Tifa put on her favourite pink jumper. It was the second week of September but the weather was already cold as if it was in the middle of autumn. The girl with long brown hair looked at herself in the mirror of her room. She also wore a black skirt with stockings of the same colour. Pink boots on her feet.

"This year will be a good one" she breathed, a determined light into her honey hues "Yes" she nodded, taking her schoolbag to then walk to the bedroom of her oldest brother, Zack, who was still sleeping like a baby. His sister smiled warmly at him before smooching his cheek "Bye, brother" Tifa covered his chest with the blankets and then left without making a sound. She had already have breakfast and a hot shower so everything was settle. It was time for her to go and start a new beggining. Tifa took a look at her home with a kind smile before she slowly closed the door.

Far away from there, another different door was being opened with rage and violence "Fuck" was the first word that Noctis pronounced that morning. He heard the sound of million drums inside his head, all his athletic body aching because of last night's party. The ravenette didn't remember how he got home but he had the memory of two girls with him in a bathroom. One was a blonde, the other... red, black hair? He couldn't say. The alcohol, cigarettes and loud music took over him like always and Ignis hadn't be there to drag him home. The result of all that was waking up late with thousands of messages in his phone. Some of them were from people he didn't know (or remember) "What the fuck" he opened the door of his Audi A8, throwing the bag and phone to the copilot's seat before he sat down in front of the steering wheel. The motor growled and as fast as he could afford he started driving through the big streets of Insomnia, breaking some rules and making other drivers shout out loud at him. The only answer they always got was the middle finger of the raven haired boy, who was getting sick of all that light and the constant ringings of his Iphone "Shit" he sweared again.

Not so far from there, Tifa was standing right in front of her new life. The university of arts. Many careers were taught there, from theatre arts to digital drawing. Her eyes saw thousands of very different people walking towards the soft grey and red building. Her sweated hands took the brides of her schoolbag. Tifa felt nervous but deep inside of her, she knew she would achieve everything she had dreamt of, to become a famous pianist, just like her mother was once "I will make it mom, I am here and I'll do it" she mumbled, blinking a few times to wipe out the tears that gathered behind her eyes. The girl was going to take the first step when a fancy car almost crashes against her. Tifa shout, falling to the ground in an awkard way, right in front of the car. She was trying to get away when she heard the rude voice of a boy "Get the fuck out from the road, you idiot!" He was screaming. The girl furrowded her brows, getting up as she answered him back "You almost kill me, pencildick!" Her sweet voice covered with a rough tone while she just walked away without even look at the one that almost kills her on her first day at the university.

She didn't know but the boy didn't leave without taking a look of her backside. His hungry eyes expanded when he saw those long legs "Fuck" he sweared when the phone rang again. That time, he hang up "What?" He rudely said, driving towards the parking "Is always a pleasure to talk with you" an ironic voice sounded at the other side of the line "I'm not in the mood, Ignis, what do you want?" Noctis activated the bluetooth so he could throw the Iphone somewhere else "I just wanted to know where are you now" "Tell my father that I am in this awful university again" he spitted, looking for a free place where he could park the car, which was being glanced by every stundent. Ignis panted "Try not to get expulsed in your first day of classes" "Any other thing, Iggy?" Noctis made a dangerous maniouvre to park the car in a forbidden space, almost hitting a group of older boys "Look out, you dick!" Some of them screamt "Go fuck yourself!" The boy answered back in rage, giving any fucks that Ignis was still listening "Noct, please, take it easy and d-" "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know" Noctis hang off, taking a couple of seconds to look at the building with anger "I can't believe I am in this hell again".

At the other side of the university, Tifa noticed that her stockings were splitted and that she had a bit of blood on the palms of her hands "Oh, no" she was thinking about how she would hide that broken part of her clothes when she heard a familiar voice "TIFAAAAAAAA!" the brunette looked up before a girl with braided blond hair jumped over her, almost making her fall to the floor again "Rikku!" The brunette hugged one of her best friends tight, happy to see her again "Oh my gosh, I'm so glad to see you!" Rikku said, leaving Tifa breathless because of the strong embrace "You saw me last Friday" the brunette laughed because it was Monday "I don't care, I missed you!" Rikku insisted, letting go on her friend, allowing her to see her other best friend, Yuna "Hi, Yuni" Tifa greeted before hugging her as well "Morning" Yuna smiled, her green and blue eyes looking at Tifa warmly "Ew! Did you came here crawling or what?" Rikku laughed behind their backs, pointing at Tifa's broken stockings. The brunette blushed hard "Some dumbass almost runs over me" she excused herself. Yuna looked at her all worried "Are you okay?" "Who was it?! I will break his teeth!" Rikku shouted instead. Tifa shook her head "I'm alright and I don't know, I didn't look at him. But I need to take them off" she started looking for the ladies' bathrooms with the other two girls following her closely "You will catch a cold" Yuna commented, still worried about her friend. Tifa found what she was looking for so she entered and there took off the damaged piece of clothe "Let's hope I won't" she said, already feeling the cold bitting on her toned thighs "Well, if then you looked cute, now you look like if you were looking for some action" Rikku joked, making both girls laugh out loud "Like if she would" they three turned to then shout out loud "Yuffie!" They all jumped over the small yet energetic black haired girl, who tried to embrace all of them at the same time "I missed you so much, girls!" She cried while the others did too "You didn't tell us you would arrive the first week!" Yuna punched her "Ouch! And of course not, it was a surprise!" She smiled brightly. Rikku hugged her again "Well, you almost don't see Tifa alive because of some duchebag" the blonde joked "What happened?" Yuffie then looked at the nude legs of Tifa "I almost get run over, but I'm okay" she rolled her honey eyes "Who was it? I will kill him!" Yuffie stated "I said the same but Tiff didn't look at him!" Rikku opened the door of the bathroom with the others following her lead "That sucks, I would love to punch some idiots again" she adjusted the brides of her schoolbag. The three girls looked at her with sadness "What?" Yuffie asked "I'm so sorry about what happened between you and V-" "Ah ah ah" the black haired girl stopped Tifa before she could end "Don't mention him! I have got over him!" She said "If you really did, why can't we pronounce his name?" Yuna raised one of her brows. Yuffie's victorious face expression turned into a pale one "We should be in the reception room, shouldn't we?" Yuffie almost rushed through the corridors of the university. Tifa, Yuna and Rikku panted but let it be, following their short friend to the reception room, where all the new students were taking a sit to listen to their new principal's speech. Aftee that ceremony, classes would start. That university was strict so not everyone could get in. That was the reason why there weren't millions of students. They were hundreds but not thousands. Only a few made it to the career they wanted there. It was a luck that all girls made it (Rikku could get in because another student had to move from that city, leaving a free vacanzy that eventually got filled by the blondie).

Yuna wanted to be a professional dancer, Rikku a DJ and Yuffie an actress not for the cinema world but for the theatre. Tifa was the only one that had her dreams really settled. The others were still a bit insecure about ther choices, specially Yuna, who had started to think that she wasn't good enough even if she had been dancing since she was five. "Oh my gosh" Rikku said "There's a bunch of hot boys up there" she was going to point them out but Yuna took her arm "Don't point!" She reprimanded the blondie "Uh! That you have a boyfriend doesn't mean we cannot!" Rikku teased, making Yuna blush "S-shut up" Tifa started walking up the stairs, many eyes glued to her legs "C'mon" she called her friends, trying to ignore how boys were staring at her, the opposite of Yuffie, who started to glance at them with the fierce of a tiny demon, which made some of the guys look the other way. "Men are so dirty" she said, taking a seat beside Tifa, who took off her pink jacket to place it over her legs "That doesn't matter when you are looking for one to have sex with" Rikku said, making Tifa and Yuna yell. Yuffie and Rikku were the ones that had been with many boys but for such a few time. Yuna had been with boys as well but got stucked with Tidus long ago. The only one that never had more than one boyfriend was Tifa and that had happened two years ago. She was the only one that didn't know the dirty parts of a relationship "Oh, shut up!" Yuffie grinned, punching Tifa on her ribs "This year I will get you a hot boy" she said. Tifa spinned her eyes "Like if I needed one". Rikku was going to insist on Yuffie's comment but then the principal arrived. Everyone there shut up so the room didn't look like a farm anymore. Instead Tifa felt she was on a cementery. She liked that silence. The silence that would be the start point of her career. Her future right behind that silence.

Out there, into the classes of the older students, Noctis was cursing again because his new teacher had scolded him for arriving late. Everyone in that room knew who he was. Well, almost all the students of that building knew and who didn't was a total troglodyte.

The girls there were already shaking their hair, giving him sexy smiles and of course, showing to him some sights of their skin. Noctis would be enjoying that if he didn't felt that tired. His wild and spiky dark hair making a delicious contrast with his pale skin and blue as diamonds eyes. He wore black and red boots, jeans and a black shirt with the shape of some skulls painted in it. The leather jacket he wore gave him the complete look of a bad boy and that was because he was. Noctis Caelum, son of Regis Caelum, the boss of Insomnia's interprise, a worldwide known recording that hold many famous singers. Its young star was, indeed, Noctis, whose voice could be already heard in a couple of singles he had done last summer. Before that, he had been singing with his band, Shadedown, in bars, streets... anywhere possible. Why did he had to go to that university and wait to record an album? Because his father wanted him to know the people that would listen to his songs, to know all the talents that existed out there. But Noctis didn't give a fuck. He felt furious and left alone by his father. Last time he saw Regis... well, Noctis didn't expect him so the girl that had been with him that night either. Noct didn't remember the girl but yes the expression on his father's face. Disgust, sadness, shame...

Noctis moved uncomfortably on his seat, not hearing a simple word from the one that was supposed to be their vocal teacher. His blue eyes stabbed on the windows, looking beyond the high buildings of the city. He would give anything not to be there, anything to be recording his own album, singing all the songs he had writen.

While the boy lost into his own thoughts, the four girls were trying to get out from the reception room without being pushed "Oh, fuck off" Yuffi sweared before Tifa laughed, looking at how her short friend had problems to see where she was going "Wanna take my hand?" Tifa joked, earning a dangerous look from the black haired teen "Be thankful I can watch after your ass, literally" she said, making Tifa nervous. Yeah, too many boys and hands there. Rikku and Yuna were leading the small group of girls towards the hallway, which suddenly was filled by students. "Well" Yuna looked at them "Now we have to go to different classes" her bicolor eyes stared at her friends before they all hugged each other "See you after the classes!" All of them walked to opposite directions.

Tifa, tying her jacket on her petit waist, started walking, hoping she would find her classroom with no problems... but after a couple of minutes she felt lost. The building was too big. So many floors, stairs, corridors and people. There were many students who also didn't seem to have a single idea of where they should go "Excelent" Tifa panted, taking another look at the map of the university "Who thought that drawing so many lines would be a good idea ?" She placed one of her lockes behind her right ear, turning around while trying to guess the right direction until she heard someone calling out her name "Tifa?" The brunette looked up to see a thin, blond boy in front of her. The girl blinked "Sorry, do I know you?" She politely asked, gazing at the boy's blue as the sky eyes. He seemed to be a little embarrased "You're Tifa Lockhart, don't you?" "Uh, yeah... but I don't guess who you are" she awkardly smiled. He was handsome and cute, with white soes, grey jeans and a white cotton t-shirt "I'm Prompto Argentum... I understand you don't remember me, I was so fat when we met" he brushed his cool hair, still with a red colour on his cheeks. Tifa still needed a time to then realize "You don't say! Promy?" Her eyes widened before he nodded "Yeah, you used to call me Promy" The girl took a full look on him "You really have changed... I thought I would never see you again!" She approached to him to give him a warm hug. Prompto felt gosebumps all over his body and like if he had his face into an oven "W-well you haven't change at all" he said, still very shy "What? Do you mean that I still look like a child?" She glanced at him, faking angryness. Prompto immediately moved his hands nervously "Of course not! I just..." his eyes saw her legs so his mouth couldn't keep on talking "I was joking!" Tifa punched him in the chest, not noticing how he had looked at her "I'm so glad to meet you again, what are you doing here?" She smiled brightly, not giving him a second to catch his breath "Well, after that year my parents took me to a different school, no return" he moved his head from one side to the other "Then they realized I was good with the guitar and the dramatic arts and that's all the story" he pointed at her "And you? Oh well, of course, you wanna be a model" he snipped his fingers, making her laugh out loud "You couldn't be so wrong! I'm here cause I love to play the piano and I think I can go further" she confessed, surprising Prompto "Woah, never expected that... Tifa, the best pianist of all times" he spreaded his hands up in the air "You bet!" The brunette joked, feeling real happy to meet her old friend there. The boy smiled, a bit more confident because of her kind and easygoing actitude. She definitely hadn't change at all and he liked that "So, you're lost, don't you?" He smirked, seeing how she putted puppy eyes on him "Yeah, this lines are driving me crazy" Tifa waved the map "Let me see" Prompto took the piece of paper and after five seconds he pointed an exact classroom "Here is your class, Tiff... Sorry, Tifa" he blushed "You can call me Tiff, Promy" she blinked an eye to him before taking a look to the map, ignoring the red as tomatoes cheeks of the blond guy "How?!" She laughed "It is my second year here, I know this place so well... come, I will guide you" he smiled at her "But won't you be late on your own classes?" Tifa worried, placing that annoying locke behind her right ear again. Prompto looked at that gesture awestrucked until he realized he had to answer back "D-don't worry, I also have to go on that direction!" He smiled, starting walking with Tifa right beside him "Okay, then its alright, I would hate being the reason why you're late" "No worries!" Prompto looked at her, memories attacking him like a truck. It was a long story... but it was enough to say that Tifa had been the only girl who had ever talked to him when he was a ball of fat. Tifa had been the only one that had chosen him when anybody else did... and those were memories that Prompto had never forgotten.

Exchanging short and funny stories, they arrived to Tifa's class, where still many students were missing. Prompto had explained to her that there were teachers whose only function on the first week of classes was to guide students to their rooms. She stopped in the corner of the door "Thank you so much for guiding me here, without you I'm sure I would be still walking in circles" they both laughed "No problem, Tiff" he loved calling her like that again in such a short time. It made him felt that nothing had change "Ah, I don't know if I'm going too fast, but could you give me your phone number?" Tifa asked, leaving Prompto speechless. He was going to rush into her but remembered he shouldn't do it or she would think he was crazy "Of course, text me whenever you want" he gave her a shy smile before she saved his phone number "Perfect" the girl getting her Samsung into her schoolbag. Prompto nodded "Well, you... I... both of us gotta go!" He nervously said, not wanting to go at all "Oh yeah, I'm sorry to keep you bussy... I am so glad to know you're around" she giggled "The pleasure is mine" he answered back, not hoping that she would hug him once more before going into her class "See you!" She bid farewell. The blond boy, with a face hot like a pot, started walking in the opposite direction. He had lied to her. His class was so far away from hers... but every punishment would worth it. His heart was slowly calming down when he received a message from an unknown number "Thank you so much for everything, Promy! Hope we can go together to class tomorrow as well!" And the boy's heart hitted his chest so fast that he thought it had just broke it.

Hours passed and Noctis felt delighted. At last the classes had ended. They hadn't done much that morning. The teachers had explainned them what would they do through the year, how would they examinate them, when the practises would be... all time talking nonsense. The raven haired boy was walking through the corridors of the university knowing he was popular, sexy and that every girl was dying to be his' but he didn't care in that moment. He just wanted to smoke while taking a hot bath on his jacuzzi. Noctis got out and breathed some fresh air before someone hitted him on his back "Hey pal!" Prompto shouted near his ear "Fuck, don't do that" Noct kept on walking with his best friend beside him "You didn't read my messages, did you?" The blonde asked, trying not to get behind "If you know the answer why do you ask?" The ravenette panted without stopping "Well, for your information I wanted to practise the chorus of the song we're working on" Prompto said before Noct stopped to look at him "Today? Like, after lunch?" "Yeah" the energetic boy smiled brightly as Noctis took out his cigarettes. Prompto furrowded his brows "Still smoking?" The raven haired boy fired the cigarette "Not today, Prompto, I'm tired, maybe tomorrow" he said, taking a puff. The blonde one nodded "Okay, tomorrow then" he looked around "I don't see a girl with you and that's so strange" he commented "There are hot ones in my class. Nothing special, same as always... an entertainment but not today" he started walking again towards the parking "Well, I have met a girl I knew when I was a kid, ya known, before I moved to your school" "How terrible" Noctis commented. Meeting with exgirlfriends was a total problem for him but Prompto looked at him all annoyed "For you to know, she's the most sweet, pretty and kind girl you would ever imagine" Noctis glanced at his car "That's boring, if she is not hot she doesn't worth a second of my time" he took another puff on his cigarette. Prompto, feeling attacked, answered back "She is the hottest girl I've seen". And after he had said the last world, he regreted it because Noctis had turned to stare at him "Then I'll have to meet your old friend" he smirked, seeing how the blonde guy denied with his head "No way, I won't present Tifa to you, it w-" "So she's Tifa, uh? Nice name, it is so short that I can imagine myself screaming it" he grinned as Prompto pushed him "You wish! She's a girl, not a..." "Slut?" Noctis raised one of his brows "Prompto, the only girl I know that it is not a slut for me is that one" he said, pointing at his Audi A8 "Even if she sometimes moans" he joked while his friend panted "If you say so... but forget the idea, I won't let you meet Tifa" "Why? Are you afraid to know that she's a slut?" Noctis teased him on purpouse. His best friend had woke up his curiousness and now he just wanted to know who was that girl. Prompto glanced at him with angry eyes and that was when Noct knew he had won "Okay, I will introduce you so you can see how mistaken you're" he said, making Noctis smile "Okay, Prompto, we'll see" he threw the cigarette to the street "Do you want me to take you home?" The ravenette asked, opening the door of the fancy black car "No, thanks, I think I will go walking" "As you prefer" Noctis said, getting into the Audi to then drive far away from there at the same time Tifa was taking the bus that would leave her near his house. In the way home, she and the girls talked about their first day. Each one had differents points of view but all of them agreed that it would be a good and an interesting year. Little by little, they all got out from the bus until there only remainded Tifa, trembling because of the cold that was taking over her legs. She just wanted to go home, have lunch and take a hot shower... maybe watch films all the afternoon.

Once she arrived, Tifa screamt full of joy and surprise "SQUALL!" She ran towards her older brother, who with a smile embraced her tight "Hey, sis" he smooched her crownhead "What are you doing here?" She looked at him with sparks into her hues "It is your first day of your new life, how could I miss it?" He placed one of his arms around her shoulders "You told that to the army of Midgar?" She joked "No, I told them I had a sister that would break my guts if I didn't visit her every week" Tifa chuckled out loud madly until two strong arms hugged her "Here's my fav girl!" Zack welcomed her. Between Zack and Squall there were no rules. They both were always fightning and annoying the other (mostly Zack) but when it came to Tifa... they loved their little sister like anything else. They had been all their lifes protecting her and giving her all the love she deserved. If that was something you couldn't play with the Lockhart's brothers, that was Tifa. Hurt her and they both would kill you.

Tifa embraced her oldest brother "Did you order pizza?" She asked "How do you know?" Zack blinked "Because I don't smell anything" the girl grinned, getting into the house with Squall, who punched Zack's shoulder hard "You should have cooked something, pencildick" (indeed, Tifa had taken that insult from her brother) "Fuck you" Zack punched him back. They both started kicking the other until Tifa took them from their ears, ordering them to just eat.

At night, both Noctis and Tifa were taking a hot bath. Noct on his expensive and huge jacuzzi while smooking anf listening to one of his two hits, Tifa singing that same song while she washed her gorgeus body. None of them knew the other was doing the same as they listened to the same melody... but after that bath, while Noctis texted Prompto telling him that he was excited to meet that slut, Tifa was chatting with the blonde boy to meet tomorrow to have lunch together.