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Chapter 2

Adjusting to a new life and New teacher

It had been one year since the Fourth Grail War ended. It took both of the pairs of adoptive father and son some time to overcome from that incident. Both of them lost everything in that fire. Kiritsugu lost his family, dream and soon he will also lose his life because of it. While Naruto lost his identity, his memory and probably also his family not that he remembers them.

He sold all of his arms, ammunition and other than valuable item except, his mystic code or another moonlit world related object, to the resident yakuza the Fujimura and bought a big Japanese house. They also happened to be their new neighbors, which is probably because the Fujimura family head took a liking to the father-son duo and decided to help in buying a new house.

Speaking of Naruto, despite his Japanese name he is clearly not one. Maybe one of the grandparents were Japanese. He highly doubts one his parents were one. What with sun kissed blond hair with red traces combined with his electric blue eyes, both of which is uncommon traits found within those with European lineage. If not, it is also possible that his parents were...Japanophile if got the term correct. He is quite famous among the females of in his neighbors. You see the thing is that the kid gave off a slight aura, one that makes people more comfortable around him.

In spite of his popularity, it took a month for Naruto to open up with anyone except for him. He can see some signs of survivors guilt, but he has hidden it behind his facade of happiness quite well. He is also smart and mature beyond his age. Not the extent to be considered to be an old man in the body of a child but mature nonetheless. Kiritsugu was surprised to find that Naruto is quite sensitive to prana or in general term magic. In reality, both magic and magecraft are two different things.

If one has to describe them than magecraft or thaumaturgy is the ability to bring about what is possible through science with supernatural means; although the process is considered a miracle, the end result is not. Magic represents the actualization of events that are impossible to reproduce in a certain era, whether by humans or the planet, even if given an infinite amount of time and resources. The practitioner of magic is called magicians or True Magicians.

Back to original topic. Former magus killer found that whenever Naruto passed by the bounded fields around the house he will always look around in confusion. When approached by Kiritsugu on this subject Naruto nervously told him that whenever he goes outside their house he felt as if he is passing from 'a thin sheet of water or something weird like that'. He chuckled remembering how he described the sensed prana.

This sensitivity of prana means either he is psychic or natural sensitivity toward it. Kiritsugu had hunched it is probably later. He knew that because of this ability sooner or later his adoptive son will be either dragged in the moonlit world or worse get killed. It doesn't help that by giving him Emiya name he has also given him, his old enemies who won't think twice to hurt an innocent child to get back to him.

With that, he started to teach him magecraft as much as he can with his crippled magic circuits and limited knowledge. Right now the only thing he has taught the blond kid is reinforcement, structural grasping and projection. All of which are 'mundane' mysteries and useless in combat except reinforcement. Due to curse from Angra Mainyu, most of Kiritsugu's circuits are crippled making him unable to perform most spells. That does not mean he is not teaching him properly. Despite his limited knowledge in the thaumaturgy, he can still teach kid basics.

He gave Naruto several books on thaumaturgy 'borrowed' from Einzberns castle in Fuyuki. Naruto is just a five-year-old kid as such has the very short attention span. It is surprising enough that he can properly read both English and Japanese at age of six but does not mean he will able to learn just from books.

He didn't want to ask anyone from the moonlit world since he didn't trust anyone except Maya, who is dead right now, in his life as an assassin. Kiritsugu shook his head to clear his thoughts. It cannot be helped, he will help and guide kid best of his ability.

####################Scene Change##################


"Old man?! Are you all right?"

While planning for Naruto's lessons Kiritsugu realized that he had yet to check blond kid's circuits and elements or origin which is quite embarrassing since it is done before the magecraft lessons begin.

Which is where we find a duo of the adopted father-son duo in the shed which also happens to be his workshop. Emiya Kiritsugu just scanned Naruto to find his element(s) and origin...and fell on his ass from shock. He can't believe what he just found about his adopted son. Naruto has five elements but unlike an Average One, he has Fire, wind, water, earth and sword. Not Ether but a sword. His origins are sword and sun. He can accept that his adopted son is incarnation but to also have a dual origin like him? Not just any origin. He has the origin of the Sun.

An origin not just effects magecraft of an individual but also his alignment, his/her way of living. If he has to make a guess his origin, one of the origins, sword to be precise might have been developed because of the influence of Avalon together with Naruto's survivor's guilt. Still, it should take at least a few years to for that to happen. He has a bit of idea how his Sword origin will affect his adopted son's life. His second origin Sun on another hand he has no idea about.

If this is not enough of a shocker, Naruto has a healthy amount of two hundred circuits and ninety magical crests. Magic Crest! If he had any doubt regarding the blond boy's lineage, it is cleared now. The amount of magic crest Naruto has shows that he is the heir of a magus clan. Probably one of the older clans if the quality of circuits is anything to go by. The quality of his circuits is best he has ever came across in his life.

Granted there are many individuals with two hundred or so circuits but all of them are from a well-known family in the moonlit world. This begs the question, what is an heir of Magus family was doing here in Fuyuki at the time of Grail War. Perhaps-

"Tou-san! Are you okay?" He brought out of his thoughts by Naruto who was probably trying to get his attention from some time.

"Is something wrong with me Tou-san?" Naruto asked nervously. Kiritsugu patted blond child's head making pout for being treated as a child. "There is nothing wrong with you? In fact, you have quite a unique set of elements and origins. Which is why you have to be careful whom you tell about it to."

"Ok." Naruto nodded his head in understanding. Before starting his magecraft lessons one of the threats Kiritsugu told Naruto about was a magus's hunger for knowledge and Mage Association. Kiritsugu informed Naruto of his elements and origins.

"I think that is enough for today. Why don't you go and prepare dinner... unless you want me to cook" First-time Kiritsugu tried to cook for them both he almost set their house on fire and later of his few tries also ended same way though on a lesser scale. Taiga too tried to make food for them in hopes of impressing Kiritsugu but she winded up making something but being frank she has more talent in manufacturing Bio chemical weapon than a proper food.

After few weeks having enough of eating take-out, food Naruto started experimenting in the kitchen. In his first few attempts have he either overcooked the food, made mistake in adjusting seasoning, and sometimes even burned the food but he learned from every mistake and became a better.

Naruto paled at the thought of his father cooking food and quickly rushed out of the shed to prevent such disaster from taking place. After all, prevention is better than cure. Kiritsugu pouted at Naruto's reaction. It's not his fault that whenever he tries to cook food it somehow all ways catches fire.

"Damn. Looks like you scared that kid for life from your cooking skills." Came an unfamiliar voice.

In one swift motion, Kiritsugu took out the revolver he always carries with him and pointed from where the voice came from. This is not his Thompson Contender but it is one of the first weapons he used to fight when he started his carrier as an assassin.

"Now, now. Can't we talk like a couple of civilized men?" The intruder said to him not at all bothered to be on gunpoint. The intruder stepped out of shadows to reveal a tall and well-built man of 6.2 feet in adulthood with fair skin. He had a wart on the left side of his nose and waist-length, spiky white hair that he has tied back into a ponytail, with two shoulder-length bangs framing his face. His attire consists of double-breasted black overcoat with high collars over a blood red dress shirt and a black tie. He is wearing black trousers.

The intruder without even asking for his permission moved across shed and sat on the nearby chair. All while being on gunpoint. The former assassin lowered his weapon but still kept his guard up and addressed the stranger in front of him, "Who are you and what are you doing here?"

He cannot take any risk here. Not only this person might be an assassin hired by someone to kill him and sneaked in his home without activating his bounded field now he also knows the uniqueness of his adopted son. It is highly unlikely for him to come out alive if they fought now but if push comes to shove he can at least take this person with him to save Naruto.

The man in question just sighed at his question. "Just calm down? I don't mean any harm to you or that kid. Jeez, no need to be so jumpy!" The man grumbled.

"As for your question, You can call me Jiraiya and I am here for that kid-


Jiraiya tilted his head to the side to avoid the bullet from making a peephole on his head.. "Damn it! For the sake of heavens listen don't start shooting before I finish my sentence!" He yelled at Kiritsugu comically. Kiritsugu can sense a new bounded field around the shed which erected the moment he pulled the trigger. It was not a powerful field probably to ward of outsider or preventing any noise to reach outside. "Still to erect a bounded field so fast all while talking to me this person is both good and dangerous or he is not the only person to sneak in.'

"Before you start racking your paranoid little brain, I have not brought anyone with me. Is that curse affecting your brain too!" The white hair man grumbled at him. "Now as I was saying I came to ensure safety of that kid and help him in training." Kiritsugu blinked at that. He was not expecting this. This weirdo wants to help with his son's training? Why? Not to mention Jiraiya is aware about curse of Angry Mainyu while he knows next to nothing about him.

"Why do you want to train him? What do you gain from it?" Jiraiya pinched his nose in irritation. All this question is starting to get on his nerves. Taking a deep breath to calm himself he regarded former Magus Killer again.

"You can already tell that Naruto is someone very important, don't you? Well then my friend, let me enlighten you further what you got yourself into."

"Oh! Before that, you should know that the Grail War will start again within a decade or so." Kiritsugu felt like his eyes will pop out of his sockets from shock. Unknown to him their more shocking news to come.

##########################Scene break#########################

Naruto hummed a tune as he did last touch-ups in the food. He has made simple Oyakodon. Unlike children around his age, he really likes cooking food and doing household chores. According to Kiritsugu and Taiga has a natural talent for cooking. His cooking skills were even praised by old man Raiga, Taiga's father who once dragged by Taiga, to be part of chefs of luxury hotels.

Speaking of family, according to his adoptive father he is probably an heir of a Magus family. He can't remember anything about his past thanks to amnesia but still, sometime time wondered whether his parents were able to survive the fire like him and if they are, are they searching for him? Where his parents like a normal Magus like described by Kiritsugu, who can do anything to achieve Akasha?

It's not that he never tried to remember his past but, his endeavors bore him no fruit. The best he can remember is that few voices before being attacked by a headache. At least he retained few skills from his past life before the fire. Heavens knows how long it would have taken if he didn't know English. At least from that he can tell that his parents were quite strict with in terms of his education.

Thanks to him being bilingual he can be easily able to read books of both Japanese and English. Unknown to Kiritsugu Naruto did learn few spells from the books he got from him. One of the branches of magic that his interest is runes. Unfortunately, he is still not ready to learn. Though, if he is really from a Magus family he might have already gone through this lessons. Which might be the reason why he can understand complex theories of magecraft without much difficulty. According to Kiritsugu there his potential is so good that there might be few if any form of magecraft he can't learn.

Despite that one of his favorite spells are structural grasping and projection. It was as if these spells was exclusively made for him. Being a curious kid he uses it on almost everything he gets his hands on to see what makes it tick. As for projection which little kid won't like a magic to create things of thin air even if they are temporary and wear replicas.

He started setting up food on the table when he heard a pair of footsteps behind him. He turned to greet his father and he presumed other person is Taiga since she is only person who visits pair of father and son this late. Any words he was about to say died in his mouth.

His eyes changed from azure blue to crimson red for just a second, which didn't go unnoticed by both new arrivals, before a searing pain shot through his head. Kiritsugu was already beside his son who at this point was crouching and clutching his head with both hands. "Naruto! What happened? Are you alright?" Kiritsugu bombarded him with a question but instead of answering young boy looked at Jiraiya, his face scrunched in pain, "You-you are not human."

"I see that is still causing you problem." Jiraiya thought. He wanted to see if meeting him might awaken few of his memories or not. He ignored Kiritsugu accusing glare and in favor of answering youngest in the room. "Very true, I am Jiraiya a silver werewolf and a friend of Kiritsugu here. He has requested me to teach you magecraft but that will come afterwards right now my nose can feel the beckoning of that delicious looking food." With those word, he broke to keep the tension in the room and invited himself for the meal just like a certain teenager girl at a neighbor.

'Jeez, this guy is just as bad as Taiga-nee' Naruto just hoped that at least he will be more mature when teaching him.

And cut-

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