Cheating Weasel

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He ducked again as another plate sailed towards his head. He didn't understand why she was reacting so violently. It's not like the piece of fluff he had been shagging meant anything to him, and besides, Hermione wasn't supposed to be home until the following day. That was the only reason he had invited the woman over.

"Hermione, I don't know why you are so mad. It's not like that woman meant anything to me, she was just a piece of fluff I brought home to satisfy me while you were gone." Ron said.

"And that makes it okay?" Hermione screeched, and Ron ducked to avoid another plate being hexed his way.

"You weren't supposed to be back until tomorrow Hermione. It isn't my fault you came home early." Ron said, not realizing that he was digging himself into a very deep hole.

"So you bring back a random woman to our home and fuck her in my bed!" Hermione yelled.

Ron merely shrugged.

"It isn't like I am getting any from you. We haven't had sex since we moved in together, and you even insist on sleeping in separate rooms. I had to get my jollies somewhere. And besides, you are such a frigid prude, you wouldn't even have sex with the lights on when we did have sex. That piece of fluff was a real wild one in bed. You would just lay there when I fucked you. She was very vocal and involved. But don't worry Mione, once we get married, I'll show you how to be more vocal during sex." Ron said.

Hermione snorted and then looked at Ron like he was crazy.

"First of all, that woman was clearly faking her responses Ronald. You aren't that impressive in the sack, and you don't even have anything to brag about in the trouser department. If I hadn't lost my virginity when I was fifteen, I would still be a virgin now, since you aren't big enough to pop a girl's cherry. Third, you can get your jollies off wherever you want now, you and I are over. Fourth, I am not a frigid prude, and the only reason I would lie there and do nothing, was that you made me feel no pleasure while you were getting yourself off. And you can't even keep it up long enough to make a girl orgasm. And last, I won't be marrying you, and you certainly won't be teaching me anything about sex, seeing as our relationship is now over and I am moving out. I'll be gone in about ten minutes, and then you can have as many desperate Quidditch Groupies as you want." Hermione said.

She stalked off to her room and began packing her stuff.

Ten minutes later, she returned to the living room, to find Ron still standing there, speechless. She pulled off the tacky engagement ring he had given to her six months before and placed it on the table next to the door.

"Have a nice life Ronald. And you try and turn this around on me, I will make sure you remember why I was dubbed 'The Brightest Witch of the Age.'" Hermione said.

And with that, Hermione's association with Ronald Weasley was over

She came with a cry of his name and collapsed against him, breathing hard. It had been eight months since Hermione had left Ron, and she had never felt so free in her life. Ron had been a stifling presence in her life, as had his mother. Neither believed that a witch should work outside the home and that her place was as a mother and wife, taking care of the children and giving into her husband's every whim whether she wanted to or not. But Hermione didn't want that life for herself and had fought the two Weasleys tooth and nail over it. Harry had taken her side, since he had refused to date Ginny and allow her to become the next Lady Potter. Harry knew that Ginny had only wanted to marry him because of his name and fortune. She didn't want to know the real Harry Potter, she only cared what being the wife of 'The-Boy-Who-Lived' could do for her.

Ginny and Mrs. Weasley hadn't forgiven Harry for refusing Ginny's advances, and they had both blamed Hermione for Harry's refusal as well. So, it hadn't been any surprise when Ron had gone to his mother and had tried to blame everything on Hermione for their breakup and Molly had gone to the press to try to smear Hermione's reputation, but Hermione had been ready to fight back. She had gone to the press herself with photos of Ron with his various transgressions as well as a copy of the memory of her walking in on Ron with the woman who had caused their breakup. The Wizarding Public had firmly stood on Hermione's side, especially when it came out that Ron had left Hermione and Harry when they had been on the run for a year. Ron had become an instant pariah and Hermione the heartbroken girl he left behind.

Now she was curled up against her newest lover while stroking his sweaty chest. Her peaches and cream skin contrasted nicely with the dark skin of her lover. She had been attending a charity auction when she had run into the dark-skinned Italian man. It had been an auction where women bid on men to go on a date with them. Blaise Zabini had been one of the men being auctioned for a date. Hermione had seen some of the lecherous looks on the faces of some of the women at the auction and she knew that the women would want to get their claws into the rich young man, an heir to a vast fortune. So she did something that shocked her even to this day. She made a bid for a date with the dark skinned man. Harry had been attending the auction with her, so that he could bid on a date with his boyfriend, Draco, and he had told her that he would pay for her bid if she didn't want to waste her own money and found a man she liked.

So, Hermione had bid on Blaise Zabini, and that sparked a rather wild bidding war. But Hermione eventually came out on top, paying a whopping 3,000 Galleons for a date with the attractive best friend of her best friend's boyfriend. When he had come up to her later and asked why she had bid on him, she had told him that she hadn't wanted to see him get snagged by a gold-digging slut desperate to get her claws into him. And so, the two had gone on their date.

Blaise had taken her to the beach and they had had a picnic as the sun set behind them. It had been rather romantic, but Hermione hadn't really expected anything to come of that first date. But when Blaise had shown up a few days later at her office, with a bouquet of flowers and the request for another date, she had said yes, after recovering from the shock. And soon after that second date, the two had gone on a third, and then a fourth, and then on and on. And now they had been dating for six months.

Hermione had found out that not only was Blaise an attractive man, he was a very skilled lover. He knew how to play a woman's body like a finely tuned instrument, and that first night they had made love, he had left her breathless and eager for more. Even now after six months, the passion hadn't worn off. The sex between the pair was still hot and never boring.

"So, are you excited about the party at the Ministry tomorrow?" Blaise asked.

"No. I really don't want to go, but since it is the second anniversary of the Final Battle, Harry and I will be expected to attend. I mean I am excited to see our friends, but not so much with the fact that I may run into Ronald or his sister and mother since the Weasleys will be in attendance." Hermione said.

"Well, we can always worry about that tomorrow. Right now, I feel like making you scream again." Blaise said, and he rolled over on top of her and settled himself between her parted thighs.

Hermione's back arched and she moaned loudly as Blaise's rather impressive length stretched and parted her as Blaise slid himself home in her tight heat.

"Fuck you are so tight baby, every fucking time. I don't think I'll ever get used to how tight your sweet cunt is." Blaise groaned.

"Blaise!" she whined, her hands grabbing onto his ass and pulling him closer.

"I'll take good care of you baby." Blaise murmured before leaning down and taking her mouth in a hot, passionate kiss.

He thrust into her, with long, slow thrusts of his hips. He knew how to drag out her pleasure to the point where she begged for release, and he loved hearing her beg him for release. He would change the angle and speed of his thrusts, driving her to the edge of bliss before slowing down and making her whine and writhe beneath him, begging him, pleading and promising him anything if he would just let her cum. Hermione wrapped her legs around her lover's hips and pressed herself against him, wriggling her hips and causing him to chuckle darkly when she tried to make him thrust faster. He continued his slow and tortuous pace before sitting up suddenly on his knees and slamming into her hard and fast. She shrieked and her body arched into his as her orgasm slammed into her and she came hard with a shriek of Blaise's name. But Blaise didn't stop his relentless pace.

He continued his brutal thrusting, gritting his teeth and grabbing Hermione's hips hard enough to bruise as her cunt attempted to milk his orgasm from him. But he managed to hold off as he continued thrusting into her. After another five minutes, Hermione came again, this time, her cunt squeezed his cock so hard that he could no longer hold himself back and after a half dozen more erratic thrusts, he blew his load into her waiting, thoroughly fucked cunt. Her cunt eagerly milked his cock, greedily squeezing every drop it could from his thrusting cock.

Blaise collapsed on top of Hermione, both of them breathing heavily, his cock still imbedded in her tight little body. When his weight became to much, she pushed against his chest until he rolled off of her. Not wanting to be separated from her quite yet, he took her with him as he rolled, keeping his cock firmly wedged inside of her.

The next day, Hermione and Blaise were in a dark corner of the ballroom. Hermione was currently bent over at the waist, her hands wrapped around her ankles, her dress pushed up above her hips, and Blaise's balls were slapping against her clit as he plowed into her from behind. They had been at the Ministry Anniversary Ball when Blaise had stolen her away from their friends and dragged her into a dark room. He had told her how sexy she had looked in the short, skintight strapless dress she had worn with the matching silver stilettos and he had asked if her knickers matched. She had told him she wasn't wearing any knickers, and he had pinned her against the wall, wedging one leg between hers, and pressing his thigh against her dampening center. His hand had traveled up her bare leg and slipped beneath her dress, only to encounter the bare flesh of her tight ass.

He had turned her around and had pushed against her until she had bent over, and she grabbed her ankles. She had heard the rustle of fabric, and before she could turn to see what he was doing, he had plunged himself inside of her. She bit her lip to stop her scream of pleasure as Blaise slammed into her. They hadn't cast a Notice-Me-Not charm around the darkened corner they were in, so she would have to be quiet. Of course, with Blaise as her lover, that was easier said than done. With Ron, she hadn't ever felt this much when she had sex with him, but with Blaise, she felt everything. A simple look from the Italian wizard and her knickers would be on the floor and she would be eagerly spreading her legs for him. With Ron, it had taken so much effort to get even a little turned on, not the dripping, slutty mess she was with Blaise.

"Shit baby. Were you hoping I would fuck you? Were you hoping I would bend you over and fuck your tight little cunt where anyone could walk by and see you taking me like a fucking slut." Blaise panted as he rammed her hard.

Hermione shrieked, thankful that the music was loud enough to cover the noise. Blaise chuckled and brought his hand down sharply against the taut skin of her ass.

"Quiet Cara darling, or someone might come to investigate those noises you are making." Blaise grunted.

Hermione came with a cry of Blaise's name and Blaise followed a few thrusts later, grunting as he spilled himself inside of her. As soon as the aftershocks subsided, he pulled himself out of her and pulled her upright. She felt her lover's release sliding down her thighs. Blaise smirked knowingly at her before he kissed her thoroughly and sent her off to the bathroom to clean herself up with a slap to her ass.

Hermione returned to the ballroom and made her way back over to where Blaise was standing with Draco and Harry. She groaned when she saw that Ginny and Ronald were standing next to them, and Ginny was blatantly trying to throw herself at not only Harry, but the other two men as well. Ron's date looked just as slutty as his sister, and she was eying up the three other men as well. Blaise looked up and the disgusted look on his face morphed into one of relief when he saw her. She walked over and he pulled her against him and gave her a quite thorough kiss.

"What are you doing over here Granger?" Ginny sneered, clearly not seeing the possessive hand Blaise had placed on Hermione's hip as she snuggled against her boyfriend.

"I'm over here because Harry happens to be my best friend and brother in all but blood, and Draco is also one of my dearest friends, and Blaise, well, he is my lover and best friend, he also happens to be my boyfriend, and I don't appreciate a slutty, gold digging cow like you, eye fucking my man. And I am sure that Harry doesn't appreciate it either." Hermione said.

Ginny and Ron looked gobsmacked until they both started laughing.

"Good one Hermione. For a second we almost believed you. We all know for a fact that you bought a date with Zabini at a charity auction six months ago. You probably paid him to be you date for tonight so you wouldn't look pathetic showing up alone. Everyone here knows Blaise is a fucking player, and he only stays with a woman long enough to get what he wants from them before he moves onto the next notch in his bedpost. He isn't so desperate for sex that he would stay with frigid, ugly cow like you. Here's some advice Zabini, she will never spread her legs for you. And if she did, she would just lay there while you plow her field. She is frigid, and does not respond to sex in any way whatsoever." Ron said.

"First of all Weasley, I don't need advice about how to bed a woman from you. Second, the only one paying for there date here is you. Third, Hermione bid on me in that charity auction so I wouldn't have to be stuck going on a date with a woman who is desperate for my name and money and what they can do for her. Third, I may have been a player in the past, but that is where that is, in the past. I haven't bedded another woman since I started dating Myah. She is the only woman I need and you clearly don't know how to please a woman, because Hermione responds very well when we happen to bed each other. And I have never met such a vocal witch when it comes to bedroom activities in my life. This beautiful, perfect woman knows how to give it as good as she gets it. And as for her spreading her legs for me, well, that is none of your business, but I have gotten her into bed with me on several occasions, and have loved every minute of it. I don't appreciate you disparaging the woman I love. And you will refrain from doing so again if you don't want to lose what very little you think makes you a man." Blaise said.

"Hah! Granger isn't beautiful. She is a plain, boring, bossy little know-it-all with bushy hair and a flat chest." Ginny sneered.

Draco, Blaise and Harry all burst out laughing.

"Clearly you are blind as well as desperate Ginevra. Hermione is a beautiful, feisty woman who knows how to use her brain as well as the body that God gave her. Her hair isn't bushy, it's just wild and untamed, just like her. And as for her chest, clearly you can't see her cleavage she has on display. Harry and I have both seen Hermione naked on a number of occasions, and we can both attest to the fact that her breasts, very real breasts, are quite a bit bigger than the mosquito bites you call breasts. And if I wasn't so head over heels in love with Harry, and if Blaise wasn't my best friend, and if I didn't know that Hermione would hex me for it, I would be seducing Granger out of her knickers and into my bed so I could watch her tits bounce in my face as she rides me." Draco said.

Hermione smacked Draco on the back of the head while blushing profusely. Blaise smirked evilly at her and leaned over to whisper in Draco's ear. Draco smirked and turned to Hermione, giving her an overexaggerated wink.

"I do not have mosquito bites for breasts." Ginny screeched.

"Ginevra darling, you have the chest of a ten year old boy. And you have so much makeup caked on your face, you looked like a deranged clown did your makeup for you." Hermione said.

Ginny shrieked, causing several people to look over at the group. She made to slap Hermione, but Hermione merely grabbed her wrist and then flipped the scantily, and tackily, dressed girl onto her back.

"Try that again, and I will break each and every one of your fingers. Now why don't you and your scumbag brother take the hint and go bother someone else. None of us want you here." Hermione said.

The two Weasleys and Ron's bimbo sneered at them and left.

"That was fucking sexy love." Blaise said.

"Well, we've been here long enough. Why don't you and I go home and I can show you this nifty little trick I learned to do with my tongue." Hermione said.

Blaise bid a quick goodbye to his friends and pulled a giggling Hermione from the Ballroom and headed to the Floo Network where they took a Floo home together.

Blaise collapsed against the bed, breathing hard. Hermione kissed her way up his body and before snuggling against him. His girlfriend never ceased to amaze him.

"That was definitely a nifty little trick baby." Blaise said.

"I thought you might like it love." Hermione said.

"I suppose I should send the Weasel a gift basket for being a total berk to you. If he hadn't cheated on you, you wouldn't have been at that charity auction to save me from those gold digging vultures, and I wouldn't have ever had the pleasure of having a sexy little slut like you in my bed. And you wouldn't have been able to use your tongue on me the way you just did." Blaise said.

Hermione broke into a fit of giggles and Blaise rolled over on top of her, and soon her giggles gave way to moans of pleasure. Maybe she could get Blaise to let her help pay for a gift basket for Ron. She certainly had a lot to be thankful for. And she would be thankful for the beautiful man on top of her for a very long time to come.