'Well, this is new." Naruto thought as he looked around him. Last thing he remembered was going to sleep so he thought all of this is dream and than he is in middle of a forest. Than mama around here is so rich that normal will explode just under a minute. "Than again this feels to real to be a dream.' He narrowed his eyes. This place looked crystalization of paradise. Peculiar thing about this forest is that it doesn't has any form of deformation like seen in other forest. Which is impossible since deformation like scars from weather and falling trees, branches, termite infestations and curves are not some thing that can be avoidable no matter how much one looks after it.


Naruto clutched his throbbing chest. For some reason Avalon is acting strange. He can feel it tugging him toward another direction than he was going at. Not wanting to see what will happen if he ignored ultimate shield Noble Phantasm, he allowed it to take toward's whatever got it so excited. The closer he got the stronger the tug of Avalon got. Not just that he can feel the mana of the surrounding has also gotten stronger. His eyes surveyed the passing trees and his body reacted to the feel of some foreign energy sweeping over him.

A bounded field, or was it something on a greater level?

He didn't have much time to ponder because as soon as a lake came within view a voice seemed to echo out from the trees.

"Please, come near Bearer. I have been waiting to meet you for sometime." The voice called, soft and mellow. A sound reminiscent of a faint breeze. He did as told by the voice which seemed to come from every where. He was now at a small part of the lake covered with smooth sand.

The soft ebbing of the lake's water echoed into his ears, having a calming sort of effect. The scenery was idyllic and pleasing to the eyes: Numerous water lilies drifting on a still lake, and the light of the stars shining from up above. His gaze turned toward the source of voice, towards the individual now sitting at the edge of the lake.

A woman of stunning beauty and wreathed in a flowing white dress that reached past her ankles. She has pale skin complexion and red hair flowing like a waterfall reaching till her knees with aqua blue eyes.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked her warily. The first lesson taught by his teachers to never trust anyone easily in moonlit world and this women is definitely from the said world. Naruto's eye flickered for a second before he clutched his head. 'This feeling….she is'

"Calm down young man. I would have said no need to be alarmed but you will not adhere to that. I am the one who brought you here and I bear no ill towards you. I an a fairy."

Naruto looked at her in shock. From what he has read in some books , Fairies are extensions of the planet, nature's sense of touch, that cannot be seen by normal humans, and they lack any sort of human values. There are some fairies born wearing humans' imagination as shells, an example would be the lady of the lake. There are various different types, including those that have the power to interfere with people's memories, and others that are known to be able of crafting Noble Phantasm-level artifacts, with Arondight, Avalon, Excalibur, Gáe Buidhe serving as examples.

Fairies are usually entities that cannot be seen by normal humans, however those who evolve into a magnitude where they can be perceived by people become Elementals. Naruto was really hoping that this seriously just a dream because if what she said is true than he might be in big trouble if his host turns violent because foundation of fairies and Elementals are of a Mystery that cannot be reached through magecraft.

'She called me bearer! Does that mean she knows about Avalon? Is that why she brought me here. To extract Avalon back.' Naruto took deep breaths to calm himself down. Getting panic will get him nowhere. He looked at the red headed fairy infront of him. Even though she has been quite civilized until now he has decided to keep his guard up you can never be too cautious. "So what do you want from me….umm?"

Naruto trailed off as she didn't tell her name yet. "I am Vivian. As for your second question, there is two reasons I wanted to meet you. For some reason Avalon has started to accept you as it's wielder despite being made to be only wielded by one person. Even if you might not able to wield it like that person it is still quite a mystery. As for second reason I have a proposal for you."

Line Break.

Homurahara Academy – a local school of Fuyuki city comprised of several architecturally impressive buildings. The impressive standards of the school's facilities, faculties and students. The school was popular amongst the people who lived in the vicinity and was the location where many bright futures would certainly begin. The students wore impressively designed uniforms; kept an equally strong united background of kinship through sports, festivals and other school-funded activities; and were all expected to hold a level of excellence that befit Homurahara Academy's reputation.

"Look at him, Kami he is so handsome and so cute too. Look at his body, it's so delicious!"

"Did you see 'him', there, it's 'him'!"

"It's Naruto-sama!"

"KYAA~! He's so cute"

It's the first morning at Academy after summer break. Now fifteen-year old Naruto had become really popular amongst the girls, and the most dangerous, the mightiest, and the greatest enemy to the single high school boys. At the age of fifteen he grown taller than most Japanese men at the height of six feet. He has allowed his hair to grow shoulder length while two jaw length bangs adorned his face which has lost all of it's baby fat. This qualities along with his gentle and friendly nature he has became quite popular in the Homurahara Academy.

Naruto sighed while trying to ignore not so subtle and hushed gossip from most of the girls or glares from boys he is receiving. Due to his popularity amongst girls very few of male students talk to him and even than there is only person he can call his friend, Issei Ryuudou. He is only guy in school who is not jealous of him, which is most probably because he is monk in training.

An amused chuckle brought him out of his thoughts. Looked at the person at his right who was getting kicks out of his predicaments, Rin Tohsaka. Rin has grown in fine young woman who is now most sought out girl in there Academy. Rin had grown into a very beautiful woman. She was around five feet seven inches, with a slim figure. She had long and toned legs, smooth skin and a well developed chest, around C-cup in size. She had retained her hair style with flanking twin-tails tied with black ribbons.

After there first meeting or should I say fight both of them avoided each other as much possible for different reasons. For Naruto he didn't wanted to provoke or get in fight with the owner of the city he is living at and for Rin whenever she saw him it reminded her the humiliating defeat she was handed by a no-name Magus. This continued for sometime until that day.


Naruto navigated himself around the massive crowd of students to exit the school grounds. He was thinking of what kind of mystic code he should start working on. After intermediatery level skill in alchemy and runes Jiraiya gave him go ahead for making his own mystic codes. Though he is still juggling with several ideas to start making his first mystic code.It has been only few days since he has renovated his workshop i.e shed to be used as smithy.

"Give that back!"

Looking from where familiar voice came from he saw that four boys, probably couple of years older than them, were surrounding a familiar girl, Rin Tohsaka. She was glaring at four boys with defiance. Naruto knew that she will be able to easily take them out if she can use her magecraft but there are still lots of student on the road for her to do anything. From what he gathered from the whispering of the crowd the leader of the little gang asked Rin which obviously refused making him angry and decided to 'punish' for this humiliation.

"Not so tough now are you. If you would apologize and ask me for date we will have no problem. I might even return this toy of yours." He said while holding some rubies which obvious belongs to ravenett.

"What will a spoiled princess like you will do with it anyway?" The fat one amongst them taunted while he played with one of her jewels.

Having heard enough he made his way from the gathered crowd and addressed the bullies. "I think you should really give those jewels back."

"Oh, who are you her boyfriend. Buzz off kid this doesn't concerns you." The apparent leader of the bullies tried to dismiss him. Unfortunately for him Naruto is not a person to show his back to a person in need.

"No, she is my classmate and that is why it concerns me. I am not going anywhere until you give those jewels back to her." He said while crossing his hands.

"You want to be hero, huh? Fine! Let's see how much heroic you are!" the leader said while gesturing his buddies to take care of the annoying blond infront of them.

Unlike Rin, Naruto doesn't need magecraft to fight even if odds are against him. He excels in every physical activity. He took a step back to avoid a incoming punch and answering it graciously by stomping his food on his opponent's. The boy lifted his leg in pain only for his ankle to be kicked again by his blond opponent making it hit his own buddy who was about to kick Naruto.

Taking advantage of their disoriented state Naruto gave a back kick on second boy's head and crashing his head with first boy rendering both unconscious.

He leaned back when the fat boy started swinging Rin's bag as makeshift weapon. After dodging couple of more swing he ducked an over head swing and swiped his leg making fall on his side.

Naruto didn't bother punishing his downed opponent anymore than necessary and took Rin's bag from his hands and went toward her. It seems he didn't have to deal with the leader from what he can deduce taking advantage of the distraction provided by him she kicked him where sun doesn't shines and took her jewels back.

He wordlessly returned her bag and started his way to home. She wanted to tell him that she could have handled this on her own but that would be a white lie. Even with her martial arts training she would have only be able to defeat any one of them without magecraft. She gritted her teeth as she watched his retreating back.


(That night)

Naruto sighed as he sat in his storehouse, AKA his workshop, calmly breathing in and out to soothe his body. Sakura and Taiga had left about a couple of hours ago and in that time he had managed to finish his homework and currently he is trying to create his own spell.

Unfortunately all his attempts until now has been bust, literally. Naruto is trying to mold and shape his mana but it either disperses before the process can be complete or even if somehow he is able to shape it disperses in very violent way. Naruto knew that he cannot depend totally on 'Tracing' as he has taken to call it.

According to Jiraiya the Fifth Holy Grail War which was supposed to start after fifty years is going to be start again in couple of years. He has already heard about how cruel grail war is. Hell, has done his own research on it and found that their has never been recorded a single victor until now. He has no doubt that The Holy grail is indeed capable to grant wishes but there is something really fishy about it.

Naruto's head snapped toward the entrance of house….the bounded field surrounding his home was set off. Whoever the intruder was he has probably set his bounded field knowingly.

Naruto ready to for any kind of ambush or sneak attacks when he approached the gate of his house. His mind was already running through several scenarios and his way out of it. However, he was not ready for what he saw infront of him or rather…who. Rin was standing on the other side of the door with her head low and her bangs covering her eyes. ' I hope she is not here to kill me'

"Why?" Rin asked him. Her voice barely above audible.

"Huh?" came the genius reply of the resident blond. He has no idea what this girl is talking about. Rin glared at blond in front of her. "Why did you save me? Even after I tried to kill you? What are you planning? How many times are you going to humiliate me?!"

She asked him grabbing him by collar and shaking him with each question. Naruto gently removed her hands from his collar but didn't let go. He took her inside and gestured her to sit on sofa, which she did since because of still recovering from her outburst. He went into kitchen and after few minutes brought two cups of tea and some cookies. He gestured her to drink which she hesitantly complied.

"You asked me why I saved you from those bullies. It's because, it is right thing to do. I know you are more than capable to take care of your self but there were too many eyes for you to perform mage craft. It is true that you tried to kill me because of who my father is but that doesn't matters to me. To me it is never wrong to help someone. Besides you are not going to be the last person to come after life because of my father." Normally, haughty girl was stunned by Magus infront of her.

"You..you are a strange person aren't you?" It was only thing Rin can say to describe one Naruto Emiya. His words held so much honesty in them that it was hard to believe.

Flashback End.

After that one thing led to another and both Naruto and Rin found a Magus rival and friend with each other. She was quite amazed when she met Jiraiya and Tsunade. She would have thrown tantrum about a inhuman roaming in her property without her consent but she knew she can't do anything to stop them. While she has no idea what Tsunade is capable of she did know about Jiraiya. Currently most powerful werewolf and rumored to be someone who can give even more powerful Dead Apostle Ancestor run for their money.

"It's hard to be so famous isn't it, 'Prince of Homurahara'?" Naruto felt his eyes twitching at her jab at his moniker given by students of his typical prince like appearance thanks to his blond hair and blue eyes.

"Yeah, yeah whatever you say 'Miss Perfect Idol'." The second owner of Fuyuki city felt his cheeks getting red at on her own moniker and her façade at Academy. She crossed her arms and looked away while muttering something about blond bakas.

He looked at his other side where his kohai Sakura Matou was giggling at both of her seniors antics. Naruto smiled internally seeing her happy. Though he know that is not the case most of the time he knew spending time with them makes her happy. He is still trying to find a way to free her from the her hell.

"Sakura! Where were you this morning? I told you yesterday to stop visiting Emiya's house. Are you deaf?"(A.N- sorry. I am not good at bashing) They looked at one Shinji Matou. He has tried to befriend Naruto to be ignored.

"I told you nee-san I had permission of grandfather." Sakura replied firmly which surprised other who knows normally soft spoken girl.

"Why you bitch!" Shinji lifted his hands to slap Sakura but before he can swing his limb he felt someone catch his hand and flip him upside down.

"How much petty can you be Shinji? Seriously trying hit your own sister just because she refused to do your bidding." Naruto asked from side. He was looking down at him with impassive gaze. Naruto would have loved to change geography of Shinji's face but he was sure the bastard is going to take all his anger on Sakura after this.

Shinji stood up holding his side and glared at Naruto. Almost every encounter with blond infront of him ends up in his humiliation. He even tried to befriend Naruto because of his popularity with girls but he was just brushed off like a nuisance. "I will get you for this Emiya." With that he ran away with tail between his legs. "I am sorry Sakura. I know he will probably try to take his anger on you."

Sakura shook her head in negative, "Don't worry Senpai I will be fine. I am just happy you didn't hurt him….much." Naruto just nodded his head in acceptance.

"Okay Naruto-Senpai and Rin-Senpai I will you after school." Sakura bowed and went toward middle school of Homurahara Academy. Naruto new it was just her way to change topic. "Come on Rin-chan let's go." Rin who was quite until now followed him wordlessly. Just as he was about to enter he felt like he is being watched. When he looked around to find anyone watching him, he didn't see anyone other than usual fangirls.

"Naruto-kun stop wasting time or we are going to be late." Brushing it as paranoia he followed his only Magus friend lest he incur her wrath upon him.

Unknown to Naruto he was being watched by someone.

(On the roof of nearby building)

Two figure stood in the roof of nearby building observing our blond hero. Both of them wore cloaks with hood, hiding their feature from the world. " I have to say that kid's senses are quite sharp. Even from this distance he was able tell that he was being watched and he is cute too." Came a feminine voice from one of the cloaked figures.

She addressed the other figure "So what's the plan nii-san" The older of little group of two was still looking at the direction Naruto went.

"Our orders are to capture him alive without alerting the guardian of the city." With that she began to walk back followed by her sister.

And cut-

I have been criticized that I am not going according to cannon or whatever. I just want to say two things some time even author himself doesn't follow everything and second Fanfiction.