Chapter 2: One's company Two's a crowd

The first chapter has some hints from Ie-maru's story Sparked by Magic, my original story did not have the car as the first born, so this will be a bit different.

Bots: Knightrunner


Harry jolted awake breathing heavily as everything that had happened finally put itself to rights in his head, and looking around find himself to be inside a car instead of the park grounds he fainted in just proved it. 'I'm in a car, breath Harry breath. I mean it saved you didn't it? Is it even an it, can it talk?'

"Maker, are you well."

He did not yelp as he looked around the car to see who had spoken, it didn't sound like the creep at all. In fact it sounded rather posh, like those high up businessmen. Eying the cabin one last time, he looked towards the console, "Er I'm fine I guess. Um who are you?" The console blinked at him.

"Apologies Maker but I am unable to tell you as you have not given me my designation. It is understandable as your sudden collapse left little time in way of naming."

Oh how kind of the… car to call him out on his not fainting in such a delicate way.

"Yeah… so, what would you like me to call you? You came to my rescue so suddenly, and we got away so fast."

The console blinked again, " I would be pleased with any name Maker wishes to give me, though I ask it be a proper name."

Harry blinked back, a proper name, a proper name. What does one call a car that would be proper? Thinking about it Harry realized that his rescuer came to his rescue much like a knight in armor, and eying the different scenery something of a name came to mind.

"Does Knightrunner sound okay with you?"

The radio hummed," Acceptable. I have taken the opportunity to remove your attacker from the title and put your name in its place. It is unlikely for the police to believe your attackers story but I wish to remain on the side of cautious."

He frowned, "How long have I been out?"

"Not long Maker, 2 hours have passed since your fall. During that time I have taken the liberty of finding your place of residence, we are currently in the driveway if you are curious."

Harry quickly placed his face against the window, and true to Knight's word he was in his Uncle's driveway. Well since he was back before anyone else, he could try to lockpick his way inside, wait he put away his tools this morning. 'Bugger.' Sitting back in his seat Harry thought on how he was supposed to get inside, Wait a minute, did he even want to go back inside? He had a set of wheels now, sentient wheels but wheels all the same, he could go farther than the local library hell he could go to downtown London!

Harry leaned forward, he could go to Diagon Alley! Looking at the console Harry smiled. "Can you take me to London Knightrunner?"

"Of course, may I ask what for Maker?" Even as he asked this he was pulling out of the driveway, GPS pulling up the fastest route to London.

"Since I'm out of the house and I have you to protect me from unsavory people, I can go pick up somethings from Diagon Alley." 'And see if there was any rumors or chatter about Voldemort.'

Lights flickered on the console, "Diagon Alley Maker? That is not located on any known GPS."

Of course the sentient car robot won't know about magic, "Uh it's a marketplace that witches and wizards go, there's a bank called Gringotts that I want to go to so I can withdraw some money." Harry felt like Knightrunner was doing his version of contemplating something odd, it was silent for awhile before he spoke.

"Unacceptable Maker."

"What, what do you mean unacceptable. It's perfectly safe in Diagon Alley." Harry frowned at the dimmed console, what reason did he have to not want to go there?

"I can not follow you in there Maker. I would not be able to protect you should anyone prove to have less than kind motives towards your person. If you had a means of communication I would be slightly less anxious, but you do not so I am unlikely to let you leave my sights."

Harry blinked, where was he going to get a phone? Hell do phones even work around so much magic? Didn't someone say that electronics blow up if someone tried to use them in highly dense places of magic? Groaning Harry leaned back stuffing his hands in his pockets trying to think of how to convince his car to let him go alone in a place that sorta worshipped him, when he felt it. The toy phone. Pulling out the colorful item he flipped it around, it ran on electricity right, there were batteries in the thing. Could he do to it what he did to Knightrunner? What did he do to Knightrunner, and why did it happen. All he remembers is him wanted someone to save him, to help him with everything he had and there was this burning sensation.

Was it about want? Harry eyed the phone, he knew he wanted to have a means of talking with Knightrunner very badly. He needed a way to communicate. The feeling returned almost surprising Harry when he saw the toy glow then it really surprised him when said light reached into his pocket and pulled.

A light flashed, momentarily blinding him before it went away just as fast and in his lap were two robots, two colorful robots, in his lap. They were both about the same size, one had two eyes and the other had one that seemed to be opening and closing really quickly. Why did he have two robots instead of one? He was pretty sure he only wanted the phone changed. Although having the two of them together like that, they looked adorable in a weird robot kind of way.

"Hello there, I'm-"

"Maker is Maker, we know!" Two voices chimed in, high and childish, "Where are we? Are we going somewhere?" "Do we get names Maker? I'd love a name, I hope it's awesome and cool." "Yea, a cool name sounds awesome! Hey Maker make my name real cool!"

Harry looked between the two robots as they spoke, ignoring their inane questions before his head exploded from question overload. Placing his hands on their tiny heads, so tiny, which quieted them thankfully. Figuring which was which was easier than expected, hello one eye that was making tiny shutter sounds that was the camera most definetly. Smiling he looked to the one with two eyes, "Chitchat," then the one with a singular eye "Snapchat. Welcome to the family." He made them, so they were like his kids, that made them his family. A family that wanted him and wants to protect him.

Before his little bots could explode with excitement, Knightrunner interrupted them,

"Pardon the interruption Maker, but if you can point me in the correct direction of your Diagon Alley I would be most appreciative."

That would be helpful wouldn't it? Looking to see where they were in relation to the Leaky Cauldron Harry started handing out directions to the general area. Chit and Snap were quiet for a little bit, but the silence didn't last long.

"Who's the stuck up driving us Maker?" That was Chitchat, " Is he our big brother Maker?" And there was Snapchat with a less rude question.

"His name is Knightrunner and he is your big brother." Did Chitchat roll his eyes? Could robots even do that? Well they were made with his magic, anything was possible.

"Do you have some kind of problem with me Chitchat?" Knights voice filled the cabin, Harry wasn't an expert in picking up the different tones of voice, but he definitely was picking up a hint of annoyance. Chitchat plopped down on his lap and crossed his arms. Was that huffing he was hearing?

"Cuz your a doodoo head thats why. Maker doesn't need a party pooper like you." Wow, he didn't think the toddler aspect of the toy would transfer over. Those were positively childish insults. Knightrunner scoffed deciding to ignore his more childish brother as he pulled over and parked. "We are here Maker. I would advise you to stay low and keep both Chats with you, an extra eye would help." The console dimmed and the door popped open, Chit huffed as he transformed, for lack of a better word, back into his phone form Snap following quickly after. There was a small change in their colorful bodies, instead of that plastic look there was a slight metalic sheen to them. Harry grabbed them both and placed them in the pocket he had them in before there sudden transformation.

Stepping out of Knightrunners' cabin Harry smiled at the sight of the Leaky Cauldron and shut the door, he was going in.

Fun fact, Chitchat was the bot I had originally wanted to use but I miss type and bam I had Snapchat and I loved him. Since this is a new take on my old story LifeSpark, do any of the people who remember that story want me to put it up as a completed stand alone?

Sorry if the dialogue seemed forced or winding, Chitchat has a bad case of the 'Mine'.