The red carpet on which they were sitting, contrasted with the green grass that surrounded them.

With a smile Dís glanced at her two sons, who ran through the grass and tried to catch butterflies. Kíll constantly fell over his own legs, but his brother helped him on his feet every time.

"It's peaceful here."

Dís turned her face away and looked at her husband. "Yes, it is."

He threw his arms around her and pressed a kiss on her hair line. Dís closed her eyes for a moment and enjoyed the warm sun beams on her face. She loved the open air, more than she did before.

She harboured this moment, in which her family seemed free from sorrows. A lot had happened the last years. Her homeland was burned by a dragon and they had wandered through the lands, hungry and longing for a roof above their heads. It had taken years before they found shelter in the Blue Mountains, where they tried to start a new life. There she had given birth to her two boys.

She however didn't know if she could stay here forever. Rumours spread that orcs were gathering, eager to capture the mountains. It was only a matter of time before they would show their faces here.

She opened the basket and took a bowl with fruit. "I got something delicious for you!"

Fíli ran to her immediately, followed a few seconds later by his little brother, who climbed on her legs and clapped his hands.

"Tawbewwies!" he yelled and tried to stick his hand in the bowl, but Dís pulled him away while laughing.

"Just wait a minute, darling."

She ran with her fingers through his dark hair and then noticed the bowl became lighter. Fíli looked at her with mischievous sparkling eyes.

"'Keep something for your brother, eh!"

Fili nodded heavily. "And for mommy and daddy."

He pushed a strawberry between everyone's lips and in the end maintained two. "And these are for uncle Thorin and uncle Frerin!"

Famin smiled and took his son on his lap. "Keep them save."

He laid his hand on that of Dís and for the first time she felt happy since a very long time. It was a moment she embraced in her heart. On which she would fall back in darker times.

"I love you, Dís," Famin whispered when the day ended and they had brought the kids to bed. He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tightly.

"I love you too."

He petted her hair. "I promise you I will always be there for you, whenever you need me."

Dís looked into his eyes and believed him.

Neither of them them could have known that Famin would break his promise before the end of the month.