Maverick woke up the next morning, the feeling of Mira's lips still left remnants on his. He took his phone from the nightstand, stopping the alarm on it a few seconds before it was supposed to go off. He groaned, why set an alarm if he was used to waking up so early anyway.

He walked to Olivia and gently shook her awake, getting more persistent when she just groaned something at him before rolling over to the other side of the bed.

"Come on kid, we have to get up early." Maverick said, only getting more groans as a response "I'm doing this for your own good now will you please just work with me here Elena?"

Olivia shot upwards. "What did you just call me?" she asked, woken up by Maverick's slip of Mira's name.

"Olivia." Maverick quickly corrected himself "I meant Olivia."

"I heard you." Olivia said sitting up "How did it go?"

"Please, just don't ask."

"Ouch. What happened?"

Maverick put his face in his hands. "I just-, fuck, I didn't, she just-she just kissed me."

"What did you do?"

Maverick kept his face in his hands, not saying anything so Olivia repeated her question. "Thorn, tell me you did something, anything."

"I didn't know what to do, I couldn't react. I-I just stared at her."

Olivia got up and shook Maverick by the shoulders. "No wonder she ran off. She thinks you don't feel the same way. She already feels like a fucking idiot for falling for someone that's already spoken for and now this happens. Why didn't you say anything?"

"I don't know. Its complicated."

"Bullshit!" Olivia yelled "Hacking is complicated. This isn't. Its just yes or no, so do you like her or not?"

Maverick didn't want to answer her, mostly because he himself doesn't know. Thankfully he was spared the trouble when Clarke opened their door, telling them to get ready since they were about to leave soon.

"Where's Alvarez?" Olivia asked.

"Isabel found her passed out drunk in the car. Either of you know what happened?"

"No." Olivia answered for both of them.

Clarke didn't look convinced. "Well, Isabel's trying to sober her up as best as she can. Get ready, we'll just stop for breakfast on the way."

Clarke left the room, leaving Olivia amd Maverick who still kept his face in his hands. Olivia snapped her fingers at him. "Hey, you heard him. Come on."

"You go first." Maverick said, motioning to the bathroom "I need to figure out what I'm going to do."

Olivia shook her head as she grabbed a change of clothes before walking to the bathroom. If she was having a hard time with Maverick, who knows what Ramirez was going through.

"Let go of me." Mira hiccuped as Ramirez dragged her to the shower.

"We don't have time for this Alvarez." Ramirez grunted "Please help me out here we need to leave soon."

Ramirez managed to lift Mira into the bathtub. She went to turn the shower on but Mira drunkenly grabbed her hand.

"I-I don't want to shower. Its too cold."

"What's gotten into you Alvarez? You were fine yesterday."

Mira crossed herr arms and pouted. "I don't want to talk about it."

"You're acting like a child Alvarez!" Ramirez yelled, frustrated "Take your clothes off and take a shower or I swear to god I'll do it myself."

Mira flipped her off and Ramirez lost it. "For fuck's sake!" she yelled as she began to remove Mira's shirt. Mira disagreed with her but she didn't fight back.

"Go ahead. I might as well let you do it since Erik doesn't want to do it."

Ramirez stopped. "What did you just say?"

"You heard me." Mira said "I made a move on him last night and he just stared at me like I was a complete stranger. I fucked up and now this whole trip will be awkward for everyone."

Ramirez sighed and sat on the toilet next to the tub. "He doesn't like you back?"

"You didn't see the way he looked at me Ramirez. He was afraid. Afraid to tell me he didn't feel the same way." Mira began to sob.

Ramirez put a hand on Mira's shoulder. "Hey there, don't let that get you down. Give it some time and who knows? Back then I didn't even breathe in Franklin's direction, but now I can't even look at him without imagining my hands around his-, uh, you get the point. Just wait, when the time comes it will be everything you've wanted and more."

"How old are you?"

Ramirez was taken aback by the question. "Thirty-one."

"How old is Clarke?" Mira asked.


Mira scoffed. "No offense Ramirez, but if the two of you fuck up and end up splitting, you have the rest of your adult lives to look for someone else. I'm already forty. If someone was meant for me, I've missed whoever it was."

"Its never too late to find someone Alvarez. If you and Thorn don't get together, I promise you someone else will come along but I doubt Thorn will pass someone like you up."

"You flater me Ramirez." Mira said flatly.

"Are you good now?" Ramirez asked "Because we really do need to leave soon."

Mira chuckled. "Yeah, just give me a few minutes."

Ramirez stood up and walked out the bathroom. "There's some aspirin in my bag." She said "And Alavrez, uh sorry about, you know, pulling your shirt off."

Mira realized she was just in her bra, blushed as she covered herself with her arms and turned away. "Its fine. Some privacy please?"

Ramirez nodded and closed the door behind her.

Mira dried herself up, got dressed and after taking some aspirin, went to join the others. Once they all saw her, they entered the car and Mira followed, opting to sit as far from Maverick as possible. Clarke drove first, reaching the next toll gate in just a few hours. Thankfully they had gone through without much hassle and now they were in Florida. Just a few more hours and they get to go back home where Mira can avoid Maverick completely and forget everything that happened.

"Are we there yet?" Olivia asked, making Clarke cuss out of frustration.

Ramirez smirked at him. "I told you Franklin. I told you she'd say it." She said "You know what that means."

Clarke groaned. "You know the handcuffs chafe my wrists."

"You should have thought of that before agreed." Ramirez said before turning to Olivia "We'll be at the pick up by nightfall. For now, we're getting breakfast."

Clarke drove for half an hour more before they pulled up at a rest stop, looking over at their options before finally choosing a restaurant that served pancakes after Olivia and Ramirez kept bugging Clarke to stop and eat there. He groaned and gave in, parking near it before they all exited the car.

"Ramirez do you think you can remove the ankle bracelet already?"

"Sorry kid, standard operating procedure."

"Come on." Olivia said "It chaffes my ankle."

From behind them, Clarke commented. "You should listen to her Isabel. Chaffing really does hurt."

"Shut up Franklin, I wear them more often than you do."

Ramirez sighed and knelt in front of Olivia with a key in her hand. "Promise me you won't run."

"I promise."

With a sigh, Ramirez unlocked Olivia's bracelet as well as hers and put them both in the car. When she caught up to the others, they were already seated. Clarke got up and they both went to go order leaving just Olivia, Mira and Maverick.

"So this is awkward." Olivia said "I'm too lazy to think of an excuse so, good luck then."

She left and Mira was just about to follow her when Maverick spoke up. "Elena, about last night-"

"Erik, please don't."

"No, we're doing this and we're doing this now or this whole trip will be awkward." Maverick said "I was caught off-guard and I didn't know how to react, alright? What you did, it was uncalled for but it wasn't unwelcome. I like you Elena, but I'm not yet sure where I want this to go. Let's just focus on the operation for now and just see where this goes once we get back."

"I understand." Mira nodded, and although her tone didn't show it, she was glad Maverick had taken the first step because if he hadn't, there was no way they'd be able to sort this out.

The others got back with plates of food and noticed that the air arpund the two of them wasn't as tense as when they had left. "I assume you two talked it out?"

Mira and Maverick nodded.

They all ate in silence and once they were finished they were back on the road. As they got closer, and Maverick switched with Clarke to drive, Olivia began to get worried.

"Are you sure you trust these guys?"

"It's a police escort kid." Ramirez reassured her "They'll keep you safe until you're brought to a safehouse which is guarded twenty-four hours a day. You couldn't be in safer hands."

"Easy for you to say, you get to go home once this is all over. What about me?"

Mira put a hand on Olivia's shoulder. "You'll be fine kid, I know you'll be. You were getting along fine before we showed up."

"I wasn't fine Alvarez." Olivia said "My father died shortly after we got here and I was on the streets. I couldn't go to the government and ask them for me to be put in any foster home since I'm not an american citizen. I learned how to hack when I began to steal from people's bank accounts. It wasn't a lot, not enough for those rich schmucks to notice but it was enough to get me a meal. It got me the attention of my mother's killers so I had to stop and try to live using the handfull of money I had left. I had just turned legal this year, if you hadn't found me when you did, I would have needed to sell my…"

Olivia blinked away a tear as she imagined what would happen if she had gone through with that. She felt Mira's arms wrap around her and more tears went down her cheeks, not having felt the touch of a mother figure for so long. Mira didn't say anything, she just held her close, allowing her to let all the emotions she had bottled up for so long out.

"You'll be fine Olivia. You won't have to worry anymore, you're in good hands."

A few hours passed and it was Mira's turn to drive. Maverick sat in the passenger seat while the others slept at the back. Mira was once again thankful that Maverick forced her to talk about the events that happened the other night because it allowed the to sit there in comfortable silence. The GPS said they had ninety minutes before they reached their destination.

"What do you think will happen to her once this is all over?" Maverick asked.

"You know the answer to that Erik."

"So she gets put into protective custody, what then?" Maverick asked "Her mother's killers will never stop looking for her. Admit it or not, this is just a temporary fix for her, maybe buying her a few years but if they really are as bad as she describes them, they will never stop."

"So what are you saying?"

Maverick sighed. "I just, I want to make sure she's safe. I don't want to have gone through all this trouble just to have her die with people she thinks she's safe with."

"You care about her now. I get it, I do too, but we were assigned to bring her to that police escort. We can't get involved with what happens after that. Its just like any other operation we go on."

"Let's just hope she really will be safe in that protective custody."

Mira drove in silence after that. Olivia wasn't the best person, not by a long shot, but she still felt the need to protect her. She knew Olivia felt safe with them and she needed to make sure that what she would be.

Not long after, they reached the pick up and Mira woke the other up. The street was dark, only illuminated by the fog lights of one of the armored trucks.

"I'm nervous Alvarez." Olivia said as they got out of the car.

"Don't be. You're in good hands."

Olivia gave her a weak smile as they walked over to the convoy where they were greeted by an FBI agent.

"Franklin, Isabel!" he yelled "Thank god you're safe. We heard about the attacks of the white masks, are you ok?"

"We're fine Michael. We all are." Clarke said "We have that hacker as promised now please take her into custody before anything else happens."

Michael asked one of the agents to take Olivia to the truck before facing Mira and Maverick. "I can't thank you two enough for what you have done for us. The plane behind us will take you back to Hereford."

Maverick thanked the agent and walked to the plane, Clarke and Ramirez helping him bring their stuff there but Mira was too focused on the pilot of the plane.

"Where's Marius?"


"Marius Streicher." Mira said "He's usually the one who flies us."

"He couldn't make it." One of the agents from the back said.

Mira looked at the agent suspiciously. "Why? Is his wife sick?"


"Olivia wait." Mira said as she eyed the agent more carefully. The man tried to hide it with his face mask, but there were still some of it showing.

Burn marks.

The man stared back at her, knowing he had been made. He reached for his rifle and Mira reached for Olivia, throwing her to ground and shielded her with her body just as the man opened fire on the other agents. Mira scrambled for her shotgun, grabbing its handle and pointing it at the man just as he closed the distance between them. He kicked it from her hands and raised his rifle at them.

Before he could pull the trigger though, his head burst open, covering them both in blood. Mira got up and saw Maverick by the plane, dmr in hand. He ran over to them to check if they were hurt while Ramirez and Clarke ran to the bodies of their colleagues.

"Holy shit, Michael!" Clarke yelled as he ran to his friend's side, reaching him just in time to see him bleed out.

Ramirez tried to comfort him but she was just as devastated. Olivia caught up to Mira. "How did you know something was wrong?"

"Marius doesn't have a wife, he's gay." Mira said as she made her way to the tied up pilot. She smacked him across the face with her shotgun "Where's Marius?"

The would be pilot laughed. "Untie me so I can bend over and show you."

Mira loaded a shell and fired it at the man's ankle. As he yelled in agony, Mira loaded another and pointed it between the man's legs. "Don't make me ask twice."

"Ok! Ok! Jesus Christ!" the man yelled "We just sent a message to your boss. We said the FBI will fly you back so he never left Hereford."

Mira stood up and looked at the others before looking back at the man. She smacked him again, hard enough to knock him out. She walked back to the others.

"What happened? What the fuck happened?" Clarke asked.

"Your people had a mole." Mira said.

"What now? What's going to happen to me?" Olivia asked.

"I have over two hundred hours on the flight simulations." Ramirez said "I should be able to fly us back to the FBI headquarters, take the kid there."

"I'm not too comfortable with 'should'." Mira said ""Besides, the FBI's compromised if you have a mole. Fly us to Hereford, Six will be able to sort all this out once we get back."

"She's right." Clarke said.

"We can give you the coordinates if you don't know where it is." Maverick said.

Ramirez nodded and they turned back to the plane just in time to see the pilot untie himself and fire a flare off into the sky. They watched helplessly as it lit the dark night sky a deep crimson, signaling the countless white masks lurking in the shadows to open fire.

"Get to the plane!" Maverick yelled and they ran, getting closer to the plane when a rocket flew threw the air, blowing the plane up and throwing them backwards with the explosion. The white masks opened fire barely giving them enough time to find cover. They fired back, hoping to hit any white masks that advanced toward them. A few white masks made their way to where Maverick and Ramirez were hiding just as they had shot off the last of their ammunition.

Maverick pulled his knife out. "Time to do this the old fashioned way."

Just before he got the chance to use it, one of the armored trucks ran the white masks over. The door opened, showing Clarke at the wheel. He yelled at them to get in as Mira got on the turret and gunned down the nearest group of white masks. Maverick and Ramirez scrambled to get in and the drove off, the bullets bouncing off the armor panels of their vehicle.

"Is everyone ok?" Clarke asked.

"I think so." Olivia said.

They got a few minutes of silence before they got rammed from behind. A quick look at the rear view mirror told them the white masks got a hold of one of the armored trucks and the had chased after them. Maverick grabbed the smg on the door and fired at them out the window while Mira got on the turret. Their bullets cracked the windshield but none of them made it through. The white masks continued ramming them.

"Aim for the tires!"

"These trucks have run flats, the tires won't deflate."

"You're using a fifty cal Elena, those run flats won't be useful if the tire is gone." Maverick said.

Mira did as she was told and fired at the front wheel of the truck behind them, blowing them off after continuous fire. The truck skidded to the side and rolled over, blocking the path for the other trucks behind it. One of the white masks got out of the trucks, RPG at the ready. He fired it at them, hitting the back. The armor panels absorbed most of the blast but the explosion still shook the truck.

Clarke lost control and their truck rolled over as well. Maverick and Ramirez crawled through the door and helped pull the others out. They grabbed their stuff and ran just as the white masks managed to move the rolled over truck that was blocking their path.

"Fuck. Where do we go now?" Olivia asked.

"We passed a police station on the way here." Ramirez said "If we get there we can get there we can use the guns from their armory. Make a last stand."

"Well we better get there fast, they're only a few minutes behind."

They reached the police station and Maverick cut through the lock of the door with his blow torch. He and Clarke barricaded the door once they got in while Mira and Ramirez opened up the armory, handing them automatic rifles and shotguns once they were done. Mira brought Olivia to the back room and stayed with her while the other ran off to other strategic locations.

"Remember," Mira said through the comms "no matter what happens, keep the kid safe."

"I'm scared Alvarez." Olivia said.

"Don't worry. The only way they'll get to you is through my dead body."

They killed all the lights just as the armored truck pulled up to the front of the station. The bell on the door chimed as the white masks entered. Mira heard one of them flick the switch a few times before giving up.

"They cut the power. Turn your lights on."

Several beams of light came to life, and what were just flashlights to the white masks were beacons to Maverick and the others. One of them got too close and Maverick took him out. The other white masks turned to his direction and another white mask fell.

"Oh fuck this!" a white mask yelled and ran out.

At first, Mira thought they scared him away but then she saw him maneuver the truck so that it was facing the police station then turned the fog lights on, bringing light into the room and taking their only advantage over the white masks away.

"There!" one of the white masks yelled as the fired at where Clarke was hiding, forcing him to run as they tore his cover apart. He caught a bullet in the leg and fell down, still managing to gun down the white masks running towards him, running out of bullets once there were only a few left.

Ramirez peeked from across the room and killed two of them before catching a bullet herself. She fell behind her cover with a grunt and the last white mask went to finish both off them when Maverick popped up from behind the front desk, shotgun in hand and blew him across the room. He went to help the others up when more white masks showed up, raining bullets onto all of them.

From her end, everyone else on Mira's comms were silent, replaced by either gunfire or static. "Erik? Erik come in!"

No answer.

"Clarke, Ramirez, anyone?!"

Just more static.

"Fuck." Mira said as she pulled her sidearm out and gave it to Olivia "Do you know how to use this?"

Olivia reluctantly took it. "Hopefully."

Mira grabbed the rifle leaning by the wall. "Kill those who gets past me."

She kept it pointed at the doorway, ready to fire at a moment's notice. She easily gunned down two white masks that rushed into the room and hit another who ducked to the other side of the doorframe. She took the magazine out and tossed it aside once she saw it was empty.

Mira held the rifle like a bat, ready to strike the white mask as he enters, which was sooner that she thought, barely managing to disarm him. The white mask struck Mira and trapped her in a headlock, choking her as more footsteps got closer to them.

Mira panicked, elbowed her attacker in the stomach and swung him around so that his back was facing Olivia.

"Now Olivia!" Mira yelled and after a few gunshots, she threw the white mask's corpse off and dove for his discarded shotgun on the floor and firing it just as the footsteps had reached the door. Mira dropped the shotgun, eyes lit up with horror as she watched Maverick's body fly backwards into the wall, shirt torn apart with the shotgun's pellets.

Too worried about Maverick, Mira hadn't noticed the other white masks enter the room until one of them throw her to the ground as they dragged her and Olivia to the armored truck waiting outside.