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Humans talking: "Shit"

Humans thinking: 'Shit'

Higher being talking: "Shift"

Higher being thinking: 'Shit'

Chapter 1


Each step sent a hot wave of pain through his legs and every time he took one his legs would sink into the blackish abyss beneath him. He heard their screams. Their call for help, but he ignord them. Cradling his arm which has been injured somehow most probably by inferno that has swallowed his surrounding.

The boy was around five years old with deep blue eyes like sky or maybe lightning, now filled with fear and sun-kissed blond hair with few traces of red hair which has been coated with grime and ash.


"Help me…"








Fire. It was all around him. It was filling the air, drowning the screams of the people all around him. With each step, his tiny body's skin singed slightly. It was like he was being slowly cooked and a noxious, ashy smoke circulated through his lungs. He has know idea how he ended up in this situation or where he is going. He don't remember anything. Except his name.


He had no idea how long he has been in this hell but his small body is starting to give up. Suddenly the concrete rubble cracked and collapsed, burying him. Fire was slowly crawling from his legs, not mention this rubbles itself are hot like ember. He didn't have the will to scream in pain or cry nor do he has strength to do so.

Even fire crawling upon his body and hot concrete roasting it like barbecue meat he did not has strength to scream. He can feel his eyelids feeling heavy. He forced open his eyelids and fought back his fading consciousness. "No I will not die like this. Not without trying"

So what could be taken as a last act of failed defiance, he raised his arm toward sky, though it was only for a moment as it started to fall. Before it could settle back to the ground however, he felt a blistered, raw hand take hold of his own.

His eyes were too heavy to move, but he could see the sight before him all the same. A man was crying, not with tears of sorrow, but with tears of joy. "Thank God" he whispered over and over to himself. "I found someone…."

A single thought entered his mind before the area was engulfed in light.

"I want to be happy like that…."

########################scene change######################

Naruto was slowly regaining consciousness and opened his eyes only to be blinded and brought his hand to cover them. He slowly adjusted to the light and looked up to see a white ceiling. He took the scent of the place and it smelled like disinfectant.

A hospital.

He took in his surrounding, which he was not able to discern much since his bed was surrounded by curtain which only opened slightly for sunrays from window to invade the room. If the scenery from window is any indication his room is probably on upper floor of the building. His righthand was injected with IV drip which is yet to be finished. He was wearing an oxygen mask while several were connected on hos chest and left hand to some very complicated machines making beeping noise. His attire is the hospital gown.

Mustering every ounce of his strength he lifted his right hand which was less restricted of two and brought it to his face with a slow and trembling hand he removed the oxygen mask as well as droping his hand immediately. His vission starting to get fogy. One of the machine beside his bed began to make loud beeping noise.

Last vision he saw before he lost consciousness was a female doctor rushing toward him with the black haired man from before on her toes. Concern was etched on both of their faces. They are saying something but he can't hear them as he completely lost his consciousness.

###########################Scene change#######################

Emiya Kiritsugu was a man whose life could not be simply told. If one were to see him today, they would see a tired looking male in his early thirties. But in reality he is broken man. He was, no he is regarded as one of the best assassin of current era if not best. He is a Magus, a practitioner of magecraft. Though it is not the case any more due to the curse of Angra Mainyu, most of his magic circuits has been destroyed. It's not just his circuits which are affected from the curse. His health has also starting to deteriorate. Even act of breathing is taking toll on his body. He has already accepted that his death is approaching. A slow agonizing death.

Fourth Great Holy Grail War. It has everything from him. His wife. His daughter. His dream. Everything. He was hired by Einzberns to win Holy Grail War for them. He even married to one of its member. A homunculus name Irrisveil von Einzbern and had a daughter with her named Illiasveil. He summoned supposedly strongest servant class, the saber. Not just any Saber it was The legendary King Arthur.

He was surprised to sed that he was actually a she i.e a woman. Though whole duration of war she was with Irrisveil. He barely talked to her two or three sentences during whole war which included his last command to destroy the grail.

The wish granting a Grail proved to be nothing but monkeys paw. It was worst joke or prank to be played upon. As soon as he realized the state of grail he ordered saber to destroy it with her noble phantasm. This resulted in contents of Grail to spill out and set a large portion of Fuyuki city on fire. Out of six hundred only one survivor. Judging from the appearance of kid he was most probably a European.

But his origin doesn't matters to Kiritsugu Emiya it is because him that, this kid lost his family and most probably scared for life. He is not the first kid orphaned by him but that will not stop him from helping and if the kid agrees adopting him.

The kid had been out of it since two days. He just woke up couple hours ago for few minutes before falling unconscious again. He was currently sitting across the said whom according to doctor is going to consciousness at any moment of time so it was it was decided that it's better for him to near him when he wakes up because he was the one to save him.

As if on cue the boy began to stir and opened his eyes before blinking couple of times. As if sensing him the boy turned his head toward him. He with help of older male sat by his back on the headboard of bed. He tried to say something only to end up in fits of cough. Kiritsugu quickly handed him a glass of water which the small drank as if it's last drop of it in the world.

After boy drank water and fully calmed down Kiritsugu decided to introduce himself. "Hello, I am Emiya Kiritsugu. Can you tell me your name?" The boy looked at him for a minute before answering with raspy voice, "I am Naruto-" He clutched his head with both hands. His eyes wide with panic and fear "I-I don't remember anything else. I-" he was stopped from his panic rant by Kiritsugu who was now hugging the blond boy.

"Shh. It's Ok. I know it's difficult. To have no memories." Kiritsugu broke the hug and had both oh his hands on the blond child's shoulders. "If you don't have a memory of old life start making new in a new life. I will help you. Naruto I was about to ask you afterwards but I don't think their is any better situation than this. Will you like to became a Emiya. Will like to became my son and make newer happier memories."

Naruto, who was overwhelmed by shock of having no memories and than by Kiritsugu's word nodded his head wrapped his tiny hands around older male's waist and buried his head in his chest still sobbing heavily.

Few steps from them stood the female doctor from before she was touched by this emotional scene and decided to leave the new formed family some space. She arrived at her office but by this point all the trace of expression has faded away replaced by a cold expressionless facade. She touched her temple and began to speak after few seconds, " My lord, he has awakened but it seems he lost all of his memories sans his name. It also seems that he is adopted by a man named Kiritsugu Emiya who also happens to be the one of the culprit behind this incident which took his memories away."

"Let him be with that man but keep your eyes on them. If this Kiritsugu guy proves to be a problem eliminate him." Came the reply in form of distorting voice which can be easily identified as male.

"By your will my lord." Replied the apparently fake doctor feeling the link disconnected she removed her hand from temple and looked outside of window. 'Naruto Emiya, eh. This going to be interesting.'

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