Hello everyone.

At the time of this writing it's 2/10/2020 and I haven't updated this story in more than a year. I just wanted to let you guys know that there won't be a next chapter. Ever. I'm sorry if I sound kinda harsh but to be honest, I kinda hate this fic. I wrote at a bad place in my life and when the whole "Super crown" thing was popular. I honestly can't even bring myself to read my own work now. It's so. Damn. Cringy. I'm not going to delete this story or anything, I'm just writing this down because I can't in good conscious leave people who genuinely enjoy this fanfiction expecting a chapter they will never get. I might write new chapters for other fics I wrote, (I have some ideas on the punch out one, and I REALLY want to try writing a titanfall 2 fanfic.) But No promises. As for this story, I consider it abandoned. If any writers out there want to pick up where I left off and carry the torch, be my guest. (I'd greatly appreciate if you credited me in some way or form though.) But, all things considered, thanks guys. When I started writing that one October evening, I was beyond sure this was going to get hate. But it didn't. You guys showered me with praise and honest-to-god criticism to help me improve. And I'm grateful for that. This site really took me in, to help me get out of that horrible situation I was in, and made me a bit more confident in my abilities.

Thank you guys. So much.

See you next story.

-Hero DX