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hey there … talking

GAE BOLG… yelling: attack

( let's go)… thinking

mmm, my head what the heck happened everything's all fuzzy" I said to my self as I began rubing my face to wake my self up. Oh good you awake." a voice ahead of me as I looked up in from of was an old man with white hair and beard in robes with a large mischievous smile on his face. About time you woke up I was about to get bored" he said as my eyes shot as I got a clear look at who was standing in front of me. in front of me was Kischur Zelretch. THE ZELRTCH! master of the kaleidoscope as in the the guy who sends people to alternate dimensions where they almost always die for his own amusement. So what what's the deal" I asked him I wasn't an idiot I've read enough fanfictions exactly what was going down and it's almost never good. Frankly I'm surprised you not freaking out and demanding to know where you are and threating me" He said with a raised eyebrow. when you read fanfics like I do you learn what's best to do in this kind of situation." I told him.

So I'm guessing you know what comes next" he said with an irritating smirk on his face. " you send me to another dimension and in return I get to chose a class card with a hero and gain there power" I told but I already knew my decision. making two chairs and a table appear out of thin air placing the six cards on the table all of them looking the asame as they did in the anime. " so go ahead kid pick a card any card." he said as his grin grew wider. " Lancer". I said flatly. Well that was quick" He said with a surprised look on his face. I like Lancer. " I said with as I shruged my shoulders . But I would like something else to though" I told with with a smirk on my face. And that would be." he asked as he narrowed his eyes. A team, servants to be precise." I told as he want silent

…BWAWAAAWA!" he laughed like a mad man or vampire in his case that went on for 7 minutes before he stop to catch his breath only to start going for another 7 minutes until he finally stoped. Alright kid you got a deal I haven't laughed that hard in ages." However I'm gonna have to impose a that's that you only get four cards and you can only summon one hero per card. minus the Lancer one you chose no take backses got it." he said as I noded seemed fair. Good then pick four of the remaining cards." he said as I looked down at them. Saber a definite so is Archer and caster will definitely come in handy. What about Beserker will they have the mad enchantment." I wasn't to keen on it after what happened to Beserker in unlimited blade works. No not unless you active it at least. " he said with a shrug as if he couldn't care and I had a felling he didn't. If that's the case I chose Saber, Archer, Caster and Beserker." Good choices." he said as he pulled something out of his pocket. Here catch." as he tossed it to me as I caught it which caused as in my hand was a medium bulky flip phone with red on the top and gold on the with a silver credit ccard being held in the slot at the bottom of it. the wiered design looked familiar which mad me arch an eyebrow. as I recognized it from an old Saturday morning cartoons I loved as a kid cause in my hands was a mystic morpher from power rangers. Seriously are sending me to the Power Ranger world." I asked him with a deadpan look. my team and I would not be going around fighting colorfull spandex doing those poses sure the the movies were awesome but still. Nope but I am gonna file that for later the phone is incases I need to get a hold of you comes with a credit card with infinite amount of money and a one time use capture system." he said with a mischievous smile. while I began to feel like I just ruined some poor guy life. And that's when I caught on to what he said.

Capture system? what's that?" Well I can't send you there with all the cards you chose cause you wouldn't be able to summon them or you'd die trying maintain them with mana so I'm sending one of them already summons with you sending one of the servants the only problem is you'll have to subdue them." he still doing that iritateing smile of his. What do you mean subdue?" I asked him as a slight shiver went up my spine. You'll find out Cowboy." he with a manical grin like a mad scientist as snapped his fingers and everything went white.

Zelreach pov

Well that was fun." I to myself that asking for a team was just wayway to funny. Now let's see here." I said to myself a I conjured a folder of my latest pet project.

Name: Zane Wilson

age :18

aperence : around 6.3 brown hair blue eyes average build. usual found wearing jeans and t shirt and a jacket even in hot weather

Bio :born in Cleveland Tenesese into a middle class famiely works at the local game stop studying to become a wild life biologist often found playing video games such as Sao games and god eater. and has a secret thing for girls that give the cold shoulder. not the most social guy around. Alinememt : lawful good

( power rangers Huh?") Whelp guess it's time for my next vic- I mean test subject." let It never be said Zelreach was ever bored for long.

Zane pov

Ahahahah! my head." I said to my from the pain of a minor headache. argha I feel like I fell from from the sky without a parachute. It didn't help that it was scorching hot outhere … wait a minute ( OUT HERE!")

as my eye widen and I stood up as I looked around as farfar as they could there was nothing but abandoned buildings that looked like they came out of the old west and desert as far as the eye could see. ( You'll find out cowboy.) if possible my eyes widened even further. ( That son of bitch)

So it wasn't a dream huh." welp I Guses's there's only thing to do." I said to myself as I cclosed my eyes and and focused on the the legends I knew that involved spears which wasn't many. the fist that came to mind was the legend of a certain demonic spear. to which I felt a burst of power and a smirk on my face as I opened my eyes and looked down at my hands for in my hands was the legendary Gae bolg. a long spear with a blue Handel and deep crimson blade ( So I got what I wanted after that's good geting any one else would have made things more difficult.") I thought to myself as I began twirling the spear around which began feeling much more natural. don't get me wrong all the lancers were great with abilites and states what with people like Karna and scathatch. but I had always liked Cu Chulainne. ( who knows maybe I'll get to master my power be for anything bad happens BOOOM! spoke too soon.")

I thought to myself as around my eyes widening as I began to regret everything that lead me to this point. cause standing in front of me in a black dress and white hair with cat ears looking like she wanted to kill me was Atalanta alter.

(awww shit!

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