Earning My Silver

Chapter One:

A squeezing sensation surrounded my body, I didn't even have the time to question what the hell was going on. A push, a shove, and it felt like my lungs were being ripped out as I was leaving the world's most dangerous and wettest bouncy castle-slide.

I landed with a scream, my voice childlike to my ears. I quickly hear the cooing of my spectators. I look at the — wait, fuzzy giants? — and scream for them to help me. In my fright, I'm not surprised that all that comes out is a scream.


I've read this before, a thousand times.

I've been reincarnated! I stop screaming, and try to look around. My little baby head can't do much.

Oh God, I hope I don't have to learn a new language. As much as I love language, I'd rather not have to learn a new one, it may impede my continued survival in what is likely a world designed to kill me … that's how all of these tales go. I don't want to die young!

A piercing wail leaves me, and my parents start talking.

"Banning," a rush of relief fills me, "do you want to eat it?"


I can't believe this bitch just said that. I am your child, woman! Your child! I scream a bit louder, before dying down quickly … I don't want my parents to eat me. Tears are leaving streaks down my face.

My father, "Banning", picks me up from the pile of something (hay?). His mouth quickly approaches, and I almost die right there. He kisses my forehead — oh thank any God that is listening to my baby scream.

"No, Lisbet, we have to raise the lad first. See if he's a blessing from our Lady, then we'll see if we eat it." My father says with such confidence.

A whimper escapes me, my "father" holds me closer, not knowing that I'm understanding every word that leaves their traitorous mouths.

"Besides, I've always wanted a lad to call my own. Wanted to show him the proper way, teach him to be a good eater, how to train dogs and the like." My father says with a bit of longing, "Haven't you ever wanted someone to look up to you as you sell in the Second Market?"

My mother pipes up, "Well, I hadn't thought about it too much … but I suppose that we can try it, I can use a hand at the market. "

Oh my goodness. The relief that fills my baby heart ensures that I let a happy gurgle fly from me.

My father, a smile clear from his voice, says "He is cute, look, Lisbet. Look at that there face."

I reach towards his face and touch the rough exterior. He chuckles and hands me to my mother.

I can't see her face, but she scares me. She's got a sturdy aura about her, she's full of more physical energy than my father. But I start to feel her soften, as she holds me closely but not too tightly. I don't feel constrained, but comforted. I almost forget that this woman was about to eat me!

She nibbles on my cheek. I wail. She stops and says to my father "Yeah, best to let it mature and then we'll decide. I like 'me, though. He'll be strong, like his ma, and clever like his pa."

I'm a tad suspicious, but at least now I know for certain I'm still a man. If I was born without MY parts, the first-ever baby suicide would be completed, and then my parents would eat me …

I feel tired now … time to sleep.

Author's Note: The earlier chapters are going to be shorter to better depict the accuracy of a reincarnation experience, or what it would be like. It is illogical to depict a character going straight towards their goal when they were just born. It's for the betterment of the story, believe me. The length of the story will evolve as I go on. I hope you enjoyed, I thought that this was an interesting concept and decided to share. If you've found this initial chapter to be pleasing, do leave a review.