Noctis woke up feeling better than yesterday. He was layed on in his bed with just his black boxers on. The ravenette looked through the window, the rays of sun already reaching his pale skin. His blue eyes reflected the warm sunlight as his mind flew far away. He felt alone. So alone that his heart stroked for a second. Noctis closed his eyes, wiping out that awful thought and feeling. Everything was in silence until his alarm sounded like a thunder "FUCK OFF".

"Fuuuuuck" Tifa mumbled against her pillow when the calmed melody of her alarm invaded her bedroom. She wanted to go to the university but not to get up. That was the hardest part but she was lucky to have two old brothers. All of a sudden, the door opened, letting Zack get into her room like a bullet that turned into a bomb when he jumped over her. Tifa shouted, losing her breath because her brother was too heavy. Too many muscles "Z-Zack!" "Get up, Tiff Tiff, you have to play the piano!" He got up, seeing how she was taking a deep breath "I thought I would die" she whispered as Squall entered to punch his brother "What are you doing? Stop annoying her and move your ass! You have to work today!" Zack answered back with another hit on Squall's stomach "You talk like a maid!" They both started an argument again while Tifa stood up, purple panties and shirt on "Guys" they both stopped their fight to look at her "I'm gonna undress right now" and before she could lay a single finger on her clothes they both had gone. Tifa laughed out loud and closed the door so she could dress up. Her sweet honey hues saw how the sun was brighting so she decided to wear her black shorts, which matched with a white shirt and her red boots. Tifa loved boots. Boots and converse were the things she most liked when talking about clothing.

And while the brunette put on her special boots, Noctis tied his own black ones. That day he brushed his hair and prepared for his classes. He would flirt with anyone no mattered what but he liked to look irresistible. In one hand, the boy was checking he wore everything correct and in the other hand, Tifa checked if she had all she would need into her schoolbag. "Are you ready, sis?" Squall asked, taking the keys of his dark green Jeep Commander, a car he had bought with the savings of his life a year ago. If Tifa was the first thing he would protect, that car was the second one "I'm ready!" She smiled back at him, waving goodbye at Zack, who would leave the house in a few minutes as well "I'll see you tonight" he said to her before she left with Squall, who sat in the pilot's seat "Will I see you again this weekned?" The brunette asked when he started driving. His older brother brushed his hair "I don't know... I want to... met someone" he confessed to her before she jumped over his arm "What?!" Squall tried to control the Jeep "Tiff!" He sweared, making her laugh "Sorry" she apologyzed, still looking at him with a high interest "How is she?" Tifa shook his arm slowly not to provoke an accident. The boy blushed a little, thing he never did. The brunette's eyes opened wide "Are you in love?" "I don't know" he stopped the car in front of a red traffic light "Uh?" Tifa didn't take off her eyes from him, who was glancing at the front of the street "She doesn't know me... I just saw her from a distance this last week and..." "You fell in love" the girl bounced on her seat while he started driving again "Maybe. Maybe not. Those things are never sure" he gave her a fast yet meaningful smile "I will try to meet her" "Yeah! If there's any chance don't waste it! I can be all the weekend alone with Zack" Squall grinned "That doesn't sound good" they both laughed "But for real, stay in the base if you want. I only want you to tell me everything" she said, sitting on her seat normally "Okay... but Zack must not hear a single word of this, got it?" "Yup" Tifa nodded while Squall knew she wouldn't say anything "Thanks" he patted her head.

A few kilometres away, Noctis was parking the Audi A8 on a better place than the other day. That Tuesday would be the first day of his routine. The boy panted, taking his schoolbag and his Iphone, which he used to listen to some music through his earphones. He was going to enter into the building but stopped in the street. A cigarette, he needed a cigarette before starting the classes. The boy took them out along his lighter. He knew he was starting to depend on those cigarettes. He had started smoking a little, like a pastime but as more time passed, the more he needed to smoke. A vice, it was becoming a vice and he didn't want it to happen, either did anything to stop it. He breathed out the smoke, taking a general look of the university until a Jeep Commander caught his attention. He loved sports cars but that kind of cars didn't disgust him. It was a good car and its colour was on point. Noctis was staring at the bumper of it when he saw two sexy legs. The ravenette coughed a bit, recognizing the girl he had almost killed the other day. He saw how she kissed in the cheek a boy with a very similar look. It wasn't her boyfriend for sure. He looked more like his brother or something. Then, she closed the door and the Jeep went away. Definitely, she was the same girl. Noctis had never seen such a beautiful legs... and her backside... woah. He threw the cigarette, ready to flirt with that hottie when his phone rang "The fuck" he sweared, looking at the screen. It was his father. The raven haired boy stared at the name writen there. Dad. He glanced at it until the phone stopped ringning. Noctis didn't notize he hadn't hang up. The boy saved the phone, searching that girl with his blue orbs but she was already gone. The boy panted, disgusted "Amazing" he said, not really knowing what was amazing, either if he was being ironic. Into the university, Tifa was introducing Prompto to Yuna. Both of them got along with the other but Prompto had only eyes for Tifa, thing that Yuna noticed "Well, I gotta go that way" she pointed at the stairs. The brunette looked confused at her "What? That leads to your class but it is a longer way, wh-?" "I love you Tiff, nice to meet you Prompto, see ya!" She rushed, walking away so fast that Tifa didn't have time to say anything else "She's crazy" the girl laughed with the blonde guy, who felt more comfortable then that Tifa's friend had gone. He hated to be analyzed even if he understood that that was one of the best friend's works "Later you'll meet the others" the girl smiled. Last night they promised they would have lunch together but then Rikku, Yuffie and Yuna told Tifa to eat together as well so in the end they all would meet in the same place. Prompto wanted to meet them but he would have prefered to be alone with Tifa. He didn't want to be judged by her friends even if Yuna seemed a good girl as well. If Tifa was good, she would be surrounded by good people, the blond boy thought "Yeah! I'm excited" he said, walking beside her "So tell me... how did you lose weight?" The girl questioned "You don't have to answer if you don't want" she looked at him as he glanced at her "No worries, Tiff. I know I changed a lot" he smiled, proud of himself. They walked together through the corridors, evading everyone that could push them "In fact, it was so simple. In my new school gymnastics were compulsory to pass. My teacher always insulted me, just as the rest of my peers" he talked quietly. Tifa furrowded her brows "Promy..." his blured irises turned bright again as he heard her "They always told me I couldn't so one day I said enough and that of course that I could. Since that moment I have been doing sports, eating healthy... you know. I don't wanna ever go back to that" he panted, stopping because they had already arrived to Tifa's classroom. The girl placed her hand on his arm, making his heart pound wild "You won't, Prompto" she sweetly smiled at him, making his cheeks turn red "W-well... uh, I'll see you later" "Yeah, right in front of the university" the girl nodded before heading into the class. Prompto made sure that she didn't see him going in the opposite direction. He was joyful. Having lunch with Tifa was a dream for him... and then his phone rang. It was a message from Noctis, who wanted to know at what time would Prompto present Tifa to him. The blond looked up "Not today" he answered back, hoping Noctis would let it be. It didn't happen. The ravenette stood all morning sending messages to his best friend, who didn't answer to none. Today he wanted Tifa's full attention and she wouldn't do it if Noctis was around for sure.

One floor away from Prompto, Noctis was furious that the blond ignored him. Was that girl really that special? The ravenette sweared in a low voice tone a second before a piece of paper bounced in his table. He looked up and saw a fine blondie smiling at him. She had big boobs but plain butt, too skinny legs. It was not his type but none of the girls he had been with were. Not even that one he thought that would be the love of his life. That would always be the biggest bitch of his life. Someway, she also was the one that introduced him into his bad habits like smoking and drinking. His friends warned him but he didn't listen. At that moment he just had a bitter memory of her, full of hate.

Noctis spreaded the tiny ball, where there was a question. He glanced at that girl, smirking "Of course" he moved his lips, making her giggle in a way he didn't find appealing. He would fuck her in the bathrooms after that class and maybe someday when he felt like it. That would be the deal and he was okay with it as long as she didn't ask for more. He didn't want a girlfriend, he didn't need that. He just wanted to have fun and do whatever he wanted with anyone he desired. That girl looked like she just wanted to have sex with a future rock star. Noctis leaned against the back of his chair to look at his phone messages. Prompto hadn't answered yet "Okay, buddy, I will make this the hard way" he smirked.

Last hour of the classes arrived and the students of the first year on dramatic arts would meet the veterans. That meaned Yuffie would meet older guys that shared the same passion as her. She was excited to know a guy that could make her have a good time. Yuffie was not romantic, the only time she was ended in a fight and in a break up. She wouldn't let that happen again. The black haired girl would love to have a boy with who she could talk and have sex with. Not romantic bonds, not promises of happily ever afters. Just friends and a bit more when they needed. It was something hard to find but she had hopes on it. She and her peers walked into the theatre of the university, where the veterans were already waiting for them.

The girl scanned the whole scenary until she saw a blond boy with blue as the sky eyes. He seemed joyful and kind. Yuffie's cheeks turned red. The teacher talked about the dramatic skills they would control at the end of the year but the girl could just stare at that teen, who was playing with the hat of a clown. Was he the clown of a play? Because if that was like that, Yuffie was ready to laught at any of his jokes. The shortie stood there without hearing anything until the teacher said "Ask for the veteran's help and advice. If you find a good one now, they could guide you through your hardest times in acting or even in life". After saying that, the younger students stood paralyzed, not having the courage to step on the stage to choose a veteran. All of them but the black haired one, who practically ran to the scenary until reach the boy's location "I chose you!" She screamt, pointing at him with red cheeks yet determined look in her eyes. Everyone there laughed out loud but the teacher praised her colaborative actitude "That's what I wanna see! Passion in your veins!" He shouted and then looked at the other students "Come on! Everybody looking for a partner!". And while everyone there tried to find someone, Yuffie offered her hand to the boy "I'm Yuffie Kisanagi, nice to meet you!" She smiled widely, making the guy grin "I'm Prompto Argentum, nice to meet you as well" they shook hands "You look like a good actress" he commented, making her blush "I'm here to be one of them! I hope you can help me on that" Yuffie almost faints when she thought that he could also help her on more things than just in that. The said Prompto didn't seem to be annoyed by her but either too interested. That annoyed Yuffie so she immediately started to throw questions at him about anything so they could interact. Prompto felt a bit uncomfortable, being bombed with endlessness questions wasn't his favorite pastime. He just wanted that hour to end to go with Tifa, who at that moment was showing to her teacher how skilled she was. Her delicate and soft fingers caressing the white and black keys of the piano, playing a beautiful melody that her mom had taught her years ago and that she had never forgot. Tifa's instinct took over her so she closed her eyes and let the music carry her to other times when her family was whole. Her heart pounded hard against her chest at that thought, thing that made her stop playing "That's all I have so far" she lied, feeling very embarrased "It is a beautiful piece, did you create it?" The old woman asked her. Tifa looked at her hands "No, my mom did". All the class stood in silence until the brunette left the piano to sat on her seat, giving the turn to the next one "That has been amazing" the girl turned to see a red haired boy with light green eyes "Thank you" she smiled at him. They didn't exchange a single word again for the whole hour, a very different thing from what was happening with Yuffie and Prompto, that could barely follow the conversation of the girl. He didn't want to be rude so he didn't ask her to shut up but he really felt tired of hearing her talking.

The blond boy stared at the clock for the last two minutes, when the bell sounded, ending the last class of the day. Prompto started saving his things on his schoolbag as fast as he could, still hearing Yuffie blabbering behind him. He stood up and turned just to feel worst. Noctis was walking towards him with a mad expression on his face "Do you think ignoring me is something a friend would do?" He spitted as Prompto panted "I could ask you the same" "What are y-? Noctis stopped talking when Yuffie took him from his arm "OH MY GOSH. You're Noctis Caelum, don't you?!" She screamt, earning all the glances of the students. The boy didn't know if feel annoyed or delighted "Yeah, I am... Prompto, you promised me you would intr-" "I'm a fan of your music, you are really good even if you have just release two singles" Yuffie interrupted him again "I listen to your songs when I am on the bus because..." she kept on talking to Noctis, giving Prompto a chance to scape. The ravenette realized his friend had banished when he looked at the last place he had been "What?" the boy blinked and then cursed again "Fuck" he started walking, being followed by Yuffie, who he wasn't hearing until he heard a name. Noctis stopped all of a sudden so the short girl collided against his schoolbag "Ouch..." she was going to say something else when he placed one hand over her shoulder "What have you just said?" He asked to her, who blinked a few times, confused "Ouch?" "No" Noctis rolled his eyes "You said one friend of yours knows how to play my songs with the piano, who was her name?" He shook Yuffie a bit until she answered "That's Tifa, one of my best friends... she also loves your songs a lot" she smiled as the boy started to wonder "Is that girl studying here?" He asked to the black haired girl, who nodded "I was going to have lunch with her, wanna come? I'm sure she will love to meet you!" Yuffie smiled as Noctis smirked "I'd love to... can you show me the way, Yukkie?" "Is is Yuffie but I g-" "Yeah, yeah, yeah, Yuffie, let's go to eat with Tifa" he separated from her, ignoring her nonsense talking until they got out "They are waiting at the B's" Yuffie said, seeing how Noctis started walking towards the place's location "You look anxious" the short girl commented, following him "I always like to meet fans" he completly lied. He had a feeling that that Tifa would be the same Tifa that Prompto meaned. And he wasn't wrong. Through the crystals of the windows of B's, Noctis saw the blond and unic hairstyle of his best friend. Then, next to him those damn legs. It was her. The ravenette smiled wide "There you are" he whispered before he kept on walking towards there with Yuffie, who was still confused.

Meanwhile, into B's, Rikku had met Prompto. They both liked the other and Yuna was also very nice. The boy was happy that those girls were that nice and talkative. They were also pretty but not as much as Tifa, who was sat down beside him, drinking from her cola while they were waiting for their missing friend "...and you know what the teacher did?" Yuna was telling a story from her dance class "What?" The other girls asked. The girl with bicolor eyes started laughing "She danced reggaeton to show how bad was at it! She is 57 years old!" And then they all chuckled out loud, imagining an old woman dancing reggaeton "How disgusting!" Rikku commented as Tifa hid her face on Prompto's arm, thing that he was enjoying. The boy looked at the trembling body of the girl and then at the entrance. He paralyzed on his seat "Oh no" his lips mumbled at the same time Noctis approached with that shortie "Hey girls!" Yuffie greeted, being welcomed the same way by Rikku and Yuna, who weren't fans of Noctis' music but that lost their breaths when they saw how handsome he was "Prompto! What a surprise finding you here" the raven haired boy shown a fake smile, scanning the two chicks that were looking at him. Not interested. His eyes then glued to the brunette that was sat down beside his buddy, who wiped out the tears from her eyes before looking up. Then it happened. Blue as frozen diamonds eyes colliding with hazel as hot chocolate ones. He had seen her from a distance so he could have just judge her by her legs but now he was five meters far from her... woah, he stood there, fascinated with her pale as porcelain skin, her red as apple cheeks, pink lips and a long brown hair that fell down her shoulders like a waterfall. She could be the normal type of girl due to her features but the way they all fit together made her be the prettiest girl he had ever seen. Not even the models he knew could compare with the natural beauty of that brunette. Her thick and parted lips were screaming for him to bite them hard. Noctis felt how his anatomy answered back so he immediately encircled the table to sat down in the sofa, next to Tifa "I was going to seat there" Yuffie commented, sitting between the other two girls that were still glancing at that hot mess. But Noct could only smirk towards Tifa "It's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Noctis Caelum" he said, notizing how Prompto panted and spinned his eyes. Tifa gulped hard "I-I know..." the ravenette almost closes his eyes when he heard her sweet voice "I'm a fan of yours" she commented, still speechless because one of her most loved singers was right next to her. No one knew but Noctis hadn't just sang two singles. He had five more songs published in Youtube under the name of "Shadow of the Raven" but no one knew who the singer was... no one but Tifa "Oh, really?" He went closer to then smooch her cheeks "Then it is more than a pleasure" he felt how warm her face was. His lips touched her skin and when he kissed her second cheek, he barely licked it with his experinced tongue, making the girl bounce in her seat.

Prompto felt uncomfortable because he knew all the steps Noctis did when he wanted to take a girl home. And he was in the first step of it. He would have continued without hesitating but "Hey, hellooo! There's more people heree" Rikku said, looking mad at Noctis, who instead of swearing, faked another smile "Ah, sorry" he lied, glancing at Tifa's legs, feeling so hot between his own ones "Fuck" he whispered to then realize she was still staring at him "What's the matter, princess, haven't you ever meet a star?" He asked but not in a sarcastic tone, thing that disgusted Tifa a bit "No, I have never... but I am so glad" she smiled as Noctis thought that he was also glad to have a girl with such a nice anatomy in front of him. It was not only the legs, it was her hips, waist, boobs, face... all "Do you study here?" She asked, really interested "Yeah, I do... I could take you home after classes if you want, princess" Tifa stared at him a little confused. Was he meaning other thing? She coughed a bit "No, thanks" and when those words reached Noctis' ears, he paralyzed. What? Did that girl just reject him? Prompto tried to hide a smile but the raven haired boy saw it. It was the first time Noct heard a "no" from a girl. He was going to insist when the waiter arrived "Welcome to B's, what would you like to have?" He took out his little notebook and pen to writte down what the teens ordered. Prompto was vegan just as Yuffie so she started bombing him again while the others expressed what they wanted. It was Tifa's turn when Noctis saw how that waiter was looking at her, in the same way he had done, eating her with his eyes. The brunette wasn't with him but he felt the urge to pass one of his arms around her shoulders "I will have a sandwich of ham and cheese with a salad... could you please bring me another cola?" "Of course, baby" he said, annoying Noct "She is not your baby" he spitted out, an uncomfortable silence taking over the teens. The waiter looked nervous so Tifa decided to intercede "It's okay, right?" she looked at Noctis, who just panted "I want the same as her but without the salad and with a beer, got it?" "Yes" the waiter went away with their orders "Boy, you have to calm down" Rikku said while drinking from her orange juice "Don't ask Noct to do that, it is like asking an apple tree to give pears" Prompto joked, making everyone laugh, including Tifa. That was when Noctis thought that Prompto was trying to compete with him for the brunette's attention "I've heard that you play my songs with your piano" he approached to the girl, who blushed, turning Noctis on once more "Yes, I try" "I would love to hear that" "Really?" She looked at him with two lil sparks into her precious hues "Really" he nodded, placing one of her lockes behind her ear, thing that surprised Tifa a lot and not in a positive way. Why did he do that? They had just met! The brunette felt strange, she had one of her fav singers next to her but somehow he was a douchebag. It was like those times you start dreaming and then the dream turns into a nightmare. Just like that.

Yuna, who had seen that move, also had to count until ten not to slap him in the face. What a vain, ignoring them all and flirting with Tifa like if she was an easy girl. He was so mistaken if he thought he would impress her doing that "I need to go to the bathroom, Tifa, could you please come with me?" Yuna asked her, who nodded and stood up, realizing she had to pass in front of Noctis or Prompto. She didn't want that but Noct was smiling widely, wanting her to move her butt right in front of his face. But Prompto wouldn't let that happen so he stood up and let Tifa pass "Thank you, Promy" she said while the ravenette murdered him in all ways possible into his mind. Prompto smiled at her and then sat down, avoiding eye contact with his friend, who looked like the devil himself.

Walking towards the bathroom, Yuna took Tifa's arm "Have you notized how Noctis looks at you?" "If only he looked..." she panted, opening the door of the toilets "He is handsome but ewwww" Yuna furrowded her nose as Tifa washed her hands "I thought he would be different. I guess he is just one of those fuckboys" she started drying her hands "Well, that fuckboy has his eyes on you" "Ah, not in a thousand years. I guess his music is the best part of him" Tifa took a deep breath while Yuna entered in one of the toilets "That's my Tiff" Yuna agreed as the brunette bit on her lower lip. Noctis was indeed so handsome and sexy. His voice was a gift and those eyes... damn. Tifa couldn't deny that she had liked how he touched her, how he had answered back to that waiter... but he knew how gifted he was, leaving all the humbleness behind and rushing like if he knew what Tifa would do. That was something she had disliked a lot. He was only being nice because he wanted to take her home after classes, not because he found her interesting. The brunette wasn't looking for something like that, not even coming from such a handsome boy. He was so wrong if he thought he could gain her with a couple of beautiful words and charming gestures "Pencildick" she whispered, really annoyed.

Yuna came out from the toilet and saw the mad look in her friend's eyes but actually, that was what she wanted to see. That boy would prove his own medicine.

Both girls came out from the bathroom while the others were talking about their classes, all but Noct, who since Tifa left had been on his social medias. When she returned, Prompto let her pass again and Noctis turned off his Iphone to smirk at her, finding a fake sweet smile on her lips. He had seen her smile a few minutes ago and he could already say that she was not really smiling at him. What the actual fuck? He thought, starting to feel crazy. Was she being serious? He saw how her lips took the straw to drink from her cola, how her throath slightly moved and then her round and perfect boobs. He felt a bit dizzy, Tifa should be doing that in an advertisement, not in that fast food restaurant.

Lost in her, he didn't notize that the waiter have returned with their meal "Thank you" they all thanked unless Noctis, who just looked mad at the other boy "And what have you done today, Tiff?" Rikku asked. They all have spoken about their day so it was Tifa's turn. Noctis took his beer without taking off his eyes from her "Nothing special, I've played the piano a little. Tomorrow we will start at last" she smiled, cutting her sandwich with the fork and knife as the ravenette took a long shot of his alcoholic drink "And what about ya?" The blonde girl asked towards him "What does a future rock star do here?". Noctis would have answered that it was a bullshit that his father forced him to do but he guessed Tifa wouldn't like that "I could study on the interprise of my father, yeah, but I prefer knowing the people that will support me and love my music in future, they are so important to me" he lied with a smirk in his lips, making Prompto roll his eyes and then open his mouth in a perfect "o" "Oh, that's so kind" Yuna commented, a lil impressed "It's just me" Noctis left the beer on the table to take the sandwich with his bare hands "Yeah, Noctis is always like that" Prompto ironically said, making his friend look mad at him "When will you release an album?" Yuffie asked "I don't know..." he stared at Tifa, whose big and expressive eyes where looking at him "...when is your birthday, princess?" He questioned "Third of May, why?" Tifa arched one of her brows "Maybe I will release the album for that day" he hummed, thinking that would make Tifa's panties wet. But he was wrong again, that stupidness only made her roll her eyes, thing that turned him on a lot because he didn't stand when someone did that do him. It was like if she was daring him "I am not joking" he said "Of course you're not" Tifa ironized with her sweet voice.

The girls looked at each other, concerned about how Noctis was staring at their friend. Prompto also wanted his buddy to leave them alone... but the ravenette wouldn't leave without Tifa.

The rest of the time they stood eating and chatting wasn't as intense as the beggining but they still felt tension in the air. Noctis hadn't spoke a lot but he had been sending naughty glances at Tifa while drinking his beer. The brunette ignored him until she felt cold fingers caressing her thighs. The girl bounced and looked at Noctis with hazel eyes, wondering if she should slap him and go or just go. She didn't want to make a big deal of it so she just got up "I have just remember that I promised Zack to do something for him" Tifa took her schoolbag "Uh?" The girls looked at her "I enjoyed the meal a lot, I'll see y'all tomorrow" she smiled at Prompto and then started walking away while Noctis also stood up "I need to smoke" he excused himself but all of them saw the bills over the table and that he took his schoolbag with him "He had payed it all" Rikku said when she saw the money. Prompto looked angry as hell.

Out there, Tifa was walking straight towards the bus stop. She stopped in front of a pedestrian crossing waiting for the red traffic light to turn green when a cloud of smoke invaded her face. Tifa coughed, looking at Noctis with irritated eyes "Did you have to do that?" He smiled "Smoking is not that horrible" "You know I'm not talking about your awful bad habit" She furrowded her brows "Then what are you talking about?" Noctis gave her one of his sexy smirks "Don't touch me again" Tifa warned him "I'm not that kind of girl" she started walking again with the boy closely following her "I didn't want to offend you" "Well, you've done it" the brunette answered in such a rude way, wanting him to leave her alone "Hey, I'm sorry okay?" He said. Tifa stopped and turned to look at him "You do?" Noct couldn't hold a bigger smirk "Of course" he spoke before she rolled her eyes and kept on walking "Sure". The raven haired boy sighed but didn't give up "Why are you taking the bus? I could take you home in my Audi A8. I could show you more songs" he stopped when she turned again, her face so close that if he just moved, he would touch her pink lips with his mouth "If you were as good as your car and songs I would accept. The problem is that without those things you're only an idiot" Tifa took out her darkest side, one that she shared with Zack. They were always kind and sweet but if you annoyed them too much... you just fucked up. Tifa stopped being shy and outgoing to be such a savage diva.

Noctis raised both of his brows, impressed about that change "Fuck, you're really sexy" he was going to crush his lips against hers when she slapped him "Don't think about it" Tifa raged in a whisper because everyone there was already looking at them. Noct felt fire in his cheek, she hadn't have punch him softly, she really wanted him to stop. They both stared at the other a couple of seconds until Tifa left him there all alone. That was the first time that a girl had slapped him because she wanted him to leave her alone. All the other times had been because he was sending them to hell. The boy saw how the brunette took the bus "Okay, Tifa" he massaged his cheek with a smile on his lips and a new desire burning inside of him.

Meanwhile, Tifa was sat down in the bus all blushed. Her angryness had hidden her true feelings but that didn't change the truth. And the truth was that she had felt the desire to be kissed by him, to be touched again by his rude hands. Tifa hid her face into her hands "What am I thinking? He is just an idiot" she said against her palms, deciding to forget about him. But in the afternoon, she listened to his songs and imagined how would it be to be kissed by Noctis Caelum while the boy heard the wild screams of the blonde girl he had 'met' in the morning.



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