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The Serpentine Veela

She blushed again and turned away as the hottest, most popular boy at Hogwarts shot her a knicker-dropping smile. He had been doing that a lot lately. His ex-girlfriend, the most popular girl in their year at Hogwarts, Sage Parkinson, had delighted in telling her that she was nothing but a charity case, and Scorpius Malfoy wouldn't give her the time of day if she was the last girl on earth. Hermione had been relentlessly teased all her life, first for her higher than average intellect and her insatiable thirst for knowledge, and then as she grew older, for the way she looked. With her bushy brown curls and her over large front teeth, she hadn't been much to look at. That is, until last year when her body had decided to change, practically overnight. She was what her mother would call a late bloomer. In a matter of weeks, her curls smoothed out, her teeth were fixed by magic after a Charms mishap, and her body had finally caught up with her age, and while she still wasn't a stunner like Sage and the members of her little clique, Hermione had grown into quite a beautiful young woman. And she was attracting attention from the boys not only in her own House of Ravenclaw, but in the rest of the school as well.

Not that she realized she was attracting such attention. She didn't even believe her friends, James Sirius Potter or Lysander and Lorcan Scamander that other boys were looking at her like she was a piece of fucking bed meat. And they did not like the way the boys were looking at their best friend. They had noticed the way that Scorpius was staring at Hermione, and decided to find out just what the Malfoy Heir wanted from their friend.

Scorpius was sitting in the Library, studying up for an upcoming exam, when he felt as if he were being watched. He looked up and found his instincts were correct and three boys from his year were standing in front of the table he was sitting at.

"Is there a reason you three are standing at the end of my table, glaring at me, or are you just enjoying the view?" Scorpius asked.

"Ewww, no. We just want to know why you are paying such close attention to Hermione. You have quite the reputation and we don't want you hurting our friend. It wouldn't end well for you if you did." James said.

All three boys saw Scorpius' eyes flash silver as he gripped the table in front of him.

"Not that it is any of your business, but I have a vested interest in your friend. And I don't plan on hurting her. And threaten me again Potter, and it won't end well for you." Scorpius snarled.

Lorcan and Lysander immediately knew what was going on, seeing the silver eyes, and the fangs flashing when he opened his mouth to speak, they knew exactly what Scorpius Malfoy was. They pulled James away before the impulsive boy could do something that could get him seriously injured.

"What did you guys do that for?" James said once they had left the Library.

"James, you clearly saw the silver eyes, and did you see the fangs? Scorpius Malfoy is a Veela. And Hermione is his mate. That is why he has been paying such close attention to her. She is his reason for living. And he is afraid of approaching her because if she rejects him, it will mean a slow, drawn out, painful death for him. We need to talk to Hermione." Lorcan said.

The three boys went off in search of their best female friend.

Hermione was sitting beneath the tree next to the Black Lake reading a book when Lorcan, Lysander and James came over to her.

"What are you three troublemakers up to?" Hermione asked.

"We wanted to talk to you about Scorpius." James said.

"About what? That he is a Veela? It is kind of hard to miss. What with the platinum blonde hair, the constantly shifting eye color, his inhuman beauty? And I assume he is on a Dampening Potion, to keep a lid on his Veela Allure, and not make every girl around here act like a little bitch in heat when he walks past them, but on the other hand, they already do that so maybe he's not." Hermione said.

"That's not all. He has a mate." Lysander said.

"Of course, he does. Every Veela has one, they are extremely sexual creatures who crave partnership of their perfect mate. And once they have their mate, they remain completely devoted and faithful to their mate for their entire life. You should know that already Lysander, what with you and Lorcan's great grandfather being Newt Scamander." Hermione said.

"Hermione, aren't you getting it? You are his mate. Haven't you noticed the inordinate amount of attention that he has been paying you? He keeps his distance, but he has been watching you over the past six months. The only reason we've noticed, is that he has been keeping more of your potential suitors away from you than we have. And we wanted to know why he was paying so much attention to you. So, we confronted him and he told us. And he also threatened me when I told him to leave you alone if he just planned on hurting you." James said.

"Jemmie, how could I be his mate, I'm nothing compared to all the other girls he could have on his arm. I think you might be wrong." Hermione said.

"We aren't wrong Mimi, Scorpius pretty much told us you were his mate when we went to speak to him. You are his mate. And he definitely wants you." Lorcan said.

"But I'm a virgin, what could I possibly offer one of the Sex Gods of Slytherin that the other more experienced girls can't?" Hermione asked.

"Well, if Scorpius really is a Veela, then he is a virgin as well, Veelas can only sleep with their mate. It is hard-wired into their DNA. So that means most of the rumors surrounding Scorpius' so-called sex life are just that, rumors." Lysander said.

"I just can't believe that this is all true. I think I need some time alone to think." Hermione said.

She stood and gathered her things before heading off to the castle.

She made her way up to the Astronomy Tower and stood, leaning against the balcony. She didn't realize she wasn't alone until she felt a hot presence behind her. She saw a hand appear on the balcony on either side of her and she let out a surprised squeak when she felt someone's nose brush against her neck.

"You smell divine my sweet mate." The person behind her murmured.

The person's voice was recognizable, but there was an echoing quality to it as well.

"Malfoy, what are you doing?" Hermione managed to ask while attempting to keep the tremble out of her voice.

"Your friends came to see me earlier. They thought it prudent to give me a warning about hurting you and tried to interrogate me about my intentions toward you. I want you Hermione, and I can sense, and smell how much you want me. Tell me you want me baby." Scorpius said, pressing himself against her.

"I do want you. So very much." Hermione sighed.

She had tried so hard to fight her burgeoning feelings for the gorgeous young man currently pressing her into the stone balcony in front of them, but it was a losing battle.

"Do you accept that you are my mate? Will you allow me to court you?" He asked, his voice strained and taking on the echoing quality again.

"Yes." She murmured.

Scorpius gently turned her in his arms and she looked up into his normally blue, but now silver, eyes. He leaned down, keeping his eyes on hers until their lips were mere centimeters apart. She let her eyes slip closed and let out a soft whimper when Scorpius' lips finally met hers. He wrapped his arms around her waist as he led her through her first kiss. She could taste the pheromones that she could not smell and the taste of him made her feel drunk and light headed. She knew that this was the mating chemical that would make her addicted to him, and only him, and once they sealed their mating by having sex, it would become impossible for her to even kiss another man without becoming physically ill.

Scorpius pulled away from her, and he smirked when she let out a pretty little whine.

"I have to get to my last class of the day, but I will have something for you at dinner tonight my sweet mate." Scorpius said.

"Okay." She whispered.

She was shy and blushing all of the sudden, when just moments before she had been kissing him with abandon. Scorpius chuckled and cupped her chin with his hand, giving her no other choice than to look up at him.

"There is no need to be shy my sweet. You are so beautiful and I won't let anyone tell you otherwise." Scorpius murmured.

He gave her a tender kiss on the lips before he left her alone with her swirling, confused thoughts.

Hermione stared down at the beautiful pendant nestled in the blue silk of the jewelry case she had just opened. Hanging from a delicate platinum chain was a medium sized, brilliant blue sapphire that was shaped like a heart. With the jewelry came a note.

For My Mate,

You, my beautiful, deserve the world, and I plan on giving it to you. Here is just a simple token of my affections and a thank you for accepting my courtship.

Scorpius Malfoy

Hermione tucked the note away in her back and before she could pull the pendant from the box, a set of hands did it for her. She lifted her hair as Scorpius latched the pendant around her neck.

"A beautiful jewel for a beautiful woman. Never take it off my sweet, it will protect you when I cannot." Scorpius murmured.

"Thank you, Scorpius." Hermione murmured.

Scorpius gave Hermione a knicker-soaking smile and kissed the back of her hand before heading back over to the Slytherin Table.

Hermione was doing research for an Advanced Transfiguration project that she had been paired up with Scorpius to work on. She had been paired with another boy in the class, but Scorpius had approached McGonagall and explained his situation to her, and the two were paired together. Scorpius had gone to another part of the Library to check a few other areas for the books they would need, leaving Hermione alone at their table.

"You're nothing more than a charity case Grey, Scorpius doesn't really want you, he just wants to get into your knickers, just like every girl he's had before you. And once he's had you, he will come to his senses and leave a filthy little bitch like you for a perfect pureblood princess like me. Our parents expect us to be together, and they wouldn't let filth like you stand in the way." A high, grating voice sneered.

Hermione turned and simply rose one perfect eyebrow at the girl sneering at her.

"First of all, Parkinson, you clearly didn't pay any attention in Care of Magical Creatures, if you had, you wouldn't be speaking as if you did. Scorpius is a Veela. And I am his Mate. Note the capital M there. I am not a charity case. His sole purpose for living is my safety and happiness. And those rumors you started about bedding Scorpius, will stop now. I know for a fact that Veela cannot sleep with anyone else but their one true mate, and since he and I have yet to consummate our relationship, that means that all those so called sexcapades you had with my boyfriend were nothing more than fabrications from your twisted imagination. Second, I am not filth. My blood is just a pure as yours, I just don't have any inbreeding in my family tree since my family originated in France and choose their spouses from all over the world, not just in their own country. My mother is a pureblood witch from Canada while my father is a pureblood wizard from France. And from what I've heard from Scorpius, his father absolutely abhors your mother. According to him she was a clingy little bitch when they were in school together and even when he found his mate in Scorpius' mother, your mother still didn't take the hint. It took the threat of legal action to get her to back off." Hermione said.

"You little bitch!" Sage screeched.

Before Hermione could react, Sage slapped her soundly across the face. An unholy screech stopped Sage from reaching for her wand and she, and the two girls with her, turned to find Scorpius standing behind them, his shirt in shreds at his feet and his wings unfurled around him, his eyes burning silver, and his talons unsheathed. Hermione thought he looked like an avenging angel. There was no lost love between her and Sage Parkinson, but Hermione knew that she would have to take action before Scorpius shredded the annoying harpy into little pieces. She rushed over to him and wrapped herself around her trembling boyfriend. His talons receded and he immediately wrapped his arms around her. He buried his face in her neck breathing in her intoxicating scent.

"I'm fine Scorpius. She isn't worth it. Let her go." Hermione whispered.

Her face stung like the dickens, and she could feel blood seeping from the nail marks on her cheek, and her boyfriend would be well within his rights as an endangered species to hurt the little bitch that had hurt her, but Hermione didn't want that hanging over Scorpius' head. For all his snarky Slytherin bravado, he was really just a big softy. She turned her head and looked at a now shocked and rather pale Sage Parkinson.

"If I were you, I wouldn't come within a hundred feet of me unless you want Scorpius to rip you and your little clique of sluts apart." Hermione said.

The three girls turned tail and ran. Hermione turned back to Scorpius. He cupped her bruised and bleeding cheek in his hand and she felt his magic wash over her as he healed her. She returned the favor by repairing his torn shirt and the two gathered up their school bags and work and then headed out of the library.

"Hermione, my parents want to meet you, formally. They have asked me to invite you and your parents to our home to spend the Yule Break with us." Scorpius said.

They were walking towards Ravenclaw Tower.

"I would like that very much Scorpius, I'll send a letter to my parents extending the invitation." Hermione said.

The stopped in front of the stairs leading up to Ravenclaw Tower.

"I'll see you at dinner Myah." Scorpius said.

He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers in a gentle, but possessive kiss. He left her with her jumbled thoughts and a goofy smile on her face. She shook her head to clear the cobwebs and then headed up the steps into Ravenclaw.

On the Express

Hermione was snuggled up against Scorpius' chest as the Express headed towards London. And snuggled in her lap was a beautiful snow-white Kneazle kitten with brilliant sparkly blue eyes. Scorpius had presented her with the kitten that morning, and Hermione had immediately fallen in love with the little furball. Hermione had named her Bluebell, for her brilliant blue eyes. The little Kneazle was just as taken with her new Mistress as her Mistress was with her. Scorpius thought it was hilariously adorable.

"So, what should I expect for my first night in Malfoy Manor?" Hermione asked.

"We always have a family dinner the first night back, it is very informal. My parents will want to get to know you better. Not that they will need to ask many questions, my letters home have been long and very specific about you." Scorpius said.

Hermione blushed deeply. Scorpius chuckled at his girlfriend's discomfort. He loved making her blush. He couldn't wait to make her blush from pleasure. Just thinking about bringing her any type of pleasure was making his cock hard and he readjusted himself on the seat to take the pressure off of his now straining erection as it pushed against the zipper of his trousers.

Malfoy Manor

Hermione was snuggled up in bed in the bedroom of the rather lavish suite that the Malfoys had set aside for her. Bluebell was sleeping rather comfortably in the ridiculously lavish bed that Scorpius had presented to her on their arrival to her suite. It was attached to a veritable climbing fortress that stretched around the room. Bluebell had gone bonkers when she had seen the cat tree. After a tour of the house, which took several hours, Hermione and her parents had sat down to dinner with Scorpius, his parents, and grandparents. It was easier than Hermione expected it to be to get along with Scorpius' parents and grandparents.

Now she was in her very lavish room in her very lavish bed, and all she could think about was that Scorpius was just down the hall in his own room. She had been walking past his room earlier when she heard moaning coming from Scorpius' room. She had peeked through the crack of the open door and what she had seen made her mouth water and her knickers wet. Scorpius had been masturbating, and he had a bloody beautiful body. She had seen every inch of his cock and now she couldn't wait to have him inside of her. Even though she wasn't completely confident he would fit inside of her. From what she had seen of his cock, he was rather well-endowed.

She was just drifting off when she heard her door creak open. She reached for her wand but was stopped by a warm, calloused hand.

"It's just me Myah. I couldn't sleep." Scorpius murmured.

Hermione breathed a sigh of relief and willed her heart rate to slow. Scorpius pulled her body against his and laid down. Hermione sighed in contentment and snuggled against her boyfriend's chest. It didn't take her long after that to drift off to sleep.

A Few Days Later

She pulled away from Scorpius and tried to catch her breath. It was the third day of their vacation, and both sets of parents, and Scorpius' grandparents had gone out for a day of shopping, leaving the two teenagers on their own. They had spent the morning after breakfast in the Library. After a light lunch, they had gone on a walk through the snow covered rose garden before getting into one hell of a snowball fight. The two teens had then gone inside to change out of their soggy, frozen clothes and into something dry and warm before asking Scorpius' house elf, Gigi, for some hot cocoa and cookies.

After the cookies were eaten and the cocoa drank, the two had talked for a bit before Scorpius couldn't help himself and he kissed the very breath from Hermione's lungs. Hermione had kissed him back just as eagerly, and had somehow ended up in her boyfriend's lap, snogging him as if her life depended on it.

She pulled away from him to take a deep breath. She looked down at herself to find her shirt unbuttoned, and Scorpius' eyes zeroed in on her heaving, blue lace covered breasts. He could smell her arousal, and it was fueling his own. His cock was painfully hard and rubbing rather uncomfortably against his zipper. The urge to mark her was almost too hard to resist. But he knew that he had to wait. His seventeenth birthday, which was in just a few days. Then he could mark her and their mating would be sealed and she would be his forever.

Christmas Eve

The minute the clock struck midnight, signaling the start of the day before Christmas, Scorpius could feel his Veela fighting to get out. He knew what he had to do. He had been preparing himself and his Mate for this day. It was his seventeenth birthday and he was about to finally claim his beautiful mate and mark her as his own. His bedroom had been prepared and his mate was laying in his bed, waiting for him. She was wearing a silver and blue nightie with matching lace knickers. He could smell that she was nervous, but he could also smell her arousal beneath her nerves. He himself was nervous, but only about scaring and/or hurting Hermione. He would never be able to live with himself if he hurt her.

He climbed into his bed and crawled over to Hermione until he was hovering above her.

"Don't worry my sweet mate, I'll take such good care of you." Scorpius murmured, his voice slightly deeper and echoing.

"I know Scorpius, I trust you." Hermione said.

Scorpius brushed his fingers against the mark on Hermione's hip. It was just a few hours before Christmas, and the two had retired to Scorpius' room after Christmas Eve dinner. The night before had been wonderful, intense and everything that Scorpius had hoped for. Hermione now sported three permanent marks, two private, one very public, to make sure that the world knew that Hermione was the mate of a Veela. There was a bite mark on her left hip, one directly above her right nipple, and the last, at the juncture where her left shoulder met her neck. He had a matching mark on his neck as well as Hermione had sealed her part of the bond.

They had spent most of the night making love in his bed, and only stopped just before the sun began to rise. They had woken a few hours later to greet the day, and had managed to sneak in a quickie in the Library and one in the pantry in the main kitchen while the elves were preparing dinner.

Hermione mewed in sleepy protest as her lover's fingers brushed over the sensitive mark on her hip.

"You are insatiable Scorpius." Hermione sighed.

"I can't help it my sweet, you are just so delectable." Scorpius said, reaching up and giving one of her heavy breasts a good squeeze.

"I'm exhausted Scorpius." Hermione whined with a pretty little pout on her lips.

"Just lay back and enjoy yourself my sweet, I'll do all the work." Scorpius said.

She rolled over onto her back and Scorpius settled himself between her thighs and got to work on making them both feel good.

Christmas Day

Hermione woke up with a rather long yawn and a languid stretch.

"Happy Christmas my sweet mate." Scorpius murmured.

Hermione smiled and turned to face her boyfriend.

"Happy Christmas Scorp." Hermione said.

There was a tiny mewl as Bluebell jumped up on the bed and made her presence known to her Mistress.

"And Happy Christmas to you Bluebell." Hermione said, snuggling her cute little Kneazle kitten.

"We should probably get dressed and head downstairs to open gifts. We don't need our parents to come up here and burst into our room to find us in this state." Scorpius said.

Hermione blushed crimson, but nodded as well. The two lovers got up and pulled on their pajamas and robes before heading downstairs, Bluebell hot on their heels.

Hermione couldn't stop her eyes from going back to the gorgeous diamond and sapphire engagement ring on her finger every few minutes. Scorpius had presented it to her on Christmas morning, and it had been on her finger ever since. Now they were back on the Hogwarts Express, and headed back to school to start the spring term at Hogwarts. After Christmas, the Malfoys had thrown a New Year's Eve/Engagement Ball in Hermione and Scorpius' honor. They had announced their son's engagement to his Mate, and there had been many tears and wailing from other hopeful girls attending the ball that had wanted the gorgeous Malfoy Heir to themselves.

James, Lorcan and Lysander had already been by to offer their congratulations once again and to let Hermione know that they would still always be there for her when she needed them.


The Graduation Ceremony had just ended and Hermione and Scorpius were inviting all their friends to the very posh penthouse that Scorpius's parents had gifted them, fully furnished and kitted out, for graduating top of their class.

"Don't forget to invite Teddy and Delilah Lupin and your cousins Delphina and Leo, Jemmie." Hermione reminded James as they followed Hermione's parents out of the Great Hall to start their lives as newly graduated adults.

That Night

Hermione slipped her feet into a pair of silver stilettos before smoothing down the front of her dark blue, formfitting dress that stopped midthigh. Her hair was pinned away from her face but left to fall in wild curls down her back. She had put on a little bit of makeup, enough to play up her eyes and lips. Scorpius walked out of their en suite bathroom and his eyes burned a bright silver as he took in his fiancée's attire.

"We have guests arriving soon Scorp. Put the Veela away till later." Hermione laughed.

"It'll definitely be hard. But I'll try." Scorpius said.

"I'm sure you'll manage." Hermione said.

They headed out into the living room.

Wedding Day

Hermione let out a moan and threw her head back as her new husband thrust into her again and again. They had just signed the papers to make their marriage legally binding and now had a few minutes alone before they had to go down for the reception.

"Shhh my sweet mate. You wouldn't want anyone coming in to investigate the sweet little noises you are making." Scorpius panted as he continued his relentless pace.

She let out another little whine as he hit a sweet spot inside her. He chuckled darkly and a few moments later, the two fell off into bliss together.

"Don't ruin my dress Scorp, it cost a fortune." Hermione said as she pushed against her husband's chest where he collapsed against her.

The two cleaned themselves up and headed downstairs to the reception.

Two Years Later

Scorpius looked down into the cradle at his beautiful newborn daughter. Hermione was sleeping in the hospital bed beside it. She had had a difficult pregnancy and Scorpius had been quite frantic a few times when he thought he was going to lose both his young bride and their unborn baby throughout the last nine months. It had taken them so much to get pregnant in the first place. Even though Veelas were made to procreate, Hermione had had a difficult time conceiving, and they had had two miscarriages before this pregnancy. Hermione had been so devastated with the loss of their first two children, that she had been afraid to try again. But six months ago, when she had found herself pregnant once again, Scorpius and Hermione had both prayed that this pregnancy would last the full term.

And it had. And now Scorpius had a beautiful daughter, and both wife and daughter were as healthy as could be.

Scorpius managed to tear his eyes away from his sleeping daughter when the door to his wife's hospital room opened. His father poked his head round the door.

"Mind if we come in Scorp?" His father asked.

"Yeah Dad, come on in." He said.

Draco walked into the room, followed by Astoria and then Hermione's parents followed them in. Scorpius gently picked up the infant from the bassinet before placing her in her grandfather's arms.

"Meet you granddaughter. Lyra Narcissa Malfoy." Scorpius said proudly.

"A girl. Finally, a girl hasn't been born to the Malfoy family for eleven generations. Congratulations son." Astoria said.

Scorpius just smiled bigger as he watched his parents interact with his new baby daughter. Yes Hermione had had a rough few months, but in a few days, she and their baby daughter would be able to leave the hospital and the new family could start their journey anew.