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Title: The nicest angel you have

Summary: One-time Vernon locks her outside for the night, so the cold would teach the freak to be grateful. Harley sees a shooting star. She makes a wish because aunt Petunia told Dudley once that he should wish upon a shooting star if he really, really wanted something. She wishes for a friend, a best friend, someone to protect and listen to her. She asks God for the nicest angel he has because she needs someone nice. Instead she gets Bakugo Katsuki.

Warnings: female Harry Potter, Bakugo Katsuki swears a lot, child abuse, child neglect, no beta we die like men, no we don't pls send help

Pairing: female Harry Potter/Bakugo Katsuki

Progress: 1/a few, definitely few…I lie

Beta: njet


Chapter one – The nicest angel

'I shouldn't have said that.' It runs through Harley's mind on repeat as she stares at the closed yard door of a small home in Surrey. She'd been frustrated, angry. There are spiders in the cupboard, she doesn't like spiders. It feels weird when they walk on her. Dudley's room doesn't have spiders in it. She just wants a room that doesn't have spiders and there's an empty room on the second floor. She just wants to sleep without spiders walking all over her. Is that too much to ask? Instead Vernon pulled her by her arm, fingers digging into the skin and muscle, and threw her outside into the backyard. She hears the door lock click into place. She's sure there will be a giant purple bruise on her arm in the morning.

'This will teach you to be grateful for what we give you, you little freak.' Her eyes sting and she feels tears coming. She can't cry. She refuses to cry. Crying means bad things would happen to her. Uncle Vernon hates it when she cries. She sits at the small step and buries her face in her knees. A sob escapes her throat and she quickly cowers her mouth with her hand. She sits there just listening. Listening for the doors unlocking, for Vernon's barking voice, for a hand coming for her face. She sits there for what feels like an eternity.

But there is nothing, no noise at all. No one moves in the house. Maybe they can't hear her. She hopes so. Better to be sure. Better to be far away if they can. She quickly gets up and runs to the small shed at the back of the yard. She hides behind it among aunt Petunia's rose bushes. The flowers petals are still twisted tightly together, it's too early in the year for them to bloom. The sobs are muffled behind her hand. She leans her head back and tries to make the tears stop, tries to make them go back. She doesn't want to get hit for them…again.

That is when she sees it, a single shooting star.

'If you want something really, really badly, Dudleykins, you should ask a shooting star for it.'

Aunt Petunia's voice comes to her. Something she wants really, really badly. "I, I wi-wish for a friend," she says slowly. "A best friend. Someone to listen to me and someone to talk to." She bites her lip. She remembers looking at Dudley and his friends at the playground. "And someone to play with." Vernon's angry purplish face flashes before her eyes, his hand raised. "A-and someone to, to protect me." A sob leaves her, shaking her whole body. "An angel." That sounds like an angel to her. Someone kind and caring and protective and patient and playful and good. "Send me the nicest angel you have…please."

She doesn't know if shooting stars have angels, if they know each other or even interact. She doesn't know if an angel would listen to a shooting star. Aunt Petunia always said that angels only listen to what God tells them. All she can do is hope one of them listens, that one makes an exception for her, as darkness claims her.


Harley looks around, her eyes dart about quickly trying to take everything in. She is standing in a park, a park she doesn't recognize. There are also no people around her. She was by the shed, she is sure of it. And it was night just a second ago, it is midday here, wherever here is. This is weird and scary. She doesn't like this at all.

"Hello!" She yells out. No one answers. She is getting really scared now, her hands fly up to clutch at the collar of her shirt, body squeezing tightly together. Anyone would be fine, even Dudley. She would take uncle Vernon at this point. The fabric caracks in warning under her fingers. She lets go immediately, aunt Petunia hates it when she rips and stretches shirt collars. She grips the bottom of her shirt her knuckles turning white and her lip falls between her teeth. It doesn't matter if she rips or stretches the bottom of the shirt. The fabric is already frayed there. Maybe, maybe they just didn't hear her, that has to be it. "Hello!" She yells out louder.

"Oi!" A shout comes from behind her. She turns around her eyes wide. Unsure of who she would see. Happy to know someone else is here as well, afraid of who it could be. She doesn't recognize their voice.

There stands a boy with a scowl set on his face. His red eyes glare at her. She'd never seen anyone with eyes that color. They glint at her like twin flames. "Erm, hello?" She says unsure of herself. He looks mean. Immediately the boy yells out something at her, she jumps slightly. It sounds like a bunch of garbled sounds with no rhyme or reason. She understands nothing. "I, I don't understand you." His eyebrows draw together, head tilting in thought. It looks like he doesn't understand her either. Oh. That, that could be a problem. A very, very big problem.

There has to be a way for them to communicate. To at least find out each other's names, aunt Petunia always said you had to introduce yourself. It is only polite. An idea comes to her. She swallows and puts a hand to her chest. "Harley." His scowl drops and he looks thoughtful for a second. Then he points a finger at her. Rude. Aunt Petunia always tells her not to point at people.

"Hali." He says. She frowns but nods in the end, all the kids have a problem with her name, this is close enough for now. Then he points to himself. "Katsuki."

"Kat-Kat...Katsu…su." She tries her hardest. Well he shortened her name first, didn't he. "Suki." She finally says with a nod. He looks annoyed at that. She can't do anything about that.

"Katsuki," he repeats his name slowly, each letter passes between clenched teeth in a low hiss.

"Suki." She answers with a shrug. His nose wiggles in distaste. It does sound a bit girly if she's honest, all the boys at her park want to be seen as tough. Dudley wants to be seen as tough. And girly things aren't exactly tough. He mumbles something at her again, something short she can't even hope to understand. He lets out a frustrated huff before grabbing her hand and pulling her along. They look together around the park and find no one, so they expand their search to the surrounding streets.

Suki seems to know the area so she's perfectly alright with being pulled around by the blonde. But the longer their search goes on the more scared they both became. Suki covers his fear with anger and annoyance. He shouts things at the houses, things that sound angry and insulting. But she can feel his hand shaking every time they turn a corner and the street is empty. She squeezes his hand to try and reassure him. His head snaps towards her, red eyes glaring. She tries to tell him that it's okay through just her expression. That she is scared too, very, very scared in fact, but they have each other and they will find someone, and they will be fine. They willbe fine. His glare lets up and he nods. A smile overtakes her face.

'Wake up freak!' A shout startles her. Her whole body comes to a sudden stop. It sounded distant, yet no less frightening. She digs her feet in, knees locking, now truly scared. Vernon is angry at her. This isn't good. It isn't good at all. Suki looks at her in confusion. He didn't hear anything. She realizes. He says something. A question probably, but no sound comes from his mouth. She tries to say something back, anything, but before she can she is shaken awake. Suki's worried face is replaced by Vernon's purple, angry one. She flinches away, her back hitting the shed wall behind her. Something digs into her back uncomfortably, small, sharp. A rock no doubt.

"Get up you freak," he says, much quieter that he normally would have. They are outside now, of course, the neighbors could hear. Can't let the neighbors hear. The neighbors can't now. "Get up and get inside, before one of those noisy bastards sees you," he hisses at her. The sun has barely risen, she realizes. It is early, really early, no one else would be awake now. No one would see her coming into the house. No one would know she spent the whole night outside She scrambles up, the thorns catching on her clothes and skin. Vernon is already walking towards the house when she gets up. She runs after him. He might just change his mind and leave her outside for the day if she's too slow.

She stumbles into the kitchen. Vernon is glaring down at her, his mustache moving as he grumbles something at her, words lost somewhere between his fat chin and bushy hairs. "Get upstairs and clean yourself. And clean your clothes, you ungrateful freak." His mustache moves as he mutters to himself further, curse words and insults aimed at her no doubt. "Dirtying up the clothes we gave you." He continues in a louder tone then. "Then you'll help Pet make breakfast. Am I understood?" His words are harsh, but Harley just nods quietly. He hasn't raised his hand yet; he isn't so angry. This is normal, this is common. She would like to keep it that way. She can handle this level of distaste and anger from him. She doesn't want to sleep outside again. "Good. Get going." He snaps at her and she is out of the kitchen before he even finishes.

The warm water feels nice on her skin. She hadn't realized how cold she had been until the scalding hot water hit her back. She had gasped loudly at the feeling. She scrubs herself clean as quickly as she can. When she is done she takes the dirty clothes and quickly scrubs all the dirt stains, right there in the tub. She scrubs until there is no visible dirt on them before stuffing them into the washing machine. It isn't time for the white clothes to be washed, small miracles. The day is already going better than Harley expected. She grabs some clean clothes from her cupboard. All her clothes were in a cupboard in the bathroom, a small thing stuffed in a corner next to the toilet. It's all scuffed at the edges, white paint lifting and flecking off. There just isn't enough room under the stairs.

Once dressed she goes back to the kitchen. Aunt Petunia is already there humming as watches something sizzle on the stove. Vernon is sitting at the table with a cup of strong tea and todays newspaper. "Harley, hand me the plates," aunt Petunia orders, her tone light, but there is no doubt it is an order and not a request. Unlike Vernon aunt Petunia never hits her, she never yells at her and she is never outright mean. But the woman is dismissive of Harley's existence, of her mere presence. She looks at her niece like one would at a stray dog they were forced to take care of. Aunt Petunia is her favorite relative, even if it doesn't mean much. Even if it isn't much of a competition.

It is while she's helping aunt Petunia make breakfast that she remembers the blonde boy with red eyes. She wonders about him. Now it seems obvious that she was dreaming. But why did she dream up the boy? And the neighborhood they were in, she had never seen it before. It looked nothing like the neighborhood park aunt Petunia takes her and Dudley to. And she couldn't understand a word the boy had said. Why did she have such a weird dream? And what was with his eyes? Was it even possible to have red eyes? He's the only one she knew who has red eyes.

'Send me the nicest angel you have…please.' The words come back to her slowly and her eyes widen. Is Suki her angel? Did the shooting star make her wish come true? But…But that had been only one dream. She'd wished for a friend and a protector. How would Suki protect her if she saw him only in her dreams. And what if it had been a onetime thing only? What would she do then?

"Get to it girl." Aunt Petunia snaps at her, tone harsh and annoyed, startling the living daylights out of Harley. She scrambles to get the plates to the table and almost falls in the process. Vernon would have hit her if she had dropped the plates, there is no doubt about it. Dudley is thundering down the stairs just as she sets down the last plate. Harley wonders how he always knows when breakfast is ready.

She is given little food compared to what Vernon and Dudley eat. Aunt Petunia usually eats just a piece of buttered toast with her black tea for breakfast. Still there is enough food for Harley to feel full at the end. Aunt Petunia watches her like a hawk as she eats. She is making sure Haley has eaten everything on her plate, always does, they aren't going to be wasting food aunt Petunia had told her once. It's a sin.

She watches the three of them interact at the table and feels like an outsider looking in through a window. Dudley is saying something about an adventure and his friends and how high he had kicked the ball yesterday. Aunt Petunia calls him Diddy and strokes his blond locks lovingly. Vernon's mustache wiggles happily as he praises his son for some minor thing he had done.

There is a strong pang of jealousy and longing, it gripes her heart and Harley can't quite breath in properly anymore. Her lungs feel constricted. She wants to say she had kicked the ball higher than Dud, that she had out run him and his friends. She wants aunt Petunia to stroke her hair and to tell her how good she is. Wants those too blue eyes to look at her with warmth and love. She swallows heavily, the jealousy drops down to her stomach where it feels like it's burning through her. She averts her eyes back to her plate. Back to her eggs, bacon and toast.

Will she see Suki again? Will he care? Will he stay with her?


Katsuki looks around himself. He knows this park like the back of his hand, but usually there are people around, now there's no one. It's just him. He frowns. This is the second time this has happened. Except there had been a red headed girl around last time, a girl with startling green eyes and baggy boy clothes. He doesn't wish to admit it, but last time he had been scared. There had been no one there, not even the old hag and she's always around. Always. And the kid kept talking weirdly, he couldn't understand shit.

He knows he's dreaming this time. He remembers going to bed, remembers lying in bed and thinking about playing with his friends tomorrow. Then he appeared here. So where is the redhead. Last night he had found her by the swings, so maybe. He's already walking there without really thinking about it. He isn't used to being alone, usually he is the center of attention, the leader. He is the best after all. But now there's no one around and it's scary, not that Katsuki would ever admit that to anyone. There's no gravel crunching under sneakers as his friends scramble to follow. Just silence. He hurries his steps and hoped the girl is there. He doesn't want to be alone, dream or not.

She is. Her head's turning around as she looks at the park. Her movements aren't as jittery as yesterday. She is not scared. He wonders at that. Why isn't she scared of being all alone? Is she expecting him to show up again?

"Hali," he calls her. Her head turns to him. Eyes the color of poison blink for a moment before a giant smile overtakes her face as she recognizes him. "Suki!" she calls back happily. He's startled a little at that, she's so happy, so happy to see him. Not even Izuku is that happy to see him and Izuku adores him, worships him almost. He's almost as good as All Might in Izuku's mind. He has known Izuku since forever and yet the girl he has known for only one dream is so much happier to see him. He likes her already. She already knows how awesome he is.

He gives her a confident grin, a grin that shows all his teeth. Hali runs towards him and she's surprisingly quick for such a small slim thing. She pulls at his hand and garbles something at him happily. He glares in annoyance; she couldn't have forgotten already. "I can't understand you, dummy."

Her eyes widen and her mouth falls open in an o shape before her brows draw together in thought. Suddenly the grin is back and her eyes sparkle. She pokes him in the cheek, says something short and snappy, before she runs away. His wide eyes follow her in confusion as she runs away further. What's she up to? She gets quite far away when she turns around and poked her tongue out at him. That's a challenge if he ever saw one. Katsuki can recognize a challenge when he sees one. His grin is only slightly bloodthirsty, he swears. It's a challenge he plans on winning.

With a roar he's running after her. Hali lets out a squeak before running away. They are both grinning. In the end he barely catches her and only because she had tried jumping over the swing and had tripped, her foot caught on the wooden seat. She hadn't fallen but it had slowed her down enough for him to catch up and tackle her to the ground. They are both on the ground panting hard and grinning at each other. Hm, he would have to get faster. He doubts she would trip like that a second time. And he's the best, can't have this slip of a thing faster than him.

That is how the rest of the dream goes. The two of them run around and play, issuing small challenges to each other. Katsuki is better at ball juggling but Hali manages to get up to four kicks after trying it only a few times. Hali is a quick and nimble climber, but Katsuki is more than stubborn enough to follow her no matter how high she goes. Katsuki is better at skipping stones, but Hali isn't entirely hopeless either. Green eyes glint as she watches his wrist flick as he throws the flat stone. They communicate the best they can through gestures and facial expressions and wild hand movements. It's one of the best experiences either of them had. There are no adults to yell at them. They are as wild as the wish to be.

And then, one moment Katsuki is staring at Hali's grinning face as she waves wildly at the swings and the next he's looking at the soft brown eyes of his dad. He blinks in confusion; this is very disorienting. "Come on Katsuki, time to wake up." He blinks up at the man, confused, brain still not fully adjusted at the sudden shift of reality. "Brush your teeth and get downstairs, breakfast is almost ready." Dad gives him a soft smile before leaving the room. Katsuki sits up in bed and looks after the man. That's the second time he had dreamt about Hali.

And then the words register in his brain. He barely kicks the blanket off his feet as he scrambles to get up. It is pancake day, mom promised last night. He has to get downstairs before old man eats them all! And he would if given the chance. He runs from his room, his feet slide slightly on the shiny wood in the hallway. The dream and Hali are far away from his mind.

It's only later on in the day that he remembers Hali again. He is with his friends at the park and he's showing off how awesome he is at ball juggling. He manages to get up to twelve this time, a new personal record, and the other three gush at his awesome self, Izuku especially. It is while he is looking at Izuku's amazed face that Hali comes to his mind.

Hali reminds him somewhat of Izuku, she too is small and thin and somewhat timid. At times she had seemed like she was afraid of something. But as soon as he had showed some skill of his off she took it as a challenge, her fears forgotten. There had been a sharpness to her eyes at that moment, a competitive edge that poked and prodded right at his own. Is Izuku the same? Timidness that hides a competitive spirit and a will to be the best? Izuku always says that he would become a hero, a number one hero. You have to be competitive to become number one. You just have to be. There are so many losers trying to be number one. You can't just let them walk all over you. No one is going to just hand the title to you either, you need to have the drive and skill to get it yourself. To snag it in front of everyone's noses. You would have to claw at others to get to the top.

"Why don't you try it?" He asks Izuku, his hand holding the ball towards the greenhaired boy. It is a test of course. Izuku's eyes sparkle as he takes the ball. He tries it for the first time and his foot had completely misses the ball. The other two idiots laugh at his attempt and Katsuki grins smugly, just as he expected. Hali had done the same the first time she tried it. He expects Izuku to scoff at the ball and try again, his pride hurt but still willing to be better, to do better. He expects Izuku to be just a bit angry at his failure, just like Hali, just like Katsuki himself. Katsuki is wrong, he doesn't like being wrong. Instead the boy grabs at the edges of his shirt and looks down at his sneakers and Katsuki can see tears gathering in his eyes. Izuku is barely holding back his tears. He fells…disappointed.

He shrugs it off. Maybe Izuku just isn't good with the ball. It isn't Katsuki's favorite either. And Izuku doesn't have to be good at it. They need to try something different. Katsuki couldn't be wrong about Izuku, he's never wrong, he refuses to be. It's simply beneath him. Hali had been good with the monkey bars, he remembers. She can swing herself upside down and hang on with just her legs while poking her tongue out at him in silent challenge. Maybe Izuku would be good at the monkey bars too.

Katsuki manages to get across no problem, he isn't sure he could hang upside down like Hali. He isn't sure how she did it. So, he isn't willing to embarrass himself like that. He would watch closely what she does next dream and would just copy her. Easy. The fat one can barely make it up to the top bars, his arms are too weak, while the other one with big teeth can make it barely to the middle before his hands just slip off. And Izuku, Izuku is too afraid to even climb all the way to the top. And again Hali, comes to his mind. She'd climbed a tree as good as any monkey would have when their ball got stuck in one of the branches. She had thrown the ball right down at him. There had been no fear in her expression and the tree had been so much higher. Disappointment mixes with something else, something scalding, it churns in his stomach again as he watches Izuku cling to the fourth bar, his knees shaking, and his eyes filled with tears. He's wrong again.


It is only the third dream and this time Hali shows up with a giant cotton bandage around her left arm all the way up to her elbow. She is grinning happily at him, but his eyes are glued to the bandage. He's pretty sure he can see some sort of discoloration on the bandage. It looks yellowish and he wonders what kind of wound she has under there. Why is it yellow? Blood is red, he's sure of it. It had been red the one time he scraped his knee. She's in front of him now, babbling something or other in that language of hers he can't understand. Katsuki grabs her around the wrist, right where the bandage ends.

"What is this? What happened?" He asks, no demands, he needs to know. Had she fallen and scraped her whole arm? Had it been something else? Red met green and he sees her expression fall. Her eyes are dull and glassy. She mumbles something at him again and frustration bubbles to the surface. He is not okay with it anymore. He is not okay with not understanding her words. He snarls, pivots on his heel and drags her along.

She is saying something. It's a question he's fairly certain. Her voice has that small tilt he is starting to recognize. "To my house," he answers. He knows she cannot understand, hell maybe that wasn't even the question. But it feels better to try and explain. He knows the path between his house and the park very well. They are at the front door sooner than he expects, it feels like they skipped a part of the path. Katsuki puts it out of his mind, it isn't important now. He's barging through the front door. Hali hesitates at the door and he has to pull harder on her wrist to get her moving again.

He leads her up to his room. Once there he drops her wrist and starts searching the boxes next to his desk. He's sure the cards are somewhere in there. He saw them just a few days ago, he's sure of it. A quick winning yell leaves him when he finds them. He turns around towards Hali. She isn't looking at him. Instead she's looking around the room, her fingers hesitate over a few things, All Might toys and a few books. It is almost as if she's too afraid to touch anything.

"Hali," he calls, and she turns around her eyes wide. He waves the cards in front of her, a happy grin on his face. "Come on." He tugs her hand towards the bed. She follows her brows draw together in confusion. Only once they are both sitting on the bed facing each other does Katsuki decide to reveal his master plan. He picks a card, looks at it for a moment before showing it to her.

"Inu." He tells her. Her eyes widen in surprise. "Inu."He repeats, more forcefully this time. His stare pointed. He wants her to repeat after him. She's confused for only a moment longer, before there's an answering grin.

"Inu."She parrots back and now they are both grinning like loons. Hali grabs the card from his hand before turning it back at him. "Dog." Hali tells him and it's his turn to blink in confusion. "Dog." She repeats in that same forceful tone he used and he understands. It feels like she's challenging him again.

"Dog." He repeats cheerfully, some smugness bleeding into his voice. He's going to win this. He isn't quite sure what they are competing it, how quickly they repeat the word, how quickly they get it right, but damn he's sure as hell to win this.

Cards get picked up quickly, one after the other. Both of them struggle with some sounds but it never takes them more than four tries to get the words right. Neither wants to lose. Neko is cat. Car is kuruma. Josei is woman. Flower is hana. And so on it goes until they are out of cards. They are both glaring at the cards, there's no clear winner and they are all out. Then Hali grabs at one of the cards, looks at it for a moment before grinning and showing it to him.

"Neko."She say and he understands immediately. "Cat." He says right away and she huffs at him in frustration, her plan foiled. The card starts a new pile between them. And now they are going through the pile again. Every time Hali doesn't know the word it goes into his pile and Katsuki smugly turns his nose up and Hali huffs at him, her brows together. Every time he doesn't know a word it goes into Hali's pile and she pokes her tongue at him while he glares, his teeth grinding against each other.

And just as they are about to count their cards he wakes up to dad's happy face. He glares at the old man. He's sure he had won that one!


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