Water Under The Bridge

Chapter 15:
death of me


Alec didn't know how Magnus felt about leftovers, but, as soon as he mentioned to Izzy that Magnus was stuck at his office late that night and he hoped he would take long enough of a break to get something to eat, she insisted that he take Magnus some of the leftover stew from the previous night. It was better than him starving, she had told him as she reheated the stew for him, not giving him the chance to make up his own mind on the matter.

"Besides, he loved the stew, remember?" she asked, giving him a wide grin as she went about the kitchen searching for Tupperware, and he immediately flashed back to the previous night, to the dinner the three of them had shared in that very kitchen.

He smiled to himself, remembering how cozy the whole evening had felt, how familiar it was to sit at that table with Magnus and Izzy and just… be. They had talked about work, and bullshit, and had traded anecdotes, eating and sipping on this and that the whole while, the kitchen filling itself with laughter and warmth that Alec had never noticed was missing from it before.

It had just been really nice to sit at the table he had grown up at and have the most amazing man ever there to join them, to brush his hand against Alec's every now and then, to compliment his cooking, to poke fun at him and his sister, to get lost in Izzy's stories and laugh at her God awful jokes that were still funny despite themselves, somehow, someway.

He had been sad when Magnus had had to leave, when he pressed a long goodbye kiss to Alec's lips out on the porch when Alec walked him out, leaving Izzy to start cleaning up so they could have some privacy. She had winked at Alec as they walked out, and he rolled his eyes, because she was still his bratty little sister even though she had grown into such an incredible woman whom he loved very dearly.

"We'll have to do this again sometime," Alec had murmured to Magnus' lips, to which Magnus had hummed in agreement, seeming to not want to break the contact before he absolutely had to.

"Maybe the cock block can join us next time," he had teased finally, nibbling at Alec's bottom lip.

And Alec had laughed, and God, he had almost said the words, had almost let it slip out of his mouth—that he loved Magnus, that he was incredible, that Alec was so far gone for him that it wasn't even fair in any sense of the word at all.

He had almost said it, but then Magnus was kissing him again, so sweetly, and so gently, and he swallowed down the feeling, let it sit in his chest and envelope him in a kind of warmth he would never get over, would never forget. And he had decided to just let the feeling sit there for the night, he would deal with it some other time when the world felt much more breakable. Because for that night, everything was perfect, and cozy, and they were untouchable, and they deserved to be untouchable every once in a while.

Alec would share that warm feeling with Magnus when he was feeling a little less selfish.

And Alec was so lost in that memory, in feeling that warm feeling in his chest all over again, that before he knew it, Izzy had a bag all packed for both him and Magnus so Alec could go surprise him at his office with dinner; that way, Izzy told him, he could be 100% sure that Magnus took an actual break to eat.

"Thanks, Iz," Alec said, taking the bag from her graciously. He didn't want to bother Magnus while he was working, but, well, clearly it was already decided that he needed to, and Alec wasn't one to argue with his sister when she had done him such a huge favor the night before.

And besides, Alec missed Magnus anyway; any excuse to go visit him was a good one.

"Don't mention it, big brother," she told him, shooing him out the door with a peck to his cheek.

And while Alec had never actually been to Magnus' office before, he did know where it was, had the address saved in his phone and was able to find it easy enough—or, well, his phone was able to find it easy enough for him, but details.

The building it was in was… Not what Alec was expecting, though he didn't know why he hadn't been expecting it, Magnus was a lawyer, obviously his office would be in a building that accurately reflected that, all shiny floors and stuffy halls and quiet stairs.

It wasn't a large building, though it was large enough all the same for Alec to get lost once—but only once. It was probably about as large as the shelter was, if Alec had to guess, though he knew the shelter so intimately that it didn't seem large at all when he thought about it, when he was in it. And he was sure the building was much different during the day, when people were actually still at work, when it was swarming with people doing their jobs, instead of just Magnus hanging around to get some paperwork done.

But finding Magnus' office was simple when he reminded himself that Magnus was probably the only one actually still there, and all he had to do was follow the light, the hum of someone actually working, and he was able to find his office easy enough, saw his name on the door just beyond a desk that he could only assume belonged to his secretary, the name plate reading Raphael Santiago on the desk familiar in a distant sort of way; Magnus had mentioned him here and there, though Alec had never met him, didn't have a face to put to the name. Maybe Alec would visit during business hours next time and introduce himself.

But for now, he went to the door and knocked a couple times, raised an eyebrow at the curious, confused way Magnus called out, "Come in?"

Grinning to himself, Alec pushed the door open slowly, eyes falling on Magnus behind his desk, bent over paperwork and looking up at the door to see who could possibly be knocking at his door at an hour such as this.

Alec was really quite pleased at the wide grin that took over Magnus' tired face when he took Alec in, looking like Alec had just made his entire day just by showing up at his door, nevermind the food he had in hand.

"Alexander! What a pleasant surprise," Magnus said, standing from his desk to meet Alec over near the door as he shut it behind himself, smiling wide at Magnus as he did.

He looked like, well, hell, to put it bluntly. His shirt was ruffled, sleeves pushed half up to his elbows, his hair was half falling down, bags under his eyes that made Alec frown; he was still perfectly astounding and breath-taking, of course, in the way that he always was, always would be, but damnit if Alec didn't want to get his mind off work for a bit, ease some of the tension out of him and get rid of the stressed out shadow that he had about his face.

(God, Alec fucking loved him.)

"What's with the look, darling? My hair doesn't look that bad, does it?" Magnus asked him, stepping closer to Alec and pinning him to the back of the door before he knew what was happening—not that he minded in the least, of course.

It was only then that Alec realized that he had just been staring at Magnus, smiling like an idiot. Magnus brought a hand up to cup Alec's cheek, stared into his eyes for a sweet moment that made Alec blush—fuck, he didn't know Magnus could still do that to him just by looking at him; it had to be this new feeling in his chest, this feeling of love that he wanted to share with Magnus, that had him so off guard, so distracted.

That's all it had to be, Alec told himself as Magnus leaned in to kiss him, and he brought the hand not holding their food up to tangle in Magnus' already mussed up hair, making it all the worse and, in Alec's opinion, all the sexier, before Magnus pulled back enough to offer him an inquisitive look.

"Of course not. I just," Alec began, voice rough as he looked back to Magnus' lips, licked his own before he could continue, "wanted to see you. And Izzy sent food; I told her I was worried about you not eating dinner, so she insisted I just bring you something myself. It's… leftover stew from last night. I hope you don't mind," he finished in a murmur, leaning back in to kiss Magnus before the other could respond properly.

Though, if the look that had flashed across his face in the second before Alec was kissing him again was anything to go by, he didn't mind in the absolute slightest. And if the way he kissed Alec back was another thing to go by…

Whatever the opposite of minding was was what he was feeling, the feeling of his lips against Alec's intense and all consuming. He dropped the bag with their food gently to the ground and let his other hand come up to Magnus' waist, pulling him closer closer closer until all he was aware of was Magnus—those were his favorite kinds of kisses, the ones where his mind was wiped clean of everything except for Magnus, for the way it felt to have his hand at Alec's neck, his body flush against his own. The kinds of kisses where all that existed were Alec and Magnus and the moment they created between them, like nothing else mattered, and nothing else would ever again.

Alec could live without a lot of things, but those kinds of kisses from Magnus were one thing he hoped he would never be deprived of.

Magnus pulled back from him after several long moments of kissing like that, breathing harsh but sweet against Alec's face, and Alec had half a mind to chase after him, to pull him back against his body and kiss him again because he definitely was not done, thank you very much.

But then Magnus was stooping down to grab for the food, grabbed one of Alec's hands, and all but dragged him over to the desk, and Alec had to resign himself to the fact that he would have to wait until after dinner to kiss him like that again. But he was going to get another kiss like that out of Magnus if it was the death of him, god damnit.

"You Lightwoods are going to be the death of me," Magnus said fondly, setting himself down at his desk and gesturing for Alec to do the same.

Alec pulled one of the chairs from the other side of the desk and moved it to the other side next to Magnus, giving him a smile as he took his seat and as Magnus went about removing the food Izzy had packed for them.

"You skipping dinner is going to be the death of you," Alec countered.

Magnus gave him a smile and shook his head, reached a hand out for one of Alec's.

"Not when I have a wonderful boyfriend like you around to keep me fed," Magnus said, leaning over to peck Alec on the cheek.

And Alec, unable to find it in himself to argue with such sound logic, shook his head, and reached for his container of the stew.

Magnus Bane was going to be the absolute death of him, and Alec didn't even know if he was trying most of the time.

(God, Alec really did fucking love him.)