Chapter 2: The Date

The flight back to Luigi's home was rough. When Luigi put on the Kitsune suit, King Boo watched through an opening in Luigi's backpack and when he got it on, he laughed his ass off.

"What?!" Asked Luigi.

"Its…It's just," King Boo said trying to contain his laughter, "You look like an Overweight Yellow Buffon!"

After a good couple of minutes of laughter, Luigi threatened to call off the deal.

King Boo stopped laughing at that.

Eventually after a good 20 minutes of silent flying, King Boo tried to make small talk.

"Hey Greenie!" King Boo said.

"Yes?" Replied Luigi.

"How come you're scared of literally EVERYTHING?"

Luigi thought about this for quite a bit. After all, why was Luigi scared of everything? Surely that fear had to have grown from something? Then he remembered.

"Well I've been scared of everything since Mario went off to war." Said Luigi.

"Really? Which one? The Flower War? Did he fight in the Great Battles of Mushroom?" Asked King Boo.

"No." Responded Luigi. "Me and Mario actually came from another world."

"Really?" Asked King Boo.

"Yes. Mario and I used to live in a place called Brooklyn. In our world there were many wars and Mario was a soldier in one. I was terrified that Mario would not come back home."

"What was the war called?"


Not a word was spoken after that, King Boo spent the rest of the trip wondering about the strange, foreign world the Mario Bros. had come from.


When Luigi finally made it back to his house, he let King Boo out and gave him the super crown. When he transformed, Luigi's eyes went wide and his jaw dropped. Standing in front of him was probably the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. She had long, flowing white hair, and wore a completely white dress with a purple brooch on her chest. She also wore white gloves, stockings and heels. Being a Boo, she also had their signature purple tongue and fangs. The only other things that were not white were her purple earrings, her purple eyes, and the crown she wore.

In short, she was gorgeous.

King Boo then noticed Luigi staring.

"What are you looking at?!" King Boo then realized his voice had changed. What was once the voice that strikes fear into any toad had now been turned into a soft woman's voice. Nonetheless King Boo felt awkward due to Luigi's staring.

"What am I looking at? Look at yourself!" Luigi said. "You're gorgeous!"

King Boo took a good look at himself, (Herself?) and felt more awkward.

"Let's just get this dinner over with okay?" Said King Boo.

"Okie-dokie. Lemme change."

While Luigi went to his room to change out of his iconic overalls, King Boo had some time to get used to his brand new woman's body. He found he could still fly and hover but now he could also walk.

'So this is what Princess Peach feels.' King Boo thought. Then all of the sudden, He felt...shy. He felt like the average Boo.

King Boo shoved those thoughts into the back of his head and decided to explore Luigi's Mansion. It was a pretty big house. King Boo saw Luigi's polterpup napping on a chair, then spied some pictures on a mantle above the lit fireplace. He growled when he glanced at the celebratory picture Luigi took after he put together the dark moon again, as it reminded him of his most recent defeat. He saw a picture of Luigi and Mario, in a city, standing in front of a van that read: "Mario Bros. Plumbing."

It was then he saw it, the map to the mansion from the first time King Boo kidnapped Mario. In a simple black frame. A rush of nostalgia came over King Boo.

'Wow.' King Boo thought. 'I can't believe he kept this' King Boo remembered about his first plan. He had one of his boo minions send this to Luigi. He doctored the map himself, all in an effort to lure Luigi to a mansion he won in a contest he never entered. But before King Boo could get even more lost in his thoughts, Luigi came out of his room, and down the stairs.

"O.K, I'm-a-ready!" Luigi said. King Boo looked at Luigi. Instead of his iconic cap and overalls, Luigi was wearing a black suit and a dark green tie with black dress pants and black shoes. It looked fairly expensive.

'Wow, he looks...handsome.' King Boo thought. 'UGH! Snap out of it! You are King Boo, Master of illusion and King of Specters! You can't think these thoughts!'

"Ready Booette?" Asked Luigi.


"That's the name I came up with for you." Said Luigi. "When Toadette wore the crown she was called Peachette, and now that Bowser's wearing the crown he's going by Bowsette."

"Wait..Bowser is wearing this?"

"And still is!" Replied Luigi. "He and Mario are going out."

'Wow' King Boo thought. 'Never thought that in a million years Bowser would put this crown on.'

"Booette? Are you ready?" Luigi asked.

"Hm? Oh yes of course!" Booette replied, snapping out of his thoughts.

Luigi then extended his hand. Booette was a bit shocked by this, but thought if he was going to play the role of a date, he oughta embrace it fully.

And hand in hand, Luigi and Booette walked outside.

Before Booette could even ask how they would get to the restaurant. Luigi had the answer. He pressed a button on a remote he pulled out of his suit's inner pocket to reveal a garage built into the side of the mansion. Inside was a car.

"Do you like it?" Luigi asked. "This model is from my world. I built it myself."

Boette was in utter shock. Scaredy-cat Luigi builds cars?

'What else don't I know about him?' Booette wondered.

The car was (you guessed it) black, but it also had a black stripe running down the middle. It had a picture of a horse on the front and back between the lights. When Booette asked Luigi what it meant he replied:

"That horse means the car is a mustang. I built the car like that because in the human world, the mustang was my favorite car." And without further ado Luigi and Booette went into the car and drove to the restaurant.

The dinner went perfectly. Luigi and Booette ate the 1-Up, an expensive, exclusive, and atmospheric place. (Luckily Luigi had plenty of Money left over from his last adventure.) While they ate, Luigi and Booette talked about themselves. Luigi revealed that he knew how to build and drive a car because he was a mechanic and driver in a competition called: The Famicom Grand-Prix. He explained that he always had an interest in Mechanics and Cars. So now that he had the gold coins to spare, he figured he would build one. Luigi also shared many humorous events and situations he and his brother got into in Brooklyn where they worked as plumbers. Eventually, Booette asked how Mario and Luigi came to the mushroom kingdom.

"Well,'' said Luigi. "It's a long story. One day Mario and I got hired by the mayor of New York City to work in the city's sewers. He said strange incidents were being reported by the workers down there. But Mario and I dismissed them. So, we got to work the next day and it started as a usual day, just unclogging and fixing pipes. Then, All of the sudden, giant crabs, bugs, and turtles started coming out of the pipes! Me and Mario tried to fight back, but they just kept coming! Eventually though they retreated. I wanted to go back to the surface, but Mario wanted to find out where they were coming from. He said that if we didn't figure out where they were coming from, our city would be in danger."

"Me and Mario followed them and found a giant green pipe. We went down and then we ended up in the Mushroom Kingdom." Once Luigi finished, He started asking Booette about herself. Booette revealed how although she seems cold and ruthless to everyone, as ruler of Boo's she cares for them and made sure to listen to their needs. She elaborated on what it's like to rule over ghosts and her daily routine. (Minus plans to terrorize the living.) Luigi hung onto every word. Eventually when there was nothing more to talk about, Luigi did something he rarely ever did.

Being brave, Luigi closed his eyes, and leaned forward for a kiss.

To Be Continued…

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