Chapter 3: Something Missing

Freedom. That's what King Boo wanted right? That was the whole reason King Boo went on the Date right? Now he had it. He could do whatever he wanted. He could build another mansion and live out the rest of his afterlife terrorizing the living. something felt missing. Something felt incomplete now. When King Boo put on that crown he felt things no Boo has ever felt. King Boo floated to a nearby hill and stopped to look up at the starry night, reflecting back on the date.


'What is he doing?' King Boo wondered. 'Is he...trying to kiss me?' King Boo was shocked. Being a ghost, King Boo had lost the feeling of love a long time ago, far before he was a ghost. But being in a new physical body, he can feel raw, powerful emotions he had never experienced in a long time. Being a woman, King Boo felt...strange. When King Boo was Booette he was no longer something the everyone feared. King Boo would be lying if he said there weren't times when he felt lonely. But now here he was, sitting at a dinner table, in a fancy restaurant, having dinner with his rival in the shape of a woman. And now, Luigi was leaning in for a kiss. 'What should I do?' thought King Boo, 'If I kiss him, would that mean I'm gay? That I'm in love with my #1 Rival? No, don't be ridiculous King Boo it's just one harmless kiss, what's the worse that can happen?' With that logic in her mind, Booette kissed Luigi.

-End Of Flashback-

King Boo remembered every detail after that kiss crystal clear. The shy look on Luigi's face after the kiss, how Luigi payed for the meal, (A whopping 1,235 Coins!) and how Luigi took off the super crown and going their separate ways outside the restaurant. Which led to where King Boo is now. Floating on a small hill reflecting on his afterlife. What got him here, and where things will continue on from now. Now that King Boo has a chance to reflect on his afterlife he realized there was something missing in his life. He never really had anyone he could open up to and have a good time with. There was a missing piece in King Boo's afterlife.

Maybe Luigi is the missing piece.

To Be Continued…

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