A/N: This is a fun story I've had in mind on the field agents- kind of like my Paperwork story. The agents are going to watch over Ducky's house for him. It's quirky and supposed to be funny and I hope everyone enjoys! (It's gonna be good!)

*Time period is when Ducky's mother is still alive.

Chapter 1

Ducky paces around in autopsy with his brow furrowed. He had his hands clasped together and was pondering furiously over his new situation at hand. He was in a fix.

He honestly had no idea how he was going to handle this- and in such a short amount of time.

He exhales and turns to his dearest friend, Jethro Gibbs, who stood stiffly by the autopsy doors- his ice blue eyes emotionless like always.

"Jethro, I just don't know what I'm going to do over the matter!" The doctor goes to adjust his spectacles before pointing to his desk which held a small stack of papers and files on it. Gibbs follows his gaze to the papers and merely blinks at them. Those files were what Ducky had been rambling over all morning long... It was these files that had caused such a decision to be made for the good Doctor Mallard.

Just this morning, he had received a letter in the mail inviting him to come and make a few speeches on psychology to some new and academically growing students at Harvard University. It was a major deal for Ducky- for he had not been expecting such a sudden and tremendous honor to be bestowed upon him.

I mean, of all the intelligent people in this bloody world, they want me to speak for them! These had been Ducky's excitedly thrilled thoughts once he had read the invitation. He had recently taken psychology classes and had exceeded in them greatly- but now he was being asked to come and make some speeches about it. This was such a privilege!

He had immediately gone to call Gibbs, but now that they were here at work together, Ducky still had no idea what he was going to do for the decision. He had his large house with his dogs and his mother to think about... What would they do without him? How long would he even be gone?

I cannot possibly hire a maid or some sort of sitter for my mother?... She'd drive the poor care-taker insane! Ducky's head was whirling with so many complex questions and thoughts.

Things were far too difficult... there was so much to consider.

Gibbs, who had felt happy for his friend from the start, simply shifts on his feet a bit before shrugging at his troubled friend. He really didn't have an answer for Ducky's situation he was in. And for the record, he was also wanting to get back to the Squad Room in case his team was called into the field at any time...

The silver-haired marine clears his throat now and tips his head a bit. "It's a big choice for you to make. I mean, I know how much you care about things like this." Gibbs' voice is rather stern yet sincere.

Ducky however only frowns some more with plain worry in his eyes. He turns to speak next- his Scottish accent coming off sharply. "I cannot just leave D.C. for a few days?" His voice sounds flabbergasted. "I mean, I cannot just leave Mother and the dogs alone? Who knows what could possibly happen while I'm away?" He throws his arms out as he heads for his desk now- his pace fast and fretful.

Gibbs only silently exhales again. The doctor had a point though. His large house, his mother, and his Welsh Corgis were simply too important to let alone for a while.

"Duck, I can't help ya. But I think that you need to make your mind up before your chances at speaking to those college kids slip away." The Special agent blinks earnestly. He knew that this was a critical standpoint for his friend. He knew that Ducky was undeniably excited to speak about psychology in front of those who needed it most. The older Scottish man only huffs again as Gibbs slowly gestures towards the autopsy doors next. "Can I get back to work now?"

It was this sentence that made Ducky realize just how hard he must have been making this for Gibbs. He had done nothing but thrown the weight of this mess atop of his good friend's shoulders.

"I am terribly sorry, Jethro. I-I only yearn for some advice on-" But Ducky is stopped short from Gibbs' low tone. "Hey, I think you should take this opportunity. You're obviously wanting to anyhow."

Ducky nonchalantly nods at what his friend was getting to. He did, in fact, want to accept this invitation to speak. And at some place like Harvard University? What could be better?

"Yes but... What am I to do with mother?" The doctor furrows his brow yet again- the ailing question troubling his mind for about the fiftieth time this morning...

Suddenly though, this is when Gibbs gains an idea. He nearly grins at just how ridiculous the idea is- but hey? It was the only thing he could think to do for his friend...

"Hmm... You know what?" The silver-haired marine takes a step towards Ducky and their eyes meet.

"I could always act like my team has protection duty?" The suggestion was almost completely insane- but Ducky only raises an eyebrow at the concept. "You'd what? Protection duty?"

Gibbs gives a small lop-sided smile. The idea didn't exactly sound 'probable' but given the circumstances... what could happen? "Yeah. I can have my team watch your house for you. It'll only be a few days?" As he starts piling out his proposition- it only seemed to actually make more and more sense. Even Ducky wasn't momentarily objecting to it.

Why hadn't Gibbs thought of this beforehand? This way, his team would be doing their good Doctor a favor while also getting 'field work' done as well...

Killing two birds with one stone. It was suitable.

"Yeah, why not Duck? Nothing to it."


Surprisingly enough, Ducky decides to accept Gibbs' offer and thanks him immensely over it. He couldn't express how appreciative he was towards his friend for doing such a thing. Gibbs didn't mind though- after all, his team needed something to do in the meantime anyways... Why not have his agents watch over Ducky's house for him? This way, Ducky can go and make those speeches at Harvard University- it was a brilliant plan.

Heck, it may even turn out to be fun for them... Gibbs thinks almost completely sarcastically to himself.

Gibbs had simply decided to call it his team's 'new assignment' but no sooner did he start informing his agents of their task did they start instantly gaining uncomfortable looks. It already wasn't sitting so well with them. They had definitely not been expecting this...

"You want us to do WHAT?!" Tony DiNozzo was the first to react at the sudden change of plans for the week. His mind was already in a whir of buzzing questions and objections to such an idea. "Boss hold up! Are you joking?! Tell me you're joking!" The Senior agent jumps to his feet and looks to Gibbs with petrified eyes- but his fearless leader only gives him a rugged glare.

"No DiNozzo. I'm not joking." He growls, and McGee's mouth is all the while hanging open. The lower-ranked agent tries to find his own voice next.

"B-But Boss, why not ask Ducky to just get a care-taker? They'd be more legit than us?" The Probie's question almost immediately annoys Gibbs- for he had already made up his mind. He didn't need any objections or arguments coming from his team.

I knew they'd do this. Gibbs' anger practically boils over.

"Guys! We're doing something for Ducky here! He doesn't want no care-taker around his mother right now! So yes, buck up, and go home to pack! You three are being assigned 'Protection Detail' for Ducky and his household!" And with this, Gibbs finally takes his leave- his stride fast and clearly aggravated. He had made his point and wasn't about to wait around for anymore backtalk from his own field agents.

Tony, McGee, and Ziva all watch as their leader heads straight for the elevator and pounds on the button for the doors to start sliding open. They then slowly turn to look at each other with dumb-founded and petty looks. None of them liked where things were going.

"Is he SERIOUS? I cannot believe this!" Tony waits until Gibbs is fully out of plain sight until he starts practically yelling out his agonized annoyance while throwing his hands in the air.

Ziva only gives a bewildering and unsettling look. "Is this even qualified for protection detail?" The female agent raises her eyebrows with doubt and McGee only shakes his head at her in answer.

This most certainly was not a correct form of protection detail. Gibbs couldn't just choose when and where to place his team without Director Leon Vance's consent?

Could he?

But then again... Gibbs was also the one who wouldn't normally ask their director for permission on things pertaining protection detail anyways. Heck, Gibbs didn't ask Vance for permission on hardly anything.

Tony continues raging on all the while- his voice taut with continuous frustration for their supposedly 'new assignment'.

"Guys, I like Ducky and all. Really, I do- but this is a little extreme!" He throws himself back into his chair again while Ziva goes to give a nod at what he was conveying. She didn't like how rude he was being at the moment- but she was also quite as appalled as he was.

"Yes, I mean... This is not a real case? So, why is Gibbs making us do this?" The Israeli looks to McGee next who always seemed to have an answer for these things.

The Probie blinks as the attention is turned onto him. He swallows. "W-Well, this is for a close friend of ours. I guess sometimes... you just have to-"

"Disregard the rules?" Ziva's voice is quick to cut in.

McGee only shakes his head though. "No...? I-I mean I would think not?"

There comes a slight pause within the chattering threesome next before McGee then tries to change the mood of everyone's reactions. "Can't be too bad though? This is Ducky anyways... He'd honestly do it for us." He even attempts a small smile- but Tony only rolls his eyes at the Probie.

"Are you done yet? Because I seriously can't imagine things being 'not too bad'. Have you ever even spent one full day with Ducky's mother?" The Senior agent has his expression dull and miserable-looking. He leans forward. "One word Probie: It's bad."

McGee only immediately screws up his face in confusion. "Tony... B-But that's two words?"

Tony blinks as he ponders for a moment on what he exactly just said before finally shrugging. "Oh, whatever! You get what I mean!"

Ziva's voice then cuts into the ongoing quarrel- her head tipping to one side. "You've spent a day with Ducky's mother before?"

Tony looks to her and throws his head back some. "Sure did. Actually, now that you mention it, it was another Protection Detail job." He pauses as he thinks back to the past. "Was a long time ago though- thank the high heavens!"

Finally, at this remark, McGee just gruffly gives a scoff. "Okay, now you're just being rude." He then turns to Ziva and adds, "Trust me; it won't be that bad."

The woman only nods- though she still held her doubts. "I guess... we should just go home and pack then? Let's just hope Vance doesn't find out about this..."

As the three agents begin grabbing their things though, Tony couldn't help but throw Ziva one last glance before saying, "Gibbs can honestly get anything by anyone in my opinion. He's got that much skill. And you know he's got his mind set on doing this favor for Ducky..."

Ziva blinks to him in response and simply nods out of agreement. He was right. Gibbs would know just what to say if Vance were to find out about this.

So why were the three of them making this such a big deal? Watching Ducky's house while he goes away for a bit didn't seem that bad, did it?

The agents then head for the elevator together- their minds all on the very same thing practically. What on earth was this going to be like..

Things were about to get interesting.

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