach him, snapping at him.

"Oh no!" Ruby cried out in panic.

"Crap!" Qrow cursed in frustration.

Jaune looked up to see Ozpin slowly approaching him. "Ozpin, stop!" Jaune begged as a lower claw managed to pierce through his body, causing him to yell out in pain.

"Oh god no!" Saphron cried out in shock and fear, tearing up at the sight of her baby brother being hurt like that. It made her sob as she Terra held onto her and their son as he cried as well.

Ruby was in anguish over this, tears going down her face at seeing her best friend being impaled by a man that they both trusted was too hard to watch. Yang held onto her sister to try and comfort her, though she, Weiss and Blake were all in agony at seeing this.

Pyrrha couldn't bear to watch, bringing her hands to her mouth, tears beginning to glisten down her eyes as she watched in horror at the boy she loved so dearly in pain. Even as Nora and Ren did her best to comfort her, they two were unable to watch their leader being hurt like this.

"If he lets go, then Ozpin could potentially kill him." Penny said with a sad and worried look.

"This can't end like this." Sun said, anxious and worried for his fellow leader as Coco glared at the screen and Velvet was in tears.

Ozpin was barely able to contain his own rage, keeping a told hold of his cane as it threatened to nearly snap.

"Oh, Arc." Ozpin says in disappointment as he gets right next to him. "If you want to change the world, you have to be the kind of man who can make the hardest decisions." Ozpin darkly said as he held up the vial in front of him.

Ozpin hung his head at this. He had always been the one to make the hardest choice during his fight with Salem. Though he never took pleasure in the choices he had to make while doing so. And he never intended to make anyone suffer because of them. Though seeing how his counterpart was acting, acting like her, it filled him with rage.

Jaune looked at the situation he was in and knew what he had to do next. "I couldn't…agree…MORE!" Jaune cried out as he let go of the arm he was holding, allowing it to fully pierce through his shoulder as he cried out in pain and agony.

"Oh shit!" Tai shouted.

"What is he doing!?" Saphron cried out.

Glynda widened her eyes at this. "Giving him the perfect opportunity to fight back."

This distracted Ozpin enough for Jaune to reach at the back of his head and proceed to pull out the interface. Ozpin yells out in pain as Jaune fully rips off the interface from his neck.

"Huh, letting himself take the damage to stop him." Qrow said with a small, but impressed smirk. "Not bad, kid."

"NO!" Ozpin yelled out "NOOO!" Ozpin yells as his arms start to power down.

"He's down!" Sun cheered.

"He's disabled the interface!" Penny joined it.

Jaune then began to pull out the metal claw that pierced through him yelling out in pain while doing so. He was successful as the back of Ozpin's pack exploded, causing him to fall from the side of the tower.

Jaune's eyes widened at this. "The antiserum." Jaune says as he begins to sky dive down to try and make his way to Ozpin and the serum as he screams out loud.

Ozpin landed on a piece of debris that pierce through a room in Schneecorp Tower as he fell right into it. Jaune follows as he lands in the room as Ozpin crashes into a nearby shelf, rendered immobile.

The rest of Jaune's mask breaks off, exposing his face as he looks up from his spot to see his defeated mentor, coughing in pain and unable to move from where he was.

The audience allowed themselves to take a moment to sigh in relief, glad that Jaune managed to come out on top and win the battle against his former mentor and friend. There were moments where it seemed like he wasn't going to win, but in the end, through sheer will and determination, he managed to pull through and stop Ozpin.

"Oh man..." Yang groans, having felt like she went through a roller coaster of turmoil and emotions. "That was a lot."

"Thank god, it's finally over." Kali sighed in relief.

"Not yet..." Ozpin says. "There's still the cure to collect."

"Well, should be an easy thing now." Sun said. "Now that the Doc is down for the count, he should be able to grab that cure and finally end this nightmare."

View looked down, knowing the events that were soon to follow. "If only..."

Jaune walked over to his fallen friend and picked up the Antiserum off the ground. He was ready to leave and help cure the city and his aunt when he was stopped when Ozpin's hand gently grabbed Jaune's wrist as he looked down at his mentor.

The audience held their breath, expecting Ozpin's counterpart to attempt to try and stop Jaune from leaving, staying completely silent as they continued to watch.

"Jaune." Ozpin spoke, his voice sounding like it was in pain. "I saw you as a son." Ozpin said as tears started to form in his eyes, as did Jaune's. "I should've known you'd turn on me, just like all the others." Ozpin bitterly said as Jaune looked at him in disbelief.

"Betrayed?" Yang reaped, her eyes beginning to glisten with tears as she looked at the screen with fury. "Seriously?"

"How can he think that? After what he's done..." Ironwood quietly growled.

"Turn? Turn!?" Jaune repeated in a heartbroken tone as tears formed in his eyes. "I worshiped you!" Jaune says as Ozpin groans in pain. "Your mind... your conscience, wanting to help others... the way you never gave up!"

Ozpin then pulled Jaune closer to him. "That's because men like us have a duty." Ozpin said intensely. "A responsibility. To use our talents in the service of others. Even if they don't appreciate it..." Ozpin said as Jaune looked at Ozpin in despair. "We have to do what's best for those beneath us. Whether they understand it or not."

"Then you're no better than she is..." Ozpin mutters darkly, feeling nothing but anger towards his counterpart for all that he has done to Jaune, the city and Glynda.

Ironwood wanted to scoff at the alternate Ozpin's words, on some level, he understood that line of thinking. But he would never go that far. And not at such a great coast.

Jaune pulled away from Ozpin's grip and moved away from him. "No. You're wrong." Jaune yells out as he turns away from him briefly. "You were everything I wanted to be!" Jaune cried out. "You just..." Jaune struggles as he picks up an arm. "…threw it away!" Jaune yelled in anger as he tossed the arm back down.

"Oh Jaune..." Pyrrha sadly said for her partner, her voice breaking as she watches the person she loves so dearly in anguish over being betrayed.

"He doesn't deserve this," Nora said with tears in her eyes. "He doesn't."

"I know, Nora, I know." Ren said in a soothing tone as he rubbed his partner's shoulder.

"All this pain..." Ghira shook his head. "Could have been avoided."

"I'm not sure, sweetie." Kali said as she rubbed her husband's back.

"Yes, of course. You're right, Jaune." Ozpin says as Jaune turns back to face him. "I see that now." Ozpin says as if he just came to the realization. "The neural interface affected my mind. But I can fix it. We can fix it..." Ozpin says as he reaches out a hand to him. "Together. If you'll help me."

Jaune looked at Ozpin with pity. "I'll do everything I can. I'll make sure you get the best help…" Jaune says as he goes to leave.

"No!" Ozpin yells out in fear. "If they put me away, they'll take my arms!" Ozpin cried out as Jaune looked back at him. "I'll be trapped in this useless body!" Ozpin growls in anger.

The audience could help but tear up at hearing Ozpin, a man that held great respect, had great care for others, sound so...broken.

He looked towards Jaune pleadingly. "Please, Jaune." Ozpin begged. "That... wasn't me. You said you'd never abandon me, you promised, remember?" Ozpin reminds as Jaune looked conflicted about what to think or how to help.

"He...he...he..." Ruby struggled with the word, tearing up at the sight of the headmaster, someone she admired and respected in this state. "He can't leave him. Right? I mean...despite...everything." Ruby continued to struggle, unable to bring herself to finish her sentence as she herself was unsure if he should stay to help at this point.

"I...I don't know, Ruby." Weiss admitted with a quiet tone. Even if Ozpin was being sincere at this moment, it doesn't change what has happened.

"I'm...not sure if he should." Pyrrha said, although she was reluctant to say it.

"And, of course... you'll rest easy knowing your secret is safe with me." Ozpin said, his tone underlined with a layer of warning to it.

Qrow sighed as he hung his head down. "He almost had it..."

"No." Ozpin said. "He never did."

Jaune looked towards Ozpin was a crestfallen expression, those words only solidifying that the man he once knew was indeed truly gone.

"You do what you think is best, Doc." Jaune said to him. "It's all any of us can do." Jaune says as he finally turns his back on him and begins walking away from him.

"Jaune?" Ozpin mutters as he watches him walk away.

"Even when it hurts like hell." Jaune groans in pain.

"Jaune? Where are you going? Jaune! JAUNE!" Ozpin cries out for his friend's help, even though it was never going to come. And it never will again as the screen faded to black.

"He did what he had to." Ozpin said. "I...he was beyond saving."

"Still wasn't easy on him." Tai said, feeling sorry for the kid and for what he had to go through. "Having to give up on someone you held so much trust for."

"Regardless, it was the right thing to do." Ozpin said.

The screen returned to the sight of cells under a microscope, the effects of Devil's Breath being wiped out by the antiserum. As Dr. Michaels looked over the results.

"Is that...?" Blake asked.

"I believe it's the effects of the antiserum on the Devil's Breath." Winter said.

"That looks promising." Ren said, his tone becoming hopeful.

"Then, the cure works." Ruby said with a growing smile. "This will save the city. All those people and Glynda, this won't have been for nothing."

As he looked it over, Spider-Man watched Glynda laying on her bed, still looking deathly weak as he looked at her with worry of what might happen to her.

He turned to Morgan for the results as he looked up from the scope. "It's still viable, but we'll need the entire sample as a base to produce more doses."

"She's not looking too good." Nora said, looking really worried about the state of their teacher.

"It'll be alright, Nora." Ruby said. "Jaune's got the cure. And Miss Goodwitch will be just fine.

Though Glynda herself wasn't as hopeful as her student was. As she looked at the screen with a look of expectation, something telling her that it might not be the case.

"How long will that take?" Spider-Man asks, his voice slightly breaking at the implications.

"Few hours, maybe a day." Dr. Michaels answered.

Upon hearing this, the audience's worries and fears rose back up in an instant as panic began to surge through the room.

"Wha...what!" Ruby uttered in shock and disbelief at what she just heard. "But-but miss Goodwitch won't last a few hours!"

"But...there has to be something he can do." Velvet pleaded, not wanting to see their teacher have to die.

"I...I don't see how." Blake said with a remorseful expression. "It's the only serum they have."

Ozpin shut his eyes at this, feeling so much guilt and regret swelling within him. "What have I done..." He utters, momentarily forgetting that it was not he himself who caused this to happen. But still felt the weight of his actions done, and how Glynda was paying the price for it.

Spider-Man looked over at Glynda, knowing that in her current condition, she wouldn't last that long. "What if we use it to cure someone right now?"

Dr. Michaels gave him a sympathetic look but answered honestly. "Then there won't be enough to cure the others."

"Oh no..." Kali said, bringing a hand to her face.

"This...this can't be happening." Ironwood muttered, looking down as he brought his hands to his face. His breathing suddenly increased, as was his heart as he could hear the pound of it in his ears and nothing else.

All the while Glynda herself was looking at the screen, seeing what her pupil, her nephew, albeit from another reality, was faced with an impossible choice. One she would never want any of her students to have to go through in their lives. She has always been so hard on Jaune in the past due to his lack of combat skills and experience. But now, after seeing all this, she found herself to respect the young man, and feel so sorry for him to have to be put in this situation.

Spider-Man looked down below at the residents, who were all still reeling over the effects and might not last long.

"I'll give you a few minutes." Dr. Michaels said as he got up to leave and give him some privacy.

Pyrrha stood at the doorway as she looked at Jaune with a sadden expression. She wanted to go in and support Jaune, but she knew that this would be his final moments with Glynda. So she respectfully left them alone.

"What...What is he gonna do?" Saphron asked.

"I...don't know." Terra admitted.

Spider-Man looked down at the vial in his hand. He could do it. He could cure his aunt and save her, but he'd be condemning a whole city. He was torn. He looked up at Glynda and kneeled down beside her.

"You're going to be okay, ma'am." Spider-Man assured, but his tone was filled with grief. "I've got the cure right here."

While some of the audience held onto a feeling of hope re-surging once hearing that he was going to save her, others weren't feeling the same.

"No, no, he...he can't." Weiss said with a heavy heart.

"But that's his aunt! She helped raise him! She's practically his mother!" Yang cried out, standing up from her seat. "He can't just let her die! He...He has to help her!"

"I-I know, Yang." Blake said, trying to placate her partner. "But he can't use it on her, if he does, then the entire city will be...gone."

As much as Yang wanted to argue against that, she found that she couldn't. It wasn't an easy decision to make.

"So, either Jaune saves the city and loses his aunt..." Pyrrha began with a sad tone in her voice. "Or save his aunt, or lose the city."

"One life, over a million." Ren said in a somber tone.

Ironwood kept watching the screen intensely with bated breath, overhearing the students talk. The logical side of him agreed that one life shouldn't be prioritized over a million. But his feelings and emotions were overclouding them, not wanting to see Glynda perish.

Glynda looked at the masked man beside her. "Take off your mask." She asks weakly. "I want to see my nephew." Glynda said with a warm smile across her face.

The audience looked up in surprise once she heard Glynda speak her nephew's name.

"She...she knew?" Pyrrha said, surprised by Glynda's knowledge of her nephew being Spider-Man.

"But how did she...?" Ruby tentatively asked.

"I...had a feeling my counterpart knew more than Jaune was letting on." Glynda admits. She had been watching her counterpart, the way she spoke to Jaune, and she had a feeling that she knew about his life as Spider-Man.

He did as she asked as he removed his mask, revealing the tearful Jaune Arc as he looked at his dying aunt with surprise. "You knew?"

"I've known for a while." Glynda admits as she looks at Jaune.

"I never wanted you to worry." Jaune says with remorse.

"I did." Glynda said. "And I am so proud of you. And Ben would be too." Glynda said with such warmth and love in her tone. "All the people you've saved..."

"As am I..." Glynda quietly admits.

Saphron smiled sadly at this. Happy to see that her brother was seen by a hero from a woman, who was kinda in a way, family.

Jaune closed his eyes as his face tightened in pain and grief. "I don't know what to do..." Jaune tearfully says, sobbing.

Glynda looked at Jaune with an understanding look. "Yes you do." Glynda says before she starts coughing.

Jaune panics, knowing that her moments aren't that long. He looked over at her IV bag and quickly grabbed the injection point, ready to insert the antiserum to save the woman who helped raise him, who helped him be the man he was today.

The audience said nothing as they waited on bated breaths. To see what Jaune Arc would do in this situation, to save Glynda or the city.

On one hand, they understood Jaune's desire to save his aunt. Hell, most of the people in that room would probably make the same choice if it were up to them. Many of them had loved ones and people they cared about, and wouldn't want to see them die. But on the other, to save Glynda, would mean leaving an entire city full of people to suffer and die. They knew what the right choice was, but they also knew that it wasn't the easiest.

Jaune's hand shakes as he struggles with himself to inject her with the antiserum. He breathed heavily as he knew it within himself that couldn't do what he wanted to do for her. And so, with a heavy heart, Jaune pulled away from the injection in frustration as he looked over his Aunt.

Ruby closed her eyes at this. She wasn't sure if she was put in a situation like this. If she were forced to choose between someone she cared about or the people she's sworn to protect. If any of her friends or family were where Glynda was...She wasn't sure. And it pained her to see her friend go through this.

Jaune bared a heartbroken expression as he placed the vial down next to Glynda as he fell down to his knees beside Glynda, sobbing as he held her hand and pressed his head against the frame of the bed as the sounds of the heart rate monitor began decreasing in pace...Until the sounds of a flat-line could be heard…and the screen faded to black once more.

The room was quiet, only the sounds of people crying at what just happened. Seeing someone as strong willed as Glynda, someone as determined and fierce as her fall like this. It was too much to bear.

"She didn't deserve that..." Ruby sobbed. "She didn't deserve it."

"I know, Rubes." Yang said with a heavy voice, putting an arm around her sister's shoulder while also shedding some tears herself. "I know."

While most of the people in the room were dealing with the grief of what just happened, one in particular was completely still, not moving an inch, until finally, he stood up from his seat.

Everyone looked to see General Ironwood standing, looking down at the ground as his organic fist was shaking with fury.

"S-Sir?" Winter asked, tentatively.

"Why didn't you do anything?" Ironwood asked, his voice sounding hearse and held a tense edge to it, taking everyone aback by his sudden tone.

"James." Qrow said in a quiet tone as he looked at the general with a sympathetic look. "The kid made a hard choice. You can't blame him for-"

"Not him." Ironwood said with a growl in his tone. He looked up from the ground and everyone got a good look at his face. His expression held an intense rage and fury to it, and it was clear that he himself cried over what just happened. He then turned around and looked at the person he believed was at fault for this. Pointing up in the direction of their host, View, as he stood there with a slightly surprised look, but faded as it turned to one of remorse.

"You knew this was going to happen. You knew. You could've stopped all of this!" Ironwood growled. "You had the power to prevent this, prevent Glynda from dying, from the Devil's Breath being unleashed, from Ozpin using the interface! All of it! But instead, you chose to do nothing!?"

View looked at the Atlas Headmaster with sympathy. "That is not my role." View answered calmly.

This did not ease Ironwood or calm him of his anger. "Not your role!?" Ironwood shouted. "You have all this power, to pluck us from our reality and take us here. You can easily voyage through worlds as you're so keen to show!"

"James, please, calm down." Ozpin pleaded, but Ironwood didn't listen as he continued to rant at View.

"You could have easily stopped this!" Ironwood yelled. "Send the Devil's Breath to another world! Found another world similar and brought more samples of the cure. You could've saved Glynda!"

"General Ironwood, these events have already happened." View explained. "I can't go back and change how they happened."

"You could have done something!" Ironwood shouted. "Instead of being a passive observer, doing nothing while people lose their lives while you get your precious worlds! You could have prevented this!"

"I. Can't." View said in a quiet tone, his eyes slightly narrowing at the general as they began to glow a bit brighter and his cloak began to move on its own.

"Why the hell not!" Ironwood growled.

"I have...restrictions." View said in a restrained tone. "Certain rules that I have to follow. Even if I wanted to, I cannot directly interfere in these worlds and change their outcomes to my preference. The results would be-"


Ozpin then stood up from his seat and approached his old friend. "James, please, calm down-"

But Ironwood pushed his hand away and snapped towards Ozpin. "DON'T TELL ME TO CALM DOWN WHEN THIS IS YOUR FAULT TO BEGIN WITH, OZPIN!"

The room became deadly silent, not a single world was uttered from anyone in the room as the two just stood there. Ozpin looked at Ironwood with shock, and even some hurt to it. But he closed his eyes and hung his head down in shame, understanding his anger all too well.

Ironwood continued to glare at Ozpin, until a few moments passed, and he realized what he just said, his fury dwelling, but his anger still remained.

"James." A voice softly spoke out to him. One that he had just for a moment, thought was lost forever.

Ironwood turned around to see Glynda standing behind with a calm, yet understanding face. "Ozpin is not at fault here. Nor is View. You know that." Glynda said softly and calmly.

Ironwood kept breathing in and out, struggling slightly to come to terms with Glynda's words as he listened. "I...I...You..."

"I'm fine, James." Glynda calmly reminded as she approached him, putting a calming hand onto his shoulder. "I'm still here. I know it was hard to see, but Mr. Arc...Jaune, made the right choice."

"But..." Ruby spoke up softly. There has to be something he could have done."

Glynda let out a small sigh. "I'm sorry, Miss Rose, as much as we'd like there to be, there wasn't." Glynda said. "He was met with an impossible decision, we all know this. And while it was hard, he had to make the responsible choice to save the city. It's what any Huntress or Huntsman would've done."

"What any hero would do." Ozpin added, to which Glynda nodded in agreement.

Ironwood let out a large sigh, his anger slow dissipating. "I...I understand. I'm...I'm sorry." Ironwood said as he took his seat back down.

Glynda nodded as she turned to her students. "Are all alright?"

"We're fine, Miss Goodwitch." Blake assured her. "Or at least as fine as we can be."

"Are you okay, Miss Goodwitch?" Yang asked.

Glynda gave them a small smile. "I'm fine, as you can see, Miss Xiao Long. But thank you, I greatly appreciate your concern." Glynda said as she went to take her seat.

The tension in the room was beginning to lessen once things had calmed down. They were still sad about the events that had occurred on screen and Ironwood's outburst. But they were thankful that Miss Goodwitch was able to calm things down.

"I'm sorry." View said sincerely. "To any turmoil or grief that I may have caused."

Pyrrha sent a small smile. "It's quite alright, View. We just...we're still adjusting to what happened."

View nodded. "I understand."

"Is...there really nothing you could've done?" Ruby asked softly.

View sighed as looked at Ruby with a look of sympathy. "I am sorry, Miss Rose, truly I am. But I can't." View said as Ruby looked down. "But these worlds should serve as a guide." View said, causing the Red Reaper to look up again. "Learn from them, and remember that these are still possibilities. And that your world doesn't have to suffer through these events if you learn from them."

Ruby smiled at the words of encouragement. After everything had finally calmed down, while they were still sad, they were at least glad that their Glynda was fine, that their Ozpin wasn't evil, that things were okay for them as they finally turned back to watch the screen again to see the end of this story.

The screen opened back up to show the aftermath, with tents with the words "Antiserum Station" could be seen at the top as people were lined up to receive the cure. With Morgan Michaels being assisted by Oscar and his mother to help supply the cure to the people.

Penny smiled at this. "The cure is finally being distributed to the people."

Blake sighed. "May not have been easy, but, in the end, it saved a lot of lives."

The screen then faded to a funeral, where Jaune, Pyrrha, Oscar and his mother stood beside each other as they looked down at Glynda's grave, which was right next to Jaune's Uncle with the words. "When you help someone, you help everyone." Written on them.

Oscar put a hand on Jaune's shoulder for support while Pyrrha held his hand as Jaune looked at them in appreciation.

"Is he gonna be okay?" Nora asked.

"He will be." Ren said. "With people like Pyrrha and Oscar, I'm sure he'll be fine. It may take time, but he'll recover."

The screen shifted to the Raft, where Ozpin was being escorted, as well as supported, to his cell by Sable Agents. They tossed him onto his bed as the doors closed on Ozpin. He steadily brought himself back up as his face twitched in both pain and rage as he would spend his time here for the rest of his days.

Some of the students couldn't help but feel pity for the state this version of Ozpin was left in, alone, bitter and in pain. While others thought that this was just deserved.

But as much as his counterpart suffered, Ozpin felt no need to feel remorse for him because of his actions. He had caused the death of so many people, including that of one of his most trusted allies. But then again, he already felt like that towards himself anyways...It would just be a lesson for him to learn. One he had only would not happen in his world.


The screen faded to Jaune sitting at a table at Mick's, working with a laptop. His attention was driven when heard the bell chime, causing him to look up to see Pyrrha entering the restaurant.

He got up from the table to greet her. "So...?"

Pyrrha smiled at Jaune as she reached out her hand to him. "Hi. Pyrrha Nikos. Associate Editor."

Jaune "Congrats!" Jaune laughed in excitement, with Pyrrha joining him.

"Aw, that's great!" Ruby smiled for her friend.

"It really is." Weiss smiled in agreement. "Her efforts during the Devil's Breath were greatly needed."

"They really do make a good team." Coco nodded in approval.

"Here's hoping for a bigger paycheck." Yang remarked.

"Thank you." Pyrrha said.

"I knew you could do it."

Pyrrha smiled at the compliment. "What about you?" She asked as she sat down at the table. "Find a job yet?"

"Oh no, but uh…" Jaune says.

"I'll be right with you, honey." A passing Waitress said to them,

Pyrrha smiled. "Thank you." Pyrrha said as she turned back to Jaune.

"I was actually considering maybe a career change." Jaune said.

Pyrrha tilted her head in interest at this. "Hm?"

"Yeah. I think I might want to become a chef." Jaune said.

Pyrrha giggled at this, much to Jaune's annoyance. "I'm sorry. No. It's, you're a scientist. A good one."

"Plus, it's probably better that way." Saphron chuckled. "Less kitchen fires."

"The last project I worked on I created a monster octopus that almost destroyed the city. So…" Jaune said, his tone becoming a little somber.

"Yeah." Pyrrha says in a sympathetic tone. "I mean, you do make a hell of a chicken curry."

"I do." Jaune laughed, Pyrrha joining in with him. "Still working on my dumplings though."

Pyrrha smiled as her attention was drawn to the bag sitting next to Jaune. "Going camping?"

"Oh... my new place isn't going to be ready for about a week, so I'm going to be crashing with Oscar for the next few nights." Jaune explained.

"Oh yeah," Yang recalled. "I forgot Jaune lost his apartment."

"He could still live at FEAST." Ruby suggested.

"Probably, but it's better if he found a more permanent residence." Weiss said.

Nora gave a devilish smirk. "Oh, I know somewhere he could live." Nora said in a teasing tone.

"Oh," Pyrrha nodded as an idea suddenly formed in her head. "You know, you can always stay at my place." Pyrrha suggested as Jaune looked up at her. "Only if you want to." Pyrrha nervously added.

Nora was squealing with glee as she was right and that she was witnessing Jaune and Pyrrha finally getting together, albeit their counterparts from another dimension, but that didn't make her any less giddy.

Pyrrha remained silent, but her eyes widened with wonder and excitement, as she couldn't help but smile at the thought of her and Jaune living together. Not like they do at Beacon, but in a much more intimate setting. And she continued watching with bated breath, hoping that Jaune's counterpart would reciprocate.

"No. I mean yes! I mean, no I don't not want to, meaning I do want to..." Jaune rambled on, unable to say the right words. "Only if you do."

Pyrrha smiled warmly and lovingly at Jaune. "I never stopped wanting to."

"Me neither." Jaune said fondly as the two gazed into each other's eyes. Jaune then leaned up from his spot, Pyrrha doing the same as the two both pressed their lips together, filled with love and admiration for one another as the screen faded to black.

Nora let out a scream of joyful elation. "FINALLY!" Nora cheered as she began shaking Ren and back and forth. "IT. FINALLY. HAPPENED!"

"I mean, it is an alternate universe-" Sun began until snapped her head towards him and stopped shaking Ren, prompting him to be quiet.

"DON'T RUIN THIS FOR ME!" Nora shouted.

Velvet and Yang grumbled at the sight, but couldn't help but feel a little warm inside, enjoying the moment briefly, before feeling a little jealous.

While Pyrrha herself felt like her heart was soaring at the sight before her. For all the time she's known him, Pyrrha always felt that Jaune Arc was the one for her. And seeing these worlds, especially this one, it proved to her that Jaune, in any universe, was still the same courageous, silly, noble and all around kind hearted person she had grown to admire and love.

And after seeing their counterparts solidify their own relationship, it only made her feelings towards the blonde knight even stronger. A burning feeling of determination flowing within her. Seeing this made her realize that she could no longer stand on the sidelines any further. She would make more of an effort to Jaune about her feelings before anyone else would. And hopefully, the chips may fall into her favor.

The screen faded back to the inside of an empty apartment, where familiar voices could be heard.

"Oh, looks like it's not over." Penny observed.

"Must be more to see." Sun said.

"Hmm," Coco hummed in interest. "Wonder what else there is to see."

"Well I'm not an expert or anything, but I think it's in the way that you ask her." The voice of Jaune spoke as the door of the apartment was kicked open by him as he and Oscar were currently lifting a table into the room.

"I think I'm too nervous." Oscar says as Jaune chuckles in response. "Alright, so where do you want this?"

"Right over here is fine." Jaune said as he gestures to a nearby corner.

"Right." Oscar said as he and Jaune carefully placed it over there. Oscar places his hands on the desk and sighs. "Hey, so Jaune?"

"Yeah?" Jaune said while moving a chair.

"I, uh, kinda gotta talk to you about something I can't tell my mom about..." Oscar said as he looked a little nervous.

"What's up?" Jaune asked.

Oscar sighs in nervousness. "Well, umm... weird things have been going on." Oscar said as he went to close the door." "Like, physically."

A few of the adults' eyes widened in the room, having heard those exact words before.

"Oh boy..." Tai sighed. "This is gonna be awkward."

Ozpin merely smirked in amusement, having a good feeling what Oscar was likely referring to. "I doubt it's anything that complex."

"Oh..." Jaune says, thinking it was something simple until his brain put it together. "OH...uh... Well, you know, you're at that age where your body starts to change, and so you may be noticing some..." Jaune tried to explain but felt awkward trying to explain it. "Areas... for examp—

"NO! Not that." Oscar quickly said before the conversation could get anymore awkward. "Uhh..." Oscar said as she shifted in his spot. "Think it's... It's better that I just, um. I'll show you." Oscar said as he turned around from Jaune.

This made some of the audience's eyes widen with panic while others.

"Oh god, please tell me he's not gonna-" Weiss said, about to shield her eyes.

Jaune panicked at this. "No... no, no, no, no-" Jaune tried to stop until Oscar did what Jaune never expected, he leaped up onto the ceiling, hanging off from it and appearing upside down.

"Whoa..." Ruby said in awe she watches Oscar hang on the ceiling like that as the rest of the audience watch with awe and disbelief.

"He did get powers!" Weiss exclaimed, briefly wondering for a brief moment until she remembered what happened to him before Jaune fought Ozpin. "Right! The Spider! I had forgotten!"

"Thank god it wasn't the other thing." Yang muttered, with her partner nodding in agreement.

"Still kinda miffed that Pyrrha didn't get spider powers." Nora admitted, but still smiled. "But It's still cool to see Oscar get powers."

"It's pretty weird, right?" Oscar asks as he is still perched from there.

Jaune just smiled at the young kid as he himself performed the same trick Oscar just did, facing him. "Not that weird." Jaune said, much to Oscar's surprise and amazement as the screen faded to black.

"I guess Jaune's got himself a new pupil." Yang smirks.

"Quite." Ozpin said in agreement, wearing a small smirk himself. "Perhaps he can pass on what he learned to Oscar, and then perhaps he can become his own hero."

"Yeah!" Nora said with excitement. "He can be some kinda of...Kid Arachnid!" Nora suggested.

"Maybe they could both go as Spider-Man." Velvet suggested.

"Won't that be confusing?" Blake asked.

"Eh, I don't see any problem with it." Yang shrugs. "Plus, it'd be nice to know that Jaune isn't alone when he's out on the field."

"Well," Ozpin smiles. "I say this will be quite interesting..."

"That's one word for it." Qrow smirks.

The screen faded back once more to Jacques Schnee in his penthouse apartment, walking towards the painting to him and his son.

Winter, Weiss, as well as most of the audience glared at the image of the man as they waited to see what else he could be up to.

"Great, him again." Yang mutters.

"What more could there be?" Winter wondered. "The man has already done enough damage to the city. I doubt there's anything else he could do that can surprise me."

"I wouldn't be too sure of that, Miss Schnee." View said in a serious tone.

He looked at the picture with fondness before the painting lifted to reveal the secret panel. He inputted the numbers which gave him access to his private lab.

He entered the lab and looked at the mysterious metal storage unit on the other side of the lab. But suddenly, it started to shift as panels of the metal began unfolding.

Jacques somberly walked towards the container which revealed a person inside of it, submerged in what appeared to be a green substance. But the strangest thing was that there were black, oozing tendrils that were latched onto the person.

The audience were in shock and horror to discover that the metal container had a loving person inside of it.

"Wait, there was someone inside that thing!?" Yang exclaimed.

"Oh word..." Kali gasped, bringing a hand to her mouth.

Ironwood's eyes widened as well before narrowing at Jacques rage, assuming this was some sort of human experimentation he was conducting. "The bastard..."

"What the heck is he covered in?" Sun asks, leaning in closer for a better look.

"It looks like...webbing of some sorts." Blake said, narrowing her eyes. "Kinda like Jaune's. But it looks...different."

"Yes," Ren hummed. "But I feel like...we've seen that before..." Ren muttered as he looked at the strange substance surrounding the body. Finding it strangely familiar...Like he had seen it before.

"We were so close," Jacques said, seemingly talking to the person in the container. "But I'll keep trying." Jacques said as he looked at the pod with sadness. "I will find the cure. I will." Jacques said as he placed a hand on the glass. "I love you, Son."

Winter and Weiss's eyes widened in shock as soon as they heard the name of their brother, realizing it was him in the tank.

"Wait, what?" Winter quietly said in disbelief.

"W-Whitley?" Weiss gasped in shock at the revelation that it was her brother in the tank. This is where he had been this entire time? Incapacitated inside some kind of containment tank, with god knows what happening to him.

Jacques closed his eyes as he hung his head down in grief. But he was too wrapped up in his grief to notice that the black substance latched itself onto the glass, right where Jacques's hand was, as if it mirrored it, as if it understood, as if it were alive.

The audience were still speechless even after the screen faded to black and the lights came back on in the theater. They were not expecting the last scene at all.

"And that, is the end." View announces to the audiences, summoning the orb from the screen and back into his hand.

"I don't believe it." Weiss uttered. "Father has had Whitley inside of that...thing." She said with a worried look, prompting her teammates to come to her side and comfort her.

Then all of a sudden, Ren's eyes widened in sudden realization, suddenly remembering all the way back when he and his teammates first arrived in this realm. When one of the first worlds they saw was an alien parasite that looked similar to the one that Whitley was surrounded in.

"But what was that thing that was attached to Whitley?" Ironwood asked.

"It almost seemed...alive." Winter said, slightly unnerved by the sight of the creature, even fighting so many Grimm, that thing seemed something else entirely different.

"It looked like a parasite." Velvet shivered at the memory of the black ooze. "Like some sort of-"

"Venom." Ren's voice suddenly spoke out, causing everyone else to look at the ninja of JNPR, who bored a look of realization on his face. The rest of his team, as well as Team RWBY, Ozpin and Glynda suddenly remembered what he was talking about as they looked shocked or worried while everyone else was either confused or worried.

"Venom?" Coco repeated, lowering her shades.

"What the hell is a Venom?" Sun asked.

"All the way back since we first arrived here, there was a world where Jaune was bonded with an alien parasite." Ozpin explains. "A Symbiote, known as Venom."

"An alien?" Saphron repeated with a look of worry.

"It turned him into some kind" Blake recalled. "It took over his body and mind and made him do things."

"Does that mean that this world and the one with Venom were the same all along?" Penny asked.

"No, those two are separate universes." View confirms. "But like with the world of the Clone Wars, there can be separate instances."

"But...But what does it mean for Whitley?" Weiss asked, her voice filled with worry and concern. "Will he be taken over as well?"

"We may not know that." Ruby said in an optimistic tone. "It's a different universe, so maybe there's a chance it'll be different." Ruby said, though Weiss wasn't convinced as she still looked worried.

Then she felt a hand on her shoulder, courtesy of Blake, who sent the heiress with a warm look. "Hey, remember, your brother is still fine, right?"

Weiss looked at Blake for a few moments, before smiling and slowly nodding. "Yes, he's...fine." Weiss, though a part of her knew that wasn't entirely true as he was still living with their father, something she'd regret.

Glynda turned to Ironwood, who looked a lot calmer than before, but was still shaken up by the events. "Are you okay, James?"

Ironwood briefly nodded. "I'm fine, Glynda. It was just...a lot to have to deal with. I'm just glad you're okay." Ironwood said as Glynda nodded.

He then turned to Ozpin with a remorseful look. "Ozpin, I...I'm sorry for my outburst against you. It was uncalled for. I should know that it wasn't you who did that. I let my anger get the better of me."

Ozpin nodded in understanding. "It's completely fine, James. Your anger wasn't unjustified."

View then spoke out to the entire room. "So, that marks the end of the world of Spider-Man." View announces. "I hope you all are doing okay. And I hope you've enjoyed it."

Ruby gave a small. "Yeah. It was pretty good." Ruby said, then had a slightly sad look. "It was...pretty bad to see what happened to Glynda and Ozpin. But, I am glad that I saw it."

Yang nodded in agreement. "Me too. It was pretty cool. All that fighting! Loved it."

"It was definitely entertaining." Weiss said. "And seeing what happened near the end, I hope there is more to see."

"Both from Oscar having powers and Venom." Blake added.

"That was so cool!" Nora said with a grin. "Oscar having powers I mean, not the terrifying parasite. Though that's a little cool too."

"Well, I thought it was a wonderful experience all around." Pyrrha said with a smile, still feeling a little giddy after seeing the kiss between her and Jaune.

View nodded. "Good, I'm glad to hear. And with that said, ladies and gentlemen," View announces to the entire room. "With this final world finished, this marks the end of our time here." View spoke as made the orb in his hand disappear as everyone looked on in surprise or confusion by his statement.

"End of our time?" Weiss repeated.

"What do you mean, View?" Pyrrha asks, tilting her head slightly.

"I have shown you all the worlds I have at my disposal." View said. "There's no more worlds left to show here. And thus ends the viewing experience."

"No more?" Yang asked with disappointment in her tone as View nodded in response. She wasn't expecting that the end of the Spider-Man world be the last that they've seen.

Suddenly, Nora jumped out of her seat with a panicked expression on her face. "Oh my god! No more worlds!? What does that mean!? Is there a crisis!? Is the multiverse collapsing in on itself, destroying every world in the multiverse until none are left!?" Nora exclaims wildly as she holds her hands to her face with wide eyes.

"W-What? No! Calm down! Calm down!" View quickly said, bringing his hands up in order to calm down the pink bomber. "Everything's fine! There's no crisis happening!"

Nora let out the biggest sigh of relief at this. "Oh thank god!" She said as she slumped back down onto her seat and Ren placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"Well, at least not now anyway…" View mutters that last part to himself.

"So, what happens now?" Blake asked.

View floated down from his position as he floated to the people of Remnant, who all stood up from their seats. "Now that the viewing experience has ended, I will send you all back home to Remnant, back to where you all were before you arrived here." View said as he turned and snapped his fingers, causing their seats to disappear, as well as the viewing screen and the same door as they entered through appeared once more behind them.

"So, we're finally leaving?" Weiss asked.

View nodded in confirmation. "That's right, Miss Schnee. And don't worry about any temporal displacement or anything, It'll be as though you never left where you last were."

"Man," Yang said with her hands on her hips. "Can't believe it, we're actually going home. Almost feels like we've been here for years."

"Yeah, but it'll be nice to get back home now." Pyrrha said. "I wish to see how Jaune is doing. He's probably worried that we're not back yet."

"Oh, I am gonna give him the biggest hug when I see him!" Nora declared.

Ozpin looked to View with an inquisitive look. "And what will you do now, View?" Ozpin asks.

View shrugs. "Probably take a break for a bit. But then I'll go back to my exploration of the multiverse, archive and record more worlds."

"Will we ever see you again?" Glynda asked.

"Probably." View said. "There are still worlds out there, some unexplored or in need of finishing. And when I do, I'll be sure to let you all see them." View says. "I'll be sure to give out a warning when I do next time, less I get more rocks thrown at me." View muttered that last part while glancing at Nora, who was innocently whistling.

"Anyways," View said as he gestures to the door. "Feel free to say you're goodbyes. Then when you're ready, you'll be sent home."

Yang placed a hand on her hip. "So, who wants to go first?"

"I think we'll go first." Saphron said, holding a sleepy Adrian. "We should really get going. This little guy is gonna need his sleep."

Pyrrha stepped forward to see her off. "It was a pleasure meeting you, Saphron." Pyrrha said as she reached out her hand for the older Arc for her to shake.

Saphron smiled as she took her and and shook it. "It was nice meeting Jaune's friends and teammates." Saphron said as she pulled Pyrrha into a hug. She then whispered something in Pyrrha's ear. "I'm rooting for you, by the way." Saphron says, making Pyrrha smile at Saphron's approval as she pulled away.

"It was cool meeting you." Ruby said.

"And you too, Ruby." Saphron said. "Hopefully next time, we'll have more time to talk. I've got a ton of stories to tell about Jaune's childhood." Saphron said with a grin.

"That I'd like to hear." Yang said with a grin of her own.

Saphron giggled as she pulled away from the hug and she and Terra waved goodbye, even Adrian gave a tired little wave himself, melting the hearts of Weiss and Yang, as they headed for the exit.

As they walked, Saphron then leaned into Terra's side. "So, which of those girls do you think Jaune might ask out first?"

"Knowing him, it might take a while." Terra chuckled, as did Saphron.

"True." Saphron said as the two reached the door, opened it to reveal a bright light, looking at each other, the two walked through the door and exited View's realm and back to Remnant.

"Huh, I guess walking towards the light is a good thing in this instance." Yang jokes.

"I guess it's our turn then." Ghira said as he and Kali stepped up, ready to be the next sent home. They looked towards their daughter who caught their gaze, looked a little nervous as she looked down and crossed her arms. "It was great to see you again, Blake."

Blake looked up. "It...was nice to see you again too, Dad."

"It doesn't have to be a one time thing, sweetie." Kali said softly. "We via scroll, if you want. We missed you. And we'd love to hear from you again, kitten."

Blake looked up at her mother with an uncertain look. "I..." Blake says, unsure of what to say, until she feels a nudge from Ruby. Blake looked at her teammates to see their looks of encouragement. She looked back at her parents with a small smile. "I'd like that."

They both smiled as they reached their arms out to their daughter for a hug. And hesitating, only for a brief moment, Blake came in and hugged her parents back, smiling as a few tears came down her face.

"I really missed you guys." Blake said.

"We miss you too, dear." Ghira said softly.

After their hug was finished, the parents made their way to the door. However, Ghira looked back briefly to send a narrowed glare at Sun, who instinctively gulped at the glare from the older man. He then motioned his fingers to his eyes to Sun, before turning back with Kali as they both exited through the doors and went back to Remnant.

Sun let out a massive deep breath, "Geez, Blake, no offense, but your Dad is a little intense. I also get the feeling he might not like me."

Blake chuckled at Sun. "He's fine. Just a little overprotective."

"I know that feeling." Yang muttered.

"I'll try not to take that as an insult." Tai jokingly said as he and Qrow were up next to leave. "You girls gonna be okay?"

Ruby and Yang nodded, with Yang waving off his concern. "Yeah, we'll be fine, dad."

Tai went over to Ruby and Yang and gave them both a hug, to which they reciprocated.

Qrow nodded to his nieces. "You too, kiddo. Try not to get into too much trouble." Qrow said.

Yang smirked. "No more than you do, old timer."

"Heh," Qrow chuckled. "I'll try." Qrow said as he and Tai headed towards the door.

As they headed to the exit, Tai leaned to Qrow and whispered quietly to him. "Oh, huh, could you, uh, keep an eye on that Jaune kid?" Tai asked. "Just in case he might do some funny business."

"Got it." Qrow said as the pair exited through the doors, leaving the realm.

Coco then stepped forward. "Well, this has been fun and all. But I really got back. There's a supply of clothing I left behind before coming here and I do not want to miss out on trying them." Coco said as Velvet joined her.

"Yeah, I gotta get back too." Sun said as he stepped up next. "The guys are probably wondering where I am right now. Kinda helpless without me."

"I bet." Blake said with an amused smirk.

"See you guys at Beacon." Coco said to her younger years. She then looked up at View. "Hey, View?"

"Um, yes, Miss Adel?" View responded.

"You were pretty alright." Coco said with a small smirk.

"Oh," View said, not expecting to receive a compliment from the fashionista. "Well thank you."

"Just be sure not to surprise a girl next time you take her to another realm." Coco said.

"Believe me, I will." View said, rubbing his head, remembering the hit from her handbag when he caught her by surprise.

"See you later, guys." Velvet said in a cheerful tone. She then looked towards Yang and Pyrrha, giving both a look of determination, to which they both understood and returned the same to her.

And with that, the three exited through the doors, leaving the realm behind.

"I should be leaving." Ilia bluntly said as she headed for the doors.

Blake then walked up towards her friend. "Ilia, wait!" Blake pleaded. The Chameleon Faunus did stop, but didn't turn to face Blake. "We...haven't had a chance to talk yet."

"Talk about what?" Ilia asked in a cold manner.

Blake winced slightly by her tone but continued. " general. I don't want to leave things badly."

"I...need to get going." Ilia said, she turned to face her with a frown, before it softened slightly once she saw her hurt look. "Bye, Blake. It was...good to see you. If even for a little bit." Ilia said in a neutral tone before exiting through the doors, leaving this dimension as well.

Blake looked sad by this. She hadn't had a proper chance to talk to Ilia during the time she's been here. She hoped to at least talk with her and clear the air. But it looked like it wasn't possible. At least for now.

Yang put a hand on her shoulder and gave her a look of support, giving her an encouraging smile.

Blake smiled a little, glad that her partner was there to help like so many times before. She had hoped to see Ilia again and make things right again.

"We should get going now too." Ironwood announced as he, Winter and Penny stepped forward.

Ruby smiled until suddenly, Penny ran towards Ruby and wrapped her up in her arms, lifting her up off the ground in a bone crushing hug.

"Oh, I shall miss you, friend Ruby!" Penny said joyfully.

"Ack!" Ruby gagged with a strained tone, struggling in Penny's iron tight grip. "I'll...ugh...miss you too, Penny!" Ruby said as Penny finally let go, letting Ruby breathe again.

Weiss stepped forward. "It was nice seeing you again, sister."

Winter gave a small smile. "It was nice to see you too, sister." Winter said. "Keep up toy studies and training." Winter said, causing Weiss to nod in response.

View turned to the trio and nodded. "I hope you enjoyed your stay here."

"It was exciting!" Penny exclaimed with a wide grin. "I hope to see more worlds like that next time!"

View couldn't help but chuckle at her enthusiastic nature. "I'll be sure to meet up those expectations." View said as he looked to Winter and Ironwood. "I wish you two nothing but the best.

Winter gave a nod and Ironwood said nothing, but gave a courteous nod to View with a neutral expression as he headed towards the exit, with Winter and Penny following after him after saying their goodbyes.

View hummed to himself. Clearly Ironwood was still upset with him during the viewing. Hopefully, he'll move past it.

"I hope you don't hold what James said against you." Ozpin said as he and Glynda stepped forward.

View gave a small shrug. "It's fine. His reaction was understandable. I should've expected it."

"Hopefully, he'll learn to move past it." Glynda said.

"In all fairness, Miss Goodwitch, it wasn't an easy scene to get through." Weiss said.

Glynda understood and could still see from the looks of her students that they were still upset at seeing her counterpart die.

"I understand." Glynda said in a soft tone. "But understand that in our line of work, things like that can happen. But it can be preventable, we just need to learn from these and not repeat the same mistakes. Understand?" Glynda asked.

The students nodded in response, understanding what she was saying.

"Wise words, Glynda." Ozpin complimented as he turned to the students. "We shall see you back at Beacon." Ozpin said as he turned to View. "Thank you for the pleasurable experience, View."

View nodded. "The pleasure was mine, Professor." View said as Ozpin and Glynda proceeded to the exit and left the dimension.

And with those two gone, The last ones left to leave the realm and return home were the first ones to arrive, Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang, Pyrrha, Ren and Nora.

"Well, I guess we're next." Yang commented. "First to come, last to leave."

"Seems poetic in a way." Blake said.

"Either way, it'll be nice to finally go back." Weiss said, sighing as she places hand against her head. "I need some rest after this."

"Tell me about it!" Nora said. "I'm gonna need a long nap after today! Maybe have some pancakes first."

"And hopefully Jaune will still be at Beacon when we arrive." Pyrrha added with a smile.

"Well I'm sure you'll have enough time to spend with him." View said.

Ruby looked up at View. "Hey View? Before we go. I just wanna say it was nice meeting you." Ruby said in a kind tone. "Thank you for bringing us here. It was pretty fun."

Ruby couldn't tell, but it looked like View was smiling at them. "And it was a pleasure to have you all here, Miss Rose." View said as he bowed respectfully to them. "You all made for a lovely audience."

Yang made finger gun motions at their host. "You ain't so bad yourself. See you around, View." Yang said as she headed for the door, as did Blake.

"Quite." Ren nodded. "It made for an interesting and informative experience. One I'd be happy to revisit." Ren added as he, Nora and Pyrrha joined her.

"Yeah!" Nora eagerly said. "I so wanna see more worlds like that!"

"I'll be sure to find worlds that you'll enjoy, Miss Valkyrie." View assured.

"Glad to hear it." Weiss said. "Well, we should be going now then." Weiss said as she headed for the door.

Ruby looked up at View and gave a small wave. "Bye, View."

"Goodbye Miss Rose." View said as Ruby went to join the others. "Oh, and Miss Rose!" View called out, prompting the young reaper to stop and look back at View. "Good luck...with everything."

Ruby tilted her head curiously. She couldn't tell, but View's words She would've asked what he meant by that. But she chalked it up to most likely with either the Grimm or the upcoming Vytal Tournament. She gave him a smile as she went to join the others.

She met up with her teammates and friends, standing in front of the opened door as it shined a bright light before them, ready for them to enter through and return home.

Ruby turned to the others. "You guys ready to head home?" Ruby asked and was met with either affirmative nods or exuberant cries of excitement. "Right, then let's go." Ruby said as they all proceeded to take a step forward and entered through the door, the bright light enveloping them all.

Ruby had closed her once the light reached her. And when the light began to die down, Ruby opened slowly one of her eyes, before opening the other to look where she was. Checking her surroundings, she found herself and her friends back at Beacon Academy, standing right in front of the statue of the two huntsmen.

"We're...we're back." Ruby said, stunned that she and her friends had returned back to their school as a smile graced her face.

Yang placed her hands on her hips. "Yeah, y'know for a moment there, I was almost worried he was gonna send us to another dimension or something."

"Least he was kind enough to spare us walking back to Beacon." Blake said.

Weiss let out a peaceful sigh. "It really is nice to be back."

"I'll say." Nora said. "So how long have we been gone for?"

Ren pulled out his scroll to check the time. "It appears we've been gone for about an hour or so."

"An hour!?" Ruby exclaimed.

"Wow." Yang said, amazed. "View wasn't lying about that time thing."

"Speaking of time, we should get back to our rooms." Pyrrha said. "Probably would be best to not run the risk of being caught late by any of the teachers."

With the others in agreement, they all proceeded to walk to the school and head back to their dorms.

The two teams were walking through the hallways leading up to their rooms. While some of them wanted to rest after their experience, they wanted to check on Jaune first to see how he was doing.

As they made their way back, Ruby had a burning question on her mind since they arrived back at Beacon, prompting her to speak up to her friends. "So, what do we tell Jaune when we see him?" Ruby asked.

Yang sighed, rubbing the back of her head. "I'm not even sure where to start. I mean what do we say? Hey Jaune! You good? great to hear. What have we've been doing? Oh you know, just hanging out, having a ball, got sent to another dimension by an unworldly specter and showed us other dimensions all about you!"

"Maybe you should open up with a joke." Nora offered.

Yang nodded and smiled. "Yeah, that could help."

Weiss sighed and rolled her eyes." I seriously doubt that. I'm also unsure if he'd even believe us. He'd probably think we were pranking him or that we were under some delusion."

Nora scoffed. "Please, my pranks are way better than that."

"Knowing Jaune, he probably would believe it to be the truth." Pyrrha chuckled. And after seeing him mainly on screen after all this time, it would be nice to see him in person again. "I just hope hasn't become too worried during our absence. I just hope he hasn't gone out to-" Pyrrha suddenly paused, her eyes widening as she stopped walking, causing the others to stop as well.

Ren looked at Pyrrha with a concerned look. "Are you okay, Pyrrha?" Ren asked, when she didn't answer he turned ahead to see what she was looking at. And once he saw what she was looking at, he understood her silence.

It was the exchange students from Haven Academy, Mercury Black, Emerald Sustrai and their leader, Cinder Fall.

"Sup, guys?" Mercury greeted his fellow students with a sly smirk. "How's it going?"

"Oh, um, hey guys." Ruby greeted them with a wave, feeling a little bit awkward at seeing them unexpectedly. "It's uh, going well."

"We were just heading back to our dorms." Weiss said in a polite manner. "We just got back from Vale."

"Oh, go somewhere fun?" Emerald asked in an interested tone.

"Uh, just out to the movies." Yang waved off. It wasn't a total lie, hopefully they wouldn't ask for too much detail.

"Sounds fun." Cinder commented with a small smile. Her attention then turned to Pyrrha, who stood with a calm expression on her face. "We haven't formally met yet." Cinder said as she reached out her hand. "I'm Cinder Fall, leader of my team. A pleasure to meet you." Cinder greeted.

Usually, Pyrrha would've greeted her immediately by shaking her hand back, introducing herself in a polite and friendly manner. But for a brief moment, she hesitated, she looked at Cinder with an unsure look. The memories of her on screen during their time with View bared on her mind. Then in a split second, she gained a small smile as she shook her hand. "It's...nice to meet you too."

Cinder raised her brow a little, catching that moment of hesitation from the four-time champion. What reason would she have to hesitate? Did she know something, something that she didn't want her to know about.

Ruby then suddenly interjected into the conversation again. "It's, uh, getting pretty late. We really should be heading back."

"Oh, well don't let us keep you then." Cinder said as she stopped shaking Pyrrha's hand and stood at the side to allow Team RWBY and JNPR through.

The two teams proceeded to continue walking as the three stood there, watching them leave

"What's their problem?" Emerald whispered, once they were far away enough, her tone sounding her usual snarkiness.

Mercury just shrugged. "Eh, probably too busy being goody goods." Mercury remarked. He turned to Cinder and noticed that she was still looking at the two teams with an inquisitive look. "Everything okay, boss?" Mercury asked.

"Something about them." Cinder commented.

"You think they were lying?" Emerald asked.

"Lying about what?" Mercury asked.

"I don't know." Emerald said as she looked at her leader. "You think they might be onto us, do you?" Emerald asked.

After a few moments, Cinder shook her head, her doubts and suspicions quickly fading away. "Unlikely. Our cover has not been compromised. It's likely nothing. We're close to our goal now. And It's unlikely they have any idea about it." Cinder said with a confident smirk as she turned away and headed back to their dorms. "And it'll be too late for them to realize." Cinder declares as Mercury and Emerald join her.

But unbeknownst to the trio, they were currently being watched from behind. Pyrrha and Blake turned their backs to look at the leaving students, both looking at them with suspicion and doubt. They both looked at each other, before they regrouped with the rest of their teams and headed back to the dorms.

After their encounter with Cinder and her team, the two groups finally made it to their dorms.

"We're here!" Yang exclaimed with a deep breath. "Finally."

"It wasn't that long of a walk, Yang." Blake said.

Yang shrugged. "Yeah, but after what we've just been through, I'm gonna need like, a week of sleep."

"I'm gonna need five years!" Nora exclaimed as Pyrrha went to check in their room for her partner. "I mean, did it feel like years for anyone else in there, or is it just me?"

"He's not in here." Pyrrha announced, causing the others to turn to Pyrrha as she was peering inside of their room, looking back to them. "Jaune's not in our room."

"Where is he?" Weiss asked.

"I don't know." Pyrrha said, her tone sounding a little bit worried.

"Should we go out and look for him?" Ruby asked.

"I could just call him on the scrolls." Ren suggested. "It would be fair easier and-"

"Hey guys!" A friendly and familiar voice called out to the group, a voice they had only heard from the sound of a screen, but was now hearing it in person.

They all turned around to see their friend and beloved goofball, Jaune Arc, walking up to them smiling and waving at them.

"I was wondering where you guys were." Jaune said. "Boy, that nap did me a world of good. I could've slept for a week, I was-"

But before Jaune could even finish his sentence, Nora suddenly sped towards and wrapped him around in the biggest hug she could muster. Jaune was taken back by this, nearly tripping himself in the process. He was more than used to Nora's bone crushing hugs, but this one felt especially stronger than normal.

"FEARLESS LEADER!" Nora cried out with glee.

"Oh! Uh, h-hi! Nora!" Jaune greeted with a slightly strained voice.

But before he could politely ask for her to let go, Ruby suddenly bolted towards him and joined in on the hug.

"Jaune! You're here!" Ruby cheered.

"Y-Yep! I am." Jaune said with an even more strained tone. "Don't know for how much longer though..."

"Nora, Ruby, let Jaune breathe, please." Ren said with a small smile.

They reluctantly let go of their friend, who let out a large gasp for air. "Thanks, Ren." Jaune gasped, taking in a few deep breaths as they gathered around him.

"It's so good to see you again, Jaune." Pyrrha said with a warm smile as she hugged her partner, this time, she was a lot more gentle than Ruby and Nora was, which Jaune was thankful for.

Jaune couldn't help but chuckle at this. "I couldn't have been asleep for that long. I'm pretty sure I only saw you guys like an hour or two ago. Unless I was sleeping for a really long time."

"Felt like longer for us." Yang remarked, causing Jaune to look at her in confusion.


Yang waved him off. "Ah, inside joke. Just good to see you, Jaune."

"Yeah, I bet." Jaune said as he and Pyrrha stopped hugging. "So how did it go, your night out? Got everything you need for the tournament?"

"Oh yeah." Ruby said, though was a little hesitant. She wanted to tell him about View and the other worlds, but didn't know how to properly address it. "We, uh...also went to the movies!"

"You did?" Jaune said, to which they all nodded. "Aw, man, I totally would've gone with you guys! Jaune said in a disappointing tone, slumping down slightly before regaining his posture.

"In a way, you kinda were." Nora said, causing Jaune to look at her confusion and the others to look at with worry and shock. Realizing her mistake, Nora quickly began correcting herself. "W-What I mean is that the action hero guy reminded us of you! That's what I meant!"

"Oh, okay." Jaune said, willing to accept Nora's explanation, causing her to sigh in relief. "Well, did you guys see anything good at least?"

"You could say that." Yang said. "It had a lot of action, drama, adventure, horror, all that good stuff."

"Wow, sounds like a lot." Jaune commented.

"It was." Weiss admitted. "More than we can describe." She thought that last part to herself.

"Ahem." A voice called out to them from behind, causing them all to turn around to see Miss Goodwitch standing before them. "Students. I trust you are all behaving appropriately."

Weiss nodded affirmatively. "Of course, Miss Goodwitch. We were just...on our way back to the movies."

"Yes, I am more than aware." Glynda said as she sent Weiss and the others except for Jaune a knowing look. "I hope that this will not interfere with your studies. And then you go straight to bed."

"Yes, Miss Goodwitch." They all said in unison.

"Very good." Glynda said as she turned to leave, but stopped to look back at the group. "And Mr. Arc." Glynda said, looking directly at the leader of JNPR.

"Um, yes, Miss Goodwitch?" Jaune said, standing at attention, nervous of what she was going to say to him. He expected to hear a critical lecture about his performance in class and was ready for whatever she might dish out.

She looked at him for a few moments before finally speaking. "I know I had my qualms about you from the start of your tenure here at Beacon, and I do think you still have a ways to go. But I want you to know that Beacon Academy is lucky to have someone as dedicated as you training here."

Jaune blinked in confusion at this as he looked at Glynda was a stunned expression. It was surprising to hear her compliment him...ever. But he could tell by her tone that she was being sincere in her praise

"I, uh, thank you, Miss Goodwitch." Jaune said, taken aback by her compliment.

Glynda gave a small smile and nodded as she proceeded to leave the group to themselves.

"Did...Did Miss Goodwitch just compliment me?" Jaune asked, turning to his friends. "Like, I didn't hear that wrong or anything, she definitely complimented me, you guys heard it too, right?"

"Yes, Jaune, I believe she did." Pyrrha said, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Maybe your impeccable charm is finally rubbing off on her." Yang grinned.

Jaune gave a small scoff at that. "I wouldn't know about that."

Yang gave a shrug. "Hey, you might be surprised. You're not a bad catch." Yang said, sending him a wink, and Jaune looked confused again, because he could've sworn it looked a little...flirty?

Seeing the glare forming on Pyrrha's face, Ruby decided to wrap things up quickly." Welp! We should be getting to bed!" Ruby announces as she ushered her team to the door. "Don't wanna get into trouble with Goodwitch! Bye Jaune!" Ruby says by entering her room.

"Goodnight, Jaune." Weiss polity said, sending him a polite smile as she joined her partner and leader, followed by Blake as she waved at Jaune.

"Night." Blake said as she entered in as well, leaving Yang, who glanced back and winked at him again before going inside the room, the door closing behind her.

Jaune stood there, slightly bewildered at what just happened.

"Well!" Nora said, clapping her hands together. "I'm gonna hit the hay! When I wake up, I wanna eat a big stack of pancakes!" Nora declared as she bolted inside their room.

"Jaune?" Pyrrha spoke up, her beloved partner turning to face her with a curious look.

"Yeah, Pyr?" Jaune asked, turning to her partner.

Pyrrha smiled at him with a look of warmth on her face. "I just want you to know that I am very proud and happy to be your partner." Pyrrha said as she placed her gloved hand on Jaune's cheek. "You mean a great deal to me. More than you realize. And I'm happy to be here with you no matter what happens."

Jaune's eyes widened at the kind words his partner gave to him, blushing slightly at how close they were at that moment. "Pyrrha, I..."

Before he could finish what he was gonna say, Pyrrha decided to be bold and leaned and gave Jaune a kiss on the cheek, much to his surprise.

"P-Pyrrha!?" Jaune stuttered as he blushed heavily.

"Just…my way of saying thank you." Pyrrha said as she smiled warmly at him as she went inside their room.

"What was...what was that!?" Jaune exclaimed. He turned to Ren hoping for an explanation. "Ren!? What...just happened!?"

Ren chuckled at his honorary brother's dumbfounded expression. "You'll find out soon enough, brother." Ren said as he walked into their room, leaving Jaune in the hallway, still stunned at what just happened.

"Seriously...What is up with-" Jaune began, until a ping from his scroll diverted his attention, several pings, causing him to pull it out to check it. "Huh, got a message from Saph, and...from Sun? Don't think we talked before." Jaune mused.

Then he received another ping from his scroll. "Huh, it's Ruby's friend Penny." Jaune hummed as he looked over the message. "Said she wants to have a hang out? Hmm, must be autocorrect."

Jaune was getting really confused and bewildered at what was happening, his friends acting like they hadn't seen him in a while, acting more nicer than they usually were, Pyrrha and Yang being really affectionate towards him, getting calls and texts from his friends and family, even new friends like Penny, to even getting a compliment from Miss Goodwitch of all people! It made Jaune curious...

But then Jaune smiled and chuckled to himself, shaking off any suspicion there might have been. It was probably nothing. Or maybe things were looking up for him. Whatever it was, it was probably nothing. For now at least. "Man, I love it here." Jaune said fondly and headed inside the room, ready for sleep, then the next day, whatever it had in store for him, knowing he had his friends beside him.

Ozpin's Office

Sitting at his desk with his hands brought together in a thinking position was Professor Ozpin, as he patiently waited for Glynda to arrive to inform him about the students. As he waited, his thoughts continued to dwell on the worlds he saw, the last one burning on his mind as he saw the actions of his counterpart, the one who brought out the most fury and shame within himself.

But before Ozpin can ponder even further, the elevator door's chimes, opening to reveal Glynda as she steps forward into the office.

"I checked the dorms, headmaster, and our students have made it back safely." Glynda informed.

Ozpin hummed at this and nodded. "Very good, Glynda. And Mr. Arc?"

"Completely fine, sir." Glynda said. "And unaware of what has happened to us and his friends."

"I see." Ozpin said. "Is there anything else?"

Glynda shook her head. "No, sir."

"Very good." Ozpin said as Glynda turned around to head back into the elevator. "Glynda," Ozpin suddenly spoke out, causing the vice-headmistress to stop in her tracks. "Despite what has happened, if you feel the need to take some time off. It would be completely reasonable."

Glynda hung her head down slightly, before turning back to Ozpin. "I appreciate the offer, sir. But I still have duties to maintain. I can't afford to stop, especially now."

Ozpin looked at her for a few moments and looked down. "Very well, then."

Glynda noticed the look on Ozpin's face, having seen it before during their time with View. "I hope you know that I hold nothing against you, Ozpin." Glynda said. "Despite what we saw, that version was not you."

Ozpin gave a small nod. "I know. Thank you, Glynda. And I want you to know that I appreciate you and all that you've done. I'm grateful to have you at my side."

Glynda smiled. "Thank you, Ozpin. Goodnight." Glynda said before leaving for the elevator.

As soon as she felt the room, Ozpin turned to his screen, which was currently in the middle of a call.

"You oughta listen to what she said, Oz." Qrow suggested from the other line.

"I will." Ozpin said. "But in the meantime, have you found him yet?"

"Not yet." Qrow responded. "I'll be sure to let you know if I do. But are you sure you want me to find this kid?" Qrow asked. "He might not be that important."

"Perhaps." Ozpin said. "But I would rather be safe than sorry. We saw this Oscar Pine several times throughout the viewing. And it's made me...curious."

"Alright," Qrow said. "And what about...the other thing?"

"We will deal with it soon, Qrow." Ozpin assured. "Good luck."

"You too." Qrow said as the line went down.

With no one to talk to, Ozpin continued to sit alone in his office, dwelling on his thoughts once more. "Despite the others' reassurances, I still can't help but feel guilty at my actions. Not just for my counterpart, but for the actions that I myself have made." Ozpin mused to himself. "I only hope that it is not too late. And that I can still delay her as long as I can. And perhaps if we do meet View again, he may provide an answer that I have not been able to find."

Atlas Academy

Standing in front of the windows of his office was General Ironwood, looking down below at the city of Atlas with a neutral gaze. He heard the sounds of his doors opening as Winter entered the room, standing at attention.

"Sir, you called for me?" Winter asked in an official tone.

"Yes, Winter." Ironwood said, still standing at the window. "I want you to have the Ace-Ops undergo a new training regiment. I want them prepared for anything that may happen at the Vytal Tournament."

Winter nodded in compliance. "Yes, sir. Is there anything else you want me to do?"

Ironwood was silent for a few more seconds before answering. "Yes. Have Pietro develop secret surveillance for Penny to use."

This caused Winter to look at the general with confusion. "Sir?"

"If we do see View again, I want to make sure that we have equipment able to discreetly record what we see." Ironwood said.

"If I may, sir, for what purpose?" Winter asked.

"These worlds should be seen as something to learn from." Ironwood said. "And I want to make sure we have all the information we have, and hopefully, use it to our advantage. Hopefully prevent any disasters like the ones we've seen."

Winter looked at the general with a look of concern, it was clear that what he saw affected him more than she thought. She then stood at attention and nodded in response. "Of course, sir." Winter said, saluting him and as she proceeded to leave and fulfill her duties.

As she left, Ironwood continued to stare at the window with a steely glare of determination and fire."I promise, to never have anyone die needlessly." Ironwood declares with a hardened tone. "I will do everything in my power to prevent such things, whatever it takes."

Back in his Realm, View let out a peaceful sigh to himself, enjoying the peace and quiet as he floated into his archive room. "I gotta say, that was quite enjoyable." View said as he hovered through his archived orbs. "Not bad for my first practice test if I do say so myself."

Though View gained a slightly worried look. "Though I am concerned of how it may have affected the others on what they saw." View said, thinking on the reactions of the people, mainly Ironwood and Ozpin.

"I can only hope that they gained some insight from all of this, and can help evolve, learn and grow in the near future." View said as he began searching through his orbs for one world in particular.

"And if they learned the real reason why I brought them here, it would've made things...complicated." View says as he continues looking. "But when they do arrive again, I'll be sure to explain things clearly."

He then spotted the world he was looking for, one that made him pause with hesitation before picking it up. "Now I can only hope that my actions, and what they saw and learnt from here…can not only help guide them..." View spoke as looked into the orb in his hand, one which showed events that would soon to come to his guests. The Fall of Beacon, The Maiden Powers, the division between friends, the death of good people and the rising darkness that is to come.

"Can change their fate for the better."

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