Song recomendation: May I by Trading Yesterday

Why did he always have to wake up feeling like shit?

Noctis glared, feeling plasticine as muscles and silicone as bones. Annoying punctures stabbing into his joints and furiously spots burning his skin. He barely could feel his jawline.

The ravenette glared a second time like an animal at the edge of death. He had experienced millions of hangovers but that one was being specially bitchy. His eyelashes didn't even want to separate... how many alcohol had he drank? How many cigarettes had he smoked? How many girls had he fucked? The boy just remember his father arriving to the mansion and then black, everything black. The reason why his flesh was stroking had been his father but the things he had done to reach that pathetic state were unknown... great.

He panted heavily many times, trying to make the blood ran to the aslept parts of his aching body "Fucking fuck..." he hummed, taking a strong grip on the marc of his bed with his left hand "C'mon" Noctis would have clutched his teeth but his jawline was a total piece of plasticine... he felt as a filthy bubblegum after being smashed by thousands of car wheels.

His brawny arm tried to straight his body up but it was too heavy. The boy frustrated and profanated several times until he managed to sit down over his comfortable bed, the silken white blankets beneath him and all his stinky clothes on him... he hadn't arrive home alone. Someone had taken him for sure.

His confussed eyes analyzed the bedroom. The door was fully opened and there were sandy footsteps... the one who had taken him home hadn't even covered him with the blankets.

Only one person would do that and it was Gladio. Ignis was the one who normally picked him up when he couldn't go home but he was sure it had been the other man.

He finally believed it when he saw a note over the night table with the messy letters of the drummer. They said "I told you not to screw it up with her". Noctis lazily blinked until his retarded brain remembered when he had heard Gladio saying that "Tifa?" The ravenette swallowed down harshly, looking desperately for his phone, which he found on the floor. His fingers dropped it two times before he could turn it on.

It was two in the afternoon already... God, he hadn't slept, he had hibernated like a fucking beard.

His thumb moved over the screen, opening the phone callings app. His already awful headache turned worst. He had called Tifa and had talked with her for like ten minutes straight. Why didn't she hang off in the first place? He was drunk, why she had listen to him? The ravenette saw the last call of the day. Gladio. After screwing the girl up did he had called Gladio? No, he wouldn't have phoned him after all that cause he was not the cheerful guy that told you everything was okay to later took you home. That was Prompto or Ignis but not the older Amicitia.

Noctis was sure he hadn't have called the big man but if it hadn't been him... who?

The ravenette felt his vocal cords broken, burned into the flames of a hard alcoholic drink, probably vodka. In spite of, he pressed the phone number to call the drummer, who at that time was ready to eat a cup of noddles after having his intense gym rutine.

The man spinned his eyes when he saw Noctis phoning him "The asshole is already awake, uh?" He left the fork over the table, hearing a heavy sigh at the other side of the line "You cannot even talk because all the shit you drank yesterday, I suppose" he continued talking alone cause the boy was, indeed, hoarse.

He stared at his left arm, painfully decorated with purple and yellow bruises. He probably had got into a fight... he hoped not with Gladio "I do not know why you got drunk but you phoned Tifa and she went to search for you" the drummer stood in silence wanting the singer to suffer and of course, he was.

The boy would never accept it but he had been thinking about the girl constantly since the day he saw her long legs. Althought, he had been having second thoughts since the day she forgave him and told him they could be friends... and then... her virgin body beneath his hands. He had just wanted to fuck her but he had understood she wasn't a slut and that had changed something deep inside of him. Saying it out loud? Never. Recognise it? No way. Still, something tossed into his organism. Noctis tried to blame it on his sickness and the yearn of throwing up "What did she do?" He barely could speak so Gladio just heard some growlings "You are a lucky bastard and Tifa too good" the man sighed "She found you and then phoned me to pick you up, I don't know what you said to her until I got there but she was worried... not angry for strange it may seem" the drummer played with the noddles, wrapping them around the fork to then let them fall into the soup again. The ravenette gulped hard, feeling his dry throat burn as the saliva slided down. If the girl had looked worried, it had because she really was. Tifa was not a liar or a pretender "You should text her and apologyze" Gladio told the boy, knowing he wouldn't do it but trying to make him feel more miserable for what he had done "She even managed to get you into her car" the ravenette imagined himself being drunk and trapped into such an small space with the most sexy and gorgeus girl he had ever met. It was impossible that he hadn't try to fuck with her "Shit" he glared in what Gladio heard like another husky groan "I won't ever take you home again, you hear me? Next time I will pick you up not to worry Tifa but then I'll throw you to the road" the man didn't joke cause he wanted Noctis not to drink again, to at least, be a little more responsible of his acts. The man hang off, leaving the singer speechless at the other side of the line, making big efforts to remember something about Tifa but he only reached to hear her sweet voice echoing into his head. The girl had been with him for sure but the only thing that worried him was if she would be angry or stonewall again "I'm stupid" he growled.

Meanwhile, the brunette was eating the cupcakes alongside her three best friends on Rikku's house. The family of the blondie had gone to Lucis to visit the Citadel or something like that. Tifa only knew that the parents had dragged Sora with them. She hadn't been able to hold her laugh when Rikku's little brother had taken a strong grip on the principal's doorframe, scratching the surface of it while his sister pulled from his legs to kick him out from the house.

The blondie had also slammed the door on his nose but finally him and their parents left.

Rikku and Sora weren't like the Lockhart's siblings: they were constantly fighting and making the life impossible to each other. They were like cats and dogs and their parents punished both of them many times because of it. Fortunately, that time they had defended Rikku, letting her punch her brother until kicking him off so they didn't have to discuss with the kid.

"I swear I wished I was an only child" the blonde was saying while eating a caramel cupcake "Don't say that" Yuna furrowded her brows "Yeah, you can talk cause you don't have a parasite" Rikku yelled at the same time Yuffie spitted the milk "P-parasite?" "Tifa and her brothers do not fight that often" Yuna ignored the shortie's reaction "That's because she is the little one" the girl with braided hair tried to defend herself as Tifa took another chocolate cupcake "Stop eating all the chocolate's ones!" Yuffie threw her hands in the air "She's the one who did them so shut up" Yuna accused the dark haired teen, who faiked being really hurted "Excuse me?" "Prompto did many strawberry cupcakes so you probably do not want the chocolate ones" Tifa spoke, thing she hadn't been doing lately because she was abscent into her mind... thinking about Noctis "WHAT!?" Yuffie stood up, slamming the table with both of her palms "HE WHAT!?" "He came to my house yesterday so he joined me and Zack to cook them" the brunette giggled "Why did he visit you?" Rikku asked before the smaller girl could freak out "Just to talk a bit" the brunette lied cause she couldn't explain the reason why without confessing where she had been on Friday afternoon, thing she would never do cause then they would choke her "Why doesn't he come to see me?" Yuffie cried "He doesn't know where's your house" Yuna rolled her eyes, making Tifa laugh "TRUE! I'm gonna tell him right now!" "What? Will you just text him like hey, I live in Janin Street number one, the house with a big fat tree on its garden" Rikku ironized "Exactly!" The other screamt while typing on her Huaweii "Awesome" Yuna shook her head, utterly losing the faith.

All girls laughed out loud and then started to collect and wash all the dishes and the cutlery, leaving everything clean and neat "What do you wanna do now? We have the PS4 just for us" Rikku pointed at the living room before Tifa ran towards it, taking one of the remotes "Mario Bros!" She said as the rest of the teens sat down next to her, each one with a different remote so they could play the mini games they loved.

Hours later, Tifa was playing alone to Alien Isolation as the others watched at it all scared, hugged to each other "I don't see a shit" the brunette sweared before the music of the game started going creepy and creepy "Oh god oh god oh god, TIFA!" Yuffie cried on Rikku's shoulder while Yuna covered her eyes with her hands, leaving small slots between her fingers to see how Tifa hid on one of the lockers.

They all stood in silence until the monster appeared at the other side of the room "FUCK" the shortie shook Rikku as she hugged the other back.

The brunette couldn't cuddle more against the back of the sofa "That son of a bitch" she mumbled before by mistake she pressed on a button, forcing the character to go out from the locker "AH WHAT DAH FUCK" Rikku joined Yuffie's wild screams as Tifa hid again and the Alien approached to the zone "It hasn't heard you" Yuna stuttered "But it knows I'm around" the other answered back, holding her breath when the monster started smelling the locker, searching for her "Oh, sh-" Rikku started saying when they all screamt and bounced on the sofa, kicking the popcorns that had been on the table. The Alien killed the protagonist as Sora entered into the house all angry "YOU FUCKING IDIOT" the blondie insulted her brother as the others calmed down. It had been just a coincidence "Lucis' gods" Tifa breathed out, glad that Rikku's parents turned on the lights "Playing that awful game again?" The woman sighed "Tiff is the best one so yeah" Yuffie grinned, knowing it was time for them to leave the house cause it was late and tomorrow they had to wake up early to go to the University.

The three girls said goodbye to Rikku and her parents (Sora was all angered into his room) and left, getting into Tifa's car cause she offered herself to carry them both home.

The first one leaving was Yuna so in the end there were just Tifa and Yuffie. Through the radio of the old Picasso sounded the aesthetic songs that the brunette had downloaded to her pendrive so they were on a calmed atmosphere, the pale lights of the street illuminating their way "Tiff, can I ask you something?" The black haired one looked at the brunette, who furrowded her brows "Since when do you ask for permission to talk?" They both giggled "Do you think Prompto finds me attractive?" That question surprised Tifa so much that she confussed the gas pedal with the brake so the two of them jumped forwards "AUCH!" Yuffie yelled "I'm sorry" the pianist panted, driving normally again "Am... I do not know Prompto's tastes but-" "Of course you do" the shortie squeezed her shirt tight. The brunette looked at her with the corner of her eyes "What do you mean?" "It is obvious he likes you" Yuffie finally said out loud what she never wanted to recognise "What? No, he is just my friend" the brunette shook her head slowly "Maybe for you but he wants more... how can't you notice it?" The other stabbed her fingertips on the fabric of her clothe, didn't want to act impulsive even if that was her natural way to act "Yuffie, I do not see him like something different from a friend, okay?" Tifa tried to focuss on the road in the first place. Then on Yuffie's face and for least, on her own thoughs... no surprise if the order inverted.

Prompto in love with Tifa? Was Yuffie serious? The brunette didn't see anything that could be understood like a flirt when she thought about the blond boy. They had met one time alone but she had done that with Tidus many times and it didn't mean they were a couple. Maybe Yuffie was only jealous cause Prompto talked more with Tifa than with her but that was normal since they knew the other in the past. The brunette wasn't too sure about anything but one thing "I do not like him that way" she assured, not wanting her friend to think the opposite "But he likes you that way" she insisted "How can you know it?" "Cause he looks at you like if he was looking at the most beautiful thing on Earth" Yuffie felt tears gathering into her eyes "What?" Tifa laughed "Yuffie, for real, he doesn't-" "Yeah, laugh all you want" the other yelled, surprising Tifa for the second time to then make her get more serious "Do not talk to me like that, I'm trying to help you and-" "Why do you have to be so beautiful? Why every boy always stucks on you forgetting about me?" That finally made the brunette get real angry even if she tried to ignore the first question cause there Yuffie was desiring Tifa to be uglier on her benefit "Stop saying those stupid things, you are pretty as hell and if someone cannot see it, it's because he is blind or a complete dick" "Then everyone is blind and a dick" the black haired one raged before Tifa slammed the steering wheel. If Noctis had been there, his cheek would have started burning. Tifa's savage diva side had arrived and when it came, nothing and no one could stop it "Don't be a kid, Yuffie, if you want Prompto to like you stop cringing on him" Yuffie opened her mouth wide "Cringe on him?" "Yeah, you're always jumping on him, spamming him, speaking for both of you... tell me, what's his fav colour, uh? Do you know it? Of course no, you prefer talking about how's your hamster doing before listening to anything he wants to say!" Tifa let out all she thought without raising the tone of her voice. It didn't mean it was better cause it wasn't like that. The shortie hated when her friend talked that calmed, with fury pouring out from her lips but not shouting like a psycho like the other always did. The brunette never freaked out and that meant everyone respected her... almost all the times "And you act like a pushover!" Yuffie felt tears running down her cheeks "Excuse me?" Tifa tried hard not to turn to stare at her friend with shocked eyes "You are always being so kind and polite, being the only virgin of all of us but then you make every boy fall for you! That only means you have a slutty part!" That was when Tifa couldn't take it anymore. She stepped on the brake and parked the car at one side of the street, putting the emergency lights so no one could crash against them "Yuffie, you are going too far" the brunette took a deep breath as the other didn't stop crying like a baby, fat and thick tears falling from her chin to her lap "What have I done to you to treat me this way?" Tifa's hurted honey hues, which looked darker because of the lack of light, gazed at the shortie "I never thought you would... say that to me" she opened and closed her mouth a couple of times "Do you really mean it?" She asked as well, seeing how the black haired one avoided eye contact "Yuffie, answer to me" her voice tone softened a bit as she casted her hand towards the girl but before she could reach her, the other opened the door of the Picasso and went out "I'm so tired of this!" Yuffie furiously said to then slam the door so hard that the brunette thought something had cracked.

Tifa's blood ran fast through her veins as she saw her friend walking down the street, ready to fade into the darkness.

The brunette felt angry towards her. She had wished her to be less pretty and had also called her a slut... that was something she wouldn't tolerate. The pianist got out from the vehicle "You know what, Yuffie!? The problem is not me it is you!" She screamt to the night so the shortie could heard her "You don't love yourself since Vincent cheated on you and because of that you have been cringing on everyone! Learn to love yourself and to treat people like true persons, not like fucking objects!" Tifa released everything she wanted to say in a short yet intense message, wanting to pick her friend up to carry her home safe and sound but knowing Yuffie wouldn't get into the car she returned, clutching her teeth and leaving. Too many emotions for a weekend for sure.

Monday morning came soon and at the very first second, Yuna and Rikku knew something was not right. Yuffie hadn't jumped over them screaming like a possessed and Tifa had entered into the building from another entrance, not the principal one like always.

The two girls wanted to ask the shortie but she looked like crying or killing someone right there so they prefered not to mention her behaviour either the brunette's absence.

On Tifa's side, she hadn't join the girls because of what happened between her and the shortie and also because she wanted to see Noctis.

While going upstairs, she heard again the black haired girl's words. Yuffie was the mistaken one. All she did was hating on Tifa cause Prompto supposely liked her and that wasn't true. Even if it was... why would she be guilty? She didn't control anyone's feelings or thoughts, she wasn't a god capable of change everything. Yuffie had to learn from her flaws and assume she hadn't been the same since Vincent cheated on her, that now she was cringy and many times even hideous.

Tifa never expected her friend to be that way towards her... it had really hurted her.

The girl sighed uneasily when she reached the second floor. There everyone was not only one but two or three or even four years older. She felt like a mouse on a jungle of cats, many people staring at her as she walked down the corridors, wearing black stockings, a dark skirt and her favourite red jumper. Her red boots matched perfectly with the rest of her outfit.

The brunette was trying to ignore the stares, gazing at the placards until she finally reached what should be Noctis' class. She didn't need to take a look. He was standing against the wall, talking with a blonde girl Tifa felt kind of familiar. The boy was smirking in that way he always did as that stupid stepped closer each second.

Tifa felt betrayed because of an unknown reason. Why did she expect? Noctis falling in love with her cause he had shown her a song? Cause they had a sexual moment? Cause she had rescued him when he was drank? That only happened on fairytails or bad books. Not in real life... still... Tifa's tender heart broke a bit as tears threatened her, her feet slowly taking her far away from there before something stooped her "Tifa" she heard behind her.

All her body trembled, remembering him, remembering how he had made her feel. She didn't want to turn either to ran off. Her fight with Yuffie had taken many of her strenght and the fact she hadn't talk about it with anyone made her feel even worst. Maybe she was a bit pushover... wanting Noctis to notice her when she didn't want to give him what he desired. The brunette took a short breath, turning around eventually, seeing the bruise she had caressed on the ravenette's jawline "What are you doing here?" he asked lowly, noticing thr darkness into her precious irises "I just came to know if you were fine... I see you are" she muttered to then walk away without knowing how much the boy wanted to apologize, how much he would have loved to hug her... but he wasn't like that. Not even with the sweetest girl on Earth.

The ravenette watched Tifa going away and even if he didn't do a single thing of what his heart shouted, his lips couldn't take it anymore "Are we still friends?" He questioned, thinking she would ignore him but Tifa did completly the opposite, just like always. She looked back at him and smiled. There was sadness in that sign but it didn't stop her from answering "Yes" she said, wanting to add that she promised to herself she would never leave him but that was something he didn't need to know, something she didn't think possible. Althougt, the girl would try and hold on to him cause she had seen his hidden side, the broken yet soft part of him... too much to gain and barely something to lose. Just her heart.

The brunette waved goodbye to him and then left as she arrived, in silence and with her head down, making Noctis feel like the worst shit ever. Tifa had came to rescue him, to take care of his drank body and that was the way he thanked her, coldness. He tried to swallow down but his parted lips didn't allow it. He was paralyzed, disgusted with himself so when Laurine approached to hug him, he shook her hands off and got into his class like a hurricane. Wrath on his blue eyes "I'm a fucking pencildick" he sweared, still seeing Tifa's broken smile in front of him, doing nothing to make it turn into her soft and cheerful ones, just making it worst like he only knew.

The boy felt so bad that he decided he would look for her at the end of the classes, pick her home was the least thing he could do.

Tifa was playing the piano in the wrong timing. She had been loosing the melody during all day, thing her teacher and peers had noticed. In spite of, no one had dared to say anything cause she looked blue, too blue to tell her that she was playing the wrong notes or that she was not following the rhythm.

Genesis' pale green eyes stared at her all worried cause her bright halo was now between shadows, lost in somewhere else. The red haired boy patted her shoulder softly, earning one of her gorgeus stares, now drowned into a black lake of sadness "Hey, can I do something to cheer you up? A godess should never be that blue" he saw how she barely smiled "A goddess?" Tifa giggled, amused because of her partner's crazy ideas "Indeed, Lockhart" he called her from her surname like always, thing she found a bit annoying and strange "I'm not a godd-" she stopped when she saw certain ravenette standing against the doorframe.

The bell sounded but he didn't blink once. His blue as diamond eyes were stabbed on her as if she was the only thing that mattered to him and at that moment, she was. Noctis stood there, beholding Tifa's beauty as her parted lips barely moved when she breathed. The girl would have never waited for him to appear there, looking for her with such an intense colour into his already gorgeus hues.

Genesis turned to watch at what the brunette was staring "Ah, I get it now" he said even if Tifa didn't hear a thing. She was too stuck into the boy to even notice that the teacher was talking to her "Tifa Lockhart!" Mrs. Bloom shouted, making the brunette bounce "Yes!" She answered back, seeing the ravenette chuckle with the corner of her eye "Are you okay? You've been distracted today" the woman said with furrowded brows "I'm sorry, I guess I didn't sleep well" the girl excused herself politely "Don't worry but try to rest better, October perform is around the corner" the teacher smiled at Tifa when she nodded "I know, I promise I will practise better and harder for now on" "That's what I like to hear, very well" Mrs. Bloom left the pianist alone so she could store her pencilcase and partitures on her schoolbag before walking towards the door, where Noctis still was "What are you doing here?" She asked just as he had done hours before "I just came to know if you were fine... I see you are not... will you let me fix it?" He didn't smirk but smile, repeating her words while seeing her tilt her head. He would never know how happy he was making her at that moment. The girl's heart was literally racing on her chest, hitting it like a crazy hammer while the whole zoo started running wild through her tummy, the sweat on her palms and millions of goosebumps making her body tremble like a flan.

The red colours appeared on her cheeks like a flower blooms on spring at the same time her little stars started to shine into her expressive and now honey hues "Fix it? How?" She asked to then feel his hand on the lower part of her back, pulling from it until their bodies collided. The girl couldn't blush more but she was trying to get used to his nearness. Still, when she felt his lips caressing her earlobe, her legs threatened her on letting her fall. Noctis noticed it so he wrapped around her petit waist both of his strong arms, making sure she was safe.

The brunette's hands sneaked upon his body, going up to take a soft grip on his black XV sweater "Chocolate cake at B's maybe..." he smiled widely when Tifa pressed herself more against him "...a chocolate shake escorting it..." his fingers squeezed her jumper tightly "...What do you say, beautiful?" He separated a bit to look into her eyes, which were lost not in the darkness like before but into his blue diamond ones.

A tiny and annoying voice was telling her to slap him in the face and forget about him for the entire week because of what she had seen him doing early in the morning. Flirting with another girl like if he didn't care about what had happened between them on Friday's afternoon. For him it may mean nothing at all but for her it implied too many things: her body had been touched naughtly for the very first time and her heart had bounced like never before, her mind drowning into the lust as her sweet part welcomed a fierce and a kinky side... Noctis had made her understand things she thought weren't within her.

Now she didn't find his closeness disturbing; her anatomy knew his own one, how it felt to be touched by his hands so it was impossible for her to think it wasn't natural.

Her softened hues shone "I say I don't need anything else" she smiled at him, separating from him to tell Zack through a message that she wouldn't eat at home. Her brother didn't bother cause he hadn't have prepared anything to eat "With who are you gonna eat? The girls?" The man typed, ready to order a pizza or something "No..." Tifa answered back to then leave the Samsung on one of her pockets, leaving Zack all triggered even if he finally understood who was her partner "Go for him, Tiff Tiff" he spoke to the nothing while Noctis and the brunette were walking through the corridors towards the exit.

The boy didn't want to talk about what had happened on Saturday but the girl didn't have any intent on doing it either. Now the ravenette was with her, she didn't desire to speak about that blonde she had seen with him. It had hurted her, of course, but he wasn't her boyfriend so she couldn't claim anything from him. Things were like that even if she would have never wanted it that way. Tifa wouldn't have wanted to be just his friend, not even be friends with rights. She wanted more, much more but he wasn't that kind of boy... was him?

"Ah, shit, there's your fucking dog" she returned from her thoughts when the ravenette yelled all disgusted, gazing at the shortie, who was with Yuna and Rikku near to the principal door. Tifa stopped for a second to then take his hand and drag him fast towards the exit, making sure he hid her body with his' "Tif-?" "Shh" she hissed, feeling the worst friend in the world for ignoring the two other girls, who had nothing to do on Yuffie and Tifa's fight. She would tell them something later... half a lie, half a true not to worry them too much.

The boy blinked, confussed but caged the girl into his arms until they went out, feeling the cold breeze of the end of September freezing their muscles "Why did you ignore them?" He glanced at Tifa, who moved uncomfortably, letting him know it was not something she wanted to talk about. Because of that, the singer merely shook his head "It is better like that, at least I don't have to stand them" he joked but the brunette didn't laugh... maybe it was serious enough not to crack jokes about it "We should keep going" he added, watching how the brunette nodded while walking down the stairs.

They both crossed the road and entered into B's. Noctis held the door for her, thing that made her smile stupidly. He really remembered their conversations and acts "Where do you wanna sit?" The boy questioned, seeing there were plenty of free tables. However, Tifa chose the most hidden place, a squared table meeting the corner of the structure and that offered a fluffy sofa to seat on. From there no one would see them... Noctis would have picked that zone as well but he was impressed she did.

The two of them were welcomed by the waiters before they approached to the table. The ravenette was about to seat in front of her, on the chair but the girl stopped him by taking the sleeve of his sweater softly "Could you sit next to me?" She sweetly asked, not daring to look at him right in the eyes cause she was blushing hard.

Noctis swallowed down "Of course, beautiful" he saw how she sat down, the wall of the structure at her left. Then he did the same, taking back the lead of the situation as he liked, sitting and leaving no spaces among them so he pressed her against the wall and himself.

Tifa breathed uneasily, smelling his manly scent, trembling even if she was feeling warm and trapped "You must have a flu to let me do this" he muttered, staring at her flustered face as she played with her hands upon her lap "I thought it would be fine after... what happened last Friday" she confessed without seeing his amazed face expression "Won't you be adamant any longer?" He took her chin with his fingers to make her gaze into his eyes "What do you mean?" Tifa's eyes blured for a few seconds "Can we repeat what we did that day anytime we want?" Noctis licked on his bottom lip as the girl bit on her own one "I guess so... without going further" she concreted before he nodded slowly "That's fine" he whispered to then hid his face on her neck, his hands sliding beneath the fabric of her thick red jumper "N-Noct... not here" she begged, feeling his wet tongue dancing on her throat, making all of her organism burn in flames "Then where?" He asked rollicking, teasing her a bit "W-where we can be a-alone" she stuttered, moaning in the middle of the sentence, arousing him so much like always "Mmm you are so shy" he smooched her cheek, still playful before the waiter approached "Hello, welcome to B's, what would you like to have?" The same boy of the last time asked, scanning the girl utterly until Noctis pulled her against him. Like the first time, he wasn't her boyfriend but then he had some rights over her... and he would do anything possible to make everyone believe she was his' "Hamburgers with double cheese and bacon, big colas, crisps, nuggets and to finish a chocolate cake with a chocolate shake" he talked coldly and fiercely, only relaxing when the waiter left without daring to stare at the brunette a second time.

The ravenette smirked, glancing at the girl, whose red cheeks looked like exploding in any moment "Is it okay? The order" he caressed her face and like he had always dreamt of, he placed her annoying locke behind her ear, earning a warm smile from the most beautiful girl "Yes, I'm starving" "You always are" he chuckled before Tifa pulled from him "Wow... hey, beautiful" he cupped her cheek with both of his hands and started kissing her skin softly, growling lowly as she breathed harshly, wanting him over her "You want me... then you don't... what game are you playing?" He asked, biting on her jawline kindly, leaving no marks on it "I'm sorry" she separated from him "No, it's okay" the boy forced her to cuddle against him once again "I just want to understand it... what do you want from me?" He felt her breathings clashing against his own face "Do you think I'm a slut or a pushover?" Tifa finally asked away, surprising him.

Noctis wouldn't have answer back to that question or in the worst case, answer with a cold and a big yes. But it was not a girl the one who had asked it. It was Tifa, the only girl who loved herself enough to resist his seductive tactics, the only girl who kept him dreaming about her "No, none of those things fit with you... and I never pictured me saying that to anyone" he assured, seeing that fucking trace of sadness into her eyes "Did someone call you that?" He suddenly felt the urge to kill somebody. Who the fuck had dared to say that to Tifa? He felt like torturing that asshole but the brunette just moved her head from side to side "No one" "Bad liar" he panted, killing the distance in just a second "If you were a whore I wouldn't be with you here, waiting for two hamburgers" he saw her little smile wiping out the blue from her face "You know you are not a pushover either so stop looking at me like that" he chuckled, finally making her burst a sweet laugh from her pink lips "I never thought you would say anything like that either" Tifa giggled, rubbing her nose against his shoulder as he glanced at her, not minding at all they looked like the cutest couple in the world. He just wanted her to be happy... so he could be it too.

The ravenette coughed a bit, realizing what he was thinking, feeling strange without deciding if it was good or bad. It felt different. His body told him to take her home and take away all her sadness by thrusting into her but his heart told him to stay there, cheering her up even if that probably wouldn't end good. Noct wasn't a comedian like Prompto and of course, he didn't want anything with a girl who wasn't ready for him... but that was the problem. Until the brunette, no girl had rejected him. That was why he didn't know how to do, what to say. He didn't want to be her boyfriend, didn't want to smooch her in the cheeks or comform with her dressed body... but there he stood, embracing her tight with bright eyes, desiring to be the only man near her. He even felt jealous of her brothers.

Noctis coughed a second time, starting to think he was going seriously insane "Does it hurt you?" Tifa asked, her soft and warm fingertips tickling the bruise of his jawline, awakening him from his thoughts "No, it's alright" he said, tilting his head towards her hand before the waiter came with the hamburgers, colas, chips and nuggets. The ravenette kissed her palm, making sure the boy saw it as he placed the meal on the table "Bon apetit" he rudely said "Be sure about it" Noctis answered back, surprising the girl when he bit on her skin. The waiter immediately left "Why have you done that?" Tifa cleaned her hand with one of the napkins, the red spreading from her chin to her forehead "He looks at you too much" he commented, giving her the big cola as he stared into his own one "That asshole has placed one hundred ice squares and a milimeter of cola" he yelled like a kid, making the brunette laugh out loud. He looked adorable, watching at the cubes of ice with furrowded brows and shrugged nose "You can have mine" she offered him her own drink.

Noctis turned his head so she couldn't see his blushed cheeks "Thanks" he just said, trying to cold down the colours that had taken over his face. Why was she like that?

Tifa exchanged the fizzy drinks to then take her hamburger, which she bit energetically "Double cheese and bacon is the best thing" she commented after swallowing down "Yeah" he agreed, starting to eat his own one "Do you like ketchup on the chips?" She asked, seeing how he nodded. The boy watched carefully at her moves, at how she took the bottle to then squeeze it, pouring the ketchup beside the chips, not over them. He felt blessed, at last someone understood him. Prompto always drowned the chips in the ketchup, Gladio spreaded it all over them and Ignis didn't even like them cause supposely they were unhealthy.

Tifa had wanted to know if he liked ketchup just to pour enough sauce for both of them in the little bowl.

Noctis felt like jumping over her again as always but instead he took a chisp and ate it after baste it on the ketchup "At least they are not cold" he commented "B's is a good place to eat fast food as long as you don't look at the waiters like if you want to murder them all" she grinned, slowly forgetting Yuffie's words "Maybe" he smirked, staring at her for the first time since he had blushed. The brunette was pulling and pushing the straw into the plastic cup, trying to find a space between the ice cubes so it could reach the liquid. Her soft fingertips held the beaker until the boy took it "I have an idea" he opened both cups and poured all the cola in one of them to then close it and stab his straw into it "Fixed" "There only fits one straw" Tifa said, bitting on her bottom lip when she saw the ravenette's smirk "What a tragedy" he ironized before drinking from it.

The girl spinned her eyes and kept on eating her own hamburger. Still, the possibility to wrap her mouth around the straw he had had into his own one was too attractive for her... eventually and when she thought Noctis wasn't looking, she took the plastic cup and drank from the white and blue straw "If you like it Cocacola should hire me to add the flavour of my saliva to the recipe" he started laughing when the girl punched him on the shoulder "Ewwww" the brunette giggled, leaving the cup between their meals "But do they hire me or no?" He pinched her cheek "Noct!" She played, looking like a kid, amazing the boy, who couldn't resist to pull her against him.

Tifa stopped giggling, the red colours reviving her cheeks "Do they hire me or no?" He whispered upon her face, feeling the girl's hands stroking his sweater into her palms "I guess so" she muttered, seeing him smile widely "Guess?" His eyebrows bowed at the same time her own ones softened "They should hire you" Tifa finally confessed, never getting tired of the flirting cause it was a kind one, one that didn't threatened her, that respected the limits. Acting like that, gave more confidence to the girl, who at the same time felt more comfortable and dispose to let him go further.

Noctis felt electric currents on his arms when the girl pulled from him. He belived she was going to kiss him in the lips but she merely smooched his cheek softly yet intensely. His embrace tightened, not wanting to let go on her, loving the closeness of their faces "I'm sorry for... what I did on Saturday" Noctis caught himself saying those words too late. The girl opened wide her eyes but couldn't glance at him cause he kept her against him, didn't want her to see the sorrow into his blue as diamond hues.

It was the second time he apologized to the brunette, more than anyone had ever got... he guessed he was all time doing things wrong with her so in the end his lips couldn't avoid asking for forgiveness.

The ravenette was starting to think she hadn't heard him but then her kind voice whispered "Don't be" upon his left ear. Her breaths tickled his earlobe, making him suffer one goosebump that surprised both of them even if they didn't pulled out from the embrace "You don't have to push yourself, it's okay" Tifa's hands forsaked the fabric of his sweater to crawl up to his shoulders and then to the black spikes, where her fingers plunged and politely played.

Noctis closed his eyes and hid his face on her own brown lockes, smelling her scent as if it was his oxygen while his palms caged her even more.

She was too good for him... and he was too selfish to let her alone. He wanted that kindness in his life, no matter if that meant he would exchange it with his bullshit.

He wanted Tifa to hug him and to tell him he didn't need to apologize even if he had acted like a total dick. He desired that type of shelter without paying for it... but he also knew the girl wouldn't afford a thing like that because she loved herself, because she was not a slut only worried about stupid things "Why?" He asked, lifting one of his hands, which got wrapped around her strands "Why shouldn't I be sorry? Why do you forgive me this easily?" His lips moved slowly at the same time he trembled.

Tifa squeezed his spikes softly, breathing out, trying not to faint cause his strong heart was beating against her chest. It was like a furious drum while her own one just dared to race faster and faster... like a tambourine "Because you..." she felt tiny into his arms, trying to find the correct words "Because you told me not to leave you alone and I... I saw how scared you were" she muttered as he tightened their hug harder "I saw you crying" the brunette moved her head so she could rest her right cheek on his shoulder "You were so frightened that I cannot blame you for phoning me" Tifa felt how the hand he had wrapped around her lockes placed in her nape, his cold fingertips touching her warm skin.

Noctis wanted to tell her he had phoned her cause he didn't have no one else who could rescue him. His friends knew too much about him to forgive him and apart from those three persons he didn't trust anyone. If he hadn't met her, he would have propably ended up in the police station or even worst. That girl had saved him from himself and she barely knew him... if he opened his heart just a bit... what would she do? Cure it? Pick the pieces of it and pull them back together? Would she... heal him?

"You're not going to ask me why I got drunk?" He questioned not knowing the reason cause he didn't want to answer to that anyways. But as always, Tifa gave him the most improbable response "Cause as I told you, I don't want you to push yourself and you don't want to explain it to me, do you?" The brunette caressed his spikes, its strands being softly brushed by her fingertips "I don't" he smirked with a trace of sadness. He didn't want to... yet "See?" The girl giggled, rubbing her face against his shoulder "But answer me this, why did you got into a fight?" She sensed how his chest quavered. He was chuckling "I don't remember but I'm sure I kicked his ass" "You are filled with bruises" Tifa kept in giggling "I have my teeth impolute, don't I?" "Yeah? Cause I swear you lost some tooths" the girl laughed at last, making him do it as well "Hilarous" he ironized, letting her go for the very first time in some minutes. Althought, she just separated the necessary to gaze at him; honey and warm irises colliding against blue and cold ones, fire and ice accepting each other "You're so beautiful" he didn't mind to say. Tifa must knew how much attractive he found her... his deepper feelings were the locked ones even if he had let her see a hint of them that Saturday evening.

The girl blushed and the smooched him sweetly before he did the same near the corners of her lips "When will you let me kiss you?" He muttered, wanting to introduce his tongue into her mouth more than anything "When I'm ready" she took the bangs away from his stunning stare "I hope it doesn't take you so long" "I hope that too" she confessed, making him sigh in pleasure. That brunette was so gorgeus "But let me end my meal" she pushed him softly and playfully "Oh, okay, okay" he lifted his arms, nodding with a smirk decorating his handsome face.

After finishing their meal, they both went out from B's and walked towards the parking where the Audi A8 was waiting, shinning when the rays of sun strained through the grey yet puffy clouds. The ravenette opened the door for Tifa "If you please" he played, earning one of her soft punches "Idiot" she giggled before he closed the door and got into the car, in front of the steering wheel "I will take you home... but if you wanna go to another place..." he saw how she rolled her eyes "If you take me home, I'll invite you to a hot chocolate" "I prefer a hot bath with you" he teased before Tifa looked through the window, hiding her flustered face as she released a heavy pant. He had returned to the kinky Noctis side "Hey, beautiful, can I ask you something?" He saw how the girl turned to glance at him "It depends" "Why did you ask me if you were a pushover or a slut? I know you didn't want to talk about nothing else but my answer but..." he stopped the car in front of a Stop, waiting for the right moment to accede to the road.

The brunette played with her hands on her lap. He had talked a bit of his problems and she had listened to them with interest and respect. It was her turn to confess a few things "Don't you ever intercede in it, okay?" She warned him while the boy joint the traffic again "Okay" he merely agreed, knowing he would probably hate the person who had dared to call Tifa those things "Yuffie was jealous beca-" "Wait, Yuffie?" Noctis opened wide his mouth "Did that idiot dare to call you a slut?" "Don't call her idiot, she's still my friend" the girl sighed "She's a fucking jerk, Tifa" he furrowded his brows. He would never hit a girl but the idea of it crossed his mind "She was just..." Tifa tried to defend Yuffie but she still was too angry with her "Why the fuck did that animal call you that?" He squeezed the steering wheel, imagining it was Yuffie's throat "She is jealous because she thinks Prompto loves me instead of her" "Prompto would never like someone like her, with or without having a crush on you" the ravenette said, getting even more mad when he thought about the possibility of the blond loving Tifa. He had never pictured them both together cause he wanted the girl just for himself but at that moment he realized Prompto could probably want something from the brunette, something far from just a mere friendship.

Fuck, why Am I so jealous? Noctis asked to himself, wanting to fuck Tifa so everyone could know that she was his', that no one could touch her as long as he breathed.

The boy returned to the reality when the girl's cracked voice echoed into his head "Since her boyfriend cheated on her she hadn't been the same... she lost confidence and started acting like..." "An spoiled, crying and annoying child without a single trace of respect for herself and because of it, for the others, right?" He saw with the corner of his right eye how Tifa nodded "I told her she had to stop putting the blame on me and start to love herself again but... I don't know" she saw how the clouds were getting darker and darker. It looked like if it was going to rain "Fuck her, you are what she wants to be and that's why she tried to tear you down" Tifa was going to protest but Noctis' words left her speechless "That jerk is jealous of you and instead of change, she calls you a slut, fucking kidding me" he spitted while the brunette hugged herself. He looked so angry, so protective with her that somehow she felt aroused and praised. Maybe it hadn't been his intention but he had make her feel special and loved.

The ravenette was so enraged that he didn't notize they had arrived to their destiny, either asked her what was she doing when she took his hand and pulled him inside her solitary house. Zack worked that day but Tifa hadn't given importance to it until Noctis raged out.

She wouldn't invite him to a hot chocolate. She would invite him to make her feel hot.


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