Prologue: Luigi's Idea

Moon Kingdom, Honeylune Ridge...

This was it. Mario, hero of the mushroom kingdom had once again beaten Bowser and saved Princess Peach from forcing her hand in marriage. Along with Cappy, he traveled around the whole world to save Peach and Cappy's sister Tiara. Mario even had to posess Bowser to save Peach.

And now Mario has done it. He stood there, panting in his white wedding tux. As he caught his breath he wondered why he went on countless adventures to save the woman standing there before him. Surly it was for more than a peck on the cheek and a slice of cake? Was it for Sex? No, Mario wasn't THAT perverted, and no sex could ever compensate for the hardships he went through. Money? No, Mario wasn't like Wario, and besides, Mario has all the money he wanted from the many coins he collected during his adventures. No, Mario knew this was something more. He walked towards Peach with confidence in his eyes. Cappy and Tiara stopped their reunion just to see what Mario would do. But before Mario could even say a word, Bowser woke up from being knocked out!

Quickly realizing Mario's intentions, he shoved Mario out of the way and presented Peach with a Bouquet of Piranha Plants. Mario, shocked, grabbed the nearest booster flower and presented that to Peach. Bowser and Mario, both on one knee, competed for Peach's hand. Peach, feeling overwhelmed, responded with a loud: "NO!" And walked back towards the Odyssey with Cappy and Tiara, leaving Bowser and Mario to wallow in their rejection. While they did, Bowser noticed something shiny poking out of the moon dirt. He picked it up and showed it to Mario, who recognized it from one of his many adventures. It was the super crown. Mario saw what happened to Toadette when she put it on. He told Bowser of this, and with a mischievous smile, he put it on.

1 Week Later….

Luigi was at the tennis courts with Peach. The Aces tournament has passed but that is no reason to not stay in shape. Plus, playing sports helps keep his mind off his relationship with Daisy. Or a high school crush as his brother might call it. Luigi, being the shy, quiet person that he is, never got the courage to ask Daisy out. As far as he knew they were just friends. Sure he got a kiss on the cheek here and there, but they never really interacted with her much outside of sports.

Come to think of it, Luigi has never really interacted with anyone besides his brother, Professor E. Gadd, and King Boo. Sure he had the occasional conversation with a toad here in there but no one really knew anything about him other than the three mentioned above. It bugged him sometimes. He didn't want to be known as a cowardly cardboard box. He wished he could find love just like his brother Mario.

That's when he noticed it.

Luigi, in his shock, let the tennis ball bounce by him.

"15 All!" Yelled the Toad from the empire chair.

"Luigi?" Said Peach from the other side of the court, who noticed Luigi's stare into the distance. "What's wrong?" Peach followed his gaze to see Mario and a Woman standing right outside the tennis court talking. "Mario?" Yelled Peach.

"Oh, hello Peach!" Said Mario. "'Have I introduced you to Bowsette?" Mario gestured to the woman standing next to him. She wore the same royal dress as Peach only in black and a teal brooch on her chest. She had her nails painted black and wore black heels with stockings also in black. Her skin was white and her hair was a bright fiery red and tied back into a ponytail. She had horns on her head and a little spiky shell on her back. (She also had O cups compared to Peach's E cups.) Peach stood there, trying to hide her jealousy over the gorgeous woman standing before her.

"It's a Pleasure to meet you Princess Toadstool." Said Bowsette. "Sorry that we can't stay and talk, but Mario and I on our way to the 1-UP, you know that expensive, romantic restaurant in New Donk City. Ciao!" And with that Mario and Bowsette left for their dinner. Peach stood there in shock deciding whether to continue the tennis match with Luigi or to go back to the castle in a fit of jealous rage. Luigi stood there shocked, because he knew of the crown's powers he debated in his head whether his brother is gay. But then an idea popped into his head. If Mario could use the crown to go out with his enemy, then maybe Luigi could do the same….

(Author's note: Hey Everybody! Sorry that this is pretty short, but don't worry! I plan to keep writing on a daily basis! I have a TON of Ideas to write about, as I am very fond of the Bowsettte/Booette thing. See you the next chapter!)