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It was Saturday morning when Noctis heard the sound of a car parking outside, in front of the mansion.

Yesterday he could have moved to his appartment like usual but he had return there and had sat down on the stool where Tifa had been, thinking about all the things they talked about, how he had touched her in the sofa, where he also had layed.

After that, he had went upstairs to play the guitar, a bunch of song ideas into his artistic mind, all of them scriptured with the name of the girl.

She had been his inspiration to end the chorus of 'Do I wanna know?' and then the one to make him have several melodies floating into his head... because of that, when he separated his eyelids, his blue as diamonds orbs reflected his notebook as well as the pencil and the eraser.

His curved yet beautiful letters written down on the pale surface of the paper.

The ravenette growled lowly, feeling how the bones of his back ached "Fuck" he sweared, sitting straight on the chair, noticing prinks on his numb muscles, mouth dried and the hint of the beggining of a headache. Amazing. Sleeping over the wooden table all night long. He hadn't even waken up to go to the bathroom.

Tifa had really left him K.O. using just her sweet words and a bit of her body.

Noctis yawned loudly but stopped when he heard the sound of keys opening the principal door. There where only two people apart from him that had those keys.

The ravenette got up and walked lazily towards the stairs "I will go in a hour, for now clean the first floor and then yo-" his tongue tied into his cavern when his irises saw the least person he expected to see there "Regis..." he called the name of his father under his breath as the old man gently smiled at him with grey as silver eyes "It is good to see you, son" he emphasized the last word, making the singer feel a bit uncomfortable "Why are you here?" He asked, brushing the spikes of his raven hair.

Regis took off his brown coat to leave it on the clothes rack "Can't I visit my son whenever I want without an especific reason?" He turned to gaze at Noctis again "Not having a reason to come to see me just means I can go right now" he said coldly to then walk upstairs quickly, not wanting to face his father "Noctis" he heard from the first floor as he entered into his room to take the partitures and the leather jacket Tifa didn't keep... and that was, for real, his favourite one.

The keys of the Audi A8 where on the hall so he had to go downstairs again. The ravenette clutched his teeth but in the end he went out, finding his father standing at the end of the corridor. He had big and dark bags under the eyes because he had been driving almost for eight hours. Regis, the boss of Insomnia's recording, could have taken a plane but he never liked them. He prefered taking his beautiful Gran Torino and be the ruler on the roads... too bad his tiredness was now making him look weak enough for Noctis to fill his pride and ego "Can you move?" the singer hissed while walking forwards, rage lingering into his blured hues "Noct, I've come to talk with you about how's your life going. Can't you share a small conversation with your father?" the man almost begged. He hated seeing his own son staring at him with such an impassivity, such a freezing cold "No, I have things to do" Noctis rejected the proposal without even blink and then avoided his father to start running to the first floor "You won't record any album under the name of my enterprise if you keep doing this" Regis did the only thing that worked with the ravenette. Threats. It had always been useful but that time, Noctis didn't even turn around "That's fine" he shouted with anger running into his veins before he slammed hard the principal door.

Tifa opened the door of her house, sweating and breathing heavily due to his more than an hour running rutine "Yikes" Squall shrruged his nose when he passed by the corridor shirtless, eating a red apple "It is Tifa stinking, right?" The girl heard Zack asking from the kitchen, where he was having cereals as breakfast "Ah, shut up" she giggled, leaving her trainners on the shoes' corner before stepping into the wooden floor of her house "At least I'm not a coach potato" she said to then see both of her brothers marking their brawny biceps "Excuse me? This muscles could lift a car" Zack moved his eyebrows up and down "Pencildick, mines would lift a truck" Squall grinned before they started fighting about who was stronger. Their little sister rolled her eyes and went upstairs to take a shower, knowing her brothers joked more than what they would do because of her, because they wanted to light up her day everyday. She loved them with all her heart. They were her only family, the only ones who had ever taken care of her... they were her heroes.

The brunette took the new clothes she would dress with while preparing a playlist to hear, all Noctis song's included.

Thinking about the ravenette, made her remember Prompto's actitude... should she phone him? Talk to him? Would he get mad because she knew what had happened? Would he even want to talk about all that with her? She looked at herself in the mirror. No, Prompto wanted Noctis away from her and she understood why. The girls also wanted it that way and Tifa didn't want them to know a single thing about it cause they wouldn't accept it. They would tell her to change her mind and forget about the singer... the same thing the blond boy would do... and the brunette couldn't afford a thing like that.

She liked Noctis. She had liked him since the first time they looked into each other's eyes. Not romantically of course, it was not like she would die for him or something dramatic.

Love at first sight didn't exist but sexual tension did and even if the girl didn't know (and understand) much about it, she felt the hot tongues of fire licking her insides everytime she saw the ravenette. It was undeniable. If it wasn't like that, she wouldn't have let him please her that way on Friday. It was not right but it was what it had to be and no one could stop it from happening. Not even herself.

Falling in love? With Noctis' bad habits and behaviour she doubted about it. But she couldn't keep him away from her thoughts and it was better if none of her friends got aware of it. Things would be fine as long as she didn't love him, as long as he didn't forget about her.

Noctis arrived to his appartment like a hurricane, kicking and punching everything he found on his way, including his expensive laptop. Is rage attacks were the last thing you would ever want to see, promise.

The boy screamt and went to the kitchen to open the fridge and take one beer, from which he drank half of it in just one shot. It was eleven o' clock in the morning but the boy never had times to drink and smocke... and to have good times with girls.

His blured mind didn't realize he was texting Tifa to come over so they could fuck like animals "Fucking shit" he quit her chat to go to the non saved ones. Laurine was the most recent one so without even remembering who she was, he phoned her and almost commanded her to go to his appartment. The girl accepted gladly before he hang off, the beast inside of him screaming out loud, making him release husky growls. His father came to visit him after more than three months to what? Talk about life? Talk about how many beers he drank? How many cigarettes he lighted? How many girls he fucked? Regis knew nothing about him, Regis was almost a mere stranger to Noctis, who at that moment started profanating over his father like a psycho.

His hands trembled as well as both temples of his forehead. He didn't want a slut on his arms, Lucis' gods he was tired of that shit.

Because of that, he took the keys of the car and left the appartment without warning Laurine about it. What would he do? Get drunk somewhere else to drown his sadness into the alcohol, like he always did when he didn't want to face a problem.

On the afternoon, the Lockhart siblings heard someone knocking on the house's door "Do you expect someone?" Squall asked from the sofa, where he was reading a book about World War.

Zack glanced at Tiff. They were doing cupcakes for Sunday, when the girl would go to Rikku's house again with the rest of the girls "Do you?" The boy asked to the brunette while placing a strawberry on the top of one of the sweets "No" she moved her head from side to side to then hear both of her brothers "The youngest is the dumbest!".

Tifa rolled her eyes, leaving the spoon filled with cream over the plate before going to the hall, where she opened the door without looking through the spyhole cause her siblings were there.

The girl opened wide her eyes as two clear blue eyes glanced at her "H-Hey" she whispered, standing in the door frame as he didn't know what to say "Hey" he eventually let out, looking at the floor as the brunette pressed her lips together "I wanted to say I'm so sorry for acting like a jerk yesterday" he finally said, glancing at the beautiful girl who merely gave him the sweetest smile "It's okay, Promy, I was worried I did something wrong" she saw how he denied quickly "No, it wasn't your fault... I just..." Prompto didn't want to tell her about his feelings or about what he had discuss with Noctis. She didn't need to know "Do not worry" he heard her say before he felt her arms around him, hugging him softly. The blond boy blushed like a tomato, feeling butterflies inside his tummy and a hammer punching his chest harder and harder. The cold sweat was starting to gather into his palms but he would have loved to stay that way forever, never let Tifa go from that embrace. The boy was going to hug her too when the door opened utterly "What in Earth?" both of them bounced.

Squall had flames pouring out from his eyes and he looked like hissing like a snake in any moment.

Prompto's cold sweat got frozen upon his pale skin and more than ever, he wanted the ground to swallow him down.

Before her brother could jump to the wrong conclussions, Tifa placed in front of the teen waving her hands from one side to the other "S-Squall, this is Prompto, a friend from the University; Prompto, this is my brother, Squall" she shown a forced smile when Squall moved her aside so he could stare at his little sister's threat "Are you in the friendzone?" He asked at the same time the girl did a face palm "W-what?" The blond boy sttutered, seeing how the man's temples were trembling "Are you on my sister's friendzone?!" He screamt, scaring Prompto so much that he felt like fainting right there "Ah, stop your demons, Squall, he is on the friendzone for sure" Zack came to rescue the day wearing the pink and flower spammed apron that Aerith gave him for his birthday as a joke... no one expected he would seriously put it on.

The youngest brother glanced at the rest of them, starting to calm down his wrath so the blond boy could catch a big breath of fresh air "How do you know it?" Squall furrowded his brows "Because Tiff Tiff and me have secrets you won't ever know" "What!?" The brown haired boy followed Zack into the house, screaming like a psycho that he was Tifa's fav one while the other told him to keep on dreaming.

The brunette giggled but then placed a hand on Prompto's shoulder "Are you alright?" "I thought he would kill me..." he muttered, making her laugh "Yeah, we should put a warn about 'Beware from the dog' or something" she provoke a chuckle to burst out from his blank lips "...We are doing cupcakes, wanna join?" Tifa invited him but he was too afraid from her brother "Am... I think it is better if I come when the 'dog' is not here" he nervously grinned "Don't worry" the girl denied with her head "Now he knows you're not a threat he won't judge you" she said.

Prompto would have never said it but... he rather be a threat. The fact they all thought he was just Tifa's friend angered and frustrated him. What should he do to be seen as a possible threat to that girl? Wasn't he enough? Maybe that was the problem. To be honest, he didn't picture him beside her... she was too perfect and gorgeus for him, too good to be mixed with someone like him... but he wanted it badly, so badly that he found himself accepting her proposal "Okay, I'll help you" he blinked an eye to her "Alright, I'm sure Yuffie will like the cupcakes more if she knows you helped on doing them" she commented as they got into the house, where the two brothers were still fightning.

That was another obstacle. Prompto hadn't said a word about the shortie and the brunette thought he was interested on her friend. That was bad, he needed to show Tifa that he wasn't behind Yuffie but behind her. He had been behind her since the first second he saw her standing in one of the corridors of the University, with the light of the sun washing her body and long brown hair. And the photos he took from the brunette on the park... damn, he had revealed them on his studio and he wanted to do a collection with them, a gallery that would lead him to glory because only Tifa's beauty captured in one shot worthed all the money in the world. He blushed hard when she softly pushed him towards the kitchen "You look like a maid with that shit!" Squall was pointing at Zack, who lifted one of the knifes "Aerith gave it to me!" "It was for Tiff Tiff!" "NO, for me!" They were about to start punching the other when their sister separated them "Enough!" She screamt "Now we're going to prepare the cupcakes with Promy's help, okay?" "Promy?" Squall blinked "Told ya" Zack left the knife over the table "Friendzoned" both males turned to look at the blonde boy, who trembled like a leaf before and after they started chuckling out loud "Assholes" the little sister whispered at them with a fierce look into her honey eyes, making them shut up "Okay, okay" the oldest sibling raised his hands up in the air as the other sat down in one of the chairs, not wanting to leave Tifa alone with the dumbass they had as brother and that friendzoned stranger that looked at the brunette as if she was the most beautiful thing. Of course, she was, but the way he stared at her... he thought he had some posibilities and Squall wouldn't let him lie to himself. Tifa was his little sister, the one he would die for. No boy would have her without his consent.

"Thanks" the girl sighed heavily to then let Prompto stand beside her so she could show him how the cupcakes were done. They blond guy would have enjoyed it a lot if he hadn't felt constantly watched by Squall, who followed every single move of him, not wanting to see any unnecessary touch between his sister and the stranger.

Welcome to Squall's filters.

"So, Tifa told me you play the guitar" Zack said while cutting the strawberries in small little pieces that the girl was introducing into some of the doughs for each sweet. Others had caramel or chocolate "Y-yeah, well, I'm trying to learn from the best guitarists" he said being humble as ever, earning one of the pretty Tifa's smiles "Who are the better guitarists?" Squall inquired, making the girl sigh "I like old rock and roll so you could say all those bands" Prompto tried not to answer directly "He also loves photography" the brunette interceded before her brother could keep on asking "Oh yeah?" Zack cleaned his hands to then start moulding the dough. Tifa started the owen and prepared the moulds "Yes, it is another of my hobbies... Tifa told me you also liked photography" "He did but his photos were bullshit" Squall joked on his older brother before the said one threw the dish towel right to his face "Auch!" "My photos were good but not as much to become famous" he gave Tifa the raw sweets at the same time Prompto finished his own ones "I get ya, it is hard to find a good perspective" he smiled, feeling more comfortable talking with Zack, who nodded "It was awful" they laughed.

Later, the girl placed the moulds into the owen "It will take like thirty minutes... later we'll have to decorate them" she licked her fingertips to wash away the rests of chocolate and caramel. The blond boy tried not to stare at her mouth embracing her delicate fingers but Squall notized his struggle "That's the best part" Zack clapped his appron and then took it off "We have to start another washing machine, Tiff Tiff" he looked at the girl before she pointed at the other man "Tell Squall to move his lazy ass" "This lazy ass stays all the week exercising for you to have a stable life" he joked on her "Too bad it doesn't attracks any girl" Zack laughed and Tifa had to do a big effort not to scream that Squall was trying to flirt with a girl. Since the last time they've talked about it, the man had managed to get her phone number. They would have a date soon... Squall told his sister that it wouldn't be a romantic date but the girl had her own ideas and she thought about it that way. Her brother glanced at her with a menacing look into his blue as the river orbs "He will find a girl soon, right?" She asked, turning her back on Zack so he couldn't see the irony painted on her face.

Prompto was standing still between the siblings without knowing what to do or say... bot even how he should breath.

When he arrived home on Friday after the discussion with Noctis, he felt bad and miserable for treating the brunette that way. It hadn't been her fault and he just wanted his friend to get away from her, thing he wouldn't achive growing apart from her. For those reasons, he had determined he should go and apologize to her so they could resume their friendship again. First friends, later more than that... it was his plan cause he knee it was the only way to reach her. Tifa wouldn't accept having a boyfriend she didn't know. No way, she was not like that.

With those thoughts in mind, he had rang the Lockhart's house bell and at that moment, was living one of their daily conversations, which consisted on the brothers teasing the other constantly while Tifa stood impartial, laughing at both of them equally "You bet" Squall made Prompto return from his absorption "Pigs will fly when that happens" Zack sat down in front of his brother "You can sit there, I will make some chocolate" the girl told to the blond guy sweetly "Thanks, Tiff" he nodded, sitting next to the politest brother "So you both meet years ago" Zack inquired "Years ago?" Squall repeated, glancing at his siter "Yeah, we meet in my old school, when we were... nine?" She raised one of her brows "I think you were eight" Prompto brushed his styled hair as the brunette shrruged her shoulders "It is so good we got reunited again" she smiled, taking all the necessary ingredients "Yeah, I thought I'd never see you again" he chuckled before Zack patted his back "You're a lucky one" he grinned "I am" the blond boy confessed.

Squall spinned his eyes, crossing his brawny arms "Tifa never mentioned you" "Squall!" The dish clothe impacted on the man's face for the second time "Argh!" He took it off "Forget about the asshole" Zack waved his hand in the air as Prompto tried not to laugh on him.

Meanwhile and far away from there, Noctis was sat down in a chair on the darkest part of a local. The black walls made the corner where he was even darker. You would only see his diamond eyes, which were reflecting the alcohol he was drinking. The blurness had already taken over his irises and whenever the waitress went near, he asked her for another round. And another, and another... and in each shot of vodka he saw everything he hated. From the bitch that had destroyed his life to the rage he had towards his father, the damage that the lost of his mother had done to him. All those things crystallizing into his mind, pouring out in the form of tears and sobbers... he wanted to be drunk not for remembering all that but to forget it as soon as possible.

It was not the first time he visited that bar which was opened round the clock. That was the reason why the owner of it knew he would pay every shot and hopefully, without breaking someone's nose.

At first Noctis ofently cried but then, when everything spinned, he got up and walked around the bar until some dude told him something. He didn't care what was the matter, he always started a fight... and won it. The good thing was that he left a generous tip. That was the reason why they didn't kick his ass out from there.

The ravenette, at that moment, was on his crying phase, watching himself as a victim, as someone that life had treated like trash... Why his mother had to die? Why his father was such a jerk? Why he had loved such a slut? He drank the last shot to wave his hand in the air, making circles with it so the waitress served him another round and a black beer on the house.

While waiting for it, he took out the phone from his pocket and after several attempts, he achieved opening Tifa's chat. His thumb sneaked to her profile pic so he could stare at her beauty, at that sweet and trustful smile... why didn't he fall in love with someone like her? Well, he doubted there was any other girl like the brunette. His blue eyes released teardrops that fell on the screen like rain on a river, dripping down, losing into the nothing "She is beautiful" the old waitress commented as she left the shots and beer on the table "She's too far away" he wiped out the tears from his eyes, not wanting that woman to see his weakness "I'm sure she is if you just stay here drinking instead going for her" she opened the lid of the beer "I cannot go for her" he rested his elbows on the round table before the waitress left, leaving him alone with his self absorption.

The cupcakes were done at lunch's time "Hey, Promy, do you wanna have lunch here?" Tifa asked to the blond boy while Zack nodded... but they all saw Squall's triggered face expression. Prompto brushed his styled hair "Ah, no, it's okay. I had a lot of fun" he smiled trying not to sound awkard "Sure, pal?" Zack took off his pink appron to then pat his clothes, a bit spotted with flour, chocolate, sugar... Aerith always told him he was like a baby, constantly getting dirty, no mattered if he was cooking or reparing a car, he'd end up like a shabby.

Prompto was glad at least Zack was a cool man "Yeah, super sure but thank you" he grinned before Tifa followed him to the principal door "See you" Squall ironized, earning a hard punch from the brunette, who stared at how her friend put on his trainners "Thank you for coming, I didn't know what to do" she smiled, gently offering him one of the cupcakes she had done "For me?" He blushed hard but took it "Thanks, Tiff" the boy crossed the door that the girl was holding "I'm also glad you received me like this, you know, without throwing me to the trash can" he joked, making her not laugh but roll her eyes "I'd never do that to you, Promy" she seriously confessed, didn't want him to feel bad in any way.

Prompto got lost into her expressive honey hues, which gazed at him to wash away every bad thought, to give him the sensation of being loved... but not in the way he wanted "Tifa" he called out her name to gain her total attention "Uh?" Her pink and thick lips parted while her thin and defined eyebrows raised up. Prompto desired to tell her how gorgeus she was, how much he wanted her to look at him as she had looked at Noctis the other day but... "See you on Monday" he merely said, knowing how idiot he was "See you, take care and text me" she softly smiled, not wanting to close the door until he left.

He returned back the smile, wishing he was different. Then, he turned around and left.

Tifa stood against the doorframe for a while to then get in and punch Squall until leave him K.O. on the floor "That's for being such a pencildick!" She crossed her arms on her chest while Zack couldn't stop roaring of laugh "Oh, damn" he grinned "Shut up" Squall panted from the ground.

The rest of the day passes smoothly and fast for Tifa. Her brothers wouldn't leave the house for the entire afternoon so they ended up playing Monopoly and Cluedo. Zack always won in the first game but the girl kicked their asses on the second. The poor Squall always lost "This familiar games are trash, they are preapared to make the most dumbass win" he criticized before his siblings started teasing him "Whatever" he merely said.

Later, they three were laying on the sofas, watching a film. Tifa was enjoying it but her phone rang "Ahh..." she whined, stretching her arm to take the phone, which had been resting over the square shaped table.

Her heartbeats stopped when she saw Noctis' contact. The girl swallowed down, feeling that annoying zoo running wild her stomach.

Absently she got up and walked upstairs to finally pick up the phone "Hey" she smiled, closing the door of her bedroom, furrowning her eyebrows when she didn't hear anything at the other side of the line "Noctis?" She asked "Beautiful, where are you?" He finally spoke, dragging the words "Are you drunk?" The girl pressed her lips together "Drunk..." he repeated to then laugh out loud. Indeed, he was too drunk "...I want to see you" he said, making her gasp "I don't think it is a good idea right now" Tifa looked at her watch; it was not even nine o' clock in the evening and he was drunk. Awesome.

"Who cares about the time... don't you wanna see me? Is that it?" He started crying. Consecuently, the brunette's heart hit her chest so strong that she feared it would break her chest "It is not like that, where are you?" "Me? I'm on the caffe... that fucking whore" he stopped crying to shout the last part.

Tifa panted "Are you where we had breakfast?" "That fucking ginger slut" he continued with his monologue "Okay, don't move from there" she begged, walking down the stairs "Guys, I'm gonna take a walk!" She warned her brothers while taking the keys of the Picasso.

Squall and Zack looked at the other all confussed but let her be. It probably was one of the girls wanting her to go to chat for a while like ofently happened on weekends.

"Are you gonna come, babe?" He smirked like a child, sat down in the street with a bottle of beer in his hand "Yes, so don't move" Tifa said solemnly, starting the car to then drive as fast as she could, turning on the bluetooth so he didn't hang off "You're so beautiful, Tiff" he said before taking a shot drom the alcoholic drink "Do you think so? How much?" She merely said just to keep him on the phone and distracted from anything else "Uff... girl... you're too hot" he hummed, feeling his throat dry even when the froth slided down through it "So so so hot" he kept on saying "Noctis..." she whispered as he started crying again "Oh, Tifa" he growled "Don't hang off, Noctis, I'm almost there, okay?" "You told me you liked chocolate" he digressed again "Yeah, I love chocolate so much" she pressed the gas pedal harder "Mmm so sweet" he smirked, looking at his beer "Fucking ginger" he repeated because that waitress hadn't let him enter into the caffe in that state and before he threw the crystal bottle away, which broke in million pieces on the middle of the road "Noct?" Tifa gasped loudly when she heard the noise "I love when you say my name, Tifa" he smiled widely in the same moment the girl saw him standing against the wall of the building "Lucis' gods" she sweared, parking the car as she could to then get out from it and ran towards the ravenette, whose smile grew bigger when his blue yet blured orbs saw her "Beautiful..." he said when the girl cupped his cheeks, examinating his body and finding out bruises all over it. On of them decorated his jawline "W-what have you been doing?" She sttutered as the boy wrapped his arms around her "Thinking about you" he smell her scent and moaned in pleasure, all his body reacting to her closeness "I have to take you home" she searched for his phone while he hugged her "Ah... Tiff... make love to me" he said, turning Tifa's cheeks red as never before. Altought, she tried to ignore him and search in his contacts someome who could help her and the first one who appeared was Gladio. The girl pressed his phone number before the ravenette pulled her hard against him so she ended up sat down over him, her legs at both sides of his hips and her inner thighs upon his erected member.

Tifa tried to breath normally but when she felt Noctis' mouth on her neck she could only release a pant "Noctis, stop" she pushed him as he could only stare at her all fascinated and aroused. God, such a sexy and gorgeus girl right over him, ready to ride him until fire consumed both of them. He was more than steady to let her rub against him but instead she started talking with his friend "Gladio? I'm Tifa" She explained as the man, who was preparing a fruit shake, smiled "Why are you calling me through Noctis' phone?" He expected the ravenette to take the phone in any moment but he just heard him telling naughty things to the brunette in a voice tone he knew too well "Is he drunk?" He stopped doing the shake "Yes, he called me and I don't know what to do... I thought you could come and take him home" she spoke fast "No, I wanna be with you" the boy moaned, hiding his face into her breasts "Of course, send me your location and I'll pick that asshole up" Gladio told her, taking the keys of his four wheel while the girl did it through a message "Done" she sensed Noctis' hands sliding beneath her sweater "It will take me a while to get there, don't move" he said, starting his vehicle "Don't worry" Tifa assured him before they both hang off "Noct, you're gonna catch a cold, let's get into the car" she pulled from him at the same time he denied "Don' leave me... please... I don't wanna be alone" he cried once again, hugging her tight but not in a naughty way like he had been doing. He had embraced her really fearing she would forsake him there. Tifa's heart ached when he did that "I won't leave you, I will take care of you but you have to help me" she cupped his cheeks into her warm palms to stare at his blured eyes. He looked like a lost kid. The girl caressed his bruise "Please, come with me" she begged before he nodded and tried to stand up.

Tifa was strong but if he hadn't help her, she wouldn't have been able to make him stand on his feet "Okay" she let him rest his back against the wall as his hands quickly sneaked upon her back "Tifa..." he tried to kiss her but she looked behind to the Picasso "Lucis' gods" she sweared for the second time, all her anatomy glued to the boy's body... which was hotter than the fire, calling for her attention "I will open the door of the car and then help you to get in, okay?" She was going to walk towards it but the ravenette stopped her with a strong grip and a scared shout "Don't" he breathed uneasily while Tifa tried to calm him down cause he was hurting her wrist "Noct, you hurt me" she whispered against him, not losing her mind cause then it would be impossible for them to reach the car "Don't leave me" he hugged her tight "You're so beautiful..." Noctis caressed her long brown hair.

Tifa hugged him too "Help me to reach that old potato car" she hummed next to his hear to make him chuckle a bit "Potato" he repeated, walking to the car without taking off his arms from her.

Finally, she could push him against the bodywork of the vehicle. The brunette felt his hard bulge plunging against her flat belly, making her hard to breath.

The boy saw how she licked on her bottom lip, wanting to do the same thing "Tiff" he growled, starting to rub while holding her close and hard, wanting her to feel it clashing on her anatomy, but the girl, making a big effort, opened the door of the car "We have to get in" she glanced at him "Will we make love?" He took her chin with his thumb and index finger. In hence, Tifa breathed out uneasily "Yes, but you have to get in" she saw how he nodded "Anything for you, beautiful" he smooched her forehead and then, with the help of the brunette, he got into the back seats of the Picasso.

Tifa's idea was to close the door and lock the car so he couldn't scape or do something weird to her but before she could do the first thing, she heard him sobbing "You are going to leave me, don't you?" His blue orbs stared at her, drowned in tears that softened the girl's heart "Why everyone always leaves me?" He started crying for the forth time, broking her heart "I'm not... I'm not leaving you" she said before getting into the car and closing the door behind her "Noctis" she removed the bangs that were hiding his eyes "Why...?" He choked, falling into Tifa's arms as she pressed him hard against her smaller bod.

Noctis hid his face into the whole of her neck, smooching her skin from time to time as his whole body caged her.

The girl found his alcoholic scent unbearable but she made an effort to resist it. He had also been smoking "Why have you done this?" She caressed the black spikes of his hair sweetly, really worried about his reasons to get that drunk. The boy trembled into her arms, looking numb as never before for a second before he pushed her against the door "Tifa" he called out her name dangerously, lust taking over his eyes. Tifa held him close, knowing what he wanted "Noct, I'm here with you" she softly spoke, feeling how he spreaded both of her legs so he could get in between, his bulge pressing against her inner thigs like before but even harder, hungrier. The brunette moaned but kept on caressing his face "Why are you so afraid of being alone? Why are you so hurted?" She asked to him, Noctis' right hand touching her face to then introduce his thumb into her mouth. Tifa was blushing harder and harder, didn't want to kick him but also wanting him to stop doing those things "Noctis..." she whispered when all of a sudden he jumped over her throath, where he started licking, sucking and biting, his hips waving against her own ones. The boy growled like an animal as the girl hugged him, panting heavily, sensing all of her body enjoying his constant banging and kisses "Noct" her parted lips whined, his arms tighting the embrace even more. She didn't know how to stop him but he knew how to continue. All of him screamt for her warm company, for her kind grips, for the way her legs trembled at both sides of his waist. He wanted her badly right then, right there "Don't leave me" he whispered in the middle of his wet kisses, needing to have all of her. She tasted so good, panted so sweetly... he started losing his mind, everything bluring around him before he fell into Tifa's chest, his sexy moves slowly stopping as he joined is eyelids.

The brunette's fingers, which had been stroking his shirt, crawled up to his nape "Noctis?" She muttered, realizing he had fallen asleep. Her own eyes closed at the same time she released a huge heavy sigh. Everything was okay.

Tifa embraced him tight against her, feeling how his skin trembled under the palms of her sweated hands, hoping he wouldn't catch a cold even if that seemed to be the least problem he had. Her honey hues stared at the window of the opposite side of the car. She had guessed Noctis had had bad issues but not such a bad ones... she had seen him crying like a baby, begging her not to leave him at any cost, scared of being left behind. And he had told her he wanted to make love to her. Tifa tried to tell herself he had said that because he was drunk but... drunk people always said the truth, didn't they?

The girl smooched Noctis' head, brusing her hands up and down upon his back "I won't leave you, promise" she whispered, standing there in silence until she saw Gladio's four wheel approaching at an ilgeal speed.

Tifa opened the door, caging the ravenette into her arms "What the hell is wrong with you!?" The man started screaming before the brunette told him to huss through signs "He is asleep" she held him as if he was a lost puppy "Argh, he stinks" Gladio shrruged his nose and then helped her to take him out from the Picasso. Due to his strenght, he managed to introduce the ravenette into the back seats of his vehicle with ease.

The girl saw how Noctis' head fell over his left shoulder when the man put the belt around him "He won't ever change" Gladio panted, closing the door carefully not to wake the singer up even if that was impossible. He had fell like into a coma because of all the alcohol he had drank "Are you alright?" The drummer asked, worried because of Tifa's frustated face expression "Yes, I am... it is just that... he cried" she looked at the floor "Cried? He must have drank a lot of vodka" he shocked his head "Don't think too much about it" his big hand pinched the girl's cheek, making her smile a little "Thank you for coming, I didn't know what to do" "I'm surprised you managed to make him get into the car" he chuckled lowly "He helped me a bit" Tifa confessed, trying not to think about how Noctis had looked at her, how he had moved against her. Needing and desiring her too much. "You won't leave him, right?" Gladio asked to her, seeing how her expressive eyes shown the answer "No" she said and the drummer nodded "That's good... if you did I wouldn't have an excuse to see you" he joked, making her laugh a bit more "Oh, I thought you liked blondes" she raised one of her brows "I can make an exception" he continued the joke, blinking an eye to the girl, who finally felt better "I'm so glad" she placed her locke behind her ear before Gladio started walking towards the door of the pilot "Tifa... are you Noctis' girlfriend?" He saw how she blushed "No..." the man furrowded his brows "Don't let him use you" he warned her cause he already knew Noctis' way to act. After he had sex with a girl, he forgot about her completly and Gladio didn' want that to happen between the boy and Tifa. She seemed so nice and sweet, educated and polite not like all the others, who were stupid and filthy whores. No wonder Noctis never stucked on any of them "I won't, thank you for everything" she smiled at him "No, thank you for everything... I owe you a cup of noddles" both of them laughed before he started the car and drove far away.

Tifa stood there, biting on her bottom lip, caressing her neck with her fingertips; she felt it warm but not burning, sign that Noctis hadn't left any hickey on her flesh. Could it be...? The brunette hugged herself and then walked towards the Picasso to go home, where she told her brothers she had been with Yuna as she ran like Usain Bolt to the bathroom so she could take off the stinky clothes. The boy had really drank hard alcohol.

She still tried to figure out what had been the reason for him to get that drunk. On Friday he was alright and it wasn't probable he had done that because of the fight he had with Prompto. It had to be something she missed, which was a normal thing because they were barely friends.

The girl washed her face on the sink as her heart still ached. Seeing the boy like that had impacted her a lot. She never expect seeing him that way. It definitely shown he had another side, one he never let out because he was scared of being hurted, of being left alone "Who left you?" She asked to the nothing, thinking about Noctis' mother. Maybe it was that lost what changed him... or maybe it had been the girl who forsaked him some years ago, when he released his two painful songs.

Tifa didn't know many things so it was hard for her to guess what was the matter but she decided she wouldn't blame him for anything he had done. She wouldn't fall in love with him but she wouldn't leave him alone, she wouldn't talk about what happened cause the ravenette for sure wouldn't want to either.

It was better if she kept that to herself. Yeah, that was the right thing.

But what Tifa didn't know was that she had already fell in love with Noctis... the only piece she needed was to understand him... and it wasn't a certain thing, not at all.


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