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Title: The nicest angel you have

Summary: One-time Vernon locks her outside for the night, so the cold would teach the freak to be grateful. Harley sees a shooting star. She makes a wish because aunt Petunia told Dudley once that he should wish upon a shooting star if he really, really wanted something. She wishes for a friend, a best friend, someone to protect and listen to her. She asks God for the nicest angel he has because she needs someone nice. Instead she gets Bakugo Katsuki.

Warnings: female Harry Potter, Bakugo Katsuki swears a lot, child abuse, child neglect, no beta we die like men, no we don't pls send help, how to keep your demon child busy, Bakugo Katsuki can't feelings, children aren't bound by such silly adult things as logic, impossible also holds no meaning to them, James the Earth hopping wonder, oh look she actually updated for once, cross-posted on Ao3, hurt & comfort, fluff & gut punch, it's a cycle, you'll suffer and you'll LIKE IT, author is a cryptid

Pairing: female Harry Potter/Bakugo Katsuki

Progress: 6/a few, definitely few…I lie

Beta: njet


Chapter six – Like Dudley

The next few months pass quickly. Autumn turns their little dream space yellow and orange and brown. Fallen leaves cover all the streets. The air smells of rain and the leaves crunch under their feet. Fortunately it never rains in their dream. Katsuki is pretty sure it's only because Hali doesn't like rain. She could make it rain if she wanted to. September, October and November blend into each other. Hali and Katsuki spend these months jumping from one leaf pile to the next. Katsuki loves hiding in the piles and then jumping out to scare Hali. Hali enjoys simply running through them, throwing colorful leaves into the air and watching them flutter back to the ground.

Winter comes and goes. The snow is always thick and unmarked in their dream. It sparkles and shimmers until Katsuki and Hali run and roll through it. Winter is marked by many snowball fights, snow angels and one very crooked snowman they try and fail to right. They attempt to make an iglu but the roof keeps collapsing until they both quit out of frustration. It is mid-February when Hali manages to say Katsuki's full name, enraging the boy. Katsuki takes the whole thing as a challenge…one he refuses to lose. Except he can't get the r right, no matter how hard he tries. Hali has been teasing him about it endlessly, almost purring his full name, saying it as often as she possibly can, voice dripping in smugness. All of Katsuki's snarls of 'Yeah well, at least I wasn't named after a bike!' earn him a face full of snow, which then develops into a full-blown war between the two.

Spring comes and so does Katsuki's birthday. He celebrates with all of the playground kids, some of who he barely hangs out with but they invited him to their birthdays so his mom invites them to Katsuki's. The only one he knows by name is Izuku. Hali congratulates him with a pout and a grumble about him being older. By only a few months, she mumbles. Which only gives the boy an excuse to boss Hali around 'Hali you've got to listen to your elders.' He tells her, nose turned up and tone smug. Not that it works all that well, as Hali would just roll her eyes and respond with 'Hali? Who are you talking to Katsuki?' This always results in an angry chase and a roll in the mud as the two wrestle. Katsuki still struggles with her name and his newly missing tooth doesn't help his pronunciation.

It is now mid-May and Katsuki watches Hali jump from one puddle to another, jumping to a rhythm only she can hear. She wears a neon bright yellow raincoat and a pair of stop sign red rubber boots that are a brighter red than her hair. The whole outfit is loud and bright and very Hali. He is surprised her aunt let her wear both the raincoat and the boots as they are such a bright eye-catching color. So far, the boring woman has allowed Hali to wear only softer, almost washed out colors, pale pinks and blues mostly. Hali likes those colors as well, she swears, but there is just something bewitching about bright eye-catching colors. The loud bright glaring red is her favorite. Scarlet she calls it in English. When he asked how she got her aunt to buy the coat and the boots, Hali had only given a toothy grin, showing off a newly missing tooth, with a mischievous glint to her eye. He gives a smug grin back.

Currently they are both dirty, mud smudged faces and fingers, from a recent roll on the ground. Hali teased him again about her name, refusing to answer to Hali, he had absolutely no other choice…honest, she was practically asking for a mud pie to the face. Thankfully the dirt in dream space doesn't carry over to the real world, he has a feeling his mother would have killed him if it did.

"Oi! Katsuki…" she singsongs his name, in that annoyingly smug tone of hers, just to mock him further. He stares at her. None of the skin on her face is visible anymore, yep, a totally deserved mud pie. "Whatcha thinking about so hard?" She grins, bright white teeth glinting among the dark mud. He snorts at the image.

What is he thinking about? Izuku and Hali again. Recently he has found himself comparing the two more and more often. They are both the only names he cares to remember. The only ones he thinks about when they aren't right there in his face.

Izuku had been outed as quirkless only a few weeks ago and Hali is almost as good as quirkless, her quirk being limited only to their dreams. In real life she is quirkless. Probably for the best with how her relatives are. Both are quirkless and yet both are so very different from each other.

Izuku, the quirkless crybaby, is still declaring himself the future number one hero to anyone too slow to run away in time. Most aren't. Just like All Might, he yells. And yet the brat can't look Katsuki in the eye without shaking in his shoes. Izuku a hero, ridiculous. That Deku would someday no doubt get hurt because of how stupid he is. Izuku isn't his favorite friend to play with, far from it, but he has known the nerd for so long, longer than he can remember, longer than he has known Hali. Izuku is a constant in Katsuki's life as much as the old hag and dad are. As much as Hali is. And the thought of the idiot injuring himself, or simply not being there anymore, because of his own stupidity, just…just makes Katsuki feel, makes him feel all squirmy and he doesn't like that one bit.

The image of a seriously injured Izuku makes Katsuki restless, makes him want to beat Izuku up, makes him want to run, makes him want to hide, makes him want to scream…and in the end all the confusing, twisting emotions just make him angry. Very angry. And it is all Izuku's fault. If the idiot could just accept his status as a quirkless nobody Katsuki wouldn't have to endure all of this.

Izuku is quirkless and quirkless people can't become heroes. Everyone says as much, always with deep sighs and sad eyes. Izuku just refuses to accept their words. Katsuki would one day become a hero because he has a quirk, he has an awesome, strong quirk. Izuku has none. Nada. Zilch. Zero. Nothing.

It is a simple equation in Katsuki's mind.

Strong quirk = hero.

End of discussion…now if only Izuku would accept that.

Katsuki's brows twitch down in a scowl. Izuku really is a useless, quirkless crybaby.

And then there is Hali, who while as quirkless as Izuku, is so very different. He has seen her cry only once. Once. There are no tears when her uncle hits her, when her cousin bullies her, when her aunt ignores her. She'd cried only once because she thought Katsuki didn't want to be her friend anymore.

Hali has no illusions of becoming a great hero like All Might. She does not spin high tales of how she would save hundreds of people in minutes just like All Might, how she would stop falling buildings from crushing people just like All Might, how she would catch villains just like All Might. No, none of that, and he has checked! Multiple times at that. Not a peep. What does she want? She wants to be free of her cousin and uncle. She wants to live with Katsuki. She wants to have close friends, so she won't be lonely ever again. She wants a big garden with colorful flowers of all shapes, sizes and smells. She wants a room, right in THEIR house, with lots of books. That is it.

How can the two of them be so very different?

"Oi! Katsuki! Stop ignoring me!" Hali yells right in his ear before slapping the biggest mud pie into it. A mud pie in his ear. A mud pie… Right. In. His… Ear.

"I'll kill you." Katsuki growls at her. Haley lets out a sound between a shriek and a laugh before bolting away. Katsuki gives chase with a fistful of mud, it is only fair after all.

The chase ends with Hali cussing him out as mud slowly trickles down her neck and into her shirt. He is a bad influence on her, that much he can admit. He can only hope she never cusses in front of her uncle. He has a feeling that it won't end well for her.

"You fucking asshole!" She yells at him as she shakes her leg and a clump of mud falls out of her pantleg. Katsuki has to clutch his stomach after that one. "Come on! We are only halfway through the dream Katsuki! I don't want to keep shaking my leg every ten minutes to get mud out!"

Hali pouts at him as he makes a valiant effort to stop laughing. He only just barely manages to get his laughter under control and Hali, covered in mud from head to toe, glaring at him is not helping. She looks like some sort of bog gremlin.

"Come on, let's go take a bubble bath," he tells her, with only a few chuckles escaping. He is quite proud of himself. Hali's glare drops but her eyes narrow in confusion.

"A…a bubble bath?" She asks. Katsuki pauses at that. That has to be another language barrier, right? It cannot be that Hali has never taken a bubble bath before. It just has to be. Dread pools in his stomach. He's starting to get used to the feeling, he hates that.

"You know, a bath with bubbles," he tries. "The foam? White stuff on the water when you put soap into it?" Hali just shakes her head at him.

That familiar feeling of burning anger starts to fill him. Why is it always Hali? Why always the most basic of things? There is also something else behind the anger, something he can't identify quite as easily. Something he doesn't have the right word for. Something close to acceptance, but bad. He doesn't want to accept this, he really doesn't. This is a bad situation, a horrible situation. And that only makes him angrier.

But…but he also can't do anything about it. Not now. Not yet. So, really it is just useless to get angry now. And that, that just makes him even angrier. Lots of things makes him angry, and most of them are related to Hali. He closes his eyes and tries to calm down. It is useless to get angry now, he keeps repeating to himself. It is useless to get angry now. He can't do anything about it.

It isn't working. Anger still bubbles at the bottom of his stomach. Something else. He needs a different reason.


He is ruining his time with Hali. Something that is already limited. He can get angry later when he is awake. Focus on Hali now. He takes a deep breath. The anger is still there still simmering, but it is ignorable now. He can dismiss it. Put it in the back of his mind and let it out later. He opens his eyes.

"Katsuki?" Hali asks slowly, carefully. This is a common occurrence between them now isn't it. Hali not experiencing something or not having something very basic and him getting angry on her behalf. And Hali being concerned for him.

"It's nothing" he shakes his head at her. "Come on. Let's go take that bubble bath now." His hand slips into Hali's with a wet squelch from all the mud.

"Wah!" She stumbles after him as he pulls on her hand in his hurry. "Wait, Katsuki! I still don't know what a bubble bath even is!" Get angry later Katsuki. Later when you are awake. When you aren't ruining your time with Hali.

"It's easier if I just show you. Now come on, you'll like it." He looks over his shoulder at her. Hali still has a stubborn set to her brow. "Promise." Hali huffs at him but still nods. She trusts him and that makes Katsuki grin.

Within minutes they are back at Katsuki's house and in the upstairs bathroom, the one with the large bathtub. Katsuki is filling the tub while Hali tries to get out of her mud caked clothes without getting mud everywhere. After a quick shower to get most of the mud off they are in the tub, white fluffy foam rises above their heads and many toys float in the water and line the sides of the tub. All Might is there, watching over them. Hali's eyes shine like two green gems, wonder clear on her face as she stares around herself. The self-satisfied grin won't leave Katsuki's face even if he wanted it to.

Hali cradles a handful of foam as if it is the most precious thing in the world. A giggle escapes her as bubbles pop against her skin. The foam crinkles and rustles every time one of them moves. Hali blows the foam into the air. They both watch it float up, up, higher and higher getting stuck on the ceiling and walls. Bigger bubbles detach as she blows, wobbling as they go, and float away on their own. They both watch as colors shift across their surface.

Hali's finger comes up and pops the biggest one. A wide ecstatic grin stretches across her face. She cradles another clump of see-through foam between her palms, awe clear in every line of her face. It's as if Katsuki showed her something magical and otherworldly. There is something curling in Katsuki's chest, something warm and soft that he can't put a name to. It's a new feeling, something completely unique and tied to Hali. Something close to joy, but softer. It's like a warm fuzzy All Might blanket on a cold day.

Katsuki never wants this moment to end.

And then Hali blows foam straight into his face. There is a moment of complete silence before Hali starts giggling. With a loud yell Katsuki surges forward and tries to dunk Hali's head under the water. He pushes her backwards and under. Her hands grip him and pull him down with her. He goes with a yelp. And so, a water war begins. It is a fight for the ages. An epic tale told in hushed whispers at night. A story forever retold.

It ends in a draw.


Katsuki would like to say that things improve between him and Deku. He likes aunt Inko and he has known Izuku since forever.

Katsuki would like to say that things improve, but he is not a liar.

Deku seems intent on doing everything to piss him off. Seems to take delight in finding new way to do just that. The alternative is that Deku is completely oblivious and that just pisses off Katsuki more.

As summer rolls in and the temperature rises their little group spends more and more time in the park and the nearby forest. They have found a hole in the fence some time at the end of spring. Well, it isn't much of a hole in the fence per say, it's more like a whole chunk of the fence is missing, almost as if someone cut it out and took it home.

Fatso's wings have come in during spring. They are big and red and leathery. Dragon wings Fatso calls them. Fingers keeps insisting they are bat wings. Katsuki agrees with Fatso on this one, but he would never admit to it. He can somehow fold them under the skin on his back. It sounds gross, but it is supper cool to watch the wings shift and twits under his skin. He is capable of flight, Katsuki isn't sure how that is possible with how big the idiot's gut is. Still, it would have been really lame if he had wings and then couldn't get his fat ass off the ground.

Izuku the useless crybaby is still very much quirkless, still very much in denial and still very much declaring himself the future number one hero.

Still just as delusional as ever. Still trying Katsuki's patience with every other word out of his mouth.

Somehow the loser got even more insistent that he would one day become a great hero. Deku says it so often that it is starting to become nothing more than background noise to Katsuki. Like a consistent buzz you can't get rid of so it just fades into the background and you get weirded out when it stops. There is one thing he noticed recently. Completely on accident, he was just rolling his eyes at another nonsense thing Izuku said. He's been noticing it ever since. Every time Izuku declares himself a future hero auntie Inko would force a smile and her eyes…her eyes would fill with so much guilt. That is something that baffles Katsuki. Why is she feeling guilty? There is no reason for her to feel guilty. Sad, yes. Disappoint, maybe. He would have understood anger and annoyance, even if he has never seen auntie angry or annoyed. But guilty…no. Guilt he just doesn't understand.

Izuku never notices.

Or at least doesn't care.

Katsuki shakes the thoughts away. He can get angry at Izuku later, when the idiot says something infuriating, which he no doubt will. Now isn't the time, he has better things to do. Like lead his small hero agency into a hard battle in the woods. They are currently only on patrol, but there is no doubt in Katsuki's mind that they will stumble into some villainous foe on their way. There are always villains around. A hero can never rest. There are always more villains for him to fight. And today, Katsuki will lead his five-person team into battle.

He grabs a nearby stick off the ground and starts marching like he saw someone once do on tv. He lifts his feet high and locks his elbows as he swings his arms back and forth.

"Forward march and here we go!" He starts singing, all the best hero agencies have a theme song. So of course Katsuki's own agency would have one. He will be the best hero and so his agency will be the best agency by default. And the best agency needs a theme song.

"Members of the agency Bakugo!" He lets of a few small explosions to the beat of his song, scaring any nearby would be villains in the process. Okay, so it isn't the best song but he has something like fifteen years to figure it out. He'll get there, just you watch him.

They are approaching a small creek and from their previous patrols of the area he knows that there is a log they can cross over. He's not sure how the thing fell, he looked it over when they had stumbled upon it. It has no scorch marks nor any cut marks. It's like someone just tipped it over. It probably should have been removed by now. They have seen no other logs on their patrols. At least it makes for a convenient bridge and they'll be using it until someone decides to take care of it. After that they'll need to find another way over the creek.

He starts up his theme song again just as they start crossing over the log. "Members of the agency Bakugo!" He looks over his shoulder to look at the four idiots behind him. They are kinda quiet and Katsuki wants to know why. They are never this quiet. It makes him suspicious. That's when he loses his footing. He's not sure how, one second everything is fine and the next his foot just misses the ground and he's falling.

There's a splash and he's underwater.

He stays there for a long moment shock rendering him completely frozen. He can hear three voices yelling, it sounds vaguely like his name. Their voices are muffled and far away. Water bubbles against his ears. It's cold. He stares up at the sky as the creek twists and distorts it into noting more but twisting colors, white and blue twist around each other. He's still not sure how this happened. He'll have to be more careful in the future.

His lungs burn.

He takes a loud gasp of air as he resurfaces. That…that would have been a really embarrassing way to get hurt. Really, falling into a tiny little creek. Ridiculous. He's better than this. He's cooler than this.

"I told you he would be fine!" Katsuki hears Fatso yell from above. The other two quickly agree and shout down at him. He snorts at their antics. What idiots.

"Of course I'm fine!" Honestly, as if he would get hurt from something like this. Even Izuku would have been fine. Katsuki sits back on his knees and shakes the water away from his hands. He's covered in that mushy, smelly dirt from the bottom. The sort of mushy dirt that makes girls scream really loudly if you flick it near them. He flicks a long strand of some sort of water weed from his shoulder. Absolutely vile. Looks like they will have to cut this patrol short, no villain fighting this time. His mom will kill him if he ruins his clothes and letting this disgusting water dry on him would no doubt do that.

"Here, take my hand."

Katsuki's head snaps up and there is Izuku, hand outstretched towards him. Red eyes trail from the freckled fingers up to…up to a worried face. Izuku looks absolutely devastated. He looks like he's staring at someone in grave danger. And that someone is…Katsuki. Air freezes in his lungs. How dare he?! Fury churns in his gut and the scorching heat spreads. His palms itch. Oh if Katsuki's palms weren't wet.

"I was so worried. It looked like you hit your head. Kacchan, are you okay?" The absolute fool just continues to add fuel to the fire. This was nothing. It was a small fall. Who does Deku think he is?! Is Izuku's opinion of Katsuki really so low? How dare this useless extra look down on him?

How dare he?

How dare this useless, quirkless asshole look down on Katsuki?

He smacks the hand away. Katsuki is not weak. He is not! He doesn't need anyone's help. He's not a weakling.

His teeth click together as he growls. "Don't look down on me." It leaves him in a snarl.

Katsuki completely ignores Izuku as he stomps away.


It's days later when he tells the whole thing to Hali.

It is days later, days of Izuku looking down on Katsuki. Days of Izuku getting in the way. Days of Deku insulting Katsuki with his sheer existence.

He's telling Hali about Izuku's latest escapade. He got between Katsuki and some nobody extra. Some nobody extra that thought he was tough shit. Deku didn't even know what they were fighting about just got in the way and called Katsuki mean. His knees were shaking and yet he stood there and looked down on Katsuki anyway. He's telling Hali about beating Izuku up, the nerd was definitely asking for it, ask anyone.

"How dare Deku, that useless quirkless extra!"

It's then that the whole thing comes crashing down around Katsuki. It comes crashing down around Katsuki with just six simple words.

"Why are you acting like Dudley?"

Katsuki's head snaps to Hali. She's standing there, arms wrapped around her middle, knuckles turning white where they grip her shirt, teeth dig dip into her lip. Poison green eyes stare straight at him. Hard. Demanding. Defying.

"What?" He asks slowly. Because he couldn't have heard that right. There is no way. Hali didn't just compare him to that useless piece of trash that is her cousin. He sees her swallow.

"Why are you acting like Dudley?"

Ah, so he did hear that right.

"I'm not acting like that piece of trash" it comes out in a hiss. He's angry, but he's trying to hold back. Because this is Hali. Hali would never. Hali always understood him without him having to explain himself. She just did. Why would this time be any different? There has to be a misunderstanding.

"Yes you are!" She snaps.

Okay, he's done being nice.

"What the fuck are you on about? I'd never act like that waste of space!"

"But you are! You always call this Izuku useless and quirkless and an annoyance. You always pick on him and beat him up. And you are proud of it!" She snarls at him. "How's that not exactly like Dudley!?" Katsuki's teeth click together, he bares his teeth at her.

"That's different! You are just being stupid!" He's flustered now. Angry, enraged, absolutely furious. It's different. Dudley and Katsuki are completely different, they are nothing alike. How dare Hali say something like that? How dare she compare them? They aren't even close.

She's wrong. She's wrong. She's wrong. She's wrong.

Hali is wrong!


"You have to be dumber than you look if you think that! I don't wanna play with someone so stupid!"

"FINE! I don't wanna play with you either!"

It's the first time Katsuki is grateful to be woken up.


There we go, another chapter. The next one should be mostly from Hali's perspective, how she's dealing with their first fight and her thoughts. There should be between three and five more chapters, depends on my inspiration, before we get into the HP plotline.

Tense: I have a confession to make. I may have gone back and changed the tense of the story. Since I started writing this, I've come to prefer writing in present tense instead of past tense and it was really killing my will to write. I got really tired of having to go back and change all the verbs because I started to write in present tense. Sooooo…I just went back and changed the story to present tense. There will be mistakes no doubt, so do feel free to correct me.

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Magic: So, some people have raised some concerns about the HP magic system and, well, how loose and OP it is. First of all, I find it adorable that you think anything cannon is guaranteed. Second of all, just to clarify I will be putting heavy restraints on magic. Rowling put in a lot of things just because they seemed cool at the time without really considering how they would affect the series as a whole. I am not 100% sure right now what all those restraints will be. I have already mentioned that I will be getting rid of time turners, period. I will also be getting rid of apparition because the ability to teleport mid battle is kind of a big thing. I will also be putting heavy restraints on portkeys; I'm thinking they have to be two anchored stones with complicated runes on them with a muggle repelling charm to stop muggles from messing with them, because if you move one of the stones you break the link and it can't be reestablished with the same stones. The underage magic trace thing will be getting a rework, I have two solutions and I have to see which one I will use. I will add more rules as I go along. Also suggestions are welcome, these are just off the top of my head.

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