Chapter 3: Kids, am I right?

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Knightrunner, Chit&Snap

Harry kept his head down as he walked by patrons of the Leaky Cauldron, eying the especially loud ones, going towards the entrance to Diagon. When he stopped in front of the brickwall that lead into the alley, Harry realized he didn't have his wand to open it. He paced in front of the wall for a good while before it came to him. The wand was just a focus for his magic, which was used to tap on the pattern of the door, ergo if he focused his magic in his finger he could tap the bricks and it would open up.

Focusing hard on his magic he tapped the pattern holding his breath for a moment before releasing it as he saw the bricks part to create the doorway. It was pretty busy so Harry had to be extra careful to make sure no one recognized him, he almost wished his jacket had a hood that would help him cover up, as he made his way towards Gringotts listening to the gossip of the various witches and wizards.

He didn't hear anything important, unless the prices of newts liver counted for something, which it didn't, as he arrived at Gringotts nodding politely to the goblins guarding the doors. Inside wasn't so bad, only maybe six customers max, some of the tellers though open looked busy doing something else so Harry situated himself behind a older witch who had an elderly wizard in front of her. He was glad the line wasn't so long, he didn't think Knight would be able to handle him being gone for so long even with Chitchat for communication.

'I mean, I was just attacked a few hours ago so he does have a reason to be worried. It's so weird to have a car worried about your safety but he was pretty effective in getting rid of that creep.' He was pulled from his thoughts at a rather gravely cough and noticed it was his turn at the tellers, who was giving him a rather wicked stink eye. How embarrassing, trying not to blush Harry hurried over to the goblin and tried to look semi presentable in his oversized jacket.

"Um, I would like to make a withdrawal please."

The goblin sneered and held out a clawed hand ," Key."

Oh gosh he hoped he wasn't blushing, he cleared his throat." I don't have my key with me, is there another way to prove I have an account with Gringotts?"

The clawed hand slowly retreated finger clenching in a rather menacing manner. The other hand reached into a side drawer and pulled out a piece of parchment and what looked like an letter opener but with an actual pointed tip.

"Prick your finger and let three drops of blood soak the parchment. This will confirm any pre-existing accounts with Gringotts Bank." Said items were slid forward and Harry grabbed the small dagger with some apprehension before pricking his pointer finger, surprised at the lack of pain and how quickly the blood welled up. Letting the necessary drops fall, he pulled back his hand and looked at the cut finger only to see it healed with nothing to show it was cut. He heard the goblin shuffle the parchment and make a rough noise.

Peeking past the fringe of his hair he saw the goblin peer over the sheet and snapped his fingers, a smaller goblin appeared out of nowhere beside him not giving him a heart attack or anything.

"Take Mr. Potter here to the account manager, he has been most eager to talk to him."

"Sir" The small goblin bowed quickly before turning to Harry, "Follow me." And walked off leaving Harry wondering what was going on, the teller goblin went back to whatever else and he had to run to catch up with the surprisingly fast goblin before he lost him completely.

He didn't bother trying to keep track of all the hallways they went down only noting that some hallways were more natural stoned than polished stone, finally the quick goblin came to a stop in front of a heavy looking door with a shiny plaque stating this was the Potter Account Manager and knocked three times before leaving without a word. Can you blame him for staring off after the retreating figure, he just wanted to make a withdrawal.


Harry gulped and pushed open the door, the room it lead into was warm, with browns and golds and hints of silver throughout. At the far back wall was a desk with two chairs, one of which was already occupied. Closing the door Harry walked in and sat on the chair facing the goblin who was shuffling through a folder, it felt like forever before they finally looked up to stare at him.

"Mr. Potter how, kind of you to visit the bank. We have been trying to contact over various matters for some time now and it seems to be very fortuitous that you have come today."

Gringotts was trying to contact him? Since when and why?

"I'm sorry but I never received any letters from Gringotts. Ever. I'm sorry if it looked like I was ignoring the bank." The goblin narrowed his eyes and slapped down the folder making Harry jump as the sound echoed in the curved room.

"That is your problem, not Gringotts. No matter, you are here now and we can continue forward."

He flipped open the folder and pulled out a singular sheet of parchment, "In the past year you have competed in the tournament known as the TriWizard Tournament. As a competition intended for those of magical age, and you entered and won the Ministry has agreed that you yourself are of age and an adult in the eyes of your kind."

Harry gaped at the manager, he was what?

"If you hadn't come before the summer was out you would have forfeited the right to be declared an adult and therefore unable to access your family vaults until you had reached magical majority. Now Mr. Potter do you accept the Ministry's decision? By doing so you will be able to access the remainder of your vaults and do with them what you wish.' Here the goblin glared again,' Though I highly recommend you to invest your substantial fortunes, stagnant accounts do not earn gold and we here at Gringotts are all about earning."

'I think I just blacked out while sitting up, did he just say that I'm an adult now because of that awful tournament?' Blinking Harry nodded quickly, he did indeed accept the Ministry's decision more fool them for letting him compete. If he hadn't then Cedric would still be alive and, no he can't think about that right now.

"Um Manager' quick look at a fancy script name plate, 'Goldclaw, about the vaults. I thought I only had the one vault, my trust vault. What are the other vaults?"

Goldclaw picked up another piece of parchment, "Outside of the Family vault, which is the accumulation of past Potters along with the recent passing of the late heir Potter, you were bequeathed several vaults from the wills of witches and wizards. One vault is just for all the mail you have received since the destruction of the Dark Lord."

Harry slumped back into his chair, that was a lot, almost too much for one person and people gave him stuff because they were probably thankful that he defeated old Voldy and now he was back to terrorize people again. Mulling over the information Harry leaned forward.

"How many vaults were left to me in wills?"


Sweet Merlin, "Are they just money vaults or do some of them have items in them?"

" Three vaults contain precious items in them such as jewels and jewelry. One vault has several weapons and books included and the rest are strictly galleons."

Did these people not have any family to give these things to? "Um can I see how much are in each vault? In fact can I see how much each of my vaults have in them?"

Goldclaw slid forward a small packet and Harry read through to see how much he truly had beside the trust vault that until today was his only source of money. He could feel his eyebrows rise as he read the amount of the money vaults, one made his eyes bulge '1 million galleons! What the hell! The others only had like a few thousand in them ten at the most.' "Who was the one that left me a million galleons in there will? Do they have any living family I can contact?"

Shuffling of paper and a derisive snort, "That particular gentleman was the last of his line, he included his manor as part of the liquid assets but stands derilict and unlivable."

What was he going to do with a million galleons? He had barely a quarter of that in his trust and he's barely touched that! Harry frowned, he didn't need the smaller vaults but he didn't want them to just sit there, he could give it to someone but who?

A figurative light bulb went off in his head staring intently at his manager he asked, "Is it possible to combine some of the vaults and have it opened under a different family for their use?"

Goldclaw sneered, "Yes we can do that, you merely have to tells us which vaults and which family."

Harry smiled, one of the largest smiles he ever had, "Let's do it."

-I am a Line-

Harry walked out of Gringotts feeling tons better and with a tiny addition in his pants pocket. Actually make that several but he'd get to those later. He was an adult now, in the eyes of the Ministry at least that means he can cast magic outside of school! A loud buzzing interrupted his elation and for a second wondered what that was until he realized that he had Chit and Snap in his pocket, he didn't want to pull out the toy bot in the open so he had to find somewhere secluded. A back alley behind the back will have to do.

Grabbing Chit he pressed him to his ear, "Hello?"

"Maker, it has been exactly 3 hours since you have entered the sketchy establishment, will you be leaving anytime soon?"

Has it really been that long? Wow time really does fly by, "Sorry Knight I'll- Let Maker do what he wants, he can spend all the time he wants in diagonally if he wants to. Maker can I have a toy? I saw the strangest toy store over by the funny store with eyeballs." Chitchat interrupted going from rude to excited in the span of a second.

"We do not have time for toy shopping, we must get Maker back home in time for his relatives arrival."

Chitchat hummed, "Nah, I want a toy and so does Snap bye stinky butt." And hung up with a loud click. "Let's go Maker, I want to see the funny store and Snap wants to take all the pictures ever, lets go lets go!"

Harry pulled Chit away from his ear and stared down at his chatty toddler toy phone, worry creasing his forehead. He didn't want to worry Knight but his little Chats were so cute and excitable, a quick look wouldn't hurt would it?

-I'm another Line-

He hung his head as he entered Knight's interior, a single bag hung heavy in his hand as he set it on the seat beside him. Never again, never ever again. Chit and Snap leaped out of his pocket and dived into the bag, screaming their little heads off.

"Maker? You were gone for some time after I contacted Chitchat, did something happen?" His voice sounded concerned as he pulled away from the curb, which only made Harry slump into the soft leather interior and grumbled, "Maker?"

From the bag the Chats exploded holding onto various odd stuffies, "TOYS!"

Slapping a hand against his face Harry groaned, "Just take us home please." He was never going to a toy store with those two ever again, curse their impossible puppy eyes. They were robots, how was he to know that they could do that. 'I'm so pathetic.' Looking at the two bots squealing happily as they, what looked like a battle, played with two colorful gryffins.

'Well it was worth it anyway.' He was then smacked in the face with a stuffed puffskin which gave a high squeak upon contact, he sighed, 'Soooo worth it.'

I like the trope of Harry inheriting a crap ton of vaults, and he's like the richest kid in Magical England. I was going to introduce Medkit in this chapter, but it got away from me so she'll show up next chapter. Promise.