Anyone remember Mira? Yeah I felt bad for how lonely I made her look so I wrote this. Hope you enjoy. This is completely AU by the way so everything that happened in the first story never happened here.


Mira woke up with a groan, cursing at her alarm clock for waking her up. She tossed her blanket off and stretched, looking over to the other bed only to find it empty. Julien probably slept at Monika's room again. He usually does that if their session was way too rough and he couldn't be bothered to walk all the way back. Mira looked at herself. Maybe it wasn't so bad that Rook wasn't here since the clothes she went to bed with last night weren't exactly modest.

She got up, took the cleanest shirt she could find and put it on. She tugged on her cycling shorts. Sure they were short, but they weren't inappropriately short. At least not by Six's standards, which was good enough for her. She stretched one last time before exiting her room.

Time to start the day.

Mira walked to the cafeteria to eat breakfast, looking for a table to sit at after getting her food. The cafeteria wasn't crowded, half of Team Rainbow already running errands for the day while the other half hasn't gotten out of bed yet. Mira sat with Valkyrie, who was just getting started on her omelet.

"You're up early." Valkyrie said as Mira sat down.

"Yeah, I forgot to turn my alarm clock off. Stupid thing woke me up."

"Its not that bad Elena. For once you woke up before noon."

Mira took a bite from her toast. "No offense Meghan, but the people who wake up early on purpose, people like you, are boring. That's why I wake up late so all the people I interact with are actually interesting."

"Some offense taken." Valkyrie said "Besides, you need to get used to waking up early, you have an op soon don't you?"

"I just got that stupid thought out of my head." Mira said "Thanks for reminding me, now I have to forget it again."

"Don't be like that Elena." Valkyrie said "Going on operations can be fun."

Mira scoffed. "Maybe for you, but I like staying here."

Rook and IQ sat down on their table and Mira and Valkyrie stopped their conversation to poke fun at their friends.

"Any reason you winced when you sat down Monika?" Mira asked.

IQ's face turned red. "Shut up Elena."

"Woah she spoke. I figured your jaw was sore as well." Valkyrie chimed in.

"God you two are gross." IQ said "I'm getting some breakfast."

Mira watched IQ walk away before turning to Rook. "Seriously though Julien. Monika is like, ten years older than you. Don't you guys feel weird about it?"

Rook sighed. "You're lucky you guys are close friends of mine otherwise I would have bitch slapped you for that question." He said, not in the mood to discuss him and IQ being together "Yes. It felt weird at first but when were in bed together for the first time it just, it felt right."

IQ sat back down with them. "I can hear from there you know. Pretty ironic the woman with no love life talks about mine."

"Too far Monika."

IQ shrugged. "You started it."

They finished eating and went their separate ways, although Mira saw IQ follow Rook to his room. Mira shook her head. You better not do it on my bed. Mira walked over to the workshop, trying to work on an issue with her black mirrors where they sometimes cut through the reinforcement but not the wall itself. If she recalls correctly, she still has one reinforced wall left for testing on her workbench.

She reached her workbench and took a look at the piece of reinforced wall on her workbench, which now had multiple holes on it.

"The hell?" Mira muttered.

Only Jordan and Yumiko were able to cut through reinforced walls and these holes were way to small for either of their gadgets. No, this was the work of someone else. Fortunately for her, Mira was spared the trouble of looking for that someone else when a man entered the workshop after her, holding a propane tank. Mira watched him walk to one of the empty workbenches and attach the propane tank to his blowtorch before deciding to confront him.

"Hey," Mira said, snapping her fingers to get his attention "did you do this?" she pointed to the reinforced wall.

The man finished loading his blowtorch before responding to Mira. "Yeah, I was testing the blowtorch, I wanted to see how long I needed burn a wall before it opens up. It helps me be more efficient with the-"

"I don't care." Mira cut him off "That was the last reinforced wall I had and you ruined it."

The man rubbed the back of his head as he looked at the piece of the wall. Now that Mira mentioned it, he may have gone a bit overboard with the holes. "Sorry. I just thought that since it was on the workbench where scrap was piled up I thought no one was using it."

Mira couldn't believe her ears. Ruining her wall was one thing, but now this man was calling her things scrap. He went from irritating her to pissing her off.

"Ok pendejo, you're new here aren't you."

The man nodded.

"No one probably told you yet, but that 'scrap pile' is where I work and I don't like it when people touch my stuff, let alone ruin it."

"Ok, calm down. I didn't know."

This man was outrageous. After ruining the last piece of wall she had and calling her work scrap, he's telling her to calm down. Mira wasn't having any of it.

"Ok, here's what you're going to do. You're going to shut up, then you're going to cut another piece from a reinforced wall to replace what you used."

The man went back to his workbench and fiddled with his blowtorch a bit.

"Are you deaf? I told you to-"

"How am I supposed to cut it without my torch?" he left, muttering something under his breath, which for his sake, Mira chose to ignore. She sighed, she was already grumpy from being woken up early before having this interaction. Hopefully nothing else happens today that will piss her off.

But of course, just her luck, something did happen.

Lunchtime. Mira and Valkyrie sat together again, minding their own business as they ate when they heard their names get called on the intercom. They were supposed to go to the simulation room for a randomized training session. Mira groaned, she always hated these training sessions due to the fact that you had to drop whatever you're doing to go to them. The only way you were spared of attending was if you were sick or injured, and Mira doubted Six would believe she didn't feel well for the sixth time in a row. Probably since she goy caught in the rec room when she said she was just going to stay in bed the whole day.

The two of them walked to the simulation room, and Mira immediately complained about the new setup. Now it actually looked like a real site, complete with objective rooms and all that instead of just ten virtual reality rigs since no one really took the VR simulations seriously. Buck was a repeat offender of this, running into the objectives while cooking a grenade, killing everyone including himself, and on a few occasions, a hostage. She couldn't blame him though, it may have caused them countless losses but it was always funny to watch.

Six got fed up with it and eventually removed the VR and had this site built. Now that they are actually the ones doing it, people were now more careful since they were afraid of getting hurt. Sure they were only using paintballs, but it still left bruises the next day. Mira and Valkyrie headed to the area where the defenders were waiting for them, namely Ela and Jager. Mira looked at the attackers and saw Zofia, Buck, Ash and the man who burned her wall.


Mira's plans on how she was going to cover him in paint were interrupted when Valkyrie noticed something.

"There's only eight of us. I thought all practice sessions were five on five."

"Julien and Monika are supposed to be the last two." Jager said.

"Well where are they?"

"Are you really asking that question?" Ela said.

"Fair point." Valkyrie said, looking over at Six who was talking to the recruit working the control panel on the simulation, turning red from how pissed she was.

"Fuck it! We'll start without them."

The bell rang and they all ran to their stations, trying to do all they can to prepare in their roughly fifty second preparation time. Valkyrie ran out of the objective to place cameras while the three of them prepped the objective room. It was a standard secure area objective with the enemies just having to be inside the room to secure it. Mira never really understood how that was supposed to work, but ok.

She reinforced a few walls and place her mirrors on them. Twenty seconds left. By now, Valkyrie had gotten back and stayed at the room next to the objective and Jager and Ela ran out to roam, or in Ela's case, spawnpeek.

"Ready?" the recruit asked "Simulation starts now! You have three minutes."

After a few seconds, Mira heard Ela fire a few shots, then a few shots from the outside. She then saw Ela and Ash walk to the sidelines, arms raised to show they were both dead. Even trade. Mira thought. It was a three on three now, and the attackers had already entered.

Mira saw Zofia rush to the room next to them, right where Valkyrie was. Mira heard a beep followed by an explosion and Zofia walked out, covered head to toe in paint. How Valkyrie managed to make a nitro cell paint bomb, she'll never know. She went on the cams, switching to the hallway cam just in time to see Jager get shot. He raised his hands and walked past Buck, who nodded to him as he barreled down the hall towards the objective. She barely had time to warn Valkyrie before she too had paint on her, courtesy of Buck.

Mira waited for Buck to get closer before quickly peeking her head out and pelting Buck with paint before he even realized there was a black mirror there.

"Well played Elena, well played. Good luck." He said before raising his hands and walked back.

Mira chuckled and shook her head. Canadians.

It was just her and that man left, and there was only fifteen seconds left. With all the walls reinforced and her guarding the only entrance, this was in the bag. Ten seconds passed by and he still haven't showed up. He probably just hid, preferring to just loose instead of risking humiliation by being killed by her. She didn't blame him, she would have done the same if she was in his pos-


Mira felt a paintball hit her in the back of the head and the bell rang, signaling the attackers' victory. Mira turned around and saw the man peeking through a hole in the reinforced wall behind her. He smiled.

She walked back to the others in defeat, being comforted in multiple nice try's from Valkyrie, Ela and Jager. She saw the man walk towards his team and they congratulated him, the sight of his smug grin for some reason made Mira walk over to him.

""What the fuck was that?!" Mira asked, not realizing she was yelling.

Even though he was being yelled at, he extended his arm to Mira. "Good game."

Mira slapped his hand away. "Look around pendejo, everyone else only has paint on their bodies. That because we're not supposed to shoot each other in the head."

"Oh, I'm sorry I didn't-"

"What, you didn't know?" she asked "You seem to not know a lot of things, don't you?"

Before he could respond, Mira stormed off to the showers so she can wash the paint off her hair. Valkyrie caught up to her although thankfully she didn't ask what all that was about. The two of them reached the showers and grabbed their stuff from their lockers as they waited for a stall to open. Mira looked down at the gap between the stall door and the floor and one of them had the shower floor covered in paint.

"That's Zofia isn't it?" Mira asked.

Valkyrie nodded. "Yup. Her hair's gonna be pink for a while."

"At least it will match her sister's."

"What about her sister?" Ela asked as she grabbed her stuff and joined them in the line.

Before either of them can answer, Zofia emerged wearing just a towel making Ela abruptly turn and leave the room. Zofia sighed and walked behind the lockers to get changed.

"What was that about, I thought they reconciled already." Mira asked once Zofia was out of earshot.

"They did." Valkyrie said "Ela's just been acting weird around her since she came out. I tried to talk to her about it but she told me it was nothing. Her red cheeks say otherwise, though."

"The Bosak sisters are weird."

"Agreed. You shower first, you did the most out of all of us."

"You sure?"

Valkyrie shrugged. "Most of the paint is just on my clothes. You have paint in your hair." She said "Just hurry in there, don't, uh, you know-" Valkyrie made a rubbing gesture with two of her fingers.

Mira's face turned redder than the paint in her hair. "That was one time Meghan!"

"You can lie to yourself Elena but not to me." Valkyrie smirked.

"Shut up Meghan." Mira said as she walked in the showers and stripped her clothes off, slightly embarrassed since she actually was planning on relieving some stress through that method. No matter, there was always later. For now, she just wanted to calm down and let the hot water crash against her skin.

Just as Mira finished putting her clothes on, the intercom called for her name and told her to go to Six's office and after that little outburst, she wasn't surprised. She dried her hair and walked to her office, preparing her excuse in her mind for why she yelled at someone over an honest mistake.

"You asked for me?" Mira asked, poking her head through the door.

Six nodded and Mira entered, seeing that the man was there as well, sitting in one of the two chairs in front of Six's desk.

"Sit." Six ordered and Mira complied "You have an operation soon, right Alvarez?"

Mira nodded. She didn't really want to talk about it but at least Six wasn't reprimanding her for yelling at the man next to her.

"Something has come up and-"

"You called?" Rook and IQ entered, cutting Six mid-sentence "Oh, nevermind. We'll just come back later."

"Get your asses in here!" Six yelled as they turned to leave.

Rook and IQ closed the door and stood there as Six stared them down. "Where were you during practice?"

"We didn't feel good." IQ said.

"Both of you? At the same time?" Six asked "If you're going to give me an excuse you better make sure its not bullshit."

"It wasn't an excu-"

"I know about you two." Six said, making both their hearts stop "Its against the no fraternization policy but I let it slide because I thought it won't affect your performance on the field. If you can't even attend practice because of that then I was clearly wrong."

"With all do respect Six, the VR simulations aren't even realistic. Nothing that happens there will ever happen in the field."

"We don't use VR anymore!" Six yelled, frustrated "You have missed so many practices that you're not aware we switched to paintballs since last month."

"That's why Elena comes to the room with pink all over her sometimes." Rook said, not taking this as seriously as he should, which only pissed Six off more.

"That's enough! The next time this happens I'm locking both of you in chastity belts." She said "You're both suspended. Get out of my office."

"What?" Rook asked "You can't suspend me I'm supposed to go on an operation with Elena."

"Well you should have thought of that before missing practice to get your rocks off. Get out."

Rook and IQ turned to leave and Six turned back to Mira.

"Six, with all due respect, I can't go on that op by myself."

"You're not." Six said "That's why I called you. Say hi to your new partner."

Mira looked at the man next to her. "Oh you have got to be kidding me."

"What did she say?" Valkyrie asked as Mira walked in the rec room.

Mira sat down on the couch and put her feet up on the coffee table. "She called me to talk about that new guy."

"Ouch. What happened, did she make you apologize?"

"Worse. She made him my partner."

"What?" Valkyrie asked, leaning forward, now interested in the conversation.

"Yeah. Julien and Monika got suspended although I don't think even they were surprised by that. Julien was supposed to come with me on my op but since he can't, Six told me to take the new guy."

"At least you're not going alone." Valkyrie said.

"But if going with him is the alternative I'd rather go alone." Mira said "I'm going to bed. Goodnight."

Valkyrie nodded and Mira left, walking back to the east wing of the dorms. She had inserted the keys in the lock when someone called for her.


Mira turned the voice and saw the man she yelled at walking towards her. She sighed as she turned to him, not in the mood for whatever this was.

"What do you want?" she asked.

"I just wanted to apologize if we got off on the wrong foot."

Mira blinked at him. Of all the things she thought he would say, that wasn't one of them. In fact, looking back, she should be the onee apologizing to him and yet here he was.

"Uh, sure. Do you want to start over? Elena Maria Alvarez." Mira said, offering him her hand.

The man shook it. "Thorn," he said "Erik Thorn."