Deaths Memory

Blood dripped down my face, I move to wipe it off but in the processes I drop my sword. All around me I could hear the screams of men on the edge of death. Knights running into a forest, weapons drawn and an aura of malice. My head starts to swim as I collapse and crumple to the ground. My eyes dim before I enter the dark abyss.

As I open my eyes to pitch blackness and the sensation of falling, I feel panic swell up in my lungs; my breathing becomes rigid. I can't see anything. I tell my brain to calm down but it won't. I'm brought back to my sanity by something my father used to say:

"Death finds all men. Most men give up everything trying to escape it, but never can. When your day comes, think of the times you had in this world and hold on to them for the next one."

My eyes flutter open as if from a fitful sleep; they burn from the sudden explosion of color. I blink to adjust my sight and as my vision clears I can make out the silhouette of my little sister Elea sitting on a blanket beside a stream. Smiling, I try to move my head, but it seems cemented in place as if never to move again. Elea smiles back and holds out her hands which are folded over one another. She slowly opens them to reveal a small caterpillar and sets it down on the ground between us. I feel her hand move to my face, it feels warm and soft just like I remember from when we were young, and she guides my gaze to the horizon. There I see a procession of knights walking across the dawn, some so ravaged they could barely be recognised as human. I take one look back at Elea and I know its my time to go. I say "This is a memory I will be taking with me to the other side. When you join me I will share it with you". I walk into the dawn with tears of sorrow in my eyes.