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Attack: GAE BOLG

thinking: bring it on

"Talking": want a drink?

You know what they say about meeting your Hero's. usualy it's a rock star or a TV host however for me it was the Hero's of DC and Marval wanting to be superhero like other kids. however while it's true that like them I too grew out of the childish dream thought not for the same reasones.

while they though it childish and immature I gave up on it cause it was impossible.

Powers didn't exist. And while you could learn martial arts, there was still the matter of gear and the fact that not much happened in Cleveland. And I grew out of it. I soon grew bored that there wasn't any excitement in life, it was the same thing every day: wake up, go to school, go home, go to work, maybe get a bit to eat at Burger King, go home and repeat every day.

That monotone life was the reason I accepted Zelretch's offer

I wanted excitement, I wanted to be a hero. Something in which I was doing a pretty piss poor job considering I almost shit myself when faced with Bruce Wayne aka Batman, one of the greatest heroes out of the comic book world. If there was any regular mortal person with no knowledge of Magecraft capable of entering the throne of heroes it was this man.

"You okay there, son? You look a bit dazed."

Bruce asked, gazing at me with a quirked eyebrow.

" you okay there son you look a bit dazed?" Bruce asked looking at me with a qruiked eyebrow.

"I'm fine, just a bit tired I guess. I've been on the road for a while, so it's been a long day."

I explained as I rubbed the back of my head nervously.

"I see... you seem relatively young to be travelling on your own. Where are you from, Mr..."

"Wilson, Zane Wilson. I'm from Cleveland and I'm not alone, I'm travelling with some friends, Mr. Wayne."

"I see you know who I am."

He really didn't look surprised.

"How could I not? Your face is on pretty much every billboard in the city."

I said with a deadpan look on my face. Which was true we must have passed 9 billboards with his face on them. Whether fighting crime or being a civilian this man was pretty much Gotham's biggest celebrity.


Bruce's phone began to vibrate, to which he answered.

"Hello, Bruce Wayne speaking."

He said into the phone.

"I see...I understand...I'll be right there."

He said as he hung up.

"Well Mr. Wilson it's been nice meeting you, but I'm afraid I have a meeting to get to so I'll be going now."

He said as he began to leave.

"not a problem sir it was to meet you." I said as countiued down until he was out of my sight leavimg me with a sigh of relief. " Well that could have gone better. " I said to myself.

When he was born, his mother declared that he would be the Shield of Ulster and she would proven right in the following years.

He was strong, incredibly so. He could still remember when he took on the sons of the Knights of the Red Branch, each of them powerful warriors-in-training.

But his might far surpassed theirs, thus they proved no match. When his first Warp Spasm happened, his hair grew like a spike and his strength grew even more which impressed king Conner enough for him to be invited to the blacksmith's clan's party.

He remembered the proud dog at the entrance of the compound. A large beast with terrifying fangs, and shining claws, yet the creature's beautiful black coat made it a sight to behold. He truly felt sad when he had to strangle it, for it was a magnificent creature that the blacksmith Culann loved. So he offered to raise another for the great blacksmith. The man's answer would stick with him forever.

"Worry not of my plight, boy, but rather I ask of you, become the Hound of Ulster."

And Cadbad's prophecy for a short life full of glory and fame came to fruition.

He remembered the princess Emer as he truly fell for her enchanting beauty. But she would not have him, for she would not marry a nameless warrior. So he sought out the great god-killer and immortal witch Scathach, whose own beauty was undeniable. Under her ruthless tutelage, he flourished alongside his sworn brother, Ferdiad.But he was the one that won the right to wield the mighty spear, Gae Bolg. Always the first to jump in combat, he helped against the army of Aife, Scathach' sister and rival, who he had grown fond of. He had her bare his child against her will, who would later be known as Connla. He remembered kidnapping Emer, killing Ferdiad, his brother in all but blood, killing Connla, his own child. And most of all, his death, tied to a tree with his own intestines, laughing with no regrets. For he was Cu Chulainn, the Hound of Ulster, Ireland's Child of light and the greatest hero Ulster had ever known.

I bolted up as I felt my heart beat as tried to calm down and slow my heart. as I finally caught my breathe I saw the time on clock next to my bed. and decided to wash before heading out. As I got out of bed and headed to the sink I noticed that Atalanta and Geronimo weren't around probably still at the museum geting the last two catalyst to summon Saber and Beszerker.

" Install Lancer." I whispered as my body began to shine and a powerful feeling washed over me. once it fade every thing about me had changed my clothes replaced by lancers armor and spandex which to be honest was more like the armor bat man wore in his movies., my hair turned blue with his style. my face was still my own but one would confuse me with him if they saw me. gae bolg now stood looking exactly like it usually did in the anime.

" Master we're back and we brought the catalyst." Atalanta said as she and Geronimo entered the room

" one bloodstained leaf of a Sacred Fig treeand the original copy of the Nightingale pledged." Geronimo said as set the catalyst on the nightstand. " and we have a big problem. " Atalanta said with grim look on her face.

As I exited the bathroom while wipeing my face with a towel while uninstalling lancers power. " what are you guys talking about.…

oh my god did you fight Batman cause if you did we're all dead you know?" I asked cause if they did there's no doubt the justice league will be on our tails which is not the impression I wanted to make on them at least not with making a big debut perferibly out side of Gotham

" I'm afraid it much it's much worse than that master." Geronimo said as he grabbed the remote and turned on the TV

as a lager man wearing a hawkmask appeared someone who I rerecognized easly enoug.

" This is comander Hro Talak in the name of thanagarian authority we claim your planet as a garrison and declare Martial law. your world faces a crisis of which only we can protect you but to be effective we must be able to move with out interference. coroperate and our stay will be brief and with out incident. stand against us and our wrath be unforgiving that is all." he said as I turned off the TV and ploped Down on the bed and let out a sigh.

" so we're In the justice league unlimited universe Huh I guess that makes things semi easy'er for us since I have pretty good of what's going to happen."I said to myself and step 1 is as e the justice league I thought. " Geronimo help me move the beds were going need saber and Beszerker.

scene change:

" and that should about do it. " I told them as we finished creating a large space big enough for the summoning. as the two

catalyst laid still on the floor in the center of the room was the sacred leaf and pledged. we me and my two servents standing in front of the relics.

as I walked closer to the items as I looked back at them giving them that told theme that they should stand back to which they both did. as I face forward and began to concentrate and let strength flow through me like going below water and finally I spoke.

Silver and iron to the origin. Gem and the archduke of contracts to the cornerstone. The ancestor is my great master Schweinorg.

The alighted wind becomes a wall. The gates in the four directions close, coming from the crown, the three-forked road that leads to the kingdom circulate.

Shut (fill).

Shut (fill).

Shut (fill).

Shut (fill).

Shut (fill).

Repeat every five times.

Simply, shatter once filled.

――――I announce.

Your self is under me, my fate is in your sword.

Heed my words, My will creates your body,And your sword creates my destiny. If you heed the Grail's call,And obey my will and reason, Then answer my summoning!I hereby swear, That I shall be all the good in the world,That I shall defeat . . . all evil in the world! Then let thine eyes be clouded ,With the fog of turmoil and chaos Thou, who art trapped in a cage of madness, And I, the summoner, who holds thy chains!Seventh heaven clad, And the great words of power,Come forth from the circle of bindings, Guardian of Scales! " I yelled as the chant finished.

there was a a flash causeing me , Atalanta and Geronimo covered our eyes

from the intense light.

when it was all over there in the center two servents one a beautiful woman who could be mistaken for an angel white hair and pal Caucasian skin with red eyes. she wore a red and black nurse's outfit with two flintlocks and a fist aid bag.

next to her was a tall man with a slender body and tanned-colored skin with silver-grey hair. His body was encased in radiant silver woven plate armor. He carries his Greatsword, on his back. His armor exposed much of skin

"we have Answered your I am servent Saber/Beserker we ask of you are you my master ?" Bringing a smile to my face " Indeed I am have but one question for all." I said as all of them looked my way with confused looks on their faces . while a mischievous smile was brought on to mine. "Who's up for a jail break?"

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