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Reunion at Hogwarts

Hermione finished packing her bags before she zipped them shut and carried them down into the living room and setting them by the door. Two little objects raced forward and attached themselves to her legs.

"Mommy, we want to go too! We wanna see Hogwarts!" Little Helena cried.

"Yeah Mommy! Helena and I wanna see where you went to school!" Sebastian wailed.

"'Bastian, Helena, you are going to stay with Nanna and Papa Granger. They have been looking forward to us coming to England for months now. You will be staying with them while your Daddy and I are at my reunion. You know that Professor McGonagall said that we couldn't bring the children. This is a party for grown-ups. But Daddy and I will be back that night." Hermione said.

"Come on little squirts, let your Mommy go. It's almost time for us to leave." A deep voice said from the foot of the stairs.

Hermione looked up and felt her heart flutter like it always did when she took in the sight of her husband. He was a tall, good looking man with broad shoulders, a nicely muscled body, stormy blue-green eyes, and sandy blonde hair that he kept cropped short on the sides and back and longer in the front so that his bangs flopped into his eyes. He also happened to have a killer smile which never failed to turn Hermione's insides into mush.

Hermione had met Reagan Blair about eight months after she had left Europe for America. Her friends had decided after the war, that they no longer needed her and they had cast her aside. All except Neville and Luna. Those two hadn't abandoned her. So, Hermione had decided to cut her losses and travel the world. She had settled in America after travelling for a few years and learning more about magic than she ever had at Hogwarts.

She had met Reagan at an Ancient Runes Conference in upstate New York and they had immediately hit it off. They had exchanged numbers and addresses so they could write to each other and call each other on the phone. It only took a few months for the two of them to admit that they were head over heels in love with each other.

A year after that, they had been married, and now, six years later, they had two adorable children, Sebastian Daniel Blair, 5, and Helena Louise Blair, 3. Both children had their father's blonde hair, but where Sebastian's was straight, Helena's was wildly curly like her mother's. 'Bastian had his father's blue-green eyes while Helena had Hermione's cinnamon colored eyes. They also had Hermione's pale complexion.

"Daddy!" Helena squealed, running at her father's legs.

Helena was definitely a Daddy's girl while Sebastian was a total Mama's boy. Reagan pulled a giggling Helena into his arms and spun her around.

"Alright, let's get going, your parents are expecting us and the Portkey I arranged will be leaving in a few moments. 'Bastian, stay with Mommy, and I will keep Helena with me." Reagan said.

He flicked his wand and their bags flew into his hand and he slipped them over his shoulder and onto his back. Hermione picked up their squirming son and the family of four gathered around a grubby piece of parchment before they were whisked away to England.

Night of the Reunion

Hermione slipped her red stilettos onto her feet and stood from the vanity in her childhood bedroom. She brushed her hands down the floor length, figure hugging scarlet dress she was wearing. It had a slit up the left side that gave a tantalizing view of her long, tan leg with every other step she took. Her hair was pinned away from her face with two ruby encrusted butterfly clips but left free in thick curls down her back. Her makeup played up her eyes and lips, all in all, she looked quite good for a mother of two young children, and a woman pushing thirty. She grabbed her clutch and her white cloak before she headed downstairs where her husband was waiting.

Reagan turned to find his wife of six years descending the staircase of her parents' home. Even after two kids and recently turning 29 his wife still looked as good as when he had first met her. And the dress she was wearing made him eager for the night to be over so that he could have his wicked way with her.

"You look breathtaking my love. I am going to be the envy of every man at the reunion tonight." Reagan said.

Hermione smiled and rolled her eyes, used to her husband's over the top compliments. She took his proffered arm and the two of them, bid goodbye to Hermione's parents, and their children before they Flooed to Hogwarts.

At Hogwarts, Great Hall

Harry was sitting with his wife Daphne Greengrass, as well as Neville and Luna, and Draco and Astoria, and a few other couples when he heard the whispers start. He turned and felt his jaw drop at the sight of his once best friend Hermione Granger, on the arm of a rather attractive man, looking more stunning than he had ever remembered her. He had felt guilty for casting her aside when he shouldn't have, but he hadn't been in his right state of mind nearly twelve years ago. He had been completely destroyed after the end of the Final Battle, and Ginny and Molly had taken advantage of that to get Harry back into their family and had dosed him up to the eyeballs in loyalty and love potions, as well as a hate potion keyed to Hermione.

He would be forever grateful to Luna Longbottom and her husband Neville for noticing that something wasn't right with him several months after Hermione had disappeared. They had both come over to lay into him, it had been one of the few times that Ginny and Molly had left him alone for any length of time and Luna had immediately noticed there was something amiss with the Hero of the Wizarding World. The couple had taken Harry immediately to St. Mungo's and the Healers had been appalled at the state that the Man-Who-Won was in. They had spent the next three days flushing his system and recording each and every potion that left his system.

When Harry had awoken in the hospital, he was absolutely furious when he found out why he was there and immediately sent two trusted Auror friends to arrest Molly and Ginny. Arthur had come to him to ask why his wife and only daughter had been arrested, and when Harry explained the situation to Arthur, the normally quiet man was apoplectic with rage. He immediately disowned Ginny and divorced Molly. Although the two women got off with a slap on the wrist thanks to Harry's love for the rest of the Weasley family, they were no longer welcome at The Burrow, so were forced to move in with Molly's Aunt Muriel.

Ronald had been furious over what Harry had done and made his displeasure known by calling him all sorts of names and telling him he was no longer welcome in the Weasley home. But Arthur had slapped Ron upside the head and told his youngest son that if he agreed with what his mother and sister had done to the boy, he considered his best friend, then he could join them at his Aunt Muriel's house. That had immediately shut the redheaded walking stomach up.

Harry had met Daphne soon after and the two had been married after only six months of dating. He had been too ashamed of himself and how he had acted towards Hermione after the war that he had never got up the courage to contact his oldest and dearest friend.

Now she was walking towards him on the arm of a man who seemed besotted with her.

"Hermione it is so good to see you!" Luna squealed.

Hermione smiled and hugged the exuberant blonde. Then she turned to him and Harry could feel his nerves spike through the roof.

"Hello Harry. It's good to see you. You look well." Hermione said.

"Hermione, I am so sorry for the way I treated you. After everything you did for me, I had no right to treat you that way." Harry blurted out.

Hermione's lips pulled into a soft, forgiving smile.

"I know what happened Harry, Neville and Luna explained it to me, as well as it being splashed across every media print in the Wizarding World. And I should apologize for never getting in touch. The wounds were still too raw back then and I could never quite bring myself to be brave enough to send you a letter explaining that I didn't blame you for what happened. So, what's say we let bygones be bygones and start fresh. Hi, I'm Hermione Blair." Hermione said, with a laugh at the end.

"I'm Harry Potter, it's a pleasure to meet you." Harry said, with a laugh of his own.

The two shook hands.

"Gryffindors, so ridiculous." Draco huffed.

"You're one to talk Malfoy. I've never met a pair of Slytherins more ridiculous that you and Blaise." Harry snarked.

"Oi!" the Slytherins in question squawked.

"Aren't you going to introduce me to your beautiful wife Harry?" Hermione asked.

"Yes of course. Hermione, this is my wife, Daphne. Daphne, this is my oldest friend, Hermione Blair." Harry said.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Daphne." Hermione said.

"It is a pleasure to meet you as well Hermione. Now why don't you introduce us to the man standing beside you." Daphne smirked.

"Oh, I am so sorry. Where are my manners. Harry, Daphne, everyone else, this is my husband Reagan Blair. Reagan, this is my friend Harry, his wife, Daphne, Neville and Luna you already know, and then there is Draco Malfoy and his wife Astoria, and Blaise Zabini and his wife Pansy Parkinson." Hermione said.

"It is a pleasure to meet you all, and Neville and Luna, it is wonderful to see you two again." Reagan said.

"It is wonderful to see you too Reagan. How are Bastian and Helena?" Luna said.

"They are doing well; they were pouting when we left them earlier with Hermione's parents." Reagan said as he and Hermione sat down in the last two seats at the table.

"You have children? Do you have any pictures of them?" Harry asked.

"Of course, I do. And thanks to the new phones that Draco's company came out with that are protected in high Magical areas, I can show you them without my phone blowing up." Hermione said.

She pulled out the sleek blue phone from her clutch and unlocked it with a swipe of her finger. She pulled up the most recent photo of her two children and their father, sleeping on the couch and showed it to Harry.

"Aww, they are so adorable!" Daphne squealed as she looked over Harry's shoulder at the phone.

"Do you have any children Harry?" Hermione asked as she put her phone back in her bag.

"We have three children. And another on the way." Harry said.

"What are their names?" Hermione asked.

"Well James Sirius is our oldest at nine years old, and then there is Lillian Myah, who is seven, and then our youngest, Dorea Rose who is three. And Daphne is five months along with our fourth child, and we found out earlier today that we will be having another boy finally." Harry said.

"Congratulations Harry, I am so happy for you. And I guess we can share our news as well. In about six months, Sebastian and Helena will have another sibling as well." Hermione said.

The group offered their congratulations and started tossing around ideas for names and godparents.

A Few Hours Later

"Don't look now but there is trouble incoming. Merlin the years have not been kind to Weasel." Draco sneered.

They had been at the reunion for a few hours now, and luckily, they hadn't had any run ins with Weasley. But it looked like their luck was about to end. Hermione turned and she couldn't help but sneer at the sight her old friend made. His clothes were rumpled and smeared with food, he looked to be drunker than a skunk and it appeared he hadn't shaved in a few days if that patchy beard on his face was anything to go by. And it looked like his mother's heavy cooking had finally caught up with him and he was bordering on being too big for his clothing.

"Well look who it is…. Harry Bleeding Potter…. the Coward-Who-Stabbed-Me-In-The-Back. And his trusty little sidekick, the Mudblood Know-it-All. I'm surprised you decided to show your face here Granger. We were all better off without you." Ron slurred.

"Ronald, I suggest you leave before you force me to embarrass you in front of your trashy little friend and everyone else in this Hall." Hermione said.

"Mr. Weasley, I told you that you were not to bother Mr. Potter or Mrs. Blair when you arrived this evening, and we do not allow women of your date's low standards into this establishment. You will leave now, before I am forced to have you bodily removed." Headmistress McGonagall said, her lips in a thin line and her hands shaking with barely suppressed rage.

Ron, even in his highly inebriated state, knew better than to brass off Minerva McGonagall, so he turned and hightailed it out of the Great Hall, but not before throwing one last hateful look at Harry and Hermione.

"Well, that went better than expected." Draco muttered.

"McGonagall wouldn't have let him ruin tonight. And the idiot is still too afraid of one of his old professors to do anything too ridiculous. I am sure he will be running to Mummy Prewitt and telling tales on us in no time at all. This is one of the times I am glad that I live in America." Hermione said.

"I wish you didn't live so far away." Harry sighed.

"Harry Potter, you are a wizard, are you not? You can easily floo to New York. Or get an International Portkey. It isn't that difficult. But my life is in America now. I have a lot of friends and my job is there. I will always love to come and visit you, and you and your family are welcome to come any time you wish. We won't lose touch again. I promise." Hermione said.

"Good. And I promise I will do my best to stay in touch as well. I don't want to miss out on any more of your life." Harry said.

"Me neither Harry." Hermione said.

"Alright, enough of the soppy Gryffindor feelings. I don't want to revisit my dinner over here." Draco said.

Astoria slapped Draco upside the head.

"Be nice to your brother-in-law Draco. Or I will let him be the one to teach Scorpius how to fly." Astoria said.

"You wouldn't!" Draco gasped in horror.

"Behave, or I just might." Astoria said with a triumphant smirk.

Draco harrumphed and crossed his arms. Pouting like a child instead of acting like the nearly thirty year old man that he was.

"Pussy-whipped much?" Blaise asked his oldest friend.

"You're one to talk Blaise. Pansy only has to let her bottom lip start wobbling before you are buying her anything and everything she wants." Draco said.

Hermione merely smiled as the men at the table got into a debate about which of them was more whipped than the other. She was happy that she now had her oldest friend back in her life. It hadn't been what she had expected when she arrived at the Reunion tonight, but it was certainly a welcome surprise. And it would also be a night that she would always remember. She was content.